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. Meeting Devonte the Jamaican

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Marco Lease, Dec 22, 2016.

. Meeting Devonte the Jamaican 3.5 5 2votes
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  1. Marco Lease

    Marco Lease Member Author!

    It all began with role-playing with my husband, I thought. One thing leading to another until you're past the point of no return.

    The sweet aroma of coconut lotion infused the room as the sun sank low casting long shadows across the floor from the balcony window. The tranquility of my environment couldn’t calm the anticipation bubbling beneath the surface of my poised demeanor. In front of me, my husband sat in a chair with his pants and fruit of looms bunched around his ankles. His only movement was his right hand massaging his stiff five inches of manhood.

    A tear snaked its way down the front of my suntanned cheek. I felt guilty; however, my tear revealed years of frustration being released. A desire hidden deep in my subconscious for some twenty years of marriage now lay bare. To my astonishment, my husband was easily accepting the reality that I was Devonte's woman.

    I sensed a puff of air on the top of my head which meant he was standing close behind me. He towered above me with his nostrils snorting warm air onto me like a bull ready to charge a crimson Muleta. I stood vulnerable wearing only a flimsy lacy bra and a thong. The silence was broken with a loud whack to my fleshy ass. I was startled. It stung and caused my pussy to inexplicably burn.

    The distant sound of waves crashing onto the beach along with the rum cocktails warming my stomach failed to soothe my senses. Devonte dominated my mind as my hands reached behind to protect my exposed rump from another slap.

    He effortlessly removed my lame attempt to prevent another slap. “Your wife should be spanked for being a married cheating slut.” Devonte’s deep voice proclaimed.

    Twenty years of being a faithful wife and mother was down the drain. I was now a big cock slut. I shuddered at the thought of my two children discovering the fact I was a Jamaican man's slut to do with as he pleased and with their father watching in an aroused trance.

    “You know it’s true. You don't want little dicklette.” Devonte swatted my ass for good measure. I was sure my pale skin was turning into a crimson shade. He waited. Another hard slap followed by another caused me to yelp and stumble forward. I knew the rules, it was forbidden for me to speak unless Devonte spoke to me. I waited for the next burning slap to my rear.

    With my buns on fire, a chill coursed through my body as his fingers touched the tops of my shoulders. The thin straps of my bra were lowered over my shoulders and down to my elbows. I noticed goosebumps distributed across my breasts and stomach.

    “Your wife is hot. Look at those nipples poking her bra.” Devonte seemed to enjoy taunting my husband.

    I looked down at my poor excuse of a bra. The thin pink material struggled to support my large heavy breasts. Wearing intimates was my required dress code according to Devonte. My milky white cleavage contrasted sharply to the rest of my tan body. The Jamaican sun had baked my skin to a golden brown.

    I tried to read my husband’s reaction. His face was expressionless as his eyes focused on me. His hand continued to stroke the tip of his cock which indicated his approval or perhaps his acceptance of the inevitable.

    Devonte’s hands reached in front of me, his fingers curled over the front of my bra and with a hard yank my bouncing breasts were exposed. His large hands squeezed the tender flesh of my breasts accentuating my erect nipples.

    “Damn, look at these juicy melons.” His hands lifted them up to my chin and let them drop. His palm began to slapped them side to side and up and down. “Seeing these tits is much better in person,” he commented.

    Rough play was Devonte’s forte and he played his role well. He was physically strong and well built. His physicality and domineering personality contrasted sharply with my mild mannered husband.

    My husband’s lips parted and he began to jack off with more vigor.

    “Bend over slut,” Devonte barked.

    I put my hands on my knees and obeyed. As I leaned forward my long brown hair formed curtains on each side of my face blocking my peripheral vision. Looking down I could see my breasts hanging and swaying. Lifting my eyes, I saw my husband watching eagerly.

    I felt the strand of my thong violently pulled back and to the side making a tearing noise. My body stumbled backward into Devonte. He wrapped his muscular arms around my waist to steady me.

    “Did you here that tearing sound?” Devonte asked my husband.

    He nodded his head yes.

    “That’s the sound your wife’s pussy will make when I plow it home,” he growled.

    My throat felt contracted to the point where I couldn’t speak. Devonte was crude and disrespectful. A man I would normally despise but this was far from normal. I recalled slapping a boy’s face while in college for telling me I had a nice rack. With Devonte, I offered no such resistance.

    Devonte got on his knees behind me. Grabbing both of my ass cheeks he lifted and spread me open. “MMMMYESSS,” he lustily growled and inhaled my womanly aroma.

    “This bitch is wet, I've never seen such a horny slut!” he informed my husband. "Should I give this HO what she wants?"

    My husband was defenseless and seemed paralyzed. I could see a shine of perspiration on his red forehead. The air conditioning unit in our room struggled to win against the heavy Caribbean humidity. His black rimmed glasses had slid down his nose and his sandy hair looked disheveled.

    “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION WIMP DICK!” Devonte’s voiced boomed.

    My husband shook his head. “Yes, I know she’s a big cock slut,” he answered.

    Devonte delivered another hard slap to my ass that sent a vibration up my spine. “Say it, Say you’re a big cock slut,” he demanded.

    I knew to answer when asked a question. My throat was dry and my tongue had transformed into a cotton ball. “Y, Yes Sir,” I managed to answer.

    “What was that? I don’t think hubby heard you,” I knew the pinches to my ass were from Devonte’s teeth nibbling on my ass. I realized he would leave marks on my pale bottom for the resort's pool patrons to notice. I already had finger print bruises on my inner thighs from the prior fuck sessions. This was night four of our two week stay. I was resigned to the fact my pussy would never be the same.

    I cleared my throat. “Yes sir, I’m a big cock slut.” I lurched forward when I felt his finger slip into my pussy.

    “Who has a big cock to fuck you?” He slowly slid in finger in and out making a wet squishing sound. He again stood next to me.

    My hand reached back and wrapped around his large hard cock. The thick meat in my palm spread my fingers so wide my fingers couldn’t touch.

    I accepted my disturbing reality. “I want to be fucked by Devonte,” I confessed.

    My husband was speechless. He offered no objection.

    “Tell hubby WHY you want Devonte to fuck you,” he continued to finger me going deep and hitting my spot. His finger was skillful and seemed to read my mind knowing where and how to touch me. I tried to suppress my approval but a moan of approval slipped out of my mouth.

    I felt no need to be respectful or vague as I blurted out my yearning. “I want Devonte to fuck me because he satisfies me sexually.” My heart was throbbing in my chest as my hand stroked the length of his long meaty shaft and cupped his heavy balls.

    “Why does hubby not satisfy you?” He pulled his finger out of my pussy with a wet smacking sound and held his wet finger up for my husband to see.

    “He’s rather small, sir. I want it deep and I want to be stretched good.” I felt my silky gooey liquid running down the inside of my thighs.

    “Your wife is a slut, she can’t wait for my big ten inches.” He held his juice coated finger under my nose. As I breathed in my sex, Devonte’s laughter rang in my ear. I felt my inner labia stretch as the head of his cock entered. It was becoming easier for me to take his thrust as he buried himself into me in one stroke.

    "Damn HO, I had to work my ass off to get it all in before but now it just slips in, HA, HA, HA. I love breaking in white married women." Devonte was having a good laugh at my husband's expense.

    Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap. The sound of his pelvis bumping into my ass was the only sound as he boned me and ruined me.

    "It's about time somebody gave this tight pussy a good fucking." Devonte increased the pace of his thrusts as moans and grunts were escaping from my mouth.

    "Get off your ass and bring me a cold Heineken." Devonte ordered.

    My husband did as he was told and brought the cold bottle of beer to Devonte. He chugged down the beer never missing a stroke.

    "Go to the liquor store and buy more booze while I give your wife what she needs." Devonte barked.

    I heard the door close as my husband left the room.

    "Make me your whore," I hissed.

    His hard cock ravaged me.

    "It's so deep," I groaned as a climax was building within my quivering body.

    I knew by the time my wimp husband returned, I'd be completely satisfied.

    "Tomorrow night I'm bringing by cousin wit me. It's time you take two big cocks at once." Devonte breathed heavy.

    "Wha, What?" I asked as my pussy released juice and I convulsed into an orgasm.

    "OHHH HELLL YEAHH!! Devonte exploded deep inside of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so he could shove his tongue into my quivering mouth.

    He released my hair and removed his thick tongue. "I'm ready to smoke a joint," he said.

    Deeper and deeper, I thought.

    The End.

    Enjoy more stories by Marco Lease.

    For my author page on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/marcolease
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