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. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jun 9, 2018.

. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 2 4.9 5 10votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    A married woman continues her aggressive studies of the black culture. With her first two classes behind her, she begins to understand black superiority and her obligations to black men as a white woman. She will be assigned more homework to make sure the transformation is complete.


    When Meredith returned home from the Black Fantasies Video Shoppe, her husband, Jake, was already fast asleep. She took a hot shower before brushing her teeth twice and rinsing out her mouth three times. She struggled to return feeling like the prim and proper housewife. For Meredith, it was satisfying enough to complete a class assignment. She stared at herself in the mirror and wondered "What a slut you were tonight.". Meredith shook it off and pretended to return to her marriage bed as the same, dutiful wife. She just needed to take a detour for the sake of her education, career in city government, and for race relations.

    When Jake woke up from his slumber, he noticed Meredith beside him. She was completely nude. Wow! Thought Jake. She hadn't done that since the honeymoon. He gave her a kiss on the shoulder and noticed the fine, scent from her body wash earlier in the morning. Jake, the man who believed in 2-D graph bars and scatter plots, had a choice to make. He chose coffee over his morning wood. He chose to get to work early than to help himself to his wife's fine pussy. Jake didn't appreciate her needs.

    Meredith woke up nearly 10 in the morning. Jake was long gone. She rubbed her pussy as it felt very sensitive. The first thing that came to her mind was porn. The wife needed to watch more interracial fucking. Still naked, she went and found her laptop and opened the screen. Returning to her favorite porn site, she started searched for interracial gloryholes. Meredith liked what she saw and nodded in pride what she accomplished the night before. Taking her fingers from her twat, she stuck them into her mouth. She became frustrated. It dawned on her, she could go back to the video shop! Meredith debated with inner lust and thought it wouldn't be right. "What I did last night was for education and understanding black men." She continued to peek at the video but stopped it. "Enough, Meredith. You're a good. You're wholesome. I just had to step away from my white privilege last night." But the wife couldn't resist, she chose another interracial scene. One white white wife and two black men. They were fucking her. Of course, it started with a blow job.

    "Damn!" she cursed itself for starting it. She sat down and watched the whole thing while playing with her pussy. Meredith finished the scene without skipping. She loved watching the men pound her, talk dirty to her, and making her suck cock. How the video finished tortured her. Both black lovers came inside the white woman's mouth. She swallowed every drop. Meredith jumped to her feet. Shut the laptop lid and gave up. Needing to feel vulnerable and have that feeling in her mouth again, she committed to making a late morning return. "This is Black Studies week. It's quite alright to want to learn more. Black men need this. My mouth needs this. Done!" With that, Meredith got cleaned up and threw on some clothes. She grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door.


    The Red Light district of Black Pine looked quiet and docile. Meredith parked in the same spot the night before just without the street walkers. She stared at the glass door underneath the business sign. The place didn't scare her. She wanted to go inside. Meredith didn't bother looking in her mirrors to see if it was safe to step out. She got out of her car and swung her hips to the video shop. Stepping inside, she knew to look for the man behind the counter. The big, football-looking player wasn't standing there but a tired Yolanda.

    Yawning, Yolanda acted as if she didn't recognize Meredith from only hours earlier. Meredith cleared her throat, "Excuse me. But can I have the 'white girl booth'?" Yolanda, asked for how long and the white wife replied "30 minutes." That cost her $30 dollars. Yolanda didn't bother to unlocking the door for her, she just handed her the key and asked her to drop it off when she's finished.

    Meredith headed to the rear of the store again. The "FUCK THE WHITE RACE" shirts caught her eye again. She particularly liked the women's sizes that were cutoff under the breasts. When she entered the darkened hallways, there were only two older black men shuffling their feet. They looked poor without a phone to keep their attention. They pretended they didn't notice the horny, little white girl walking past them. Meredith reached the end to booth 1 there was a younger, black man on his phone was negotiating with someone. He kept repeating 200 for a bag or 20 for a few grams. Meredith took her key and unlocked the door to booth 1.

    Inside, she felt like home. She felt naive that she didn't notice the panel with the light on the first time. She sat on the booth and took a deep breath. She leaned her ear to the panel hoping to hear footsteps. Meredith reached out her left hand to press the blinking button 1 to begin her videos. However, she felt something was off.

    "Oh my. I know what's wrong, I have my clothes on." she took off all of her street clothes but left on her Nike's. She returned to the stool and spread her legs towards the booth next door. The lights went dark and the video screen displayed beautiful images of a women in doggie position. A strong, aggressive black man was fucking her from behind. SMACK on her ass! This white girl was having fun! Meredith chose button 2 and saw what she wanted to see this second. Black cock sucking.

    "Yes." she muttered in a sympathetic tone of voice. A blonde teen in a pony tail was naked and getting her mouth stuffed with her lover's dick. Spit ran down onto her tiny, petite tits. This was why the wife was here.

    Meredith heard the door next door open. She took the cue and slid the panel open and made sure the man next door could only see her tits. Meredith turned her head to continue watching the screen. She wanted no idea who was on the other side. When she heard the man clear his throat, Meredith turned and saw a hard, black member waiting for her. Time to start community service.

    She dropped to her knees and without hesitation plopped the cock in her mouth. She lapped it with her tongue, made sloppy noises with her lips, and voiced moans. The serviced man on the other side moaned in pleasure too as if he went too long without relief from a white woman. He bucked his hips and face-fucked Meredith. She gagged but took it before wiping the spit from her chin to her breasts. Pulling on her nipples, she started licking his balls. The unknown, black male enjoyed it and pounded the wall. "Suck my dick, girl!" Meredith obeyed. Putting her mouth back on the cock, she fisted the shaft. She felt the cock twitch before filling her mouth with cum. The thick, goo covered her tongue with the male flavor she craved. She swallowed most of it. The rest dropped to her breasts. The satisfied cock retreated into the darkness.

    Meredith caught the silhouette walking out the booth's door. She remained on the dirty, cum, sticky floor. "Hello? White girl here. Need to suck black cock." she said. In a few moments, her wish came true. Another gentleman approached. He had a coughing fit but managed to pull down his pants. He tugged on his cock until is started to inflate. He guided his eager manhood through the opening. Meredith learned to love it. She pressed her palm against the shaft and balls and made gentle circular motions, massaging it. She encouraged him by moaning and saying a few, dirty words. "You want me to put your cock in mouth, mister? Do you want a white girl to suck your dick?" That did the trick. The cock rushed to attention and grew to a size Meredith expected. She spat on it and started bobbing her head all over it. With one hand, she rubbed her pussy with so much excitement. The gloryhole slut slapped the cock on her tongue, chin, and cheeks. It only took a few more licks up and down its shaft before gobs of dribble dropped onto Meredith's face and open mouth. "Yes, white girl! Serve this black man!" the gravely voice demanded. It made her feel warm inside that even the most humble will be looked after by women like Meredith.

    Meredith wiped her face and ran her fingers through her hair. She felt more comfortable in the video booth with porn playing over her shoulders than at home. "Are you ready for Fire Hose?" she was asked. She squinted her eyes and tried to make out who was talking. He sounded younger. Maybe he was the one on the phone when she stepped in? Or maybe he was the first one. She heard a jingle of chains before heavy pants hit the floor. Then came the sounds of skin rubbing or stroking. A giant, black cock emerged from the darkness and poked its head into Meredith's booth. It was a beautiful cock, worthy of a porn star. She spat on it and stroked it with both hands. At nearly 10 inches, she giggled at the massive size. She kissed it up and down and licked every vein. She carefully cupped his balls trying to activate more cum. "Get me off, get me off ..." Fire Hose said. Meredith began sucking and made extra loud slurping sounds. "Suck me, white girl. I know your type."

    "What type am I, mister?" she asked. She was curious to know.

    "A slut!" Fire Hose barked. Meredith shrugged her shoulders and guess he must have been right. At least she was a gloryhole slut. "And I don't care!" she thought to herself. "If I need to swallow black cum, there's nothing wrong with that." The wife was starting to think about a new, daily routine beyond Black Studies week. She kept thinking about the videos in class, the black man brutally beating up white males. She was getting turned on by that and wanted to reward these men here with her mouth. She pushed the cock deep into her mouth as far as it go and suddenly pulled her head back and off. Her tongue bathed the cockhead with her warm drool before it disappeared into her mouth again. After several minutes of methodical bobs, Fire Hose pounded the wall with both fists. "Ah, ugh ... eat it white girl!" He shot this first load. It was a mouthful, probably several tablespoons of it. Meredith could only swallow half. The rest bubbled out between her lips and dribbled down her chin. Another load sprayed her across her forehead and into her hair. Then came a third and fourth smaller streams that coated her breasts. "Damn, you are a fire hose!" said Meredith who thought the load of semen was enough for a meal.

    Fire Hose pulled back and said, "Hope to see you more often." He pulled up his pants and stepped out into the hallway. The lights inside Meredith's booth illuminated. Time was up. Meredith dressed and carefully peered out into the hallway. It was quiet and deserted. All men have been rightly taken care of. Stepping back to the counter she returned the key to Yolanda.

    "Anything else you need, hon?" Yolanda asked.

    Meredith smiled, still rubbing the dried cum from her face. "Yeah, I like to have me one of those FUCK THE WHITE RACE shirts. "


    Meredith went straight home to clean up, reset herself, and prepare for her Black Studies class. Her husband called again and an exhausting 5 text messages, 4 of them during her private moments in the video booth. She called telling him that she was busy all day preparing for class and she stepped out "for a meal".

    "I had protein drinks, honey." Meredith said.
    "Where in town do you get one of those?" Jake wondered.
    "Oh, there's a place in town. You have to work hard to get to it but I really needed one this morning. Helps with my energy and concentration." she explained.
    Jake followed with a crack, "Maybe, you can show me where this is so I can enjoy one too?"
    Meredith cracked a laugh, "Oh, that's a great idea. You might need one! But, uh, its really ... addictive."
    "And are you addicted to it?" Jake said with a smile, enjoying his wife's voice.
    "Oh yes, sweetie. I'm really addicted to it. The only cure is more!" Meredith followed.


    It was day 3 at the BPM classroom. Meredith was proudly wearing her FUCK THE WHITE RACE t-shirt. The one that exposed a little under-tit and her belly. It was matched with a short skirt that showed plenty of thigh. Obviously without a bra, her nipples was poking through the shirt. This caught the attention of Zara and everyone else in the room. Even Carol, the 50-year old classmate nodded in approval. Carol was wearing hotter clothes. Not nearly as provocative as her younger classmate. But Carol's outfit had a look of elegant hotness. Even at 50, she had makeup and a wardrobe 20 years younger, including nice high heels.

    With 15 minutes before the class, Zara called Meredith to the corner of the room. "That's a wonderful statement you're making with that shirt, Meredith." Meredith smiled, "I wanted to show solidarity with my black brothers and sisters."

    "I see the class is having a positive effect on you." Zara noticed.
    "The class has been eye opening. I'm understanding the superiority of the black race. As a white woman I truly believe it and really want to do more in this oppressed society."

    Zara nodded, "Good. Because I have something very important to discuss with you." Meredith's attention was grabbed. Zara continued, "Meredith, we have a potentially racial issue to handle."

    "Oh?" wondered Meredith.
    "Yes, and its somewhat your fault." Zara clearly pinned the blame on the mysterious racial trouble on her. Zara continued, "One of the black gentlemen in the class, I won't say who, is very much sexually attracted to you. He admits he 'needs to fuck you'."

    "Oh, oh, what?" a stunned Meredith said.
    "That's right, Meredith. A black man, here at the BPM headquarters and a beacon of black empowerment, needs sex. But he feels uncomfortable talking to you about it. Do you understand how wrong that sounds."

    Meredith could only agree. Zara continued, "He doesn't feel you are completely sympathetic to the black man's right to your white pussy because you might be just a touch racist. After all, you haven't completed your course yet."

    "I'm certainly not racist!" Meredith defended herself. Zara whispered in her ear making sure no one could hear, "I know there's an open-minded women inside you."

    Meredith blushed, "What can I do?"
    Zara answered, "After class, I like to introduce you to him in my office. He will tell you how he feels about you. Then you two can discuss ... sex."
    "Sex?" Meredith asked, "You want me to have sex with him? I, I don't know. I am married ..."

    Zara corrected her, "What did I say about monogamy?"
    Meredith huffed and looked to the ceiling, "That monogamy is a product of the white race and not entirely embraced by other cultures."
    "And we have to respect other cultures. Especially, the African-centrist, black culture." Zara insisted.

    Meredith conceded, she will talk with him. Zara will supervise.
    "This will be your homework tonight, Meredith. I will grade how you handle this situation."

    Throughout the 7 hour class, Meredith couldn't help but wonder who sitting behind her was her secret admirer? This was a man who felt he needed to fuck her. Needed her to open her heart and legs. The message written on her shirt was coming to life. Fuck the white race! Throughout the class, while Zara was showing more videos of black males assaulting white men, Meredith would rub her nipples with her hands. Zara approved and throughout the class she asked her students to stand and speak. She gave extra attention to Meredith who sat dead center of the room.

    "What words comes to mind after seeing the videos of violent black men?" Zara asked her. Meredith smiled, spun on her heels so the entire room could see her in her shirt. She specially eyed the men in the back, "Well deserved, racial justice. And black power!"

    The room applauded. Meredith turned to the black men in back and pulled on one of her nipples through her shirt. It was a subtle flirt to one of the students. Or all of them for that matter.

    As Meredith returned to her seat, Zara looked at Carol and asked her a quick question, "Carol, how can a white woman best atone for racial sins?"

    Carol stood and faced the room, "On her knees or on her back." she said red faced. The black men shook their fists in celebration. "Good, very good, Carol." Zara complimented her. The class was going well. Very well. Zara continued with images of white women posed in sexual exciting clothes. Some in bikinis, lingerie, cheer leading outfits, and gradually into a series of nudes. Zara explained who they were trying to please and entice. It was followed by soft-porn video and images of white women with black men. Nothing explicit, but telling the story how beautiful the images were of happiness and cooperation without the white husband and boyfriend. "None of these women would resist black superiority." Everyone agreed, even the white men.

    When 10 O'clock came, each student was handed another assignment on their way out. But Meredith knew what her homework assignment would be. Zara nodded to her to head inside Zara's office through the interior door. There Meredith walked into a nice, carpeted office with a two couches along the back wall and nice, wooden coffee table. She purposely sat on the couch in the far corner where she could not see or hear anything from the classroom. The door suddenly slammed shut. She figured it was Zara closing it for privacy reasons. Meredith could hear her talking with a deep voiced male. It must have been the one. She felt like student in high school in trouble in the principal's office. But what was her crime? Being white.

    Five long minutes went by. She heard Zara and the male student laugh. The door handle clicked and turned. It opened and Zara walked in. Meredith heart raced in anticipation as her instructor was followed by a tall, lean male.

    "Meredith, I like to introduce you properly to Ali. Ali is an immigrant from West Africa."

    The white, married woman smiled and stepped forward to greet Ali. He was very tall, in his late 20's with a pronounced African accent. It was very exotic and equally commanding.

    "Hello, Meredith. I wanted so much to speak with you alone outside the class." Ali said as he held Meredith's right hand and gave it a kiss.

    "You two have much to discuss tonight." said Zara who took a seat on one of the couches.

    "Meredith. You're a very beautiful and sensual woman. Where I'm from, a woman like you would be treated to African fruit each morning, day, and night. You would be kept happy and useful with the men in the village." Ali explained.

    "Fruit?" Meredith wondered, "What fruit would I eat in your village?" she asked.

    Zara interjected, "Um, girl. What he means by fruit are black men's balls. You would have them on your face all day."

    Meredith blushed, "Oh my! That's ... such ... a beautiful thing to say."

    "I would love to give you my fruit and seed. I want to see you enjoy it as I push my manhood deep inside you . As you say here, I need to fuck you! You're a white woman who needs a strong, black man in your body. This needs to happen." As Zara nodded , Ali helped himself and gave Meredith a quick kiss on her lips. Meredith did not resist. He looked into her eyes and realized the compliments were swaying her to fuck. He kissed her a second time and their tongues swiped.

    "I understand you are married. But I want you to see my cock before you decide if its more important than your oath to your white husband." Ali, unzipped his pants, pushed them down, and sprung up his African, A-prime, cock nearly 11 inches long. Meredith gasped, reached down and started stroking it. It was larger than Fire Hose. Ali reached underneath Meredith's shirt and cupped one of her breasts.

    After another kiss, she looked up into Ali's eyes. He was so strong willed, confident, and aggressive. He was the alpha male Meredith needed. "Please, as a strong African man, tell me what I should do." she pleaded. Ali answered with a question of his own, "What have this class taught you?".

    Meredith replied, "I think I'm obligated to fuck you." she said stroking his cock faster, "It would be wrong not to." She stared at Ali's cock again. That feeling needing something to swallow returned. "This African cock needs pussy. It's more important than my husband. Fuck the white race! I'm through with monogamy! I'm yours, Ali!"

    They kissed deeply before Ali took a mouthful of breast. Zara approved and grinned. Meredith removed her top and quickly loosened her skirt letting it fall on the floor. Ali hissed into Meredith's ear, "Suck my cock."

    "Yes. Yes." Meredith replied before dropping to her knees. The visits to the video booth made her eager to fill her mouth with strange, black cock. She attacked Ali's pleasure organ and worshiped it with her tongue and lips. She spat on it, kissed it, and pushed it deep into her throat. The hours since she last gave black blow jobs felt like an eternity. Ali took off the rest of his clothes as did Zara.

    "Be a good cock sucker." said Zara, still instructing her. "That's it, Meredith. Show Ali that married, white girls give the best blow jobs." Ali looked down and panted. This attention was most needed. His lust was bursting. Ali looked up at Zara. No matter if she was his teacher, he was going to pass anyway. "Join her." he ordered.

    Zara crawled on her hands and knees across the carpet and joined side by side with Meredith. Zara placed her hand on Ali's left thigh and licked his balls. Meredith put her right hand across Zara's back in a sign of cooperation and solidarity. Visions of porn flashed in her head. Like one of the scenes from her instructional videos, she felt comfortable and sexual in this bisexual fantasy. The two women exchanged kisses, their lips and tongues met in furious lesbian passion.

    Zara pushed Meredith, forcing to lean her back to the couch, dove between the wife's legs and began licking her pussy. Ali stood and straddled Meredith and fucked her mouth with his cock. Meredith had no control and cocked her head back letting Ali and Zara do what they wanted. Zara pushed her fingers into Meredith's pussy, feeling how tight she was. Too used to her white husband's penis. "What a tight pussy you have, Meredith." Ali slapped his cock on Meredith's face in an act of dominance.

    Ali lifted Meredith by her shoulders and dropped her on the couch. Zara scooted out of the way. The sexually experienced women knew what was next. The proud African pushed Meredith's knees apart. His cock, engorged with blood and lust, swung side to side hypnotizing the pure, white wife and her instructor. Ali pulled Meredith's hips towards him and guided his cock against her clit. Meredith started to breathe heavy and panted. She felt Ali's huge cock head push and push in it did. Her pussy lips opened like a willing whore. Her feminine instincts welcomed her sexual intruder, unfamiliar to its size and girth. Meredith's nipples hardened. Goosebumps peppered her arms in sexual euphoria. Ali pushed in his first three inches. "You're so huge! Oh, Ali! You're so fucking big!" Meredith grunted.

    Zara comforted Meredith and brushed her hair, "Relax and take it, white girl. This is what you're good for ... fucking... black cock." Meredith sucked it up and waited for her new lover to push more manhood in. Meredith let out a shriek as the determined African sex-god managed to push half way in. Experienced and skilled, Ali knew what it took to experience maximum pleasure with his gift. He needed patience, dominance, and power. He gave a powerful thrust, "You take my cock now. Tell me you want more black cock." he ordered.

    Meredith would do nothing but agree, "Fuck me. I want more ... black cock!" she pleaded. Zara rubbed Meredith's clit, teasing and arousing her. Meredith needed to tell her body to take more. It was unnatural for Meredith. She had been a good, wholesome wife before taking Black Studies. The centerpiece of her sex life was an undersized penis hard as cold oatmeal. Still, she loved her husband Jake. But she realized, she needed to love this more. Much more! Zara poked her tongue into Meredith's ear, "You need this. Tell the African."

    "I ... I need this, Ali!" Meredith confessed. "Please, fuck me."

    Sweat was dripping down Ali's face. He was hot and flustered but managed to put his entire manhood inside his slut's pussy. It was time to pull back and thrust forward!

    "Oh gawd! What the ... I'm getting fucked!" Meredith yelled. Zara teased her again, "Yes you are, sweetheart. You're a slut for African immigrants now." Zara laughed but Meredith heard her future. Perhaps, she would volunteer in welcoming the influx of African men relocating in Black Pine. Welcome with open arms and legs.

    Ali gave another thrust before starting a steady, lustful rhythm. Meredith's pussy had stretched and became accustomed to the size of her lover. Her body welcomed the chance with a new male organ worthy of her womb. Meredith wanted to laugh. She couldn't believe how quickly she spread her legs for Ali. The life of being pious and hard-to-get betrayed her. What the fuck was she thinking? She resented White Culture for not encouraging her to be more sexual. More promiscuous.

    "I love Africans!" declared Meredith before squirming into her first orgasm. "I love the black race!"

    "The white pussy here in your country ... so tight..." Ali returned, "so good. White girls love to fuck."

    After a few minutes of hard thrusts and pumping, Ali turned Meredith around. He was going to fuck her doggie-style. Pulling his cock out of Meredith left her with an empty, useless feeling. Without the sticky, baby-making cum left behind, she felt incomplete. Although she understood the mating ritual was continuing, her reproductive instincts thought something was amiss. Should she do something else? What must she must do to get Ali's semen inside of her?

    Whipped around, Meredith raised her ass to him. "Take me, Ali. Fuck that pussy! Help me show our teacher I'm not racist." Ali nodded at the fair deal. He gets his cock into her pussy, she gets a good grade. But Zara would not be easily impressed, "Oh, slut. You're going to have to do a lot more to show you're worthy passing this class. Fucking one black man isn't enough."

    Ali was giving full, porn-worthy thrusts. Several inches of black, manhood pushed in and out her again and again and again. "What ... must .... I ... do?" Meredith asked, trying to have a discussion with her instructor. She couldn't believe this wasn't enough to prove her devotion to racial justice.

    Zara gave a playful slap on her face, "Show him he needs to cum inside you. Beg him. Make promises. If you don't, he'll stop and fuck someone else."

    Meredith felt another orgasm coming and she needed it. "Fuck me, Ali! Please cum inside me ... I ... want your cum." Zara slapped Meredith's ass. "Not good enough!" The blonde teacher, joined Meredith on the couch and positioned herself in doggie-style next to her. She looked at Ali and pointed at her ass. Ali, wasn't going to resist a second white girl, pulled out and switched pussies. Meredith gasped, denied the cum blasting orgasm she longed for. She had to witness Zara take Ali's dick. Zara moaned at the sensation of penetration without the benefit of foreplay. Meredith felt small and jealous. She knew exactly what Zara was experiencing.

    Proud of himself, Ali growled. He was beginning to love Black Pine and its women. Zara's pussy was wet and tight and very much experienced to gifted, black men. He pushed in, reached under and grabbed his teacher's breast. He squeezed them, letting her know he's in charge and his body belongs to him as long as has a black spear, hard as steel inside her. "Fuck! Yes! This body is yours! Fuck me! Do what you want with me!" Meredith rubbed Zara's back and sympathizing with her. White women needed this.

    "Look at me, Meredith." Zara asked, "We're made to fuck black men." Zara then turned to her student-lover, "Call me a white slut. Tell me, Ali."

    Ali granted her wish, "You're a white slut, Miss Zara. Take my African seed! Ugh! Ugh!" Ali gave fast, angry thrusts. He could feel his balls begin to energize. "I'll do anything, just fuck me. Fucking destroy my pussy! Destroy white people!", Zara yelled.

    Ali began to think about the centuries of slavery his people endured. An invitation to this racist country wasn't enough to appease him. He came to improve this culture by helping to conquer it. The militant African gave more angry thrusts, "White pussy belongs to black men. Belongs to Africa!" he declared. Zara begged more, "Slap my ass. Own it. I owe Africans everything."

    Meredith's world opened like a flood of cum dumping on her face. She noticed how Ali stepped up his game. He was more than a man but a god! The cheating wife-whore understood how Zara submitted to Ali. Not just her body but her soul and especially her race. Meredith kissed Zara's back to her rear. She kissed them hard, "smack, smack, smack..." Meredith looked into Ali's eyes and saw the passion. "I understand now, I understand!" she implored, "I want to give myself to the black race. Fuck me, please."

    Ali gave a full, hard slap on Zara's ass before grabbing Meredith's chin, "Tell me you love African men, white slut."

    "I love African men!" Meredith confessed, "And I am a slut!" She grabbed Ali's hand and begin kissing and licking it. She was almost crying. "Please, use my white pussy." Meredith begged. Ali was showing his true, dominant self. He transformed from a calm, charming man to an aggressive, alpha-male wanting only to fuck. Now, Ali had two white women freely giving him pussy.

    Ali plopped his cock out of Zara. Zara took heavy breaths trying to recover. She loved the girth, the strength, the hardness of black cocks. But every time surprised her. She could never be bored with this. Black men certainly owned her present and future.

    Meredith began to worship Ali's cock with her mouth again. Her eyes never leaving Ali's She licked his balls and spat. Meredith licked her spit and returned it to her mouth. The mixed taste of pussy juices of two sluts only heightened her awareness. Zara couldn't be a voyeur and joined Meredith sucking and licking Ali's manhood. The women's tongues met and they called each other 'slut' and 'cock whore'. Meredith remembered the interracial porn she loved to watch. The happiest women were the ones who were called those things.

    Ali decided he wanted to sit on the couch. He guided Meredith to ride him cowgirl. Meredith felt wanted, needed, and loved. She wanted her pussy to be used. She gladly pushed his cock back into her wet pussy and shoved her ass down. Meredith looked up and moaned. She struggled at first but managed to get his cock deep into her womb. Ali grabbed her tits then moved his hands to her hips. He grunted and moaned, "What do you love more now? My black cock or your white husband?" The cheating wife, answered quickly, "I love your black cock more! Completely!"

    Meredith put her hands on Ali's chest and bounced up and down. She moaned and cooed. She grunted and squealed. She wondered how it came to this. Was it the classroom videos, the porn, the many streams of cum she swallowed at the video booth? Why didn't she notice black men earlier in her marriage? In her life?

    "Cock hungry, white slut." Ali whispered in her ear. Meredith turned to him, nose to nose. "Yes, I'm a cock hungry, white slut!" she repeated. Zara grabbed her hair, "Cheating whore. Betraying your marriage and your race!"

    Meredith closed her eyes and exploded in a physical and emotional orgasm. Nothing could erase what she did today to her husband and race. "Fuck my marriage! Fuck the white race! Black cock comes first!" Ali roared. He could not hold back anymore after Meredith's confession. Ali released a long, almost painful spurts of cum into Meredith's womb. One after another and Meredith loved Ali for them.

    Meredith fell onto Ali's chest after another violent orgasm. But Ali didn't need this spent white girl suffocating him. He turned her Meredith onto the couch beside him. The wife simply laid there with her legs spread wide. Meredith rubbed her swollen pussy still stretched and looked down to see what became of it. Oozes of white, sticky fluid dripped out. She rubbed the cream over her trimmed pussy hair until it was completely matted with the thick gel. Meredith stuck her fingers into her mouth to clean them.

    Zara went to her knees and started jerking Ali off and giving him another blow job. With his hands on Zara's head he bucked for several minutes until he dumped another load into his instructor's mouth. Zara walked on her knees to Meredith and pulled her near. She opened her mouth and fed Meredith Ali's cum and her spit. Meredith swirled her tongue around, rubbing it with Zara's. The women instinctively squeezed each others breasts in an act of sisterly love. Zara stuck three fingers from her left hand into Meredith's twat. She looked into Meredith's eyes without emotion, purely academic. Staring at her like a cat staring at a play toy, Zara pushed and turned her fingers curious to see what sort of emotion she could coax out of her student. Meredith just took it. Zara removed her fingers and tasted them. She never changed her stone face expression.

    Ali stood behind Zara and rubbed his cock over Zara's face. Still, Zara would not take her steely gaze off of Meredith. Totally mind and body fucked, Meredith asked, "What have I become?"

    Zara answered, "You're a stupid, empty-headed, white girl bimbo. You're nothing more than a slut for black cock. That's all you are now and you'll never be anything more."

    Meredith thought to herself, "I have so much to learn."

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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