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. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 4

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jun 29, 2018.

. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 4 4.9 5 10votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Meredith's fourth class ends with a special lesson. Assigned to work at an exclusive lounge in Black Pine, she will learn how important her contributions to race relations will be. But the lesson will test her moral fibers pitting her marriage against primal lust. What will come first? Her vows to her husband or her obligations to strange, aroused black men? Deep down, Meredith had made her choice.


    Past the railroad tracks, pulling away from the slaughter house, was a small industrial enclave. What was supposed to be a hub of machine shops and warehouses, became economically destitute and represented policy failures of the prior city administration. But that didn't meant someone else couldn't took advantage of cheap real estate and privacy.

    Meredith found the cluster of dark, concrete slab buildings made up mostly of storage and warehouses. One, in particular, had a collection of automobiles. SUVs and sports cars. She noticed two gentlemen, dressed in heavy suits patrolling the lot. Remembering her instructions, she parked in the rear. Circling around the large, C-shaped building, she saw another small collection of modest vehicles parked near a lamp post. Stepping out, feeling still fresh from her class, she headed towards the door that read "White Orchid Girls Only". She meekly rapped on the door. Without much of a wait, the door pushed open.

    An elegant woman in her forties greeted her. She had long, flaxen hair. Wearing a gorgeous gown and heels, her make up was stunning. "Hello, you must be Meredith?" she greeted.

    Meredith smiled and nodded, "Yes, Miss Zara Snow sent me here."

    The elegant woman welcomed Meredith to a seat inside a small parlor complete with two love seats, a coffee table, and an exit through a doorway with hanging beads. "I know Zara very well. I'm her mom, Zora."

    Meredith gasped in delight and surprise, "Oh wow!"

    Zora explained, "Sometimes I call on her to come over if we're short on girls. But she suggested you'd make a great fit."

    "What do you do here?" Meredith wondered.

    "Our 'white orchid girls', keep certain men company in our 'powder room'. They relax, discuss business, politics, racial issues with each other before relieving their ... frustrations ... with our help." Zora said. Meredith, again wondered, "Certain ... black men?" she asked for clarification.

    Zora nodded, "This is why Zara chose you."

    "What exactly will I do?" Meredith asked. Zora leaned forward from her side of the room, comfortable in her love seat, "You'll talk with them, listen attentively, and laugh at their jokes. Then, if instructed, you'll go into the back where they will tell you what they'll do to your body."

    Meredith was picking up on the hints, "Sex?" she said.

    "I see you're a natural." Zora complimented. But Meredith gasped. Zora didn't let her get a word of objection before saying, "And you'll be paid for it."

    Meredith was speechless. In one night, she went from being an open-minded student in black studies, to finding herself inside a parlor of a brothel. "I can't believe a place like this is in Black Pine." Meredith commented, "I'm becoming very comfortable sharing my sexuality for racial justice. And black men are fantastic lovers, but I never thought myself as a ... whore."

    Zora giggled, "Zara said you're a bright student. But I see so much more for you to learn." Meredith was emotionally paralyzed. Or was it arousal? Meredith was still searching for an academic reason for her to be there. Something, anything to make her at ease. "I mean ... how ... what can I learn about a black-owned business here?" she asked.

    "Inner city entrepreneurs set up this establishment. They wanted Black Pine to have a place where black men can find good white sluts, harlots ... whores, like yourself. It makes them feel good to fuck a white woman turned prostitute. And I hear you're married. They love that. They need it."

    Meredith blushed but not ashamed. It was beginning to turn her on that the men would take advantage of her just to fuck her and her marriage up. Zora comforted the wife. She explained all she needed to do was sit around. It was a slow night and likely she wouldn't have a client. Her lesson was to understand how important this place was. How it serves the community and helps subjugate the white race to accept black superiority. Zora escorted Meredith into a changing room with lockers, bathroom, and a shower. There was a tall, thin woman in the shower stall behind clear, plexiglass door. With no shame she rubbed her naked body. Meredith admired the completely shaved pussy and perky breasts. "Don't worry about an outfit. We have something for you and you can borrow my makeup." Zora offered.

    They then went into a large, open space. There were couches, love seats, large, soft chairs throughout. It was dimly lit with light jazz music airing the room. Zora explained that no alcohol, drugs, or smoking was allowed. "This is not a place to enjoy vices, save one. We keep this place clean. You only get dirty when you go through the curtains, there." Zora pointed and led Meredith through the dark curtains. It was a narrow hallway with six small rooms, three to the left and right. The rooms were small at 6 feet by 8 feet. Only beads served the purpose of a door. Each room had a trash can underneath a shelf with wipes, towels, and a bowl of condoms. There was a small bed, its mattress was sealed with plastic. To the far end of the hallway was a tall hamper, partially filled with used towels.

    "There's not much privacy here." Meredith noted.
    "You won't need it." Zora countered, "Everyone knows why you're here."


    Meredith was put in an outfit of a tight, black hot pants and a white crop top. Bra-less, she spun around on her heels. Zora introduced her to two ladies, Sassy and Crystal. Sassy was a woman in her late thirties, large breasts and a round ass. Sassy had curly, brown hair and had an upbeat, humorous attitude. Crystal was the tall, woman in the shower. With her hair dry, Crystal had long, dark blonde hair and was around in her late 20's. Crystal acted more like an out-of-work fashion model and didn't smile much.

    There were already men waiting in the open room. A pair of young, black males dressed in bright red jerseys and obvious fans of basketball. Each was wearing a ball cap. They were sitting and facing each other over a table drinking something non-alcoholic and red all the while having a heated conversation. In the corner by his lonesome, was a distinguished older gentleman in his 50's. Crystal immediately headed towards the table with the two men. They invited her to sit on one of their laps. Crystal dropped her straps and exposed her breasts nonchalantly. The men lusted and stared at her body and nodded. It was going to be a good night for them. Meanwhile, Sassy ran to the older gentleman in the corner and chatted with them. Meredith felt alone and sat on a stool next to the wall mirror. She looked at herself, brushed her hair while taking a peek into the reflection. Meredith caught an eyeful of Crystal getting a full mouth kiss from one of her suitors.

    Zora escorted three more men into the lounge. A tall man, a short man, and a well dressed man in a dark suit. Zora made sure each was in a chair and relaxed. Zora then approached Meredith. "If this place gets any busier, I'll have to start going to the back." Meredith just politely smiled. But Zora just had an idea. "Let's get you going. There are men that need entertaining." she said.

    Zora grabbed Meredith's hand and guided her to the corner to the well-dressed man. She practically forced Meredith into the chair next to him. "Hi, Reverend. I want you to meet our new girl, Meredith." Meredith was greeted with a smile from the Reverend J. Jaymes. But he went by Reverend Jay. Reverend Jay, was a fit, influential man looking like in his late 40's, but he may be even older. The Reverend held out his hand, holding Meredith's and gave it a kiss. While Zora walked away tending the other neglected clients, Meredith was left squirming in her seat. Here was a man of religion come visiting a brothel.

    "Relax, Meredith." Rev. Jay suggested, "I'm not some thug. I've come to see how many of our race relax in this racially hostile city."

    "Hostile?" she wondered, "Do you think Black Pine is racially intolerant?"

    Rev. Jay noticed he caught her attention, "Look where we are. We have to find a quiet, secluded place where no one is looking. All just for black men to find the women to sex. Of course, you agree black men of all ages and sizes need sex?"

    Meredith, feeling her nipples hardened, nodded her head in agreement.

    The two continued their conversation about race to the point Meredith was becoming comfortable telling him she was married and was taking Black Studies classes. She saw how the reverend was really good in conversation and all but forgotten where she was. "I really want to do my part to help race relations."

    "You see those street thugs there?" the reverend directed Meredith to look at Crystal's table, "They want to use that 'ho, and make her squeal. The manhood between their legs is driving their primal needs and feel they must 'fuck' the white woman. Their need for sex defines them."

    "I see. I'm understanding how important getting 'pussy' is for black men." said Meredith, fascinated.

    "Yes, pussy." said Rev. Jay, "And how do you think sex and white pussy helps racial justice, Meredith?"

    "Well, its the only way to show real trust and sacrifice. I've learned that we're obligated to have sex with black men and my marriage isn't an excuse to deny their pleasures ... their needs."

    The reverend rubbed his chin and nodded. He had certainly found a good, obedient whore sitting in front of him. A white women committed to racial justice and the dominance of the black race. The kind reverend just sat there quiet and looked at her. The Rev. Jay was studying her face and how she crossed her legs, curious how often she spread them. There was a long awkward silence only broken by a giggle from Sassy in the corner or a cheer from the men entertained by Crystal. Meredith looked across the room at Zora, hoping she would help her from the distance with a glance or a gesture of a hand. But Zora was looking around making sure the room was lively but civil.

    Meredith cleared her throat. She was convinced that the conversation could only lead to one thing and asked Rev. Jay her question, "So ... do you want to go into the back room together?"

    "Say, what?" the Rev. Jay asked, stunned at her presumptive question.
    "Do you want to take this discussion somewhere private? Instead talking about racial justice, we practice it?" Meredith added.
    Rev. Jay lowered his eyebrows in disgust, "Are you asking me what I think you're asking me, Meredith?"
    Meredith gave her best smile, "Yes, Reverend. Do you want to ... fuck my white pussy?"

    Rev. Jay shook his head, "Just because I'm sitting here with my congregation you believe I simply want ... pussy? Didn't it occur to you that I wanted to see how men and women in our community live together peacefully and in harmony?"

    Meredith began to feel emotionally small and ashamed. She was a grown woman who mindlessly shrank into a simple, stupid girl only thinking about black cock. What in her teachings did she overlook?

    "I'm, I'm sorry reverend. I just thought I could show you ... how open minded Black Pine is ..."

    "Do you think all of us black men judge ourselves on how much white pussy we get?" he sternly asked her.

    But Meredith was speechless, all she could muster out was an "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." She wanted to bolt to her feet and run out but Zora had already hurried to their table. Kneeling down, Zora showed compassion for the inexperienced prostitute by kneeling next to her and placing a hand on her knee. "Is there a problem here?" Zora asked.

    "Just white privilege of the young lady." explained Rev. Jay. "She mistook me for a typical patron in this house of harmony."

    "I said I was sorry." Meredith said, looking at Zora nearly crying.

    "It's okay." Zora said while brushing Meredith's hair. "Why don't you finish apologizing to the reverend in private. We don't want to make a scene here."

    Meredith agreed and stood to her feet. It would be good to find racial closure to this awkward situation. Zora stood with her and looked to Rev. Jay, brushed her hair back, and smiled, "Meredith, kindly escort him to one of the back rooms and show him what a good, white girl you are."

    Holding the reverend's hand, she walked him to the curtains. She head was numb, trying to ignore the emotional guilt. She never heard Sassy giggle or one of the patrons slapping Crystal's ass. Through the dark curtains they disappeared and Meredith led the reverend to the last room to the left. Each of the other five were equally empty. Each stepped through the beads where a small bed awaited them.

    Meredith sat down on the plastic-sealed mattress, looked down, and covered her face.

    "I'm so ashamed, Reverend. I don't know what I'm supposed to do here." she cried.

    "I understand. This is your first night and you're unsure who you are." said Rev. Jay, with his words of comfort.

    As Meredith blindly nodded, she didn't notice the rustling of clothes. Nor the sounds of shoes being kicked off to the corner. Meredith just put her ears to the mellow music down the hall and wanted nothing more than to voice another apology before heading out of here.

    "I just want to atone for the white sins and the crimes my race committed on black people." Meredith said before lifting her head and facing a hard, black cock staring at her.

    "Reverend!" she gasped.

    Nearly naked, short of his socks, the reverend proudly sported his nearly 10 inches of black manhood in front of her. He twitched his cock in teasing her. The darkened room only made the bulging veins look more menacing.

    "I never finished telling you if I felt I was different than those street thugs ... whether or not I judge myself how much white pussy I get." said the reverend, "Well, I am no different. I want pussy. I need pussy."

    Meredith could only sit and stare with her mouth open. With a silent invitation, the reverend stepped closer and guided his cock between her soft lips. "I deserve this!"

    She gave one loving mouthful then another. Meredith began giving him his blow job.

    "That's it, Meredith. I want to see a white woman submit. Suck my black dick, slut!" he cursed.

    Meredith then moved to licking and sucking his balls, she fell into lust after winning his acceptance.

    "Take off your top, I want to see your tits." the reverend demanded and Meredith complied. She revealed her firm breasts and was more than willing to make herself vulnerable to him. "I never thought I would do anything like this with a religious man." she confessed.

    Rev. Jay just chuckled, "This is all you need to worship." as he pointed to his cock demanding Meredith to continue. She hurried and returned the black sex tool into her wet mouth and resumed sucking and slurping it. She twirled her tongue over the tip and down the shaft feeling every vein, bump, and feature of his cock skin.

    "Serve the black cock, white whore. Betray your husband and your race. This is all that matters to you. This is what you're good for!" he added.

    Squeezing one breast with a free hand, Meredith looked up into his eyes. She was indeed worshiping his manhood, his wise words of racial duty. She never felt more alive and useful. "I'm ... a .... (slurp) ... fucking slut for ... (spit) black cock!"

    The Reverend Jay felt powerful having conquered this white wife turned whore. He grabbed the base of his cock and began tapping her tongue, lips, and cheeks. "Yes. Please. More! Aaaarumph!" she begged before his stiff dick returned between her lips and pushed to the back of her throat. The hallway was filled with sounds of unquestioned submission with deep voice of a black man groaning and a white woman gagging and moaning in pleasure.

    "Look at me, girl. Tell me you want to be a whore for black men." Rev. Jay asked.

    Meredith pulled her head back and spat on his cock head, "I want to be a whore. I know who I am!"

    The reverend pushed Meredith flat on the bed and helped himself to pull off her hot pants. Meredith's shoes fell to the floor in the hurried scuffle before her panties were peeled off too. Rev. Jay pushed her legs apart, her knees back, and started climbing on top of her. His hard cock becoming very close to her moist pussy.

    Aroused but confused, Meredith whispered, "I thought you just wanted a blow job." It was dawning on her that she was going to fuck the reverend.

    Determined, Rev. Jay positioned himself throwing her legs over her shoulders. He guided his cock onto her pussy and pushed in.

    "Aaah!" groaned Rev. Jay and lunged in and began furious pumping, "I need to fuck and hear you squeal!"

    Meredith rolled her eyes and did as her black lover wished. She squealed like a slut as she felt the black organ penetrate her making space for itself. The plump cock head pushed deeper rubbing the edges of her womb sending her into waves of pleasure.

    "Oh gawd! I'm a fucking whore!" she yelled. Loud enough the men in the room could hear her. "This is what I'm good for."

    The reverend pushed his nose into her ear and whispered dirty things to her. His lust swung between rage and passion. "Take my black cock, racist slut!" he demanded, "This white pussy is the only reason we put up with your race."

    With her first orgasm, Meredith found truth in the reverend's words. Her tight pussy, opened for the black men was the key to tolerance. She owned them this. "Yes, fuck me." she pleaded, "Use me, make me pay." Rev. Jay continued fucking her. Sweat from his brow dripped into her mouth. She tasted him and transforming into a part of him. "I have no love for the white race." he scorned, "Fuck you and your husband."

    Meredith had another orgasm, this time brutal. Pinned underneath she had to take the entire release without moving many muscles to relieve it. Almost painful, she fell in deep lust, "Fuck the white race. Fuck my husband. Fuck me! Oh ... gawd damn! I just want to get fucked!"

    She began to cry in pleasure and discovery. So many black men needed her. With her experiences at the video booth and with Ali, she began to understand how much she needed them. Images flashed through her mind. The hard cocks dripping cum in the video booth, Ali sweet talking her into dropping to her knees, and the threesome she had at the motel. Meredith was beginning to judge herself by how much black cock she got.

    Rev. Jay fell into a lustful trance, simply determined to cum. He gave his primal thrusts chanting, "Fuck the white girl ... fuck the white girl." The charming spiritual leader, the man of the alter, the trusted beacon of wisdom and enlightenment, showed his true, primal self with his demanding cock clearly in control.

    Madam Zora felt obligated to check up on the new girl. She quietly stepped to the end of the hall and peered through the beads. Clearly seeing the two in an erotic, position of intercourse, Zora was pleased to see the outcome. The black man thrusting his hips between white legs. The white woman simply taking it ... taking it. Yes, Meredith. You whore. Practice what you've been taught in your Black Studies class. There is nothing else you're worthy of doing for the black man but lay down and spread your legs.

    Zora left the two to finish. The Rev. Jay felt he needed to leave something behind for the young, inexperienced prostitute. He was going to pay something for this. She was going to take the money. With that, begins the descent of her life and marriage. Another once proud white wife falling into the pit of lust, passion for black cock. With white dick kept out of her womb, it was another victory for racial justice.

    When Meredith felt the stream of sticky cum lathering her pussy, it caught her by surprise. Was he supposed to wore a condom? Does every man here get to dump cum inside the ladies? It was one hot stream after another. She felt the weight of each load as it shot inside her, coating her inside and dripping deeper into her womb. Hearing the sloppy puddles between their two bodies, cum dripping out between her pussy and his dick brought instinctive satisfaction. She laid back and closed her eyes.

    The Rev. Jay, panted deep breaths. He could only muster a short whisper, "Cum dumpster." Proud of his social status, he was in temporarily denial how white girls easily manipulate him with their fuck-able bodies and slut personalities. It was the best of both worlds. He needed to fuck and see the race of white girls get fucked, physically, emotionally, and racially.

    He stood up and grabbed a wipe from the shelf leaving Meredith catching her breath on the bed. The reverend didn't need anything else from her. Not her company, not her smile, not her body. He figured he could fuck her again if he needed to. With so many eager white girls until the next time, she would not be the same innocent, inexperienced slut and whore.


    Meredith stood underneath the shower trying to recover from her first trick. Zora was there waiting with a towel. "You did so well you're first time, Meredith. I'm so proud of you and how you took care of the reverend's frustration. Just like a good whore. We had to charge him extra for cumming in your pussy."

    Meredith stepped out and took the towel. "I guess I am turning into a black cock slut. It's just I feel so different when I'm with strong, sexually aggressive black man." Meredith dried herself, making sure her pussy was as clean as it could be.

    Zora explained, "They come here needing to fuck us. It's important to them to see us submit to their sexual power. It's natural for they to be so dominant. As it is natural for us, white girls, to be very submissive. It's perfect for society. They need pussy. We need to be controlled sexually and emotionally."

    Meredith nodded, "Should I go home now?"

    Zora shook her head, "Honey, we need you tonight. There will be more men coming in. Too much for Sassy and Crystal alone. i will even take someone in the back."

    Meredith got that feeling again. She was going to have sex with another black man, but didn't know who yet.


    Meredith touched up her make up and walked out dressed to the lounge. Passing Sassy on her way to the shower, Meredith saw the room nearly empty but a single table in the middle. There, Zora was entertaining a white woman in glasses and two black males. Zora called Meredith's attention.

    "Here she comes now ..." said Zora as Meredith sat down with the four.

    Zora introduced them, "Meredith, this is Miss Violet, Director of Race Relations, from the local high school." Meredith smiled at the librarian-looking woman in her 30's dressed in black hair. She then smiled at an athletic 18 year old man and his older, just as athletic guardian. "This is Dontell and his uncle, Ty. They're from the inner city and we're welcoming them to Black Pine."

    "Hi and welcome." said Meredith, already picking up on a nice, pleasant conversation.

    "Yes, Meredith." Miss Violet stepped in, "I'm trying to persuade them to relocate to our city so Dontell can help our football team. He's quite athletic."

    Meredith smiled, "What sports do you play?" she asked.

    "Football mainly, ma'am." said Dontell as his uncle Ty was eyeing her and Zora.

    "Miss Violet brought them to our Powder Room to help them relax and blow off some steam." explained Zora, "Do you think you can help them with that?" she asked Meredith.

    Meredith knew where this was quickly going, "Of course." She took Dontell's hand and led him through the curtains with the approval of his uncle.

    Miss Violet turned to Zora in approval and said "The alumni committee is funding this. They really want racial diversity."

    "We thank you." Zora commented.


    Walking past, Meredith caught eye of Crystal hosting the two black men at once. She was on top one of them, riding his cock. The other was pushing his dick into her mouth. They repeated, "Yes, ah, fuck, and slut."

    They took the room to the far right. Stepping inside, Meredith immediately pulled off her clothes. She didn't bother to yet look at Dontell standing behind her quickly getting naked. "So, what do you want to do?" she asked. Meredith turned around and saw a lustful, young man with a large hard cock.

    "Oh, wow!" she said, stunned at the beauty and size of his cock.

    Dontell stepped forward and kissed Meredith's open mouth. His tongue danced inside as he grabbed her breast and ass. He sucked on her nipple before the other one. He was hungry, horny, and ravenous. A finger played with her clit before his mouth returned to hers. Dontell pulled his lips away, "I need pussy! I want pussy!" he demanded.

    "I'm here. I'm yours." she told him before Dontell spun her to her side so he could see and slap an ass. "Damn, you're a fine white girl. On your knees and suck my dick!"

    Meredith spun back facing Dontell, kissed him again and went down to her knees while her breasts pressing against his body. On her knees, she began tender kisses before pushing his cock between her soft lips. Then the rhythm began, the mindless bobbing of her head as she sucked his black cock. Dontell put his hand behind her head and occasionally thrust his hips making her gag. She loved it. She loved being watched by her lover as she pleased him, worshiped him.

    "Suck my black dick. Damn, I need this." He looked down and said, "Lick those balls, white girl." he ordered her. He wasted no time taking control and slapping his cock head on Meredith's tongue. Meredith had a glazed look in her eyes as she spat on the cock and resumed with her blow job.

    Dontell noticed the wedding ring on Meredith's hand, "Are you married, white girl?"

    Meredith looked up, removed her mouth and nodded. "Good, I love fucking married sluts." said Dontell and the wife returned his cock to her mouth.

    When Dontell waited long enough, he directed her to get on the bed in doggie position. From behind, he began to fuck her. "Fuck, I'm a dirty girl!" Meredith thought to herself. Dontell loved the feeling of conquest and just getting pussy. He needed relief and only a white girl would do. Dontell loved the look of Meredith's ass as he pushed in and pulled out. Slap, slap, slap as he thrust his hips.

    "Your cock is so hard!" said Meredith as Dontell was dominating her. "Fuck my white pussy!"

    Dontell loved fucking whores as his uncle Ty taught him. They were so much fun. So eager and willing.

    "Miss Violet said I can have all the white pussy I want in Black Pine." Dontell explained but Meredith wasn't listening. She was just feeling a big, black cock push inside of her. Fitting that manhood inside of her was all that mattered that moment."

    "Feels so good!" uttered Meredith. She never imagined fucking an 18 year old could be so wonderful since her marriage. "Take that pussy. It's yours tonight!"

    Dontell smiled, so many white women say the same things when he fucked them. Just as his uncle told him, his big cock will give him so much pleasure. White pussy was his for the taking. He pulled out and put Meredith on her back. Dontell then climbed on top and resumed fucking her. They looked at each other face to face. For 20 minutes they stared at each other as he passionately fucked her. They told each other they loved each other and it felt good. They told each other they were doing this for racial justice and black power. Both committed their disdain for the white man.

    "Fuck white men." whispered Dontell. "Fuck me." whispered Meredith.

    Dontell was feeling that arousal in his balls. He asked Meredith to "Tell me you love black cock, white slut."

    Meredith complied, "I'm a white slut and love big ... black ... cock!"

    "I need this!" said Dontell. "I need this!" said Meredith.

    Dontell pulled out and spun Meredith up. He wanted to cum in her mouth. Aiming between her parted lips, he shot streams of thick, hot cum. Meredith was prepared for the taste and gobbled it down before cleaning his cock with her mouth. She gave it warm, loving kisses. "Bless the black cock. Hail black power." she whispered.


    Meredith and Dontell walked back to the floor hand in hand. She felt euphoric and lifted. Her head in cloud 9 she found an emotional high when Ty looked at her knowing she had just fucked his nephew, sucked his cock, and swallowed his semen. "Thank you, Dontell." she said. Meredith was about to take a step towards the shower when Ty stood and assumed his turn.

    Miss Violet laughed, "You have one more."

    Ty took Meredith's hand and led her to the curtains. Stunned, feeling a bit dirty, she clumsily followed, led by the hand, to the back room. Zora, just having finished settling Crystal's accounts, witnessed in approval.

    While Crystal was busy in the showers, Sassy had a found a guest to entertain taking the first room to the left. Busy on her knees, she was giving a large man a blow job.

    Returning to the room in the far back right, Meredith repeated her routine. With her back to Ty, she removed her clothes. Her swollen pussy was getting wet at the anticipation of another visitor. "So, what do you want to do?" Turning around, she saw the older, fit man finishing removing his shorts and revealing his hard cock. Quickly, Meredith fell into lust again. So easy at the sight of a black cock needing pussy.

    Ty wasn't short on words and proudly pointed at his manhood. "On your knees, girl and suck my cock!"

    Meredith did as she commanded. She went to her knees and began serving her next customer. With a new taste of cock in her mouth, she felt more comfortable in the small room with a strange black man than at home in bed with Jake. She bobbed her head up and down as if it was the first cock of her night. She loved it. The taste, the power, the fact of being used for pleasure and getting back at the white race exhilarated her.

    "Tell me what you want to do to me." Meredith asked.

    "I need racial justice, white girl!" he demanded.

    Meredith looked up, "I need it too."

    At that moment, Ty decided to hate-fuck Meredith. He would call her a racist and make her promise her body to only black men. Meredith agreed she had been a racist. She should have been whoring with black men long before the classes. Ty would make Meredith confess that's she's a silly white girl and a slut for black cock. Meredith would take the necessary pounding. Together, they fought racism that night. A sexually aggressive black man and a married, white woman got together for an hour of intercourse. When Ty's cock came inside Meredith's pussy, they knew it was a special night. The pent up hate Ty was feeling was alleviated, if only for an evening. Her body was used to advance the black man. Nothing could feel more right.


    Meredith didn't bother to shower after finishing the night at the White Orchid. She returned home very late into the night but emotionally satisfied. She remembered how liberated, how dirty, she felt taking the cash from Zora's hand. She had been taken down several rungs on the social ladder. From a wholesome, supportive wife to a slut and whore. She fucks black men for money. Meredith felt alive!

    She walked into the bedroom and gazed at Jake, her oblivious, sleeping husband. He was as naive in white privilege as he was since the first day of her class. Meredith stripped naked feeling free and liberated and crawled into bed with him. She snuggled next to him and smiled. She gave him a peck on his cheek knowing he too will soon take his place integrating with the black race. Meredith rubbed her well-used pussy sticking a couple fingers inside to scoop as much as gelatinous fluid as she could. She rubbed her fingers across Jake's lips. At first, he turned his head away but with a gentle push he succumbed and sucked on her two fingers. His tongue seemed to enjoy the strange, new flavor made from the union of two races between a man and a woman.

    "Darling, there are going to be changes around here." she whispered.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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    Looking forward to hearing about her transformation ♠️
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    Meredith commented, "I'm becoming very comfortable sharing my sexuality for racial justice. And black men are fantastic lovers, but I never thought myself as a ... whore."

    Oh Meredith, That's all you and I are now and we'll never be anything more. ♠️
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  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    A Good whitie slut will Submit and do her Duty and Obligation, Instead of talking about racial justice, we practice it! ♠️
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
  5. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    OMFG Yes! "I want to be a whore. I know who I am!" "Servicing the black cock, as a white whore. Betraying husband and race. This is all that matters to me. This is what I am good for!" ♠️
  6. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Yes, Yes, YES! I'm a fucking Black Cock Whore! This is all I'm good for. ♠️
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  7. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    I have no love for the white race, Fuck the white race ♠️
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  8. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

  9. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Fuck white men, I'm a white slut and Love Big ... Black ... Cock... Bless the Black Cock. Hail Black Power! Fuck the white race. ♠️
  10. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    Good luck! always spread yout thoughts and intentions around, keep on the good work, seduce the innocents :- )
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