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Complete Mrs.Wagner, Part 2

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by seemehearme, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. seemehearme

    seemehearme Member Member

    Mrs. Wagner and her new friend sat and smiled at each other. The waitress came over, smiled and asked what they would like to eat. Lorraine spoke first. I'll have a French bread stick with a cup of coffee. Richard order the same. You got, the waitress said as she walked away. Richard gazed at the sway of her ass as she walked away. Lorraine saw his eyes and began getting jealous. I could show him an ass that would be so pleasing not only for his eyes but for his cock. Still looking her Lorraine asked Richard if there was any subject that she may be able to help him with. English. Proper English. I have a hard time when I'm talking to an authority figure, a teacher or an adult. I can help with that. I use to teach years ago but I haven't since my husband asked me to stay home. No need to work he said. I did as a good wife was told and stayed home. After awhile it became a bore. I try to find hobbies, classes or just do nothing but.......Lorraine stopped speaking. Tell him the voice said. Tell him you watch porn movies and fantasize about being an adult porn star. Tell him how you get horny watching gang bang porn. Rough gang bang porn. I can't and I won't. Richard asked if everything was alright as the waitress poured coffee. You look upset. I'm not, though her face said something else. She sipped her coffee while looking at Richard's eyes. Tell Richard you want to suck his cock as soon as you leave the cafe. I can't do that Lorraine thought. Tell hi your asshole is itchy. You want him to inspect your asshole. Tell him. TELL HIM NOW. Richard, is it possible you can come to my house after we leave so I can show you a few things that need repairing. I can also help with your English. Sure, I'd like that and I'd repair anything that needs repairing. Great, then it's a deal I'll teach you repair. Kinda like a barter. Richard smiled. Damn, I'd like to suck on her neck. I'd like to bite her neck. Lorraine smiled back. Do you have any friends that need tutoring? I do. My friends are loser's when it come to school. They would rather be around the girls and play sports than learn. Would you want to invite them over? I could ask. Call them. See if they want to come over this afternoon for a few lessons of ass eating and twat sucking. I could do things with my asshole, twat and mouth that would make the lessons more enjoyable. Stop these thoughts. You can't say these things to this boy. You'll get in trouble if anyone found out. No-one will find out. They'll keep their mouths shut as long as you open your holes and show the proper way to treat a easy going piece of ass. The waitress came and gave them their French bread sticks. Wow said Richard as he bit into his. These are so tasty. You like? There'd my favorite when I come here. Yes, I love them. Lorraine picked her's up and looked at the length of it. Twelve inches long. Twelve long inches. Enough to shove up her ass. She knows because she always buys a few to take home and fuck herself while watching her porn. Richard picked up his phone while Lorraine slowly slipped it into her mouth. Rubbing her lips with it. Sticking her tongue while she slowly slipped it in. Hey Frankie, Rich here. I met a charming woman that is willing to teach a few of us the proper use of english in exchange for us doing work around her house. I don't know if she has a big house but I have a feeling it is big. Lorraine smiled and stood up. Bending over to retreive something from her pocketbook giving Richard a view of her ample ass, back of thighs. Fart said the voice. Fart for Richard. Let him see how bad you are. Let him know you have no limits. Fart now. Lorraine farted. I'm so so embarrassed she said as she straightened up. Turning so her tits jiggled when she stopped. Richard smiled and said, yeah Frankie, she has a big house. It may take us a few days to do the work that is required. Great Frank. Ask the guys and see who wants to come. Lorraine showed her tongue when he said that. Days. Days of cocks, walking around her house. Having me as their slave. Let them find out I'm a submissive. I cannot allow these boys to find this out. No-one knows. It our secret Lorraine said to the voice........Part 3 on it's way
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    Mrs. Wagner Assumes The Slut Position ♠️ IMG_20180706_082621.

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