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Draft Mrs. Wagner.....Part 1

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by seemehearme, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. seemehearme

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    Mrs. Lorraine Wagner drove along the highway with her husband David, talking about his upcoming visit to Iowa. He hasn't been there for a few months and was eager see how the new project was fairing. David, Lorraine said, I'm going to go shopping after I drop you off and see the new line of shoes in Baker's. She smiled at him though he gave no indication that he was interested in her words. His mind was not in the car. Mindless chatter the rest of the drive. Getting out of the car, She popped the truck open. They both got out. Have a safe trip and call me when you land. You know how I am about flying.Don't worry your sweet head. I'll be fine. Grabbing his two suitcases from the trunk, they kissed and hugged for a minute then David slowly walks away. Lorraine looks at him and thinks' What the fuck is wrong with him. I would have gave him anything he wanted this morning in bed but he wasn't interested. Lorraine Wagner, 42 years old. 38-32-38 looked hot on her. Many men looked at her , thinking of nasty thoughts of what they would do to her if given the chance. Lorraine wasn't that type of woman. She'd been married for twenty two years. Never once cheated on him and many times she had the chance to do it.
    Parking the car on Main Street. The town she loved. She knew mostly everyone and they knew her. They knew David also. Getting out of the car she begin her window shopping. Gazing at the new arrivals always brought her into town. Swim suits. Shoe. Dresses. What woman wouldn't be happy. As she was looking at the newest shoe in the display window she heard a voice. She turned around and there was a boy. A student maybe. She smiled at him. Nice shoes aren't they he said. Being asked a question from someone she didn't know was welcomed. She wanted to talk. Yes they are, she replied. They always have a nice selection of shoes every month but my money is always running low because I usually but two or three pairs a month. He smiled and she smiled back. What's your name? he asked. Lorraine, what's yours? My name is Richard. Nice to meet you Lorraine. Same here. Lorraine began to get the sweats. Talking to a teenager was giving her the sweats. Her stomach began to churn. Oh no, she thought to herself. I'm gonna fart. I need to go back in the car to release this. If he heard me fart he'd think I'm the lowest woman on earth. Lorraine ran to her car saying she'll be right back. She opened the car and sat inside and farted. Nasty fart. Stinky fart. She opened the windows as he was walking toward the car. He leaned in. Are you alright Lorraine? I'm fine I forgot my credit cards. Richard smelt her scent. He knew she farted. He smiled at her and said, everyone does it you know. Does what? Pass gas. Fart. No shame to Richard. He was glad to be next to s pretty woman and smell her. Getting out of the car she smiled and changed the subject. No school today, Richard? No, I decided to stay away because there's a test that I know I'm gonna fail so why bother? A voice came to her head.....Lorraine thought to herself, I can teach him a few things. I can show him my asshole and twat and I can look and eat his. Stop the thoughts Lorraine said to the voice. I'm married. I'm a good wife. We both know what you really are Lorraine. A piece of ass. A good piece of ass. If Richard wants he can have you. All he has to do is prod you. Say nice things to you and you'll do whatever he wants. Stop. Stop. I can't do anything, I'm a good wife. Lorraine looked at Richard and began itching her thigh. She pulled her dress up an inch and showed more thigh than she wanted. Show him more the voice said. Show him some hair. Show him your hairy twat. He want you to show it. He doesn't need to ask . Show him. Stop. Stop. She tried to quell the voice but it got louder. Ask him if he wants to have coffee or tea? Ask him. Would you you like to go for some snack Richard? I haven;t eaten and it would be my treat. Richard looks at her thighs and ass and thought, is she coming on to me? Maybe she is. Damn. Yeah, sure. I'd like a snack. Where should we go? I know a shoppe around the corner. Fresh pastries, tea. Sounds good to me Lorraine. Lets's go. Lorraine wondered, should tell him forget about it and go home? The voice came into her head again. Forget it? Are you kidding yours self again. Look at his crotch. He must have eight or ten inches. Go ahead, look. Lorraine did as the voice said. OMGoodnes she thought. He's huge. Show a tit the voice said. Slowly peel one side of your blouse and expose a tit. do it. Walking side by side with Richard gave Lorraine a feeling of excitement. This is wrong. I'm married yet here I am walking to a cafe with a teenager. We don't know each other. We know nothing of each other. As Richard opened the door for Lorraine his hand brushed against her waist. His fingers lightly touched her hip bone. Lorraine began to respond. She pushed against his fingers. His fingers squeezed her skin. Without a word being spoken, they smiled at each other. Let him feel your ass cheeks, the voice said. Leaning into him he now needed to use both hands so she wouldn't fall unto him. Both hands were now on her. One on her hip while the other went under her armpit. He steady'd her. Fuck that feels good, Lorraine thought. Darn right it feels good, the voice echoed her thought. Lorraine smiled and he responded by pulling her closer. Her tits were against his chest. Their faces were on each other. Tell him he can have your mouth on his cock, the voice said. Tell him he can have his balls and asshole licked and sucked on. He pulled away and slightly pushed her into the store. What the hell happened? she thought. Did he have his fingers on my hips, squeezing them. Did I stay silent? Walking to a vacant table he pulled out a chair for her. As she sat she smoothed the fabric on her ass so he could see the outline of her panties. Thank You Richard. Your such a gentleman. It comes naturally being with a beautiful woman like you.
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    I think Lorrain is going to be getting Dick's dick ♠️

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