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. Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Apr 8, 2019.

. Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 2 4.7 5 7votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 2

    Following Part 1, Paige shares her racial and marital sacrifice with her husband. Hopefully, he will be understanding as the school teacher as an eye-awaking experience. Will her student turn around academically? Or will further sacrifice needed for racial and sexual understanding. Can a white woman offer her body to a deserving black man once and expect to change the world?


    Joshua sat alone in his kitchen and repeatedly tapped the space bar on his Pearbook Pro. Resting his head on his hand he could help but wonder where his wife, Paige, was. He wasn't making any money today and felt especially impotent. The 26-year old skinny vegan with a freckled face and bleached hair, had nothing but canned baked beans for dinner as his wife had something else to feed on. Joshua kept looking at his phone hoping he had just missed a text message from her. But no messages came in since she wrote "Bye-bye".

    As he heard door to the apartment open, he froze. He was too afraid to turn around and see Paige walked in with a freshly “just got fucked” face. Joshua felt the warm embrace of a woman's left arm wrap around his chest and a warm, moist lips press against his right cheek. He noticed the smell of perfume, mixed sweat, and semen on Paige. Paige placed a long, tender kiss on Joshua's right cheek. Through her nostrils, blew hot air into his ear. She knelt to the kitchen floor and turned Joshua in his chair to face her. Paige stared at the floor then glanced to her husband wondering if he was man enough to look into her eyes. Both were silent for an awkward moment before Paige decided she needed to take control. Placing her palm underneath his chin, she pulled him near and kissed him on his lips. She flickered her tongue against his lips. The same tongue that tasted Levon's cock earlier.

    “So ...” wondered Joshua who was unable to say a second word.

    “I made a … connection with Levon… racial and spiritual ...” said Paige.

    “Sexual?” Joshua whispered before finding the courage to look at her.

    Paige nodded, “Yes. Sexual, most importantly.”

    Whiny and unsympathetic to the needs of the black man, Joshua had to lecture, “But I thought you would at least try ... without the sex?”

    But Paige quickly shook her head keeping herself from laughing. She gently rubbed Joshua's face, “There was no other way, my love. Not with a dominant, young alpha-male like Levon.”

    “Dominant?” wondered Joshua.

    “Yes!” answered Paige, “He took charge. You should be proud of me, I made a better world trusting him with my body.”

    Joshua, still in denial, hoped this was the end of Paige's interracial and extramarital sex life. “Is this it now? He got what he wanted can we get past this?” he asked.

    “I hope he'll show progress in the classroom. But we'll never get past bridging the differences between our races, will we?” Paige answered.

    Paige walked to the bathroom and undressed. Joshua looked down the hall where he peered through the open doorway into the bathroom staring at Paige's naked body that a young, powerful black teen enjoyed. Paige's nipples were still erect and aroused. There were red patches at her hips where Levon had gripped her hard. Joshua noticed a red mark on her neck where Levon had enjoyed biting her there. Joshua's stomach turned and he retreated to this Pearbook so he could tap on the space bar a few more hundred times.

    Late in the evening, the couple silently embraced each other in the bed. Paige was unusually over-dressed in layers of thick flannel shielding Joshua from any uninvited gropes. Paige could sense her husband's uneasiness and bruised manhood. “I know this might be difficult for you.” she told him, “We have to get past our privileges. I'll only have sex with him again if I need to. Or … if he tells me I have to.”


    In the trailer belonging to Miss Violet, the Director of Race Relations, she sat on the couch next to one of the students of Black Pine High School, Terrence. Terrence was one of the school's newest recruit from the inner city. 18-years old, he was athletic and made for basketball but could dominate any white athlete in any sport. Miss Violet, was in her early 30's with black hair and “librarian” glasses. She wore her hair down that today and looked especially nerdy yet sexy in her blazer and short, brown skirt. Violet crossed her legs showing off her black heels and put her hand on Terrence's leg to comfort him. Terrence needed the comfort as he felt uneasy. “Am I in trouble, ma'am?” he politely asked.

    “No, of course not!” answered Violet who gave the young man a wink and a smile. “Terrence, I asked to take you out of your classes to have a discussion about your racial experiences here in our school.” Violet explained.

    Terrence, a bit nervous considering what he had done, answered, “Sure Miss Violet. I won't mind.”

    “As a black man, do you feel the school, and its students, are making the racial accommodations you need?” Violet asked. Terrence shrugged his shoulders, “I guess so. Lot of white people here.”

    “Yes, I know. And many pretty white girls, huh?” asked Violet. Terrence simply gave an innocent smile avoiding the subject. Violet took off her glasses showing her seriousness. “Are your sexual needs being met, daily?” she pried. She began panting feeling the wetness between her legs demanding attention.

    Terrence cleared his throat, “Yeah … the white girls want me to cum inside them so I'll knock them up. But sometimes I just want to cum inside a girl's mouth so I can see them swallow.

    Violet responded, “That's a beautiful act of submission and devotion.” She then started to unbutton her blazer, “You're entitled to that lovely sex act. I think its erotic and builds a bond between black men and their lovers. Perhaps, you'll let me do something for you?”

    Terrence nodded and accepted his entitlement. “What do you have in mind, Miss Violet?” he asked. Violet answered, “I think you should cum inside of my mouth this morning?” she suggested. Terrence was at complete attention. He rubbed his chin, “Yeah?” he wondered. Violet stood and began undressing, first showing her bra then her panties. “May I offer you my body? I need to make sure you're getting enough sex.”

    As Violet removed her bra and pushed down his panties, Terrence went to his feet. The pain in his stretching cock made him move. “I'm going to fuck you … right now?” he asked. Violet replied, “If that's what you want. A fuck, a blow-job, whatever you want. You're going to leave here with every sexual need fulfilled.” Seeing Violet in all of her naked splendor, Terrence's drive left him no choice. “Shit!” he blared and threw off his top and pushed down his pants. He reached out and grabbed Violet's breast and used his other hand to rub her pussy. The couple embraced and began open-mouth kissing. Terrence moved to bite both of Violet's nipples making her seethe in pain and pleasure. Violet couldn't resist holding Terrence's cock and stroking his lust. When their lips parted after a second round of sloppy kissing, Violet told Terrence, “You need a mouth for this cock.” she teased. Terrence just nodded saying “Yeah, yeah.” Violet went to her knees, “As a white girl, I need to suck your cock.” She spat on his cock, opened her mouth, and lowered her head wrapping her lips around his cock-head before slowly swallowing more of his black manhood.

    A black hand went on Violet's head and he exhaled in pleasure and conquest. Violet bobbed her head with great feminine lust and satisfaction. “Tell me, I'm a slut.” she asked and continued sucking Terrence's cock. Terrence whispered, “You're a slut.”

    Violet plopped his cock out of her mouth and spittle ran down her cheek, “I'm a white girl. Talk to me like I'm a dirty whore!” she demanded.

    “Fuckin' suck my black cock you slut!” Terrence said loudly. Violet roared, lapped his balls, and resumed bobbing her head up and down on him. Terrence started bucking his hips and grunted, “Suck my cock, white girl! Fucking do it!” Violet licked his cock from the base to the tip teasing it with her tongue before several more passionate and beautiful moments of black cock worship. Terrence, when ready for more, lifted Violet to her feet and tossed her to the couch. He went to the carpeted floor and pushed Violet's knees apart. He dove his head in and started licking, mouthing, spitting on Violet's pussy. “Fucking hot pussy!” yelled Terrence. “This belongs to me and every black man!” he said. Violet moaned, giggled, and accepted her place submitting to this aggressive male. Lap, lap, lap, Terrence's tongue was busy tasting Violet's womanhood. His hands gripped Violet's sexy ass underneath. He teased her by tightening his fingers. But he couldn't help himself and reached up grabbing her right breast. Violet grabbed Terrence's hand with hers and told him, “Oh, fuck! Use me, Terrence! Fuck … my … white ... pussy!”

    Terrence put a knee on the edge of the couch and confidently guided his cock into Violet's pussy. Stretched wide, the sexually aggressive teen gave a forceful thrust and filled her womb with his half of his black manhood. Violet's eyes popped open in a “what the fuck” moment. With a primal grunt, she moaned and put her hands on Terrence's chest. With a manly thrust, more cock penetrated deeper into Violet. After a few more, he managed to fill her completely and began a rhythmic motion. He pulled and emptied her, depriving her of a warm, powerful organ she needed inside of her. But the young man pushed with athletic and black, racial prowess and filled her need. She bit the knuckle of her forefinger and moaned.

    “You're so fucked. You're fucked now.” Terrence told her. Violet nodded with her eyes shut. “Yeah, you want that black dick! You're getting that black dick!” chanted Terrence. Miss Violet growled and looked into bright eyes of her lover, “I love this! I live for this! I live for black cock!”

    Terrence continued his thrusts for several minutes. He moaned, grunted, and occasionally put his thumb into Violet's mouth when he wasn't grabbing a breast. Violet simply laid with her legs spread and served her black lover. She gave him her love, her body, her soul.

    Terrence pulled out and man-handled Violet, turning her around wanting to take her from behind. “You're hot piece of ass, Miss Violet!” he told her. Violet blushed, arched her back inviting Terrence to fuck her. “That's what I am to you? A piece of ass to use and fuck?” she teased him. Terrence wouldn't answer until his cock was firmly inside of her again. “Uh-huh.” he replied with another forceful push and easily filled her wet pussy with most of his cock. Violet yelped at the sudden penetration, “Good! Fuck my white race!”

    A good slap across her firm, round ass made its pale colored skin turn sudden pink. Terrence started a fast, powerful, hurried thrusts in wanting to launch his seed from his swollen balls. Violet yelped again, arched her back, and squealed into orgasm. She told her lover that she “loved him”. But Terrence corrected her, “You love black cock.”

    In as much pain as in lust, Terrence felt the male need to release. The thick, high volume, sticky fluid was ready to ejaculate. A sudden tug of Violet's hair and she was told to spin around. Dropping to the carpet, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. It didn't take long before the first stream dropped across her nose, tongue, and chin. Terrence's second, third, and fourth releases were carefully aimed and every drop found Violet's mouth. The young, spent man panted. Terrence took a step back and looked at Violet. Obedient, loyal, she remained on her knees with her mouth open. She scooped up a trail of cum dripping from her bottom lip to her chin and scraped it into her mouth. Violet sealed her lips, dropped her head suddenly and swallowed. Every bit of Terrence's cum went into her belly.

    Violet reached out and put her hand out on Terrence's thick, half hard cock. “Was I good a white slut?” she asked. Terrence simply nodded. “Every white girl is obligated to fuck black men. If any racist white girl here refuses your beautiful, black cock, send her to me. I'll talk to her or else have her expelled.” said Violet, the Director of Race Relations.

    “Yeah?” asked Terrence.

    Violet answered, “That's how things are now.” She reached out and cupped Terrence's cock and balls, “This is in charge of everything.”

    “I feel like punching a white boy in the face!” cheered Terrence at his good fortune.

    Violet, nearing orgasm just thinking about it, smiled and winked, “Fucking do it!”


    Paige's morning was a hectic one. Her concentration drifted in and out. She started the day feeling confident and enthusiastic about teaching. But as the day was nearing noon, she often lost her train of thought. There was no other word for her condition. She was horny! Her body needed sex from a strong, dominating lover. Her body experiencing something very special, very important, and very necessary for her existence. Paige excused herself from the morning class three times to gather herself in the ladies room. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked at herself in the mirror. Paige couldn't quite grasp what was troubling her. Was it guilt? Professional remorse or was it marital? She gathered herself, able to ignore the screaming feelings between her legs for a while longer, and made sure she looked good in her tight blouse and tight jeans. Maybe should she should had worn something more “slutty”.

    During the lunch break, Paige kept her distance before the afternoon class. She wasn't prepared to confront Miss Violet and tell her she took “that step” to give Levon what he needed and deserved. Paige only wanted to begin making academic progress with him, not carnal satisfaction. At least that was what she convinced herself. One thing for sure as she studied the student body on its break. She was finding the black male students extremely attractive and now sexually approachable.

    Making behind her desk, Paige sat down right as the bell sounded kicking off the second half of the day and her second Advanced Academics class. As the usual routine of students dropping their homework at her desk, Paige was extremely curious if her star pupil would show progress. Strolling in last, with ear pods buried in his ears, came Levon. Wrapped in tight jeans and a hoodie, he bobbed his head to his favorite music, rap from local superstars Black Dick 3. Levon just quickly smiled at his teacher before heading to the rear of the classroom. Paige couldn't resist and flipped Levon's paper over to see what wonderful things he had wrote.

    He wrote nothing. Not even an obscene note for her.

    Paige felt like she failed. She had given him her body to his ego. Given him her married, white pussy to his lust. It seemed Levon had retreated further away and putting more distance between the races. The afternoon crawled and Levon only paid attention to his music distracting Paige, almost angering her. Lecture after lecture, quiz after quiz went without Levon's attention. Unlike earlier in the day, Paige felt no temptation to exit the class. She kept eyeing Levon for hopes of progress. None will come.

    The class was given a written assignment. She chose the topic, “How will you fight white oppression?” Paige, with new found insight, wanted to hear from her students what they felt about white racism and how to fight it. She wanted to hear from the few white girls, the black men, and especially Levon. She gave the class 30 minutes to write their essays. Levon never touched his pencil. The teacher sat there waiting in tormented frustration. “How dare he!” “How smug, how confident! Just sitting there thinking about pussy!” she thought to herself.

    Having enough of his impudence, Paige huffed and took out her phone and began texting Levon as he sat there across the room. “we have to fuck” she sent. She looked up and saw Levon's reaction on his face. Still into his music, he punched in some letters and replied without a emotion, “you a slut?”.

    Relieved with Levon's answer, Paige looked up and aloud, “Yes!”, cleared her throat and said “Okay, now. Put your pencils down and turn in your assignment.” The class walked up in unison and began dropping their essays on her desk. Paige only noticed Levon returning to his desk. He had managed to mix his paper with the others. Paige scrambled to find them pretending she was being organized. When the bell rang, signaling the end of day, Levon was one of the first to duck out not to miss practice.

    The room emptied quick as it always did. Alone, Paige took a deep breath and second guessed what she committed to. Finding Levon's paper, shew was curious what he had written to fight white oppression. The answer was poignant for a man like him, “black owned motel, after practice, dress like a slut” Paige's heart raced at Levon's straight-forward, unapologetic attitude. He was in control and made clear what he wanted, where, and how. Paige knew, getting Levon's approval was the most important goal in her life.


    Paige was in a tight spot. She had to dress appropriate for her “date” although she wished to describe another way. It was an after-school event, both academic and racial. It was a special moment bringing two people from different social and economic backgrounds together. Sex was only a way to achieve a beautiful goal. She had nothing suitable for impressing a black man for sex. Paige didn't want to go home to her work-from-home husband and make an excuse to duck out . She searched for a place for clothing stores that would sell something suitable for her needs. But Paige struck out and didn't want to shop in malls and be seen buying clothes suited for whores and strippers. But a light bulb went off, that is exactly what she needed. Paige wanted to shop where prostitutes and strippers go in Black Pine. She found a place in the Red Light District in the city, “Black Fantasies Video Shoppe”. They specialized in “revolutionary” wardrobe for black empowerment and had adult videos in back. Paige wouldn't dare go there! But she found another place more subtlety named, “Blossom Boutique”. Their website touted a black-owned business offering women's clothing with an urban appeal. It boasted as a proud supporter of The Black Power Movement and women in the sex industry. Paige knew that was the place. A little out of the way in area of town quickly known as African Heights.


    The district was a fast-growing district of minorities and minority owned businesses misplacing, pushing out the businesses before it that catered to the white, middle class. Black entrepreneurs moved in and provided a generation of open-minded, progressives with stores that embraced urban culture and black empowerment. One of those places, was the Blossom Boutique. When Paige stepped inside with an hour before her date, she knew this was the place to find a new wardrobe.

    A slender woman of mixed race, with long, straight dark hair with smooth skin stepped out. In her mid twenties, she wore an outfit making her look hot as a prostitute while being elegant but demanded respect. Her name was Monique and she looked at the white stranger with much racial suspicion. “Are you lost, white girl?” Monique asked Paige. To Monique, the teacher looked out of place in her very prude clothing. She shook head and wondered how any black man would be interested in her.

    “Um, hello.” meekly said Paige who thumbed a black vest hanging off a rack nearby. “Just needing an outfit. It's hard to describe what I need.” Paige nervously explained. Monique took a step picture and eyed her customer head to toe. Noticing how Paige was tapping her foot and stroking her hair with her left hand, she spotted Paige's small wedding band. Monique decided to be forward with her clues, “Going on a date with a strong … black man?” she asked. Shy, Paige looked at her feet and nodded emphatically.

    “Ha! I knew it!” smiled Monique who took Paige's hand and showed her to a special corner of the room. “Where will you meet him? At a night club, lounge, or straight to the bedroom?” Monique pressed.

    Paige's face turned red. Time was running and she had to be honest if she wanted to dress right for Levon. “Well, it's sort of a bedroom date.” Paige confessed. “Girl, you need to dress white-girl appropriate! Black men want their girls dressed slutty and ready for sex, understand white girl?” Paige again nodded and relieved she found someone sympathetic.

    Monique picked out pink hot pants, so tight, she wasn't able to clasp its top button. Even the thin, g-string panties picked out for her, didn't help. Paige was given white tube top that exposed her belly button. Its fabric so thin, one could make out her nipples since Paige was advised to do without her bra. Monique suggested high heels that would help turn the heads of many black men. Paige felt she was cornered into saying yes.

    Paige stepped out and twirled in front of Monique who smiled and approved at Paige's transformation and said to her, “You look white-girl hot!”

    Paige blushed again “Yeah? But I can't clasp the button on my shorts.” she complained.

    “Girl, that's the look you need. You have to be ready to drop them to the floor, right? Besides, the tight buns makes your ass look great!” said Monique. Paige, looking at herself, was beginning to like her new look. Appropriate for the date and a life outside of school.

    Monique giggled, “So much better than when you first walked in. I swear, you looked like a school teacher!” Paige was aghast in embarrassment. The outfit would cost her over $200 and push her credit. But like the meeting at the motel, this was something that had to be done. The price of racial justice has no limit.


    When Paige pulled into the lot of the Black Owned Motel for the second time in two days, she began to notice the hot spot it was becoming. Even near the hour of dusk, the lot was full. Black men were gathered in the lot and walking up and down the motel. White women, dressed like prostitutes, headed in and out of the rooms. One was standing at her open doorway having lively conversations with curious black men holding out money. Lonely white men, sat behind their steering wheel staring at their watches or phones. They didn't dare make eye contact even when young black men from the lot were pointing and laughing at them. Paige crawled out of her beaten up sedan and swung her hips to the office. Without shame or embarrassment, she made her way to the desk with two, twenty-dollar bills to pay for the room. The money spent would be difficult for her and Joshua, especially on her teacher's salary. But she needed this. The black woman behind the counter eyed her with racial remorse and disgust. Her outfit screamed whore and a temptress of good, black men.

    “You again? We have no room!” said the manager.

    Paige's mouth dropped. “No, I need a room.” she answered still clutching to her Jacksons.

    “We have no room for prostitutes! Especially when they overstay their rentals. Go away, Caucasian lady!” the manager insulted.

    Paige pleaded, “I'm not a prostitute! I'm meeting a man … for a date. I need this room! Please!”

    But the manager wasn't having any of it. She was about to walk away from the desk until a fit and handsome black man, in his mid 20's stepped out from the lounge in the next room. “Is there a problem here?” he asked in a very charming and magnetic voice. Paige took notice at his athletic build. He was certainly Paige's type.

    Paige spoke out first, hoping to get a friend, “I need a room. My date is expecting to meet soon!”

    “Well, I see no problem here.” he said and turned to the lady manager, “Why don't you get the nice missus a room. I'll vouch for her. And put it on my bill.”

    The manager huffed, “Fine!” and dropped a key on the counter. “Oh, thank you!” said Paige as she grabbed the man's hand.

    “My pleasure, little lady.” he said while giving Paige's hand a kiss. “Listen, I know you have someone to meet tonight. But I like enjoy what you're boyfriend having sometime. If you need a friend to talk to, let me give you my number.” Paige smiled and nodded as the nice stranger gave her a piece of paper. Below his phone number was written his name, “Keyshawn”.

    When Paige opened the door heading out to her room, the lady manager couldn't resist babbling, “Two hours, this time white lady! Two mother-fucking hours!”

    Paige walked across the lot grabbing the attention of the men. One of them, included a 21-year old named DeShawn. He was having fun with this two friends enjoying cold 40oz canned beverages and counting the number of hot, white women making home of the motel. DeShawn started to scramble to Paige and wanted to ask if she needed company tonight. But one of his buddies held him back by his arms as Paige went to her room. The energy of the three, horny black men caught her eye and she felt good getting so much attention from the lot's men.

    The room was small with a single full sized bed in the room. “I'm going to get fucked right here.” she said to herself. “Fuck, you need this, Paige.” she confessed. She took out her phone and noticed Joshua had called her three times and sent six texts. She immediately deleted all of his messages, voice and text, to keep her head clear for Levon.


    Paige about jumped out of her high heels when Levon texted her, “here”.

    Taking a deep breath, she replied, “room 2”.

    She counted the seconds. It was fourteen of them. Fourteen seconds before three heavy pounds hits the door. From the fists of an anxious man who needed to take what was inside. After looking at herself in the mirror, Paige went to open the door with a big smile and let her student in.

    Levon, stressed and sexually frustrated, casually stepped inside and looked up and down at his prize. Paige simply gave a simple, “Hi”, and waited curiously for his response. Levon nodded and quietly approved. However, he purposely played coy not wanting to feed his teacher's ego. “I surprised you wanted to meet again. Figured you were pissed at me?” Levon confessed.

    “What? Because of your performance in class today?” answered Paige who walked up and gave him a tender peck on his lips. “This is more about your performance in bed.” she said.

    Levon's hands groped Paige's body and rubbed her across her ass, “You look white-slut hot, teach!” he complimented. “I am dressed the way you told me to?” Paige asked in an innocent voice. “What do you want, Paige?” demanded Levon as he placed his hand on Paige's cheek. “You want to try to bring our two races together, again? You want to try to make me a good student? ” he asked.

    Paige stood silent and offered her lips. The couple began a full blown kiss. Levon reached underneath her top with both hands and grabbed her breasts tight and bringing her close. He kissed her neck as Paige tried to keep her composure, “This doesn't have anything to do with school. This is just sex.” They kissed again, their tongues dancing in fury. Levon easily pushed Paige's hot pants to the floor leaving her in her g-string.

    “Oh, Levon! You need pussy and I want to be here for you.” said Paige as her tube top was pushed over her breasts and Levon was sucking on her nipples. Levon lifted his head as his hand gripped Paige's tight, pale white ass. “Are you slut now?” he whispered. Paige looked into the eyes of her student. With both her thumbs, she pushed down her g-string to the floor and stepping out of them. She put a firm hand on Levon's chest and made him step backwards until he sat on the bed. “Let me show you the I slut I've become!” she said and went to her knees and began massaging his bulge. Paige quickly began unzipping Levon's pants and tugging them down. Breathing heavier, she finally got a first glimpse of his thick, male organ. It sprang from underneath and inflated into attention. Paige gasped and smiled.

    “You've been missing that cock? Haven't you, teach?”

    Paige wrapped her hands around Levon's black dick and said, “Yes!”. She gave one, loving tug before putting her mouth over it and started with a wet, sloppy blow job. She finally felt complete and feminine as the flavor of Levon's cock into her mouth exploded like pop-rockets. She looked up wanting to see her student see the wanton slut she was turning into. A black hand rested on top of Paige's head. Levon spoke to her, “This is how you bring the races together! Sucking black cock!”

    As spit and slobber drenched the base of Levon's dick and ran both sides of his balls, Paige lifted up and replied, “I accept my place as a white girl.” With cold, open eyes, Paige bobbed her head shamelessly feeding from Levon's sexual energy. She lapped his balls, his right then his left. Paige spat on them before cleaning the spittle with her open lips. Levon, feeling the pleasure from his submissive white-girl, brought his knees up. Paige couldn't resist looking into the eye of his asshole and decided she had to go for it. Paige licked Levon's asshole like a hungry whore. Levon growled like a lion. He reached down and clutched Paige's auburn hair. “Dirty, fuckin' white girl!” he scolded her, “This is why you asked me here. You want cock!”

    “Yes, Levon.” agreed Paige to the point of almost crying, “You turned me into a slut!” she whispered. Levon sat up and spun Paige on her knees, pushing her back against the edge of the bed. With racial hatred, Levon grabbed his stiff cock and slapped it across her cheek, nose, and forehead. The teacher, stayed put and took it. She took the erotic attention for punishment being white and sexually tempting a good, black man. Paige was lifted off her knees and tossed to the bed where he waited little time to rest his head between her beautiful, white legs. Pushing her knees apart, he dove in and began licking and tasting Paige's twat. Paige squirmed at the erotic, pleasurable act erasing any marital guilt she may have felt. But there was none. Levon rubbed the small, tiny patch of pubic hair over her pussy and teased her as if nothing would satisfy him, “Trying to be a respectable? Your pussy's ready to be shaven clean like all black cock sluts!” demanded Levon before pushing his tongue into her pussy. He loved the taste of a white woman drowning in lust for black love. His teacher had the scent of a sexual animal. Her mind and body living only for sex. Paige responded by gasping for air, wanting more pleasure. Levon then pushed two of his long, black fingers into her. Pushed and twisted. Pulled and pushed. He could see his fingers disappear into her womanhood made to please black organs and digits. “Yeah … you're a cum dumpster!”

    Paige bit her fingers but couldn't resist telling Levon, “I'm a slut for black cock!” she confessed.

    Levon crawled up and rested his loins on Paige's thigh before positioning himself with his hands. Paige again began breathing heavy and panted in anticipation for the penetration she was fantasizing about since morning. “Beg me to fuck you, Paige!” Levon demanded as his plump, cock-head was tapping her swollen, sensitive clit. “Please! Fuck me, Levon. I'm white. I need to be fucked by a black man!” Paige begged. Levon lowered his hips and his steel-hard cock easily penetrated and entered Paige's pussy for the second night in a row. Levon pushed his cock deeper and deeper spreading Paige's womb. It welcomed the black organ giving Paige a wave of euphoric pleasure. She popped her eyes opened and cooed at the idea being taking, being conquered by a black teen.

    “You're fucked now, baby.” whispered Levon. “Now, I'm going to fuck your race.” The strong teen started slow, rhythmic thrusts. Holding his breath at times, he exhaled loudly when he fully penetrated Paige. Each time Levon pulled a few inches out, Paige took a gasp of air. Her hands clutched at the air as waves of sexual and racial pleasure overwhelmed her. When Levon pushed his body against hers, he would say to her, “slut”, “whore”, “tramp”, “dirty white girl”.

    The couple was in the throes fighting racism, oppression, and extinguishing the white race. Paige was falling into orgasm into orgasm of a black man fucking her taking a white man's place. This was heavenly. They spun over and Paige was riding Levon. Nose to nose they felt each other's frantic breath as they struggled to fit his swollen manhood into her wet, cock-craving pussy.

    “You're a cheating slut! You'd make your poor hubby cry!” Levon taunted Paige. She looked into his eyes, “That's right! I've never been prouder!” Paige sat up and grabbed her left titty. She bounced up and down and ground her hips into Levon's loins. She then put her hands on his firm chest and leaned forward, “I betray my work, my marriage, and my race for you!”

    Levon told Paige to get on her hands and knees as he stood by the edge of the bed. Bending over, arching her back, Levon fucked Paige in their position. With a slap across her ass, he told her how much he “hated white people”. Thrust and thrust he cursed the white race and their women “we're only good for fucking!”

    With Paige in complete submission, she took every inch of Levon's cock penetrating and using her. “I hate white people!” again said Levon. “You use us to entertain you! Tempt us to fuck 'cause white boys have small dicks!”

    Paige could only muster a “Uh-huh.”. But Levon smacked her across the ass again, “I hate the white race!”

    Wailing into another orgasm, Paige screamed, “I hate the white race too!” At that moment, she felt the hot, spattering cum into womb. Globs after globs of thick semen filled her as no white man could before. She gave out a single loud, laugh that could be mistaken for an orgasm. Paige looked into the mirror seeing her black, god-lover continue his thrusting motions from behind. She could still feel him gripping her hips. Tits swaying underneath, the feel of warm, sweaty flesh mashing between her ass and his loins, Paige looked at herself in the mirror and thought in glorious racial victory, “I am a cum dumpster.”

    She never had been prouder.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, read the reference guide under the Author's Den found in the forums section.
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