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. Monica Comes Out

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Monica Comes Out

    by RLM


    At age 28, Monica Ellison had a well-ordered, and she thought, fulfilling life style. Having married Walter at age 20 and given birth to Joanne six months later, she had had to resign her secretarial and bookkeeping position to take care of her new daughter. Although she missed the challenge of her former position as assistant to one of the company vice-presidents, she loved taking care of Joanne. One year later, Monica had their second child whom they named Jack at Walter's suggestion.

    Even though Monica was not bringing in an extra paycheck, Walter's job as a highly successful real estate agent provided more than sufficient income for the Ellisons to live comfortably, if not lavishly. Their 1700 square foot home was relatively new, in a good neighborhood, with a small pool in the back, and attractively furnished.

    Joanne and Jack were well-behaved and reasonably intelligent children. There had never been any serious disciplinary problems with either child, and now that Joanne was in the third grade and Jack in the second, it was obvious that they were good students and very likely to remain so.

    In addition to being gainfully employed with a good salary, Walter always helped with the housework and with the children. He had several hobbies and showed a strong interest in hers. Except for an occasional social drink, he rarely drank at all. When he did take a drink, it was limited to one, or at most, two. Walter had never smoked or used drugs and showed no interest in starting. As far as Monica could tell, he was a 100% straight arrow who had never cheated. In fact, he often failed entirely to notice a gorgeous woman who was dressed hot and sexy.

    In the bedroom, Walter had proven himself to be a gentle and considerate lover. At least, Monica thought so, even though she had nothing against which to compare Walter's performance since she had been a virgin when she first had sex with Walter. After eight years of marriage, they still enjoyed intercourse two or three times a week. Although their lovemaking was somewhat routine and not intense, Monica was having an orgasm at least half of the time. And even when she didn't, she still enjoyed the feelings of closeness that the sexual contact produced.

    When the children started school leaving her with little to do with her time during the day, she felt a change was in order. Specifically, she wanted to go back to work so that she could make use of her considerable secretarial and bookkeeping skills. As usual, Walter was completely supportive and encouraged her to see if she could find an attractive and interesting job.

    With her experience and letters of reference from her former employer, not to mention her physical beauty, she received an offer from every application she submitted. Prospective employers were eager to meet her needs as far as time was concerned so she could be home by 5 PM to pick up her children from the after-school daycare center. They all offered attractive salaries and benefits packages.

    After looking over a half-dozen job offers, she finally selected a company based on their stability and potential as well as her impression of the man for whom she would be working. The only negative was that the job would sometimes require working late or in the evenings. Walter didn't object, noting that he could easily take care of the children when she had to work in the evenings or late.

    So it was that at age 28, Monica Ellison was once again gainfully employed in the workforce of an up and coming company.

    On the Job:

    On the basis of her prior experience and letters of recommendation, Monica was initially assigned the job of executive assistant to Daniel Markam, Assistant Vice President of Marketing. After a week on the job, every thing was going so smoothly, she felt like she had never left the work force.

    On Friday of her first week, she was having coffee with Wilma Samson, a secretary for one of the division managers. After introducing themselves, they were each enjoying a cup of coffee with a croissant when Wilma lowered her voice and asked, "Well, Monica, has Markam hit on you yet?"

    Totally surprised by the question, Monica responded, "No. Not even a hint. Why would you think he would be hitting on me? He knows I'm married."

    "Honey, that's the kind Markam likes best. Married women are experienced. They have to be discrete, and most of them aren't getting much in the way of sex from their hubbys. So, are you sure he hasn't hit on you?"

    Thinking back, Monica remembered that Mr. Markam had suggested they have dinner together the following week to discuss the upcoming marketing initiative and her part in it. When she told Wilma that, Wilma smiled knowingly and said, "See. First dinner and then back to his apartment to continue the discussion of the upcoming projects and then more to drink and then next thing you know, he's between your legs sticking it in."

    "Well, first, I wouldn't go back to his apartment with him and I don't drink, and why in the world would I even consider having sex with him? I've only known him for a week."

    "Honey, the word is that Markam's very smooth, great in bed, and he's got a 9-inch dick that's very thick. Some of the girls have told me that they came as soon as he put it in them, and before he finished fucking them, they said they'd had at least eight orgasms. Those are pretty good reasons to try him out in bed, don't you think?"

    "Cheat on my husband? No way! Why should I? Why would I?"

    "Has any guy you've had sex with ever gotten you off eight times in one evening."

    "The only man I've ever had sex with is my husband, and well, of course, he hasn't made me climax eight times in one evening. That's impossible."

    Now it was Wilma's turn to be totally shocked. "You're kidding me, right? You've got to be kidding me. What are you... 26? 27? 28 years old?"

    "I'm 28."

    "28 years old and you're telling me you've never fucked anyone but your husband?"

    "That's right... I'm sure that's the case with most women."

    "I really don't want to be the one to remove the blinders from your eyes, Monica, but I don't know a single woman... not one... who hasn't had multiple sex partners. In fact, most of the women I know have had well over a dozen. And you're also wrong about it being impossible for a woman to have eight orgasms in one evening."

    "I don't think I believe you, Wilma. It's none of my business, but I told you so I guess that sort of gives me the right to ask... how many men have you had?"

    "Well, I'm 36, so I've been around longer than you... so far, I've enjoyed 19 different men."

    "My god! 19? What does your husband say?"

    Wilma laughed. "You don't think I tell him, do you? What hubby doesn't know won't hurt him or me."

    "Have you had eight climaxes in one evening?"

    "Many times, Honey. Many times. I used to hook up with a guy who had a 10-inch cock. Oh Honey... when Hal banged me with that pussy pleaser, I couldn't stop begging him for it or stop cumming. He just got me off again and again. Even when I was finally begging him to let me rest, he just kept hammering it into me, and I just continued to climax. God! That man really knew how to bang my drum and my pussy."

    "I've never heard anything like what you're telling me, Wilma. Ever. I guess you must think I'm really dumb."

    "Not at all! The word's already out that you're really sharp and a great asset to the company. The girls in more advanced positions are worried about you taking their jobs... especially if you make use of that hot body of yours. You've just been sort of cloistered, so to speak."

    "Make use of my body?"

    "You know... spread your legs for Markam. He'll pass the word and the higher ups will transfer you to their office so they can enjoy what's between your legs... so on and so forth... up the company ladder you go."

    "Why did you think that Markam would be hitting on me anyway?"

    "He's hit on the last three secretaries who have worked for him. The first was Mary Hamilton. Everyone knew for a fact that he was fucking her on his desk and in the evening practically every day. That was the problem. Every one knew it, including her husband who raised holy hell and Mary had to quit."

    "See. That's what I mean. Why risk a marriage for some sex?"

    "Not some sex... but the greatest sex Mary had ever had. She told me that Markam was a cock master... those were her very words... 'an absolute cock master'."

    "Anyway, the girl after that was Vera Donalds. She lasted a couple of weeks before Markam started banging her after hours in the office and in motels. She eventually got pregnant, had to have an abortion. After that, she quit."

    "So that one didn't turn out well either, right?"

    "No, it didn't. After Vera came Susan. She was as hot for Markam as he was for her. Every time we had coffee or a girl's night out, she would relate all the hot details of how he fucked her. She worked for him and under him for two years before her husband was transferred to a different part of the country, and she had to leave."

    "I guess you'd have to say that one worked out well," I conceded.

    "It did until Susan had to leave. You're her replacement, and you've been working a whole week and haven't had Markam's big dick up your pussy yet. I think that's a record."

    "How about you, Wilma. Does your boss have sex with you?"

    "My boss is John Williamson. He's a great looking guy... very sexy... but he's gay. However, the assistant division manager is Craig Nelson. He's a 33 year old stud and far from gay. He bangs me regularly."

    "How often is regularly, if you don't mind my asking?"

    "Regularly is whenever he wants me during the day or whenever he wants me and I can get away during the evening. Three or four times a week, on average."

    "Do all the women at this company have sex like that?"

    "No. Not all, just a lot. Listen, we have a girl's night out every Thursday night. You just missed the one last night. How about joining us next Thursday, and you can hear all the hot gossip for yourself. You don't have to do or say anything. Just listen and learn. It'll be fun. At the very least, it will get you heated up for your hubby later in the evening."

    "I'll think about it."

    "Do that... then join us. By the way, how big is your husband's dick?"

    "What kind of question is that anyway?"

    "The kind two women who have telling each other their secrets ask. Come on, Monica, fess up."

    "Walter's penis is almost six inches when erect. We measured it once."

    "Then Walter's dick... excuse me, Honey, I mean Walter's penis is almost average," Wilma said giggling.

    "What's bad about that?" I asked defensively.

    "Nothing. Not a thing. My Ralph's penis is about the same size... six inches when hard. He makes me cum frequently with it. Don't you get off when Walter fucks you?"

    "Most of the time... well... about half the time."

    "That's good. Some women get off much less than that with their husbands. But, you can see the attraction of a great lover with a huge cock who can make your pussy explode 8, 9, 10 times a night or more... right?"

    "I admit that it does sound like it would be fun at the moment, but later, I would feel so guilt ridden that I wouldn't be able to stand it. I just could never do it."

    "Fine... but you can join us for some sexy talk on girl's night out, right? You've enjoyed our chat haven't you? Tell me truth... aren't your panties just a little damp now?"

    I blushed to the very roots of my hair. "More than just a little. So much so that I'm ashamed of myself."

    "Bull shit. You're enjoying it. Aren't you?"

    "Yeah.. I am. I hope we can do this more often."

    "Sure. How about every day at coffee break and again at lunch time?"

    "See you at lunch."


    That evening after Jack and Joanne had gone to bed, I brought a cup of coffee to Walter as he looked over the programs that were on TV. I sat down beside him on the couch with my own coffee.

    "Honey, one of the other women at work suggested that my boss, Mr. Markam, might make sexual advances toward me."

    "Really? Has he already done so?"

    "No. Nothing. Frankly, I don't think he will, but if he does, I can handle it. I'll just turn him down."

    "Ok. So what's the problem?"

    "Well, I really like my job. If he hits on me and I turn him down, are we Ok? Or are you going to demand I quit?"

    "Of course not. You make those decisions, not me."

    "Thank you, Darling. I was hoping you'd feel that way."

    "I wonder why the other women think your boss will made sexual advances to a married woman? If you were single, it would be sort of expected since he's divorced. But since you're married, there wouldn't be much point in making advances that would have no chance of success."

    As we watched TV later that evening, I reflected again and again on my husband's comment. Of course, I knew that I would reject any advance Mr. Markam made, but I wondered why Walter felt that he would have no chance."

    Girl's Night Out:

    On Wednesday of the following week, I found myself eagerly anticipating Girl's Night Out on Thursday night. Just as Wilma had predicted, when I had had a working dinner with Mr. Markam on Tuesday evening, he failed to finish filling me in on the new marketing initiatives during the dinner and then suggested that we continue at his apartment.

    I had refused, of course, but when I had gotten home, my panties were wet. I couldn't remember ever being so eager for sex. Walter was clearly shocked when I suggested we turn in early so we would have plenty of time to fuck. It was the first time in years that I had referred to our love making as 'fucking'.

    "That's a great idea," he had replied. "You know I'm always ready to make love to you, Monica."

    "I really feel more like being fucked than being made love to, Honey. I want you to fuck me."

    "For us, it's the same thing, Darling." Walter made slow, gentle love to me for 30 minutes before he whispered that he was about to cum. As his orgasm approached, he did speed up a little and thrust into me a little harder. It was hard enough that I climaxed moments before he did.


    I arrived at "The Watering Hole" just after Wilma had arrived. The other girls weren't there yet. She took one look at me in my black business suit and shook her head. "Hell, Monica. We're here to have fun... to dance with some sexy guys, and to swap juicy gossip. Why are you wearing that business suit. And my god, you even brought your briefcase along with you! Why?"

    "Because I didn't have any other way to bring a change of clothes without having my husband ask me a bunch of questions. You didn't tell me what to wear, so I wore something conservative but brought along something casual if the suit wasn't appropriate."

    "Hey! Good thinking, Girl. What hubby doesn't know won't hurt you. Right?" she said with a laugh.

    "I didn't do it to conceal anything from Walter. I just didn't know what to wear this first time. Looking at you, it's pretty obvious that I'm way overdressed. I'll go change."

    "Do you like the way I look, Monica?" Wilma asked obviously pleased.

    "Oh yes. You look extremely attractive and desirable." Then, lowering my voice, I whispered, "But you're accidentally exposing your panties, Wilma."

    "Nothing accidental about it, Honey. That's to attract the guys."

    I hurried to the ladies room hoping to change before the other girls arrived. After taking out the black dress I had brought along and my heels, I carefully packed my business suit back in my briefcase. I couldn't help giggling as I slipped into the tight, skimpy yellow panties. Walter would be shocked if he knew I had bought them earlier in the week just for tonight. Then, I pulled on the black dress and buttoned it down the front.

    Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I was both pleased and shocked. The dress ended about four inches above my knees. It was easily the shortest dress I had ever worn. And the four-inch heels were the highest I had ever owned. I thought I looked attractive but not slutty.

    Just before I left the ladies room, I remembered how Wilma's dress showed some of her cleavage, not much but a little. My dress didn't show any. I had 34D breasts and thought "Why not show a little of them? What harm could it do?" On impulse, I opened the top button of my dress to expose a little of my breasts. It was the first time I had ever done that. It seemed to me like tonight was really a night of 'firsts' for me. I was smiling when I left the ladies room.

    When Wilma saw me, she smiled and said, "Now, that's a lot better. But next time, wear a shorter dress, and you might consider opening another button or two at the top, and maybe one or two at the bottom."

    "I can't do that. I already feel half naked in this dress, Wilma."

    "Ok. It was just a suggestion, but the other girls will be arriving soon. Check out how they're going to be dressed."

    Almost as soon as Wilma said it, Helen Graham and Dora McCall arrived. Helen's green dress was at least three inches higher on her thighs than my dress was on mine. The bodice plunged all the way below her breasts exposing her bra as well as a lot of her 34C breasts. Her black sandals looked really sexy.

    Dora was in her early 40's and married, but she was dressed even more erotically than the other women. Her brief halter almost couldn't contain her large breasts, and her cutoff jeans looked like they were sprayed on they were so tight. Her shoes not only had 4-inch heels, they were also clear plastic platforms. I wondered how a married woman could manage to get up the nerve to wear such a slutty outfit in public.

    Both Dora and Helen smiled when they sat down at our table. "Hey, Monica. Wilma said you were going to join us. Can't wait to find out if Markam's gotten into your panties yet. You've been working for him for about 10 days. It usually doesn't take him that long," Dora said with a wide grin.

    "Anyone want to make a bet?" Helen asked. "I bet he's already fucked her. Wilma? Wanna bet?"

    "Wouldn't be fair. I already know the answer. Wait until Jane and Lorna arrive. One of them will probably be willing to make a small wager."

    "Speak of the sluts," Dora said. "Here they are now."

    I and most of the men in the club were watching the two women who were entering the club. Jane's colorful print dress just barely covered her ass. Like Helen's dress, the bodice plunged to her navel. If her breasts had been larger, they would have fallen out of the flimsy garment. When she sat down, she opened her legs letting all of us and most of men in the club see her nearly transparent black panties.

    Lorna was wearing a jean skirt that didn't quite cover her ass. Her red top was totally open except for the bottom button. Her bra and half of her tits were on display. I really felt overdressed at this point.

    "Hey, you two sluts. I'm offering a bet on whether or not Markam has gotten into Monica panties yet or not. She's been working for him almost two weeks now. Any takers?"

    "What's the stakes?" Lorna wanted to know.

    "The loser gives the winner head... how's that?" Helen suggested.

    "Ok. That's essentially an all win - no lose bet. Either way, it's fun. I'll bet Markam hasn't fucked her yet."

    At this point, the cocktail waitress arrived and took our drink orders. I tried to order a diet coke, but Wilma stopped that immediately. "Bull shit! No soft drinks. Order something to loosen you up, Honey."

    "I don't know what to order. I never drink... or at least, very rarely. Why don't you order something for me?"

    "Ok. Bring a screwdriver and a bloody mary. She can taste both and take her pick. I'll take the other one."

    As soon as the waitress left, Helen grinned and leaned closer to me. "Ok... you're on. It's time to fess up, Monica. Tell us all about your first two weeks with the satyr."

    All five of the women looked expectantly. "Well," I began, "I haven't had sex with Mr. Markam. I can tell you that."

    "Hot Damn! I expect you to get me off on your hot tongue before the evening's over, Helen."

    "Shit! Ok. When do you want it? Right now? Want me under the table?"

    "No, not yet. I'll let you stew about it for awhile. Go on, Monica. He's hit on you, hasn't he?"

    "Yeah, I guess he has," I admitted.

    "So tell us all the hot details, Honey," Wilma pressed.

    "He asked me to have a working dinner with him so he could inform me about all the new marketing initiatives coming up and what my responsibilities would be. By the time dinner was over, he still hadn't finished so he asked me up to his apartment for a drink and to finish our discussion."

    "Right," Jane said sarcastically. "After Markam got enough drinks in you, the only discussion you'd hear would be "Spread your legs, Honey. So what happened when he got you in his apartment?"

    "He didn't. I turned down his offer. I never went to his apartment. He wasn't happy. But I told him that I was a married woman and couldn't do that. He said he had no intention of telling my husband and that if we were going to be working together, it didn't have to be all work or something like that. But I refused anyway."

    "Wow. That must have been a first for Markam," Helen commented. "He's usually banging his secretary the first week on the job. Why did you turn him down?"

    "Why? Because I'm married."

    All five women looked at each other and then at me as if I were some kind of alien. "You do know, don't you, that Markam has a huge, 9-inch cock that thicker than my wrist?" Dora asked.

    "Wilma told me he was big."

    "And you weren't interested?? How big is your husband's cock anyway?" Dora pressed.

    "He about five and a half inches probably average thickness."

    "And you turned down a huge 9-inch dick?? Why? You have no idea how many times Markam's cock would make you cum. He's sort of a stuck up ass, but he really knows how to ring a woman's bell."

    "She not only turned him down," Wilma explained. "she's turned down every other guy who's tried. The only man she's ever had is Walter, her husband."

    "I don't believe it! No Way!" Jane stated flatly. "I know you're 28. How can a woman go 28 years and not have any interest in finding out what another cock is like? Particularly a huge cock like Markam has. Aren't you even curious?"

    "Well, of course, I'm curious, but not enough to cheat on my husband. How about the rest of you. Do any of you have sex with someone else besides your husband or boyfriend?"

    "What do you think, Honey? My husband went on a fishing trip on Tuesday. I've already screwed three guys since he left. I told Felix to come over around 11 PM tonight, so I have to get home by that time."

    "Is Felix hung?" Jane wanted to know.

    "A little over 8 inches and hard as stone. It feels like an iron bar inside me when he fucking me." Both Wilma and Lorna moaned softly at the mental image.

    Everyone looked around the table to see who else might confess to some indiscretion. Finally, Wilma grinned and said, "Craig fucked me on his desk this afternoon."

    "Doggy?" Dora asked.

    "No. He wanted me on my back with my heels up on his shoulders."

    "I prefer to get it doggy bent over the desk, but on my back with my legs up and his cock in deep is a close second," Dora replied.

    "Do all of you have sex with men other than your husbands or boyfriends?" I asked both curious and shocked.

    "Guilty as charged," Jane confessed. "You're the only holdout. And frankly, I don't understand it. You've got a husband with a five-inch dick who only makes love to you ... never just fucks your ass off. And Wilma said you told her that you only get off once and only that about half the time. How can you not be interested in what else is out there."

    "Well tonight, as soon as she dances with some of the guys here, she's gonna to at least find out what a big cock feels like when it's pressed against her mound," Lorna noted.

    "I'm not so sure with that long dress on and it buttoned up almost all the way to the top," Wilma said. "Monica, undo another couple of buttons at the top so some of the men will be trying to get you out on the dance floor. The least you can do is see what big cocks feel like against your belly. Come on. You owe it to yourself to at least try."

    I wanted to do what Wilma said, but I just didn't have the nerve. My hands moved to the top closed button, fingered it, but then moved away leaving it fastened. "Oh shit," Dora hissed. "You're acting like a fifteen-year old school girl. Let me fix that dress!"

    She moved to my side and slipped her fingers into the top button. Whereas I had fumbled and hesitated, Dora just flicked open the top button, stepped back to survey her work, and then moved her fingers to the next button. When she stepped back the second time, my dress was open below my breasts exposing my bra.

    "Damn, she's even wearing a bra," Dora exclaimed. "Honey, you don't come to Girl's Night Out wearing a damn bra. That's got to go!" I felt paralyzed... unable to even move or protest... as Dora pulled my dress off my shoulders, unhooked my strapless bra, removed it, and tossed it into the middle of the table as all the women applauded.

    "Now isn't that better? With your dress opened like that, you can bet your ass that you won't have to wait long before some sexy hunk has you out on the dance floor."

    At that point, a young guy in jeans and a white T-shirt came over and asked Lorna to dance. She ginned, took his arm, and in less than a minute, they were clinging to each other on the dance floor. I couldn't take my eyes off the pair. He was holding her tightly against his body. Lorna's seemed to be grinding herself against the large bulge in the guy's pants. Even as far away as I was, it was obvious that he had a huge erection.

    When the first song ended, they stood together in the middle of dance floor kissing. I was shocked once more when I saw that Lorna was squeezing the guy's cock right there in front of everyone.

    I was still watching mesmerized as Lorna squeezed and stroked the guy's large bulge when I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. Turned, I saw it was a guy who looked to be in his mid-twenties. He was smiling broadly as he used his elevated position to stare down my cleavage. I had an urge to cover myself, but somehow I resisted it.

    "I hope you're not offended by my staring at your gorgeous tits. Just can't help it, they're so attractive. Even from the bar, I was turned on by them. Would you like to dance? I'm Brad. Please say yes and make my day."

    When I hesitated, Wilma spoke up. "She'd love to dance with you. This is her first time here, and she's just shy. Go on, Monica. Dance with the nice man. Make his day even better."

    He took my arm and led me to the dance floor. A minute or so later, I found myself in the arms of a man other than my husband dancing with him... another first for me. Brad was an excellent dancer but all that was lost on me when I felt his rigid, iron-hard erection pressed hard against my mound. In my four-inch heels, my pussy was just about level with his penis so that every time he took a dance step, his throbbing shaft slid sensuously over and around my pussy.

    "MMmmmm... your breasts feel good against my chest. You're easily the most beautiful woman I've danced with in probably forever."

    In spite of myself, I felt my face flush with pleasure and my clitoris throb. His hands moved lower onto my ass. At first, I reached back and moved them back to my waist.

    Shocked, he asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

    "No... not really. It's just that I'm married."

    "I know... that makes you even more sensuous and desirable... the forbidden fruit, so to speak. I know you enjoy feeling my body against yours. I can tell."


    "You're breathing harder... your tits are heaving, and your hips are rotating slightly against me. You have me so hard. I can't remember being this hard dancing with a woman before. I'm going to put my hands on your gorgeous ass again. I can't help it. I just have to feel you."

    His hands again moved downward until they covered my buttocks. Slowly, he moved his hands over the full expanse of my ass and then pulled me firmly against his organ. I heard myself moan.

    "We shouldn't be doing this," I whispered. "Please stop."

    "All you have to do is walk away and leave me alone on the dance floor, but if you stay, you're just too gorgeous... too delicious... too hot for me to stop. Besides, you don't want me to stop."

    "Oh god... MMmmmmmm." I couldn't suppress the moan that issued from my throat. He ground his hard shaft even harder against my pussy. I could now feel my clitoris beginning to swell and throb. I was shocked to hear myself asking him, "How big is it? It feels huge."

    "Close to nine inches. Do you like big ones?"

    "I've never had one."

    "Never? Not ever? Your husband is small?"

    "Five inches... he's the only man I've ever had." When I said that, I felt his cock lurch hard against my pussy.

    "Oh my god! You have no idea how much that turns me on." He leaned closer to me, pressed his lips against my ear and whispered, "I want to fuck you. I've got to fuck you."

    "I can't. I'm married."

    "Your pussy and body say otherwise." His hands began pulling my dress upward. I felt the cool breeze against my upper thighs... then against my buttocks. He had my panty-covered ass exposed and his hands on my bare flesh. I knew I should pull away... should run back to my car, but I was paralyzed by the huge male shaft that was now humping against my clitoris and my slit. With a shock, I realized that I had automatically spread my legs enough to let him grind his organ right against me. Then, I felt his fingers sliding beneath my panties.

    "I am going to fuck you, Monica."

    "Oh god no! I can't take a penis as large as yours. You'll tear me apart. Please... let me go... don't fuck me... please."

    "I won't hurt you a bit... if it hurts at all, I'll stop, but it's not going to hurt... all it's going to do is make you cum harder than you've ever cum in your life."

    His fingers found my anus, and I moaned in hot arousal. They moved between my thighs. I spread wider as his fingers slipped back and forth between my swollen labia. "Ooohhhhhh... OOOohhhhh... OOOoohhhh." Glancing back at our table, I saw that every woman was watching this guy working on me. Wilma gave me a big thumbs up.

    "Your pussy is soaked. I knew it would be. You're more than ready to be fucked, Monica... aren't you?" he asked just as his fingers entered me.

    "AAAHHHHaaaaa... ooohhhhh god... mmmmmmmm... AAAhhhhh."

    "Well, are you ready?" His fingers gently stroked my throbbing clitoris.

    All the other wives were dressed hot, and before Brad escorted me off the dance floor,
    my tits were hanging out and my ass was on display.

    "UUnnnnnnmmmmmm... yes. Oh god, YES! I'm a total slut... a dirty whore, but I want it. Take me somewhere and fuck me, Brad."

    "You're not a slut... you're a passionate woman who has denied herself for years and years. That's too long. I'm going to take you to my apartment where we can enjoy each other more fully."


    When Brad escorted me to his car, he made certain that he kept in a constant state of arousal and heat never giving me a chance to regain control of my wildly excited body. His hand stayed under my dress and inside my panties caressing and stroking my ass until he helped me into the passenger side of his car.

    As we drove to his apartment, he had my body pressed against his side with his hand working between my thighs keeping me boiling hot. When he stopped the car in front of his apartment, my legs were wide open as his fingers moved up and down the length of my slit. Like a whore, I was thrusting myself against his hand trying to entice him to move beneath the panties. Even when he got out and opened the passenger-side door to help me out, I kept one foot up on the seat with my legs wide open. I felt like a total slut, but I wanted him to see me like that.

    I kept my legs wide open so Brad could see my legs,
    thighs, and panty-covered cunt.

    I was in a daze. I couldn't believe that I had allowed Brad to take me to his apartment where he obviously intended to fuck me. I knew I should ask him to take me back to my car so I could go home to Walter, but my body didn't want to go home to my husband. I could still feel that huge bulge pressing hard against my pussy while we were dancing. I had never felt anything like it.

    As soon as we were inside his apartment, his arms pulled me close. When his mouth descended onto mine, it seemed like my mouth just automatically opened. His tongue entered and I opened even wider... much wider than I did for Walter. It seemed natural to do what this man wanted, and I knew he wanted my mouth wide open.

    Brad's kiss was nothing like my husband's. When Walter kissed me, his lips would gently press against mine. When he wanted to touch my tongue with his, he would slowly slide the tip over my lips, and I would open my mouth enough for him to slip inside the let our tongues lovingly caress. Brad's kiss was the hard, demanding kiss of an excited male who wanted complete access and intended to get it. I felt like I had to open my mouth as wide as possible. His tongue didn't gently caress mine. It took possession of my mouth, fucking it like it were my pussy. When his tongue withdrew, I knew he wanted mine deep inside his mouth. I pushed it in as my body trembled and shuddered.

    The entire time our mouths worked feverishly together, our tongues thrusting back and forth, his organ was grinding into my pussy. There was no way I could possibly keep my hips from moving... thrusting hard against his grinding shaft. It felt so big... so long... so thick... so hard. When Walter was about to ejaculate, his penis would become very hard, but Brad's organ was already harder than Walter's ever got, and I hadn't even touched it yet. I could feel my juices pouring out of my vagina.

    "Feel my cock, Monica. Feel its length... its girth. See how hard it is for you. Then take it out."

    "Oh god... I can't. I'm married. Please."

    "Feel me! Now!"

    I heard myself moaning helplessly as my hand moved downward. I could feel the heat of his organ even before I touched his pants. When my hand did touch him, it jerked spastically, like a caged python... enraged... coiled.... ready to strike... deadly. Again it pulsed. Closing my hand around him, I was stunned at its thickness. I couldn't begin to get my hand around it when it was inside his pants.

    "Oh my... it's just huge! OOoohh... OOoohh. I've never felt anything like it. I could never take it... never.:

    "You'll take every inch of it, Monica. Take it out. Unzip me and take it out. Kneel down so you can see it up close."

    I was on my knees without even realizing that I had knelt in front of him. My fingers were shaking so badly, Brad had to guide them to his zipper. I lowered it, and moaned at the awesome sight of his cock thrusting out the top of his briefs. At least three inches of impossibly thick penis protruded upward... throbbing... clear liquid running from the open tip. I had never seen Walter's penis do that.

    "Are you already cumming?" I asked totally puzzled.

    "No. That's called precum... it’s a lubricating fluid that a man secretes when a woman has him wildly excited. Use you tongue and lick it off my cock."

    If Walter had demanded that I do something so gross, I would have refused. I didn't even think about refusing Brad. Eagerly, I slid my tongue up his throbbing dick and over the swollen head scooping up his precum as I went. When I had licked him clean, I swallowed and felt my vagina contract hard in response.

    "MMmmmm... loved that," he hissed with masculine pleasure that sent shivers through me. "Now it's your turn. Let's get those big tits out. I can't wait to see them. Take them out."

    Eagerly, I opened several more buttons and pulled both of my tits out. They seemed swollen... even bigger than their normal 34D size. Brad's cock surged upward when he saw them. The huge organ was standing almost vertically right in front of my eyes as he squeezed and explored my now heaving breasts. I had never seen Walter's cock stand straight up like Brad's was doing. When he caressed and handled my nipples, his cock jerked and throbbed... swelling even larger right in front of my eyes.

    "Now suck me, Monica. Suck me and enjoy the feeling of a big cock inside your mouth for the first time."

    I couldn't wait. I don't think I was ever as eager to have Walter's cock in my mouth as I was to have this huge dick inside every one of my holes. Pulling it down until it was parallel to the floor, I took the big head inside my mouth. My clitoris began to throb.

    "OOoohhhh.... OOOooohhh... OOOoohhh AAAhhhhh... aahhh god... yesss!"

    "Did you cum, Monica?" Brad asked obviously surprised but pleased.

    "Yes. Oh yes. I came. I don't believe it... but I did. I came! Sit on the couch, Brad, so I can get into a better position to suck you." He didn't have to be asked twice. Once he was seated, I was able to move over his cock and take more of him inside my mouth.

    At first, three inches was all I could get in. But after working it in and out for several minutes I was able to suck over half of it.

    By the time Brad pulled his cock from my eager mouth, I had forgotten all about my husband and children. All I wanted was more of that beautiful, huge shaft. He could have me anyway he wanted, and we both knew it.

    All I could do was moan when Brad carried me to the bed. Laying me on my back, he ordered me to pull my legs back until I had my knees outside of my tits. "Bend your knees but keep those hot heels pointed toward the ceiling, Monica. Spread wide. Open yourself as much as possible so you can take my cock."

    When I was in the position he had ordered, he knelt on the bed his thighs pressing against my buttocks. Fisting his cock, he stared at the pulsing hole of my gaping pussy. "God... but you do look hot and ready, Baby. Are you?"

    "OOoohhhh," I groaned.

    "Answer me are you ready?"

    "YES!" I shouted. "I'm ready. FUCK ME!" Please put it in me."

    "With pleasure, Honey." He rose up over me, his feet planted solidly on the bed. When his upper body bent over and moved between my upraised legs, his cock was pointed right at my throbbing hole. His hips snapped forward powerfully drilling his massive shaft into my cunt.


    Mercifully, Brad did stop, but left five inches of thick dick sunk into me. My vagina pulsed and throbbed around it. I was already filled with more cock than my husband had ever given me. Walter had five inches but his penis wasn't anywhere close to as thick as Brad's. Brad's penis stretched the walls of my pussy twice as much as Walter's. He flexed his huge dick inside me, and I wailed with the intensity of the sensation.

    "Oh Fuck! Just feeling your huge penis inside me ... swelling and throbbing... is gonna make me cum... Pump me little, Honey, but go slow and not too deep yet." Brad gave me three or four slow, sensuous strokes. Each time he pulled four inches out, my labia clung to his shaft like it couldn't bear to have it leave. When he thrust it back into me, the lips of my pussy disappeared inside my hole as he stretched me open again.

    After the fourth torturously slow thrust, six inches of his thick sex spike were inside me pressing against my G-spot and putting awesome friction on my clit.

    "UUnn... UUnn... UUnnn... aaahhh... OOhhh fuck... Oooohhh fuck... cumming... I'm cumming... oh my god... you're making me cummmm," I squealed as my hips drove upward taking a seventh inch of dick into my erupting hole.

    Again, Brad stopped fucking me and just flexed his shaft and pressed it against my throbbing clit and G-spot. The hard pressure on my G-spot was something my husband couldn't possibly give me. The sensation of fullness sent ripples of pleasure up and down the length of my vagina. Slowly... ever so tantalizingly slowly... Brad began to fuck me again. I wailed in another orgasm.

    This time he didn't stop. Fucking me steadily right through my orgasm, he drove 8 inches into me. I gasped even louder. Several strokes pumped into me at this depth before he grasped my ass in his hands, held me in perfect fucking position, and rammed his full length into my hugely stretched hole.

    "OOOHHHHH UUUNNGGGH... GGGHHHAAAA.... aahh aahh aahh aahh aahh aahh... oh fuck meeee... fuck it ... fuck it... AAAAHHHHH!"

    Without warning, my pussy exploded in hard contractions around his pounding shaft. My legs shot straight out... rigid... my toes curling back. Every thrust drove the head of his dick into my womb. I couldn't stop cumming or howling.

    "Wanna be on top so you can fuck me?" Brad whispered in my ear.

    "Oh yes... please... put me on top so I can fuck you, Honey," I hissed. Brad held me around the waist and turned over so that I was now on top in cowgirl position. Although he had tried to keep his shaft buried in me as we turned, it had slipped out of my pussy.

    "Oh please... put it back in me," I heard myself moaning. I couldn't remember ever having given my husband the pleasure of hearing me beg for his cock like that.

    "Sink your cunt down my cock, Monica. You know how to get a man's dick into your hot hole. Do it!"

    Maneuvering my pussy over his dick, I got the head right at my opening and worked it into my quivering hole.

    A hot grunt of pleasure erupted from my mouth as I rammed myself down on it. Eight inches of delicious man meat sank into my pussy... no, I mentally corrected myself... eight of hot cock sank into my cunt. I couldn't wait. Frantically, I pounded my hips up and down his throbbing shaft.

    "Fuck harder, Slut. I'm gonna shoot a load into you!"

    "OOohhh," I moaned thrilling at the thought that Brad's sex gun was going to shoot off inside my hole. "YES! CUM IN ME! SHOOT IT INNNNNNN!" I howled. My ass went into overdrive taking his full length inside me on every thrust. He rammed upward as I forced my vagina downward. When his dick exploded inside me, I came again. We were both screaming and grunting... high-pitched squeals of female pleasure mixed with the hot grunts and growls of a man shooting his load into a throbbing cunt.

    My pussy throbbed in orgasm as I sucked Brad’s huge cock. I couldn’t take all of it, but it pulsed and jerked
    so hard, I knew he enjoyed it. Then he fucked me… on my back and with me riding his cock.
    I came for the fourth or fifth time when his load flooded my vagina.

    When I felt his dick cease contracting inside my vagina, I let my weight settle down on his body. Struggling to catch my breath, I moaned in his ear, "God... that was fantastic. I've never, ever been fucked like that, Brad. I love your big cock."

    "You talk like we're finished?"

    "Aren't we?"

    "Hardly. You're going to have to drain my balls a lot more than once before we'll be finished, Monica. Squeeze your pussy around my dick... Get me hard again."

    It was another first for me! Walter always took at least 30 minutes or more to get hard again after his orgasm, and usually he only fucked me one time. This man obviously intended to screw me multiple times! Just the thought had me hot and ready for more. I squeezed his rod with my vaginal muscles... milking him... sliding slowly and sensuously up and down a few inches of his hardening dick. He got bigger... harder... until he was ramming me like a bull.

    "Turn around. Ride me reverse cowgirl. I'm gonna fuck your sexy ass off, Honey."

    As soon as I was mounted with my back against his chest, Brad pulled me back and used his legs to spread mine. He began to fuck me hard and deep. Gradually, he put more force and power into his thrusts until he was screwing me into a state of constant orgasms. I thrashed and hunched on his monster shaft as it pumped me from one orgasm straight into another.

    "Oh god! I can't stop cumming!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE! GGGHHAAAA!!"

    Brad shot his second load into me as I came again. I had lost count of my orgasms. Dozens... or maybe just five or six that lasted several minutes each. I couldn't tell. And didn't care... all I cared about at the moment was sucking this stud hard again so he could fuck me some more.

    I was amazed at how fast Brad got hard again as I sucked his dick. Feeling it swell and pulse inside my mouth had my pussy gushing... my clit twitching with anticipation. If he wanted to cum in my mouth, I was going to let him, although I secretly hoped he would decide to fuck me again. As my mouth and lips slid up and down six inches of his now hard cock, I could feel the two loads of semen seeping out of my vagina and running erotically down my thighs. I was on the pill, but the thought of fucking Brad and some other guy with a huge cock unprotected sent more erotic shivers through me.

    I could help but squeal with delight when Brad pulled his thick 9-inches out of my mouth and ordered me to get on my knees, head down, ass up. When I was in position, he growled, "Wider, Monica. Spread your knees wider. Open up your holes."

    As soon as I spread my knees wider, I screamed with the ecstasy caused by nine inches of iron-hard cock spearing my soaked and squishing pussy. The head thudded into my womb with masculine authority causing me to grunt.

    "Did I hurt you?" he asked obviously concerned that my grunt had been one of pain.

    "NO! NO!" I screamed. "DON'T STOP! FUCK ME! I LOVE IT!"

    Again and again his thick shaft plunged into my erupting vagina. Even when my orgasms exploded, his thrusts never slowed. If anything, the hot stud rammed me even harder. Every time his balls slapped against my swollen clitoris, shivers of delight surged through me. Very soon I was shoving my hips back against his invading cock just as hard as he was slamming it into me.

    “Aahhh shit… I’m cumming again! Fuck me, you hot bastard! Fuck my married cunt! AAAahhhhhh… GIVE IT TO MEEEE!”

    Brad fucked me even harder until he was gasping. I could feel his shaft swelling inside my pussy.


    The hard spasms of his cock set me off again as the thick cum load filled me. When Brad’s dick finally slipped from my vagina, the overflow of his load poured out and ran over my fingers.

    This time I was able to suck almost all of Brad’s cock down my throat. As a result, he got hard as iron
    within minutes. When he screwed me reverse cowgirl and doggie,
    I had several more orgasms before he pumped
    another cum load into my cunt.

    “Suck me, Monica. Suck me hard again. Suck it!” he ordered.

    Rotating on my knees to face my lover, I eagerly took his semihard prick into my mouth and began to suck as more of his semen oozed from my now gaping cunt. I had him hard again within 10 minutes.

    "I want your ass."

    "OOohhh... I can't take you up my ass... too big... you'll tear me apart."

    "I've fucked the asses of over a dozen married women, Monica, and none... I mean none... were ever hurt for more than a few seconds. After that, they couldn't stop cumming. Put your hand between your thighs and work your clitoris as my cock ass fucks you. We'll go slowly until it's all the way in... once your ass has been screwed, you'll want it every time you fuck a guy. Now, reach back and pull your buttocks apart... Show me your sexy ass hole."

    Nervously, I put my hands on my buttocks and spread myself. It felt so obscene to be spread like this... my pussy and ass holes both fully exposed with this hot stud staring at both of them. Brad squirted some lubricant over my anus and then pushed the bottle into my hole and squirted even more inside me.

    "Now, I'll lube my cock. You won't believe how deliciously wicked it feels to have a hard male cock entering your ass, Monica." Slowly, he worked the head back and forth over my anus while repeatedly telling me to relax my sphincter. I tried. He centered his cock on my opening. I willed myself to relax fully.

    "OOHHHH... GOD! AAAHHHH... OOOHHHH IT’S GOING INNNNNNNNNN.... UUNNGHH... AAAHH AAAHHH.. IT'S IN ME... IT'S IN MY ASS!" I howled as several inches of Brad's dick stretched my hole and disappeared inside.

    My hand shot between my thighs. When I touched my clitoris, I was shocked to find it swollen and extended far out of its protective hood. I couldn't remember it ever being this big or this hard. It was already pulsing. As soon as I trapped it between two fingers and stroked, it went into hard, repeated spastic contractions. I didn't have to tell Brad that I was cumming.... he could feel the contractions of my ass around his plunging cock.

    When I felt his balls slapping against my clit, I knew he was fully planted inside my ass. The thought sent me over the edge again. I didn't even recognize the wild grunts and shrieks that issued from my wide open mouth.

    I lost track of time as Brad used my asshole in several positions forcing me to repeated orgasms until finally I wailed loudly and ejaculated. I was shocked when the powerful stream spewed out of my vagina and drenched the bed covers.

    My explosive squirting excited Brad and pushed him to the edge. As my body shuddered and shook, he jerked his pulsing cock out of my ass and rammed it into my cunt. Wildly, he jack hammered himself in and out of my throbbing vagina until his cock contracted in hard spasms shooting gush after thick gush of semen into me.

    When Brad finally pulled his softening organ from my cunt, thick globs of semen bubbled out and formed a long cum rope dangling from my pussy toward the bed.

    Once Brad got his entire cock in my ass, I couldn’t stop shrieking and cumming.
    When he finally got me so hot I ejaculated explosively,

    he rammed his rod back into my cunt and
    filled me with another load.

    Brad laughed. "Now that's what I call a well-fucked fucked cunt and ass."

    Turning my head, I stared at his now wilting, five-inch soft penis. I also laughed and said, "Now that's what I call a totally fucked out dick."

    We both laughed and then cuddled together and kissed for another ten minutes. Checking the time, I saw that it wasn't quite midnight. Putting on my most seductive smile, I whispered hotly, "Can you fuck me one more time before I have to go home?"

    Walter's Hotwife:

    Walter was already asleep when I finally got home around 12:30 AM early Friday morning. One part of my mind was glad he was asleep so I wouldn't have to explain why I was so late getting home. Another part was disappointed as I really wanted his cock up my pussy. I had taken a quick shower and washed at Brad's place before coming home so I wasn't worried about him smelling Brad's aroma on my body.

    But all of that was for naught as Walter as so sound asleep, he didn't even move when I crawled into bed with him. I tossed and turned for awhile as my pussy seeped wanting my husband's cock inside, but eventually I fell asleep. I slept so soundly, Walter had to shake me awake the next morning so I wouldn't be late for work.

    My husband had already left for work before I left the house. For the first time since starting to work for Mr. Markam, I wore a short, tight sheathe dress to work with four-inch heels. As soon as Dan saw me, his eyes lit up and a broad smile appeared on his face.

    "Damn, Monica. You look fantastic this morning. I knew you'd be drop-dead gorgeous if you wore something really attractive, and I'm delighted to see that my analysis was right on target. From now on, I don't want to see you coming to work in those severe business suits or long dresses. Understand?"

    "Yes Sir. I'm sorry you weren't pleased before. It won't happen again."

    "Wonderful. I'm really delighted with the change." Markam continued to stand there looking at me. His eyes roved up and down my body mentally undressing me.

    "Is there anything else, Mr. Markam?" I asked with a soft smile.

    "Yes... yes there is, but I have meetings all day today. We'll discuss it later."

    I nodded, secretly very pleased to see Markam's big cock tenting his pants. He was still trying to adjust his pants when he walked through the door of his office.


    By the time I got home from work Friday evening, my pussy was a wet, raging inferno of need. When Walter came home 30 minutes later, my vagina throbbed as soon as I saw him. If the children had been with their grandparents, I would have fucked him on the living room floor, which was something we had never done.

    When my husband gave me a gentle kiss on my lips, my mouth spread wide open and just devoured his mouth. The kids were in the den watching TV so I prolonged the kiss. When I felt Walter's cock begin to harden against me, I started grinding my pussy against his shaft.

    "My god, Monica," Walter gasped when he freed his mouth from mine. "What's going on? What if the kids were to walk in?"

    "Then, they'd see their mother kissing their father and loving every second of it. It's about time they saw that... so far, they haven't." I reached down and stroked my husband's semi-hard cock. Immediately, it got even harder. "MMmmmm... love this. Keep it hard for me, Baby. I want it after the kids have gone to bed."

    Every time I walked past my husband during dinner and later as we watched TV, I ran my hand over his shoulder or bent down and kissed his neck. At one point, Jack said, "Look, Jonie. Mommy's kissing Daddy on the neck."

    Walter tried to move away, but I pulled him back and this time kissed him hard on the lips. "She's kissing him on the lips now," Jack informed his older sister.

    "Of course, she's kissing him, Silly. They're married and love each other." I winked at Joanne, and she just beamed with pleasure and excitement.

    When that show and the next one ended, it was bed time for the kids. "I'll put the kids to bed," Walter said. Taking Joanne's hand and carrying Jack, he escorted them to their bedroom, tucked them in, and kissed them both goodnight.

    When Walter entered our bedroom, he found me leaning back against the headboard of the bed wearing nothing but my stockings and heels. I had my legs wide open with my fingers spreading my pussy wide open.

    "Hurry, Darling. Get your clothes off and get on me... get in me. I need to be fucked... NOW!" My husband’s mouth was open, but no sound was emerging. To say he was shocked would have been a gross understatement. As he stared at my wide open cunt, I rolled into doggie position, thrust my ass high and again spread myself like a hot whore.

    “Like what you see, Lover? Wanna fuck it?” I whispered passionately.

    Walter seemed to be in a daze as he removed his clothes. "What's going on, Monica? We've been married for 8 years and I've never seen you act like this. You even said 'fuck'. I've never heard you use that word before."

    "I know you haven't, Darling, and I'm really sorry. I've spent eight years denying both of us a lot of pleasure. There are so many things I've said 'no' to, I can't even count all of them. Well, tonight that ends... MMMmmm... you're hard. I love it hard. Bring that hard cock over here so your slutty wife can suck it."

    As hard as he was, Walter's normal five-and-a-half-inch penis had hardened until it probably getting close to six inches. I slid it into my mouth, cupped his balls, and began to suck my husband's throbbing shaft. He was on the small side, but he was hard as stone. When I deep throated him, his rod surged and jerked with the head just entering my throat. I sucked him harder... faster. When I pushed my finger into his rectum, Walter howled.

    "OOohhhh god... stop... stop, Monica. I'm about to cum."

    "That's what a man is supposed to do when a woman sucks his cock. Shoot it in, Baby. Flood me." I swallowed his dick again and pushed another finger into his ass. Walter screamed and pumped gush after gush of his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and then licked my lips.

    Falling backward onto the bed, I jacked my legs high and spread. At the same time, I pushed his head down between my thighs and hissed, "Suck my cunt, Lover. Make me cum, Baby. Oh god... I'm so fucking hot. Suck meeeeee!"

    Again my husband looked dazed. It was the first time I had ever called it 'my cunt'. As soon as I had said it, his cock lurched and began to harden again. He loved it, and so did I.

    I had two loud, screaming orgasms before I pulled him higher on my body and screamed, "Hurry. Stick your cock up my cunt... Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me, Stud. Ram me hard!"

    Walter slammed his dick into me, and I came after just a few strokes. "Ooohhh Fuck! I'm cumming on your dick, Baby... Pound it to meeeeeeeeeee!"

    He began driving his rod in and out of my erupting cunt like a man possessed by a demon... and I was going wild with pleasure. It was the easily the hardest he had ever screwed me. Every thrust drove my ass deep into the mattress.

    "Oh god damn! I'm gonna cummmm.... Fuck me harder, Darling. Stick your fingers inside my ass while you fuck your hot whore."

    "Are you sure, Monica?"

    "Don't ask questions... just stick your fingers up my ass and fuck my cunt harder... I'm gonna cum again... give it to me."

    In less than a minute, we were both screaming from the intensity of our orgasms. Walter collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him into me as far as possible.

    "I hope the children didn't hear us," he gasped.

    "I hope they did. I want them to hear. Joanne needs to know how much pleasure sex brings to a woman, and Jack needs to know what a really hot woman sounds like when a man is fucking her... that way, he won't pick a dud for a wife."

    We cuddled and hugged each other for another five minutes before I asked, "Did you like your new wife or do you want the old one back? You can have either... but it's a one-time choice so make it carefully."

    "That's a no-brainer! I want this one. I loved it!"

    "So did I, Darling... so did I. We'll rest for a bit then I'll suck your cock hard again so you can fuck my ass."

    My husband's cock hardened almost instantly.

    My husband fucked me like a wild man. As he rammed himself into me,
    I alternated between hard orgasms and kicking myself for
    not being a hot wife before this.


    While Walter was playing golf on Saturday, I called my parents who lived about 60 miles from us. When I asked if they would like to have their grandkids for the rest of the day and most of Sunday, they were delighted.

    "Is it Ok we take them to the beach and then to the amusement park?" Mom wanted to know.

    "Oh they'd love that. Absolutely. Walter's out on the golf course. I'll drive them over to your place and still be home in time to fix dinner."


    When Walter got home from the golf course, I suggested that he shower while I got his dinner ready.

    "Are you sure you don't need some help fixing dinner?"

    "You just shower and clean up, Honey. I'll take care of dinner."

    About 30 minutes later, my husband came into the den to find me waiting for him wearing a totally transparent top with nothing underneath except my 34D tits. It was obvious that both nipples were hard and erect. Below the waist, I had on a red G-string beneath equally transparent black panties, torn, black thigh-high stockings, and black, platform heels. I had the black panties pulled down almost to the tops of my thighs. Walter's mouth fell open but only a startled gasp came out. He was speechless, and I was loving every second of it.

    "You're dinner's ready, Stud. You're eating at the Y tonight, Baby, and your dinner's hot and ready for you."

    "Oh Jesus. You're gorgeous! Just awesome! What about the kids?"

    "At their grandparents until we pick them up tomorrow." Bending over at the waist, I slid the black panties halfway down my calves and then pulled my G-string aside enough to expose top half of my slit. My clitoris was already hard and protruding from its hood. "See anything that looks like it would be fun to eat, Lover?"

    For an answer, Walter started frantically taking off his shirt and pants until all that remained were his briefs that just barely covered his throbbing dick. "Mmmmm... that's the kind of answer I like, Baby. You're hard aren't you? Big and hard for my pussy."

    "Oh hell yes!" he groaned.

    "Take it out... show it to me... Show me your hard cock, Honey."

    Walter jerked down his briefs and his rigid dick surged out and stood straight up in the air. Once more, he was so turned on that his prick was pushing six inches. Most importantly, it was iron-hard and throbbing. Just looking at it made my pussy moisten in anticipation. "Oh yes! You're so damn hard. You have no idea how good it feels inside me when it's hard as stone like that," I moaned. I could see Walter beam with masculine pride. His cock jerked spastically and a stream of precum seeped from it open tip.

    "Bring that hard dick over here, Honey." I knelt on my knees. As soon as he was in front of me, I had his cock buried in my mouth.

    I kept sucking causing him to grunt and moan louder and louder. When his organ began jerking and then contracting in hard spasms, I gripped his butt with both of my hands and pulled him all the way inside. My hot husband fucked my mouth like a jack hammer as his load exploded down my throat. It was so huge and fired into my mouth with such force that I couldn't swallow fast enough. Some of his semen spurted out the corners of my mouth and dripped off my chin.

    When his dick had finally stopped throbbing, Walter pulled me to my feet and pushed me onto my back on the couch. He had my black panties off in a flash. "Show me my dinner, you luscious slut," he ordered.

    "Yes sir. I hope you like it," I hissed as I opened my thighs and plunged my fingers into my wet hole. It was the first time Walter had ever seen me masturbating. I drove him wild... so wild his cock was already getting hard again.

    "Spread it! Show me your hot hole!"

    "Oohhh god! Yes! Look at my cunt, Lover. See how wet and open it is for you."

    He literally threw himself between my thighs, his mouth engulfing my pussy as his tongue drove into me and lashed my already erupting clitoris. For the next 15 minutes, Walter licked and sucked me to orgasm after orgasm. Twice, my vagina ejaculated all over his face. It didn't slow him down at all. The sensations were so intense my cunt contracted repeatedly in hard spasms whooshing everytime he made me cum.

    Finally, he couldn't wait any longer to sink his cock into me. Mounting me like a wild stallion, my husband fucked my brains out for the next hour. After 20 minutes of hard fucking, he filled me with a load. Rolling onto his back, he told me to suck him hard again. God! I loved it. I had him hard again in no more than five minutes. Then, he fucked me again. By the time we had to take a break, my pussy was covered with his semen and my own fluids.

    Walter screwed me like a wild stallion on a mare in heat.

    Big Cock Slut:

    On Monday morning, I was preparing our breakfast and getting the kids ready for school when Walter came in to help.

    "What can I do to ..." he started and then stopped abruptly when he saw the short, tight spaghetti strap dress I was wearing. "Wow! I really like that dress."

    "I thought you might," I grinned as I took the hot cereal off the stove and put the eggs in the skillet to scramble.

    "Are you wearing that work?"

    "Um-huh. Think my boss will like it?"

    "If he doesn't, he needs a brain transplant. Do you think it'll be ok?"

    "I think it will be fine. Mr. Markam will like it."

    "I know that. What I meant is do you think he'll make a pass at you?"

    "At work? I hardly think so."

    "I guess that's right, but he's certainly going to enjoy the view."

    "Would it make you angry or jealous if he did make a pass at me?"

    "If I'm going to get jealous every time a man looks at and wants my gorgeous wife, I'll be spending a lot of my time being jealous. Will you tell me if he does?"

    "Do you want me to?"


    "Ok. I think the idea sort of turns you on, doesn't it."

    "I guess. At least a little."

    "Well, it's nothing to worry about. Mr. Markam's too busy to spend much time staring at me. Breakfast is ready, and the kids have to catch the school bus. Let's eat."


    I had a suspicion that my comments to my husband about how much time Mr. Markam was going to spend staring at me weren't really true. In fact, I had much more than just a suspicion, I was virtually certain that he was going to be hitting on me a lot in this outfit.

    As soon as Markam saw me, I knew my suspicions were correct. He just stood there and stared at me... his eyes taking in the thrust of my tits and ass and my exposed legs. After checking out every inch of me, he said, "I'd like to see you in my office in about five minutes, Monica."

    "Yes Sir," I responded with a smile.

    After five minutes, I knocked on Markam's door. I could already feel the moisture seeping into my panties.

    "Come in."

    I entered and stood beside his desk. Once more, his eyes traveled up and down the length of my body, finally stopping at my thrusting tits. His stare had me so excited that couldn't prevent my breasts from rising and falling rapidly. He noticed and knew I was turned on by his attention.

    "You know, Monica, I wasn't happy last week when I asked you to come to my place so I could finish describing your job responsibilities for the upcoming marketing campaign. I really expect more ... eh... more cooperation from my executive assistants."

    "I understand, Mr. Markam. I was just nervous about going to your place in the evening like that."

    "Why? Were you afraid I would attack you?"

    "Of course not, Mr. Markam. That never even entered my mind."

    "Then why?"

    "I was afraid you'd fuck me, and, at the time you asked me to come to your apartment, I had never had any man except my husband."

    "At the time, you say?"


    "And now?"

    "Last Thursday night, I danced with a man several times. Brad had a penis much larger than my husband's which he kept grinding into me. I got so hot, I went home with him."


    "And he fucked me with his big cock."


    "I loved it! I just couldn't stop cumming. I never knew that a large cock could get me off like that."

    "Come over here, Monica. Closer... yeah... oh yeah. Now feel my cock."


    "You heard me. Feel my dick, Monica. Feel how big it is."

    I couldn't suppress a gasp of surprise or the moan of excitement that followed when I wrapped my hand around Markam's bulge. It felt even bigger than Brad's.

    "Bigger than your husband's?"

    "Oh god, yes... it's huge!"

    "Bigger than the guy who fucked you last Thursday evening?"

    "Yes... Brad was almost as big, but your penis is bigger."

    "And it's not fully hard yet. It gets bigger. Pull your dress up around your hips and sit on my lap, Monica." I couldn't jerk my dress up fast enough. "Hot... sexy... love the panties. Now sit on my lap with your back against my chest and grind your pussy against my shaft. See how big it gets."

    "What if someone comes in?"

    "No one ever enters my office without calling me first. Sit on it, Monica. Now."

    Straddling Markam's hips, I lowered my bottom onto his lap. The huge bulge pressed erotically between my thighs bringing a moan from my lips.

    "Like it?"

    "Ohhh yes," I groaned as I squirmed on his lap to adjust my pussy so that his big shaft pressed against my clitoris.

    "Move your pussy on it, Monica."

    "Ooohhhh god... OOoohhhh... MMmmmmm... AAAaahhhh." As I humped and pressed my cunt and clit against him, Markam pulled the top of my dress down and exposed my right tit. His fingers captured my nipple... tugging and twisting it causing my gasps of pleasure to intensify.

    'I want to have sex with you, Monica," he hissed in my ear as my ass moved sensuously over his now rigid, iron-hard dick.

    "I know you do."

    "I don't mean just this one time. I want you regularly. Don't you want to enjoy the feeling of my big cock stretching your pussy regularly?"

    "OOoohhh... MMmmmmmm."

    "Do you?"

    "Aaaahhh... grind against my clit harder, Honey."

    He stopped moving and asked again, "Do you want it regularly?"

    "Yessss... yessss... Do it to me now!"

    “Not before you show me all of your luscious body. Stand up and take out your tits.”

    “Mmmm… you already have one of them out,” I moaned.

    “Both of them. Take them both out!”

    Standing directly in front of my boss, I slowly pulled my dress down below my breasts. Both of them jiggled erotically as soon as they were free. I felt my clitoris becoming hard… engorged.

    “Is this what you wanted to see, Dan?” I teased as I cupped my tits and held them out for his viewing pleasure.

    “Oh hell, yes! Pull your dress up.. high up!” A moment later it was bunched around my hips with only my matching purple panties concealing my pussy.

    “Oh fuck! You’re just gorgeous! Pull down the panties. Down around your thighs. Show me your hot pussy.”

    “Wouldn’t you rather see my hot cunt, Dan?”

    Markam moaned and squeezed his cock at my question. “Yes. YES!
    Show me your hot cunt!”

    Turning my back to him, I put my knee on a desk, bent over, and slowly pulled my panties aside to expose my ass. “Like my ass, Mr. Markam? Brad told me it was very tight.”

    “Unbelievable… just fucking unbelievable! Turn around. Let me see your cunt.”

    Jerking my panties down to mid-thigh, I stood a few feet in front of my boss with my tits and cunt exposed. He still wasn’t satisfied.

    “Mount the desk, Monica. Steeple your knee and spread wide open for me. Show me every crevice of that luscious cunt.”

    I obeyed instantly, and as soon as my legs opened, Dan frantically extracted his huge cock and began to stroke it.

    “Damn!” I gasped. “Your cock… my god, it’s just huge!”

    "Come over here and suck me. See how big, hard, and thick my nine and a half inches are."

    "Nine and a half inches?"

    "As hard as you have me, probably closer to ten. Suck me."

    I was kneeling between his legs with his pants down in just seconds. He wasn't exaggerating about the size and thickness of his cock. It was bigger than Brad's and Brad had nine inches of hard dick. Markam's cock had me on the verge of an orgasm just looking at it. Holding it around the base, I plunged five inches of his rod into my mouth.

    With each stroke, Markam forced his prick deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. When I gagged a little, he held it in place until my gag reflex stopped... then he would start mouth fucking again... going deeper and deeper with each stroke. When I felt his balls against my chin, my pussy exploded in my first orgasm at work. Gurgling sounds erupted from my tightly plugged mouth when my clit began to convulse in hard, repeated spasms.


    "I'm gonna cum," Markam hissed in my ear. "Ready?"

    There was no way I could possibly speak with my mouth plugged with almost 10 inches of iron-hard, thick cock. All I could do was grunt and nod my head vigorously. Markam grasped my hair and rammed my mouth up and down his contracting cock. When he felt his load charging down his shaft, he held me still, slammed his prick all the way into my throat, and emptied his balls in a series of large spurts of thick semen. All of it shot straight into my belly. Even when his balls were empty, he continued to slowly face fuck me. When he finally pulled out, his cock was still semi-hard.

    "Fantastic! Just fantastic! With your husband having a small dick, how did you learn to suck a big cock like that?"

    "Brad taught me a lot last week, and besides, I love it! I had an huge orgasm while I was sucking your dick."

    "I know, but now it's your turn. Get up on my desk on your back."

    "Oh god... I've read a hundred stories where the boss fucks his secretary on his desk... I never ever thought it would happen to me."

    "Are you glad?"

    Pulling off my panties, I scrambled onto his desk, and jerked my legs back presenting my wide open pussy to him. "Don't ask questions, Mr. Markam, just fuck me with that huge dick!"

    "When I'm fucking you, Monica, call me Dan. But first, I'm going to lick and suck your pussy until you can't stop cumming."

    "OOOohhhh yess, Dan. Hurry. Do it to me! But won't everyone in the company hear me screaming?"

    "I had the walls soundproofed years ago. All the Division Mangers, Vice-presidents, and CEO have soundproofed walls. So scream as much and as loud as you like, Honey."

    As soon as his mouth covered my throbbing pussy, I did... high-pitched squeals of feminine pleasure as Dan made my pussy and clitoris erupt in several hard orgasms.

    After my third orgasm, Dan's cock was hard again. "Time for your first 'bent over my desk fucking', Monica. Stand up and bend over my desk. Pull your ass cheeks apart so I can see your hot fuck hole."

    I knew I should have been outraged at the dirty way he talked to me, but all it did was make me hotter. My pussy was gushing when I bent over and spread my cheeks as he had ordered. Instead of fucking me, the sexy bastard stared my exposed ass and cunt holes commenting on how hot, wet, and open they were. "Did Brad ass fuck you last week?"

    "Yes. Twice. My husband also used my ass several times this weekend."

    "Thought so. But first, I want to sample that delicious looking cunt." A moment later, he was ramming me like a bull, and both of us were grunting with the delicious sensations of a hard cock sliding deep into a wet throbbing vagina.

    Dan fucked me through two orgasms without shooting off in me. "Now, up on the desk... on your back, Monica. Your first cunt fuck on my desk comes next."

    Once I was lying on Markam's desk with my legs pulled back, he moved into my sex saddle, put one of my legs high in the air and pushed my other leg off to the side. "I like seeing my big cock stretching your cunt open and disappearing inside you."

    "Make it disappear, Stud. FUCK ME!" I howled.

    Marked nailed his rampant cock deep into my cunt on the first stroke bringing a grunt from my lips when the big, swollen cock head thudded with masculine authority into my womb. My tits bounced as my ass was pushed backwards on the desktop. Roughly, he pulled me forward and slammed his dick back into me. Again, I grunted and wailed. Then, the fucking really started. He was like a pile driver ramming into me. My entire body shuddered in an intense climax caused his 10-inch sex spike hammering in and out of me.

    When my pussy exploded a second time, Dan growled, "Oh shit... can't hold it any longer... gotta shoot... gotta cum in you." He rammed in balls deep, held his cock buried in me, and shot in his load. I could feel every pulsation of his prick as he ejaculated one thick cum jet after another into my waiting hole. When he finally withdrew, my pussy was stretched more than it had ever been. Semen coated my labia and seeped from my throbbing hole.

    Markam did a lot more than just hit on me. I had his semen
    seeping from my vagina the entire day.


    Monday evening Walter couldn't wait to ask me about my day. As soon as dinner was over and Joanne and Jack were doing their usual 30 minutes of homework followed by watching their favorite TV shows, my husband plied me with questions about what had happened at work.

    "What did your boss say about that hot outfit you wore to work today?"

    "He said he really liked my new look and that he hoped my new style of dress was going to be permanent."

    "That's it? Did he make a pass at you?"

    "No. I think he got hard looking at my legs and tits in my hot dress, but that was the extent of it. Disappointed?"

    "Yeah, I guess a little. I was sure he would make a pass at you."

    "He got hard... isn't that enough? Does it turn you on to know that another man's cock got hard looking at your wife?"

    "Oh yeah!" Walter moaned as he squeezed his cock.

    "MMmmm... I think I've gotten another man hard, and he looks even harder than Mr. Markam got. I can't resist checking it out, Darling. I hope you don't mind." My hand moved to his crotch, pushed his hand aside, and wrapped around his rigid shaft. It throbbed in his pants like a caged snake.

    "Oh fuck! You're hard as stone, Honey." Kneeling in front of him, I unzipped his pants and extracted his hard five-plus inch dick. It throbbed hard when I raked my tongue over its swollen, sensitive head.

    "The kids... the kids, Monica," he moaned, but he didn't pull away.

    "They're busy, and so am I," I hissed as I pulled his cock closer and slid my lips over the crown. Walter grunted. He grunted even louder when my lips tightened about his shaft and moved downward taking all of him inside my mouth.

    "Ooohhh god... suck it, Honey. Suck me," he gasped.

    Pulling my lips back up his dick, I used my thumb and two fingers to jack off the base of his cock while my lips were busy sucking on the throbbing head. Alternating between sucking and masturbating his dick with my mouth and jacking him off with my hand, I quickly had Walter on the verge of a huge orgasm.

    "You'd better stop, Monica. I'm about to cum," he whispered hotly.

    "That's what you're supposed to so when a woman sucks your cock, Honey. Fuck her hot mouth and shoot your load into her."

    Walter's hips jacked back and forth. He continued to fuck my mouth for almost a minute or so before he groaned, "Ooohhhhh fuck... here it comes! Take it, Honey. Take my load!"

    After Walter had emptied his load down my throat, we rejoined our kids in the den and watched TV and played board games with them until their bed time. When we watched TV, Walter sat between Jack and Joanne while I sat in the lounge chair off to one side. Every time my husband glanced over at me when the kids' attention was on the screen, I opened my legs and flashed my naked pussy at him. Later, when we were playing board games, I sat cross legged on the floor with my husband opposite me. My dress was above my knees so he was constantly staring at my wet and very ready cunt.

    By the time Walter took the kids to bed, his erection was tenting his pants. I think Joanne noticed it, but I couldn't be certain. I certainly noticed it. When he returned to the den, he found me totally naked and spread out on the couch. He couldn't take his eyes off the big dildo I was pumping in and out of cunt while I held my electric vibrator against my clit.

    "Do you like to watch your wife masturbate, Honey? This is the way I satisfy myself when you're out of town and I need to cum. Take out your dick, Baby, and jack off while you watch me make myself cum on this huge dick and big vibe."

    Walter practically ripped his pants in his haste to get his cock out. He was still hard from the show I had given him while we watched TV and played board games, but when he saw my ass arching high off the couch and my pussy contracting around the big shaft as I erupted in two hard, successive orgasms, his prick stretched out another inch to six, iron-hard inches of throbbing meat.

    "Ohhhh shit... I'm cumming, Walter. Watch your wife fucking her cunt and cumming, Honey... aaaahhh... fuckk... cumminggg... can you see my cunt throbbing around the big cock in me?"

    My husband was jacking off furiously. "Move closer... get your face between my thighs and watch me cum... oohhhh ... ooohh... ooohh shit... I'm going off again! Can you see me throbbing, Honey? UUNNGGHHH! OOhhhhh that's so fucking good!"

    As my orgasm ebbed, I slowly pulled the huge dildo out of my throbbing cunt. When Walter saw its full girth and my vagina pulsing, his dick jerked wildly, and he screamed, "I want in your cunt, Monica. Please. I'm going crazy. I've got to fuck you!"

    "You don't have to say please to me, Lover. My cunt's yours anytime you want to fuck it. You can fuck me right in front of your friends if you want to... you can fuck me anytime you want... any hole... you want my cunt? Then take it, Stud!"

    Walter literally ripped the big dildo out of my still contracting vagina and mounted me like a will bull. Hoisting my legs up onto his shoulders, his body bent over mine as he rammed his hard dick all the way into me. As his cock surged in and out of my gushing hole, I squeezed his shaft with my pussy every time he rammed it in or pulled out.

    "Oh god... you hot slutty Bitch... I love the feel of your tight pussy... but how can it be so damn tight when you just fucked it that monster dildo?"

    "Pussies are elastic, Lover. They stretch and contract to fit any size cock... Do you like the way your wife's fuck hole feels on your dick, Baby?"

    "OH YEAH! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL THE UP YOUR HOT CUNT!" he screamed. He was ramming me like machine ... his pubic bone crushing my clit every time his balls slapped my upturned ass. "I'm gonna cum... can't hold it!" he yelled.

    "Me too. ME TOO! I'm cumming with you... pump it into meeeeeee, you hot bastard. Breed me! AAAAHHHHHHHHH...AAAHHHHHHHH... OOOHHHH!! YES! YES! LIKE THAT...SHOOT IT INTO MEEEEEEE!!"

    Walter unloaded for the second time that evening, and it seemed to me like his second load was at least as large as the one he had shot down my throat earlier. We cuddled for awhile on the couch and then began to make out. My tongue probed his mouth as his fingers explored my wet, cum-filled vagina. When they slipped out of my pussy and entered my ass, I groaned. As he began to finger fuck my ass, I leaned over and sucked his semi-hard dick into my mouth. He got hard again in about five minutes causing my pussy to throb in anticipation.

    "Let's go to the bedroom, Darling where we have more room to play," I whispered.

    He carried me to our bedroom and put me on my back in the center of our bed. I leaned back and steepled my knees. He watched while jacking his cock as I opened my legs and spread my pussy lips. "Would you like to jack off and shoot all over my cunt, Honey? I'll hold my pussy open for you so you can shoot your load straight into my hot hole?"

    "Not this time, you hot slut. I'm going to fuck your hole until my dick is soaked in your juices... then, it's going up your ass."

    "OH GOD YES!"

    Fifteen minutes later, I was hissing with hot pleasure as Walter's surging dick reamed out my ass and brought me to one orgasm after another.

    My randy husband spent most of the night with his cock
    iron hard and buried inside my ass. I
    lost count of my orgasms.

    After taking his third load of the evening up my ass, I cuddled close and whispered, "You know you've pumped a big load into everyone of my holes this evening, Darling. There's one in my belly, another pooled in the bottom of my cunt, and now a third one inside my ass. Are you planning on fucking me again tonight? If you wake up in the middle of the night with a hard-on, don't waste it. Mount me and fuck me with it, Baby. That's what my sex holes are for."

    My husband sighed with pleasure. "I don't know what happened to change every thing, Monica, but I love it! I never knew sex could be this hot and this much fun. I don't ever want it to change."

    "Neither to I, Lover. Neither do I."


    With Dan fucking and having me suck his huge cock every day, my panties were soaked before I even got to work. Even with my husband screwing me more than he ever had before and giving me multiple orgasms, just the thought of Markam huge dick was enough to make my pussy gush. When he put that monster into my cunt, I had almost an immediate orgasm. And god... when he started fucking me with his huge shaft, I couldn't stop cumming.

    As soon as I had entered my office, Markam came out and surveyed what I was wearing. My pussy throbbed when he looked me over. Taking a seat on my desk, I pulled my dress higher on my thighs to let him see almost all the way up to my pussy. I was secretly hoping he would order me to spread my legs. When his eyes fell on my tits, I pulled my shoulders back to thrust them toward him.

    "Very nice, Monica. Are you wearing panties?"

    "No... I thought you would prefer me to come to work without panties," I replied pulling my dress even higher as I said it.

    "Open your legs. Let me see your cunt."

    "ooohhhhh yesss!" I hissed. Moving to my chair so I could lean back and arch my hips better, I spread wide. As my legs gaped open exposing the wet hole of my pussy. I spread the lips to let Dan see even more of me.

    "Come into my office, you hot slut. I'm going to start the day off right by sinking 10 inches of cock up that hot cunt hole."

    As soon as Markam had me inside his office, he locked the door and ordered me to strip naked except for my heels. As I removed my clothes, he unzipped his pants and extracted his awesome dick. It was already iron hard and throbbing. The big head was oozing precum.

    "Get on your knees and suck it, Monica." A moment later, I was doing my best to get his entire length down my throat. It was so fucking thick, there was no possible way I could get my hand all the way around it.

    "Bend over! Put your head on the floor and hike that hot ass up in the air. Gonna plug your married cunt hole, Monica. Want my cock up your cunt?"

    "Yes! Oh god yes! Put it in me. Fuck me. I'll cum as soon as that monster sinks into me." Bending over, I groaned in hot anticipation when I felt Markam's hands on my hips keeping me steady as he fitted the big head into my opening.


    Slowly, Markam worked the cock into my opening... stretching me... penetrating me. The head popped into my vagina.

    "GGGHHHAAAAAAAAA! FUCK IT!!" I screamed as my pussy erupted in my first orgasm even before Markam began fucking me.

    Holding me in position, Markam pumped me several time. Each thrust brought another hot squeal of pleasure from my mouth. "UUNNGGHHH.... Big fucking cock! So fucking big! It's sinking into meeeeeeeee....aaahhhhhhhhhhh....aaahhhhhhhhhhh... ooohhhh... god damn... I'm cumming again.......... cumming! FUCK MEEEEEE!"

    Markam had all 10 inches of cock buried in my convulsing pussy as I climaxed. He fucked that big shaft in and out of my hole the entire time my vagina throbbed and clitoris pulsed in hard spasms.

    I was still cumming when Markam pulled me to my feet and sat me in the big padded chair in front of his desk. I moaned loudly when he pushed my legs all the way back to my tits and then spread me so that my knees were just outside my breasts. I was bent almost in half with my pussy arched upward... a perfect target for his ramrod cock.

    He gave it to me... hard... deep. I screeched in hot passion. Markam fucked me harder... slamming his organ all the way into me on every stroke and driving his big cock head into the very bottom of my cunt.

    "Oh fuck it, Darling... Please fuck it harder... I'm cumming...! I'm cumming on your big cock ... fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

    Markam didn't even wait to let me finish my orgasm. Jerking his cock out of my erupting hole, he laid back on the desk and pulled me on top of his body in reverse cowgirl position. "Fuck yourself on my cock, you hot Bitch," he growled.

    Frantically, I mounted him, but I was still shuddering so hard, I couldn't get his big shaft into my pussy. Holding me still, he planted the head in me and jerked my hips downward impaling me on his sex spike. I howled with the intensity of the sensation caused by that monster cock sinking into me.

    I came several times while I bounced on his big prong. His dick was contracting hard inside me, and I expected him to fill me with his load at any moment. Instead, he pulled out and ordered me to kneel in front of him. When I did, I received more instructions.

    "Open you mouth, Monica. Stick out your tongue. Don't even think about closing your mouth until I've finished cumming in you and on you."

    Grasping his rod, he began to jack off with the cock head no more than a couple inches away from my wide open mouth. I watched as the big head turned purple and pulsed.

    "Here it comes!" he shouted a moment before his buttocks contracted and shot a huge stream of semen all over my face. The next two cum jets blew into my mouth. Three more after that covered my face. The last three were shot all over my tits and face.
    Markam fucked me in every position making me cum multiple times.
    When he was ready to shoot off, he used my
    mouth as his cum depository


    Markam told me to call Walter and tell him I would be an hour late in getting home because I had to finish a job Mr. Markam had given me. Of course, I didn't tell him that the job was servicing his cock with my pussy in his apartment.

    At 5:10 PM, I was in his apartment bent over the back of the couch with my dress up around my waist. I was standing on tip toes to keep my pussy in position as he fucked me silly with his monster dick. Every time he rammed it balls deep into me, my body shuddered. The shuddering increased until I was howling... then I would cum again.


    I was slightly over an hour late in getting home. When I came in the front door, I smelled the aroma of a spaghetti sauce cooking in the kitchen. Joanne was playing a computer game while Jack watched a cartoon on TV. I found Walter in the kitchen setting the table with the pasta cooking on the stove and sauce simmering.

    "Hi, there, Sexy. Hope you're in the mood for spaghetti."

    "Sounds wonderful, but you didn't have to cook."

    "Of course I did. I figure it's a good investment."

    "How do you figure that?"

    "Simple... If I cook for the hot lady who lives here, I figure there's a chance I'll get lucky tonight."

    I moved closer, kissed him, and squeezed his cock. I kissed him again and began stroking him through his pants. In less than a minute, he was iron-hard. "Mmmmmm... with a hard fuck stick like that, Baby, you don't need luck to get into my pussy, Lover. Now pay attention to the food... don't burn dinner while I take care of this hard dick of yours."

    While Walter stirred the sauce and checked on the bread, I was kneeling in front of him with his cock in my mouth, his balls slapping rhythmically against my chin.

    "Oh god... I love this... but what if the kids come in?"

    "Shut up, Stud and fuck my mouth hole."

    "MMMMmmmm... oohhh fuck... I'd planned on shooting in your pussy, but this is marvelous."

    "You get my cunt tonight, Baby.... not my pussy... a stud like you gets my hot cunt."

    After the kids had gone to bed for the evening, I retired to my bedroom and changed into the hot slut outfit I had purchased at Victoria's during my lunch hour. When I, walked into the den wearing my new vinyl teddy that allowed both of my 34D tits to stick out through a big hole in the skin-tight suit, Walter gasped.

    "MY GAWD! You look like a sex goddess, Monica. Oh Jesus!" He whipped his cock and began jacking off. He got stone hard in just a few seconds.

    "Like my thigh-high black stockings and my tiny black G-string?"

    Walter's only answer was to groan and begin stripping. His cock stood straight up and as soon as his clothes were scattered all over the floor, he began stroking it again. Now his eyes were locked on my patent leather black boots and their five-inch wicked heels.

    "Oohhhh god... ooohhh god," he moaned again and again.

    I rubbed my cunt through my G-string for him. "Come closer so you can see my cunt, Lover, but don't you dare shoot off. That cock goes in my cunt before it shoots... understand?"

    He nodded and I reclined in the couch, spread my legs, and pulled the G-string aside so Walter could see my cunt. "Come closer, Stud. Look at my wet, open cunt, Baby. Let me pull it open for you so you can see down into my fuck hole." His cock jerked wildly when I pulled the lips of my pussy wide open.

    "Come on, Stud. Get on the couch with me.... get behind me. Stick that hard dick into my hot cunt hole and fuck the shit out of me... then pump in the load!"

    He did... twice before his prick even got soft. Still, it only took me ten minutes of sucking and finger fucking his ass to get him raging hard again. I pushed him onto his back on the couch and rode his dick through three more orgasms before he screamed and emptied his balls into me a third time.

    Girl's Night Out:

    The following Thursday evening was again Girl's Night Out. This time my outfit was entirely different than it had been at the previous girls’ get together. My dress was a skin-tight black sheathe that looked like it was sprayed onto my body. The dress just barely managed to cover my ass by a couple of inches. Underneath, I wore a black and white patterned, crotchless teddy that shoved my tits up and out but didn’t cover them. The black garters supported thigh-high stockings. I did wear a black thong that covered my cunt but nothing else. The five-inch black, stiletto heels I wore were pure slut wear.

    When I looked at my reflection, I had no doubt that every cock around me was going to be rock hard. I could hardly wait.

    I wasn’t sure how my husband would react to his wife going out wearing such a whorish outfit. I solved that problem by putting on a loose-fitting brown dress over my sheathe. The dress’ hemline was only one inch above my knees. I also changed into a pair of 3-inch heels and put my CFM heels in my bag. Walter told I looked nice, but I did detect disappointment on his face when he saw what I was wearing.

    Once I was out of sight of our home, I stopped in the empty parking lot of the local post office, removed my outer dress and changed into my CFM heels. During the remainder of the drive to the club, I had the interior lights of the car on with my legs open. Several truck drivers gave me a blast on their air horn in appreciation.

    Once we were all together at the club, the only thing the women wanted to discuss or hear about was all the hot details about how Brad had fucked me when I went back to his place the previous week. After I had described how big his cock was and how he had screwed me for hours, Wilma abruptly changed the subject.

    "Enough already about Brad's dick. I want to hear about Markam. Has he fucked you yet, Monica? The word around the powder room is that he's banging you every day now. Is that right?"

    "Yeah... banging me and having me suck him off."

    "Is he as big as everyone says he is?" Helen asked.

    "Well, Wilma told me he his cock was 9 inches... actually, it's closer to 10."

    "My god," Jane hissed as she and two of the other women began rubbing their pussies. "Does he know how to use it?"

    "Well, I usually get off a half dozen times during the day, so I'd have to say he's knows what his dick is for."

    "How big is your husband?" Dora asked.

    "When he's really hard and hot... 6 inches."

    "Jezzz... can you even feel him inside you now?"

    "Of course. That's just macho bullshit. Pussies are very elastic and we've all got vaginal muscles and know how to squeeze a man's cock with them. Walter and I are having the hottest sex of our marriage... by far."

    "Because you're feeling guilty?" Wilma asked.

    "Partly, but mostly because I'm so turned on to sex now. The more those big dicks make me cum, the more cock I seem to want. Walter's getting me off 8 to 10 times a day now. We haven't missed a day since I started back to work.

    "Well, I'm pretty certain that we're all going to get as much cock as we can handle tonight. That group of guys at the bar have been staring at us for the last half hour. Mostly they can't take their eyes off of Monica's crotch with her sitting there with her legs wide open," Helen whispered.

    "Look who's talking," I grinned. "I noticed when I came in that your legs were spread and you're not wearing any panties. At least, my pussy is covered."

    "Yeah... but just barely," Helen retorted. "And my guess is that it's not going to be covered very much longer. Here they come."

    Over the next hour, the men took turns dancing with us. I don't think they allowed any of us to rest more than five minutes before they had us back out on the dance floor. The longer they danced with us, the more aggressive their hands became. Every guy hands were now switching back and forth between my tits and my ass. As one dark-haired, sexy guy was feeling up my ass, I saw that two guys were working on Wilma. The one behind her was kneeling and pulling her panties down her legs.

    One by one, the men removed our panties. When mine were being pulled down, the guy behind me was fingering my ass while the fingers of the black guy in front of me were probing my pussy. He leaned closer. "Your pussy is soaked, Monica. I want to fuck it. I know the manager here. We can use his office. Come on."

    "How big is your cock, Leon?" I asked.

    "Big enough, Honey," he said confidently.

    "That's for me to decide. I like big ones."

    "Is 8 inches enough?"

    "9 or 10 would be better, but 8 will do. Let's go."

    “Actually, it is nine inches, but some of the chicks get nervous when I tell them that and back out. That make you nervous?”

    “No. It makes me hot.”


    As soon as we entered the office, Leon was all over me. He unzipped my sheathe in one smooth motion. However, it was so tight, we both had to work a little to get it over my hips.

    “Damn, Woman! You are fuckin gorgeous! Do a strip for me. Show it off. Show everything off, Baby. Get me hard and hot for you.”

    I gave Leon my best as I posed in the most erotic and obscene positions I could invent. When I crawled up to him and began sucking his iron-hard shaft, he was more than ready to fuck my sexy ass off.

    I put on the most erotic strip show for Leon I could manage.

    "Oh yeah, Baby. Suck it. Suck it good," Leon grunted as I slid my lips up and down his thick, black shaft. I didn't think his cock was 9 inches, but it was incredibly thick... more than enough to make me cum. As he thrust in and out of my mouth, I had to stretch my mouth as wide as possible to take his thick sex cylinder.

    "I love your hot mouth, Honey, but I want your pussy."

    "Well, you took my panties off. I'm sure you know where it is and how to use it."

    I had four orgasms while Leon banged both my ass and pussy in every position we could invent. At one point, he was ramming me so hard my entire body was being jarred back and forth. Every thrust sent electric shocks through my throbbing clitoris. I got off twice before he switched to a different position. Leon finally pumped his load into my ass and fell to one side his chest heaving as he tried to suck air into his lungs.

    It didn’t take him long to recover, and while I was more than ready for more, he wanted to sample some of the other women... so when he took me back into the club, I was primed and ready for the other men. However, I knew that in the future, I was going to have to sample some more big black cock.

    Leon screwed me like he was driving in railway spikes.

    Alan quickly took over where Leon had left off, and 10 minutes later, my high heels were jerking back and forth in the air in the back seat of his car. His cock was smaller than Walter's, and he wasn't nearly as skilled at using it. Nevertheless, I was so hot that I did manage to get off once before he finished.

    So far, the sex was a disappointment. It was a far cry from being as good as I was getting every day from Markam, and no where even close to the hot screwing my husband was now giving me at least twice a day. I was about to call it an evening and head home knowing my sexy husband could quench my fire when three of the men asked Wilma and I if we would like to head back to their place for a party. Wilma was hot to go provided we could leave in time to get home by midnight.

    "Come on, Monica. I can't handle all three of them by myself. Besides, I know that Pete has a huge dick... 9 inches at least. He'll make you cum so many times you'll lose count." That was all the encouragement I needed.

    We all piled into Pete's car with Wilma sandwiched between Pete and Harmon. I was in the back seat with Delmon. We hadn't gone a half mile before I had Delmon's 7-inch shaft buried in my throat while he rubbed my clitoris and finger fucked me. It was a toss up as to which of us was making the most noise.

    My hips were arching frantically against Delmon's hand, and he was thrusting his cock just as frantically in and out of my throat. Wilma was grunting and wailing in the front seat. Since I couldn't see Harmon's head, I guessed that he was on the floorboard eating her pussy and clit.

    In the midst of all the female shrieks and male grunts, Pete yelled, "Has anyone got a dick in a cunt yet? I know Harmon's eating Wilma. Are you fucking Monica yet, Delmon?"

    "Not yet," he gasped as his prick jerked and throbbed in my throat. "She's sucking me, and I'm finger fucking her cunt."

    "I want to see her sexy legs with those hot heels she's wearing sticking up in the air and jerking back and forth. Get on her, Man. Stick your cock up her cunt and fuck her. Now!" Pete screamed.

    Delmon followed orders and pushed me onto my back. He didn't have to raise my legs... I already had them up in the air and open. My wet cunt gleamed even in the poor lighting. Delmon got out of his pants and moved into my sex saddle. A moment later, his cock lanced into my gaping cum-filled cunt, and I was taking my third cock of the night.

    "I'm in her!" he screamed. "I'm fucking her... balls deep!"

    "Oh yeah, Man. I can see her legs jerking back and forth. Give it to her. Pound it into her," Pete screamed from the front seat as he watched the action in his rear view mirror.


    Wilma and I were both naked five minutes after we were inside Pete's apartment. As it turned out, there were two more guys present, Brian and Larry, who were both friends of Pete’s. Since Brian came equipped with a very thick 8-inch cock, and Larry had one nearly as thick, neither Wilma nor I had any objections.

    Harmon blindfolded me, put me up on the wet bar, and spread me wide open while Delmon took photos.
    After Delmon had taken several pics, Harmon mounted a small stool to bring his cock into position to fuck me. His 7 inches entered my wet tunnel fully on the first thrust.

    As he fucked me, I could hear Wilma screaming from the couch as she took Pete's monster dick up her cunt. I was jealous as hell. I wanted that big cock in me. Suddenly, Wilma’s screams became even louder. Looking over, it was easy to see why. As Pete’s huge cock filled Wilma’s cunt, Brian was now fucking her ass. Every time the two men pounded into her, she screeched and howled as her feet danced wildly high in the air.

    Wilma had multiple orgasms as Pete and Brian filled her cunt
    and ass holes with 16 inches of hard cock.

    After Harmon ejaculated, Pete and Brian were still fucking Wilma who was now moaning continuously. Delmon and Larry were both hard. Since Wilma was occupied, the two of them along with Harmon decided to gang fuck me. I was a little nervous, but being armed with about 21 or so inches of iron hard cock, they made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

    Since Pete, Brian, and Wilma were using the couch, Delmon led me to a small mattress that had been thrown onto the floor with a blanket covering it. "Mount it, Honey. You know the position... head down on the mattress, knees apart, ass up in the air. We're going to plug you doggy and then do your ass and then fuck all your hot holes at the same time.”

    Scrambling onto the mattress, I assumed the position and pulled my ass cheeks apart for good measure. Wiggling my butt, I hissed, "Well, come on! Somebody put a cock into me!"

    Delmon mounted me and entered my cunt. His hard 7 inches pushed into me as we both grunted. He fucked hard and fast while reaching around my hips to stroke my clit as he screwed me. Larry shoved his cock into my mouth, and I took most of it. I came very quickly, and when I felt Delmon’s organ swelling and being to jerk, I came a second time just before he pumped his cum load into me.

    From the couch, I heard Wilma begging, "Enough... oh god... enough! Stop! I can't take any more. Get off of me. Go fuck Monica. She's dying to get your big shafts up her cunt."

    I was still in doggy position with Delmon's load seeping out of my pussy when Pete and Brian came over. Pete’s huge 9-inch sex spike was iron hard as was Brian’s dick. Obviously, they had either not shot off in Wilma or they were already hard again. Both men were wild to get into me. I thought Pete would mount me and either ass fuck me or use my cunt, but instead, he laid down on the mattress and ordered me to mount his big prick. I was so wet and stretched by this time that I had no trouble taking all nine inches of his cock.

    He held my hips and drove his hard dick into my the bottom of my vagina with masculine authority bringing howls of delight from my lips. I came almost immediately on his big dick... just like I always do when a huge shaft enters me. When I about to cum a second time, Larry mounted me, worked his cock head into my ass hole while Pete held me steady. I relaxed my sphincter, and Larry's dick surged up my ass.

    As Larry and Pete double fucked me.... the first double fucking of my life... I couldn't stop cumming. Again and again, my vagina and clit convulsed in hard spasms. When my mouth stretched open in a hissing wail, Brian shoved his cock inside so that I was now being fucked by three cocks.

    The three pumped their rods in and out of my body for what seemed like an hour, but Wilma told me later that it was more like 15 minutes. I was having repeated, hard orgasms when Pete ejaculated like a cannon inside my pussy. I came again, and a minute or so later, I felt Larry's dick throbbing and shooting inside my ass. Finally, Brian jerked his rod out of my mouth and jacked off all over my face.

    All five men screwed me multiple times, sometimes individually at
    other times, two or three at the same time.


    Before Pete drove us back to the club to get our cars, I took a quick shower, used a disposal douche I had brought with me, and fixed my hair and make up. Fifteen minutes later, I quietly entered my house wearing the same dress I had on when I had left earlier in the evening. Walter was waiting up for me in our bedroom.

    "Did you have a good time?"

    "Oh yes. I did. I danced with a lot of men. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I won't do it again."

    "I don't mind at all, but you've got to tell me every thing that happened. Did they feel your ass?"

    "A few guys did. Not all."

    "You let them feel your ass?" Walter asked. I saw his hand moving under the covers as he jacked off.

    "At first, I moved their hands away when they tried to feel me, but after an hour or so, I just gave up and let them feel me. Are you angry?"

    "No," he said almost moaning. His hand moved faster beneath the covers. "Did they try to get inside your panties while you danced?"

    "Of course they tried, but I wouldn't allow that. Once, a guy got his hand inside my panties and wouldn't take it out. I had to pull away from him and leave the dance floor to get him out of my panties."

    "Oohhh god. What did he get to feel?"

    "My naked ass and only for a few seconds."

    "Did they try to feel your big tits?"

    "Of course they tried. Men always try."

    "Did they succeed?"

    "A couple of guys felt me up pretty good but outside my dress."

    "Did they make you cum?"

    "Of course not! I can't stop them from trying to feel, but I'm certainly not excited by it. I just like to dance."

    By this time, I had stripped and crawled into bed with my husband who promptly mounted me, shoved my legs up and back, and rammed his hard dick balls deep inside my pussy. Walter fucked me twice without ever taking his prick out of me. I came several times to his wild screwing. It seemed like his dick was in constant contact with my clit just driving me crazy. My stud husband really knows how to fuck a woman. If he had a 10-inch cock, a hundred women would be following him around hoping it would soon be their turn to have sex with him.

    At 5:30 AM, Walter was between my legs again fucking me like a wild stallion mounted on a mare in heat. I was certainly in heat as my pussy exploded twice before his seed filled me.

    After breakfast and putting the children on the school bus, Walter gave me a passionate kiss before we left for work. When his lips left mine, he asked, "The next time you go to Girl's Night Out would you consider letting one of the guys feel you up a little more than you did last night?"

    "Why would you want me to do that?"

    "It just turns me on enormously. I don't know why... it just does."

    "I'll think about it, but don't get your hopes up, Honey."

    I was grinning all the way work wondering how long I would have to wait to feel Markam's monster cock stretching my pussy.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]

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