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. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 - Final Exam

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jul 2, 2018.

. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 - Final Exam 4.7 5 11votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Meredith is not the same woman who walked into the Black Studies class that first night. Having a new outlook on race, her marriage, and herself, she is about to graduate the intensive five night course. Her personality is almost unrecognizable as Meredith made changes within herself and with her husband, Jake, for the sake of harmony, racial justice, and the needs of the black men. Having embraced the teachings of the Black Power Movement, she has one more lesson to finish to earn her certification.


    Morning and Jake was tenderly kissing his wife's shoulder. "I'm really horny, baby. Please help me get off." But his wife, Meredith, was groggy from the physical exertion the night before at the lounge and earlier with her threesome with the two Africans. She pushed Jake away, truly revolted at the idea of "love making" with him. Meredith had her body used by real men the night before. She didn't have the energy or the excitement to "put out" for a white man, even if it was her husband.

    "Talking just like a man of white privilege. I was serious, we need to atone for our sins. It's not fair that we enjoy these things while so many good, black men are oppressed." she explained.

    "Because, we're white?" Jake asked.
    "Yes, nothing more than that." Meredith answered. "There is no better reason for punishment than for the color of of our skin. Does that sound familiar?"

    Jake could only look down and agree to the irony. Meredith thought best it was time for another lecture. She asked her husband to roll on his back and begin rubbing one out. "This will become routine." she added, "Maybe, you can start doing this deed without me."

    Meredith urged Jake to give his penis serious attention. "Jake, I want to discuss what I learned about the African migrants relocating into Black Pine. Though they have little skills and some speak no English, they're here for a better life. One of the challenges is that they are used to a very active sex life. Women in Africa worship their stamina and ... um ... special advantages white men don't have. If we don't assimilate with them, we will have social and racial strife. And again, white people will be rightfully blamed. They're being housed in run down hotels with no idea how to 'get pussy' in a new culture. Especially where racism is a problem. And they need sex like they need food, housing, and health care.

    "The Black Power Movement is initiating a program where white women volunteer to visit the shelters and offer companionship. A single woman would make a day visiting migrants. One after another. If there isn't enough volunteers, she would accommodate a group of men at once. You know, to save time."

    "A ... gang bang?" Jake muttered while beginning to quickly fist his pale, white organ.

    "Yes. We need to bring our cultures together and help these men. We can't ask them to have less pussy. But we can make changes to our culture. Make guilt-free sex with black men a routine. Daily for most, more for the extremely gifted ... I mean frustrated."

    "That sounds so ... progressive." Jake said at the verge of of cumming.

    "It's that or we openly legalize prostitution so black men can visit white women. Either way, I'm supporting our tax dollars to pay for the sexual well being of Africans. We should make it for all black men in the city."

    Jake cringed and released feeble streams of cum. After one, modest burst he had nothing more to offer than a diluted dribble. "That's it, dear." cheered Meredith. "Look at all that semen with no where to make a white baby with. This is so right, die little white sperm."

    "I'm still so horny." said Jake, not realizing Meredith's story was re-wiring his brain.

    "So, you want pussy?" Meredith slyly asked him. Jake nodded. "How about you eat my pussy? Would you like that?" she asked. Jake enthusiastically nodded.

    Meredith spun on her back, lifted her legs, and pulled back her knees. "Here you go, white boy. Lick your wife's pussy. You deserve this!"

    With no hesitation, Jake placed his nose on her clit and stuck out his tongue. He was going into a frenzy with the raw smell from her un-showered, overly sexed body. "Your pussy, its so swollen and red." Jake noticed.

    Meredith just giggled, "It's changing shape, wanting cock. The lack of sex between us is changing me, like its changing you."

    "You taste so good!" Jake said. "If you won't let me fuck you, let me do this every day." he begged.

    The wife cocked her head back in the emotional and physical pleasure. The racial concession her husband made was making her euphoric. "If you support me and my dedication to black power, I may let you."

    Jake just licked and muttered, "Yes" with a mouthful of pussy, "yes."

    "Okay, lick that swollen black cock loving pussy!" she demanded during her moment of passion. Nearly having given up her secret, Jake wasn't paying attention. But subconsciously, he heard and accepted his wife's place in a city with big, black cock.

    "Eat my cunt." she cursed, "Look how lucky you are. With so many black men wanting my white pussy, you get to have it to yourself. Just not fair. Just not .... OH GAWD!"

    Meredith went into an orgasm. Jake's tiny dick never did that to her before. With her left foot, she pushed him away. She felt a wave of white guilt and sexual pleasure from what she had just experienced with her white husband.

    Jake rolled on his back sporting another hard on. There was a time, it would have made Meredith happy to see it. But things are different and the needy, white cock was a problem. She decided to use it to her advantage.

    "Honey! You're still horny? How about we make a deal. I suck your cock until you cum inside my mouth and I begin fighting for racial justice and black power?"

    "What?" Jake asked, horny and delirious. Meredith reached out and grabbed his dick, disappearing into her palm, "I help relieve you with a blow job and we abstain from each other permanently. Since I need sex, I will offer my swollen, white pussy to black men." Without giving her husband time to think about what she just offered, she lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. Slurp, spit, and suck she went on his dick. Less than half the size of what she experienced the days before, she felt it would take no time to finish him.

    Jake could only look down seeing Meredith's head bob up and down. She took one of Jake's hand and guided it on top of her head, suggesting he should hold her head there and gently help push. Meanwhile, Meredith was trying to ignore the taste of the bland flesh. It aroused her none. She kept thinking about black power and the freedom she deserved to fuck black men. Cuckolding was the answer.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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  2. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Every white female needs to earn this Degree and full fill her Duty and Obligation to the Black Man. ♠️
  3. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

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