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Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 (Final Edit)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jul 9, 2018.

Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 (Final Edit) 4.9 5 9votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    This is the official final edit of Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5. Please overlook and forgive the earlier submission that was prematurely published while still in draft.

    Meredith is not the same woman who walked into the Black Studies class that first night. Having a new outlook on race, her marriage, and herself, she is about to graduate the intensive five night course. Her personality is almost unrecognizable as Meredith made changes within herself and with her husband, Jake, for the sake of harmony, racial justice, and the needs of the black men. Having embraced the teachings of the Black Power Movement, she has one more lesson to finish to earn her certification.


    Morning and Jake was tenderly kissing his wife's shoulder. "I'm really horny, baby. Please help me get off." But his wife, Meredith, was groggy from the physical exertion the night before at the lounge and earlier with her threesome with the two Africans. She pushed Jake away, truly revolted at the idea of "love making" with him. Meredith had her body used by real men the night before. She didn't have the energy or the excitement to "put out" for a white man, even if it was her husband.

    "Talking just like a man of white privilege. I was serious, we need to atone for our sins. It's not fair that we enjoy these things while so many good, black men are oppressed." she explained.

    "Because, we're white?" Jake asked.

    "Yes, nothing more than that." Meredith answered. "There is no better reason for punishment than for the color of of our skin. Does that sound familiar?"

    Jake could only look down and agree to the irony. Meredith thought best it was time for another lecture. She asked her husband to roll on his back and begin rubbing one out. "This will become routine." she added, "Maybe, you can start doing this deed without me."

    Meredith urged Jake to give his penis serious attention. "Jake, I want to discuss what I learned about the African migrants relocating into Black Pine. Though they have little skills and some speak no English, they're here for a better life. One of the challenges is that they are used to a very active sex life. Women in Africa worship their stamina and ... um ... special advantages white men don't have. If we don't assimilate with them, we will have social and racial strife. And again, white people will be rightfully blamed. They're being housed in run down hotels with no idea how to 'get pussy' in a new culture. Especially where racism is a problem. And they need sex like they need food, housing, and health care.

    "The Black Power Movement is initiating a program where white women volunteer to visit the shelters and offer companionship. A single woman would make a day visiting migrants. One after another. If there isn't enough volunteers, she would accommodate a group of men at once. You know, to save time."

    "A ... gang bang?" Jake muttered while beginning to quickly fist his pale, white organ.

    "Yes. We need to bring our cultures together and help these men. We can't ask them to have less pussy. But we can make changes to our culture. Make guilt-free sex with black men a routine. Daily for most, more for the extremely gifted ... I mean frustrated."

    "That sounds so ... progressive." Jake said at the verge of of cumming.

    "It's that or we openly legalize prostitution so black men can visit white women. Either way, I'm supporting our tax dollars to pay for the sexual well being of Africans. We should make it for all black men in the city."

    Jake cringed and released feeble streams of cum. After one, modest burst he had nothing more to offer than a diluted dribble. "That's it, dear." cheered Meredith. "Look at all that semen with no where to make a white baby with. This is so right, die little white sperm."

    "I'm still so horny." said Jake, not realizing Meredith's story was re-wiring his brain.

    "So, you want pussy?" Meredith slyly asked him. Jake nodded. "How about you eat my pussy? Would you like that?" she asked. Jake enthusiastically nodded.

    Meredith spun on her back, lifted her legs, and pulled back her knees. "Here you go, white boy. Lick your wife's pussy. You deserve this!"

    With no hesitation, Jake placed his nose on her clit and stuck out his tongue. He was going into a frenzy with the raw smell from her un-showered, overly sexed body. "Your pussy, its so swollen and red." Jake noticed.

    Meredith just giggled, "It's changing shape, wanting cock. The lack of sex between us is changing me, like its changing you."

    "You taste so good!" Jake said. "If you won't let me fuck you, let me do this every day." he begged.

    The wife cocked her head back in the emotional and physical pleasure. The concession her husband made was making her euphoric. "If you support me and my dedication to racial justice, I may let you."

    Jake just licked and muttered, "Yes" with a mouthful of pussy, "yes."

    "Okay, lick that swollen black cock loving pussy!" she demanded during her moment of passion. Nearly having given up her secret, Jake wasn't paying attention. But subconsciously, he heard and accepted his wife's place in a city with big, black cock.

    "Eat my cunt." she cursed, "Look how lucky you are. With so many black men wanting my white pussy, you get to have it to yourself. Just not fair. Just not .... OH GAWD!"

    Meredith went into an orgasm. Jake's tiny dick never did that to her before. With her left foot, she pushed him away. She felt a wave of white guilt and sexual pleasure from what she had just experienced with her white husband.

    Jake rolled on his back sporting another hard on. There was a time, it would have made Meredith happy to see it. But things are different and the needy, white cock was a problem. She decided to use it to her advantage.

    "Honey! You're still horny? How about we make a deal. I suck your cock and you cum inside my mouth. In return, I devote my body fighting for black power?"

    "What?" Jake asked, horny and delirious. Meredith reached out and grabbed his dick, disappearing into her palm, "I help relieve you with a blow job and we abstain from sex with each other permanently. But I offer my swollen, white pussy to black men. Solely for race relations." Without giving her husband time to think about what she just offered, she lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. Slurp, spit, and suck she went on his dick. Less than half the size of what she experienced the days before, she felt it would take no time to finish him.

    Jake could only look down seeing Meredith's head bob up and down. She took one of Jake's hand and guided it on top of her head, suggesting he should be dominant and hold her head there and gently push. Meanwhile, Meredith was trying to ignore the taste of the bland flesh. It aroused her none. She just kept thinking to herself about black men and power. That aroused her and made her tongue go into frenzy.

    Her husband was going crazy. The lack of sex made him really appreciate this. Meredith sensed this and lifted her mouth, "Cum and I'll fuck black men. Yes, that's it. You want me to give up my white pussy to them. Huh? Yes?"

    Jake couldn't help himself and another stream of warm, sticky liquid dribbed into Meredith's mouth. His wife smiled and immediately ran to the bathroom sink to spit. "Blech!" she complained before taking a large cup of mouthwash followed by a hurried toothbrush and another spat out a mouthful of water, toothpaste, and yucky white-man sperm. Meredith looked at herself in the mirror and made an evil grin. She pulled on one of her nipples realizing what she just done. Pumping her fist to the air she screamed, "Oh Meredith, you are such a dirty whore! Yes!"

    Stepping back to the bedroom, Jake was depleted. He breathed hard wondering what had just happened. "You weren't serious about us never having sex ... and you ... and black men ..." Jake wondered, thinking it was all just a fantasy, a fantastic dark fantasy.

    Meredith squeezed her breasts while looking at herself in the mirror. She acted at first as if she didn't hear the question. She just stared at her reflection, falling in love with it. Meredith turned her ass and wondered how much it turned on black men. Will she return to the Powder Room and make whoring a full time profession?

    "Honey? Dear?" Jake pressed.

    Meredith stuck her left index finger in her mouth thinking dirty thoughts. Jake was left to stare at his naked wife staring sexually at herself.

    "All this talk about black men is just ..." Jake started but Meredith soon cut him off, "Do you think black men deserve happiness?" she asked but her eyes never stopped looking at herself.

    "We all do." answered Jake.

    Meredith turned and faced Jake without taking a step toward him. She pouted and bent one of her knees. She looked so sexy and raw. "Do you think they deserve ... sex?" she asked.

    "Well, I suppose so." he replied.

    Meredith stepped towards to her husband swinging her hips. She put her arms around his neck, "Do you think they deserve me?"
    Jake put his hands on her hips but could not think of words to say other than, "But ... we're married."

    "Don't change the subject. Our marriage doesn't have anything to do with their need for white pussy." she corrected him. "Do you think aggressive, dominant, and so sexy black men deserve to ... FUCK me?" she leaned in. Her lips so close to his. She whispered in a teasing, loving way, "Hmmm? What do you say, Jake?"

    "I don't know where you're going with this, Meredith. Ever since you started taking Black Studies class, you've ..."

    "Changed?" Meredith finished his sentence. "Yes. I've learned how beautiful, strong, and caring black men are. At the same time, I've seen how cruel and horrible the white race is. I realized how much I owe them. I owe black men my heart and my body ... my pussy! I'll answer the question I asked, they do deserve me." Meredith reached and cupped Jake's balls, "Here is what I learned. I ... love ... black ... cock. I've been fucking black men all week, clergymen, African migrants, high school athletes. I've been sucking strange cock from gloryholes and whoring in a local brothel. All of thethem cast me aside when they've finished using me. And I love it!"

    Jake's cock started to stiffen and he felt ashamed.

    "You like being weak." Meredith teased him. "You accepted your place when you ate my pussy." Jake looked at her confused.

    Meredith rubbed Jake's abdomen, "You have black cum in your belly right now. And you wondered why I tasted ... so good." Jake turned red, knowing what she said was true.

    "Black cum is addictive and it changes us. Something about the chemistry, I guess. It has turned me into a slut and you into ... into this." Meredith was beginning to become ashamed of him as a sexual provider. Meredith then began to squeeze Jake's testicles hard. "Now hubbie. It's time we changed the rules in our marriage." Jake began to wince and complain. But his feet were faithfully planted. "You're going to be my faithful cuckold." Meredith ordered, "While I give my white pussy to black men. Tell me you want this. You want racial justice."

    Jake couldn't resist. All male pride was driven into the palm of Meredith's hand. "I want this ... I want ... racial justice." he relented. Meredith let go and slapped his hard penis. "You now have no rights to my pussy." she stated. "Now, go take care of that yourself!" Meredith headed out to the hallway, swinging her hips. She stopped and looked over her shoulder to her cuckold husband. "Get to work." she demanded.

    After a fresh shower, Meredith decided it was overdue to not just trim but to shave her pussy clean and smooth. She posed for her mirror and felt elation like an innocent woman about to have sex. She tapped her clit and it was anxious and almost angry. It needed attention. She first turned to her laptop and started to watch her favorite interracial porn. But the scenes didn't do enough for her. She wanted not to watch but to live it.
    Meredith closed the page and went to the website of the local chapter of the Black Power Movement. She looked for the calendar of speeches, rallies, and events for the day. Then she saw it.


    Held in a city park that afternoon, it was a public event to support the rights and better living conditions for African immigrants. It was small but vibrant crowd of young, black males, representatives of the BPM, and several women in support. The migrants were bused in from nearby shelters and hotels and The Movement had loaned a portable, wooden stage for a number of speakers to gin up the crowd. Meredith parked on the curb and walked through small pavillions to make to the crowd. There were clapping and fist pumping. When black males saw Meredith, another attractive white woman joining the rally, they nodded their head and approved.

    "We need more black and African representation in this city!" the speaker screamed. She was a white woman with pale skin underneath a large, brimmed white hat. "I believe in sacrifice. I will sacrifice every night and day until the needs of the black men in Black Pine are met!"
    "YES! Sacrifice!" an feminine voice yelled.

    Meredith immediately clapped, trying to meld with the crowd. She noticed there were a number of white women side-by-side with African men here. Some refugees were happier than others.

    "Ladies, we should do our part. Help at least one immigrant. Bring him home. Give him a spare bed. Fuck! Give them your bed and join him!" the speaker in the white hat yelled. The crowd erupted.

    Meredith at the moment followed, received a text message from Zara. It was a simple instructions, "for your final exam, dress in sexually inviting clothing, high heels, lingerie or g-string bikini. husband is invited to your graduation! class starts at 6PM"

    She smiled, grinning ear to ear. Graduation! It sounded like the final class will be a very educational one. After all, Meredith had learned so much since. She walked around the crowd when she spotted a tall, handsome, African male about 20 years old. He was standing by himself. He was lean, muscular features, with a chisled look. Meredith had not a frightful bone in her body. Having no other choice, she swung her hips to him. Her pussy demanded it. Getting wet with a sensitive clit, it wanted attention. Meredith put her hand on the man's shoulder and walked in front of him. They both smiled at each other.

    "Hi, I'm Meredith." she greeted him. "Do you need help?" she asked.

    The African wasn't very fluent in English and had trouble understanding her. Meredith noticed, stepped closer and put her right hand firmly on his crotch. "I said, do you need ... help?"

    The African immigrant's smile only got bigger. His eyes widened, his heart raced, his cock stiffened.

    Meredith nodded her head as both understood each other. She picked up the phone and called her husband. "Jake, sweetie. I need you to come home by 5 today and be at my graduation. I would leave now." She hung up and looked deeply into the African's eyes. They kissed. Many in the crowd noticed and applauded them.


    Meredith had brought Bausi home and took him to her bed. Bausi was naked, laying his back against the headboard watching Meredith straddle his legs and sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down and visually exciting him. The room was filled with heavy breathing and loud slurrping sounds. Meredith grunted each time her tongue pressed and brushed Bausi's balls.

    Jake had left work early to abide Meredith's wishes. The traffic was smooth, taking him home much quicker than usual. He tried to ignore the morning and wished he could just reset the day and his relationship with Meredith. However, when he stepped into the living room, echoes of passion filled his home.

    What was left of Jake's masculinity had him rush to the bedroom. There, he saw his bed with its new master. He clearly saw the look of passion and lust on Basui's face. Meredith's head was eagerly bobbing up and down. Slurp! Slurp! "This is me ... sucking your cock." Meredith told Basui phonetically. She wanted to teach the most important words.

    "Suck my cock." Basui responded in his very exotic accent. He nodded and put a firm hand on her head. "Suck cock." he said again and meant it.
    Jake was speechless. There was no doubt. His wife turned into a black cock slut just as she said. He just stood speechless, stunned, and hypnotized. Basui noticed the white intruder and gestured to Meredith. She turned her head to Jake and laughed. Meredith looked back and winked to Basui. She spat on his cock and resumed sucking. Confident, Basui understood his status under this roof, in this bed. He was now ... the man and in control.

    "Suck my black cock." Basui demanded.

    "Yes." Meredith simply answered and returned mouthing his manhood.

    Dejected, Jake could only watch his wife spin around into doggie style facing him. Basui aggressively got into position and put his large, gifted cock into Merdith's moist, shaved pussy. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock inside. Jake could see the passion, the lust, the bliss on Meredith's face. Like a heroin addict getting her fix, Meredith was getting the injection she needed.

    "Oh! Fuck me, Basui! Take my pussy." she pleaded.

    Learning English quickly, Basui commented, "I fuck your white pussy. I fuck white race." The room was filled with the sound of the African thrusting his hips and tapping Meredith's sweet ass. Basui grabbed and slapped that ass.

    The wife turned to her lover, "I'm a ... slut. Understand? I am a ... slut."

    Basui understood, nodded, and agreed. "You, white ... slut."

    Meredith looked forward and shut her eyes. "You're fucking me so good!" she complimented him.

    "Yes. I fuck whore-wife." Basui answered.

    The wife came into orgasm, laughed, chuckled, and moaned. She looked up to Jake as Basui was relentless, "I'll do anything for you, Basui!"
    "You fuck my Africans!" Basui replied. Meredith could only moan two words, "gangbang me".

    Meredith caught her breath after another furious orgasm. She looked up to Jake again, "Look! I'm making Africans happy. This is racial harmony!" Meredith then screamed with another orgasm.

    But her lover corrected her, "Black power." said Basui. Meredith followed with, "Yes, black power!"

    Basui showed confidence and sexual arrogance by grabbing Meredith's hair. He pulled her up off her elbows. She gasped and Jake almost leaped to her rescue. But Basui's masculine grunt froze Jake's feet to the floor and he had to leave the black bull in charge. "I put seed in you. Husband eat." Basui wanted. Meredith turned her head and kissed Basui, "Yes ..." she whispered.

    Basui pushed Meredith back on her elbows and started power driving. He spoke in his native tongue, unintelligible to Meredith but she imagined he was calling her a 'whore' and only good for dumping cum inside. He then pulled out and turned Meredith on her back. This was the first moment Jake witnessed how superior the African was. He sported not just a cock but a thick, spear. A cock like his could father dozens of children. Basui climbed on top with Meredith wrapping her legs around his waist. Meredith just whispered, "Fuck me." into Basui's ear. But her African had only cumming in his mind. After minutes of rhythmic thrusts, both lovers came and Basui dumped several hot streams of cum inside of her. Relieved, Meredith's pussy was satisfied. She realized the number of black lovers were climbing high and fast. She figured after class and another night at the Powder Room, the number would only go higher.

    The African pulled out and put his back against the headboard of his bed. Meredith turned on her side and moaned. As Jake wanted to leave, his wife held out her hand. "Hold my hand. Tell me you still love me." she asked.

    Jake was touched and couldn't refuse her. For that moment, he was able to block Basui occupying his bed out of his mind. He held her hand and whispered, "I still love you." Hoping this moment would be the one to reset their marriage, the cuckold was corrected.

    Meredith spun her hips and opened her legs to her husband. She slowly brought her knees up and exposed the juicy, dripping wet, swollen pussy. "Lick ... my ... cunt." she commanded.

    Jake froze. Basui was attentive, wanting to know if his place in the bedroom was secure. Many refugees will know that this wife's pussy is black-only and follow him between her legs. "I said, lick my cunt! Eat Basui's cum from my pussy. Or else I'll have his baby. He wouldn't mind that at all."
    Her husband knelt by the bed. Meredith scooted her ass to the edge of the mattress. Jake was given a good look in the daylight how shaved, swollen, and sticky her pussy was. It was as if it belonged to another woman. Strangely, it made it easier for Jake to go through with this. The scent was organic and raw. This was the union of two, primal acting lovers and sexual animals wanting nothing but relief and social justice. Jake knew if he willingly went through with this there would be no turning back. With Basui watching, it didn't scare him. It encouraged him. Jake lowered his head, stuck out his tongue and started lapping the thick, stringy goo. He flicked Meredith's clit and electrified her. Basui was emotionless. This was expected where a strong, alpha male makes his way into a wife's bed. The husband, losing his place in the home, submits to new rules. He commits this act of submission and pleases his wife physically and emotionally. The husband too is rewarded by tasting the "fruit", enjoyed from his wife's womb.

    Meredith enjoyed the act, bringing a white man down to his knees in front of the alter of black cock. She could now have it all. Meredith laid flat on her back and looked at Basui. Not making a sound, she moved her lips saying "I love you." They both exchanged smiles.
    When Jake was told he was done, Meredith left for the shower and kicked her husband out of the bedroom. They would leave Basui behind in his new home, at least for the next few days. Meredith had to get clean and prepared for the big night.


    The drive to the Black Power Movement building was a quiet one for Jake. Meredith was sitting beside him looking into her compact mirror. She sported her "FUCK THE WHITE RACE" shirt, showing some under boob. Below, she wore nothing but a g-string bikini bottom and heels. Jake was bordering between sexual arousal and jealously. Her clothes, t-shirt, and heels made her so provocative! Meredith was nothing resembling the wife before her classes.

    "Relax, honey." she comforted Jake, "Only the black men in the class will see me like this. It makes it okay. This is casual dress for them."
    Meredith pointed to Jake where to park in front of the classroom doors. She caught one of the white men walking through the doors hand in hand with woman, his wife. She was in heels, dressed in a crop top and a short frilly dress. The night was going to be interesting!

    As Jake put the car in park and killed the engine, Meredith warned him what might come, "Listen Jake, I don't know what kind of lesson I'm in for. But our teacher really wants us to understand the importance of black culture and racial justice. She doesn't want us to just graduate but devote our lives to the needs of dominant black men."

    "This is why ... you're having sex with them." Jake meekly asked.

    "Yes! You understand!" said his pleased wife.

    The couple exited the car and took the few steps to the doors. For Jake, they were long steps as he leered at Meredith swinging her ass in her g-string. She looked definitely the whore. When Meredith and Jake stepped in, Miss Zara noticed her and applauded, "Yea! We're all here."

    The room was emptied of desks. Replacing them were two large couches and a love seat pushed along the walls. The teacher's desk was put in the middle and had towels, wipes, and bottles of lube. A case of bottled water was left on the floor near. Zara was dressed in black yoga pants and a corset the barely covered her nipples. Her make up was perfect. Meredith saw sitting on one of the couches, Carol, with her husband, a man in his fifities wearing a nice polo shirt and khakis. Carol was dressed in cutoff jeans and a white blouse.

    On the other couch was a white woman in her forties. Her husband, one of the classmates was sitting on the arm of the chair looking nervous. The woman wore a short red dress, something the Blossom Boutique would have sold. On the other side of the couch was a woman in her twenties. She too was dressed hot and slutty. In red heels, she wore a red, short skirt that exposed most of her thighs and a bikini top to match. Her husband, sitting on the other arm rest, looked despondent and sullen.

    Zara stepped in the middle of the room. The white men secretly lusted after her but knew she was untouchable. The women respected her authority and presence. She was confident and feminine. "Welcome students and spouses. I'm happy to see 100% participation tonight. We have a special lesson for each of you. It is both an exersize in racial justice and a celebration of the black culture. Now the black men of the class will pass this class. They don't need to do anything more. But they were gracious and volunteered to be part of tonight's festivities and are waiting in the room next door.

    "Before we begin, let's go around the room and let the ladies introduce themselves and say a few words about how this class has affected them." Zara looked to Carol sitting by her man. Carol spoke up, "Hi, my name is Carol and this is my husband Edward. I took this class to learn more about the black culture and its men. I was told black men would improve our marriage. I just didn't imagine how."

    "And has it?" Zara asked.

    "Oh, yes." said Carol. "One of my homework assignments was going to a ladies club. It was there I saw up close and touched my first ... black cock. He gave me a private and I gave him a blow job. The next night Edward and I went to an interracial swingers lounge and I met a man who wanted to ... sex me. We invited him into our private booth, closed the curtains, and I fucked my first black man. My husband watched and approved."

    The room was filled with positive energy. Carol concluded, "My husband and I decided that we should welcome black men in our community and pay reparations. Edward now sleeps in another room and I have different black men with me nightly."

    Zara then looked at the forty-something wife, in dark hair. "Hello, I'm Karl's wife, Donna. I came here tonight to help my husband get his certification or he loses his job. So, this is really important to me, too. When Karl returns from class, we talk about social justice, reparations, and my duties as a white woman for racial justice. We had long discussions about cuckolding, me making habit of finding sexual relief only with black men and often. When the both of us had front seats in a live performance of two black men with a white woman ... having ... hot, primal, aggressive sex, I agreed to succumb to the needs of black men. I really don't want to lose our home. I'm ready for my first experience."

    It was the twenty-something wife's turn. "I'm Mandy with my husband, Rick. We've started attending Black Power Movement rallies a month ago with a dream about becoming a minority in Black Pine one day. We wanted to be a bigger part of the black community, so Rick signed up for this class. Turns out I end up catching my husband masturbating to interracial porn and all those big, black cocks. Those videos taught me I wasn't doing enough as a wife. I went to the local, black gentleman's club, signed up as a stripper and now I'm taking black men in the back rooms making real sacrifices for racial justice."

    The room cheered and turned to Meredith and Jake. "Hi, we're Meredith and Jake. This class has opened my eyes about the superiority of the black race. We were racist by practicing monogamy and not giving up my body to help the cause. I've learned that sex is key to bridging the differences and building trust. I want to be their slut when they need pussy."

    Zara stepped in, "Okay, white boys. Take a folding chair and sit along the far wall. You're going to stay there and stay silent through the lesson." After the four white males did what they were told, sitting in position far from their wives, Zara continued. "We have a special guest tonight." she looked to the front door that pulled open and a black male stepped in. "Who is on time! Ladies, I like to introduce you to the appointed Head of the Black Pine chapter of the BPM, Akin Kalu!"

    The ladies were excited. Akin was a man in his forties wearing an African-inspired robe. He smiled and told the white girls how proud he was of them devoting their lives and marriage to racial justice. "We will celebrate the pride of the black man winning the prize of white women." Akin eyed each of the four women and found each fuckable. He turned making a gesture to Zara. He had picked his favorite.

    "It's time ..." said Zara, "to call in our black men. One will join you on the couch. I want each of you ladies to thank your classmate for having a handsome black man sitting with you. Talk about what you can do to improve race relations, reparations, and social justice. Think about what's in your heart and what's between your legs."

    Zara opened the door and out came the four classmates walked out nearly naked wearing only men's g-string underwear. Each sported a waistband and a pouch holding their male parts. The pouch was stuffed as if it was filled with apples and a zuchinni. Akin dropped his robe, revealing the same g-string. The five men were prepared but the women were surprised. The women panted as the men quietly made their choice.

    Akin had his eyes set on Meredith. He made a slow bee-line to her. The other men rightfully respected his vaulted status by having him choose first. Zara took her favorite student, Ali to the love seat. Each white girl had her black 'date'. The wives blushed as a nearly-naked man, so sexually presenting, sat so near to them. Meredith felt so honored to have an important person in the room. Aside from Mayor Jordyn Sweet, there was no larger political figure in the city. All the women thanked their date for being a strong man and sit with her. They made glowing smiles and made sure her man had his eyes on her. Meredith told Akin, "I loved what I've learned here. I want to do even more for the black race." she said.
    "I hope you'll start attending our rallies and events regularly." Akin wished. Meredith agreed how she will become a loyal member of the BPM. Then she shared how she visited her first migrant rally earlier in the day. "The migrants are so fucking awesome!" she bragged, "They make our city beautiful." Akin wondered what steps the wife made to help their needs. Will Meredith share what a good slut she was by bringing a migrant into her bed?

    Meanwhile, Donna was under the trance of her date. Her eyes constantly dropping to his man-bulge. She told how quickly attracted to black men she had become and confessed to long held fantasies of being gangbanged. They were turning into powerful needs. The date told her, "That's only natural for a white woman. Deep down you're a sexually-centric animal. You need to be controlled, dominated, and used. I can find someone to pimp you. Damn, I'll pimp you myself and all you'll see day and night is black cock." Donna giggled, "You think you can turn a faithful wife into a whore overnight?" Her date guided her hand over his man-pouch. It was large, hard, and bulging. Donna gasped and uttered, "I guess you are." The couple kissed.

    Carol put a hand on her date's strong chest and told him, "Yes, I really do believe my place is on my back or my knees." The couple discussed racial atonement and the power of sex. Her date wanted to know more, "What would you do with a pretty white girl refusing to fuck a black man because she's racist." he asked. Carol gave it a thought, "I'd say ... listen bitch, you need to fuck black men. Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. You'd be a lot happier as a slut and giving up that white pussy." She guided his hand between her legs where he felt how moist she was becoming. "Take it, use it. When you're done, push me aside."

    "Yes, you can come see me dance." Mandy said, "It turns me on to have a crowd of black men look at me, naked. Maybe you'll see me naked soon." she teased. Her date was already putting his hands on her breasts and telling her how beautiful she was. "Do I have something, you need, now?" Mandy asked staring at her man's bulge. "Because, I'm feeling really sexually frustrated with you, right here." she teased again. He took her hand into his pouch where she felt the instant heat. "Does a cheating wife like you need this?" he teased her. Mandy nodded, "Yes. I want to be like the sluts in the videos, happy and fucked."

    While Zara was making out with Ali, Meredith was deeply engaged in a conversation about racial justice with Akin. She about forgot he was naked and patiently waiting to use and devour. "I've been a racist believing in monogamy the way I did!" Meredith complained, "It's just evil and backwards, keeping strong, black, alpha men from taking what they're entitled to."

    "And why do black men need to fuck white women, besides relieving sexual tension?" Akin asked.

    "Because each time a black cock is inside white pussy, the white race dies a little. We have to work together to keep white men out of our wombs." Meredith answered. Akin looked serious and saw the genuine affection Meredith had with his people. "I think it's time we punish the white race." he said as he peeled the pouch off of his cock and balls springing out his black manhood. Placing a hand on Meredith's head, he pushed her mouth to his cock. She quietly and obediently serviced him. Jake, watching, had that feeling in the pit of his stomach. His slut wife was the first. Jake couldn't look away nor dare see the disdain on his fellow white male faces.

    "Praise the black man!" prayed Akin, "His manhood conquers a white woman into submission. Give me your body, slut. You have no other use. I am your god!"

    After licking his balls, Meredith looked up and spoke loud enough for her husband to hear, "You are my god! I only exist to be fucked by black men."
    Zara was soon next, stripping down to her heels and getting on her knees to suck Ali's cock. Ali felt entitled. He was getting so much pussy since relocating to Black Pine. He still couldn't enough. He placed his hand on Zara's head spoke in his tongue. His words were both an erotic chant and dirty, sex talk. Zara's eyes never left Ali's. She gave him all her love.

    Sitting next to Meredith was Carol. She pulled off her top while her date stood in front of her and pulled down his g-string. Her lover squeezed her oversized tits and lustfully watched her lips part pulling his cock into her mouth. He found a new appreciation of oversexed, 50-year old women with a well, taken care of bodies. She made a perfect cum dumpster.

    Mandy had started giving her man a little strip tease. She showed him her perfect, married ass, before leaning her breasts into his face where her nipples quickly found his lips. Mandy looked over at her husband, Rick, and blew him a kiss. When Mandy's lover found and squeezed her ass, Rick found a new level of dejection. It would only get worse when his wife dropped to her knees and peeled off her date's underwear with her teeth. She massaged his black balls and told him, "I love sucking black cock." Like the men in the back room of the strip club, Mandy used her body to please her men.

    Donna's lover kissed her neck and helped himself to her bare breast. He whispered into her ear, "Let go. Let's fuck the whiteness out of you." he suggested. But Donna tried to resist, "But ... my husband ... I want to do the right thing ... I can't..." her head was spinning. The pleasures of lust were beginning to overtake her love for her husband. "Fuck your husband. He can't please you, can he?" Donna's date asked, "No, its true. He isn't able to." she admitted.

    Zara interrupted, "Time's up for the white race, Donna. Suck that cock and be the cheating slut you dreamed to be." Donna's man looked at her and ripped off his g-string. His cock sprang high, thick, and throbbing. "Let your husband lose his job." He pointed at his dick, "This will make you more happy than having a home."

    Donna stood up and tore off her clothes. She dropped to her knees and grabbed the black cock firmly in her hand and gave it a few tugs. She looked to Karl, "I'm cuckolding you! Take a last look at your nice, faithful wife!" Donna lowered her head and filled her mouth with hard, black cock. Slurp, Mmmph!

    Donna's man made fists with both hands and celebrated his conquest. And several minutes passed with bobbing wives heads and spit running down black dicks. The room was energized with positive energy, sexual pleasure, and racial harmony. Meredith stared into Akin's eyes and thought "How could a dumb, white girl like me score such an important black man?" Then she asked him, "Please, my black god, fill my pussy with your beautiful black cock. I'll do anything to feel you inside me."

    Akin nodded, "Promise devotion to the my race and never let a white dick touch you."

    Meredith answered, "White dicks sickens me. I hate the white man. I freely give my body to the black race. Please, fuck me, black god."

    "You may ride on top of me and enjoy my cock." Akin rewarded her. And Meredith stood and straddled Akin with her knees. She grabbed his black cock and penetrated her. Squealing, she looked up to the heavens and screamed, "Fuck me!". Meredith wrapped her arms around Akin and pressed her breasts into him. While her head was turned to Jake and the white men in the room, she did not see him. Her heart only belonged to her god. "I love you." she whispered into Akin's ear. The wise, benevolent Akin Kalu answered, "Love all black men."

    Carol and Zara were next to give their pussy to their lover. Carol turned around and bent over for her lover. She patiently waited for her date to penetrate and fuck her. She loved the feeling of giving up her body and doing her part for social and racial justice. It was so much fun. Zara laid on her back and Ali pushed her knees apart. Zara bit the knuckle of her left index finger anticipating the push, the entry of his huge cock. Ali was in a male trance thinking only about pussy filled her with his manhood. He grunted and she almost burst into orgasm at the excitement being taken by another black male.

    Mandy sat on her lover's lap in a reverse cowgirl position. She rode him until his hard cock found her sweet hole and penetrated her. The stripper-wife was surprised at the girth as it pushed deeper into her womb. "Fuck me ... fuck me ... all I want is black cock!" she yelled. Her husband felt small as tiny as his penis.

    Finally, there was Donna. When her lover ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her cheek, she pulled his cock from his mouth and started licking and sucking his fingers. She then returned and began licking his balls. Of course, Karl saw all this and was drunk with lust and disbelief. He wanted to renounce white priviledge but not his marriage. He was paying the true price of racial equality, tolerance, and justice. What Karl saw was black superiority. Donna stopped. Like a lighting bolt she knew it was time. She stood and crawled into the couch next to Donna and got into a very submissive doggie position. Her lover understood she was presenting and he was ready to give her dick. Donna looked at her husband. No smile, no wink, she was serious and angry with him, "I'm not doing this for you." she said, "I don't give a shit if you pass the class or not. I'm doing this to please him ... and black cock." At that moment, she felt the cock push into her tight pussy. For decades, she had only experienced smaller, inexperienced white dicks including her husband. As the cock pushed deeper inside of her, her clit twitched and she had an orgasm. Donna felt a sharp slap on her ass. Her lover called her a, "Racist! Tell me you need this!" he demanded.

    "I need this! I need black cock! Fuck me!" Donna yelled. Karl had to look away. But anywhere he looked, there was a white girl giving up pussy and fighting racism.

    When Donna opened her mouth to scream another orgasm, she felt a hard, rubbery knob push into her mouth. Zara had brought over Ali to fuck her mouth. Zara bent down and told the white-wife-gone-black, "Fuck your stupid marriage. Fuck you for the years being faithful to a white man. You're a black cock slut now."

    Akin had turned Meredith on her back on the couch and was driving his cock into her. He gave her steady thrusts and filling her womb with his manhood. Meredith was speechless and euphoric getting used by a powerful, black man. She wished there was a live camera on her. She wanted the whole world to see Akin Kalu fucking her. Then ... he pulled out. Meredith was left feeling empty and incomplete. She was about to get up and ask what happened when another black male took his place. The entire room was switching! Meredith didn't remember his name but the young, black student had put his cock into her and started pushing and thrusting. Was he just finished fucking Donna or Carol? Oh, what the fuck!
    Donna had Ali's cock into her pussy and another student took her mouth. Zara was personally overseeing the wife's transformation. The room was getting hot. Steam from the naked bodies made the room humid. For several moments the black men and white women enjoyed another round of raw sex. Then came another switch, another black man taking his place. Meredith all saw was just cock and balls. Her lover wanted a blow job and she gave it to him. A minute later her new lover climbed on top of her and placed one hand squeezing her breast. With his other hand, he reached out and grabbed Carol's. Carol looked at him and smiled. She didn't mind at all.

    It was Ali's turn.

    Ali stood in front of Meredith. The two lovers stared at each other not yet exchanged a word since their last fuck. Meredith bent forward and placed Ali's cock into her mouth in her way of saying 'hi'. After a few bobs of her head, Ali signaled her to turn around. With a determined look, Meredith silently got into position Ali demanded. Ali grabbed a hip and guided his cock into her. He pushed and she groaned. Ali slapped her ass once and continuing thrusting. He then slapped her ass a second time in his quiet way of owning her. Meredith looked forward trying not to say a word. She was doing this to serve him and the black race. It didn't hurt that it felt good too. She tried hard not to confess how much she loved it. Meredith didn't want to feed Ali's ego more than she already had.

    But, "Fuck it. He deserves this." she thought to herself. Meredith let go of her ego and her selfish, white pride. The slut inside her was making the decisions. "Fuck me, Ali. Goddamn, it feels fucking great! You know this pussy is yours. Take it, Al!." That was the signal for Ali to exit. He slapped her ass and didn't give her a second thought. Then came her next man. He was the fifth of five and made Meredith ride him. The emptiness from Ali's withdrawal triggered Meredith's need to cum. Meredith stared at her lover's face all the while his eyes were on her breasts and pussy. She rode him up and down as he grabbed her ass. "Fuck me." she repeated. While he wasn't as influential as Akin or in love with as much as Ali, she wanted to please her classmate just the same. "You like fucking my white pussy?" she asked, "You saw me all this week turn into a slut. I'm going to give you my number and we can meet everyday to fuck." The words excited him and he lifted his ass to fuck her. The room was steadily getting louder as the men met their limits and needed relief. One by one the men came into their ladies. Carol smiled when her pussy was filled with cream. Ali had came into Donna who swore off her husband at that moment. Mandy was the lucky one who took Akin's sperm into her. She would have bragging rights. When the news spread, she will have that many more visitors to her stage on stripper night. Meredith's lover was last filling her womb with sticky cum. Nearly exhausted, she welcomed his seed. "You can fuck me anytime." she told him again.

    As the black men retreated to the back room, Zara looked at the husbands. "Alright, cuckolds. It's time to crawl over here and show how much you love your wives. Find your wife and start eating pussy!" While it came as a shock to most, it was becoming routine for Jake. He was the first to get on his feet and made his way to Meredith. Half aware, Meredith laid on the couch next to Carol and spread her legs. The other husbands took to his lead thinking it must be normal. Each husband knelled in front of their wife, lowered their head, and started licking the cum from her pussy. Meredith and Carol looked at each other and smiled. They were in heaven. Having been fucked by black guys they got to see their husbands 'get fucked' over too. "See how much I love you honey?" Meredith told Jake. "I'm willing to fuck any black man so you can eat their cum."

    When the wives recovered, the husbands were told to wait outside and sulk. The black men came out of the room and each wife knelled in front of one them. Meredith was chosen to have knelled before Akin. Meredith and the other wives were instructed to recite a speech while looking into the eyes of the man in front of her. When it was Meredith's turn, she said ...

    "I ... Meredith ... freely give my ass, mouth, tits, and pussy to the black man. I am his slut, his whore, to be used sexually. I exist only to fuck black men and will give everything and ask for nothing. I will recruit my fellow white sisters to the pleasures of black cock. I renounce my white race and submit to the black man's will without question or regret. Bless the black race! Bless the black cock!"

    When each wife concluded her oath, she eagerly sucked her man's cock until he came into her mouth. With each swallow, the oath was complete.
    "Good, ladies." Zara complimented them. She too retook an oath. "You may get dressed and return to your husbands as new, racial justice warriors. With black pride, you or your husband have passed the course."


    Every student went home certified in Black Studies sponsored by The Black Power Movement. The certificate would be worth more than any other institution in the state. Jake said little to Meredith after 'congratulating' her on a long week. As they entered their home, Meredith started stripping and dropping her clothes on the hallway floor. "I'm joining my African migrant in the bedroom." she simply said. Jake had nearly forgotten his new roommate.

    Meredith walked into the bedroom not bothering to close the door behind her. Jake crept ahead and wanted to take a last look at his naked wife crawling dirty into bed with her black lover. Does that make at least six for her tonight? Basui went to sleep horny. When he felt Meredith wrap her arms around him, Basui woke and spun around.

    Basui just said one word, "Pussy."

    With new found strength, the naked African sprung to his knees and forced Meredith laying down her belly. He crawled on top of her, forcing her to stay flat on the sheets. "Basui? Basui ... wait." Meredith pleaded and giggled at the young man's playfullness. But he would have none of that. He simply needed relief and now. This was his bed after all. With his cock hard and ready, he penetrated her swollen and well used pussy. The evening of sex made her an easy target between her legs. Basui felt penetration into her wet, sticky hole and pushed deep. He groaned in relief after hours of waiting for Meredith to return. The wait had been hell for him. The house was filled with sounds of him thrusting into her hips, smack, smack, smack. Jake just stood there and watched.

    Exhausted, physically and emotionally, Meredith pleaded, "Oh gawd, I can't take any more of this!" Basui wouldn't listen. It was his turn scoring that white pussy. Meredith stuck out her hand to Jake, hoping he would help her. Jake, a new believer in black superiority and racial justice, backed out of the room leaving his cheating wife with the man of the house.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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