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MexiMom on BBC

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by Holepleasr, Oct 8, 2016.


First time on paper. Mostly true tale of woman who actually loved getting fucked and sucking dick al

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  4. Cumdump Mom, no shame

  1. Holepleasr

    Holepleasr Active Member Member

    As a poor teenaged girl, pushed by her Dad, my Mom, Carina, started selling her tight and hot body day and night, heading home covered in the dry, flaking, cum from dozens of men, asleep from exhaustion before her mother finished cleaning her. She would awaken to find their apartment quiet, peek in at the bed where her Dad brought friends and family, now teammates, to watch them pump her Mom's every hole until the men could maxresdefault. maxresdefault. not fuck her anymore.
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  2. lickaslit

    lickaslit Member Member

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  3. sliplover00

    sliplover00 Well-Known Member Member

    I understand you have to make it work for you
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  4. Holepleasr

    Holepleasr Active Member Member

    To anyone who cares, this is my version of a true story.
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  5. sliplover00

    sliplover00 Well-Known Member Member

    I understand completly

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