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Mother / Wife / Daughter Blacked though Internet Dating

Discussion in 'Ideas for stories' started by blingblaster, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. blingblaster

    blingblaster Member Member

    Various modes of attack on this one, potential backdrops to other stories.

    1) Son finds out mother is ready to move on after divorce. Living in single parent household for years. Teenage son is obsessed with interracial porn and learns his mother will be using a certain dating site. Son sets up account on that site using what they know about their mother they're able to worm their way into her head despite their mother being a bit racist. They find a willing friend (or a random guy from Craigslist) to seal the deal after she has become smitten.

    2) Husband finds out wife is planning on cheating on him by finding credit card bill from dating site. Again sets up new account on that site, plans to have huge black guy fuck her silly. Uses what he knows to be the perfect match and she ends up getting gang banged or the like.

    3) Or a father overhears his daughter and friend talking about some new hookup site. Friend wants his daughter to go there since she's a prude and it would be a good start. Father cannot stop thinking about his daughter with BBC and sets up account and seduces his daughter before sending her off with the real thing.

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