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. My girlfriend submits to my asshole friend! ch. 06

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Smalldickedex, May 2, 2016.

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  1. Smalldickedex

    Smalldickedex Member Author!

    So I have a few long chapters I want to add, but this one is rather short. I decided to add it cause it may be some time before I can add one of the other chapters. People have asked me to update as soon as I can, so here goes.

    This story was not witnessed by me, rather it was witnessed by Morgan's friend Hillary, who used to date Bill a while back. To this date, I am unsure about the timeline, whether this happened BEFORE Bill and Morgan played their “game” or not. The thing is, that Hillary was dating Bill very early on, so this came as a shock the first time I heard it. Since it is Hillary's story, I can't vouch for most of it, but she swears by it to this day. I've heard her and Morgan debate the “specifics” and details of the story, and Morgan states that it wasn't as bad as Hillary claims. Either way, here it goes.

    Again, this is from what I've heard from Hillary and a little from Morgan and NONE from Bill (not even sure he remembers it). Hillary has told this story time and again (as I think she kinda likes sticking it to me) so its from her POV, with my addition to flesh out the story. Now, Morgan says they were caught “kissing” and it wasn't a big deal, but you be the judge.

    The moral of the story is....I don't know if a girl can cuckold another girl...but Morgan sure tried.


    Hillary was getting mad. She had taken Bill out to get some drinks and have some fun. She knew not to get Bill TOO drunk by now, as he would be utterly useless in bed. So the goal was to get him sauced, but to stop him from getting “Bill black out” drunk, as she called it. The two had been dating for several weeks. Morgan had introduced them, so they technically met through me. Just like Bill had always done, the first night he met her he had groped and fondled Hillary until they were making out. From that point, I had heard the rumors, from Morgan that Bill only had sex with Hillary in the ass. When I had asked him personally, Bill said “I don't fuck fatties in the pussy!” Had she only known how he considered her, she might not have put up with him.

    Either way, on the the night in question, Hillary was getting pissed. They had gone to a local bar, and Hillary had intended that the night include just the two of them. She had dated Bill for several weeks, and wanted to finally have “normal” sex. She thought she could entice him, maybe by starting out with a long slow blow-job, and moving from there.

    Oddly enough, she kept fielding texts from Morgan about where she was, and what she was doing. For some reason, unknown to Hillary, Morgan was bugging to hang out with her. This was strange, as usually it was Hillary who had to nag about the nights activities. Hillary kept dodging the questions and avoiding any real information. After all, it was her night with Bill, her boyfriend.

    Around midnight, Hillary was feeling good, and she was getting real touchy fealy with Bill. She was sure that tonight was the night that they were going to enjoy some regular sex. Hillary was surprised when Morgan showed up at the bar, with a co-worker that Hillary hadn't really met yet.

    Morgan came over and hugged Hillary. “I didn't know you guys were here!” She said, already somewhat drunk. She waved to Bill and introduced her friend Kate. Morgan went about blabbing about her day at work. Hillary was a little skeptical. For someone who claimed to be coming from work, Morgan had on a black pleated short skirt, with black heels, and a tight turquoise top, that had a ring in the middle of her cleavage allowing for a perfect view of her side cleavage. In fact, she had her hair straightened, and full make-up on. It was a drastic difference then this friend Kate who still had a pants suit on. Kate looked like she came from work, Morgan looked like she was clubbing.
    Either way, Hillary embraced the presence of her friend. As the night went on, however, Hillary became agitated how intently Morgan was insistent that they all drink heavily. Hillary didn't want Bill over indulging but Morgan didn't seem to care. She was buying shot after shot, and drink after drink, claiming she could “hang with Bill” drink for drink. Bill was never one to back down, and followed suit.

    Hillary also got peeved at how Morgan interjected in their conversations. Further, every twenty minutes or so, Morgan would basically drag them outside for a cigarette. She even grabbed Bill's hand a few times to escort him out. Hillary was all but ready to say “where is your own boyfriend” to her, but held back.

    Morgan's friend left around one in the morning, and Hillary tried leaving as well, but Morgan and Bill wanted to drink more. Soon, when the bar was closing, Morgan stated she was too drunk to drive. So Hillary and Bill split a cab with her. Morgan sat in the front, constantly turning around to peek back on Hillary and Bill. At this point, Hillary couldn't wait to get Morgan home. Bill was tanked himself, and falling asleep. Morgan was slurring her words, and all but yelling in the cab. Unfortunately for Hillary, her apartment was closer than Morgans, as he lived much further from the city. So they'd be dropped off first. When they got to Hillary's place, she pulled Bill from the cab. Morgan put her head down and stated, “I think I'm gonna puke!”

    The taxi driver shook his head, “NO! NO! NOT IN MY CAB!” He stated in his accent. “Get out!” Without asking Hillary, Morgan exited the cab, and stumbled towards the door to Hillary's apartment. The only sober one, Hillary had to guide them both up the stairs to her apartment.

    This was supposed to be HER night, and she wasn't going to let her drunk friend ruin it, so when they reached the top of the stairs she helped Morgan plop right down on the couch in front of the television. She turned on the TV and left a passed out Morgan on her couch. Bill had made a B-line to the bathroom. Hillary waited for him outside the bathroom, and when he came out, she grabbed him and began to make out with him. She pulled him towards her room, luckily her roommate Melonie wasn't in town that weekend, wither with family or some guy. She didn't know or care.

    When they got to her room, Hillary began rubbing Bill's crotch. He on the other hand, groped her fat ass with one hand and tits with his other. Bill then pushed Hillary's head down, and she tried to fight it slightly, but accepted her role at that moment, and began to unzip his fly. He wore white boxers, which she quickly pulled down to expose his cock. Hillary sighed at seeing how flaccid his cock was. This was going to be some work. She licked the tip with her tongue and began to slowly draw his cock into her mouth. She felt his hands grasp her head and felt his hips thrust forward. She looked up to see closed dreary eyes as he began to pump his half hard cock in her mouth. This was another lost night to alcohol she thought. When she pulled off, Bill muttered something about taking time to please him and looking hot, and not being fat. When he said that she just pushed him off and he fell onto the bed and passed out. Hillary went about changing into her sweats and preparing for bed. She knew she should dump him, but she responded to assholes for some reason. And that cock, she couldn't wait to actually get it in her pussy.

    Hillary laid beside Bill and fell asleep rather quickly. Around four in the morning, she woke up licking her dry lips. Her mouth was dry, she needed some water. It was still dark out. She turned expecting to see Bill, maybe even feel that he peed the bed in his drunken state. Instead, she was surprised when the bed was empty. She noticed a small blue light coming from under her door that lead to the living room, as if someone was watching TV still.

    She figured that Bill must be taking a pee, but after five minutes she began to wonder. She heard a creak as if someone was moving furniture, then a soft but unmistakable moan. Hillary got out of bed and crept towards the door of her room, she slowly opened it and couldn't believe the image before her. Morgan was bent over holding the back of the couch tightly with her left hand, her skirt was hiked up, and Bill was behind her plowing his cock into her with her hips in his hands. Morgan's eyes were closed, as were Bill's, both a dreamy look on their faces as if half asleep. But it was clear Bill was humping forward, and Morgan was meeting his thrusts. Some, upon first glance might question Morgan's participation, maybe she was sleeping, or being assaulted by Bill. Yet, Hillary could see Morgan's right hand beneath her legs and reaching back to roll Bill's tight balls in her hand as Bill's dick clearly sawed in and out of her. Hardly the actions of a non-willing participant. Hillary could even hear her friend moan softly with each push by Bill.

    “WHAT THE FUCK!” Hillary yelled, flicking on the lights to the living room.

    Morgan's eyes opened she turned her head and her jaw dropped. “OH MY GOD! HILLARY! This isn't what it looks like!”

    Hillary crossed her arms, “Yeah, cause it looks like my boyfriend's dick is in you!”

    Morgan shook her head, “No...no....I can explain!” She pleaded, her face turning red, all the while, Bill never stopped pushing back and forth with Morgan's hips in his hands, oblivious to Hillary. Morgan actually told him to “Cut it out!” as she pleaded with Hillary.

    Hillary actually laughed, “So you can explain? Sure, explain why you're fucking my boyfriend!” She reached out and smacked at Morgan.

    Morgan held up her hands. “STOP! PLEASE! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!” She turned to Bill. “SERIOUSLY STOP!”

    Hillary was livid, she was swatting at Morgan now, who was still being pounded from behind. “I THINK YOUR A WHORE!”

    Morgan began to shake her head, “NO I.....HUUUHHHHH!” Her mouth opened wide, her eyes bugged out of her head and she turned back to Bill, “OH MY GOD BILL NO!!!!!!” and Hillary's own eyes followed. Bill's head was back, and he was smiling widely. He had stopped his thrusting and stood behind Morgan holding her hips against his groin.

    Bill grunted, “Agggunnnnhhh!” He sighed heavily, resuming his movments, but much slower now. “Fuck that was good! Love this pussy!” His eyes closed, swaying drunk, now slowly pumping into Morgan back and forth.

    Hillary grabbed Bill's arm and pulled him hard. “So you'll fuck HER in the vagina but not.....”

    “NO DON'T!” Morgan shouted, trying to push back against Bill, but it was too late, Hillary pulled Bill off Morgan, and a stream of cum connected his cock tip to her pussy. Morgan reached down, cupping her hands below her crotch. “Hillary please, give me something....please quick....a napkin....anything...”

    Hillary slapped Morgan, “You want me to give you a napkin to clean up my boyfriend's cum from your nasty cunt!” She was slapping Morgan who covered her face. “BOTH OF YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!”

    Morgan pulled up her panties and put up her hands. “Calm down!”

    Meanwhile, Bill had sit down to the left of Morgan, and was fast asleep, with a wide smile. Hillary pointed to him. “GET OUT!” She hit him with a pillow, but he didn't move, his pants to his ankles his cock still jutting up, cum bubbling down. Hillary turned to Morgan “GET HIM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NOW!” She threw the pillow at Morgan.

    Morgan didn't know what to do. She nudged him, and pushed him, but he wouldn't budge. Then to Hillary's utter shock, she watched Morgan reach her hand down and begin to jerk off Bill.


    “I don't know what to do!” Morgan admitted, but this seemed to work as Bill began to hump his hips into her hand. “BILL!” Morgan shouted, “We have to go,” she stated and jerked his cock harder. Like a dog, she lead him to the door and out by the dick. Hillary went to sleep disgusted, but happy they were gone.

    Hillary and Bill...needless to say, didn't date after that night. Again, the timeline is strange as Bill stopped fucking Hillary in the ass long before the “game” was played. But Hillary swears this is all real. Her and Morgan are friends again, it just took some time.

    So Hillary was just like me at one point
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