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. Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    To qualify for a position in the city government of Black Pine, Meredith must be first certified in Black Studies. While classes are in high demand, she finds an opening in an intensive 5 day course sponsored by the Black Power Movement. The prim, proper white wife will learn much and transform from a quiet spouse to a social advocate for racial justice.

    Author's note: This may be broken up into chapters. It may require patient reading as I'm experimenting how to tell a story of our heroine's descent into passion and lust. I don't want to take shortcuts.


    Meredith was a boring, prim and proper housewife. She was petite with dark, black hair past her shoulders. In her late 20's, she was married and childless. She sported a nice rear but rarely wore tights pants to show them off. Meredith was blessed with a beautiful pair of breasts, larger than average for petite women. She wore loose blouses and never showed cleavage. The bras she chose were functional, bought from a mall store that sold power tools and refrigerators. Her choice of panties, were as erotic as oatmeal.

    Meredith lived with her husband, Jake, in an affluent, middle class neighborhood in Black Pine. Jake had a job where he wears a collared, short-sleeve shirt and a striped tie everyday. He created reports and bar graphs everyday. He was equally boring.


    Meredith wanted to be more than a housewife. Having studied civics in school, she decided she wanted to work for the city under its present leadership. With the administration of the city's first black mayor, the Honorable Jordyn Sweet, enacted polices promoting diversity and racial harmony. One of them required all present city employees and applicants to have completed Black Studies training. There were no exceptions, but the Mayor, of course.

    You could imagine finding a class was difficult. All of the colleges and technical schools were mandated to offer classes meeting strict guidelines set by the city. Most schools had a 2 year waiting list. But Meredith was lucky, a search on the Internet took her to the home page of The Black Power Movement. She found a link to apply for an intensive 5-day Black Studies program. 7 hours a day from 3 PM to 10 PM with possible exercises after class taking the session well past midnight. The banners displaying, "Get a job, fight racism, be part of the solution" won her over.

    Meredith selected the "Click here to see if you qualify for an open spot". She had to answer a series of questions such as her gender, race, age, marital status, and number of children. In addition, it asked about her household income, education achieved, and contact information. Afterwards, she was asked whether or not she ever participated in social justice rallies or contributed time to minority equality groups. She answered no to all of them. Finally, the web site requested a photograph for the application records and to "validate whether or not the applicant qualifies for a tuition subsidy". The BPM site advised to dress "appropriately" and gave visual examples. Since she chosen White Female under gender, she was shown only women models who were white. The attire was a little more liberal than she expected. Some of the models wore tight shorts and blouses showing cleavage. Another was more suited for a visit to a dance club. They were all young and beautiful. Meredith picked out a the modest of the bunch. A business skirt just above her knees and a spaghetti strap blouse. She would have to buy an expensive bra. Meredith was a little disappointed she couldn't apply now. She noticed a link where to buy clothes suitable for the application. It was located in Black Pine, open to midnight daily, and black-owned. Meredith was determined to apply tonight before any slots would be taken. She didn't want to be beaten out over the wrong clothes.


    Jake was pleasantly surprised to see how his wife dressed up. His wife was in a short dress inches about her knees with a spaghetti strap blouse. If Jake looked carefully, he could make out she was wearing a red, strapless bra. She was already an 8.5 on the 10 scale. But the hair, make up and the new wardrobe pushed her over 9. Meredith explained it was for her application for the program, something she needed to apply for city government.

    "This is for class? It looks more like a date or meeting someone for drinks." Jake commented as he took two careful pictures with his wife's phone.

    "Yeah, the woman at the boutique insisted I wear this for my application. Funny, when I mentioned the boutique was referred by The Black Power Movement, she became really friendly with me. We even exchanged phone numbers in case I needed help with clothes."

    "Really?" asked Jake ignoring the comment how a woman asked for her number, "The Black Power Movement?" he asked. It was something he was oblivious to.

    "It's a social advocacy group pushing for harmony, racial justice, and empowering the black race." she explained.

    "Sounds a little radical. Are you sure about ..." said Jake, being skeptical.

    But his wife properly corrected him, "I want that class and won't mind how radical they get."

    After Jake took a couple pictures with Meredith's phone, he helped himself to her and began touching her across her breasts and ass. "You look hot, honey. Makes me have really, dirty thoughts." Jake was hinting for sex with his wife.

    However, Meredith became withdrawn and defensive, trying to cover her chest with her hands, "This was the most modest thing they would sell me. I didn't buy this to turn you on."

    Jake sensed it was time to back off. He was disappointed, he really looked forward to the missionary position in bed that night. Meredith took her phone, downloaded the images, and finished her application.


    After Jake had left for work, Meredith received the phone call from The Black Power Movement. A polite feminine voice, who introduced herself as Aggie, congratulated her on her application. While Meredith was excited, she was told the class started later that afternoon at the Black Pine BPM headquarters. Aggie was apologetic for the short notice but explained the slot opened over the weekend and there wouldn't be another for at least six months. Meredith didn't hesitate at the chance and took out her credit card to pay the $1995 tuition.

    Meredith interrupted Jake at work to tell her the news. While Jake was happy of Meredith's educational goals, he was saddened he would miss her at night for a whole week. But his wife comforted him, "It's only for 5 days."


    Meredith had made a call to her new friend, Monique, at the Blossom Boutique. She wanted a personal shopping experience and purchase 5 new outfits, one for each day at class. Monique closed the store between 1:30 and 2:30. Remembering Meredith's sizes, she picked out a number of outfits to choose from. They were suited for dancers, strippers, and escorts. Meredith chose the ones more appropriate for after midnight clubs. She picked 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 3 blouses, 5 bras, and 5 new panties. None of her lingerie were white. Meredith had burned into her credit at the boutique. But she knew it was for a good cause and she supported a black-owned business.


    The boutique wasn't too far of a drive from The Black Power Movement building in Black Pine. It was located in a once-abandoned strip mall anchored by a supermarket. She pulled into the supermarket driving her Mini and parking in front of one of the suites there. She was ten minutes early and approached the heavily tinted, glass door. Looking inside was a no-frills conference room lighted with fluorescent ceiling lamps. There were three rows of desks on one side and a large "teacher" desk on the other. To the back, near the glass windows were a row of four, all occupied by African-American males as young as early 20's and one as old as 45. To the far front, were a row of three. They were occupied by two, white males. One was in his late 20's and reminded her of Jake. The other was pushing 40. The third occupying the front row was a distinguished woman in her early 50's. She admired her shape and wish she could have one at her age.

    Meredith took the center desk at the center row and felt a little self-conscious. All three students dressed business casual. The men in back, very relaxed in dark jeans, T-shirts, and two were sporting a ball cap. Suddenly, she felt a little self-conscious.

    To the far right of room, was a single door. It opened and a stunning, beautifully dressed blonde walked in. She grabbed the attention of the entire room with her silence alone. She introduced herself.

    "Hello, class. I am your instructor, Miss Zara Snow. Welcome to Black Studies!" she said.

    After a brief introduction from each student, Miss Zara began the first of a long instructions including videos and lectures. But she would end each night by giving each student a "secret assignment". The assignment would be handed to them in an envelope, not to be shared with any other. It was specially tailored to the student's race, gender, and background to be completed before the next class. When Miss Zara handed her assignment to Meredith, she made sure to compliment Meredith on her excellent choice of clothes. That was important to Meredith after a fatiguing night of lectures.

    "Open this at home. It's a web assignment." Zara instructed.

    When Meredith returned to her house, Jake was in bed. He asked her how her first day at Black Studies went.

    "It was 3 hours of videos watching white police officers oppressing black victims. Damn, white people just suck! Then that followed by 3 more hours of sports and music videos of black athletes and artists. I learned how talented and superior the black race is. Finally, we discussed how pornography is becoming mainstream and acceptable. With interracial videos being the most watched, downloaded, and requested. Seems white men and white women equally want to see black men have sex with us white women."

    "Wow, that's quite a class." said Jake.

    "It is." Meredith said, "Black men are setting the standard for male sexual performance, you know? I think I'm going to enjoy this class."

    "Will you come to bed? Maybe, I can help set our sexual standards?" he said, slyly.

    As Meredith was undressing, revealing to him her new sexy bra and panties, she declined. She didn't have an aroused bone in her body for a white man tonight. "No, I have to go to the kitchen and complete my homework. The program is very intensive!" She went to the kitchen, opened up her notebook, and opened her envelope.

    She read the instructions. Meredith was to visit a link, type in her credentials. The printed instructions were clear. "Watch an instructional online course for two hours".


    With Jake fast asleep, Meredith decided it was best to finish the assignment while laying on the couch.
    Comfortable in her underwear, she tapped some clicks and was landed into the home page of an educational-looking website. "INTRODUCTION TO INTERRACIAL SEX" it headlined. A bit surprised, she wasn't into porn and took this as purely academic. "I'm doing this for purely educational purpose. I'm doing this to land a job." she encouraged herself.

    As advised, "For the best experience to wear headphones.", Meredith did so. She tapped the START icon and a video began playing. A young, attractive African-American woman with beautiful skin and hair greeted her with a smile.

    She began her lecture ...

    "Welcome, to your personalized instructional video, an introduction to interracial sex. This video is tailored to your race, age, race and marital status. It is our goal that you will learn to completely appreciate the bond between black men and white women through the pleasures of sex. We'll cover a range of topics from different sex acts, black superiority, and the obligations of white women including cuckolding. We hope you'll find joy in watching other women submit to the black man's needs and you too will soon submit. Remember, there is no sacrifice too great for racial justice. Let's begin."

    What followed were flashes of light, deep bass, and a faint whisper broadcasting over the left channel. She saw hypnotic visions of pornography. Black men and white women. Couples, threesomes, and gang bangs. Meredith was taught the importance of "sucking black cock", cum swallowing, anal sex, double penetrations, and giving up her womb to the black seed. She was lectured about dressing appropriately for black men to welcome advances for sex. She learned about the white, female obligation to black men's need for sex. Cuckolding was not overlooked. Monogamy, marriage to a white man did not excuse a woman from pleasing black men. Throughout the two hour video, words blinked in and out. Words like, "SUBMIT", "FUCK", "NEED", "SLUT", and "BLACK COCK".

    The wife learned that words like "slut" and "whore" were not derogatory but status a white girl reaches up to. But first she must sacrifice to earn the titles. She saw clips advancing prostitution, exotic dancing, and pornography, as long as they were black-ran enterprises. The video also spliced images from a gloryhole. Described as place where white women may quietly serve a number black cocks, it normalized the practice. It was an experience every white women should experience no more unusual than going to the gym.

    When the two hours completed, she was given an exam of multiple choice questions. She passed with a 100% score and became a believer in black, sexual superiority and had new, broadening opinions.

    Meredith closed her laptop, "Wow. This class is fun." She decided to begin masturbating on the couch neglecting her husband in the bedroom. "This is the right thing to do." she thought to herself.


    Jake let Meredith sleep. He couldn't recall when she crawled into bed. Too busy, he headed to work while any other would have grabbed her tits like a real man. But Jake had a bar graph to create. Two hours after he walked out the door, Meredith woke up from her slumber and headed towards her laptop. She had an urge to watch porn now. Finding her laptop, she browsed for free, online porn and entered keywords like "black men fucking white wives". She watched non stop for the next two hours, ignoring the text messages and phone call from her husband. Meredith didn't realize she had stripped naked and lied on the couch to feverishly rub her clit. She watched couples, threesomes, and by then, was desensitized to rough gang bangs. She just shook her head, "My teachings were right. I am learning so much!" Meredith looked forward to her second night of advanced learning.


    On her second night, Meredith sat in the same desk. There were no dropouts since the night before, but she did notice the other older woman, Carol, had improved her make up and wore heels. She definitely stepped up her game. Meredith, herself, wore a new attractive outfit. She didn't feel conscious anymore from extra attention from the men. Especially, from the back of the room.

    The instructor, Zara, began the class with more videos of white people oppressing black men. An hour later, she showed videos of black men pummeling white men. It included boxing matches, cage fighting, and finally captured video from phones and CCTV cameras. Young black males were kicking and punching white men then celebrating with a fist in air. Zara carefully studied everyone's reaction. Each participant paid attention, some even nodded their head and approved. Each black male did. Carol did. Meredith may have been the last to join her white male colleges in silence. But eventually, she was caught up in the moment of justice. She gave a simple nod before whispering "yes". She then said it louder. The room erupted in applause, climaxing in a close up of a bloodied white-boy college student with his blonde girlfriend walking away with his black attacker.

    Zara then moved the subject to the "black culture". She discussed its strength, belief in sharing, co-dependence, and harmony. The black people embrace sharing economic and emotional wealth. She then went on how African tribes experienced no jealously or envy. It was a utopia. Men were strong and shared women to other men because, as men, they understood sexual urges needed to be met.

    She then moved to the "white culture" and the introduction of unkind morality. Zara passionately talked how white privilege propped up institutions of greed, incarceration, and selfishness. She blamed "white religion" for twisting society to keep the black race down that resulted in poverty and economic slavery. She explained how the white culture invented monogamy to suppress the natural wanting for sex. Directed at black men, to keep them away from having the sex they need from white women. Zara preached that monogamy only benefited sexually inferior white men. The black men in the room nodded and pounded the table. The white men, cleared their throats and smartly kept quiet. Meredith, blushed, remembered what she learned the night before.

    Zara explained how the efforts perpetuating monogamy was unnatural as only the strong will survive and reproduce. Simple Darwinism. Black men are stronger.

    When the night was over, she handed each student a new envelope. Zara deliberately kept Meredith waiting. Zara complimented Meredith on her test score while giving her a new envelope. "This is an assignment best done tonight." she advised.

    Meredith went to her car and opened the envelope. It had a business and an address. She would go to Black Fantasies Video Shoppe in the Red Light District of Black Pine. It had a simple objective, "Watch one hour of interracial porn while inside a video booth."


    Meredith didn't feel comfortable in this part of town. Though it was only a couple minutes from the BPM headquarters, the "pride and joy" of Mayor Sweet's economic program made her feel insecure. "It's just white privilege." she said to herself trying to manage her fears as just deep, hidden racism. She found the bright sign to the video store. It was next door to the Black Fantasies Lounge. Her directions were simple, ask for the 'white girl' booth and request the Black Studies videos.

    She parked her car on the curb. The light illuminating from the sign over the front door cast a red hue on her face. The glass door was plastered in black paper to conceal the sensitive business indoors. Meredith looked at all her mirrors to see if it were all clear. She cursed at herself for showing a hint of racism again. She got out, locked her door, and hurried to the door.

    When she stepped in she was bathed in fluorescent lamps ahead. The place looked like any other boutique, except they sold adult toys, bongs and paraphernalia, and black supremacy items like t-shirts, posters, and books. There was a large, black man behind the counter near the door. He caught her by surprise. The man said nothing. He did not grin or scowl. He was indifferent to all.

    "Um, hi!" Meredith meekly said, "I got this letter to come here for the 'white girl booth' and Black Studies videos?" she asked.

    The man, a size of a football linesmen, nodded his head and yelled out to his associate, "Yolanda, unlock booth 1. We got a student here." He then turned to Meredith, "It will be $60 for the one hour in the booth."

    She was a little surprised at the cost. But she figured it was for one full hour of instructional videos. Meredith handed him cash and the man handed her a plain, large paper bag from under his counter. He directed her to go to the far end of the room where it disappears down a dark hallway. "Go down there. No mind anyone staring at you. Yolanda will wait for you when you hand her your bag. We'll keep it safe behind the counter here." he said.

    Meredith had no idea what he meant as she grabbed the paper bag and walked down the aisle past black dildos, and the "Fuck the White Race" t-shirts. They were very popular at $29.99. Meredith smelled the obvious scent of weed as she disappeared down the dark hall. There she saw 4, dark skinned men looking down at their phones pretending not to see her. They knew. Here comes a white girl! Yolanda, an African-American woman with tall, curly hair was waiting for her at the end, past a maze of corners. Meredith was at the farthest point of the business next to the fire escape door. Yolanda unlocked the door for Meredith. "You may want to keep your shoes on, the floor is sticky." she suggested. "I'll be right here to take your bag. Take your time, hon."

    Meredith stepped inside to take a look in the video booth. Ahead was a video screen behind plexiglass. To the right of it was a panel with four large buttons numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 next to a bill slot. The room was painted white and looked sterile and medical room-like. In front of the screen was a stool. "Press the 1 button, the video will start. Just follow the instructions. When I return to the counter with the bag, the video will resume, understand girl?" Yolanda asked.

    Meredith nodded and the door closed. She didn't look closer before hitting button-1. Else, she would have noticed the small panel door to the left. The room darkened. The only source of light from the screen. From bleeding black LEDs, the video went into bright white and a beautiful blonde woman appeared. The video began.

    "Hi, girl. And welcome. Tonight, you're going to learn more about the rights of black men. While you're safe in your private, little room, there is one thing we must do before starting your lesson. You were given a bag, please remove all your clothes and put them in it. A kind associate is waiting outside the door to take your bag. Make sure you are completely naked. Leaving your shoes on is optional but recommended. When you're finished press the 1-button again."

    The video flashed frozen words, "Remove your clothes. Follow instructions.".

    The message couldn't be more clear. Meredith began undressing removing everything from bra to panties but leaving on her shoes. She felt a little weird before cracking open the door and seeing Yolanda looking at her phone. Meredith, modest, hid her body behind the door and handed Yolanda the bag. "Lock the door behind you. I'll be back with your clothes in an hour." said Yolanda.

    "Click', Meredith latched the door.

    She felt a little cold. The darkness made her feel uneasy. Is this what Zara wanted? She massaged her arms to ease her shivers. Rubbing her knees together, she pressed the 1-button.

    "Preparing to resume." the screen flashed. Meredith didn't yet realize the system was waiting for the Yolanda to return to the front counter with her clothes.

    The video returned to the blonde commentator, "Good. You are now naked, vulnerable and ready for your lesson. Are you ready to learn, white girl? I hope so." the blonde smiled. "This lesson may require you to perform sex acts with many men. If you understand and agree to this lesson, please hit the 1-button."

    Meredith was shocked. As sounds of shuffling feet could be heard outside her door, she panicked and hit the 2-button twice. The video looped with the blonde waiting and smiling at the camera. Meredith smashed the 3-button and the 4-button together. "No, no, no! I don't agree." she clicked 2, 3, 4. And the buttons 2, 3, 4 again. But at her third, exhausting attempt she pressed the 1-button by mistake.

    The video resumed, "Good. You have agreed to committing sex acts. Now, you may be hearing someone in the booth next door. It's okay, he doesn't know who you are. But he does know you're a white woman interested in racial justice. Now slide the panel open."

    Meredith looked and saw what the blonde was referring to. It was a small, wooden panel door set in a rail. It measured about 8 inches wide and a foot tall. She began to open it. "Make sure the gentleman can see your mouth or your bare breasts. This is a signal you're ready." said the blonde.

    Meredith could see someone rummaging inside the booth next door. She heard the door lock. Noticed the screen blaring sex videos. She was scared and didn't want her face seen. She moved the stool and positioned it where the man next door could see only her breasts. Meredith massaged her breasts in anticipation. What could really happen here through this little, tiny door?

    Her screen popped to an interracial sex scene with a woman sucking a black cock. Her first words out of her mouth was "I love black cock." before resuming her blow job. Meredith stared at the screen and was briefly hypnotized at the size of the black manhood. The screen was larger than her laptop and the sounds echoed off the paneling. The whole hallway could hear what the white woman was watching.

    When Meredith looked back, she popped out of the stool. A large, huge, hard black dick had poked through. It was twitching, demanding attention. When her shock passed, the wife smiled. Confident the man on the other side could see nothing but wall, she reached out her hand and gently touched the tip. The cock twitched again anticipating pleasure. Meredith stroked it with her hand and massaged it up and down. The woman in the video was getting fucked, "Yes! Do it! Do it!" the porn actress screamed. Her black lover demanded, "Take that black cock."

    Meredith nodded. She remembered her lessons from last night. "This is ... black cock." she muttered. She pumped the cock twice and stopped to look at his balls. She could smell his musk and it drew her nose in for a closer smell. The man grunted. He wanted more, needed more, deserved more. "I can't believe I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this. I'm doing this ..." Meredith thought as her mouth neared. Her mouth opened. Her tongue out. Her lips ready and landed on the head.

    Lips closed. Tongue lapping. Mouth sucking. Slurp!

    "Ugh! Yes." the black man grunted. He signaled the hallway a willing white girl was in the house. Meredith bobbed her head and gave the stranger a sloppy blow job. She made sloppy sounds as spit was dropping on the floor if missing her tits. She licked the shaft and his balls. But a hand was always on it, massaging it, caring for it. Her insecurities being naked was wiped away with a black dick in her mouth. She bobbed, gagged, and moaned. For several minutes she performed for this strange man. Maybe he's young, maybe old? Maybe he's married and a father of four? Maybe he's a handsome man wanting an anonymous blow job? Or a street thug looking for action?

    The man grunted loud and caught Meredith off guard when a stream of cum sprayed her mouth. Going down her throat she pulled her head off and another stream landed on her face. A third, thicker load dropped on her tits. After freeing her hand of dick, Meredith was dazed. All she could muster was to swallow the remaining cum at the back of her throat and wipe the cum off her face and smear underneath her tits where it was still dry. The taste of strange black cum was appealing to her because it was raw. It was powerful and addicting.

    "Good cock slut in booth 1!" said the pleased gentleman.

    This wasn't a simple lesson Meredith thought. She heard quick-footed steps making its way to booth 2 next door. What have she gotten into? She felt safe that the door was locked but she couldn't run out without her clothes. Maybe, she could close the panel door and hold out for the remaining time. But Meredith thought too long, drunken by the experience. The second man, who didn't bother to close and lock the door behind him, had his pants down and poked his thick dick through the panel.

    Half hard, it was twice the size of her husbands. As it grew, it became three times as large. Like a tent pole, it stretched and engorged with blood. Meredith felt obligated to touch it. Was it like the one before? She grabbed it and gave it a gentle pull. It fattened and was ready for work. She cleared her throat and began.

    It tasted different than the first. This made her more curious. All men want a blow job but they taste so different. Meredith was into the act. She wanted to bob, spit, and turn her head. She ran her tongue over every vein and treated the several inches of black meat most special. Meredith would squeeze her own tits sometimes or rub her clit. She felt so free giving so much pleasure. Meredith felt most complete when a jet of cum filled her mouth. She anticipated it this time with the twitch. She wanted the first load land on her tongue and the rest on her chin and titties.

    "Yeah, fuck me!" the gentleman whispered. He stepped back and pulled up his pants before stepping out. Meredith pouted. She felt she hadn't done enough to "learn her lesson". She put her lips through the opening when the sounds of a third visitor approached.

    She felt the hard cockhead press against her lips before she opened them. It slid to the back of her throat and Meredith gagged. She inched back, luring the cock to follow her. It did. This gave her the freedom to push her mouth forward and pull back in a rhythm. With her third cock, she discovered the lust inside her to speak, "I love black cock." This excited her guest. He started to fuck her mouth and she kept her head still to accommodate. She began to understand these men. They needed to get off. They deserved sexual relief from a white woman. The man twitched and covered Meredith's face. She wiped her lips and gave it a good taste.

    Meredith retreated to her stool. She sat and just stared at the opened panel. She breathed heavy and stared at her painted tits. Never did she gave thought of 'cheating' on Jake. But this wasn't cheating. This was 'learning'. She learned something about herself. Another pair of footsteps and another black cock made an appearance at her booth. She could not believe it. After working hard to please three demanding cocks, here was another just as hard, excited, and needful. Not wanting to leave him hanging, she returned to her knees and performed her duty.

    It wasn't about her pleasure, but the black man's. This was the lesson.

    After completing her fourth cock, she had to take one more. The man grunted, "Suck that cock, girl. I know you're still there." his voice was familiar. Like the man at the front counter ...

    Exhausted at another finish of spunk dumped on her face, Meredith closed the panel shut. She looked at the video screen presenting with a woman sucking on a big, black cock. It was a high-definition close up of lips, cock, and spit. It then went black and the light overhead brightened the room. Meredith looked at herself, drenched in sperm from her face to the top of her knees. She wiped her chin and cleaned her hands with her mouth. "That's good tasting jizz." she thought.

    The door rapped twice, "I have your clothes." said Yolanda on the other side. Meredith opened the door ajar, took her bag, and asked for a towel.

    "Sorry, white girl." said Yolanda, "This isn't a gym."

    Meredith slipped into her clothes feeling the sticky fluids cling underneath. It made her feel dirty. But that made her feel real good. She popped open the door and made the long, long walk to the front exit. She swung her hips with pride strutting past the black men in the hallway. As she made it to the front counter, she exchanged smiles with the large man standing there.

    She made it into her car and realized it was nearly 1 AM. Jake had been texting her. Meredith looked ahead and made out prostitutes hanging out in front of the strip club next door.

    Meredith found this part of the city more comfortable.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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