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Measuring Men

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lutheran Maid, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I'm delighted to inform you kind folk that 'Measuring Men' has been posted to Amazon and should be available as a download within the next 72 hours all for the price of one drink in the pub. This collection of short stories include some longer ones at your suggestion. Authors have their favourites but perhaps the longer story 'Taking the Shots' is my favourite effort of all time. For me its a very sexy dystopia where fertility must be carefully managed.

    Some of you have kindly chatted with me about past stories. I've worked to weave the insights in within this collection. The women are very arrogant, often young (18+ of course) and their instinct for sex is nurtured by those in the know. I think that this reflects the growing power of women today. Little madams live next door, come with daddy to run the farm and they are extremely strong minded when they want babies. There are jodhpurs, boots, strap on dildos and other toys. I hope you find it a nice mix!

    Working on this book was interesting. I've naturally centred things on cuckolding and psychological humiliation (my trade mark I guess) but I've tried to work the contexts so the twists and turns can emerge. I rather liked the way that Joel plans his empire from Cyprus for example! I like my sex to be quite bitchy, spoilt and hard nosed about getting what we deserve. Certainly that excites me. In future, harder as it will be for me, it may be time to write something more male voyeuristic, I appreciate that some who enjoy DW blog locate themselves there. It may include some more dungeon based stories. I welcome your feedback and ideas of course.

    Finally, importantly, my thanks to Dark Wanderer. This blog is so key for people, men of a more submissive nature and dominant women. Its a place for the curious too. Without such a place of discussion we might all live more isolated lives. I look forward to continue learning here, offering some stories and debating ideas. Lutheran Maid xx

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