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. My Friend Vicki and her Mom

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    Told to me by my friend...

    The mother and daughter went on an annual vacation to Jamaica by themselves, for about 10 years straight, the last four years my friend Vicki was married to a white guy who had a LOT of questions about the vacation; but always let his wife go.

    It started when the mother invited the daughter (my friend Vicki) when she had graduated from college. A graduation vacation present. The two Went out to a bar one night and Vicki knew her mom and been with men besides her father, but didn't know details. While they were partying and dancing with some local black men, a guy that the mom had met a couple of years before showed up and began kissing Vicki's mom.

    Turned out Vicki's dad had been sick during the previous vacation, leaving her mom to go out and find some things to do on her own. She had hooked up with this guy and they had gone to his place, and ended up in a short-term affair. Vicki's mom had kept in touch with the man for over a year, and snuck away to visit him once, the next year when her mom and dad came down for vacation. Her dad had almost caught her mom, so the mom only saw her "boyfriend" once during that visit.

    When they ran into the man, again, Vicki's mom ended up telling Vicki the whole story, since it was obvious they had more than a casual connection. Instead of being mad at her mom, Vicki started laughing! "So dad was laying there sick in the hotel room and you were out suckin' this black guys dick?! You are so bad, mom!"

    Vicki was so curious and had dated a couple of black guys in college - and enjoyed some great sex - so she asked her mom to see if her boyfriend had any friends. He introduced her to a friend and by the time they were getting to know each other, Vicki said that she was too drunk to continue talking to him that night, but invited him to call her in the morning. She said he was very dark and handsome and seemed to be in very good shape, and she didn't want it to end with drunk sex; she wanted to enjoy him.
    Vicki's mom had come back to the room briefly, then ended up going to spending the night with her boyfriend. Vicki invited the man she met at the bar to meet her at the hotel for breakfast. When she saw him walk in that morning, she was stunned by how handsome he looked to her! Breakfast turned into a walk on the beach, and he was soon holding her hand. A walk on the beach turned into her getting caught looking at the bulge in his shorts, as they talked and laughed with each other. That led to some closer body contact, and him kissing her and holding her close to his strong hot body (her words). The kiss led to her feeling more comfortable with him and some conversation about how pretty he thought she was, and after a lot of kissing, petting and a mimosa, she invited him back to her hotel room.

    Vicki said that she had never been so turned on in her life as when she was walking down the beach and then into the hotel with her new friend and all the people that were looking at them and she was just sure they knew where she was going with him! She said she didn't care at that point, she just knew she wanted him!

    They kissed again in the elevator, and Vicki could feel his hard thick black dick pressing against her. She told me she knew that she would be sucking his dick in a few minutes, even though she just met him and knew very little about him. She said the animal attraction was just as powerful as anything she had ever felt. Sucking was a big deal for her, because she had always saved that for men that she was really serious about. At that time she had only sucked two guys in her whole life. Both of them long term boyfriends, but she knew that she was going to fully give herself to this man!

    When they got into the room her man kept kissing her and undressed her slowly. Before she knew it (her words!) she was naked, except her panties and his hands were all over her. She said she loved it because he was exploring every inch of her skin with his hands, like she was a precious doll. She unbuttoned his shirt and he pulled her close. She said the feeling of his hot, sexy, strong body against hers felt so good that she let out a sigh and let herself melt into him.

    They kissed passionately and then she began kissing him on the neck, then his chest...she sucked his nipples and kissed down his stomach. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down his shorts as she looked up at him with her baby blue eyes. (They are beautiful blue eyes!). She rubbed his cock through his underwear as she kissed his stomach, then pulled down his shorts and felt the heat of his cock as she wrapped her hand around it and held it against her cheek.

    The she heard him say, "Don't tease me white girl, make me cum with your mouth. Put it in your mouth, baby, I want to see those sweet lips wrapped around my black dick!"

    I have a feeling that it was a lot more vulgar than that, but that's how she told the story. She took him in her mouth and began to suck. It was the biggest dick she ever saw, let alone touched and now had tried to suck; and she was feeling the ache in her jaw muscles. After awhile she couldn't do it anymore, and she told him so. He then lifted her up and held her in his arms and kissed her neck as he laid her on her back onto the bed and she spread her legs and wrapped them around him and he lowered himself down onto her, he told her to "put it in" and she felt that thick head against her pussy lips and he quickly entered her, as she cried out! She described it as one long orgasm, from the time the head of his cock entered her, and he slowly worked it into her. Pushing a few inches in then pulling out then working it back in until it was a little deeper, then pulling out....then when she was good and wet he thrust into her and began hard strokes that made her legs tremble. She said that she couldn't help crying out every time he thrust into her and his body was covered with a layer of sweat as he continued, telling her how good it felt and how "beautiful she was. After some passionate kissing as he worked almost all of his dick into her, he pulled out and said, "Finish me with your mouth, white girl!"

    She said she looked down at his cock, that seemed longer and thicker than she remembered and saw that it was wet with her juices. Before, she had always made her boyfriends wash their dicks after sex, before she would suck them, but she didn't even think about that with this man. She said she took his wet dick in her mouth and began sucking him like a bar slut (her words). She said he ran his fingers through her blond hair and told her "Ya, keep sucking white girl" several times, then "Swallow it all white girl" when he was cumming in her mouth and he filled her mouth with his cum until it was dripping down her chin and onto her breasts and stomach and all over the bed.

    At that point her lover told her that he had to go to work and would be back. She heard from her mom about an hour later, when she was by the pool. They talked for a little while and her mom told her she had talked to her boyfriend about the guy she was with and it turned out he was her mom's boyfriend's nephew; so they felt comfortable with the arrangement. Vicki noticed her mom had a new anklet and asked her about it. She smiled and told Vicki her "Island Man" had given it to her. He told her it was a "Slave bracelet" and the local men knew if they saw a woman wearing it that they were already spoken for, so they wouldn't hit on them. It was a local custom, that was honored by all the men, apparently. Vicky told her mom she was happy that she didn't have to put up with all the men hitting on her! She asked her mom where she was, in case she needed to find her and she took her to an apartment near a boat dock not far from the hotel. She showed her the apartment from the outside and told her to just knock on the door if she needed her. While they were talking, her mom's boyfriend came home and kissed her mom and kissed her hand on the way in. When the door curtains opened Vicki saw another black man sitting naked on a chair in the living room and turned away, shocked. She had only seen inside briefly, but she was able to see that he was very dark. "You should probably go now, honey" and walked her to the end of the dock.

    She was concerned and asked her mom if she was okay. She laughed and said, "yes, honey...okay, Jared has two roomates, and they all share...um, the room with us."

    Vicki smiled. "Mom, I don't believe it! No wonder you are so tired."

    Vicky said she was in shock as she walked back to the hotel. She said she was almost sickened by the thoughts of what her mom was doing, but her thoughts quickly went to her new friend and looked at her watch to see when he would be back. When she got to the hotel he was near the entrance waiting for her. He took her in his arms and she felt that he was already hard for her. "I quit work early, I had to be back to you. I'm hungry for you" She smiled at him and told him she wanted more, too. He kissed her and handed her a small box. She looked down at it and up at him, questioning.

    "Open it." She did and it was a sparkling gold chain. She held it up and he told her to give him her ankle, and he put it on for her. "It means that I own you, I am your protector. That you belong to a black island man!"

    She said he was insatiable, and so was she. When they reached the room they tore each others clothes off and made love until late evening.

    For the rest of their vacation they spent more time naked and exploring each other's bodies, than exploring the island. She had the room mostly for her and her lover, and they spent their days swimming, surfing, exploring. boating and she found that she liked to suck him or stroke his dick, when they weren't having sex. Her and her mom both spent as much time as they could with the boyfriends and Vicki said that her mom showed up late one night and was drunk from the bar downstairs and her mom and her boyfriend and another man slept on the other bed in their hotel suite. She said she made her boyfriend wait during this time because it was too weird to have sex with her mom there. Sometime in the middle of the night she woke up to the sounds of her mom moaning and looked over to see her mom between the two men, sucking one and being taken from behind by the other. Both finished and traded places then took her again. Vicki said she went back to sleep and woke up to the sound of the hotel phone ringing. Her mom scrambled for the phone, and answered it naked and looking like she had been in a cat fight with all the handprints all over her body. Vicki's dad was on the phone and her mom made sure she silenced the men and told her husband she was having a great time! She told him about fishing and boating and the female guides that helped them stay out of trouble on the island...and Vicky talked to her dad and told him she was trying to keep her mom out of trouble, etc. Meanwhile they were both being felt up by their island men! LOL!

    That's the gist of the story with a little embellishment, but a true story!

    They went back every year for over ten years. Vicki said that by the third year her boyfriend was sharing her with a friend...

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