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. Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 1

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Mar 20, 2019.

. Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 1 4.9 5 16votes
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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Married Teacher Must Go Black Part 1

    A married, white teacher learns a lesson in racial justice when a black student needs sex from her. She begins to understand her obligations isn't limited to the classroom but extends to the bedroom. Marriage, morals, and values won't stand in the way of racial healing and she embraces her place in a racially tolerant society.


    Sitting behind her desk, Miss Violet drummed her fingers as she read the papers one after another. Scribbled on each where hand written messages, "You a hot white girl!", "I want to see you naked!", and "I need to FUCK you!" one after the other were very sexually suggestive messages. Violet calmly nodded as she read one paper after the other. As the Director of Race Relations, Violet was understanding the author, sympathizing with him rather than making irrational and racist judgments.

    Sitting across was her was Paige, a teacher, assigned to Advanced Academics. Advanced Academics was a bright, cheerful description for a class hosting troubled students with poor study habits. Paige looked nervous, almost ashamed, for bringing the issue up with Miss Violet. But the teacher had enough and was affecting her job and her marriage. Paige 26-years old with bright auburn hair. She often wore tight pants and a blouse that boasted her nice pair of breasts. This was Paige's first teaching job and she was grateful to have it. After graduating with a teaching degree, she spent 18 months in Central America helping with humanitarian relief. There is where she met her husband, Joshua, who shared her compassion. Paige understood the teaching position would be difficult and it didn't pay much. However, it was a great opportunity to help the less advantaged and took the position.

    Both ladies sat in Miss Violet's trailer on the Black Pine High School campus. Once almost exclusively all-white, the school was rapidly integrating with black students relocating from the inner city. Miss Violet was the school's Director of Race Relations with authority equal to the superintendent to ensure racial inclusion and tolerance. Miss Violet brushed her hair back and let out a sigh. Brushing back her black hair, she let her hair down from its bun and removed her librarian-looking glasses. For a woman in her early 30's, she looked very sexual in an intimidating, nerdy type of way.

    "So, you see my problem, Miss Violet?" said Paige expecting sympathy from the school administrator.

    "Really, I don't." countered Violet, "I didn't see or heard anything from you unexpected or out of the ordinary."

    Paige was shocked. "Didn't you read the messages! He's leering at me everyday, grabbing his crotch, and making sexual … "

    Violet cut her off, "He's making ordinary and very complimentary comments about you. You're in a school with a growing black, and beautiful, population. If you're going to remain teaching here, you're going to have to understand black culture and how important expressing sexual needs is to black males."

    The teacher was speechless. Her mouth was left open and waved her hands but no voice would come out. Violet continued, "Do you think a young man, like Lavon, would act virginal?" Violet giggled while Paige was feeling awkward the conversation was digging deeper into the student's sexual practices. "He's used to getting ... you know ... pussy ... from white girls. I've noticed how the girls swoon for him. He's not going to act differently with you."

    Paige couldn't get the image of Lavon, always leering at her, out of her head. The 18 year old senior was a lean but muscular male and one of the school's prize athletes. But Lavon wasn't a prize student and was placed into the Advanced Academics program where his education was nothing more than sexual daydreaming and planning his next score both on and off the field.

    "But Miss Violet." Paige pleaded, "He's making me very uncomfortable. He doesn't put any effort into his studies. He leaves tests blank and ignores all his homework. If he doesn't change soon I'll have to give him an 'F'!"

    Miss Violet's eyebrows curled and she put on her glasses, "You won't be doing that, Miss! I think you need to put in a better effort."

    "This is stressing my marriage!" said Paige who confessed she had shared her experiences with Joshua. "Your husband's feelings are unimportant. Only the racial tensions between you and a proud, representative of our school. Seriously, you're beginning to sound like a racist." accused Violet.

    The "R" word silenced Paige who sat back in her chair and looked down in silence. "I ... I ... I'm not a ... racist." Paige whispered.

    "You should understand the frustrations of the black man. Especially, during this time when blacks and Africans are ... dominating ... us socially and politically. Lavon represents our future. Men like him will be in charge after we guide them into adulthood. The future is black, Paige.”

    “What do you expect me to do? Let him continue with his sexual suggestions?” Paige asked.

    “Why keep Levon sexually frustrated?” said Violet, “Have a private discussion with him and work things out.”

    “Private? Alone with him?” Paige wondered and Violet assured her with a nod. “Yes, you should consider earning his trust and bringing the races together. Ask him what he needs and … give it to him.” suggested Violet. It was a very stern suggestion.

    “But we both know what that is ...” replied Paige. Again, Violet nodded. Paige finished her sentence with a whisper, “sex.”

    “Yes, Paige. It's racially proper you blindly give in to a black male … no hesitation, no remorse.” When Paige stared into the distance, Violet continued, “Don't you need sex, Paige? You are sexually active and enjoy performing sex acts, right?” Once more, Paige was shocked. She put her hand on her heart and was in disbelief, “Yes … I need sex. But … I'm married!” Paige defended herself.

    Violet, disappointed, shook her head. “You're defending oppressive white, patriarchy. You and Levon both need sex and you choose marital myths over racial justice? No wonder Levon doesn't respect you. You don't deserve it.”

    Paige, already frustrated, was getting angry. She was not afraid anymore to be labeled a racist. She was going to stand up for her marriage. “Miss Violet! You can't actually be serious you want a teacher to have sex with one of her students!”

    “Well, I never said with just one.” Violet replied with a grin and continued lecturing Paige, “Levon is 18 years old, mature enough to make his own sexual decisions. I encourage race repair through sex. It's natural and its racial justice. You would be 'teaching' our handsome student that black dominance is welcomed in Black Pine, in this school, and in your life. And isn't that your job? To teach?”

    Paige relented, knowing the issue would not come to her satisfaction with the Director of Race Relations. “Yes. Teaching is my job.” said Paige with a straight face.

    “Now, I'll enter this in your file as a racial 'incident'. I'll be happy to tear it up once I'm convinced this is resolved to my satisfaction.” said Violet.

    “File? Satisfaction?” wondered Paige.

    “Yes, Paige. We need to record you're uncomfortable dealing with the physical and emotional needs of black students. Males, specifically. It's unfortunate, considering this is your first year. And until you become very comfortable with students like Levon, I don't see how long we can keep you here.”

    “You're not serious, Miss Violet?” asked Paige with a cracked voice edging on groveling.

    “Paige, it's in your contract. You're expected to welcome our black and African students without bringing your oppressive, white-centric values into the classroom. Defiance, displaying white pride, or anything less than tolerance of black culture is grounds for immediate dismissal. Understand?”

    With no other option, Paige silently nodded. She stood and thanked Miss Violet for her time and left her trailer.


    Paige heard the bell warning her afternoon students would be filing into her classroom. With troubled teens who fell into drugs, alcohol, and sex, they lost their academic way. Levon was one of them. One after the other walked in and dropped off their homework on her desk. Levon entered last. He approached Paige's desk, leered and nodded at her. The teacher hesitated looking at him but couldn't resist making eye contact. Levon dropped his untouched homework in front of her, save one scribbled message.

    Paige heart raced in anticipation of her note. She lifted the paper and read underneath, “Bend over for me. I want to get a good look at your ass!” Paige slammed the paper face down. She took a deep breath and felt regret reading it.

    The teacher chose geometry for the course of the day and wrote triangles on the whiteboard. She gave lectures and read from her teaching guide to minimize eye contact with her students. Paige could feel Levon undressing her with his eyes and rubbing his evident bulge in his pants. When the class was busy with their heads down trying to finish their math challenge, Paige noticed Levon was in the back of the room with his feet up staring at her. Paige stood to wipe the board clean and 'accidentally' dropped her eraser. She locked her knees and bent over to pick the eraser off the floor. She gave a quick glance to Levon, the only student to had noticed. Paige's heart raced again and she quickly stood straight. Returning to her desk, Paige acted prim and white-girl proud pretending the show never happened. A good, wholesome wife and teacher would never display a cock-teasing act for a black man because he demanded it. So, she thought.

    Paige was relieved, when the afternoon-long class of reading, math, and lectures were over. The bell had rang and the student body was rushing out of the building ending another day of public education. Her students stood and marched to her desk dropping off answers to their daily quiz. As usual, Levon was last in line and dropped his untouched paper on Paige's desk with a grin ear to ear. The teacher and student exchanged looks but Paige quickly looked down and noticed Levon's paper was untouched. She openly exhaled a disappointing and fatigued gasp. As Levon turned his back heading for the door, Paige's curiosity took the better of her. She looked underneath Levon's paper and saw a new set of instructions.

    “Let's hook up!” it read.

    Paige slapped the paper flat on her desk and called out, “Levon!”.

    The tall, athlete turned around, “Yes, teach?”

    Paige stood but kept close to the desk as her student neared. Though the door into the hall was open, the students were too busy hurrying up and down the halls. “Levon, we need to discuss your study habits and the suggestive notes I'm reading.” Paige scolded.

    Levon took a step closer to his teacher and looked comically innocent, “Whatever do you mean, teach?” Levon's act frustrated Paige who turned around to grab his latest note, she turned her head back facing Levon who took another step closer and made Paige uncomfortable. The teacher answered, “This!” as she held up the paper, “These daily sexual suggestive messages for me!” Levon simply smiled and casually, confidently, put his left hand on Paige's breast. That quickly changed Paige's tune from frustration to shock. Paige may have kept silent had Levon not gave her breast a tender squeeze. But Paige was aghast at this aggressive, yet powerful, move by the black teen. “Levon! You have your hand on my breast ...”

    Levon leaned in and put his lips on Paige's. The two kissed for a briefest moment before Paige pulled her head back. While she questioned the kiss, Levon's hand was sneaking underneath her blouse without protest. “We can't do this.” whispered Paige, “What if someone sees us?” she asked. It dawned on Paige what she didn't say. She didn't tell Levon “You can't do this.” or “This is wrong.” She felt guilty worried more about a student catching their kiss than having it. Paige's right breast popped over its bra and exposed out from the blouse. The couple kissed again, their lips parted, and their tongues met. Paige knew better but she would not stop Levon's advances. It felt good having her breast held by a rough hand. As they continued to passionately French kiss, Levon guided Paige's left hand across his crotch. It was large, hard, and demanding. Paige eyes opened, realizing the size of the Levon's masculinity and lust. She pulled her head back again and retreated her left hand to her breast and pushed it underneath her blouse. Paige turned red in both embarrassment and arousal. She brushed back her hair and couldn't make eye contact with Levon.

    “You should go, Levon.” Paige told him as she covered herself up. Levon just smiled and nodded, “Sure, teach. I see you tomorrow.”


    “Why don't you just quit!” pleaded Paige's husband, Joshua. He was a whiny excuse of a white man. A skinny vegan, who berated his wife for eating a burger or hot dog not made from soy. He had a freckled face and bleached hair from the hot days in the Central American sun.

    Paige and Joshua lived in an apartment complex in the Meadows District. It was one of the few places in Black Pine minorities shied away from. Maybe, it was due to the lack of culture and little places to attract fun-loving peoples. For Paige and Joshua, they were there because it was cheap. Stuck inside their tiny studio, they barely made ends meet with Paige's salary and Joshua's pitiful income from his floundering on-line, design business.

    Sitting together on the couch, the couple tried to find comfort in their professional and economic situation. “We can't afford me to quit.”explained Paige. Joshua huffed hoping his obvious disappointment would change things. “With our incomes, we're hardly making it as it is.” Her husband shook his head. “I don't like the idea of a black student making sexual comments to you.”

    Paige looked down silently for a moment before asking her husband, “Why did you make a deal about him being black?” Joshua felt ashamed he let his white privilege show. “Nothing. I just don't want to see you trapped in a racial situation.”

    Paige answered, “I already am. They'll fire me if I don't reach common ground with Levon. I suppose this problem will only spread with other black students in my class.”

    Joshua felt powerless but he wanted to strike back. “At least he'll get a big, fat 'F'! Teach him for his arrogance!” he said. But Paige was calm and shook her head. “No, he won't be getting an 'F', Joshua. In fact, I'm giving serious thought about giving him a piece of my 'A'.”

    It took a moment for Joshua for that comment to sink in. “What, what do you mean a piece of 'A'?” he asked. Paige put her hand on Joshua's, “My ass, dear. I think we have to consider that sex is on the table.” Joshua began to hyperventilate with fright and insecure white masculinity. He wanted to leap to his feet but Paige gripped both of Joshua's hand taking control of the discussion.

    “Take a deep breath. Calm down.” said the wife. “We have to look at this as an opportunity for racial healing. We're progressives. We have to be open to new ideas and experiences.”

    “How can the school approve ...” again Joshua tried to resist racial justice entering his life at home. “The school supports racial justice by any means, including fulfilling sexual needs. My employment clearly reads I must give special consideration to black and African students. I even signed a special clause agreeing I would not endorse or apply my white or European values on school grounds. So you see, I have to do this.”

    “But, but Paige, dear, honey.” pleaded Joshua. However, Paige shook her head and wanted none of Joshua's begging. “We met in Central America because we both wanted to help rebuild and make the people proud of their heritage. This is no different. We came to Black Pine to help make a beautiful, racially diverse city. I have a student that feels I'm unworthy of this trust. I want him to be proud of his race and give him reasons for it. Even if it means sacrificing our morals.”

    Paige leaned in and gave a tender kiss on Joshua's cheek who only sighed. He lost all will to fight his wife. “But why … does it need to be sex?” he whispered. His wife answered, “Sex is important to black males. It may be the only thing we can reach common ground with after so many centuries of racism and cruelty.”

    Paige saw the worry in her husband and tried to comfort him, “Hey … I'm not saying I will have sex with Levon. I'm saying I may have sex with him if there is no other way to earn his trust.”

    “But you will try to resolve this without … ” Joshua asked looking for any hints of hope his wife would stay pure for him. “Yes. Oh yes, dear! Only if there is no other way.” she replied. Joshua nodded and signaled his approval to his wife's plan.

    Paige nudged him. “Tell me we're a liberal couple and progressive. C'mon!” cheered Paige with a smile. Joshua begrudgingly whispered, “We're progressive.”

    “Yeah!” Paige yelled out, “High five!” she called.


    The day crawled with Paige's morning class. Though she wore a most, conservative sun dress, she was very warm and jittery. She stumbled through her morning lecture unable to speak clearly or have a single, coherant thought. Paige resorted to quiet, "study time" to finish the first half of the day. Deep down, she was afraid what would happen when Levon would enter her classroom. She put her hopes on a very, simple wardrobe would dissuade him from further sexual advances.

    During lunch period, Paige sat outside on a bench near a tree from the students congregating in their cliques of three and four. She noticed how the black males had white-girl followers flirting with them. The young ladies were the aggressors as the young men stood and smiled with utter confidence. The ladies dressed so slutty, almost intolerably inappropriate. But Paige remembered this school was different and better.

    "Is this seat taken?" asked Miss Violet who helped herself to the bench sitting next to Paige. "Isn't that beautiful?" Violet asked staring at the white ladies and black men enjoying each other company. In what looked spontaneous, three interracial couples began kissing and making out. "I'm so proud of our students. Our young ladies are freely opening their minds and bodies to racial harmony and black dominance."

    "Um, yes." meekly Paige replied.

    "By the way, I had a talk with Levon this morning." Violet shared. It grabbed Paige's attention, "Really?"

    "Yes, Paige. I called him in because I wanted to know if he was feeling any intolerance in the school or classroom." Paige began sweating and feeling very nervous. Violet continued, "Now, he didn't mention any names. But he did share that a 'white female' in the school was acting very cold and 'racial' to his sexual advances. He felt he was open and honest with with her about his sexual needs but she was unsympathetic and wouldn't consider a 'hook up'."

    "I see." said Paige. Deep down, it did sound like her.

    "Isn't that horrible? A lady in our school turning down an opportunity to please a black man and a chance for racial atonement. Now, if it turns out he was talking about you, we'll have to discuss your dismissal."

    "Miss Violet, please." begged Paige.

    "I've had enough of your white race bullshit. Do your obligation or you're out of here!" warned Violet.

    "I'm on it. I will take care of it." Paige promised. At that moment, she had that wet feeling between her legs.


    When the afternoon bell rang, Paige took a deep breath behind her desk. She daydreamed Levon would stroll in and put his finished homework on his desk with not a suggestive word written. As the students filed in one by one, she greeted each as the papers piled in front of her. Then came in Levon. In a bright red shirt and an oversized basketball shorts, he strolled in and flipped his untouched homework on her desk. Her heart raced. What sort of things would he write today? She looked at his paper, both sides.

    Nothing. Not a word written. Paige cleared her throat. Part of her was disappointed and almost empty. But she took it as a good sign. His study habits hadn't improved but at least he was polite. Paige was more confident in the second half of the day and covered subjects like ancient history, math, and grammar. She gave the class much 'quiet' time hoping to catch Levon staring at her. But he didn't. He simply took out his headphones and listened to music.

    At the end of day, she instructed the class to hand in their essays. The topic was unusual, "What do you need?" Paige had asked her students to answer the question and interpret in any way they thought best. She especially was interested to coax work out of Levon. As the bell rang, the students sprang to their feet and rushed to her desk. As usual, Levon was casually last and dropped his paper three feet above her desk and it floated side to side like a seesaw before landing. As soon as Levon turned to the door, Paige rushed to read his essay. But again, it was untouched. Not a word. He hadn't written a word.

    When Levon reached the doorway, turning his shoulders into the hall, Paige pushed her chair back making that squealing sound as its feet rubbed the tile floor. She stood and called out, "Levon, wait!" Levon turned and took a couple steps into the room but no more.

    "Please, come back." asked Paige. Levon kept a straight face. No more was he teasing or flirting. He was almost angry to be kept away from practice. "I can't stay. I have practice, teacher."

    "This won't take long, Levon." said Paige, "I think we need to work things out between us. Not just between a teacher and her student but two from different races." Levon crossed his arms and stared at Paige. "What do you have in mind?" he asked. Paige stepped forward and gave Levon a piece of paper. "Meet me at this address in two hours. I've written my number. Text me when you get there and I'll tell you exactly where to meet me.

    "What if I don't want to? What if I have better things to do?" asked Levon in his low voice.

    "It's your choice, of course. But I really want us to ... get together ... in private away from school and discuss some things." Paige said. Levon only answered, "We'll see."

    Levon left Paige alone in her class where the teacher mindlessly reviewed homework and essays. She had that feeling between her legs again. It was distracting her and she wanted to find a way to make it go away. Thirty minutes had gone by. She imagined Levon was practicing on the field with other athletes. Black athletes. Her phone had pinged and a message came in from an unrecognized number. It read, "meet u @ black owned motel? LOL!"

    Paige covered her face in embarrassment. Levon was bright enough to look up the street address and now he knew. Her heart raced and her stomach turned. Was Levon agreeing to come? Or will she be humiliated in front of the entire school? She questioned her sanity even though her heart and pussy was in the right place.


    Near the shuttered steel mill and the slaughter house was The Black Owned Motel. Quickly built after the election of Mayor Sweet, it one of many black empowerment zone development plans. It was sold as a place for a black owned business profit from the harmony between the races. It reality, it was a place where married, white women met met black men for sex. Paige chose the place because it was far from the school and had earned a seedy reputation where couples retreated for carnal pleasures while keeping anonymity.

    Paige was given room "6" after getting words from the office manager for being a prostitute. It didn't make things easier when she asked for two hours. But Paige implored she "needed" the room while waving cash. She sat all lonesome on the bed while hearing fucking next door from room "5". "Fuck, yes! Fuck, me!" a woman cried in utter pleasure.

    Time was running and her rental was counting down. It had been over two hours since she invited Levon. She was beginning to feel stood up. Her phone had pinged but she was disappointed, again, that it was Joshua begging to know where she was. "Not now, Joshua. Not now." she thought of her white-boy husband.

    Another 15 minutes had gone by and Paige fell back on the bed listening to room "5" come to climax. She was feeling jealous and awkward. Thoughts of losing her job and getting evicted out of her studio and out of Black Pine became a possibility. But Levon came to her rescue.


    "i'm here" wrote Levon.

    Paige exhaled. She was relieved and quickly replied, "6". She then scrambled and punched a few more keys.

    In her studio apartment, was Joshua. He never had felt more alone in his life. Staring into his phone, he kept reading his wife's text over and over again. "I'm going through with it!" Joshua had replied, "Please no!" but Paige replied tersely, "bye-bye".

    Paige answered the knock at her door and Levon, freshly showered, stepped in all smiles. After a tough practice, he was full of testosterone and needed venting. He nodded at Paige, curious what would come of this "meeting".

    "Please, have a seat with me." asked Paige.

    The couple sat on the bed and started with small talk. Paige thanked him again for coming and acknowledged he didn't have to.

    "Levon, I want to speak with you outside the school and our homes. I want to discuss your school work. Well, there is none. You haven't made one attempt to do an assignment and failed every test. I want to know why. I feel I'm not reaching out to you ... what I can do to make you trust me as your teacher. As a … as a white woman." said Paige.

    "I dunno." said Levon as he rubbed his finger up and down Paige's arm. "You're white and I don't like white people. I don't feel I should take lessons from a racist. You didn't feel comfortable with my suggestions." Levon's hand moved to Paige's knee.

    Paige nodded, "I deserve that. My race are full of fuck ups." She then turned to him, "But you felt you needed to ask me those questions. Sexual in nature, right?"

    "Fucking you white girls is the only thing you're good for." said Levon as he felt up Paige's thigh.

    Levon's frank comment stunned Paige and began to ask him, “So, to you I'm just a ...”

    “Cum dumpster.” answered Levon.

    Paige turned her head in a daze, “I think I'm beginning to understand you." she said.

    The teacher exhaled, almost in exhaustion, stood and went to the middle of the room. She peeled off her sun dress, snapped off her bra, and was nearly nude save for her red, panties and shoes. Her perfect breasts laid bare for Levon's eyes and his lustful imagination. Having his complete, undivided attention, Paige put her hands on her hips.

    "I willing to do anything to earn your trust, Levon. I've read every word you wrote and believe you need this. So, I'm giving you my body tonight, to use as you please. Whatever it takes. I want you to unload your sexual and racial frustrations on me. No strings. You owe me nothing in return."

    Levon stood, wondering if this was some sort of cruel trick. "No strings?" he asked.

    "Nope." answered Paige.

    "I'm not going to get in trouble?", Levon wondered.


    "And I don't have to start doing homework?" he questioned.

    "Not if you don't want to. This has nothing to do with school. This is just sex. You're in control." answered Paige.

    Levon nodded in agreement. Anxious, Paige asked "So, we have an understanding? Are you ready to bring our races together?" Levon stood proud and pointed at his bulging crotch, "Get over here and suck my black dick!"

    Paige smirked and swung her hips to Levon. The couple, from two different races and cultures, kissed passionately just as they did in the classroom. Both hands cupped Paige's perfect and demanding breasts before a hand reached for her firm ass. Their tongues happily danced for each other before Levon helped himself kissing her neck down to her left nipple. He sucked on her breast, pulling her flesh into her mouth. His spit and covered her breast before he slapped it and began mouthing the other. Paige seethed, needing the attention from a strong alpha-male that was re-wiring what was her idea to be a woman. A married, white woman at that!

    “Suck my cock. Suck … my … cock.” said Levon with great, unmatched confidence. Paige buckled and dropped to her knees as her placed her hand on Levon's basketball shorts. She looked up at him with a lustful look on her face. Her palms help drag the shorts to the floor revealing Levon's lustful, black manhood to spring, pop, and grow to a full, thick erection. Paige gasped at the beauty. The size, the color of the skin, the bulging veins made her want it. To love it. To worship it.

    “Oh my gawd! The racial tension you must have!” said Paige before she used her right hand to guide the stiff manhood between her lips and over her tongue. The taste of black lust instantly hit her like a powerful drug. It tasted dirty, yet sweet. Natural, yet perfect! At over 10 inches, it was so much larger than her husband's she could help herself but show her appreciation for black flesh by making loud, pornographic slurping sounds.

    Celebrating, Levon nodded and said to the room, “Yeah! Scored me a white teacher!” Paige responded by sucking and slurping. She pulled her head out just long enough to utter, “So good.” Levon smiled at his prize and demanded, “Use your left hand. Show me that ring. Show me your betraying your marriage and your race.”

    Paige did exactly what he asked and switched hands never having her lips leave his thick shaft. Again, Levon cheered. “Look at you, Paige! A slut! Cheating on your husband. Your body belongs to me tonight, Paige! Not any stupid, white boy.”

    “Whatever it takes.” said Paige with little emotion but much certainty. She made sure to twist her hand so Levon could see her wedding band. It was important to him and so it was important to her. “Lick my balls! Do it!” ordered Levon and Paige complied. She stuck out her tongue like a hungry whore and lapped up the bottom of his testicles before her lover tea-bagged her face, smothering her beauty with blackness. Paige taking a full whiff of black masculinity, moaned in lust. She turned her head, spat on his cock and slapped it against her tongue. She started her routine sucking his dick all over again.

    She had been on her knees so long, both her breasts were coated in her spit. Levon lifted her from her aching knees to the bed where he pushed her down on the mattress. Spreading her legs, he dove his head in between and began lapping her clit. Her pussy was trimmed clean save a little patch of auburn hair above. He rubbed his hair over them before rubbing her clit into excitement and resumed tasting the honey from her nest. Paige lifted her legs back and shamelessly spread them wide. “Eat that pussy! I feel like a whore, fucking use me!” she begged.

    Levon crawled on his knees and flipped Paige over on hers. With a firm hand on her lower back, he coaxed her to arch her back. She knew what this meant and what was going to happen. Their two races would come together. The white race would rightfully submit to the raw power of black men. No marriage, no oppressive white ideals, no white man would come between a black man and white pussy. Paige felt the thick, rubbery tip touch her clit and she let out a gasp. “Oh my, gawd! Oh my, gawd! Fuck me, Levon.”

    “This your first black dick, Paige?”

    “Uh-huh.” she answered anticipating the penetration. “Fuckin' racist. Waiting this long.” Levon complained before he threw his first thrust and lunged his cock into pussy. Paige yelped and confessed her racism, “Yes, I've been racist. Please, Levon! Fuck me! Make me learn!”

    With a slap across her ass for good measure, Levon managed half his cock into Paige's married, tight pussy. He easily made deep where no white man had ever enjoyed before him. Paige was so grateful for Levon, she told him “Fuck the whiteness out of me! Use me! Make me pay! Teach this racist a lesson!”

    Levon roared in lustful anger. He was using, fucking, and punishing this girl for being white and married to a white man. A stupid white man. “Aaaagh!” screamed Levon so loud they could hear him two doors down. He fully penetrated Paige and filled her womb with his cock, reared back and threw a forceful thrust against her ass. Then came another and another. Paige was speechless as the massive, bulging, muscle was inside her making itself comfortable in the deepest part of her body and soul. Her black lover began a forceful, confident rhythm and Paige found herself getting “fucked”.

    “You like that black cock now? Don't you, Paige?” Levon said to Paige. The teacher turned her head to him, “Yes! I like that black cock! Fuck my white pussy!” It didn't take much longer when she felt her body shake from her first orgasm. Her pussy was drenched, enjoying, needing the male organ snaking in and out of her, using her. Levon knew what he was doing to her. He kept fucking her.

    Returning her on her back, Levon crawled on top and lifted both of Paige's ankles over his broad shoulders. Paige only stared into Levon's eyes with love and racial dedication. The couple kissed as Levon buried his cock into her hot, wet hole. His erect dick slipped back in as her pussy made a sexy, slithering sound as the two bodies became one. “I've always wanted to fuck you.” whispered Levon who shared his lustful needs to his lover. Paige smiled, proud to be needed and used by a powerful man. She kindly said, “Fuck me. I'm your whore now.”

    Levon picked up his pace, sensing his passion and lust near release. “Black power over the white race!” chanted Levon. Paige simply responded with a “Yes!”

    “Black power takes white women!”, he said. Paige replied, “Yes!”

    “My black dick owns your white pussy!”, he said. Paige cried in violent orgasm, “YES!”

    Glob after glob of thick semen dumped inside Paige's womb. Inside, she was smothered in baby-making gel with many little sperm looking to make the black population grow. Levon lifted his loins, gently pulling his cock out. Looking down, Paige stared at the thick pool of cum that had oozed from the tip of Levon's cock. Her pussy was swollen, its lips parted with streams of cum bridging between. “Look what we've done! Look what we fucking done!” cheered Paige, proud of what she accomplished.

    Exhausted, Levon collapsed on the bed and gestured Paige to get to sucking his cock. Paige obeyed and eagerly put his sticky, half-erect cock into her mouth savoring the sticky fluids. Rubbing the cock against her cheek, she felt so much like a slut and completely satisfied with her sexuality. Levon's cock began to stiffen again and needing more attention. He didn't have to say anything more as his slut started a loving blow job. It was the most important thing in her life that moment. Paige crawled up and over Levon, mounting herself, impaling herself with his cock. She shifted her hips back and forth feeling the deep penetration in her stretched pussy. She moaned and cooed feeling Levon's rough hands on both her breasts.

    “Cum inside me. I'm your cum dumpster.” whispered Paige. Levon felt the feeling in his loins again and he began writhing underneath her. “Suck my cock. I want to cum in your mouth.” Levon wanted. Paige rolled off and grabbed his cock and put it back into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while a hand rubbed Levon's muscular chest. Levon popped and another stream of thick goo filled her mouth.

    “Let me see your mouth.” he asked. Paige, who hadn't swallowed, opened wide showing off a pool of cum over her tongue. She closed her mouth, swallowed, and parted her lips wide showing a clean mouth. She played the slut. She loved it!

    The door banged with a rapid, hurried knocks. BANG! BANG! BANG!

    “Time's up, white girl! Get the fuck out!” said a woman voice from the other side.

    Paige giggled to Levon. “Oops, I guess we have to leave.” She kissed the tip of Levon's cock before enjoying one, last taste by putting it into her mouth.

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, read the reference guide under the Author's Den found in the forums section.
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