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. Mrs Miller Ch. 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Mrs. Miller - Part 1 by TitSlave

    Mrs. Audrey Miller ran upstairs to make her pretty face even prettier, eager to change into presentable clothes and jump in the car with her husband Burt. They were going to the movies. She needed a break from the domestic routine. The early June evening was steamy and it had made the day long. She had just set up her two boys, an eight and a six year old, in the family room with pizza, chips, and two Disney movies.

    She took her daily stock of the 31-year-old housewife in the mirror. She thought about her looks as she rolled lipstick on and made up her big, sparkling brown eyes. Just a few, tiny wrinkles - not bad for my age, she thought. Her tinted blonde hair still had some adolescent sheen, and her skin was nicely tanned, smooth and youthful. The early evening's sun pierced the subdued grays of the master bedroom and brightly lit her neck and her face. Mrs. Miller was full of sexiness.

    Two births had left her a few pounds heavier than when she had married Burt back in 1993. Only some of the extra weight had gone to her arms, and only a bit - thankfully - to her waist and her calves. Her legs still had a sexy dancer's look to them. Burt's $200,000 per year income allowed her to hire a personal trainer to make sure she could keep it trim around her middle and in her calves.

    The rest of the weight gain went to her generous and very round butt, her shapely thighs, and her chest. Her large, firm breasts, already heavy and very full when she married, were now even larger. The round masses of flesh pushed even further out, and the sides, against her arms. The bottoms of her weighty boobs sat just above her navel, the oversized aureoles staring proudly. She smiled and recalled that when she developed quickly in junior high she was able to hold a pencil under each breast, and by high school several pencils, and by college flashlights. Other girls thought she was weird but she loved to show off her breasts with guys on dates to dramatize the dimensions of her bust.

    She lifted each tit into the new French weave black bra. She adjusted it so that the cups pushed up a bit. Shaking her head at the tight fit she buttoned a thin red blouse over her EE cup bust that sometimes went up to an F. Her breasts strained at the material, forcing a small opening between two buttons in the middle of the blouse. The hard working brassiere peeked out from this opening.

    She was surprising herself lately at how she more and more enjoyed the male stares - and how she, unlike most women who diligently avoided eye contact, enjoyed smiling back. Just for the buzz I get from it, she told herself. When she was first married she used to cover herself and wear clothes to downplay her very generous endowment. Increasingly she was buying tank tops and tube tops, and wearing them, sometimes braless. The attention made her feel good. And down deep, she was bored with the predictable life she had with her husband. Other masculine eyes on her body felt naughty and fun. Her return glances were sinful, and the games of getting stares and staring back fed her occasional fantasy about a young hunk making love to her on an imaginary beach somewhere.

    She more and more cultivated the feeling of getting noticed and flirting behind Burt's back. It distracted her from being trapped into a love life with Burt that never changed and had no electricity in it. He had always been easy to provoke to jealousy, and she found herself getting some charge out of playing with his touchiness.

    She did wonder whether she was getting addicted to other men's eyes and reactions, particularly young ones. The feeling of restlessness and curiosity was growing, and less and less she struggled to deny it. She found herself spending more time with fantasies, and more time feeling anxious. And she had this perverse impulse to get Burt anxious, to perforate his scrupulously smiling face. When he got uptight he tried a mask of smiles, passing off bothersome things with a chuckle.

    As she finished freshening up she heard a strong, youthful manly voice downstairs. Burt had gone to pick up a baby-sitter they had used over a year ago. Tonight their regular girl, Jen, was in bed with the flu. So at the last minute Burt called a kid named Denny Kohler, now bound for the state university. And the kids had really liked him last year.

    Audrey had not really cared for Denny when he had worked for them. She remembered with annoyance the thin twirp. He was like a beanpole. He seemed to have a gift with their children, but what a nerd! She had wondered why a boy watching her kids couldn't be more fit looking. She liked to kid Burt about how she wanted to date young guys they encountered at the public pool or at the mall. So she was disappointed last year that Denny was so un-masculine looking. She was sort of hoping for a well-cut young kid to have around to make eyes at. She lost a chance to tease her husband about how she had a crush on the sexy babysitter - the one in her fantasies.

    But this evening she bounced down the stairs and noticed a taller, muscular Denny - was it really him? He was standing in the vestibule, smiling broadly up at her. He had on a tasteful polo shirt and khakis. His sandy brown hair was cut short; his chin was that of a warrior. His bright gray-blue eyes were like laser beams. "Hello Mrs. Miller!" he called up to her. She couldn't believe it.. "Denny?" she said, looking him over. His arms and chest were spectacular - and his shoulders were a mile across. She stopped at the landing where the stairs turned 90 degrees and stood over him. "My my, you have grown!" she laughed. Her husband stood smiling. "This boy is becoming a man!" Burt said, putting his arm around him.

    Denny looked intently at Burt's wife and his eyes settled for a few extra seconds on her extra large chest. Then his eyes wandered down her body and back up to her eyes. The whole time he said nothing. Denny smiled at her, almost apologetically.

    She noticed the stare and said a little awkwardly: "So - how - have you been?" It was a little thrill to have this young man check out her body right in front of Burt. She turned to chronically smiling Burt and said: "Mr. Muscles!"

    How handsome and virile he looked. Burt laughed: "Audrey, Denny has grown up on us! What are you, 6-4 or something?" As Burt grabbed him Denny grinned and said, "6-3 and a half, actually." Burt pulled him affectionately toward the kitchen. "C'mon, tell me all about your college plans and let me give you a cold beer. I guess you've been at the gym a lot doing bench presses when you're not playing sports...." Burt's wife followed them. Those shoulders don't quit, she thought, feasting her eyes on his boy's physique. Her sons, screaming, dashed into the kitchen to say hello to Denny. "You guys remember Denny?" their dad beamed, giving the young man a poke in the shoulder. After the sons got a high five from their sitter Audrey sent her children back to the pizza and the movie.

    Over a quick beer Audrey and her husband chatted amiably with Denny about his transition from high school to college for a few moments. Then Burt stood up and said: "Gotta step down the hall. Honey, we should leave soon." He ran upstairs, leaving them at the kitchen table.

    She sensed how bashful Denny was and she felt like flirting. No sooner had her husband left the room then Audrey looked intently at Denny and said softly: "You sure do look handsome." "Thank you, Mrs. Miller," he smiled, watching her clear the empty beer bottles. Denny's boyish smile was very charming, she thought. With Burt out of the kitchen her voice was lower, smoother. She felt a vibration being alone with the skinny brat who turned into a new, cut head turner. His bashfulness drew her.

    "No I mean it," she said as she turned back from the sink and stood next to him, placing her hands on the back of her neck and stretching her elbows out to her sides. His voice broke when he said meekly, "well, Mrs. Miller, your husband is a lucky man. You're very pretty." She bent over his place at the table, her body practically in his face, and cleaned the table that was already clean. Her eyes, close to his, beamed. "Well, aren't you sweet. You know how to make a girl feel good." Denny continued: "My mom has a blouse that color." Audrey looked down at hers and regarded his eyes on her chest. "Oh?" she said, putting her hand on his thick, firm shoulder. His eyes looked furtively, nervously to the side, regarding her fingers. She could feel his body flinch as she slightly caressed the powerful muscles. She smiled at the nervousness in his eyes. He went on: "But you really look amazing in yours." She thanked him again. "...I don't think she has a black brassiere though," he said, his eyes sparkling. "....And she doesn't look as great as you do in yours."

    He quickly said: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Miller, that was bad manners." She rubbed his shoulder and purred: "How do you know how I look in my bra?" She looked down at her breasts and pulled at the blouse at bust level from the sides so that more of her bra was visible through the strained gap between the buttons. She pulled harder at the material, making the middle button pop open. "Whoops," she said. He took in the amazing sight of her massive tits in her low cut weave bra. "This top is just way too small," she said, her eyes returning to his. He said nothing and just smiled at her, staring at her face then at her chest. She laughed softly, noticing his blush and the look of his jaws clenching through his smooth cheeks. "I better watch out or this blouse will pop all of its buttons," she said. She slowly buttoned the blouse. The flirtatious older women, with her feminine charms, stirred the young man. She smiled as his eyes turned away apprehensively.

    Audrey heard Burt's footsteps and she stepped jerkingly away from Denny, then kneeled on a chair. The tone of her voice hardened when she said to Denny loudly: "Great. You have my cell phone number if there is an emergency....We'll be back around 11:00."

    Denny sighed as they pulled out of the driveway. He had begun his sexual exploration of girls about a year ago but had no notches under his belt. His passion for romance was building to the point where he couldn't think straight, but was too nervous to even kiss a girl. Ironically, he had two things going for him besides his looks and his charm. He had a modest, mild mannered demeanor, and he had a long, thick sex organ that responded quickly. His conversation with Mrs. Miller had made it stiffen to the point where it hurt. She was so beautiful. He almost trembled as he thought of her caressing him affectionately in the kitchen.

    On the way to the movies Audrey said to her husband, laughing: "Well, Denny sure has turned into a handsome kid. Wow! And beneath that smooth manner of his, he is rather forward." "How so?" Burt said, sensitive to her raving about young men. Audrey looked at him for a second then said: "He stared at my chest in the kitchen while you were in the john, then said I really looked good in this blouse. He even remarked on my bra. He's kind of fresh!" She laughed. Burt snickered: "Oh really!" She detected that his reaction was forced and she instinctively went after it. Burt coughed and said: "I guess he's discovering women. I think he really is sincere with his compliments." He put his hand on his cheek and rubbed a little - a sign of nervousness she recognized - and, clearing his throat, said: "And he obviously has good taste in girls." Another forced snicker. Audrey said: "You should have seen how he stared at my breasts. A very confident young man with women." She looked at Burt for another masked discomfort, and he smiled, then said dismissively: "Well, he's your new admirer."

    "You better watch out, Mr. Miller," she said softly, studying him as she spoke, "he's very flirtatious. I might just add him to my list of potential dates." At first her husband said nothing, just clearing his throat again, then said: "must we start that again? You know I don't like that kind of kidding." "Lighten up, Burt," she said, grinning.

    At the movie Audrey found herself thinking about Denny, and what a kick it was to tease him in her own kitchen when Burt was in the john. Maybe I'll flirt some more with this muscle-bound boy, she thought. I'll drive him crazy and give him a thrill.

    Burt looked over at his wife during the film and down to her breasts. He thought of a young kid like Denny sneaking forward comments about his wife's body when Burt had gotten up from the table. Burt wondered if Audrey had made it up. Denny seemed like a nice young man. It made no sense.

    As they walked to the car he said so. He laughed: "You really got me going about our baby-sitter, a seventeen year old staring at your body and talking about it in our kitchen. I almost believed you." As he unlocked her door Audrey said: "You think I made it up?" Her husband nodded, and she said: "The next time he's over, you can overhear him when he thinks you're out of earshot." Burt grinned, "you're on. We can go out tomorrow night to see another movie. Maybe he'll be available." Burt wanted to put his wife in check. He was getting touchier and touchier about her teasing about how handsome other - younger - guys were going to be her "dates".

    They returned home around eleven fifteen. She spoke with Denny about how the kids were, when they went to sleep, and other details of the evening. Burt had left the motor running and gestured to take Denny's home, which was about ten minutes away. His wife cut him off: "I can take him." Burt looked at her for a moment, puzzled as to why she would want his company given what she had talked about, then said: "Fine." Then he turned to Denny. "How about tomorrow night? Can you baby-sit again?" The boy hesitated: "I don't know. I guess so. I'd have to change some plans." Audrey said: "Hope you can....." Then she turned to her husband: "Remember what we talked about on the way to the movie. You need to hear for yourself." Burt nodded and watched them leave, saying to Denny: "Really nice to have you back, Joe College. And say hello to your dad, OK?"

    In the car Audrey and Denny talked about the kids for a few moments, then her manner gradually mellowed into the bedroom style she used in the kitchen. She stopped the car at a stop sign for a minute, and the street light shining in through the windshield made her eyes glisten a little. "How do you like this cologne I'm wearing, Denny?" she said. "I don't know," he said. She leaned toward him, pushing herself forward and moaned: "smell down here, on my neck", and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. She pulled his reluctant face an inch from her skin and laughed: "You're so shy. Well?" "Cool cologne," he said, moving back from her and squirming a bit in his seat. She just loved this. He asked clumsily how the movie was. "Fine," she said, making her voice more sultry. Denny's pulse was racing with his pent-up excitement.

    "It was warm in the theater though," she said, untruthfully, "the AC wasn't working right." She hesitated, then said, looking at him: "I would have been more comfortable taking off this blouse and just wearing the black bra you like so much." She then said: "Or maybe I should have taken off the bra too." He stammered a little - almost imperceptibly: "Now, uh, that would have been better than the movie." "You think so, huh?" she smiled. "Definitely," he said. "Would I be something to see with my blouse and bra off, Denny?" she asked, looking over at him. He said, "yeah, wow." She laughed, savoring the torture. She pulled into his driveway and he opened his door to get out. The inside of the car lit up from the courtesy light. Denny sighed at the attractiveness of this very sexy mom, her amazing eyes, her cologne, her earrings, and her body making his loins so restless. "So, can you sit with the boys tomorrow night?" she said with mock formality, looking down at her chest and tucking her blouse in as tightly as she could. Denny had to catch his breath. What huge tits she has, he thought

    He stammered again. She laughed and mocked him: "Uh uh uh -well - uh - er- uh," turning to face him.

    The following evening Burt insisted on going to get Denny, after Audrey reminded him that tonight before they went out he should leave the room and eavesdrop and hear for himself how flirtatious Denny was with her. "He and I'll walk toward the family room after you hide in the powder room. Then we'll move right to next to the powder room door. Then you'll see I wasn't kidding." "You were kidding," Burt said, but inwardly he was worried that he was wrong. If he was, he would have to tell Denny that he could no longer baby-sit for his children. And that would be that.

    He picked Denny up and talked sports for a while. Then Burt tactfully inquired when Denny's car was going to be ready to that he could drive himself to and from places - like the Millers when he baby-sat. As they turned on to the Millers' street Burt abruptly said: "So, you have a girl friend Denny?" Denny read this as a question out of nowhere that was going somewhere, and it seemed to him that Mr. Miller was asking out of some concern. "Excuse me?" Denny answered. "I mean, do you have someone you're dating?" the older man asked, frowning a bit. "No," he said, "what are you asking me, Mr. Miller?" They pulled into the driveway and sat for a moment. "I assume you like girls your own age," Burt said, looking at the steering wheel and rubbing his palm over it. Denny said: "I would like to find one like Mrs. Miller." Burt sighed, his stomach twisting a little, then smiled nervously, "Oh really? Well good luck." Denny stretched his arms out in front of him, to the dashboard, and Burt was struck by the size of the boy's biceps. Then Denny looked into his eyes and said: "Your wife sure is pretty. The woman I marry will be like her, I hope."

    Burt snickered and glanced down at his watch and said: "Thank you Denny. Well, we better get rolling here. Let's go in and see if my wife is ready to go. Sometimes she takes those extra moments to get ready." He sighed as he got out of the car.

    They entered the house. The kids were sitting on the couch in the living room, on either side of Audrey. Each son was showing her drawings they were making of trucks and space monsters. As Burt and Denny came in she sent the kids into the kitchen to eat the grilled cheese sandwiches she had made for them. Denny looked over and greeted her. She was wearing snug blue jeans and a low cut red and yellow flowered pattern bikini top. Its straps held up each overstuffed cup at the outer corner. The straps were clipped tightly to the back of the top, which clipped at a spot just below her shoulder blades. Denny just smiled and stared as she said: "Hi. I'm ready on time for once!" She sat back and rested her arms on the couch behind her. The top portions of her very ample tits were exposed. The deep cleavage was endless because the garment fit her like a corset, and she had adjusted the neck straps so that they lifted her breasts. She leaned all the way forward to scratch her ankle, and the bottoms of her boobs sat over the top of her jeans. One of her fat tits squooshed and swelled against her thigh, the breast flesh pushing out to the side of the cup.

    She smiled at the two as they stared at her, and then she slowly put on some high heels and stood up. Trying to be discreet and casual, Burt asked: "You're wearing that?" "It's kinda hot," she said. Burt made a clipped laugh: "Hot? It's not hot. And you're going to freeze in the theater." He was almost imploring her. "I'll be fine," she said. Then she said to Burt significantly: "Why don't you supervise the kids while they eat?" He looked at her, then remembering what they had talked about - his hiding in the powder room - and she had reminded him during the day. Burt stepped into the dining room. He looked into the kitchen and said to the boys: "You guys eating your grilled cheese? Who needs more juice?" He chatted with his kids then turned on the kitchen TV to Nickelodeon. Daffy Duck's voice filled the kitchen and his boys were instantly distracted by it. He took off his loafers and hastily walked out the other door of the kitchen to the hallway leading to the family room. He quietly made his way through the hall to the powder room and stood in the dark, the door ajar.

    After a few minutes he heard his wife talking softly to Denny. "...I just wanted to show you how we pulled all the carpeting out and re-did the oak floors, all the way down this hall..." she said. Burt heard a seductive tone to her voice that he assumed she was putting on to make Denny respond the way she claimed he did yesterday.

    They were now right outside the powder room. "Looks nice," Denny said. There was a second of silence. He was feeling a little bolder because of her warmth toward him and he was lusting after this older women. "But not as nice as you look, Mrs. Miller, with your hands behind your neck like that," Denny said, then: "you look totally beautiful this evening." "Why Denny, I think you're hitting on me, with my husband out of earshot," she said, and she stared at him as he stared back at her.

    Audrey giggled, then purred: "The way you're staring I guess you like my choice of top?" Burt was surprised to hear her say this. "Oh boy," Denny said, clearing his throat, "you look fantastic in it." Burt heard her laugh again. "I haven't worn it for a couple years," she said cutely, "and I think I've outgrown it, as you can see by the way I am falling out of it so much..." The slightest pause in their conversation was a problem for Burt. What were they doing? He inched toward the door, thinking about pulling it open a bit more. He put his hand on the knob.

    His wife said something that he couldn't hear because it was so soft, then Denny asked: "You really look nice in those jeans too, Mrs. Miller..." I can't hear them, Burt thought. Then he heard Audrey say: "Yeah, it took me five minutes to squeeze into it." More eternal seconds went by. Burt could hear the kids getting restless and calling for Audrey. He began to hope they would dash out from the kitchen and cut this off.

    Thankfully one of their sons ran up to Mrs. Miller. Burt heard all of them walk away and Burt snuck out, then hurried to get his shoes back on. "It's movie time. Sorry, I had to make a call about work," he said as he stuck his head into the kitchen, where Audrey and Denny stood with the kids pulling on Denny's arms. "Oh, that's all right," she said, "Denny was putting some major moves on me. I think we're going to start dating." She laughed, and Denny looked a little sheepish. Burt hated the words inwardly but wore a happy face and said, looking up at Denny: "I guess I better keep an eye on you!" He half-punched Denny in the upper arm, then said: "Take good care of our boys." He winked at Denny, who took the boys into the family room after they kissed their parents good-bye.

    When they got in the car Audrey said: "What did I tell you? Isn't he aggressive with me?" Her husband lost it: "How about you, wearing that top, and talking to him like that!!" Audrey shot back quietly: "It is fucking hot out. I was boiling in the theater last night." Burt frowned: "You were? Since when?" Audrey said: "You have no right to yell at me like that....and besides, I like to dress like this." Burt got quieter as they drove away. "Don't you think you were being rather suggestive with him?" Burt said. "I wanted to show you what a flirt he was with your wife. So I had to get him to react. Any other kid would have squirmed and gotten red in the face and run for cover, with what I'm wearing." Burt could say nothing; he had a knot in his throat. Then he said, slowly: "What was that about you were falling out of it so much!" Audrey giggled: "You should have seen his face when he walked in. I wanted to get him flirting with me for you, so that you would believe me." Burt began to pout. This was getting unreal, he thought.

    After a moment Audrey said: "I think we need to talk to him, and tell him he can't get fresh with me. He constantly looks at my boobs. He's like a predator." Burt was beside himself and the suggestion that he confront Denny intimidated him. When he said nothing, she said: "Are you going to?" "Maybe I will," Burt finally said. He was distracted by the whole thing throughout the movie. Again he looked down at the light of the projected movie playing on her chest. Her bust looked so big, and the thought of his wife talking the way she did to Denny made him anxious - and oddly, faintly, excited.

    At Audrey's insistence, they dashed out of the movie and stopped for drinks at a micro-brewery in town where the younger crowd hung out. To Burt's surprise she had three margaritas - usually she had no more than one and didn't finish it. They sat at the bar, rap music alternating with Smashing Pumpkins. Burt became jealous of all the stares his wife got. The bartender walked over with a shot with cream flowing over the glass. He placed it on a napkin in front of Audrey and said: "The gentlemen at the end of the bar would like to buy this for you," he said. Burt stared and laughed: "Tell them thank you, we're not interested..." He looked down the bar at three guys smiling eagerly in her direction.

    Audrey frowned and asked: "What's this?" The guy next to her said: "That's a blowjob. It's a woman's drink, very tasty. You pick it up with your lips and down it one gulp." Then he said: "Of course, you've got to be able to see the glass in front of you on the bar, and in your case that might - be...." The guy next to him yelled: " - impossible." "Very funny," she said, then laughed. The bartender glanced back and forth between Burt and his wife and said: "So, do you accept it or should I tell those guys no thanks?" Burt smiled and said sternly: "No thanks!"

    But Audrey had other ideas. She turned to the guys and yelled: "Thank you, here goes!". Everyone at the bar was now paying attention. Audrey turned to Burt and said: "Time for my blowjob!" She said to the guy to her right: "You're right, I need a better angle. Could you move it forward more so I can see it?" He obliged, and smiled: "Better?" She nodded and with a crowd watching she bent down, put her hands on the back of her hips, wrapped her lips around the glass, took the shot glass in her mouth, and downed most of the contents of the glass as she straightened up her body and cocked her head toward the ceiling. A little dripped down her chin and onto her big tits. She released the glass from between her lips and let it bounce off her breast, and her assistant to her right caught it before it hit the bar. The guys at the end of the bar cheered. She had foam and cream all around her mouth and she stretched her arms over her head and turned around to acknowledge the onlookers.

    Burt, disgusted, got up from the bar and said: "Let's go." He took Audrey by the arm and as they started to leave a sound of "booooo" came from around the bar. "Not one more for the road, honey?" one of the three at the end yelled. Audrey waved at them, and watched her husband's reaction. "Don't you like me to have fun?" she said.

    Audrey was quiet, and tipsy, as they returned home. She was thinking about the smooth skin on the baby-sitter waiting for them. Burt assumed she was mad that he had been a party pooper but he refused to even admit that what happened there was pleasant. She was also thinking about how strangely happy she was about stirring the pot and how she had succeeded in getting her husband worked up. She was looking forward to his confrontation with Denny, and she was going to enjoy the tease as Denny snuck stares at her body while Burt stumbled through whatever he was going to say.

    As they approached the front door, she spoke for the first time since they left the bar: "Are you going to tell Denny that he was rude to me? He should understand that a woman's breasts are normal and a natural part of life, not something to gawk at." Burt said: "The kids love him, honey. I don't want to make trouble with his dad." She asked: "Are you going to tell him? Or don't you care that he hits on your wife?" He said nothing, and his palms were damp. They opened the door. Denny was asleep, lying on the couch in the living room.

    "I've gotta go sit on the throne...emergency," Burt whispered, "and I'll check on the kids." "I'll wake Denny up," Audrey said, watching her husband step upstairs.

    Audrey turned the lights in the living room off and walked over to the couch and knelt down on the floor next to Denny's head. It was kind of dark even with a light shining from the kitchen and from a light at the top of the stairs to the second floor. The alcohol had melted away her sense of decency, and an impulse to be a little wild took hold. The cocktails were working on her mind, sending it down a road of desires she had only fantasized about.

    She drank in the sight of his well-developed young body, and her eyes roamed to his groin under the stretched dungarees. Now on her knees, her chest brushing against his right arm, she put her left hand on his shoulder and said softly: "Wake up handsome." She savored the feeling of his body under her hand. His eyes opened and he looked at her groggily and said: "Oh, sorry, I fell asleep.....The kids were fine," he added dutifully. His chiseled face and smooth skin made her sigh.

    He looked up at Mrs. Miller, getting his bearings, watching her head cocked toward the stairs, listening to Mr. Miller's footsteps moving from the children's room to the bathroom. Denny smelled her breath and his eyes roamed to her chest. As she heard the rustle of a newspaper in her husband's hand and the bathroom door close, she bent forward. She smiled down at the boy lying on the couch, catching him ogling her, and caressed his hair and face. Then, her heart beating faster, she kissed him on the lips. Taken aback, Denny did nothing. His mouth responded to hers warily, then she felt it open and admit her tongue slightly. She kissed him again and pushed at his hesitant mouth with her tongue. Her hand moved to his chest, then down to his stomach. She sighed as her hand went under his shirt and explored his brawny chest and abdomen. Her warm tongue snaked fully into his mouth. She then began kissing and licking his face and his ear. Denny whispered: "Won't Mr. Miller get mad?"

    Audrey smiled at him and settled back on her feet, then placed her hands on the sides of her breasts. She watched his widening eyes as her manicured fingers cupped her fat tits and pushed them together. Then, to his amazement, she looked down at her left breast and pulled the cup of the bikini down and away from it, then looked at him and with both hands and some effort lifted her big, round boob out in plain sight. Her breast was so much bigger than he imagined. Denny gazed in fascination at the big nipple. She squeezed her boob lovingly with her hands, her eyes moving from her breast to his face. As she watched him intently the smile drained from her lust-filled face, her passion running wild. She slowly leaned into his body and pressed her heavy tit hard with her hands, moving it closer and closer to him. "Open your mouth, Denny," she cooed. He was rocketing with desire at the sight of her voluptuous body and nervously he let his lips part wide. Her tits were so large. Her hardening nipple brushed against his mouth. "Suck it, squeeze it," she moaned. The feeling of his mouth on her breast was fantastic.

    Audrey's hand crept down to his waist and he slightly recoiled. "Whoa," he said. "Just relax," she cooed in his ear. She licked the lobe then invaded his ear with her hot, wet tongue. She stuck her tit back in his face then rudely pulled out her right tit. She giggled as his hand, from below, began caressing and playing with her fat jugs. His other hand helped her unzip his pants.

    Impatient and trembling, she reached into his crotch under the elastic band of his underpants and found his stiffening cock. She pulled it free and was surprised at how quickly it hardened to her touch. And she gasped in wonder at the thickness and length of Denny's aroused prick. Her fingers slid up and down its shaft, its veins feeling spectacular to her. Her hand explored his balls and the large, rock solid head. She held his dick flat against his tight stomach then let it spring back up. Denny had never felt such pleasure before in his life. Up until now he had masturbated, and he had thought that felt good. This was ten times as good.

    He could hear her breathing excitedly as she played with his rod. She stared hypnotically at the club-sized flesh standing now free of his clothing, aiming toward the ceiling of the living room. "Denny, you've got such a big COCK!" she whispered hoarsely.

    She began to jack him off quickly as he sucked on her tit. They stared at each other with uncontrollable need, and almost desperate eyes. Then she leaned over to his crotch and kissed the head of his prick. She kissed it again several times then licked it, clutching his shaft tightly. The feel and sight of Denny's unusually long and thick cock made her feel like screaming with delight. She hurriedly licked and kissed the full length of him then slowly took inch by inch into her mouth. His firm hand grabbed at her tits; his right hand explored her big round ass. She bobbed her head up and down on his dick, lost in the pleasure of feeling his boyflesh rock hard in her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked hungrily.

    She let it pop out and as she heard steps upstairs she jacked him hard and fast. Denny was lost in the ecstasy of this horny mom's big tits pressing and jiggling at his face and her wonderful hand working his cock. The more she yanked on his tool the more he pawed at her big, firm, smooth jugs. This was driving her mad and she made her tits shake while she fisted him harder and harder, and put her hand behind his head, pulling him into her boobs. Then he moaned and she immediately bent toward his crotch. She put her mouth over his dick, which spewed a little jizz then suddenly erupted with several hot, generous loads of semen. Most of it splatted onto Audrey's face and hair. Denny was panting deeply.

    Mrs. Miller gloried in the feeling of all this cum on her and took his dick in her mouth to suck it dry. She felt his hand in her hair. She sat back up and closed her eyes. Denny watched in fascination while she scooped his love cream here and there with her fingers and licked it. A great gob of jizz lay in her cleavage. She looked down at it then squeezed her boobs together. She stared down at his cock. He heard the subtle but amazing sound of his cum making sticking sounds as her tits pushed together, then parted, the mooshed together again.

    "Audrey?" she heard a loud whisper from the head of the stairs, then a few footsteps down toward the first floor. She got up, hastily placed her breasts back in her top, and said: "Yeah?" She walked around the corner to the foot of the stairs in her bare feet, her high heels in her hand. "We're leaving, I finally got a rise out of Mr. Sleepyhead," she said to Burt nervously. Burt smiled, then said: "He was probably tired.....So why are all the lights out?" "I'm getting to be a nut on saving electricity I guess," she said with a brio that seemed odd to him. Burt looked down at her. "Are you all right?" he said, walking down to within two steps of the bottom. "Fine," she said, smiling. "What's all over your face?" he asked, frowning. "Oh, uh, I was opening a can of soda and it kind of," she looked down nervously, "exploded." He looked at her strangely and said nothing for a moment, then said: "Do you still want me to talk to Denny?" She thought for a second and said: "Yes. I do."

    He came downstairs and Denny by then had gotten out of the couch and they found him in the family room, standing in front of the TV and watching ESPN. "Hi!" Burt said. He said nothing else and the young man seemed nervous, looking at him, then Mrs. Miller, then at the television. Burt glanced over at his wife's face several times. Audrey grabbed three Kleenexes and reluctantly mopped up the semen. After Burt and Denny chatted about the evening, Audrey looked at Burt and said: "My husband wants to talk to you about something." Burt looked at Denny, who was alarmed that what had just happened in the living room was the topic, and said, "Well ------" Audrey stood somewhat behind Burt and stared hard at Denny, who looked back at her and smiled. She put her hands on her hips and flexed her elbows back as far as they could go. "Go ahead honey," she said. She looked at Denny with the most inviting gaze she could muster. Then she opened her purse and began putting fresh lipstick on her oversized mouth.

    Burt spoke almost apologetically: "Denny, if you don't mind my saying so, as long as you're baby-sitting here, you have to treat my wife with respect." He stopped and made a strained smile, then looked down at the floor. Denny seemed confused and surprised and said: "But I do respect Mrs. Miller." His tone was very courteous, and he wore a half-smile.

    Burt tried again: "I think certain things have been said that have created the wrong impression." Denny frowned slightly and asked: "Like what things, Mr. Miller?" Burt said slowly: "I think if you -uh - admire my wife, that you should keep it -uh- respectful, so that there is no -uh - wrong impression given. I need you to assure me, and Mrs. Miller, that you will do that." He smiled, his hand rubbing his cheek slightly.

    Audrey saw that her husband was reluctant to give any real lecture to this young guy. Denny said: "Sir, you have my promise. I will be respectful toward Mrs. Miller at all times." He returned his gaze to her and said: "No offense intended, Mrs. Miller."

    Burt let out a sigh. He put his arm around Denny, then gave him a hug, saying: "I hate confrontation. I am glad we straightened this out." He laughed. "OK, I'll run you home." Audrey cut in, "Hold on, you need to talk about what is natural and a part of life. That part." Burt looked at her confused, and frowned. She whispered: "About my breasts, that they are part of life, part of a woman's body." When Burt said nothing, Audrey walked over and stood before Denny. "Another thing," she said, "my breasts are a natural part of my life. I want you to stop sneaking peeks at my chest when you think I'm not looking. Just be natural about it and don't make my body dirty, OK Denny?" He gulped, looking up at her magnificent curves and said: "Sure. Sorry."

    Audrey looked at her husband. "I can take him home." Burt regarded her with alarm and said: "I'm going to bed. Good night Denny." "Good night sir," Denny said. As Burt turned to walk away Audrey turned her back to Denny and shook her bubble butt at him. Denny followed her into the kitchen, his mouth dry from the bizarre exchange with Mr. Miller. Audrey turned to get some water from the sink. She wanted more of Denny's cock. As the sounds of her husband in the upstairs restroom carried down through the ceiling overhead, Denny sat down at the kitchen table, his chair facing out. "What was that all about?" Denny asked. She walked over to him and stood in front of him so that her legs were snug in between his. "Oh, Mr. Miller insisted on doing that, "she said, dismissively, "he's a little hyper sometimes."

    With that she turned around, unbuckled the belt on her jeans, planted her fingers at their sides, and bent over. Looking behind her, she said: "just ignore him," and pulled her jeans down most of the way over her ass. The ample, rounded flesh seemed to pop out of her clothes and as Denny stared at it transfixed, she said: "Give me a kiss, Denny."

    Her round ass was big and wicked and smooth. Confused, but more overwhelmed with desire than confused, Denny's pulse began flying again as she backed into him as close as she could. Her naked rump was almost touching him, and his heart pounded with the sight of her bending that way, her beautiful hair sitting on her shoulder, her head slightly turned to the side. She reached around and found his hair.

    She looked over her shoulder and closed her eyes. She savored the exquisite feeling of his young, strong hands petting and squeezing her bare ass. Then the feeling of his wet mouth and tongue exploring and tickling her butt cheeks. Anxious to get his prick in her mouth, she reached between her legs and stretched her fingers, groping for his crotch. Then she pulled her jeans up and said: "Let's go." "You're so pretty," Denny said, his breathing quickening, then, "uh, can I have some more water?" "Help yourself," she said, sighing deeply as she looked for her keys.

    Burt's steps could be heard coming down the stairway. He stared with surprise and looked in the kitchen, seeing Denny chugging the glass of water and his wife looking at Burt nervously as she stepped away from the young man. "You guys still here?" Burt asked, surprised. "He needed water, and I had to stop in the restroom," Audrey said. Then she said, almost defensively, "we're going. I'll be right back honey."

    They got in the car and she pulled one of her big tits out of her top. She started the engine and Denny got in, his dick stiffening again. He sighed when he sat and turned and saw her staring intently at him with her opulent charms in plain view again. "Wow," he said. She lifted the tit to her face and bit the oversized nipple. He was intoxicated by her body. She smiled. "Pull your pants down, junior," she purred. Flustered, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down frantically, his cock springing out, already getting firm with desire. Audrey could not wait to reach for his prick and began to run her hand up and down the shaft. She eagerly moved his boy meat in all directions and squeezed its head. "Getting hard again, I see," she chuckled.

    Her hand caressed his testicles while she kissed him passionately. Her hand pulled his shirt up to his collarbone. She licked and kissed his chest, then dived into his crotch and lost herself in the pleasurable task of sucking his dick. The size of his penis got her panting. She fisted his dick and jacked him, kissing his thighs and straining to take each warm testicle into her hungry mouth. Then she wrapped her lips around his cock and began to move up and down, suctioning her cheeks.

    Burt heard the car running in the driveway and came to the front door in his pajama top. He looked out and saw the headlights on, but could not see his wife. Just when he thought he could make out movement on Denny's side Denny noticed Mr. Miller and said: "Your husband, Mr. Miller...." She sat back up but kept her right hand on his cock, then released it and threw the car in reverse. Once out of the driveway she couldn't wait to get her hand on his dick.

    They said nothing during the first half of the ride to Denny's home. He played with her tits and she jacked his big cock. The only sounds in the car were her hand smacking up and down on the shaft of his hog prick, his squeezes of her big boobs, and his moans.

    Then impulsively she said: "Could you dial my home on the car phone? I have to talk to my husband for a moment." Denny, breathing rapidly now, said, "you want to call him now?" "Yeah," she said softly, amid quiet gasps of anticipation, "call him. You know the number. God, what a cock.."

    The car cell had a speaker phone. Denny dialed, pressing some of the numbers wrong because of his sexual excitement. Finally he did it right He turned back toward her, his dick up past his navel now. He had been confused about her wanting to call her husband but when he heard the nasty housewife next to him breathe more excitedly as the phone rang, he returned to the enjoyment of her tits. With each ring her hand worked his dick more vigorously, her strokes gathering speed. Denny began to explore her crotch, and she spread her legs and his hand rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

    Burt's soft voice broke into the sinful interior of the family car. "Hello?" he said. Audrey finally said: "Hi honey, it's me." Burt said: "Where are you?" "Almost in Denny's driveway." Nobody said anything for a few seconds. Denny felt Mrs. Miller's fingers play lovingly with his balls. "So what's up?" Burt asked. "I'm going to stop at the convenience store for milk, we're out," she said, turning on to Denny's street. Burt said: "Are we out?" "Just about," she said, "and you know how the boys love it." Burt then said: "Hey Denny, how were the kids tonight? I didn't get a chance to talk to you." Denny struggled to find his voice, and Mrs. Miller chuckled with his difficulty. "Cat's got his tongue," Audrey said to her husband with a laugh.

    "Fine, sir," Denny finally said. "I guess you were exhausted," Burt said, "I was going to haul you out of that couch but my wife beat me to it." "Yeah, well, sorry I conked out there, Mr. Miller. But they went to sleep right on time with no problems."

    The car pulled into the driveway. Burt said: "Well thanks again, Denny. The kids really like you. They'll miss you when you go off to school in August......Oh honey?" Audrey said: "Yeah?" The car in park, Audrey unzipped her jeans and pushed them and her thong panties down to her knees. "Did you pay this fine young man? He's going to need every penny down there at State, especially when he chases the girls around campus!" She laughed: "Gosh no, honey, I'll take care of him, I got distracted. Something, uh, came up." She squeezed Denny's dick and looked at him with a grin. "Thanks for reminding me. That's why I married you, Mr. Miller." She grabbed Denny's hand and placed it firmly on her wet pussy. "Rub me there," she whispered.

    Burt said: "Now Denny, no second good night kiss with my wife. Behave yourself..." Denny cleared his throat as Burt's wife leaned down and licked his balls enthusiastically, her hand clutching the rigid stem of his prick. Burt then said: "Just kidding, dude." Denny laughed: "Well, like I said, I hope the woman I fall in love with is as pretty as your wife, sir." Audrey rubbed her big tits against Denny's thighs and groin. "Isn't Denny a flirt?" she laughed. She ran her tongue along his thigh. "See you later," Burt said, and hung up.

    Something made him get up and walk down to the kitchen. His steps took him to the refrigerator, and when he opened it to find something to snack on his eyes were confronted with not one, but two half gallon jugs of milk.

    Denny's house was dark, his family asleep. She turned the headlights off. Audrey opened her door and said: "How about that good night kiss?" He got out and walked around the car, his cock standing straight out in front of him. His big hard dick hurt, it was so aroused. She looked incredibly desirable in the night air with her huge-looking tits standing out over her bikini top. As he walked around the front of the still running car, his heart raced. She put her hands in her hair and shook her breasts. She reached down and grabbed his king-sized dick, and knelt on the driveway by the car to suck it. Her eyes took in the sight of his bull cock with its turgid veins. She kissed and licked it first, then slowly began to swallow it. She stood up and opened her car door. "Now remember what my husband said, only one good night kiss. But he didn't say anything about your cock inside me, young man," she said, reaching up to him and kissing him. She pulled her jeans down to her ankles and turned around. The sight of her bare ass almost made him come. She knelt on the seat to make as much of her butt stick out, offered to him so wickedly.

    "Geez," he said, "I don't know if we should do this. Like right in front of my house? What if a car goes by or my parents wake up?" She stood up and said, sounding like Shirley Temple : "Oh, is the little boy afraid of getting in trouble?" She rubbed his cock and said: "Well, I thought you were a stud. Maybe you're just a fag."

    "I am NOT a little boy!" he spat out. "Well," she taunted him, "do you want to fuck me or are you too afraid? Or are you a queer?" He reacted angrily and practically threw her on the seat. She laughed, and moaned with lustful pleasure as he knelt down and buried his face in her thick ass, licking her asshole and her very moist pussy. Her body was demanding that he enter her. She moaned with delight at the feel of his mouth in her crotch. He stood up, planted himself behind her as she pushed her butt out to him. He looked down at her big round ass and rubbed his trembling hands over the cheeks. Audrey felt the wonderfully long and thick hard tool smash up against her ass crack. She managed to reach around and guide his big cock to the lips of her twat. He was pushing hard but was clueless about where to go. He pushed at her asshole and almost barged in there. Then his battering ram powerfully squeezed into her tight pussy, and Mrs. Miller cried out. She pushed her buttocks back at him with all the energy she could muster. Denny began to stroke in and out. The feel of his jumbo flesh tube fucking her was overwhelming. She was filled with a king-sized dick. She had never dreamed this feeling was possible. The phone rang in the car. She was too overwhelmed with carnal sensations to hear it, much less pick it up. Then it rang again, and she hit the button that turned on the speaker phone. "Yeah?" she gasped. "Hi honey," Burt said, "I hope you didn't buy milk because we have plenty." "What?" she said, her body bouncing as Denny drove his dick in and out of her, "you were breaking up." He said it again. He was struck by the gasping sounds he heard. "Hello?" he said. "OK," she said, trying to mask the cries and panting of her evil fucking. "Where are you?" he asked after a few seconds. "What?" she said. "Where are you?" "I'm -- still --- in Denny's driveway," she said. "He and I were talking about college and his chasing the girls down there," she said. "Oh, well that's nice. Tell him not to get fresh on the first date!" Burt said. Her husband added: "Well, take your time then, honey. Denny seems to like talking to you. You're like a mom to him. Honey, let's go out next weekend both nights and get him to sit." Denny seemed to enjoy the kinkiness of nailing this man's wife while she was talking to him over the car phone. So the teenager made a point of driving his cock into her as hard and as deep as he could.

    Soon he groaned and spasmed, his semen blasting inside of Mrs. Miller's horny cunt. His dick refused to go soft. She insisted that he stay in her pussy for a few moments. He squeezed her big tits. She pulled her jeans up and sat down in the driver's seat, sweat from him and her all over her hair. She gratefully kissed him and said: "My husband wants you to baby-sit for us next weekend. Can you make yourself and your cock available?" He leaned against the car, savoring the fantastic pleasure he had just experienced. "Yeah, well," he muttered, trying to make sense of it all. She sighed: "So you'll do it, and before then, you have to come over and fuck me."

    The next morning Burt and Audrey and the kids went out to breakfast. Halfway through her pancakes Audrey said: "It's about time we had someone paint the outside of the house, honey." "I can do it, with some help," Burt said. "You're so busy," she said. "Why don't we hire some guys to do it." "Like hire painters? The pros are expensive," Burt said. "Let's hire some college kids from the neighborhood," she suggested. She admonished her older son to eat his waffle and with a handful of napkins she cleaned up milk that her youngest spilled.

    "Why not ask Denny?" Burt said with some enthusiasm, "we know him and he seems to be a decent kid."

    "Why don't you call him and see if he could get some guys together and do it?" she said innocently. "The more I think about it," Burt said with a grin, "the more I like the idea. He seems to be very responsible, and we cleared up that business about his flirting with you." "Call him," Audrey said, "and just so there's no awkwardness from your talk to him last night, make a point of telling him that I thought it would be really nice if he could come over and work for us." "Good idea," Burt said. Audrey waited a moment and as the server refilled her coffee she said offhandedly: "He did seem a little forward on the way home last night, despite what you told him, but it was no big deal." She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked absently at her lap.

    Burt raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean by `forward'". "Oh, nothing," she said, looking out the window near their table and sipping the coffee, then putting her arm around her youngest.

    A few seconds went by. Burt persisted, with a grin. "No, I want to hear about it." "Don't worry about it," she said. They finished the breakfast and as they got in the car, the boys strapped in the back seat, Burt said: "I need to know what happened last night when you took Denny home." Their oldest son piped up: "Who are you talkin about? Denny our babysitter?" Audrey turned and said: "It's nothing." She looked at Burt and said: "He kissed me on the lips when I dropped him off," she said, putting on her sunglasses. The oldest said: "Who did?"

    They dropped it and went in the house. Burt said: "Maybe we should just hire some professional painters." Audrey looked at him and with a slight smile asked: "Are you afraid of him?" They were standing in the family room and he was on his way to the garage. "What?" he laughed. "Are you afraid of Denny?" she repeated. Her tone caused him to start. "No, of course not," he said. "You are, aren't you." she said, tilting her head significantly. He laughed excessively. "What kind of a question is that?" "Well.... call him then," Audrey said, walking away with a shake of her head. A murmur inside of her that told her it was perversely fun to play with her husband and push the right button.

    At about the time of this conversation, Denny had called two of his friends on a conference call. These were two jocks from the neighborhood, one of whom, Billy, was going downstate as a freshman in the Fall, and Lemont, who was already attending there. Denny said: "You guys won't believe the lady of the house where I was babysitting last night. She's incredible." Lemont said: "Another one of your imaginary dates, dude?" Billy chimed in: "Yeah - don't tell me - tits out to here and she really likes you." Denny protested. "Listen, I know I've been slow to get the love life goin'....." Lemont laughed: "Slow? Slow? How about the speed of a glacier?" Denny cut in: "....but I have something to tell you. Are you guys listening?" Billy laughed, then said: "What?" "No," Denny repeated, "are you guys listening?" Lemont was silent. Denny cleared his throat and said quietly: "Last night she gave me head and let me fuck her. And her tits ARE enormous." Denny heard prolonged laughter and "Yeah right asshole" from his friends. When they stopped he said: "I'm tellin' ya, she really wanted me to fuck her. She's totally horny." Billy said: "You woke me up for this bullshit? Goodbye!" Lemont said goodbye also, but after he stopped smiling he wondered if his friend was telling the truth.

    Not five minutes after that call, Burt telephoned Denny's house. In his best bud voice Mr. Miller spoke with Denny's father Roy briefly - they were sometime golf partners - then Denny got on the phone. Burt came on warmly. He was going to bond with this young man and neutralize his wife. Denny agreed to hunt down some friends and get back to Burt about painting their house.

    Denny's mom got on the phone so Denny jumped on the Internet and found Billy and Lemont on Instant Messaging. "You guys want to make some money?" he typed. "Yeah, of course," Billy answered. "All the time. I need money and pussy all the time," Lemont replied. Billy and Lemont's screens then showed: "We can make some good bucks painting a house. I just got a call." "I'm interested," Billy answered quickly. "Yeah I need to get me some money, and pussy," Lemont typed. Denny typed in caps: "GUESS WHOSE HOUSE!!!!" They typed nothing, and saw this text appear: "THAT MARRIED CHICK. HER HUSBAND ASKED ME." Denny saw his chance to show off. "You guys in?" he typed. Their replies were instantaneous: "I gotta see this," Billy typed. "When you pickin me up bro, oh I forgot you have no ride?" Lemont typed. Billy typed: "BE READY IN AN HOUR. I'LL DRIVE."

    As he was reading what had just been written Denny heard his dad yell from downstairs: "Hey Denny, phone." "Who is it?" he asked, clicking on sports scores. "Mrs. Miller." Denny's heart pounded as he picked up the phone in his room. His father came upstairs to change his shirt and wondered why Denny would close his door to take a phone call from his golf buddy's wife. His son had just babysat there last night. Curious, Denny's father discreetly picked up the extension in the master bedroom, his hand over the mouthpiece.

    Denny grabbed the phone and took a breath. "Hello?" Audrey's quiet, almost hard to hear, tender voice said: "Hello you." She was standing in front of her mirror with the cordless. "How are you?" Denny asked. "You know what I want," she said, rubbing her crotch with her free hand. "Uh, me too," he said, chuckling. "So are you going to paint our house?" she asked. "Yeah," he said, "Mr. Miller called me." "Did you tell my loving husband I fucked you last night?" she asked. Denny laughed, his voice rising slightly from the soft tone he had been speaking in. "Well, no, I didn't." She went on: "Did you tell him that I sucked your cock and you came all over me?" She laughed with his nervous denial. "Why not?" she asked innocently. He stumbled over his words and she laughed again. "I have a confession to make," he said. "Yeah..." she said. "My two friends and I were talking just before Mr. Miller called." "Oh?..." she said. Denny said: "I hope you won't get mad but I told them about you and me." He was worried she would be mad and when she said nothing he just kept talking, and lied about what he had said to them. "I just told them how beautiful you were and that we -----" Audrey reacted with curiosity. "Go on." He swallowed: "Kissed." She found herself more than tantalized by this kid telling his friends about her. "You're lying," she said, "you told them what we did, didn't you?" He said nothing. "Denny," she persisted. "OK, I did, I'm sorry, I had to tell somebody." Denny's father hung up the phone and walked in on Denny, forcing him to say: "OK, Mrs. Miller, thanks for asking us to paint for you. You won't be disappointed."

    Audrey had talked Burt into taking their sons to his mother's until after dinner. "I need a break," Audrey said, "and you know they love to go to Grandma's." She did not want the kids around when she could flirt with Denny - and the two friends he was bringing. The idea of their coming to her home, Denny and his two horny young friends, knowing what they know, with Burt right there too, got her mind racing.

    After Burt came back that afternoon from his mother's he noticed the three young men parked in the street in front of the Miller house for a moment before getting out. They were talking about how much money was at stake in the bet that they made. Denny's friends wagered that if they saw proof that this woman was doing their friend, they'd pay him fifty bucks - apiece, Denny insisted.

    Burt was in the garage entrance and walked out to the road as they debated . He smiled and said to Denny, "are you the professional house painters we called about?" He held out his hand and patted Denny on the shoulder. Denny introduced Lemont and Billy. As Burt met Lemont he said: "are you going to be corrupting this young man when he comes downstate?" They all laughed and Lemont grinned. "This young man? He is already corrupted!" Lemont was a tall, well built fellow, with a good six inch height over Burt. Burt was struck by the physique and the young man's large hands. Burt looked at Billy, "are you looking forward to college? Something tells me you better steer clear of these guys!" They all laughed again, and beyond the usual high energy emanating from teenagers, there was the added excitement on the minds of these three boys. They paced, they bobbed, they shifted weight from one foot to the other. Burt noticed their inability to relax. As they stood in the driveway each of them would look with curiosity toward the front door. Burt noticed the shifting glances and the sense that they sometimes were not paying attention to him as they talked.

    Denny and his friends were very eager to see Burt's wife and to check out her body. The taste of her was very much on Denny's mind. He could think of nothing else. His sexual adventure with this lusty mom led his friends to go slightly crazy with anticipation. Their groins were working overtime.

    Audrey freshened up in the upstairs bathroom. She could not stop thinking about Denny's admission that he had told his friends about her. She couldn't wait to see Denny again and meet his friends, and flirt in front of her husband.

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