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Mother Hotwifeing gone wrong (netorare)

Discussion in 'Ideas for stories' started by motherxbully, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. motherxbully

    motherxbully Member Member

    I had an idea for a story and I was wondering if someone would be willing to write it.

    Mother and son are in an incestuous relationship together. The son starts to develop an interest and curiosity for cuckolding and hotwives. He is turned on by the idea of flaunting his mother to other men and having them lust after her and eventually even starts to get curious about letting her fuck his friends or going to fuck his bullies.

    The son is taking a break from university when he develops these tastes. He talks it over with her and they both decide that the best way to explore this would be to share her with some of his friends from back at university. He goes back to the house he rents with his roommates and they decide to have a little get together with an entertainer for the night. The son makes a fake ad for the mother and gets his friends to hire her as the entertainment and later that night the mother shows up to be used by all of his friends as their plaything for the night while he is forced to only watch.

    At first the mother starts to act like a normal adult entertainer acting flirty and friendly. The 'hotwife' fantasy takes a horrible turn when at his college house because she gets drunk/high as the night goes on.

    The fact that the son and mother are related are kept a secret between them initially, but she does talk about his mother. Like "Who raised you?" and things like that while his friends are fucking her.

    As the night goes on she reveal his cuckolding/hotwife fantasy to his friends before making him act on it. She knows his room has a cock cage and cuffs in his desk. She goes and grabs them and offers a sexual reward to whoever can cage him and cuff him and leave him in the corner, then she says "tell them who I really am!" As she continues to fuck them.

    backstory for incest relationship:
    Dad died so she spoiled her son and he wanted sex so they started fucking. Deep down, she thinks he has a tiny cock and he's unsatisfying, but he doesn't know this.
  2. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Incest is the Best... Put your Mother to the Test
    A girl was giving a blow job and just as he fills her mouth with a large load of cum... He says "Damn Sis you give better head than mom"... She giggles and replies "yeah that's what daddy says too"
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  3. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    I usually cum *a lot* before I can finish writing a good incest/cuckold combo, then just delete it without publishing it.
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  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Well Stop That! The deleting I mean... Wank if it helps
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  5. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    Let me think on this! it sounds like a hot story! I am working on a few so it might take me a few days!
  6. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    Bad thoughts would be - the mother poisoning her hubby to get free for the son and blcks and earning and spending his heritage.
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  7. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    I am prepared with the first chapter. Look for a story called "the cuckold son" coming very soon!
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