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. My Bride Wanted To Swap on Our Wedding Night

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    My Bride Wanted To Swap On Our Wedding Night

    Kathy My Bride.

    by EroticWriter

    "What's your concern? He gets a peek at me, you get to fuck his girlfriend. I'd venture to say, young man, that you will be getting the better deal."

    Readers, this story with the title Wedding Night Swap, was posted by me a long time ago, but I have added to it, including the describing of a very hot set of videos online, and drastically changed the ending of this story, making it hotter.

    Some were willing, and some not so.

    The cast of characters:

    Bill, the groom storyteller with big plans for his bride

    Kathy, the bride willing to share Bill with Jennifer for a price

    Jennifer, the workmate goddess who wants it all.

    Jose, the lucky stunt cock

    Readers. there have been so many attempts, by numerous writers, to have the 'bride' taking a strange cock on her wedding night. This is still one more attempt, but this time there is no gang of guys breaking in to bust the virgin bride's cherry. Nor is there an alcoholic induced coma. No drugs. No tied or beat up husband. Think about it readers, should we even enjoy reading a story where people are being hurt, I mean physically? No, not desirable.

    I have thought and thought about it. How to have a bride taking strange cock on her wedding night and be willing and wanting? I think I finally came up with a solution. Let's see how you like it as Bill tells his story.

    I met my future wife in college. I was in my senior year and had already been offered a job in a city 300 miles from home. Kathy wasn't in the same college as me but it was located withing miles of mine. Kathy had a year to go and when I made the jump for the new job Kathy could not follow along, so our dating consisted of a couple of weekends a month whenever I could make it over to see her.

    Kathy, you might find it hard to believe in this modern age, was still a virgin. Having been raised in a fairly strict Christian home, she had adhered to her parent's wishes and was holding out for marriage. She almost made it, but I was persistent all through her senior year. With six months to go she finally started jacking me off. I have pretty good control and would deliberately hold back on cumming, using the excuse that I could cum quicker if she'd allow me to play with her perfect tits while she jacked me off.

    That worked. So virtually every date we had ended up with, after a lot of kissing beforehand, Kathy jacking me to orgasm while I fondled her lovely breasts. Then of course, since her college was in her hometown, home I had to take her. I managed to score when she finally made the trip over to see me. Easter week.

    Kathy's parents believed she was at a girlfriend's house who happened to be living in the same town, but she was spending almost all her time with me, and in my apartment. I know it sounds hard to believe that in this day and age a gal would still be listening to and honoring her parent's wishes, but that's the way it was.

    That's one reason why I was so hot for Kathy. At last she was sleeping with me, in the same bed. In our case, sleeping together meant just that, sleeping. But I kept at it, and finally, out of her desire for me, and probably her getting sleepy/tired of fighting me off, I scored on what is probably the finest body in all of the state of Tennessee. But, since as a virgin with no intent to lose it Kathy was not on the pill, she made me put on a rubber before I could get my dick within an inch of her lovely, luscious cunt.

    With red hair, Kathy stands almost my height, a slim five-eight, and with tits out to there and a waist in to here. Then the hips, like her tits, go almost out to there and the numbers match. A 34 D bra over a 24 inch waist and all held up by a set of 34 inch hips.

    Wow, and her pussy? Kathy has a pussy that measures one inch wide and about five inches deep based on the way it felt after I managed to break her in. So, my six and one-half cock with medium thickness, needless to say, is a pretty tight fit within her confines. My cock, and her pussy, combined to give us both that delicious feeling of a pussy stretching tight around a hard cock. Yes, I can certify Kathy was a virgin. I felt the tear, heard the cry, and saw the little blood stains.

    Ever see a real red-headed girl's pussy? Almost pure white skin and the skin can be seen all through the red hairs. It's something most men never get to see, and in my case, I got to see her pretty pussy with matching blood.

    And then, after working on her head and body for months and finally succeeding, she shuts me off! Three times over two nights I did it with her, wearing a rubber and begging Kathy to go on the pill, while she kept saying there was no need for her to go on the pill until we were married.

    But I delayed my decision, hoping to keep getting laid, and she shut me off. “Bill, I insist. No marriage, no more pussy.” We had not even done the oral bit yet, me eating her, or her me. I asked if we could maybe just do that. No. And she was sticking to it.

    “Bill, if I let you eat me, you'll manage to get me so hot we'll end up fucking again, so no, I repeat, NO.” She meant it. No eating each other, and no fucking. She would go on the pill if and when a wedding was scheduled.

    Fuck guys, good as Kathy had felt with a rubber, I badly wanted to try her bareback at least once. Skin-to-skin with no rubber in between.

    One good thing, or maybe two. Kathy had an orgasm with me during the second and third fuck. I had read all the books and seen all the movies, and I knew the surest way to get a woman to cum is to manipulate her clitoris, preferably orally.

    With Kathy, I was pleased to learn, she doesn't need that. Her clitoris is located close to the entrance, and my cock is/was close enough during intercourse to get her off. So eating, when we finally got around to it, would be the so-called icing on the cake.

    So, having tested one another, I promised to marry her. After all, I did love Kathy and it was nice and confidence building to know that I was the only one. But always, in the back of my mind, what if, now that she is no longer a virgin, Kathy decides to try some other guy before I marry her?

    I mean, she is living 300 miles away so I can't very easily keep tabs on her. If I wanted to maintain her exclusively for myself, I had better marry her, and now. Whenever I had her out, men looked at her. As with most women, Kathy could have almost any man she wanted, so I wanted her wanting me.

    With three hundred miles separating us, her in college and me working, we debated about the best way to go about it. We finally decided to have a small wedding, attended by just a few friends in the town where I work.

    Her middle class folks, being relieved of the obligation of having to spend a lot of bucks on a big wedding, which neither of us wanted, were so appreciative that they told us we could have a choice of going on a cruise or staying in a rented mountain cabin for a week, and they would pay the freight.

    There was no contest, we chose the cabin. Going on a cruise with all the controversy over Hantavirus sickness on the cruiseliners, etc was not our cup of tea. But the cabin, we told her folks, could wait a few weeks after the marriage until I had enough time on the job accumulated to take a week off. First year on the job, one weeks vacation, paid. Two years on the job, two weeks, paid.

    It was all set. First she had to be graduated, then around the middle of June, Kathy would come to Georgia, we would get married the same day, and we would stay at my apartment until we were settled in enough to go house hunting. So now I was engaged, but there was one problem, I had another girlfriend.

    Well, I guess you could say Jennifer was a girlfriend. During the weeks when Kathy had shut me off, I had gone scouting, and found Jennifer working in the same building as me. Not for the same company, but the two companies worked together on several projects.

    Jennifer and I did some heavy making out, and I managed to get my hand onto all the main places, but not my cock. Jennifer, in advance of our third date said that she had not made up her mind, but just in case to bring along a rubber.

    A rubber? I frowned at that. Why a rubber? Isn't she on the pill like most women? But I was not about to ask. Of course she might be worried about some disease. I wanted nothing to interfere with this, because Jennifer needed to 'make up her mind.' Actually, this would be our second actual date.

    The first time, we had just met up after work by accident and talked over coffee. I played it cool, never mentioning sex, and after dinner she allowed me to bring her up to my apartment! We did some more heavy making out on my couch and then with a deep sigh, Jennifer apparently made her decision and taking me by the hand, led me into my bedroom.

    The clothes all came off before we got onto the bed, but Jennifer, despite her decision to fuck me, was still shy and wanted the lights off. I could still see her with the light coming in through the slits in the blinds, but not as well as I would have liked.

    On the bed at last I explored her luxurious body, determining that it was very similar to Kathy's body but more compact since Jennifer was a bit smaller in all areas, but in equal portions. At last she had her hand on my exposed cock, and I could tell that she was perhaps taking mental measurements of my dimensions with her fingers. I hoped that I compared favorably to any previous lovers. “Put a rubber on.”

    Not really believing she was serious about having to use a rubber, I had only brought one along. “Honey, I have one, but do I really need to? I promise you I don't have any diseases.” At that moment I was not thinking she might not be on birth control since everyone seemed to be.

    “That's not it. I trust you that way, but I'm not on birth control.”

    “Oh. O.K. Want to watch me put it on or do if for me?”

    “Do it for you? I've never done that. Show me how,” she replied with a giggle.

    “You're so hard,” Jennifer said softly as I guided her in the technique of rolling a rubber down the shaft of an eager prick. At last. I had make sure to bring a brand of rubbers that I knew was not real long, and Jennifer was able to use and roll the entire length down my shaft, though she had to go into my pubic hair to do it.

    Good. I didn't want her seeing that there are rubbers out there that are a lot longer than my cock. I know, it sounds silly, but some of us men think that way. “Now give it a few strokes to sort of loosen it up around my head, that way it will fit me better. That's it Jennifer. No, it won't feel as good to me this way, a rubber cuts down on the feel some, so I'd much rather be able to do it with no rubber, but I'm happy if you're happy.”

    While giving her the expected kiss, I eagerly slipped between her supple thighs, made penetration into some delicious tightness, heard the cry of pain, felt the tear, and stopped mid-stroke Now I knew why no birth control.

    “You're a virgin," I asked gleefully?


    “But why me,” I asked proudly? “We barely met.”

    “I got tired of waiting, you seem nice, and I wanted to see what having sex is like.” I finished the stroke, burying myself fully into her tight pussy. “Is it hurting now?”

    (Sigh). “Only a little, but it will pass. Go ahead, don't stop.”

    Another kiss I gave her before coming back and going deep again, making that kiss as tender and sweet as possible. After all, this was a special occasion, not only for her but for me. Oh man was it feeling good, and so was I. Virginal tightness. A sure fit since I was being the first and only one. Two virgins within two months I was having, out of a total of four women in my lifetime.

    I proceeded to show Jennifer what it is like, for all of ten, maybe fifteen minutes until finally, no longer able to hold back because of her passion, her incredible tightness and that fantastic body, I filled the rubber and in the process hearing a little cry of surprise and pleasure from her.

    But Jennifer had not climaxed, and I was probably more concerned about it then she was. Her clitoris I guess is not as close to the entrance as is Kathy's, or maybe it's just not as sensitive. In any case, I was going to have to try again to make her cum. I eased my still mostly erect cock out of Jennifer and showed her the rubber, filled with cum and stretched to where it was now quite a bit longer than my cock.

    “Look baby, how much was wasted that should have gone inside of you.”

    “I know,” Jennifer said. “There's so much. I can see how excited you must have been. But it's my first time, so don't worry about it. We have time to enjoy one another in the future.”

    I was feeling pretty good about all this, having taken two virgins in a row a few weeks apart, but there was a problem. Jennifer sounded like she might be wanting to get serious, and I was now engaged.

    I was still hard and I still had the rubber on, and while kissing her in order to distract I slipped it back into Jennifer and went deep in preparation for fucking her round two.

    “Aren't you afraid the rubber will come off,” she asked? Jennifer had reason to be concerned since she had seen the rubber still hanging on me after I had pulled out, and the cum in the end had stretched it out until I had maybe two to three inches of rubber hanging past the end of my cock.

    “No, it won't come off,” I said. “I held onto it with my fingers until I got it inside you again.”

    Well, I knew that with that rubber being so full and stretched out, there was always the chance that it would slide off my cock while I was inside her, but you see, I wanted to keep fucking and I only had that one rubber. “Let's see how this feels.” I began pumping and my dick stiffened and tightened up that rubber instantly.

    “I'm not used to this and it hurts a little, she said, moaning. “Maybe we had better wait a while.”

    “Wait. If I quit moving, does it hurt then?” “No. It seems to be O.K.” With those half-dozen or so pumps I had taken, it felt like the rubber was going to come off, so I needed to stop in any case. I could feel it, the opening maybe halfway down or up my shaft, whichever direction you want to use.

    “Let me just lie here, inside you. I love this and we can be kissing.”

    O.K. I like being kissed.” I proceeded to do some kissing, and in the process, during a phase when my cock was partially soft, I reached underneath and using some fingernails, managed to somehow tug that rubber further up my shaft. Hopefully it will stay. “What'd you do?”

    “Made sure the rubber is staying on.”

    “Oh. O.K. I don't want to get pregnant. Thank you.” Five minutes later. Even without movement, our bodies were wet everywhere we were making contact. “Tee hee. I guess with you staying in me like this, and you being hard all the time, you're keeping me ready for the next time we do it.”

    “Yeah baby. I'm stretching you to fit my cock.”

    “Like you stretched the rubber?”

    “Yeah baby. Way out like the rubber.” Hopefully she believes that.

    It feels nice.” She kissed me. “And you do feel big.” I was on cloud nine. Thankful for her compliment, for feeling big though I knew I was just in the upper part of average size, I proceeded to kiss her more and keep that dick as hard as possible without moving.

    Ten minutes maybe. “Bill, you're not going down, so if you want to cum again, go ahead.”

    “What about you? You need to cum.”

    “Maybe tomorrow night. It'll be better then.”

    “This will just take a minute. Kiss me.” Being gentle, I gave her another half-dozen pumps and let it go.

    I shot a load, a good one, and Jennifer moaned as she felt me throbbing a second time. “I'm glad,” she said as she wrapped her legs tighter around me. “I didn't want you to take me home and be all frustrated.”

    “Me frustrated? It's you I'm concerned about,” I said.

    “I came, twice I came, and you didn't.” Being nice, Jennifer kissed me. “I wasn't planning on getting to cum my first time. It wasn't that important to me. I felt you cumming and that was exciting. But being close, that's what I like most”

    “That's true,” I said, “Being close is important. But I want you to cum. We can try again tomorrow night.”

    I would figure out how to break this off before my marriage somehow. This time I was able to show her how far a rubber could be stretched lengthwise without breaking. As I came off and out of her, I swear that rubber must have been a foot long hanging off me, and there was cum all along the rubber lengthwise.

    “Wow. Look at that!”

    “Grab the end and tug it off.”

    She did, and being stretched and soaked inside, the rubber easily slid off my softened cock. “Now what do I do with this, she asked while holding it out in front of her?

    “Take it home, place it between the pages of your favorite book and every once in a while you can open the book and as you look at the dried up and flattened rubber, you can remember and think about the night you lost your cherry.”

    I was being funny, but she said, “Really? For real?”

    Oh this was funny. “Or, I went on, you can have it framed and keep it on the wall to show your girlfriends.” Her eyes got wide as she was making thinking about that and I added: “You can even place my name and number on the frame because when they see how long that rubber is, they'll want to know who the man was.”

    “Oh, I wouldn't dare do that, besides, I don't have many girlfriends I'm that close to that I could...”

    Finally she caught on. “YOU SILLY! You're just being funny. Now, what do I do with this for real?”

    “We roll it up in toilet paper and place it in the trash. Don't want to flush it down the toilet, it might stop up.”

    “O.K. Do you want to do it?”

    “I want to see you do it. That way, tomorrow night you'll know what to do.”

    “Yes, tee hee. Tomorrow night.”

    Gawd how I hated getting up off that bed and having to get dressed while watching her covering up that fantastic bod of hers. It had all been like a dream, like it had never happened even though the evidence was still right here in front of me.

    Blood stains. Not a lot, but some on the sheet. “Bill, here, I'll pull the sheet off and wash that part with cold water. That will take out the stain, but I hope you have another sheet to put on your bed.”

    “I do baby. Here, I'll help you get the sheet off.”

    When I kissed Jennifer goodnight at her place, I was dreading the day, coming soon when I was going to have to find some way to break this off and not hurt her. I mean, like she had given up her virginity to me. Now I was wishing Jennifer had not been a virgin. If I had not been her first, this night would not be as significant.

    Now, I was in a web that would be hard to get out of. I didn't know how important that was to Jennifer, but with Kathy my fiance, virginity had been a treasure she had been very reluctant to give away.

    But the next day came the problem. I went down to the break area that the two companies shared in common, and seeing Jennifer there, I smiled and sat down at her table. I saw tears in her eyes as she looked at me. “You're engaged?”

    Oh shit. She had mentioned going out with me to someone else and had been warned about my status. I decided to play it straight.

    “Yes. But I only took you out for fun. It was our second date and I had no idea you would...” I looked around to make sure no one was within earshot, “go to bed with me and turn out to be a virgin to boot!”

    Jennifer sniffed. “Well, I asked for it. I should have checked you out a little better. I saw someone that attracted me and decided to go for it, and now it was all for nothing.”

    “No baby. Not for nothing. If you want to keep seeing me, maybe we can work it out.” This was maybe dumb on my part. I had been wondering how to break this off when the time came, Jennifer had provided me with an out, and I was now working on staying in.

    “When are you getting married?”

    Trying now to play down the significance of my being engaged, I shrugged. “About three weeks from now, probably on Friday June 15th.” Then I hastened to add: “But she lives 300 miles away, and is coming here for the wedding the same day, so we have time, for a while, if you want to keep seeing me.”

    Her face actually turned red, and being afraid Jennifer was going to make a scene, I cringed. But fortunately, she spoke softly.

    “No. Forget it. You're engaged to be married and you fucked me anyway. You probably can't be trusted and I feel sorry for your fiance. You can just add me to your list of conquests.”

    “I don't have a list,” I answered quickly. “My girl..my fiance was a virgin too, and now she wants to, is making me wait until we are married before I can have any more.”

    “I guess you'll just have to keep on waiting then. I'm not going to be your source of pleasure until she gets here.” And with that, Jennifer rose and walked out. She looked so good walking away with that great ass. Well, at least I had been her first. Fuck. I wonder if she would have let me take some photos last night?

    Tuesday passed, then Wednesday. I was keeping a daily contact with Kathy before she was to arrive for our little wedding. I had a couple of male friends to attend, but no couples. That was when Jennifer surprised me when she approached me in the lunch room on Thursday.

    “Do you have a photo of her?” Just like that she had came out with it.

    I of course, knew who Jennifer was asking about. “Yes. Want to see it?”

    “Yes, please.”

    In the back of my mind I was thinking that maybe she planned to get some kind of revenge by informing my bride to be, but Jennifer was sweet, and I didn't think so. So I went ahead and showed her a photo I keep in my wallet and hoped that this was a non-threatening visit from her.

    I watched as Jennifer studied the photo. There was a slight smile on her face. “What do you think,” I asked?

    “She's pretty, very.” Jennifer continued to look at the photo as she asked: “Does she ever make it with girls?”

    Boom! Right out of the blue Jennifer hit me with that one, but my mind was already leaping ahead. Since I had never talked to her about it, I really didn't know if Kathy would do such a thing, but I wanted to keep Jennifer in the works. So I told a fib.

    “I don't think so, but in joking around, on dates, she mentioned that she might do it with the right girl if there was no boyfriend available. But she might have been joking, like I said.”

    I stared hard at Jennifer, and my mind was going 90. “Why do you ask? Are you attracted to girls?”

    “No. Yes. I've thought about it. What's her name?”

    “Kathy.” Jennifer stared at me for a long five seconds. “Do you like me, I mean, really like me?”

    “You know I do.”

    I think she sighed before going on. “Do you think that Kathy might be willing to share you with me, if I...well, if I was willing to make it with her too?”

    My heart was pounding. It was obvious that even after I had been somewhat deceptive and taken her virginity, Jennifer was still attracted to me. But get two women together in bed as gorgeous as my two virginal women are?

    What a dream. I began stammering as I tried to come up with a solution to this incredible offer, or maybe I should say, challenge. “I don't know. I could ask her. I...I couldn't tell her of course that I already did it with you. That would upset her, big time. But if you could keep that a secret, and I told her...let me think...if I told Kathy that you and I had became friends and when you expressed an interest in going further, that I told you that I can't because I am engaged, that might work. And then I could say that you suggested this.”

    I reached out to hold her hand, testing her, and Jennifer started to pull away and then changed her mind. “I could try that,” I went on while holding her hand, “if you can go along with keeping what we already did a secret.” 'Already my dick is tingling. Tingling? Better than that, it's growing.'

    “Ask her.” She giggled. “You know what would really be wild? Something daring, that you and she would never forget, or me, for that matter?”

    “What's that?”

    “If we all three got together on your wedding night.”

    Surprisingly, I was on the same page with her. That sounded like an impossible task, a big non-starter, but still, it might be worth a try if I worked it right. But first:

    “You wouldn't be jealous, when you see Kathy and I together? She sniffed. “We just met, remember? I mean, like, the only thing we had time to do was fuck once, or twice, and that's about all we shared. So no, I won't be jealous.” It sounded more like she was attempting to be funny rather than mad, so I did not dig further.

    “Jennifer, if I do this, ask Kathy I mean, can I count on you to go through with it if she agrees? It would be very embarrassing to stick my neck out like that and then have you back out.”

    “You can count on me.”

    “And you won't make it with any other men in the meantime? It's less than two weeks away. I like being, knowing that I have been the only one.”

    “Yes, I promise. But your fiance will have to think that I either have a boyfriend who took my cherry, or that I had a boyfriend at one time.”

    “Yes,” I agreed. “Had one, because obviously there is no one around now, and that is why you asked, right?”


    “O.K., I'll do it. It will be hard to do on the phone, but that is the way I will have to get it arranged in advance since Kathy is planning on arriving the very day we get married.”

    Jennifer giggled. “This could be a lot of fun.” She frowned. “But you don't think Kathy would be too jealous to go through with it?”

    I nodded. “I can't lie to you. Kathy might be very jealous, but if I work it right, and she trusts me and subsequently trusts you, it might work.” Jennifer was nodding her head. “Besides, I added, “She won't know anyone in this town so you can be her first and maybe be her best friend.”

    Jennifer smiled and squeezed my hand. “That would be nice.” I didn't want to sound like a man who would readily cheat, but after all, I had already fucked her. “Since we are planning to have you back in bed with me, maybe we could try it again before the wedding? I'd like to make you cum at least since you might be frustrated at not getting to.” “I'm fine Bill. I already told you, I do not plan to be your source of pleasure before your wedding.”

    A phone call was out. For something as significant as this, I told Jennifer my plan and drove the 300 miles the next weekend. There were things I needed to say to Kathy, and they needed to be said in person. Just for one last check, just to be sure Kathy isn't messing with any other guy, you know, a last or maybe first fling, I had not told her I was coming. Oh, did I fail to mention? Kathy had already graduated on Friday and she had insisted I didn't need to come to her graduation since I was working.

    Her folks had came, and left soon after the graduation ceremony. Kathy still had a couple of classes to finish up and would actually be done the following Tuesday. Kathy had not wanted the hassle of keeping her car on campus so had never brought it to school.

    Her folks had brought her car to her from home, and Kathy was to drive home, be with her parents until Saturday, then she would drive on over to my town for our marriage ceremony. But that was still a couple of weeks away. I arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and Kathy was pleasantly surprised to see me. Again, as I had Kathy out that night, we made out, but she would not put out. Finally I saw my chance to hit her with it.

    “Look Kathy. This isn't fair. I...you gave me your virginity and I have promised to marry you. The date is set, so why not?”

    “I told you,” Kathy said firmly, “no marriage, no more pussy.”

    Now was my chance to broach the subject. “I've been totally faithful to you, but it has been really hard. There has even been a cute girl at work that I'm pretty sure wanted to make it with me and all I had to do was go through with it but instead, being loyal to you, I told her that I am engaged.”

    “Really? A girl? Go on. So what did she say then?”

    I could detect her suspicion, and I proceeded to end her fears. “She asked to see a photo of you, so I showed her. She said that you were, are very lovely.”

    “Well, that's nice of her, I guess.”

    “There's more, but she didn't say it right away. The next day she asked me if you might go for girls.” I waited with bated breath. Her next reaction might tell the tale.

    “Really? Is she gay, I mean, bi-sexual?”

    “She doesn't know. She said that she has always had this fantasy and judging by your photo you are the person she has always dreamed of making it with. If she ever did it, that is.”

    “Sounds like you two have done a lot of talking. You said that you work with her?”

    Kathy was getting more suspicious, and I had to cover. “Only at lunch. In the lunchroom. I never see her on the job.”

    “I see. So what's her name?”

    “Jennifer, and to tell the truth, I don't know her last name for sure.”

    “I see. And do you have a photo of this Jennifer?”

    “No. Of course not. She's not my girlfriend, but if you want to see one I could probably get it and e-mail you. I'll have to ask her for a photo when I get back to the office on Monday.”

    “Why don't you do that? I'm curious.”

    My mind was whirling. This was going better than I had hoped. The only reason Kathy would be saying this would be if she is considering the possibility. “You might make it with her? That would be really neat if you would and I could just watch.”

    Then Kathy said what I had been hoping for.

    “And I suppose you would want to...fuck her too.”

    I hastened to answer. “That would be only if it was alright with you. In a sharing situation it could happen naturally. She, Jennifer I mean, didn't come right out and say that but it was probably on her mind. Get you, and me in the process.”

    I could see that Kathy's mind was clicking away when she came out with the next line. “I've been thinking about our little wedding, more of a get together than a formal function, and how to spice it up. You know what might be fun? Do it on our wedding night.”

    Wham bam, thank you ma'am! I couldn't believe that my fiance was coming out with what I had been hoping to arrange.

    “Really,” I asked? “On our wedding night? Now that would really be wild.”

    Kathy giggled. “That's what I was thinking, a really wild wedding night.” My fiance' was excited now, to some degree I could tell, as she went on.

    “You see, we've already taken most of the mystery out of our wedding night because we had, I allowed you to make love to me in advance. I've been feeling sorry about that, but if we had another woman there, for me, and I guess for you, that might restore some of that mystery we missed.”

    I was nodding my head in agreement. Then I agreed with her. “I hate to admit it, but you're right. If we had never had sex, it would be better if it was just you and I together, all night. But since we have already had sex a couple of times...” I paused again.

    And Jennifer made a joke. “Yeah. We'd just be an old married couple on our wedding night since you have already taken my virginity.”

    “Let me get this straight,' I said. “You mean that she could go to bed with you and me right after the wedding? That would be kind of soon, I think, but I will do it if you want to.” I had managed to turn this around, almost like it being Kathy's idea instead of mine.

    My mind was happily working away. It was filled with visions of me having my wife and still being able to have Jennifer on the side. If it was only in a sharing mode with my wife, that was perfectly fine with me.

    But then Kathy thought further. “That might not be a good idea. She, this Jennifer might get ideas about you. I don't want to feel like, if you have been intimate with her that she would be working with you and having this thing going on between you and she.”

    That was when I said the lie. I don't know why I did it, but I could feel the possibility of having Jennifer and my wife together slipping away. “Oh, but she has a boyfriend!”

    Now I had done it and I had to go on constructing a lie. “She doesn't see him very often because he works and lives in another town and says that's why she could probably do it with you, with us with no problem. He wouldn't need to know, she said.”

    Kathy was frowning now. “It sound to me like you and her have been talking about this quite a bit. Are you sure you haven't already made it with her?”

    I could sense some anger there and had to fix things, and right now. “No. I told you. The desire was there, on her part and, well, I'll be honest, on my part too, but we did not do anything. I haven't ever touched her. All we have done is talk in the lunchroom.”

    “You don't talk to her when working?”

    'Aha,' I was thinking. 'I should have made this clear from the beginning, and now I was seeing a chance to allay some of Kathy's fears.

    “No, she works for another company, below ours. The two companies stagger the hours but some workers overlap as we share the lunchroom.” I had mentioned the shared lunchroom to Kathy in the past so at least that part of my story would sound believable, I hoped.

    “Oh,” she said, seemingly breathing a little easier. “That's better, I guess.”

    Kathy, I think, was still thinking about making it with Jennifer. “I'll tell you what. Have her boyfriend come to the wedding with her so I will know that he exists, and afterward, the three of us can get together.”

    I laughed nervously. “Like I said, he works out of town, but I'll ask Jennifer if she can have him come. And once he's there, at the wedding, what would we do with her boyfriend? That might be kind of hard to explain, when Jennifer stays with us and he has to leave.”

    “Just have him come to the wedding, and then she can get rid of him somehow. Have her make a 'day date' or something. She can say she is invited to a wedding and doesn't want to come alone. Then she can join up with us later. I guess we could or should have a hotel room reserved and I would want it to be a nice one, like a suite. She could come there after the wedding and her saying her goodbyes.”

    “Wow Kathy. I responded. “My mind was going 60 trying to figure out a way to work this, and your mind is going 90! You're way ahead of me. Let me talk to Jennifer about this and see what she thinks, if she can work it.”

    “You're excited about the possibility, aren't you?”

    I laughed. “Well, I would be lying if I said 'No,'” I thought of putting emphasis on something that might sound nice and also make Kathy feel more secure about all this planning. “If you and I had never made love already, I wouldn't be going along with this, this threesome on our wedding night. But now, since we've already had sex together, I think this little arrangement will give us something to remember. An unforgettable wedding night you might say!”

    I had put some excitement into my voice, and Kathy seemed to share my excitement.

    “Yes. I believe it will. A first time for all three of us. Something to remember.”

    That is one of the really nice things I like about this woman and why I was wanting to marry her. Kathy is not only a knockout to look at, she is sharp as a tack mentally, probably smarter than me since she almost has a Masters and I have only got a Bachelor's degree. I know, that doesn't make her smarter necessarily, but Kathy had the desire and drive to work through that extra year and I got tired of college. That makes her smarter, maybe.

    I was horny, very, right then. I showed her the bulge in my jeans. “Are you sure that we can't make love, maybe now, just one more time before the wedding?” I did not ask her to jack me off, not now, not since we had actually made love a couple of times.

    Kathy looked, but frustratingly so, she didn't even reach out to touch. “I told you, no, not until we are married. I'm glad that we did it, but sorry at the same time. We get married, I feel secure, and then you can have your little girlfriend.”

    A little warning bell went off and I tried to ignore it. “Honey. She's not my girlfriend.”

    “You know what I mean.” Later that night, before I dropped Kathy off at her dorm, she said that if things worked out all right, she might consider having Jennifer around after the wedding night, if she decided that the two of them could be friends.

    I was quick to tell Kathy that I had already mentioned that possiblity to Jennifer, that she could be Kathy's first friend in her new town.

    So that was it. It was all arranged. All I had to do is marry Kathy and I could have Jennifer too. Sharing her with Kathy true, but that was a bonus. The only thing was, Jennifer has to have a boyfriend. I was going to have to find a boyfriend, in name only, for my workmate goddess.

    Making that 300 mile trip back to where I worked was a breeze. All the time the miles were flying by, my mind was on beds, or one bed in particular, but I never once got sleepy. Six hundred miles round trip, and all I had gotten from my fiance' was a lot of kisses, a few tit feels, and nothing done to my cock. But I also had a commitment, for a threesome to be remembered, and hopefully more after that.

    'How do you feel about that Jennifer? My fiance' says you can have both of us, even on the wedding night, but she has to know that you already have a boyfriend so she won't feel like you and I are carrying on behind her back. She's worried about the work thing, you and I seeing each other daily.”

    “But I don't have a boyfriend. You know that. I gave you my virginity, remember?”

    “Let me see if I can find you one. It will just be for the wedding. He can play the role and all that.”

    “Why should some guy do that? What would he get out of it?”

    “Maybe I could pay him or something. It would only be for two or three hours. Let me work it out.”

    “Make sure it's no one from here, from our work,” Jennifer hastily added.

    I smiled. “Don't worry, I wouldn't want that either. I'll come up with someone who doesn't know either of us and you can pretend to be his girlfriend at the wedding. Then, since he is playing a part, it won't be all that hard to 'get rid' of him after the wedding. I've already told Kathy that your 'boyfriend' lives in another town so that can be the reason he has to leave.”

    “When's this wedding again,” she asked. “Didn't you say on the 15th?” It looked like Jennifer was getting excited.

    “Yes, it's set for probably the 15th of June. That's a Friday.”

    “A June bride,” Jennifer said softly. “How sweet.”

    Yes, Kathy was to be a June bride. The wedding was eleven days away, and I still had to find a 'boyfriend' for Jennifer.

    How to do that? It was tricky because of the circumstances. Whoever the guy is, he is probably going to be wondering why he is playing the role of boyfriend, and then having to disappear right after the wedding. I knew that this role-player could not come from the company I or Jennifer worked for, and preferably, not from amongst my personal friends.

    Men are sneaky, you see. If I was to tell someone who knew me and he would still be around afterward, he would always know that I had used trickery to get my wife to share on her wedding night. He could use that information later to maybe blackmail me or something. He might even try to do a followup and score on Kathy. Farfetched I have to admit, but I was being careful.

    Where to find a boyfriend for Jennifer? Being careful, I began spending my off time on the other side of town, away from where I lived and worked. I found the 'boyfriend' at a Mexican restaurant. He was a waiter, and a good one. While eating my meal, I kept watching Jose and could see that he was very confident and smooth around the female customers. His name was Jose, but he had a Mexican father and an Anglo mother, so he looked as much all American as Hispanic.

    Perfect. I spent some time talking to Jose at work, and I waited around to continue the conversation after he got off. Without fully identifying myself or where I worked, I explained the situation to him, what I needed from him, and why.

    “But what's in it for me? I spend two, three hours pretending at a wedding, and then off I go. You get two women, and I get...?” His voice trailed off.

    “How about 300 dollars? That would be 100 an hour and you might not even spend 3 hours doing it.”

    “I'd have to buy a tux, or maybe a suit of some kind.”

    “No tux. You would just be a quest of a guest. It's going to be a very informal wedding. You could probably get by with just a sports jacket.”

    “I don't own one, man.”

    My 'cost' was going up. “O.K. I'll make it 400, and I'll give you a hundred in advance so you can buy a jacket. How's that?”

    “Cool man. And I can use a nice jacket anyhow. Sure, I'll do it. What date did you say this is? Next Saturday? I need to work but since my aunt and uncle own this place I can get off, no problem.”

    I filled Jose in on the details, and also some details about his 'girlfriend Jennifer', how she looks, etc., but did not tell him her actual workplace or residence. It was agreed that maybe he and Jennifer should have a short meeting just before the wedding so that they would be able to act 'familiar' around one another. “Hey man, I'm just curious about this gal that's supposed to be my girlfriend. You've already fucked her, right? Tell me more about that part.”

    So, maybe because I wanted to brag a little, I told Jose more. As he listened with his mouth open almost in disbelief, I let him how I had to use a rubber and then had been surprised when I had taken her virginity. “Fuck! She was a virgin and you didn't know in advance, that's wild.” I had a hard on now and almost began giving Jose details about Jennifer's body and how good her virginal pussy had felt. Then I decided those details he didn't need to know. “So why do you have to do this, set up this little act for your bride so you can keep fucking this Jennifer?”

    Encouraged by his reaction, I told him a little about that, how Jennifer and I had talked and made plans for another night, and then, my being shot down when someone from work told her I was engaged. . Then, I told him how at work, Jennifer had came up with the idea of she getting together with Kathy and me.

    “Wow man. That's some story. I can see why you're wanting to set this up. That will be a wedding night to remember.” “So you still want to do this?”

    “Hell yes. It will be fun.” “We're planning to have the wedding probably Friday after next.”

    “During the day, or at night?”

    “After work, probably around six. Why?”

    “Shit man. Better some other night. Friday's the worst night for me. This store has their busiest night on Fridays, and my folks really need me here. Can you do it some other night?”

    “It isn't set. I'll try for Thursday night, how's that? And it will sound even better because that way it will be a case of you having to get back to work on Friday since you supposedly live and work out of town.” 'OK. Thursday is good. We can talk on the phone to work out the details.”

    When I drove back to my side of town, I was already 100 dollars shorter, but it was to be money well spent. As it turned out, choosing Thursday evening after work turned out to be better because the boss said he would give me Friday off with pay. Also, the rate for the room in the hotel went down a bit. Not just the room for the wedding, but also the bedroom suite. Jennifer, wanting to have a good night after the wedding and not have to rush off to work on Friday morning, took the day off.

    Now it was the wedding day and the event was to be held in a meeting room in the same hotel where I had arranged a two room bedroom suite, a nice one with wood beams in the ceiling and complete with a couch, small kitchenette, bar and TV in the front and bed, TV and bath in the back for our wedding night.

    From the wedding to the reception, a small one, and then upstairs and into bed. So simple, and I would have my two dream girls in bed and together.

    Jose, Jennifer and I had met a couple of days before for lunch, and the two of them had been able to get acquainted and at one stage during a lunch I even had them sit together in order to gain familiarity. It was all planned. I noticed that they seemed to get on well and was thinking that in the real world they might even be an actual couple.

    So it was settled. Jose and Jennifer would sit together at the wedding looking lovey dovey anytime Kathy happened to look their way, and after the wedding Jose would supposedly leave for his out of town job, one of which he had to work on Friday.

    Yeah, I know. The complications kept coming.

    Finally came the wedding day. About twenty were in attendance.

    Since this was an informal type of wedding, we didn't do the 'Here comes the bride' with music down the aisle bit, instead just meeting up at the altar and with the minister. I could see Jennifer and Jose sitting a couple of rows back, and they were sitting pretty close, too close it seemed, to me.

    It all went smoothly. I promised to honor and obey and kissed the bride, and I am sure Kathy could feel my partial erection pressing through her dress. Kathy had not worn a full wedding dress, but she had the veil and wore that around for a while.

    Kathy met Jennifer for the first time during the reception. I could detect an immediate rapor and liking between them. It was a good sign. Jose was there and with Jennifer of course, and they acted the part perfectly. A couple of my workmates I saw, were eyeing Jose and probably sizing him up since they also knew Jennifer from seeing me talking to her in the lunchroom. Boy, I was thinking, if they only knew.

    We did the flower bouquet toss, and there were seven girls there to catch it, and everyone had some laughs, dances and drinks. For a few minutes, Kathy, Jose and Jennifer were talking.

    I was over with a couple of buddies during some of that, and watching out of the corner of my eye and hoping neither Jennifer or Jose would slip up and say something wrong. Not to worry, everyone looked happy I could see. I didn't especially like the part where Jose had his arm around Jennifer's waist while talking to my bride, but all for show, I hoped.

    A couple of hours passed, and a little after eight some started to head home. That was when Kathy threw out the shocker. I don't think that she was suspicious, just being certain. “Bill, when you and I go into the bedroom, I want to be with you alone for awhile since it will be our wedding night. Then Jennifer can come in and join us.”

    “Where's she supposed to be waiting in the meantime? It's already getting late, half the guests have left and Jose will be heading home.”

    “I thought about that. She and Jose can spend some time together on the couch out front and then after he leaves....”

    Oh oh. I had to stop that one. “Now how the heck is that going to work? Jose was planning to leave right after the wedding, that was our plan. Jose is not supposed to know Jennifer is going to bed with us. If he comes up with her, what is he going to think when he leaves and she stays?”

    I was expressing concern for what Jose might think to my wife, but inwardly I was thinking, 'Leave Jennifer alone with Jose while I am fucking in another room? I don't think so.'

    Like I said previously, Kathy's mind can go 90 while mine goes 60. “I've already talked to Jennifer in the ladie's room and as we discussed our get together I told her that I wanted to be alone with my husband for maybe half an hour to 45 minutes and then she can come in. So she agreed. And then I suggested she can wait in the other room and if she wants make love to her boyfriend to say goodbye.”

    Oh crap crap crap. I was trying to think of some way to not have this happen, Jennifer being alone with Jose for that long. “Like I said, Kathy, what is she supposed to be telling Jose when she stays after he leaves? He'll be wanting to take her home, and her staying will look kind of strange.”

    Kathy laughed. “I suggested this to Jennifer and she came up with a plan. She drove her car to the wedding and Jose came in his own car. Jennifer said she will pretend to be drinking a lot and wanting to stay and sleep and I can tell Jose that out of concern for her she can sleep it off in our suite and go home in the morning.”

    I nodded. “I guess that might work, if he falls for it.” Inside I knew, of course Jose will 'fall for it.' After all, he is on the payroll. I was wondering though, since he would have to wait around, if Jose might try asking for another hour or so of wages.

    After all, he was losing whatever tips he might earn tonight at work, though he had said that Thursdays are a lot slower than Fridays. There is an old saying: 'What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.'

    Or something like that. Here we were, my bride, I and Jennifer, planning to deceive, my bride is thinking, Jose.

    Meanwhile, Jose and Jennifer are working with me too, in order to deceive, my bride. “Oh, one thing,” I asked Kathy while trying to sound cheerful. “When you two were in the restroom discussing all this, what else did you do?”

    “Do? What do you mean?”

    “Did you even shake hands, or hug?” I was hoping to hear more.

    “She giggled. “We did kiss, one kiss, to test our attraction to one another.”


    “She's nice. I was more the aggresso when it came to the kiss, but she fell right into it once our lips met. It will be nice tonight too, I think.” My cock was growing. I smiled. “Did you guys swap tongues?” Kathy smiled. “Of course.” “Is that the first time you ever kissed a girl, a woman, on and in the mouth like that?”

    “Yes. There were some girls in college I knew, making it with each other in the dorms, but I managed to stay out of it.”

    Well, all went as planned, Kathy's plan now, not mine. Everyone had left, and the four of us were in the bridal suite. Kathy was happy. She was my new bride, and Jennifer was having a drink and acting somewhat drunk for Jose. But known to everybody though my new wife did not know that everyone knew, Jennifer was not drunk. Jennifer went through the acting kind of dizzy and wanting to just go to sleep bit. Kathy of course, aided in her story, all for the benefit of Jose, who of course, knew it was all an act.

    “I guess you guys can pull out this couch into a bed and after Jose leaves, Jennifer can just sleep it off there and we'll make sure she gets home safely in the morning. Is that OK Jose?” Kathy looked at Jose, her face inquiring. Jose asked, “Jennifer, didn't you drive to the hotel?”

    Kathy kicked in. “That's what I meant. If she is up to it she can drive herself home, otherwise we'll make sure she gets there OK.”

    I added. “I only took this room for tonight and we need to check out by 11 in the morning.”

    “Sure. That will be fine.” answered Jose. “She can stay here then, no problem. Thank you.” He looked from Kathy to me and back to Kathy. “And you two have fun in there.” Jose winked at me as we together opened out the leather couch and found that the mattress was already fitted with a new, clean sheet.

    Underneath in a built in drawer, there was a top sheet and together, we fitted that on and pulled two pillows out of another drawer. The sheets pillows and cases looked new, like they had never been used. This was a nice hotel, a nice place to be married and spend the night.

    Kathy watched us and laughed while Jennifer took a trip to the bathroom. “It's nice to see two men working so hard for the comfort of their women.”

    I tried responding with a positive attitude. “That's the way we men are when we are about to get laid.”

    Now it was my turn to wink at Jose.

    My new bride headed on into the bedroom and I lingered as Jennifer came back from the bathroom. Then Kathy headed for the toilet. When I was sure that Kathy was out of earshot I whispered and gestured like mad to Jennifer and Jose. “I wasn't planning for it to work out like this. You guys just sit here and wait, OK? Be good and I'll be out to get you soon as...” I smiled at Jennifer.

    “We'll be fine,” replied Jennifer. “Enjoy your new bride and we'll wait right here.”

    Jose grinned at me. “Man, you got a big night in front of you with two fine looking ladies. Do you want me to leave right away?” That's where I made the big mistake, but later I would find out, he might not have left in any case. “Better wait just a few minutes in case Kathy checks, but I don't think she will.”

    Jose winked. “OK. We'll go ahead and lie here together and talk and wait for you. If your wife happens to take a peek, she'll see us in bed together.” My wife. That was the first time I had heard that, a new phase of my life.

    “Yeah, OK!” I smiled at them and tried to look like I was fine with the arrangement. But inwardly, I was worried. I had this chore to do now, make love to my bride on our wedding night, and instead of looking forward to a good, long night, I had to get something out of the way before the rest of the good long night could begin.

    Jose was standing at the door talking to me, and as I stepped further into the bedroom in preparation for closing the door behind me, Kathy came out of the bathroom. I saw Jose's eyes light up as he looked past me.

    At first it didn't register. Then, after maybe five seconds, my head following his eyes, I turned. There she was. My bride, naked! She had a brush in one hand and was running it through her hair, which was hanging down and looking lovely, as were her breasts which were being raised even higher with her arm up.

    As we both stared, Kathy happened to look our way, and instead of trying to cover up, she smiled, at the both of us! Then she leaned back against a window frame, sitting on it actually and looking like she is posing as she sort of pulled her arms back, raising breasts that don't need raising.

    With her fantastic breasts framed by her long red hair, my bride's face took on a look of I don't know what, maybe orneriness, or challenging, or both.
    Kathy My Bride.

    Shocked and yet fascinated at how lovely and hot my bride is looking, I stared for several seconds at her as my cock stiffened. Then it hit me. Shit! Jose!

    As Jose joyfully continued to stare, I quickly closed the door, but I knew, Jose had seen her, a good long look as my wife had just sat there, staring back at Jose and not trying to hide herself. I say staring at Jose because as I had looked at her, her eyes were not quite meeting mine. I'm pretty sure my wife had been staring at Jose.

    I was kind of annoyed that Kathy had done that, walked out naked without checking first. Jose had seen my bride naked! Actually, to tell the truth, I inwardly felt proud. Now Jose, who will soon be gone, forever, knows what a looker my wife is.

    Kathy apparently, had not wanted to wait for me to undress her. Wow does she ever look lovely, and she is mine, all mine. “Kathy! Jose was looking at you and you didn't try to cover up. Why?”

    She smiled, and her lack of concern bothered me. “I didn't realize at first that he was at the door with you. Then, when I saw him staring, I just let him look. I figured since he has Jennifer that I would let him see that you too, have a looker for a woman.”

    "But you're not his bride, you're mine," I exclaimed.

    "What's your concern? He gets a peek at me, you get to fuck his girlfriend. I'd venture to say, young man, that you will be getting the better deal."

    It was behind us now, so I sort of shrugged. “That's true. Thanks for that, I guess.”

    That first married fuck with my new wife went smoothly, but maybe quicker than it should have for a wedding night. Don't get me wrong, Kathy was my bride and she was the one of the two women I loved the most, and though both their bodies are fantastic, Kathy's body, being the largest everywhere, except maybe in the pussy, is the most spectacular.

    But as much as I was enjoying finally getting to make love again to Kathy, now my wife, I could only think of what might be happening in the other room. Trouble is, thinking back on it, I think my wife could tell that my mind was not completely on her.

    I spent maybe five minutes on the kissing and tit feeling, and another maybe ten minutes on tasting her juices but holding back on letting her cum.

    Kathy was lying on her back, legs spread, and smiling. “So that's what it's like to be ate. I'll be wanting more of that. But why wouldn't you let me cum?”

    “I want your first orgasm, now that we're married, to be with me inside you.”

    Kathy looked dreamily at the beamed ceiling. “I can understand that. Now, want me to suck you? I haven't done that yet.”

    Kathy was offering to give me a blowjob. This I had been wanting from her in the past, not so much for the pleasure it might provide, but because I was dying to see her lovely face working on my cock.

    A first blowjob from my new bride. A dream cumming true, and already I was wondering if Kathy will be willing to let me cum in her mouth and maybe have her swallow it?

    But if I allowed her to start now, there might be another delay, and I wanted to get Jennifer away from Jose, assuming he is still in the other room.

    “Not yet baby. I think it might be fun to watch you do it for the first time with Jennifer watching too, you know,” I joked, “like a witness to history being made, and then the both of you can share my cock between you.”

    Kathy frowned at first, then she giggled and pretended to think about it for a few seconds more and then nodded. “History being made. Your first blowjob from me. And my first time giving one too. Yeah, that might be fun, but for now, let's not talk about Jennifer. She's for later, O.K.?”

    That was a warning maybe that I had better stop worrying about someone else's girlfriend. A warning that I missed, which is maybe the reason the rest of the evening was not to go as i had planned.

    “Sure baby. I can understand that. Now let's make love, later can come the sex.”

    “Aha,” Kathy laughed. “I'm glad to see that you know the difference.”

    Oh wow. So warm, so wet, so nice and snug around my cock. Finally I am into my girl, now my bride, and this time with no rubber since Kathy is now on the pill. Oh wow does she feel good.

    I was thinking 'Why, just for a little while those three times we did it before, didn't I think of just slipping my cock into her bareback for a minute just to see what she feels like? Slip my cock in, get it wet while I enjoy her feel, and then take it out and let Kathy roll the rubber on for me.

    I could have done that, if Kathy trusted me not to cum in her. Now I'm into her without a rubber barrier between us. This feels so good, I can't believe it, and she's to be mine for eternity.'

    Yet, even then, my mind was wandering. 'I wonder how Jennifer's pussy is going to feel with no rubber in between. Soon, and not soon enough, I'll be finding out.'

    I stroked, all the while working to hold back, and enjoyed the feel of my new bride. This is the woman I have married. She is mine, mine exclusively, and I can't believe how lucky I am.

    Somewhere in my mind I was still thinking of Jennifer's pussy, how tight she is, and how good it is going to feel to also be into her without a rubber. I had to shake the thought of Jennifer's pussy out of my head and concentrate on my bride.

    'Oh Kathy baby I love you. We are skin to skin tight and you are a perfect fit for my cock, and you will stay this way for me until we have children, if ever. I can feel how tight around me you are wrapped, and I know that my cock feels big to you. Take it baby, my nice cock so perfect for your tight pussy.'

    Yes, that's what I was thinking as I worked my cock all around inside Kathy. I didn't say all that to her, but I did ask: “Feels better without a rubber, doesn't it?”

    Kathy was making little mewing sounds and nodded. “It feels almost the same, but yes, it is better.”

    She giggled and squeezed my at the waist. “And pretty soon I'll get to feel you cumming in me, and making me all wet inside for the first time.”

    She sounded so excited as I stupidly took it down a notch. “Yeah, it will be a big mess for sure. I've been waiting so long for this.”

    I was so excited about finally getting to screw Kathy with no rubber that I had to stop pumping for a minute as I felt a blob of cum oozing out of my cock and into her before my actual climax arrived. My cock, I felt, actually increased in width for a moment as that blob came out.

    “Oh honey,” Kathy breathed into my ear, “I felt that. You almost came, didn't you?”

    Partially surprised that she was able to tell, I kissed Kathy and said: “Yes baby, That was almost a cum. One throb but I managed to hold them back. You have some in you now, your first cum from me. I want to wait for you. You have to cum with me or before me.”

    “Don't worry about me Bill. I'm almost there. Just go for it and I'll join you.”

    “This is too good to hurry. I plan to make this last, baby.”

    I had dropped a blob, but there was more in there, waiting, and as I took a stroke, and then one more, I felt more cum oozing out and into her. Cum that had been held back because I had not throbbed the second time.

    But my bride felt wetter now. Not as tight, not as much friction between our joined organs.

    That amount of seepage took off some of the pressure and renewed, I proceeded to spend a little more time with my bride. Her pussy indeed felt wetter now. I think that bit of seepage was probably a pretty large amount of cum. For the first time, my bride had cum in her bare pussy.

    I fucked, the added wetness aided in helping me hold back.

    We kissed a lot and I hoped that we would cum together, a perfect way to begin a marriage with that first official fuck. Kathy had said she was ready, but I wanted to make sure. To help her keep her legs high around me, where she had placed them, I rose up off my elbows and wrapped my arms under the fold of her knees.

    Now her legs, and her ass, were raised up. Her pussy was also raised and meeting me more than halfway as I plunged into her. Even with my chest being raised above her with my arms holding me high, her tits were still touching me, those nipples being rubbed against my chest.

    This pussy, I knew, and mine exclusively, is going to be very nice to keep around. Oh yeah, and the rest of her is pretty fine too. Just kidding about the pussy being all of it you understand. Still, despite how good Kathy felt tightly wrapped around my cock and how horny I was for her body, I managed to somehow hold back and wait for her orgasm.

    I felt her body tighten. She's getting close! I've got to hold back, just a little longer...

    Then Kathy was cumming. Oh yes, so wonderful, and just before me. I could hear her, and I hoped the noise she is making is loud enough for them to hear out there. But I didn't let go until I felt her nails digging into my ass as she reached around her thighs in order to reach me.

    1. But my fiance turned bride had been keeping me waiting before this night and I demonstrated to her how long I had been waiting by dumping a rather large load into her tight pussy. Success! Success on my wedding night. I had managed to hold back and wait for my bride. That, ladies and gentlemen, my managing to hold back, was quite an accomplishment for me when you take into consideration how long I had waited to not just fuck Kathy again, but to do it without a rubber, and also, Jennifer is waiting.

      “That was nice,” Kathy sighed as she kept her arms around me as I laid on and in her and my cock dwindled. “Doing it without a rubber is much better. I could feel your cock throbbing and I was very aware of your cum flowing into me.”

      We kissed and then she kept talking. Me? I felt drained and almost used up and I still had the entire night to go. “Yes, it is better without the rubber,” Kathy said into my ear, “but I'm still glad I made you wait until tonight for this.”

    2. “You're right honey. Now that all the frustration is behind me, I can say you're right you made me wait.” “I really wish I had made you wait, and you had taken my virginity tonight.”
    “You have a point there, but remember, we have Jennifer out there waiting, and it may be better this way since you might have ended up with a sore pussy tonight if I had taken your cherry.”

    “You might be right about that. I did feel some soreness after that first time. I never told you.”
    1. “Now it's all behind us baby and tonight, besides this adventure, we have another one waiting. I'm kind of glad though you made me wait these past weeks. It really got me worked up for tonight.”

      Kathy giggled. “Well, just remember that now that we're married. The woman is always correct.” Anything my bride said now was OK with me. All my hopes and plans were coming true, my bride had just climaxed as she was taking my first load inside her, and soon, there would be Jennifer.

      I think we both were anxious for what is to come, our threesome, and besides, this lovemaking session was not our first time. I had left some lights on and we were now just lying together naked. I wanted to go and check on the two in the other room but dared not for fear of appearing to be anxious.

      After all, supposedly, Jose is Jennifer's boyfriend and they need some time to do what they are supposed to be doing. Inwardly I was thinking, 'he'd better not be doing anything.' We cuddled and I think, for a little while I was starting to drift off. Now, now when it is most important that I be awake and aware. I should not have had those two drinks.

      Then it hit me, hard. There is another woman waiting for me to come and get her. Jennifer is in there, with her tight pussy. My cock was on its way up again. 'Jennifer with her tight pussy,' I was thinking, 'and my cock ready to enter it for the first time while bare and ready to give her a first load of sticky, slippery cum. My cum.' Which woman has the tightest pussy?

      Hard to tell, because I had only done it with Jennifer twice, wearing the same rubber both times, and I had just taken her cherry. With Kathy, we had done it three times with a rubber, and now, one long good one without. So, up until now, I had no way to compare the two pussies. Not until I had them side-by-side and had fucked them both within minutes of one another.

      In a little while, I can be inside Jennifer again and then I can decide who has the tightest pussy, but of course I won't be telling them that. I am lying beside my lovely bride, my cock is tingling and starting to grow, and the reason is because I am thinking of another woman. Is this crazy or what?

      Tonight I will be having Jennifer for the first time, and she will be having me for the first time, with no rubber between us. Finally, I sort of yawned and laughing lightly, I said: “Kathy, it's probably time I go and get Jennifer, don't you think?”

    2. “Right now, you have your mind on her,” Kathy asked? That should have set off warning bells in my head. Instead, maybe stupidly, I answered honestly. “Well, to be honest, yes, now that we've done our thing.”

      I had climbed out of bed and was standing there with a wet and partial erection, and my wife was seeing it. Kathy might already have been planning it in her head, but if not, my dumb answer might have made her decision for her. And that was when Kathy hit me with the bat.

      Bam! Right on the head! “You're already going up again as I can see. So since you are going to be fucking another girl tonight, you stay there with her and I want to have Jose in here with me for a while.”

    3. My whole world seemed to come crashing down, along with my cock.

      “What? I don't understand. You agreed to make it with Jennifer. That was the plan. You get her, and I get her too. We'll be even Steven. What's wrong with that?

      “Bill, I've never pried, but I know that you have made love to a few women, how many I don't know for sure. But you're the only man I've ever been with. So I'd like to have someone for myself, just one night, for maybe an hour or so, and then you and I can build on our relationsip.. We'll start out more even that way.”
    “But honey...”

    “No. Even Steven, remember? Besides,” she added softly, “Jose has already seen my body.”

    “Yeah,” I agreed, nodding, and my face probably did not look too happy over that. “Did you do that on purpose, since now you want to..?

    She cut me off. “No, it was an accident, but when I saw him staring I sat back and sort of posed for him because I had doing this in the back of my mind, and when, now, when it seems you are so anxious to fuck Jennifer, that made up my mind for me.

    Besides, it will be easier for me to have Jose coming in here since I know he's already seen me naked.”

    "So it was Jose you were posing for."

    "Mostly, yes!"

    I still tried to talk Kathy out of it, but she would have none of it. “You'd better go out there and catch Jose before he leaves, or it's no Jennifer for you.”

    “Jose might already be gone," I replied. "He was supposed to make love and then leave.”

    “Well, in that case you luck out,” Kathy said with a smile. “But I'll bet he is still out there.”

    I tried to cover. “It might be OK with you for us to do this. But Jose might not like the idea of his girlfriend' being fucked by me.”

    She smiled. “Oh I think he might go for it. You saw the way he was looking at me a little while ago. That sort of turned me on by the way and you got the benefit of some of that in bed just now, me being extra turned on. Besides, I noticed Jose giving me the eye all the time we were having the reception.

    And he sure did not look away a while ago.” She winked at me, as if it was no big deal that some other man had been flirting with her during our wedding ceremony and later had seen her fully naked and from the front.

    My bride is turned on by Jose? That's what she just said, that his seeing her naked turned her on. Shit, he is nothing special, just an average Hispanic type male with a pretty good build on the stocky side and a nice looking face. His personality is pretty cool too, and he has a friendly laugh and a ready smile. Other than that, why should my wife be interested in him?

    1. Of course, in the back of my mind, what kind of cock does he have? Jose getting paid to fuck my bride? If I allowed this to happen, that was in effect what would be happening. I could not believe how my wedding night was turning out.

      This was the 'price' I would have to pay. My wife gets fucked in order for me to have my second love, Jennifer. Kathy will have been fucked by another man one time, but at least I will still have Jennifer as my exclusive nooky for as long it lasts. Someday Jennifer will find a man, I knew, but in the meantime, the three of us could have a lot of fun.

      “Baby, are you sure? I love you, I just married you, and I don't want this to come between us.”

      She giggled. “It won't come between us. Well, maybe it will, Jose will, for a little while because he'll be cumming between my legs while you are having Jennifer to yourself. You'll like that, won't you, getting Jennifer alone first before I share you with her?”

      My wife's statement that Jose would be between her legs and cumming hit me like a ton of bricks as the image of that flashed across my mind. Kathy, the love of my life having another man besides me between her legs and inside her, him, a total stranger.

    2. His cock, stretching her I didn't know how much, and growing harder as his orgasm arrives, and then her feeling it throbbing intensely inside her as he shoots blob after blob of warm cum. Then the thought occurred to me, better it be a stranger knowing her intimately than someone we know.

      I knew that what she was saying made sense, but of course my wife did not know the real truth, that Jose is not Jennifer's boyfriend. This just doesn't seem fair. I worked so hard, for so long, to finally get to fuck my bride, and it took months and a marriage, and this guy comes along and gets paid by me while he fucks my bride. On our wedding night! Talk about luck.

      “OK,” I said with a sigh. “I'll go and get Jose, if he's out there, and see if he wants to swap, but remember, this means that I will be making love, errr, I mean having sex with Jennifer for the first time while alone with her instead of you being there. Are you sure about this?” Even now I was hoping that Kathy would reconsider, and my wife would not end up being fucked by another man on our wedding night.

      Kathy merely replied, “We'll be even Steven.”

    3. She was lying there on her back and naked and as I reluctantly got out of bed to go see if Jose wants to swap, my new bride spread her legs slightly more and smiled up at me, showing me that she is ready for whatever is to come. “Aren't you going to cover up, at first?”

      Kathy grinned broadly and kept her legs opened. “Why? He'll be completely exploring and knowing my body intimately soon enough. Why waste time?” Again it hit me, and hard. Jose will be knowing my bride, her body completely and intimately, and she is even expressing her thoughts on it.

      It occurred to me now that Kathy might, in a way, be getting back at me for even having thoughts about fucking another woman after we became engaged, and I was thinking now that this is all a big mistake. 'She isn't even acting shy or inhibited about this.

      Just look at her, keeping her legs wide apart. I thought I knew my bride, but I guess I have things to learn.' That's what I was thinking. My mind for a change was going 90 as I left my bride behind and headed towards that door, the door that was at the moment dividing the two worlds that I wanted to bring together. I was hoping that Jose had actually left, but I knew, deep down, he will still be there. I mean, why not? A chance to lie on a bed with a lovely gal?

      Why shouldn't Jose stick around? Shit, he might even manage to get in some feels. 'Should I go in there and tell them that the deal is off. Tell them that Kathy has decided that she does not want to share me with Jennifer?

      In that case, Jennifer might be upset and ask Jose to take her home. No, that's no good. Maybe I can say the truth, that Kathy wants to make it with Jose because she is curious and that I can not go along with that. If I say that and Jose leaves, there is always the possibility that Kathy could change her mind about having Jose and still have a threesome with Jennifer.
    Or she might not. In that case Jennifer can just sleep out there until she sleeps it off' and waits for something that probably will not happen. The result is that Kathy does not get another man, and I do not get to keep Jennifer around.

    1. Which to do? Go along with Kathy and allow her to fuck Jose, or the other two options? I decided to wait and see how I will feel about this after having another look at Jennifer. I reached for the door knob. Should I knock? No, I think not. Then it occurred to me as I started to open the door. 'I walked over here naked and Jennifer, supposedly, and I have never done anything. What might my wife be thinking? She's watching me. Too late now.

      When I quietly opened the door, I was greeted with a sight that, well, I am sure the reader can speculate along with me. They had either been fucking, or gotten close, because they were both naked and lying on the folded out mattress and facing each other sideways. Jose's back was to me and he was up on his left elbow and looking down at Jennifer.

      In that position I knew, he could easily be feeling her up on the tits or pussy. Naked! They're both naked! Right now, they were kissing. I knew right then that no matter what, Jose had been able to see and undoubtedly touch a naked Jennifer, who until a couple of weeks ago to the best of my knowledge had not been seen or touched by any man other than me. And then there was the other.

      Jennifer is also seeing, and maybe getting feels of, a naked man. A man who I hoped, is no larger than me, and preferably smaller. There is no doubt that Jose is either hard now or has been. With Jennifer in bed with him, you could bet on it. Of course, Jennifer was not my wife, so it was not as important an issue as if she was my wife.

      Jennifer was the first to realize that I was there. I was taking mental notes as she first raised her head and looked past Jose and at me, first at my eye-level dangling cock, then up to my face, back to my cock and then through the door and past me.

    2. I knew, this is the first time she has seen my cock all the way down and hanging. She could not see Kathy so spoke quietly as I drew near. “Oh. Is it time?” No, not something like 'At last you're here, we've been waiting.' No, it was 'Oh, is it time?”

      She sounded, strangely, disappointed. Right away I sensed that maybe I had more interrupted then having relieved them of their duty to be acting a part. I was more aware of my nudity now and the realization hit me hard that maybe I should not have came out this way since my new bride still thinks that Jennifer and I have never been involved.

      Kathy is back there and maybe wondering why I have gone into the front room totally naked. If Kathy asks about it later, I figured I could tell her that since we were to be swapping, it probably didn't matter if I was naked. In any case it was too late now as Jennifer stared up at my semi-hard cock. Yes, it was growing again, and both Jennifer and now Jose were looking.

      But they are the ones who are not supposed to be naked, at least I was the one who knew that. I stared at them and whispered, “You're both naked?”

      Jennifer nodded while Jose smiled. “We were lying like this and pretending so that it would look real,” Jennifer whispered, “in case your wife comes out.”

    3. Jose laughed softly. “Got to see her body man. Even feel it a little. It's real fine. She kisses nice too.”

      This alone was bad enough. Jose knows that Jennifer had been a virgin until me. Yet Jose had expressed, out loud, what I had been thinking. Jose, this guy I have hired, has seen and is seeing my Jennifer naked, has been lying up against her and getting some feels, and who knows what else they might have been doing besides kissing?

      Even if he hadn't said it, I would have been sure that Jose had at least been feeling her up. Sure, why not? It was doubtful that Jennifer would have tried very hard to fight him off had he been trying. And if he has placed her hand on his cock, or she did it on her own, she has seen and felt another man's erection. Man, I sure hope he's no bigger than me, not only because of Jennifer, but because my wife is waiting for him, in there.

      I knew this much, seeing Jennifer naked and pressed up against the naked body of another man had one definite effect on me. I still wanted her. My cock was almost fully erect now, pointing straight out and if it kept going, pointing up. Jose could see, and knew now how much cock I have to offer both to Jennifer and my bride. Here it is for you to see Jose, six inches, medium thick and circumcised.

      I glanced back over my shoulder at my bride. Kathy was still lying in bed and maybe 20 some feet away. Keep my voice low, she won't be able to hear.

      “Well, there has been a change in plans,” I said as I looked down at the both of them. I could see that Jose had his naked torso pressed up against Jennifer's, but I could not see his cock. I wasn't sure, but from that angle, he probably couldn't have his dick in her at the moment. Jennifer was looking at me with those eyes now, and I knew that I wanted my dick in her, and as often as possible. That was when I allowed my desire for Jennifer to take control as I made up my mind.

      They were about to hear a long sentence spoken by me that I am sure would be a thrill to hear for Jose, and Jennifer, I didn't know how she would feel, but the results would not affect her that much. She was to have me, and that had been the plan anyhow.

      'Dammit, why is my dick so hard?' They are going to think that I actually want this, Jose fucking my bride!' As I now displayed my fully erect medium thick six incher to two people staring, I took a deep breath and began.

    4. It was to feel almost like a death sentence, that sentence.

      “My wife, no, tonight,” I corrected, “she's still my bride, Kathy, has never been with another man and has decided that she wants to have a man for herself first, to aaah, see what it's like before she does anything else, so I'm supposed to be out here asking Jose if he wants to swap, and if he does, Jose gets to go in there and spend 30 to 45 minutes with her.”

    5. I had cut down that hour that Kathy had requested.

      “Really?” After a long second had passed while what I had said sank in, they had said it simultaneously. My answer also took a long second.

    6. “Really,” I answered, sighing. I knew right then what the answer was to be.
    • Then Jose, his eyes wide with anticipation crudely added: “I get to fuck your wife?”

      Fuck my wife? Could he have said it any worse? That hurt, and I felt a pang of jealousy rip though my body as I sighed. Something, I don't know what, made me change what he had said to something even more significant considering the circumstances.

      “Fuck my bride? Yes, I guess so.” They were both staring at my hard cock more than my face, and I think Jose was staring harder and probably making comparisons in his mind.
    1. “Hot damn! On Kathy's wedding night I get to fuck her.” That stung too. Besides saying 'I get to fuck her' for the second time, Jose had even used my bride's name, like they had been old friends instead of just meeting today, and only casually. He turned his head and smiled right over into the face of Jennifer and she smiled back and said, “Have fun Jose”

      Jose wasted no time as he climbed off the bed and I moved out of the way. While still standing beside her, he took a second to bend over and give Jennifer a quick goodbye peck on the lips as he sarted to go past me naked and through the doorway and into the bedroom.

      Dammit. During the whole time his back had mostly been toward me. I was doing my best to get a look at his cock and when I did catch a glance it looked long enough to be swaying back and forth between his legs. In other words, it was hanging lower than his balls. 'It's big when it's soft!'

      'Oh oh. Maybe it just looks biggish because it is beginning to grow,' I thought. On his way past Jose sort of nudged me on the shoulder with one hand and said, “Thanks man.” I had to raise my head to look into his face and he knew exactly where I had just been looking.

      I had only gotten a brief look at Jose's soft but biggish looking dangling cock as he went by, long enough to see that his cock was uncut.. Then I turned and took a quick peek past his naked ass and saw that Kathy was still laying naked on her back, in the same pose I had left her. Even from here, maybe 20 feet away, her red-headed pussy could be seen.

      At the moment, my wife was up on her elbows and watching Jose coming towards her, and from my angle behind him it looked like she was grinning and as he came to a stop beside the bed, she was staring directly at his cock. Kathy is my wife, my bride of three hours or so, and I was staring at the firm and naked ass of a man with permission to do some fancy fucking who is now displaying and maybe pointing his cock toward her!

      I had made love to Kathy and left a big load in her since she was now on the pill. I didn't know if Kathy had gone into the bath to drain me off or not but she really had not had time to do it.

      Right now, my bride looked to be laying just like I had left her except that now Kathy was up on her elbows, and it looked like she had opened her legs even wider since I had left her alone. On my marriage bed! On our marriage bed, there she is, my bride, and Kathy is anxiously waiting to be fucked, I won't say be made love to, by a stranger, a guy she has only seen and talked to briefly before this.

      I am pretty sure Kathy had kept her legs opened while I was gone, and as Jose paused and stood in front of her beside the bed she opened them even further in invitation and stared up at him with her mouth open and lips that looked very wet.

      I could see that his right hand was around in front of him, and from the slight movement I could see at his elbow, it looked like Jose might be stroking his cock, either for her to see, or to prepare himself. One thing for sure, Jose is not rushing into things. He is either standing above Kathy to allow her a good look at his nakedness, or pausing long enough to fully view hers. It was probably both. My wife? She was grinning broadly.

      Well, I say grinning because that look on her face was more than just a smile. But her eyes were still looking low, at his cock not his face, and then I saw her tongue slowly move across her upper lip. “I'll bet that fucker already has a full hard on,' I thought. 'Fuck!' I was also thinking. 'Where's the shyness and modesty my bride should be displaying about now?'

      Kathy was still staring up at Jose and smiling her greeting as he climbed onto the bed, his naked ass looking so firm and curvy. As his right leg rose up to go over the mattress, I caught a brief shot of balls, but no cock. Now I knew for sure. His cock is pointing forward.

      Shall I close this door? Yeah, I guess so since it had been closed before. Besides, I'm supposed to be in here fucking Jennifer.

      I got ready to close the door, but not before seeing that Jose had laid himself down beside Kathy first instead of immediately getting between her opened legs. That surprised me, that Jose didn't just go ahead and slip between Kathy's opened thighs, but I could see why he had not. If I had a lovely face and body like that waiting for me, I'd want to do some exploring first, and it was obvious that is what Jose plans to do.

      You can get some good feels on naked breasts much better from beside a woman than you can while being on top. Also, the same thing applies to feeling pussy. Besides, Jose had left the front room without an erection, had done some walking, and probably needed to do some wanking before doing some fucking.

      I waited, and as I continued to stand at the door, I saw Kathy take a quick glance in my direction, and she saw that I was still watching. Did it deter her? Did it change her thinking? Apparently not, because my bride smiled at me and turning her head back to Jose, kept smiling. I had this feeling of...DOOM.
    As Jose's right hand began cupping her left breast, I saw Kathy move her mouth to his and they began kissing. She twisted her body slightly and her left leg came up and wrapped around his legs, bringing her into as much contact with Jose as she could manage. With her left leg raised toward and around him and her knee bent, I could see my wife's entire pussy from underneath.

    Their first physical contact, his hand on her breast followed within a split second by their lips being pressed together, and a second later, my wife's leg wrapped around his. I would have bet anything at that moment that Jose's cock was already at full mast. Kissing. This was to be more for my bride than just the physical act of fucking. They were kissing, and I didn't know about Jose, but I knew how much kissing means to Kathy.

    1. I heard my new bride let out a long sigh as her fingers tightened her grasp on his shoulder. Jose, if he knew, seemed to be totally unconcerned that I might be watching, and Kathy knew and apparently, didn't care that I was standing in the doorway and watching. I wanted to see everything, but I could feel Jennifer's eyes burning into my backside. If I lingered here too long, Jennifer would feel that I am not interested in returning to her.

      Still, I lingered a moment longer, just long enough to see Jose's right hand move from Kathy's left breast around her leg and go onto her vagina. They were still kissing, and I am sure, swapping tongues. Let me repeat that next move that Jose made since it is so significant to me. Kathy had wrapped her left leg up and around him, and Jose had reached down around that leg and and I could see his hand since with Kathy's legs up so far, I could see her entire lower portion.

      Her vagina was looking wet and shiny, and whether it was from my juices or hers, I didn't know. As my heart was pounding, I saw that Jose's fingers only lingered on the outside for mere seconds, long enough to get a good feel of slippery warmth before one finger had penetrated her. First penetration! Another man has penetrated my bride, and I heard her gasp.

      That is a significant step, readers. True, just a finger at first. But penetration just the same. A woman allowing herself to be penetrated, or a man getting to do it to her, that's a big step beyond his just touching her body on the outside.

      Excuse me for going off the subject of my three hour wife's first strange fuck for a while but I remember seeing a porn website named Spankbang dot com with videos of some Japanese massage guy who has set up in America offering free massages to American wives.

      This particular video is called Japanese Man Massages American Wives, is three hours and eight minutes long because it had three or four wives being seduced separately in it.

      Since we the viewer knows it is obviously just a guy pretending to be setting up a business so he can make porn videos, we can laugh at the conversations we hear in the beginning, but the opening scenes are quite convincing.

      Japanese men will pay a premium for videos of American women, and their favorite thing to see is American women, blondes, with big tits. Why is that” Because that is what Japanese women lack. In the video I watched, without showing faces, a hidden camera is down low and being carried by someone else it looks like and you can the other man in his white doctor uniformed lower half as he walks up to women in a parking lot at a mall and offers in a heavily accented voice to do a 'Japanese massage.'

      You can see the two lower halves as they talk, a woman in a skirt and the 'doctor' in his whites, and a couple of times we hear his offer of giving complimentary massages to get his business started being politely refused. But he also scores, and gets the women to follow him to his 'office.'

      There is no doubt that the women he is approaching in the mall lot are just shoppers, but they are being made the offer and we can hear them talking honestly and either declining or accepting the offer.

      There is no way to tell if the women who actually accept the offer are just women found on the lot or maybe a planted actor, but it certainly seems real enough.

      The women he asks and they decline, they are surely not actors. And if, in the process of asking, what if one actually says 'yes?' Then he would go ahead and actually massage them it would seem. So for that reason, I think the filming in the parking lot is real and not staged.

      Then we see a brief moment of the woman, from the waist down, as she follows alongside the man dressed in white. Once inside, we finally and clearly see the woman's face, but always, the Japanese guy has a blurry spot hiding his identity.

      Also, dammit, like so many videos that are made or meant to be shown in Japan, when we get to the pussy, or the cock, it is electronically blurred slightly with little pixel squares that move around. But in this video, though those parts of blurred, there is enough detail to be able to see what things look like.

      The whole particular video I watched like I said was three hours eight minutes long which will help you to identify it, and on it, over the course of time, he managed to seduce three blondes and a brunette. All of them wives. The blondes were lovely and one had an especially nice pair of tits of which she was embarrassed to show and also very embarrassed to have him be touching them. At first. Yes, I love blondes.

      But it was the dark-haired brunette who most turned me on, even though she had the smallest breasts. This one brunette, the third woman of four in the video, really lovely with a lot of class, shy, reluctant and MARRIED she kept saying had started out by only stripping down to panties and bra as he first went off somewhere and allowed her to get ready.

      Still wearing the bra and panties, she had laid down on her stomach and covered herself on the ass with the towel. He had came in and started to massage her and of course her bra straps were hindering his massage so he unhooked her bra. She protested slightly but eventually allowed it to happen.

      Over time she reluctantly allows him to get her further undressed as he oils and massages her, and then as time goes by, he is able to touch more and more intimate places on her. In one quick sequence he uses a wooden wheel to roll up and down her legs.

      'Are you sure this is part of the massage,' she would ask each time he gets near an intimate area, and each time he would rapidly speak in that heavily accented voice, 'yes yes, Japanese massage.'

      Of course she has that little towel that i being moved around her body to hide intimate areas. Do women really believe that towel protects them from having a masseuse see her goodies? It takes some work on his part to convince her to go from stage to stage.. First, off comes the brassiere. Then, finally, the panties. And then, off comes her modesty towel.

      All the time the shy and reluctant American wife is trying to keep him from going further as his touch eventually overcomes her will power. He started her on her stomach, managed to open her legs for one of the three or more cleverly hidden cameras, and eventually, he got her onto her back with her breasts exposed.

      She makes a feeble attempt to hide her breasts from him by covering them with her arms, “No, no, you shouldn't,” but we can clearly see that she is somewhere between a B and C in size. Her breasts are the kind that sort of lie flat when on her back, but still lovely.

      Her breasts are not as large as either of the two blondes we get to see, but in my opinion, even better looking. IF the video is really being done in secret and she does not know, then there must have been someone in another room operating the cameras as the view changes from close up on her face or tits or pussy, and then to another side of the bed or whatever. Never ever at any time do we see her glance toward a camera, so it looks like she really does not know.

      I, like you, have watched dozens if not hundreds of videos, and invariably, if the woman knows a camera is there, she will glance at it, even smile at it. Not once, in any of the sequences with the three women, do we see her glance at a camera.

      Real? I think so. If she is acting, it is a terrific job of acting, real academy award quality. A shy, faithful wife reluctantly allowing herself to be slowly undressed and seen, and touched, by a stranger she has just met. But her reluctant arousal as he goes from place to place, that I am sure, is real. Oh yeah, the brunette especially. So sweet. So innocent. So reluctantly resisting as her desire takes control.

      Vocally and with her hands, she tries to keep him from touching her B cup breasts, but eventually, he is able to fondle them both while supposedly giving her a 'Japanese massage.' There is a silly sequence where he uses some kind of suction cup device that makes her nipples go 'pop' when he pulls it off, leaving her nipples sticking up.

      He overdoes this bit and after he does it five or six times she eventually says “This is getting a bit silly,” so he immediately stops. He works her body skillfully, having her lay on her side at one point with a knee folded up and forward and while climbing up onto the mattress with her he places hands on her hips and shoulder and twists her hips to one side and tugs on her body to align her spine, and then he turns her to the other. I think that is a legitimate move.

      At least, to the women he does it to, they seem to go along and not protest. He also again lays her on her back and moves her legs up to where her knees are almost touching her tits, and so on, and all the while, we are getting views of her almost bare from hair vagina from different low angles. Blurred out a bit electronically, but still, as the pixels move around, we can see and know what her pretty and thinly hair covered pussy actually looks like.

      Did I say 'her pretty pussy?” My tongue was hard the entire time. “Are you sure this is part of the massage,” the confused wife again asks in a bewildered tone?

      “Yes, yes, Japanese massage,” he always says, and says things with an accent so heavy that at times we can not tell what else he says. But hearing the words “Japanese massage,' seems to convince all the women in the videos that what is happening must be normal, maybe, in Japan. So the wives go along, but either timidly or reluctantly.

      Finally, after pouring oil all over her vagina while she first says and repeats an embarrassed 'No' and covers her pussy with a hand as she realizes he plans to massage her there next, he gently pulls her hand away while repeating 'Japanese massage' and places his hand on her pussy as she squirms around and again tries to push his hand away.

      His hand runs over her slippery coated outer lips and we can see her tremble. Again she tries to pull his hand away, but weakly. But he persists, “Japanese massage,” and finally, he is caressing her lips, both outer and inner, spreading the oil and arousing her further. Then he concentrates on her clitoris, and she begins moaning loudly.

      Finally, she gasps in surprise as a finger goes in. Penetration! The way it looks just then, even though she is oiled up, it actually looks like she is tight around his finger as he shoves it in. As we watch, you can almost feel her lips give way to his finger as it moves her inner lips to the side.

      So now we have it, a tight and innocent American wife possibly being penetrated by someone other than her husband for the first time. A massage? Possibly real. Hitting all the parts of her body? Touching parts that might not need massage, like tits, might not be legit, but still, enjoyable for the woman.

      Entering her pussy with a finger? That is going beyond a mere massage. That shows intent on his part.

      After a few seconds she starts responding with fucking motions of her hips. I think that video is real and not staged. You can tell she is trying to hide her emotions but still, we hear a lot of moaning and squealing as he works her pussy. After getting his finger into her and doing some stretching, then comes two, accompanied by another gasp.

      He becomes more aggressive with his hand, probing harder. As the fingers bang her, it looks like he is aiming up and going deep enough up into her to be hitting her G spot, and the entire middle part of her body including her hips come up off the mattress as she shakes and groans through a long orgasm. If the scene is real, this might be the most intense feeling she has ever known in her vagina, because again, it definitely looks like he is digging deep enough into her to be engaging her G spot.

      Her orgasm is real and not faked, because at that point the camera is mostly on her upper body and face and you can clearly see on screen that her entire upper body, all around her breasts and going up to her neck, is turning red. Let me repeat that. You can actually see her upper body changing color. No way is she faking it. Her nipples are erect.

      The orgasm is long and intense, of that there is no doubt. As she lays there afterward, eyes closed and trying to catch her breath, she is still trembling and modestly using her own hand to sort of lightly rub her vagina as she enjoys the afterglow of probably her most intense orgasm ever.

      While she lies with her eyes closed and masturbates quietly, he takes his white doctor style pants off and climbs onto the bed. I forget, but either his black shoes or just the black socks stay on. The viewer can not determine if she is aware that the masseuse is taking his pants off. If she is, she knows what will happen next. She is not looking at him, possibly because she is embarrassed, or maybe she is still relishing in the ecstasy of what he just gave her.

      Now he is on the mattress and on his knees between her legs. Either she is unaware that he is on the bed and ready to go in, or she no longer cares. Possibly she feels that she owes him. We can not be sure if she knows he is there at first, but she opens her eyes and gasps as he abruptly and fully inserts his large for a Japanese man cock into her.

      “No! I'm married!” Whatever the reason, she does not protest twice as he abruptly makes his entry and goes deep. All the way and stretching her to his maximum possible on the first stroke. From there through the rest of the video, he owns her as they move into three or more different positions.

      For some reason, maybe because he does not want to take the time or have her or us see his naked upper torso, he keeps that stupid upper doctor's white thingie on and it keeps getting in the way at times as he tries to move it out of the way for the camera.
    He has her fully on her back, he takes her doggy, then we see her on top of him where we now know that not only is she allowing him to penetrate and internally massage her with his cock, but she is also an active as well as passive participant.

    1. Throughout the fucking sequences, he is moving rapidly and with vigor, feeding his cock to her in a never ending series of deep and hard strokes. Even when she is on top he continues to bang up and into her. Though the images are blurred in the contact area between Japanese meat and American desert, we can see enough to determine his size.

      Seven inches, five and one half or more around. Finally, after several cums for her, he lets it go. And what I like best, he does not waste his orgasm by pulling out and cumming on some part of her body. I was glad for that because, as classy as she seems to be, it would have been degrading.

      Instead, he puts that load where it belongs, and as he finally pulls out, she looks scared and asks 'Did you cum inside me? Oh no, what will my husband say?”

      That is the only part of the video I question. Why would she say that unless she is actually not on the pill and fears pregnancy? But if so, why didn't she say something beforehand? Finally we see her once again lying quietly on her back and meditating as cum dribbles out of her pussy. The modesty towel is again laying on her pubic hair and slightly covering her pussy, but not from our angle from down lower and between her legs.

      A totally satisfying film to watch, except for me, one thing missing. In all three seductions, he never puts his head down to hers and kisses the wife. He owns her body, but not her mind? A kiss would tend to take possession of her mentally. It could be that since he knows his face is to be blurred out, that the kiss would not show all that well. So what? Go ahead and kiss her man. You've got another man's wife in your bed, and your hard cock deep into her body. Use her to the max.

    2. By getting her to kiss you, you in a way have not only taken possession of her physically, but
    3. mentally as well.

      That's how I feel when I see videos like that. With all three women in the video, or maybe it was four in the three plus hour video, I forget, he never kisses the women. Too bad, but he does fuck them pretty vigorously in two or three positions with a cock that might be up to seven inches long and medium thick.

      Like I said, for a Japanese man, that's huge. If these women are legitimately innocent wives being seduced, there is a good possibility that any one of them is being serviced by a cock that is larger than her husband's because this Japanese masseuse is larger than the average American white man.

      Kathy? Oh shit, what about Kathy? Back to the seduction of my bride on her wedding night. Almost forgot. Like I said, Kathy, my lovely bride has been penetrated by a finger, is kissing, and responding.
    I can visualize my wife being approached by Dr Tuber in a parking lot and going into his massage parlor for a free 'Japanese massage'. Now that I've seen what can happen with Kathy on a wedding night, yes, she'd go for the massage, and possibly more. Japanese men love seeing blonde American women and wives being fucked by a Japanese men, so I have to wonder, how excited would they get to see a true redhead being serviced?

    Kathy was moaning loudly and it looked like she was trying to press her lips to Jose's even harder as the kissing, and now the fingering, continued.

    1. Just like that, no formalities, no period of getting acquainted. They had gone at it, hot and heavy. My new bride with a stranger named Jose. I wanted so bad to wait and see the moment Jose penetrates my bride with his hard cock, but...there was Jennifer. I sighed and reluctantly closed the door. Jennifer was waiting.

      I laid down naked beside my precious little girlfriend, my workmate goddess. For a while as I laid on my back I was silent, not even touching Jennifer as I thought about my bride, in there with Jose.

      Some sounds were coming from the other room. It was my bride making the noise.

      Finally Jennifer spoke. “Are you alright? This is sort of what you wanted, isn't it?”

      I let her know right up front how I was feeling. “My bride getting fucked by someone else? Not what I wanted, no. Jose is just playing a part so that you and I can share her, remember? “

      Jennifer had moved close and put her arm across my chest. “Well, since you and I are supposed to be out here doing it, why don't we go ahead and be out here doing it?”

      "I guess so. “

    2. “We have unfinished business, you know.”

      “Yeah. I remember.”

      “You don't sound very excited about it,” Jennifer replied, her voice sounding disappointed. But then she reached out for me, and her hand found my cock. Halfway to hard, it was up in no time. “Turn over and face me,” she giggled.

      I laid beside Jennifer, kissing her and trying hard not to think of my wife in the other room with some guy who is getting paid to play a part and is now getting paid to fuck her. Jennifer I am sure could tell that my mind was pre-occupied but she was trying.

      After giving Jennifer an insincere kiss and the expected feels on her lovely breasts, I slipped a finger into her and discovered that her pussy was wet, unusually wet.

      'Shit! No, more to the point, 'Fuck!' I knew, right then, but I needed to hear it from her.

      “Why are you so wet?” I felt around a little more and realized that she was more than just wet, turned on wet. The slippery stuff I was feeling felt thick and squishy. My heart sank further. “Were you two...did you fuck him?”

      Jennifer hesitated, but then realized that she could not keep it a secret. “Yes. Once we were alone, Jose laid up against me and started kissing me and then I could feel his hard...his cock through his pants rubbing up against my belly. I must say, he's a pretty good kisser. Then he said, 'Mind if I get my clothes off?”

      Before I could tell him 'Not to,' Jose was up and taking off his pants. He was hard. It was sticking out through the opening in his shorts and when I stared at it, he said there was no reason why I shouldn't be getting some while I wait.” She looked into my eyes and looked, or tried to look, somewhat sad. "And then he helped me to remove my clothes."

      My heart was dropping. “So you went ahead and fucked him.” My voice was expressionless as I said it as a statement rather than a question. Jennifer had informed me the other day that she had gone on the pill, and I had been looking forward to fucking her, finally, without a rubber. Jose had beat me to it.

      I remembered telling Jose about how I had taken Jennifer's virginity, and how I had only fucked her that one night and with a rubber. He had known, going in, going into Jennifer's pussy, that he was the first to have her bare skin-to-skin.

      “Yes, we fucked, but he had to make out with me first, kissing and stuff, before I totally agreed.”

      “Stuff, as in feeling up your body?”

      “Yes, of course. And I felt him back.”
    My finger was busy. 'Shit, his cum feels really thick, and there seems to be so much of it. And now my wife will be having some of this in her.' Oh readers, my mind was all over the place. Trying to get my mind completely onto Jennifer, I tried kissing her again. But my finger stayed in her snatch. It only helped a little, my mind was still on Kathy.

    I was still running my finger around in Jennifer's wet snatch and trying to make up my mind as to whether to have her go over to the sink and clean up. Having her go sit on the toilet was kind of out of the question since she would have to go past the bed my bride is being fucked on.

    1. Besides, if Jennifer was to go past that bed and into the toilet, both of them would know why she was there, to drain cum from Jose's cock. They would also know that I had probably sent her, which would be one more reminder of how Jose was getting the best of the situation. 'Go drain that cum from Jose before I fuck you Jennifer.' They would know and maybe laugh inside.

      Then, something worse happened. When I put another finger in and felt her slippery inner lips cling as they stretched apart, Jennifer sort of tried to squirm away from my touch. “What's wrong,” I asked? Then I heard the words, the sentence, that was to send my heart all the way up into my throat. Most of all, the B word had registered on my consciousness. B, as in Big.

      “I guess, I'm kind of sore inside. Jose is big, down there, and he did it to me pretty hard and for a long time.”

      I had heard only the ''big' part. “Big? How big?” I might, at another time, have been turned on to hear something like this, but not tonight, not with my formerly exclusive girlfriend having just been fucked with a cock that was 'big' and now my bride was being or about to be fucked by the same cock.

      Jennifer's voice sounded almost reverent as she described Jose. “His penis is really thick. About the same as yours I think lengthwise. No, actually, he's maybe a little longer, but he's much wider, that's the big thing!”

      My heart had dropped into the ground, you know, such as in 'that sinking feeling.' “Did it hurt?”

      “It did at first, when he got the head in. I think I made a noise and sort of tried to move my pussy back from him. Then he stopped and asked if I was OK I told him I was new at this but to go ahead.
    Then while he kept kissing me he worked it in slowly and didn't just ram it in. Because he was being gentle with it, it was sort of a good hurt, and then he began to feel good, once I got used to it.” “When you got used to it, was he all the way in then?”

    “Yes, but it took a while before he put it all the way in. I told him he might be too big for me and to please go slow. We did a lot of kissing along the way.”

    “So how did you first do it, get to it? What did he do to you I mean? Did you suck his cock first or anything?”

    I had not thought to ask Jennifer, up front, if she had achieved orgasm. That first and only night I had screwed Jennifer, she had lost her virginity, but had not climaxed. That first orgasm for Jennifer was supposed to happen tonight, and by me.

    1. Now, after asking Jennifer if she had sucked Jose's cock, I was to hear something else that would hurt.

      “I didn't at first. But after he made me cum and took it out for a while, I sucked him and, yes, before you ask I guess I tasted myself on him, some of it then. Then I sort of studied his cock and played with it, then he put it back into me. The first time we had done it was slow and easy, but this time after he got it in he started giving it to me hard.”
    Jose had fucked her twice! Worse, he had made her cum before me, and she had sucked his cock, something I had not enjoyed with Jennifer.

    “Hard,” I asked? “How hard?”

    “He was banging against me and I could even feel his balls slamming against my rear.”

    Well, at least Jennifer wasn't afraid to go into detail, but I interrupted her. “Against your rear? Were your legs up?” I was trying to picture the scene with Jennifer in it and under Jose, while at the same time trying to visualize my wife having it done to her. Jennifer, apparently, being new to all this, was telling me details that she might not have been giving out had she been more experienced with men and know how jealous and competitive they can be.

    “Jose had already made me cum once and it was feeling good the way he was stretching me and by then my legs were way up around him. Then Jose put a pillow under me, this pillow,” she said, turning her head sort of to the side and looking at the pillow my head was on. Shit. I wondered if possibly my head was lying near where maybe her juices or some cum had dripped, but I didn't move to check.

    1. “He was up on his knees and using long strokes and going deep. We were kissing constantly and he kept going and we were getting all sweaty. Then I came a second time and after that I started to get sort of sore and told him so he slowed down and quit banging into me.”

      “He hadn't cum yet,” I asked? Jennifer sighed. “No. I think he was holding back. Fuck, Jose is like some kind of a fucking machine, but I think that he was just as interested in how I was enjoying it as well as having his own pleasure. After I had said I was getting sore he kissed me a lot more and started talking dirty in my ear.”

      I was about to ask for details, but Jennifer kept going, beating me to it.

      “He asked me if he could do it for just a couple minutes more and since he was being so nice I giggled and said 'yes.' Then he said he was going to cum in me.” She paused, “I've just gone onto the pill, and he didn't ask. I guess he just assumed I was protected. He was doing it slow and steady and his penis, well, it was already so big but then he seemed to grow even bigger.

      It was hurting a little then and I think I was making some noise. He asked me if I was O.K. And I wasn't, but I pulled his head down to kiss him. I wanted that, for us to be kissing when he came in me. Then he got so hard, stretching me more, and then it was like an explosion as he came in me. He groaned kind of loud like right in my ear, and I could feel it throbbing, on and on.”

      “What was he doing when he kept cumming in you? Did he say anything, go faster, or what?” I really wanted to know, because I was thinking that what he had done to Jennifer, he would be doing to my wife. Jennifer's voice rose a little, like she was excited just thinking about it. “There was so much happening about that time.

      We were kissing and trying to breathe at the same time. His cock was throbbing, and his body seemed to be all tensed up, and I was kind of wanting to cum again too.” Then I remembered what she had said, something about Jose talking dirty in her ear. “You said Jose was talking dirty? What was he saying?"

      "Oh, I don't know, nice things I think, like how my pussy feels so tight and so warm and wet and it was the best one he ever felt, things like that." She looked at me. "Do you think he was just making it up?"

      I shook my head 'No,' "He was telling the truth. That was the impression I had when I was in you but of course I was taking your cherry so you were really tight." Inside, I was thinking, 'but are you still tight, after Jose? And how about my wife, how will she feel, after?' I was hearing some sounds coming through that door, like my wife having an orgasm. I tried to block the sounds out by asking Jennifer more about her fuck.

      That was when Jennifer asked me. “Do you think Jose will still think my pussy is the best he ever felt after he has had your wife?” Wow, what a question, but I needed to answer because Jennifer was being so open with me.

      “Baby, I don't know. You are both new, and tight, but I am sure both of you will have felt even tighter to Jose since he is bigger than me, so what he is feeling is different than what I have felt.” “Yes,” she said softly, “he's bigger and we would feel different to him I guess.”

      I thought for a minute. “It's kind of funny, you know. Both women Jose is having tonight have only had one man in them before him, and it's the same man.” She squeezed me with her arms. “This is a night we'll all remember, I guess.” I thought of something else. “One thing, and don't let this hurt your feelings, but Jose is probably enjoying his fuck with Kathy more than the ones he had with you.”

      “Oh?” There was a pause. “Why's that?”

      Good! I could sense a hint of jealousy in her voice, and I wanted Jennifer to get a sense of how I was feeling. Besides, I knew I had a good answer that would not hurt her.

      “It's a man thing. Getting to fuck another man's wife. Jose is getting someone's wife, a bride, on her wedding night, and that probably is making what is going on very exciting for him.” I paused, and added, “Especially when he knows her husband is in the room right next door and might be upset about it. Which I am.” She sighed. “I guess that's true. I can see that, and I understand how you must feel.”

      “Also, I went on. “I'm pretty sure that Jose saw my cock when I came into the room naked, and he figures he is fucking my wife with a bigger cock than I have, and that's an ego thing for a man, to know he is maybe giving another mans wife something bigger than she is used to.” “

    2. He knows for sure,” Jennifer replied.

    3. “He knows? Did you tell him?”

      “Yes. I guess you told him that you took my cherry, so he asked when we were taking a break for a minute, and I told him he was much bigger. Of course, when I told him that, I had no idea that Jose would end up in bed with Kathy.”

      “I see. So he knows. I'll bet his ego is really pumped up right now, just like his cock.” Jennifer sighed. “I probably made it worse then, his ego.”

      “Oh? How's that?”

      “When I came with Jose, I told him that was my first time ever.” Shit, not only is Jose being allowed to fuck my bride, but he had known before being with Kathy that he had been the first to make Jennifer cum. Bummer.

    4. “So why did you consent to this.” Jennifer asked? “Jose fucking Kathy? You didn't have to do this.”

      I knew that my honest answer would make Jennifer feel happy, so I had no problem telling the truth. “Kathy told me that if I wanted you, that I had to allow her to try Jose first.”

      Jennifer thought for a minute. “You wanted me that bad and are allowing a man to fuck your bride in order to keep me around?”

      “Yes,” I answered, then I added, “But if I had known how big he is, I might not have allowed this.”

      She giggled. “The damage is done," she paused, "and is being done, but now we can enjoy each other.” Jennifer paused, “There's something I should tell you.”

      “What's that baby?”

      “Kathy said, I heard her say it downstairs before we all came up to this room, she was alone with Jose for a minute and I overheard her tell him to be sure to stick around for a while after we go into separate rooms.”

      My heard dropped. “She told him that?”

      “Yes. It could be innocent though so don't get mad. It may have been to let him know that she didn't mind if Jose and I did the thing since we are supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. That would be a natural thing for her to say. Or, it could be because she might have been thinking of or maybe even planning to have Jose in bed with her.”

      Jennifer felt my body tense up, and she knew I was getting mad. “Don't be mad,” she hastened to add, “She told him to stay but it's possible Kathy was just saying to Jose that he didn't have to hurry when he and I are together. I don't know if she was planning to fuck him.”

    5. "I think she was, maybe just to get even with me for wanting to fuck you on our wedding night."

      Just then, like it had been on cue, we both heard Kathy make some some new and loud moaning sounds. “I think the damage is still happening,” I said, almost laughing, though what I was hearing hurt inside. My bride had not made anywhere near with me, the sounds she was making now.

      Again I wondered: 'She must know we can hear, so why is she doing that?' Jennifer was staring at the door, and probably wishing she was in there with Jose. Then she said it. “He's making Kathy cum, I can tell.” My wife was being seriously fucked in the other room, and I was in here, waiting.

      Might as well make the best of it, and rather than trying to match what Jose had done with Jennifer, I preferred, for now, to talk about it. “Give me more details about when Jose was fucking you and talking just before he came in you.” Jennifer looked funny at me.

      “Why do you want to hear all this if it is hurting your feelings?” I had a ready answer. “Well, I can tell that you enjoyed yourself so I just want you to share your joy with me. That is, if you want to.” I looked into her eyes. On her lower half I was slowly rubbing her clitoris.

      Not hard, just soft and slow, and using some of that wetness from her pussy for lubrication. I figured the feeling of having her clitoris stimulated would stimulate her conversation. Besides that, I wasn't making contact with her sore parts. “O.K. I'll try to remember all that happened right then. It was so wild....”

      Then I sort of heard Jennifer's voice change, like she was getting even more excited thinking about it and remembering. She started relating it to me quickly. "Then Jose sort of put his right shoulder onto the mattress beside me so his weight would not crush me and with his hands free he yanked the pillow out from under me and then he put his hands up under my ass and pulled it off the mattress.”

      She paused as if thinking, remembering. “Jose was like an animal and seemed to have forgotten that I had said I was feeling a little sore. He was pulling my ass off the bed towards him and at the same time he was jabbing me with his big cock.” “'Jabbing you? Was it hurting if he was going too deep?”

      She paused long enough to give my erect cock a slow stroke and stare at it. “Not really. No, not the length. It was the width that was causing the problems, sometimes. Still, it more felt good than painful. Right about then he repeated something about how I felt so warm and wet and tight and then he said something right in my ear like 'hot pussy, here it comes!'

      I was thinking about then how crude he was talking when I felt Jose start to throb. It was easy to feel his cumming because the fit was so tight. He was groaning into my ear and I could feel all of it, his orgasm, and it was a good one for him, I think.” I doubted she would know the answer but I asked anyway. “How many times did he throb?”

      She knew! “It was eight or nine I think...” Jennifer was talking excitedly and I was shocked by what happened next. I had not been stimulating her clitoris all that hard but Jennifer sort of squeezed her thighs together and my reaction, when I sensed her trying to get away from my finger was to go forward to penetrate her and maintain contact.

      When I did, I felt her inner and outer lips tighten around my finger as she began shaking and, there was no doubt about it, my Jennifer was having an orgasm! Eight, nine, ten? I'm not sure how many contractions she had. I waited for her to regain her breathing. “You came just then? Just from remembering how Jose was fucking and cumming in you?” I could tell, even in the dim light of the room that her face had turned red.

      “Yes. But it was from your finger touching me too. I was remembering how he was cumming in me and I was cumming with him and that made me cum just now.”

    6. Had I heard that right? “You say you were cumming with him? Did you cum a third time?” I could not believe my ears. Jennifer sighed as if she was now ashamed to admit it to me.

      “Yes, I came a third time. I guess even though he was talking so crude, it didn't exactly turn me off. I hope...” she looked at me and touched my arm, “I hope you aren't upset about it.”

    7. I was but I tried to be cool about it. “No, I'm not upset. I'm glad that you had so much fun. I just wish that I could have been the first one to give you an orgasm and also be the first one to be inside you and cum in you without wearing a rubber. I had planned that for tonight, for later.”

      “I'm sorry Bill. It's just that Jose seemed to be getting so...so excited when he started cumming in me and I was close and it just sort of, well it sent me over the top.” She touched me again on the arm, the one with fingers attached that were still lightly caressing her clitoris.

      “Like I said, Jose really had an intense orgasm. He seemed to throb and throb into me and it kept going, and then I felt so wet inside.” It was official now. I had heard it from the source.

      Besides feeding her a big cock, Jose had been the first one to fuck Jennifer with no rubber, the first one to make her cum, three times at least, and the first one to drop his load into her bare pussy! I wanted to start swearing, but all I said was, “Yeah, it feels like it was a good one he had in you considering how wet your pussy is.” I raised my hand and showed her how wet and dripping with cum my two fingers were.

      She seemed embarrassed. “I couldn't get up and go to the bathroom because you and Kathy were in the bedroom. I'm sorry I'm still so wet. I hope you don't mind.”

      Well, I guess I had to excuse Jennifer for her ignorance. After all, she was still new at this. But I waited until she had used a dampened hand towel from the sink to wipe herself, and then, not really wanting to after Jose, I prepared to fuck her. Yes, I said 'fuck.' After her having been fucked by Jose, I didn't feel any love for Jennifer at the moment.

      I watched from the bed as she used a damp towel from the sink to wipe her pussy, and then I stared hungrily at her as I saw her walking beautiful and naked back towards the bed. Then she paused. I think that Jennifer might have sensed how I was feeling when she made her suggestion. “Want to take a peek and see what they are doing?” She giggled.

    1. Do I want to peek? Oh boy do I ever. “Let's do it, together!”

      Taking Jennifer by the hand I eagerly climbed off the folding couch bed and led her to the door. “Shhhh,” I said as I slowly opened it just a crack. The first thing I saw was my wife's crack and what a huge peter was doing to it.
    I was blocking the view and Jennifer took it upon herself to move around me and open the door a little wider. Then, realizing that the two people on the bed could not see us from their angle, she opened the door still wider.

    1. Now Jennifer could see, and see maybe in her mind how it had looked as she had been feeling that Jose cock as it had worked her vagina. “Wow.” Jennifer had said what I was thinking. 'Wow.' I knew that I could never match what we were viewing.

      Jose was up on his knees, his firm ass muscles flexing as he pumped up and down with very long strokes into my wife, my new bride wife who had her legs raised as high as she could get them around Jose's waist. I think Jennifer had fibbed a little about the length of Jose's cock when she had said it was maybe a little longer than mine. As Jose was giving her long and deep strokes, Kathy was making little gasping sounds as well as saying things like “oh, and aah.” Nothing was being blocked from our view.

      Jose's big balls were staying high and tight and the penetration and stretching of Kathy's vagina was right there and exposed to the both of us. Everything was wet and shiny, either with sweat, fuck juices or both. Jose and my bride were fucking passionately, and I mean really fucking.

      I felt Jennifer's hand reach out and go around my cock, my hard cock. I knew now that Jennifer would always know. I might have been upset about seeing my wife being fucked so expertly, but I was also aroused, very much so.

      Then Jose changed his technique from in deeper and back again to going sideways, and in the process making Kathy's inner lips stretch in ways that I could not believe as they struggled to accommodate and accept the tortuous journey he was putting them through.

      Kathy's now married pussy was being abused it looked like, but my wife, it was obvious, was not only taking that cock, but loving it. Kathy began cumming again. I say again because it had been obvious from the sounds coming through that door that she had been cumming before.

      Kathy was being noisy, very much so, sounds we had heard before. But now we were seeing the action to go along with the sounds. The both of us could see as Kathy's legs started shaking there in the air over his body, and her toes were curling, back and forth, over and over.

      I could see extreme redness, all around where her lips were stretched thin around that cock. I don't know what number to place on that orgasm, third, fourth, fifth, more? But I knew this, it had been more intense than the three or so I had given my woman over time.

      Then the action seemed to calm for a bit as they both ceased moving and I watched as Kathy's legs slowly lowered and once again settled around Jose's ass. They were quiet but I could sense rather than hear them kissing. I could see though, and knew Jennifer could see, how my wife's inner mostly, but also her outer lips were going back from being a very bright red to just red.

      Had Jose just shot a load into her? I couldn't tell, but he seemed to be staying hard. We watched for a minute longer, and then Jennifer closed the door quietly and taking me by the cock, walked me back to our bed. “Let's fuck please.” Jennifer, it seemed, was also aroused.

      She didn't need a 'warm up,' nor did I, and we were joined within 30 seconds. In case you are wondering, readers, did Jennifer feel 'stretched out'? To be honest, I couldn't tell because she was still so wet inside, and then too, Jennifer was very aroused from relating her story and then taking me on next. All I know is, I did not have to work at getting it in like that first time.

      “Does it feel OK,” I asked, after being in her for a few minutes?

      “Well, it doesn't hurt as much.”

      “He was hurting you all the time?”

      “Not all the time. Just at first when Jose put it in, and then it felt good for a long time, and then the second time it began to hurt again, but I still had my climax.”

      “Your second climax,” I stated.

      “Yes, my second one.”
    I shrugged and quit pumping for a moment. “And then for your third orgasm, there was no pain?”

    1. “None that I was aware of. I was very excited about then, I think.”

      Now I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep fucking. "You said it doesn't hurt as much now. Does that mean that I am hurting you? Want me to stop?"

      "No, it's OK. You feel good enough. Keep going and kiss me."

      'Good enough?' I didn't like the sound of that much, but I kept moving my ass and gave her as much concentration in the kissing as I could. “I wonder what they're doing now,” I said softly.

      “Why don't you take another peek,” Jennifer said, giggling? Apparently I didn't have her so turned on that she needed to keep fucking.

      I slid out and off of her, actually exited Jennifer's' comely cunt in order to again go and watch my bride being fucked. They had quit fucking.

      I was shocked. I was disappointed. My wife, my not so new bride now was doing something that had not as yet been done for me. She was giving Jose a blow job, and the way it looked, Kathy was really enjoying it. One thing to the good perhaps.

      Now I was getting a better view of Jose's cock since more was visible as Kathy sucked rather than fucked. Jennifer had said that he was maybe a little longer than me, but it was obvious and confirmed now that Jose is more than a little longer than me.

      Kathy's hand was wrapped around his shaft, her mouth was entirely over his head, and I could still see meat between her hand and her mouth, and also below her hand. The fucker had me beat by at least two inches, probably more, and the width, oh yeah, he was definitely wider, much more so. Then Kathy saw me watching. She only stared at me for maybe three seconds, with her mouth still over his cock.

      I don't know if she was being cruel, maybe trying to hurt me, or maybe share her pleasure with me with the next thing she did. Kathy removed her mouth and grinned at me as she displayed his cock for my viewing. She sort of waved it back and forth, moving it towards his belly button and then tugging it downward towards his balls.

      It was like she was saying, 'Look at this cock dear husband. Have a good look and see what I'm getting and enjoying. I hope you're enjoying your bout with Jennifer because I sure am enjoying this!'

      I don't know what my wife could see in my face. Jealously? Pain? Hurt? Desire? Maybe all of those. Then she took her eyes off me, smiled as she gave his foreskin a stroke, and went back to sucking.

      Apparently my bride is not in the least feeling embarrassed or maybe guilty at knowing I am seeing her doing for Jose what she has not as yet done for me. Kathy has seen me watching and she knows that I know now for sure.

      My bride is enjoying a much larger cock than her husband has to offer. I watched for another maybe 60 seconds, as I saw my wife mouth his cock for a while, then she would pull her mouth off, look at his cock with a big smile and big eyes, give it a long stroke, glance at me, and then go back to sucking.

      I didn't know, really couldn't tell, whether my bride was showing off for me while figuring I was enjoying seeing her suck Jose's monster of a cock, or maybe she was having her revenge, for Jennifer. Either way it was in her thinking, my bride is having the time of her life, on her wedding night, on our wedding night, on my wedding night. Jennifer started to tug at me, to take me back into the front. Just then, my wife quit sucking and started to move. I froze in place, and Jennifer, realizing something is happening, also froze.

      Kathy just happened to glance over and saw the two of us. Dammit, she actually saw the both of us watching! It apparently did not deter Kathy from her intended next move as she continued to hold onto that big hunk of meat and placing her ass in our direction, straddled Jose.

      Now Kathy was showing off not just for me, but for Jennifer as well. 'Here I am Jennifer, and I'm enjoying your boyfriend's big cock. Watch as I take him deep. You wanted to fuck my husband didn't you? This is what happens when you go after another woman's man. They get even.'

      Is that what my bride, what Kathy is thinking as she takes Jose slowly and all the way? I'll never know.

      Kathy groaned loud enough for us to hear as Jennifer and I watched her slowly, oh so slowly, take Jose's slippery looking cock all the way to the bottom. Then she seemed to press down on him and bury his cock into herself as deeply as possible. She twisted sideways and while doing so, leaned forward and kissed Jose.

      Raising her upper body again, Kathy turned her head to see if we were still there, then she waited for just a moment longer while she was buried on him, and then she began to pump. She was pumping up and down on that big cock while continuing to look over her shoulder at the two of us, and I could see, Jose was also staring at us and grinning.

      I had just enough time to see how my bride's inner lips were being dragged outwards by the tight fit as she moved up his shaft and then started down before Jennifer managed to drag me back into the front room. Unable to watch any longer because Jennifer wouldn't let me, I closed the door and returned to the folding couch bed with Jennifer.

      “She saw us,” Jennifer giggled.

    2. “Yeah, I know,” I answered, sounding maybe disgusted. “And so did he. Kathy saw me a couple of minutes, even, before you came to the door. I think she was ready to put on a show for us.”

      “Maybe,”Jennifer breathed as she grasped my rigid cock, “but I want our own show going on.”

      I don't know how long we fucked, Jennifer and I. I wasn't keeping time. I had gone into this planning on stopping what is happening with my wife after the stated 30 to 45 minutes, but now it didn't seem to matter all that much.
    I had just finished fucking my wife and I knew that before tonight, Kathy and Jennifer had been about equal in their tightness.

    Jose has a thick cock. Now Jose is in there getting blow jobs and banging my wife like he has fucked Jennifer. My wife, it would seem, should be sore too and not getting as much out of it the longer they fuck. At least I was hoping that would be the case. But I knew better. My wife was not getting sore. No, not when after already having been fucked and making all that noise while cumming, she is giving a blow job and excitedly mounting a hard cock to ride it.

    I had finished with Jennifer for now, but I could hear them through the closed door, and it sounded like my wife was gasping along with her moans. That fucking Jose was taking full advantage of the opportunity being provided, of that there was no doubt.

    1. Jennifer heard them too. “Sounds like they haven't finished yet.” She giggled.

      I couldn't believe that this was still going on, my wife taking that big cock. How can she do that, her being so tight and new to sex? “She did say that she wanted to try a different man, one time, just to see what it is like before we go on with our marriage, and I guess she is making damn sure as to see what another man is like.”

      Jennifer bent down and kissed my cock. “Poor Bill. Don't be too worried about it honey. I am sure that Kathy still loves you.” Just then we heard a loud series of moans coming from Kathy, and I knew that my wife was cumming again, probably while still on top of Jose. Still loves me? At the moment I am sure her mind is not on her husband.

      “Were you that noisy with him,” I asked? I wasn't listening for you two because you weren't supposed to be doing anything.”

      Jennifer sighed and paused as if remembering. “I don't know how noisy I was being. I think that I was trying not to make noise because I did not want to interrupt your wedding night. But I was wanting to make noise, I think.”

      They had been in there for their 45 minutes and way more. I had not checked my watch beforehand but I checked it now. It seemed, since it was now well past ten at night, that they had been going at it for over an hour. I told Jennifer.

      “They've been in there over an hour.”

    2. “It's a one-time thing Bill. Let Kathy have her fun.” I didn't get up to interrupt their activities because I was thinking that after tonight, Jose would be out of the picture and I would still be having Jennifer along with my wife. So I waited.

      Jose stayed as long as Kathy allowed it, probably. Another half hour passed, at least. They came to us first. There was a polite knock on the door, and then it opened. Kathy was in front, and naked. That surprised me, that she had remained naked. I figured she would cover up after to show some 'modesty.'

      She walked right up and stopped with her legs almost touching the mattress Jennifer and I were laying on. Jose was right there with her, and his cock, apparently was half hard as it was hanging down about six inches and looking quite thick. Kathy's lovely body was looking shiny from sweat and it was being reflected from the lamps beside the couch.

      After all that I had been hearing and had seen, I had expected my freshly fucked wife to look tired and maybe worn out. But Kathy looked wide-awake, refreshed, and happy. Yes, as we had discussed in advance, this would be a wedding night to remember.

      “Are you two guys done,” she asked? “We've had our fun and Jose is ready to leave.”

      My bride's voice sounded confident, but also different, more mature somehow, like she had gone from being a child to a woman. There was not even a hint of shyness or embarrassment coming from my bride while she was standing there totally naked in front of the three of us. No, Kathy didn't even seem to be embarrassed over the fact that the dripping cock that had serviced her was now pressed up against her backside since Jose had stopped with his body against hers.

      His right arm was behind her and though I could not see it I suspected that his hand was on her ass. Even now, Jose was having some level of possession of my wife and not minding that both Jennifer and I could see.

      I glanced over to Jennifer, who was seeing Kathy naked while standing for the first time. Her eyes were shiny, wide open and staring. I could see something in her eyes, but could not tell if it was mutual understanding between she and Kathy as to what had just happened, or maybe it was her desire for Kathy.

      Eye level to me as I laid in bed, I could see my wife's pussy. Amongst all the red hairs I could see that her lips were still red, and the hairs looked all wet, shiny, and stuck together on the bottom half of her pussy.
    I had spent quite a few minutes studying Kathy's vagina during those three times we had made love before marriage, but I had never seen it looking like this.

    1. Those red lips. Not just pink in shade, but temporarily almost bright red in color and looking swollen. I kept staring, seeing what another man and his thick cock had done to my newlywed wife's vagina. Her inner lips, now so red and large and looking like a telephone pole had been used on them. I was thinking, 'what right did Jose have to be doing so much damage to my bride's vagina?

      “Bill?” Kathy had noticed where I was staring and needed to get my attention. “It's getting late so maybe Jose needs to go.” Kathy had spoken and was waiting for an answer as she stared down at me. She could see where my eyes were still aimed and I think she smiled at that. I am pretty sure that she thought where I was looking was amusing when she seemed to 'adjust' her standing pose and when she had finished adjusting, her legs were further apart by a few inches.

      “He's ready to leave,” I asked, dumbly? My mind had been elsewhere, like staring at a red set of lips framed by red hair and those lips now had a small dribble of cum hanging from them.

      “Yes,” she answered. Jose has to get home to his job, remember?” As she was speaking to me she reached back and taking Jose's hand from wherever it had been behind her, she drew him around so that he was now standing beside her.

      “Oh yeah, I remember.” That had been our phony story that we had made up, and we now needed to stick to the story. Again I looked at Jose. He also looked shiny with sweat. His thick cock was soft and dangling and also looking slippery shiny. That was the cock that had been inside and abusing both of my women. Jose's cock looked a little thicker now from having been touching against my wife's backside It was still hanging down, but looking larger.

      At the moment that cock was standing right beside my bride, and their hips were touching. Though his cock was now maybe a foot or so from her vagina, I knew that just a short while ago it had been inside her. That cock, that fucking cock, that cock that had been fucking my girlfriend and then my bride and probably, spoiling them forever for a guy like me, with an average sized cock.

      “Jose, you'd better get going.” I somehow managed to take my eyes off their genitals and look up at their faces. I acted concerned. “Are you going to make it to work in time?” We were still playing the game.

      Jose looked at his watch, the only thing he was still wearing except for his wide grin. “Yeah, I think so. Three hour drive and maybe three hours sleep. I'd better get on the road.”

    2. He looked at Jennifer. “Do you want me to drop you off at home on the way?”

      I knew that Jose was still playing the part of Jennifer's boyfriend. The question was for my wife's benefit of course, and of course Jennifer needed to say No.”

      She did as planned. “No honey. I am so tired and I've had maybe too much to drink and some good sex from both of you, so if Bill and Kathy don't mind, I'd like to sleep it off out here on the couch bed and then I can drive home in the morning.”

      She looked over at Kathy and me. “That will be OK with you, I hope”

      Kathy answered for me, for she was the one who as yet, had not been able to make it with Jennifer.
    3. “Of course you can stay.”

    4. Jose nodded. “OK, but first I want to fuck my girl again before I leave.”

    5. 'What? What the fuck?'

      Jose was pushing it now, taking advantage, for he knew I could do and say nothing since he was supposed to be Jennifer's boyfriend. “We'll just need a few minutes and,” he looked from Kathy to me and back to Kathy. “You two are welcome to watch, or join in.”

      The last thing I wanted was for Jose to stay. He had already taken advantage when he had fucked Jennifer behind my back, and then my bride had been handed to him on a platter.

      I wanted him out. "Jose, you've got a long drive in front of you. You probably don't have time for a fuck and then a shower. Maybe you had better get going." I looked at my watch for emphasis and stared him in the eyes. Kathy had another plan.

      “Bill, I want to see him fuck Jennifer if you don't mind. I/ve never watched anyone having sex before and since everyone here has been with everyone, there's no reason why not. You're the only one protesting Bill, and I can't understand why.”

    6. My wife was right. No one was protesting, especially Jennifer, and I was disappointed that apparently, after all my talking about it, that she might want to make it with Jose again. Doesn't she remember how upset I am about her fucking Jose?

      I knew then I had better go along. Jose would get his wish, to fuck Jennifer again, and now I was wondering if my wife was maybe scheming on getting more for herself. “I think he needs to wash at least a part of him before he goes at it with Jennifer again.”

      With that, Kathy turned her back on me, and taking Jose by the hand, led him back through that door, past our marriage bed and into the bathroom. Dumbly, like a little puppy, I followed them.

      Kathy turned on the water and allowed it to run while warming up. Then she placed a washrag under the water, got it wet and then squeezed a squirt of liquid soap into the washcloth. She spent too much time doing it, I think. Jennifer and I had gone in as well and Jennifer had boldly sat on the commode right in front of the three of us. After draining some cum Jennifer had taken a pee and wiped and she was now standing side-to-side with me and watching as Kathy peeled back the foreskin on that cock and washed underneath.

      After my wife had smilingly handed the towel to Jennifer and invited her to dry Jose's cock, Kathy and Jose pressed their lips together for one last long and tender kiss while Jennifer was taking her time drying his cock and it looked to me, memorizing it in her mind. Jose didn't bother to take Jennifer back onto the folding couch. No, he decided to do his fucking on my marriage bed. Of course he had already fucked on my marriage bed, fucked my bride.

      Now he is going to fuck my girlfriend, while pretending that she is his girlfriend. And my new bride, my wife, wants to watch.

      “Come here baby. I have an idea.” Jose motioned with his hands for Jennifer to crawl up onto the bed with him, and she did, getting close beside him in the process. Sore of not, apparently she planned to fuck him again.

      “What kind of idea do you have,” Jennifer asked, giggling?

      “I've always had this fantasy, and now I want to act on it since I have two women here.”

      'Oh oh,' I thought. “What's he up to now?”

      “I want both of you to lie on each side of me and take turns sucking my cock. I've never had that done, and you guys have never done something like that, and Bill gets to watch.”

      'Oh, thanks a lot Jose. Just what I've always wanted to see.'

      But I did want to see, though I tried to hide my interest. I stood stupidly at the side of the mattress while my wife, not caring what I might be thinking, dutifully climbed onto the bed and getting on the other side of Jose, took his cock, already hard, in hand.

      Smiling broadly while looking over at Jennifer, Kathy bent down and took Jose's hard cock into her mouth.

      “Me too!”

      Yes, 'me too.' Jennifer eagerly joined in, and together, they took turns passing that thick cock back and forth.

      “Now, both of you suck it at the same time. There's enough head there for both...:That's it. Aaah that feels really good.”

      My wife asked him, she actually asked him! “Do you want to cum in our mouths? You can if you want to.”

      Kathy still, had never sucked my cock, and she was offering to maybe swallow his cum. “Maybe. First, since your mouths are both on there, why don't you two do some kissing?” That had been the plan all along, their getting together and kissing, but I had planned to have it be my cock between them. Jose knew the plan, but was not supposed to. Jennifer knew the plan. Kathy too, knew the plan.

      So now, Jose needed to say something so as to not make Kathy think that he is in on this. “That's right. I kind of thought, the way you too were looking at one another today, that you might go for something like this?” I remained silent, watching, and thinking that eventually, Jose will end up having his cum swallowed by my two women. And then he threw the curve ball.

      “Now, you two keep kissing while I stand up.”

      Both Jennifer and Kathy were on their knees, bent over and facing each other as Jose climbed out from between them. They kept kissing as Jose slid off the mattress and stood up on the side.

      “Now, which one shall I fuck while one of you eats the other? Jennifer, you're my woman, so get back here.”

      “Honey,” Jennifer answered, “I'm pretty sore after the way you two men worked me over. I don't think it will be comfortable for me.”

      Jose laughed. “OK baby. Then you will be the lucky one that gets to have her pussy ate. Kathy, get back here.”

    7. Son of a bitch! He plans to fuck my wife again!

      Kathy had no reservations as to what he was asking as she wilingly climbed onto her knees and with her ass facing Jose, began eating Jennifer. As Jennifer moaned, Jose walked up behind Kathy and without a pause, began slipping his fat peter into my wife.

      “Aaaah yes. Never had you doggy, so now's my chance.” Brazenly, he looked over at me, saw that my cock was almost completely erect, and invited me to come closer and watch.

      I did and watched, mouth open, as I saw her inner lips being tugged outward and then shoved within with each stroke he took. Fuck is he ever stretching my wife out. Surely she can't take his length in this position. Groaning, she did, and moved her ass back for more. For the most part Jose fucked my wife slow and easy.

      A lazy fuck I would call it.It lasted I estimate, ten or more minutes during which, Jennifer came. Kathy came. Jennifer came again. Kathy came with Jose. It was over, and I was being left out in the cold. Or so I thought.

      Now you honey, take your turn.” My wife is going to let me take my turn. Oh boy. But I jumped at the chance, and without hesitation moved into position and assumed my legal place in line.

      Fuck, this isn't the way she used to feel!” Stretched, wet, sloppy, all of those. I was getting sloppy seconds on my wife, on my wedding night. No wait, sloppy thirds. No wait, sloppy fourths since Jose had fucked my bride twice and I was now taking my second turn.

      Can my wife feel me? I didn't know, but she was being fairly quiet. I kept fucking since the fit was wet and loose, and in the meantime, Jose winked at me, slipped on his clothes, and prepared to leave.

      “Goodbye honey,” he said to Jennifer. “See you maybe next weekend.” Jose was still acting his part as he bent over and kissed Jennifer.

      Then he moved over and kissed my wife full on the mouth as I continued to fuck her. “Goodbye you too,” he said with an air of smugness.

    8. As Jose started to leave, Jennifer yelled it out. “Wait dammit!. I'm your girlfriend, you have to kiss me last.”

      “Yeah baby, you're right. Sorry about that.” Laughing, Jose moved over and leaning down, kissed her once again, a good long filled with tongue kiss. All the while, Kathy contined to eat her opened pussy. Then Jose, finally,was dressed and gone. Yes, finally, and I was finally, alone with my two women.

      But things did not go as originally planned. After they had both sat once again on the commode for awhile, draining themselves, Kathy and Jennifer were both 'a little sore' they discovered while wiping and only wanted to make it with one another. Me, I had to lie there with a hard on and watch as they cuddled, kissed, fingered gently, and ate.

      Under normal conditions their loving on one another would have been a thing to see. I was feeling down even though my dick was up. Both these women had been fucked, and apparently well fucked and used up by Jose, and I was left with wondering what is now in their heads.

      Finally they both looked at me and grinned and Kathy, who seemed to have taken charge said, “Ready to get your cock sucked now?” No longer having the pleasure of being the first man my wife has sucked because I had stupidly told her 'No' earlier, I raised my hips, aiming my cock towards her mouth. Jennifer too. I was her second blowjob, not first.

      That was probably the high point of my evening of many lows, watching my two lovelies, but no longer my exclusive lovelies as they laid on each side of me, taking turns on my cock, and sometimes both on my cock at the same time while they swapped tongues and yes, paused to kiss each other, and passionately.

      I will say this, one thing that made me feel a little better. They both swallowed my cum. At the same time and giggling about it. At last I received something from them that Jose did not get.

      Then we spent the rest of the night cuddling, and somewhere just before dawn Kathy got on top of me and rode me. Jennifer had actually had more to drink I think and she slept through it all. Kathy had mentioned becoming 'Even Steven' and then building on our relationship.

      I think that was what she was trying to do now as she rode me, taking her time and leaning down to kiss me passionately every once in a while. Does it feel good,” I asked? I was remembering how she had looked as she started riding Jose's mighty meat.

      Then she said it, what I had hoped but had not deterred in the least what had been happening. “I thought it was just on the lips when I wiped, but I'm a little sore inside as well. His cock is so big. It feels good for sure, really good, but it's a bit much for me I'm afraid.” She might have still been a little sore, or so she had claimed, but finally, after maybe 10 minutes Kathy grasped my hands, pulled them up over her breasts and then enjoyed a nice orgasm.

      I say ''nice orgasm' because my bride was sort of quiet about it, and that was not the way she had sounded though that closed door late last night. Maybe she was being quiet for Jennifer. I wanted to ask Kathy if this was the first time she had climaxed while being 'on top' because I had not been able to finish watching her on Jose.

      With Jose, who knows? I remember that long groan I had heard through the door but that had been some minutes after we had closed the door so I didn't know for sure if Kathy had still been on top of Jose at that time. So far I have not been brave enough to ask her how it went with Jose, her personal thoughts, and I am not sure that if I did, if she would tell me.

      I have the relationship going as planned, for now. I am married to Kathy and she lives with me of course, and at least once each week Jennifer comes over and has us both. So far, I am glad to say that Jennifer has not found anyone else, but that won't last forever.

      Problem is, Kathy has asked Jennifer a couple of times why Jose hasn't been up to see her and why she hasn't brought Jose with her to visit us. So far, Kathy has been alright with Jennifer's answer, that Jose is out of town and tied up on his job.

      But sooner or later, either Jose is going to be coming by, or Jennifer is going to have to make the claim that they have 'broken up.' I am sensing that Jennifer doesn't want to actually break up with the man she has never dated, but who had fucked her right into the mattress. Kathy? I am pretty sure that her reason for asking Jennifer to bring Jose over is so we can swap again. She had said one time, but can my wife really be satisfied with having Jose just one time, if he comes near her again?

      And that damned Jose. Want to know what he is doing? He has called me and asked me to pay him for the extra time he put in that night. Said Thursday is a slower night at work but he still had probably lost a couple hundred in tips since he had not gone to work. Hinted that he would be sure to keep quiet and stay away if I will pay him.

      I told him that his fucking Jennifer in the other room was on his own time, and he agreed and then said but when he had been fucking my wife, he was still on the work schedule. After all, he said, Kathy had asked, I had asked, and he had agreed.

      Though it might have been closer to two hours, I said that when he had been fucking Kathy, the time probably amounted to around an hour and a half. He figures more. All told, says I owe him for two to three hours, but he is willing to forego the debt if he can have an hour or so with his choice of woman. Just out of curiousity, I asked him if he has a choice in mind.

      You guessed it. My wife. He even made the suggestion that if so, it will not be necessary for Jennifer to be there at the same time unless I want to be fucking her while he fucks Kathy. That way, he said, he and Kathy can be alone. Now I have to decide to either pay Jose in cash, or allow him to come over and 'work' on my wife for an hour to make up for the money I owe him.
    Kathy My Bride.
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