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. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jun 11, 2018.

. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 3 4.9 5 9votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    After three days taking a course in Black Studies, Meredith succumbs to the sexual needs of black men. However, the course isn't over as she has more to learn. With guilt and remorse behind her, she moves on with the help of her instructor. Black Pine will be better place with another married, white woman certified in Black Studies.


    Zara wouldn't let Meredith clean up before heading home. The instructor explained she had better get used to it. "You're going to fuck black men. More and sooner than you think." she told the slut wife. Ali had already gotten dressed and headed home to the hotel for immigrants. The African got what he needed, included Meredith's phone number and quietly left the two women behind. Before getting dressed, Zara and Meredith embraced and rubbed their breasts against one another. Zara complimented how Meredith performed sexually and conversationally with Ali. She explained how this will be more common with integration. Zara rubbed Meredith's fine ass, "Black men, aggressive and alpha as they are, want this. And they will get it."

    "But, but what about my marriage .. my husband ... my duties as a wife .. " asked Meredith before her instructor turn life coach cut her off.

    Zara told her, "Your only duty, white girl, is to black men. You're not just fucking off monogamy, gawd what a hateful practice, but the white race. And your poor husband is white. Time to think about cutting him off and cuckolding him. Tonight was a good start."

    Meredith pondered balancing her sex life and racial obligations with her marriage. Empty headed from the sex, she thought how her priorities had changed after just three classes. Just how often will she give up her pussy?

    The night air was cold when Meredith went into the lot to find her car. It was a long, tiring drive home. Her knees, pussy, and back were aching. She could still feel the slosh between her legs. A wonderful prize from racial harmony. Meredith didn't think about sex, marriage, or her betraying Jake. Did she really betray him? Ali was a superior man, gifted, and entitled to her. She was hunted by an alpha male. It was a more natural, better life. The strong survives. The strong dominates and rules the weak.

    Jake was long asleep in his bed. Meredith went to the bathroom and disrobed. She threw her dirty, sticky clothes in the washer and took a long, hot shower. The cum and sweat rinsed off her smooth, touched skin and swirled down the drain. And so did her guilt. She kept rubbing her pussy, it was very sore and stretched. She wondered if it would recover. Or would she need a large, thick cock to feel anything again? Meredith could jam three fingers up in there. She was scared, curious, and stunned. Ali must have been the greatest lover of Africa to had done this to her. The hair on her pussy kept matting together and tangled even with soap and shampoo. It had been painted with man glue. Ali's semen was a potent dose of baby-making gel. Oh what a thing it would be if she was pregnant with an African immigrant's baby! Just that thought made Meredith's nipples hard.

    She dried herself and went to the bed naked again. Meredith gave Jake a small peck on his cheek. "What a good, hard working husband." she thought. "Struggling to put a roof over our heads. So much to worry about. Maybe, it won't be too bad if I took the pressure off from sexually pleasing me. That would be the nice thing to do." She laid down next to him and wrapped her arms around him. She felt loved, fulfilled, and enlightened.


    Jake woke up with his wife next to him. She was naked again and he loved it. He never guessed what was the reason behind this small change. His white penis didn't mind either. Jake grabbed a handful of Meredith's breasts and began sucking on her nipples. He then reached down between her legs and pushed a finger inside her pussy. Jake was working himself up, "Oh baby, I need you to suck my dick!" he bellowed. The normally beta-male was horny and dared to act bigger than he was.

    Still fatigued from the exercise the night earlier, Meredith couldn't resist much and thought she was in a dream. She welcomed the finger in her moist twat. Her body hoping it would be a large, phallus object. Maybe, it was the lack of sex that aroused Jake so much. Or perhaps, it was pheromones. Meredith was a woman who gives up her pussy, sucks cock, and swallows semen. As a man, even a white man, subconsciously picks up these signals. Jake got on his knees and rubbed his nearly 4 and a half inches of white penis across his wife's face. Going through this undignified act, he pushed his cock into Meredith's mouth. The wife puckered her lips and began a gentle sucking sound. She wrapped her tongue underneath and gave a full sloppy suck.

    Jake was in white husband's heaven. He got his penis into a mouth! Meredith beginning to wake up, sensed something was wrong. The rubbery dick was "small" and tasted "not as strong". The shaft wasn't as hard as a ... black man's! Meredith opened her eyes wide and moaned with a full, rubbery organ in her mouth. She spat it out, turned her head and cursed, "What the fuck! No!"

    Her husband looked down, helpless in arousal. In his delusion, thought Meredith would continue her wifely duties and resume giving him a blow job. But Meredith pushed her hand against his balls and firmly pushed him away, crushing his nuts.

    Jake made a wimpish "Ow."

    "What were you doing to me?" Meredith demanded.

    "I wanted to ... make love to you..." he sheepishly answered.

    Meredith wanted to giggle but turned angry, "This is your idea of love making? Just helping yourself to my mouth and putting your ... your thing in me? No, no, it's wrong!"

    Confused, Jake never heard Meredith talk so hostile to sex with him. He tried to justify his manly actions, "You look so beautiful naked. And its been so long since we had sex."

    "Well, its going to be a lot longer because of this. I'm not your sex toy! Do you understand, I am not your slut!" she demanded.

    "Yes, but ..." Jake tried to apologize but deep down wanted sex.

    "I'm not naked to arouse you. I'm naked because after a long night at class I just want to crawl into bed."

    Jake was stunned that his beautiful, naked wife talking so indifferent to sex.

    "I'm studying very hard to pass this course and want to celebrate the black race. I think for the sake of racial harmony that we abstain from sex for a while. It will be our punishment for oppressing the black people. A white couple going without sex with each other, making sure we don't breed white babies is a small token of repentance. Don't you agree?"

    "How long do you not want to have sex?" Jake asked.

    "That's a good question, honey. At the very least ... six .... six months." Meredith wanted.
    "What?" Jake was in disbelief. His cock made a nose dive. "Half a year?"
    "At least." said Meredith, "If this goes well we can go even longer without and repay the black man for all the racism we made him endure."

    Meredith saw the disappointment in Jake's eyes. She did love him but she did want racial justice. Meredith put her hand on Jake's cock and gave it a little massage. "I know this will be ... a little ... difficult for you. But I need time to think how I can help make life better for black men. And I can't do that if my white husband is fucking me. That's unfair to them. Okay?" Meredith wanted her husband to consent, comply, and surrender his rights to white pussy.

    Jake, looking so cute sad, gave a weak nod.

    Meredith smiled, "My instructor would be so proud of me when she learns what we've done this morning. Or in this case, we haven't done."

    "You're going to tell her?" Jake asked.
    Meredith nodded, "Of course, silly. She encourages white couples to make sacrifices. When the black race outnumbers white people, they'll be in charge. Who knows what they'll do if they don't trust us."

    "They'll trust us more if we have sex less?" he wondered. Meredith nodded, "Yes, it can work that way."

    Jake could only lay back on the bed. Maybe, he should take the day off.

    "No, honey." his wife said, "You need to go work and provide for us. Relocating minorities from the inner city needs our tax dollars."

    "But six months? I'm going to have to jerk off every day!"

    Meredith instructed her husband to lay down flat and grab his dick, which she called "it". A "cock" is a large sex organ, throbbing, engorged with blood and an expanding cock head waiting to plunge into pussy. It's steel hard, demanding attention from a woman. It has only the purpose of giving and taking pleasure. Ali's cock was a "man's cock". Jake's thing, was a smaller specimen and couldn't compare to Ali's or any other at the video shoppe. The experiences in the video booth kept paying for Meredith who began to show disgust for her husband's inferior penis.

    "Now I want you to ... relief yourself ... while I tell you about the things I learned in Black Studies. Okay, you may begin. Come on, that's it up and down." Meredith encouraged her poor husband to masturbate. A beautiful, white wife kneeling beside him and not a pussy to fuck. Meredith began her "lecture".

    "Millions of black men are wrongfully incarcerated in prison. No thanks to racist, white laws. They don't have the chance to get white pussy like you have. And you know they want this." Explained Meredith as she spread her legs slightly giving Jake a peek at her black-fucked twat. "Can you picture a strong, black man, released from prison noticing me? He's going to want to fuck me. Want to make me his whore! Do you think you can stand up to him? Do you think you can stop him from getting to me and telling me I must fuck him? Can you just see me falling on my knees and sucking his black cock only because he tells me to?"

    Jake was jerking faster, tugging on his dick. Droplets of pre-cum flowing already to the story of horny, black men released and free to hunt white pussy. Meredith continued, "When you're shoved aside the black man expects me to lay and spread my legs for him. And I will ... because we have no choice. He may hurt or even kill you. I have to do this, honey. Oh, this black cock is fucking your wife. Oh, yes!"

    Jake shut his eyes at the terribly, erotic dream of being at the mercy of an aggressive man and losing. In this fantasy, he was out of the picture. His wife was taken, stolen, and enjoying every second of it. "Oh, Jake! My black lover has a large, cock! I love it! I'm his slut now. He's coming! I'm going to have his black baby, yes!"

    Her husband shot a thick strand of cum that shot up and landed harmlessly on his hands. The semen liquefied quickly and dripped between his fingers disappearing. Jake felt almost ashamed and felt he wasted a release. "Did you learn something during your lesson?" Meredith asked. Still feeling shame, Jake nodded. "Good. Now go clean up and get ready for work. I need to rest before my class starts."

    When Jake disappeared in the bathroom, Meredith rolled on her back and gently rubbed her clit. She could use sex right now. With her husband spent and useless, she just laid there wondering, "What can I do?" For a sexually frustrated wife with a husband physically unable to do anything, she thought about her options.

    Jake peeked his head out, "That was just a story, right? Just for fun?"
    Meredith giggled, "Sure, honey. It was just a story ..."


    With Jake out of the house, Meredith took to her laptop for her new routine of interracial porn. Once she detested porn deep down but now loved and craved watching black men fucking mindless white women. She took to a scene of a white wife holding hands with a black man she met at a gym parking lot. She led him by the hand into the bedroom and kicked her husband out of it. She was strong, independent as much as she was attractive and sexually needy. Meredith related to the message the video was telling her. While the husband appeared to resist at first, the black man had dropped his pants and revealed his black manhood. The wife pointed at it and confessed to her husband that it was that black cock she loved and needed more. She slapped her husband for being too slow and told him to strip naked and stand in the corner and take pictures with his phone so he can upload to the Internet porn sites. Meredith admired this strong woman for getting black cock and cared so much for racial harmony she wanted to share the moment with the world.

    When Meredith saw the sloppy blow job, she almost erupted in tears. She was truly happy for her and the scene. It celebrated black power and the power of sex bringing the races together. Even the husband was being dutiful and took good angled shots showing his wife at her sluttiest. The black lover called his woman a slut and a "proper wife". When the scene moved to intercourse, Meredith rubbed her pussy and said aloud, "I need that!" The scene was lovely and beautiful. She couldn't be happier for them at the moment.

    Meredith selected another scene. This time it was a gang bang with a wife paying off her husband's debt. The husband borrowed money from a black-owned payday loan and didn't pay back the principle or interest. Damn! Another example of white men cheating black people. But the wife had an idea to give her husband more time. She volunteered her body to the four black men who became agitated for thinking they could forget about their money for white pussy. The wife apologized and corrected herself. She was offering her body without strings attached. They could go ahead and beat up her husband but she still wanted dick.

    Meredith loved the story and how a disagreement could be settled with raw sex. The world could be like this if only white women were more open minded. She grabbed her phone and opened up her contact list. On top was Ali's number, the one he tapped in getting her phone number. Meredith licked her lips, and opened the text window and typed ...

    "Ali, let's meet and fuck." she typed, she only needed to hit the send button.

    "What am I doing!" she cursed at herself and hit the delete button many times. While her heart settled, she felt a little withdrawal. Her fingers played with the letters again, "Do you wanna fuck me!" her heart raced at what she entered. Again, she was one tap away from sharing her needs to Ali. Meredith chickened out and tapped the delete button repeatedly until she had a clear line. But her heart raced again. Her pussy became moist and wanting. So she typed, "Hi, Ali. This is Meredith. I've been thinking about you. Let's get together." Meredith thought this was more sophisticated and didn't mention sex. She just suggested a conversation between classmates. But Meredith didn't think of herself as sophisticated. Especially to Ali who had his dick in her holes. She thought better deleted everything but could not put the phone down. She felt she needed to vent to Ali. She rubbed her breasts and noticed the video again. The gang-banged wife was put in one position after another. The men couldn't get enough of her. So Meredith typed a simple message, "Want pussy?" she held the phone away from her face and blindly pressed the screen with her thumb. If she hits Send, then it goes. It wasn't her fault. When she heard the familiar swooshing sound, she about had an orgasm.

    Meredith felt relieved to vent. She didn't figure Ali would bother reading it or reply. But the minutes went by. Her porn video ended and she just sat there, naked, and stared into the screen. She left her phone on the couch and stepped into the kitchen.

    She tried to keep herself busy and not get hung up on being ignored. Meredith was only asked a caring question if her classmate was okay. As she poured herself a cup of coffee, the phone rang.

    RING-chirp-chirp! RING-chirp-chirp!

    Meredith was paralyzed. What should she do? Maybe, it was Jake. He sometimes calls her to check up on her. She was sure it was her caring husband. Walking over to the couch, she saw the caller ID. It was Ali.


    Meredith picked up the phone ,"I can't tease him. I have to go through with this." she slid her thumb and greeted Ali, "Hello."

    In Ali's African accent, he said, "Get a room at the Black Owned Motel. Text me the room number in one hour." instructed Ali. Then he hung up.

    Meredith realized how Zara was right. She was going to get more black cock and soon.


    Mid-day, Meredith drove herself close to the abandoned steel mill and next to the slaughter house. There was the motel. It was a fairly new development praised by the city to offer low price motel rooms. The business was "black owned" as boldly written. Meredith was wearing short pants, a blouse, but no bra. In her heels, she wore make up and put her hair up in a bun. If Meredith had the time, she would have stopped by the Blossom Boutique and considered something more sexy. She stopped at the motel office and was greeted by an African-American woman who processed her as if hundreds of white women come by.

    "Is your pimp paying for this?" the woman asked.

    Taken back, Meredith explained she had no pimp and would be paying for it herself. The motel manager looked at her funny before charging her $50 for 2 hours and handed her a key. She walked to her room through the near empty parking lot and went into room "3". She texted Ali one character, "3".

    Sitting on the bed, Meredith was nervous. Watching porn had certainly rewired her brain. While sitting there she convinced herself she needed this. "You're learning a lot about yourself, Meredith. You're a black slut. Yes, you need big, black cock everyday of your life now. We are hooked. Yes, we are." she whispered.

    The door rapped 4 times with a heavy, anxious fist. Meredith leaped to the door and opened it ajar before she saw the familiar face of Ali. She smiled. He did not. He pushed the door open and stepped in. Meredith, in defense, stepped back. She wanted to greet Ali with a smile, a hello, and a hug. But Ali wasn't alone. There was another tall African following him. He was bald, muscular and about the same age as Ali. Ali's "friend" locked the door behind him. Ali began feeling Meredith up and kissed her on the lips. Meredith thought this was a "hello" she was looking for. When her mouth peeled off of Ali's lips, it found the mouth of his friend. The two men began talking to each other in African dialect. Meredith didn't understand a word but it was a serious tone. Both shared duties undressing Meredith while grabbing her ass and tits. When she tried to say a word, fingers pushed into her mouth. The men were nearly naked when Meredith was without clothes or shoes. They had pushed her on the bed and removed her heels. Ali had his balls on her mouth and she eagerly sucked them.

    The pair and pulled her to the floor and started talking to each other again. Meredith couldn't tell if they were debating who gets to fuck first or discussing soccer. They had whipped their cocks on her face, signalling they wanted a blow job. Meredith started. Switching between cocks, she took in as much as she could, gagging on them. She licked their balls, their shafts, spat on their heads and moaned. The men talked more to each other. Perhaps grading her on her talents. Ali's friend spoke loud and slapped Meredith's tongue with his cock. He pointed at Meredith as he argued with Ali. Ali shook his head and lifted her off the floor and made her bend over the bed.

    Ali grabbed both hips, pushed, and penetrated her. Meredith squealed then moaned. "Oh, fuck! Ali!"

    Ali looked at his friend and started debating again. His friend sat on the bed in front of Meredith, grabbed her head and pushed her mouth over his cock. Meredith welcomed the aggressive direction. She filled her mouth and cunt with cock. Never before had she experienced this. The black men had no hangs up about sharing her. Yes! Meredith was glad she texted Ali.

    Ali slapped Meredith's ass. He slapped it a second time and his friend chuckled. He lifted Meredith's face up and spat in her mouth before she resumed sucking his dick. Ali gave a couple forceful thrusts that stretched Meredith's womb, "Ugh! You're so big. Oh I want that black cock!" Ali pulled out and spun Meredith on her back. The friend left the bed to straddle her legs. Ali left to his phone and made a phone call. The black friend lifted Meredith's knees and penetrated her. He said something in a heavy accent and thrust. The man roared in total pleasure before looking serious. He leaned in and thrust his black cock equally large as Ali's. They may be best friends or brothers, but they shared the same sexual skills and prowess.

    Maybe he couldn't understand her, but Meredith pleaded anyhow, "Yes! I'm a slut. I know this now. Fuck my white pussy!" Other than his dick in her, the stranger wouldn't acknowledge Meredith. She was a cum dump or a life-sized masturbatory tool. He needed this over and done with. Meredith just squealed in delight.

    Ali tapped his friend on the shoulder and he took his place. Like his friend, he said nothing to Meredith. He closed his eyes and whispered chants to himself. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. "More! More!" Meredith begged. "Use me! I want to be black owned!" Ali climbed off. He and his friend argued some more until Ali laid on his back and forcibly moved Meredith to climb on top of him. Mounting him, Meredith pushed Ali's cock until it was snug and deep inside her womb. She leaned forward pressing her breasts against his chest. "You two are so aggressive and horny!" she told Ali. But Ali pretended not to understand her.

    Ali's friend had snuck behind her and stared at how his friend had penetrated Meredith's twat. He owned that for now. But the black stranger admired Meredith's ass and inviting asshole. He climbed on the bed and held his cock steady. Aiming for the tight, pink hole. He pushed until it opened.

    To Meredith, this was an unexpected surprise and nearly panicked. She started to mutter something but it fell on deaf, African ears. She might as well start speaking Portuguese, these men were not going to stop. While Meredith pleaded, begged, and cursed, it didn't dissuade the black cock making its way into her ass. Meredith was now double penetrated!

    She moaned and went into painful delirium. Her pussy betrayed her as it sent waves of excitement to rewire her brain. The pain she felt were signals of pleasure. Her body would now think of the pain as desirable. Something she will want and need. Meredith kept repeating "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" as the men pumped their manhood inside of her. They both took her chants as a good sign of fulfilling their African duty. The woman was now mindless and compliant. A beautiful body with holes for men to fill. Meredith nearly blacked out when her lovers dumped their sperm into her body. With a pussy and ass filled with cum, she was turned aside on the bed and left panting. The men talked upbeat and quickly dressed. Each put on their shoes and sandals and left the room without a word to Meredith. They just left her naked and cum covered.


    Fortunately for Meredith, she could shower at the motel room before heading off to class. She had not eaten all day and felt she lost at least 5 pounds from all the sexual exercise. She arrived at the class a half hour early. As she stepped into the classroom, Zara was sitting behind her desk by herself sifting through papers.

    Zara greeted her, "You look happy. Come here." she asked.

    Meredith stepped forward and tried to hide the "just got ass fucked today" look on her face. "Let me look at you..." Zara said, peering into her eyes. "How many men did you fuck today?" Slightly embarrassed, Meredith held up two fingers.

    "I thought so. Was it a threesome?" Zara asked.

    Meredith nodded but wasn't ready to admit it was Ali. "You're progressing nicely. It won't be long to see you peak. When a white woman is liberated its common for them to discover how far their libido will take them. My guess, you'll be up to 4 or 5 men, daily."

    The wife was shocked but Zara comforted her. "The more sex you have with black men, the more signals you'll give to attract more. You'll start dressing more slutty, swinging your hips, and notice sexually aggressive men. You won't help but to stare and become wet between your legs. Then sex follows. Every white girl harbors a natural and powerful instinct to offer herself to a strong and raw black man."

    Meredith just put her finger in her mouth and daydreamed. She wasn't afraid of her transformation. She was anxious to complete it.

    Zara changed the subject and asked Meredith to go on a short errand. "Go around in back and look for suite "4". I sent Carol there for an assignment and I want you to make sure she comes back in time for class. We have a lot to learn today."

    Meredith stepped out and walked the long way around to the back lot until she found the door to suite "4" located in front of the trash dumpsters. She put her hand on the handle and pulled. Meredith peaked inside hearing nothing but rap music and stepped in.

    It was a small lobby, with walls made of veneer panels. There was a couch and a love seat around a small coffee table in the middle. An orange hue made the room look devilish, evil, and corruptible. Meredith thought the sounds of moaning and cursing came from the music video playing underground rap. But it was coming from the couple on the couch. A muscular man, name of Reggie, was fucking a woman doggie-style. M

    It was Carol.

    Carol moaned and cursed, "Fuck me. Make me pay for white racism!" she demanded. Reggie slapped the 50-year old woman's ass and called her "slut" and "dirty MILF". Meredith smiled and was happy of this union. She was pleasantly surprised the class had its effect on Carol too.

    "White girl, slut! Take my black cock. Tell me you hate the white race!" Reggie demanded.

    Reggie was a member of The Black Power Movement and an active advocate for reparations. There was nothing he was more passionate about than taking everything from the white race including pussy. To end racism meant ending white people. For that to happen he need to fuck and own white women's pussies, keeping white dick out.

    "Yes! Black cock only!" Carol preached. Reggie had helped the cause. "Racial justice, girl?" Reggie asked of Carol. The MILF-slut could only agree, "Yes, this is justice! I'm sorry for being white. Please, cum inside my cunt!"

    "Gawd-damn, you're a racist for holding out!" Reggie taunted her. Carol obliged, "I'm a racist. Punish me! Make me a whore for black cock!" Reggie reached underneath to grab two handful of tits and grunted. He dumped his seed into Carol. Carol was in bliss having satisfied a member of the BPM and making her way into the advocacy group as a white girl slut. Reggie pulled out and retreated into the dark hallway, naked. Carol sat on the bed and noticed Meredith standing there, watching.

    "Um, Zara wanted to know you're okay. Are you okay?" Meredith innocently asked.

    "Sure am." said Carol smiling. Wanting to make conversation, Meredith asked her, "So, you went black too, huh?"

    Carol nodded, "Yep. I got into it a couple days ago with my 'assignments'. I just found black men ... too attractive to resist. They like to fuck even older ladies like me."

    Meredith shook her head, "You're not old. You're lovely with a hot body. I see why they want to fuck you."

    Carol thanked her, "My husband have been very supportive. He's a believer in racial harmony and black superiority. I'm going to bring men into our bedroom to replace him."

    "You've cuckolded him?" Meredith asked. "Oh yeah," answered Carol, "I was to the point after my first awakening. I told him I fucked a black man because of what I learned in the class and said it was my obligation to fuck black men and his obligation to step aside."

    "Wow." remarked Meredith. As Carol dressed, she asked her classmate her sexual status, "Yes, I've been fucking black men. I've come to terms that I'm now a black cock slut."

    The two ladies returned to class with the room nearly full. Zara welcomed both ladies back and how they looked. At promptly at 3pm, she began her fourth day of Black Studies.

    Zara went deep into the topic of reparations. She explained how important it is to pay. "Talk to your spouse about this, white students. Bring up the topic and press how its necessary for race relations. Black people expect something from the white race. Press them, torture them, be relentless until they acknowledge their responsibilities. Don''t bring up how to pay or how much, just simply ask 'do you believe in reparations to black men?'" The class nodded, especially Carol who had made her husband pay daily. Zara continued, "Once they confess with a simple yes, then we can talk how and how much!"

    The instructor discussed social and educational programs and wealth redistribution. Each had their benefits but mired down by politics. "We can't depend on white politics. What we need is a change of culture." she explained. Zara went on and brought back the heart of white racism is breeding. The heart of breeding was sex. She then presented more images and video clips of white women and black men together in loving embraces. The women were always outnumbered by black men. Everyone was sporting smiles. "Sex is the only way to show trust, sacrifice, and bonding between the races. Black men offer beautiful, satisfying, uninhibited sex, and share it with others." Zara displayed an image of a woman to be gang-banged by 5 black men. "Clearly, the white man is the odd one out. Evolution teaches us, white males have no place competing with black men."

    Zara then went into the practice of cuckolding and, thanks to black men in porn, how it is gaining acceptance. White women can have both a 'husband' and a 'black bull' in their lives. All the black man wants is for white women to renounce their race. Zara went on how the black man, with his hard cock is doing his duty. It is the white woman and sometimes the husband, to agree to lifestyle changes. "Put the needs of black men first. Beginning with sex. It is the simplest, easiest, and most primal need to fill."

    She continued to lecture that sex made the man. The more sex a male experienced, the more of a "man" he became. Women sense this and by right desire an experienced man. If black men feel obligated to share their woman with fellow brothers, they too will become experienced and share with more. Meanwhile, white men don't do that and think sharing or "gang banging" as dirty. "It's difficult to find a white boy with a good cock. Better if we find none." she added.

    As the class wore on, Zara ended it early. "Tomorrow, we will have a final, group exam. I've given some of you special instructions." she looked deliberately at the white men. Passing this course requires your attendance and participation. We're going to fight racism together!"

    When the class adjourned, she took Meredith aside. Meredith glanced over to Ali, expecting him to say something to her. But he didn't. She turned to her instructor who said to her, "Since we ended class a couple hours early, I want you to experience working inside a black-owned business tonight."

    Meredith nodded in excitement, "Sounds like fun. I want to do that. What kind of business?"

    "It's a special, private lounge only open to members of The Black Power Movement and influential people from black society. Athletes, politicians, and crime lords. You may see some rap stars or a clergymen." answered Zara.

    Meredith raised her eyebrows, "What will I do?" she asked.

    "Ah, you'll learn what's expected from you when you get there. I want you to mingle with the most powerful black men in the city."

    Meredith could only reply with a smile.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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