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Michael - 24 Year old Black Lover

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    I had a young (24) black man come to me the other night, and it is an experience I will never forget! My husband got done with his daily meetings and told me we were going out. In a city away from home, that means that he is taking his insatiable wife out to see if we can find a sexy black man to fulfill my hunger for black cock. We are usually successful because I am shameless enough to ask for it, if a man doesn't hit on me! So I got out my black cock seduction outfit, which consists of my black garter belt and half-bra NO PANTIES a short black dress and my favorite black leather lace high heels. It's sexy enough to turn heads, but not slutty - and I also cover it all up with my long black leather coat. So, we find ourselves in a restaurant that was recommended to us by an aquaintance of my husband. This guy has been flirting with me as long as I have known him, and bragging to me about how great of a lover he is. As most women know, that is a sure sign that he's NOT! Well, when we found out we had to be out of town for some meetings for my husband's business last week, Michael came over to visit my husband before we left. As they were talking, we found out that he used to live where we were going, and was telling my husband all about it. I was busy packing, so I excused myself from the conversation and left them to talk...

    As I sat looking at my menu, getting ready to order, I look up and there is Michael! Not unusual to run into somebody you know at dinner, but we are over a thousand miles from home! We invite him to join us, and as the conversation progresses, I realize that this was a well planned out scheme. My mind started to conjure up images of what it would be like to be with Michael. Let me say that while I have been somewhat turned off by his bragging and boasting, it didn't stop me from fantasizing about him! He is a young, strong handsome man and I have checked out his sexy body on numerous occasions! He started charming me and openly flirting with me, and by the time we left the restaurant I was pretty much under his spell and looking forward to getting back to our hotel room. To top it off, when he got up he helped me with my coat, then I took his arm and walked out of the restuarant on the arm of this handsome, young black man - to the raised eyebrows of many who had seen me come in with my husband!

    After dinner, Michael took us on a tour of his old stomping grounds. We got into his sports car, with me in the passenger seat, and my husband in the back seat. As we drove I noticed his hands as he was shifting gears on the car. I have a thing for strong hands and his looked so sexy to me at that moment! I put my hand over his and it was almost like electricity was going through me. I thought about all the places those hands were going to touch on my body before the night was over, and I could feel myself getting wet as I ran my hands up his strong arms, feeling the muscles. He looked over at me and smiled. He put his right hand on my thigh and I could feel myself trembling in anticipation. "I think your wife likes me" he said to my husband as he smiled and looked into the rear view mirror. At the next stoplight he turned and pulled me to him and he kissed me. A very wet, sensual deep soul kiss that took my breath away. I kissed him back passionately! He kept driving and showing up places he knew, and talking to us about local people. He was smiling at me and kissing me and caressing my leg; and teasing me mercilessly! He pulled up to a beautiful luxury hotel, and told us the view from the top is a must see! The valet parked our car and I walked into the hotel on Michael's arm, with my husband following. I don't know if him and my husband talked about this beforehand, but this is such a sexy thing for me. I love to be flirted with and charmed and seduced...

    I felt so sexy walking into this luxury hotel on the arm of this young, sexy black man! He showed us around the hotel lobby, which was stunningly opulent! Everything was beautiful and obviously very expensive. He had already told us about the view from the top, so he took us to the elevator. Once inside he started kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and melded into his body. I could feel his cock getting harder as we kissed, and when the elevator door opened and we broke our kiss, there we were facing a goup of people who were mostly women, and I noticed that nearly every one of them looked at Michaels huge bulge in the front of his pants as we stepped off! We got to the windows and it is one of those views that just make you gasp...you can see for miles and miles. As we worked our way around the building he was pointing out landmarks and showing us places he had taken us; and he just kept running his hands over my body and holding my hand and running his fingers through my hair - commenting on how attractive he thought I was and how sexy I looked; and every once in awhile he would stop and puncuate his words with a kiss...on my hand, on my cheek, on my shoulder. And, of course, on my lips! He took us to an outside observation deck and led us around to a section that was dimly lit, and was telling us that was so you could see the stars. He led me to a telescope and had me look through it while he pointed it to different places and pressed his sexy body against my back. Even through my coat I could feel his muscles and his dick. He started kissing me on the back of my neck and wrapped his arms around me. I was so hot for him I could feel my legs trembling. He unbuttoned my coat and took it slowly off and handed it to my husband. He held me close and kept pointing out thing...I couldn't even see what he was talking about, all I could think about was his cock, that I could feel pressing against my ass and his hands that were squeezing my tits through my dress. He leaned past my shoulder to point at something and I kissed his cheek. He turned to look at me and I kissed him full on the mouth. At that moment I would have begged for his cock, and nearly did. He got behind me, again, and put his hands on my legs and began sliding them up, lifting my skirt as he explored. I had my hands on the window in front of me - looking out at all the lights and the traffic 100 stories below when I felt his fingers touch my pussy lips. It made me dizzy, and He had to catch me. He asked me if I was okay, and I told him that I was, except for the fact that I needed to take him back to our hotel room so I could thank him for his hospitality! He laughed and said, "How are you going to do that?!" Without hesitating I returned, "I'm going to suck your black cock for you!" He laughed, "you can do that right now!"

    He told my husband to stand on the side of us where people could see if they came out on the deck, and hold my coat up as a shield. He kissed me and held me close, running his hands over my ass. I could feel his muscular back as I clung to him. He kissed my neck and face and sholders. When he broke our kiss I could see the fire in his eyes. "Get on your knees and suck my dick." He unbuttoned his pants as I sank to my knees. When he pulled his cock out I knew I was in for a long night. It was probably about 8 or 9 inches long, but what was unique about it is that it had an average size head, but quickly got thicker and thicker all the way to the base which looked to be about as big around as a wine bottle! I wrapped my hands around it as best I could and began licking the head and running my tongue around the crown, then down... "Suck it!" he demanded and began slapping his dick across my face, "show your husband how much you love sucking black cock!" I took the head in my mouth and began sucking. "That's it, baby, get me good and hard." He was already rock hard, but I sucked him for about a minute, until he pulled me to my feet and kissed me. "I've waited so long for this" he panted as I reached for his cock and stroked as we kissed. "Me too, Michael." He turned me around and lifted my dress. I placed my hands on the window and rolled my hips forward to give him easy access to my pussy! I felt the head as it slipped easily inside of my wet pussy as I looked out at the city lights. He took my hips and gave it to me little by little. When he got about halfway in, my orgasm hit me with such force that I couldn't scream, gasp for air, pant or whimper. My husband said my mouth just opened wide and nothing came out, but he could see my face contort and knew that I was cumming. I don't even know how to describe it to give you the picture of what it felt like, but it was the best, hardest, most intense orgasm I've ever had! I remember looking at my husband and wanting to tell him how good it felt, but not being able to; then thinking that this arrogant bragging "kid" had actually delivered on his promise - he said it would be the best I ever had!

    I was shaking when he pulled out of me and said we needed to get out of there. Somehow he got his dick back in his pants and I straightened up my dress and we walked out of there, arm in arm, as my husband followed with my coat. We made our way to the elevator, and Michael pushed a button and we started down. He kissed me and I returned it with all the enthusiasm of a teenage girl with her first boyfriend. The door opened behind me, and we walked out with our arms around each other. I stopped for a second, realizing we were on the 78th floor of the hotel, but Michael and my husband assured me that we were in the right place. Now my husband was leading the way and I realized that he must have rented a room here. I was laughing and joking with Michael and my husband, and giggling like a teenager, then we came to our room. Michael picked me up and carried me into the room as my husband closed the door. We kissed for what seemed like a long time, with him holding me in his arms, and me feeling like a little princess. Our room was a wedding suite and he sat me down on a bar stool and poured me a glass of wine. We all drank a toast and then he started kissing me, again. He pulled his barstool up to mine and began kissing and caressing me. He kissed me deeply and passionately. He kissed me on the neck, softly. He ran his fingers through my hair, and continued to kiss down to my shoulders. He opened up my dress and slid it down over my shoulders, exposing my breasts, still encased in the black half-bra, with the nipples sticking out for him to play with. He caressed my nipples with skill, makeing electricity shoot through my body as he kissed me. I held onto his strong shoulders and tried to reach for his cock, but he wouldn't let me. He picked me up and sat me on the counter and kissed my breasts all over. He started sucking on my nipples, which are really sensitive and I moaned with pleasure. He caressed my breast, keaded them, pinched the nipples, sucked on them, traced them with his fingers, bit them lightly. He had me totally on fire! Suddenly he stopped and set me back down on the barstool, then took off his pants and jumped up on the bar.

    "Turn on the lights, Tom, you don't want to miss anything while watching your wife suck my dick!" He turned on every light he could find and I couldn't keep my eyes off the sight before me! I reached out and wrapped my hand around his long, thick black cick and looked him in the eyes as I bagan to stroke. I was shaking...I love to suck. I mean I REALLY love it, to the point that I can nearly get off from giving head. I stroked his cock and licked the head. I kissed it. I could smell his cologne and his skin. I could feel the heat coming off of his skin. He told me how beautiful I looked kissing his cock. He told my husband how good it felt to have me sucking his dick. I was so turned on, knowing that this penis was the one that gave me the best orgasm I'd ever had. He put his hands on my head. "That's it, baby, suck that black dick. Ooooo, you got some talent, girl...work that black dick." I was SO turned on doing this, and I had never heard Michael talk like this. Up until this weekend we were casual friends. Now I was holding his cock in both hands and licking it like an ice cream cone, he had already given me the orgasm of my life, and I know there is more where that came from - this man has skillz! "Put it in your mouth." I was waiting to do that! I opened my mouth and started sucking on the head. I stroked him as I sucked, wrapping both hands around that thick base. I felt like such a naughty woman - overtaken by the lust that I have to please this man. I want him to cum in my mouth and I redouble my efforts and the speed of my strokes and flutter my tongue around the head of his dick each up stroke, then taking as much of his cock as I can as I take a little more than half of his length in before it's just too thick to stretch my lips around. I feel his cock surge and know he is about to cum. I want it to be good for him. In fact, I want it to be the best blowjob he has ever had. I want him to remember the blowjob from this white wife and desire more. I feel his hips start to flex and his cock throbs and swells in my mouth. As I feel the first jets of his warm, thick cum spew from his cock, I back off until just the tip is in my mouth and stroke his dick with both hands. It's too much for me to swallow and it begins to drip down my chin and onto my breasts. Michael was holding my head and pumping his cock into my mouth. "That's it, baby, get all that cum...suck it dry." I was determined to do just that - even though I was choking a bit - and when he was done cumming I licked all the way down his shaft and cleaned off his balls, then went back up to make sure I had sucked every drop out of him. "Your wife sure knows how to suck a black dick, man! Lets see how she likes being stretched!" Michael said. I couldn't wait!

    Michael jumped down off the counter and took me by the hand. He served me a drink, and we all talked for a little while; then we all went and took a shower together. The suite had one of those big walk around showers, and my husband and Michael got me between them and washed me off. It felt sooooooo good to be pampered by two sexy men! I always love the feeling of two men who have their hands all over me, exploring, caressing and probing. YUM! We got out of the shower and they both dried me off, then we went back and had another glass of wine. After a little conversation, Michael started kissing me...

    I LOVE to kiss! I know most of you know that, but I had to say it, because I truely get into the feeling of another man's lips on my and his hands exploring while my husband watches. I've never been able to fully explain that feeling, but it feels good! Michael is good with his hands...he knows how to handle a woman. You women know how important this is. A romantic kiss where the man is holding you up is sexy as long as he doesn't drop you! After a bit of kissing, he took me by the hands and stood me up. He kissed me again and looked at my husband. "I'm gonna' fuck your wife." My husband nodded his head. "Is that okay with you?" My husband looked at him, "yes - I want you to" To emphasize, my husband undid the sash on my bathrobe and opened it up, then took it off of me and left me standing naked in front of Michael. "Take my dick in your hands, baby" I reached out and wrapped my hand around it. I was shaking, as I usually am when I'm being seduced. He looked in my eyes, "get me good and hard so I can fuck you." I just smiled and reached out with my other hand. The left was around the base and my right was stroking the last five inches. I could get my right hand around the top, barely, but my left hand didn't even come close to getting all the way around. He took my head in his hands and kissed me as I stroked him and caressed his balls. There is an intoxication that goes with being with a man who is in control and that is why it's so easy to understand the concept of having a bull. I don't get turned on by a man who asks me if he can have some pussy - I get turned on by the one who tells me he's going to take it! I love those passionate kisses I get when I am stroking a man while he is kissing me!

    Now Michael is hard. Rock hard! He picks me up and carries me over to the bed. This bed is huge, and he carries me out to the middle of the bed and lays me down, continuing to kiss me as he does. His hands are caressing me in such a sexy way and he works his hand in the check and see if my pussy is wet. Of course, it's about to gush from the excitement. I whimper as he touches me...."you ready for some black dick, honey?" he says. "I made a promise that I was going to be the best that you've had." I was panting, "Fulfill it! ...please take me, Michael!" I was so shameless at that moment, wanting to feel him inside of me. I wasn't even aware of my husband, who later told me that he came as soon as I said that. Michael got between my legs and I spread them for him. He took my ankles in his big strong hands and began working his cock into me as he looked me in the eye. "You're gonna' love this, baby! I'm going to take your pussy places it's never been before." He had already done that, but I was unprepared for what happened next. He lifted my legs and hooked his arms behind my knees and slid his cock into me about a halfway. IT felt SO good! As he fucked me that way I moaned and twisted my body and thrusted my pussy up to meet his strokes. He stopped when it was about halfway in, then he begin to work it deeper. I could feel my pussy stretching wider and wider. I wasn't thrusting up anymore, it was all I could do to lay there and take his cock. I cried out, "Oh my god!" and came hard! He began to thrust into me, and it seemed like I came every time he filled me with that beautiful thick cock of his. I clawed at his back enough to draw blood, but it certainly wasn't on purpose. I looked over at my husband with tears in my eyes, panting and moaning and whimpering, and said, "I can't stop cumming, honey!" They both laughed at me, but I was serious! He kept pounding that massive cock of his into my pussy as i cried and screamed and begged! His mouth captured my lips and he moaned into my mouth as he came deep inside of me. He held it there until his cock stopped jerking and throbbing, then he slowly pulled it out of me. He rolled over onto the bed and I kissed my way down his body and licked all of our juices off of his cock. I've never cum like that before, and I've done multiples before, but nothing like what I experienced on that day!.

    Michael can have me anytime, anywhere and any way he wants. I've never had a man make me feel like he does.

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