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. Mandy goes to Key Marathon

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Woodeye, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. Woodeye

    Woodeye Member Author!

    Mandy and I have been married for about nine years. She's a gorgeous 29-year-old brunette that is 5'6" 100 lbs. and has a perfect 34C - 24 - 35 figure. Several years after we were married I became curious about Mandy’s old boyfriends and what happened on some of their nights out. Late one night when Mandy and I were in bed and we were in some very hot foreplay, I asked her about some of her experiences with her old boyfriends. I had never really talked to her about any of them but that night I was curious if they had been very sexual active, even though I knew Mandy was a virgin when we got married.

    She appeared to be somewhat nervous but she told me that nothing more than some heavy petting happened, but here lately one of the black accountants at her office kept hitting on her. I asked her to tell me if this was a problem and Mandy said it was a problem but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of his comments. After all, he was very good looking and his comments made her feel good and that was not necessarily a bad thing. The office gossip said a lot of white girls found him most attractive, and some of them even had dates with him. I ask if she found him attractive and she said there was something about the way he looked at her when they talked that made her begin to get moist between her legs. Mandy said he always aroused her and she said she often visualize the two of them together, especially after she heard about his physical attributes. I asked what about his physical attributes and Mandy responded that she had heard he was hung.

    Just the thought of Mandy being with another man, especially a muscular black man who was hung began to turned me on. After that I had her tell me about what sexual exploits she could imaging with this black man whenever we made love. This always seemed to turn both of us on when we talked about what might happen if she was with her black coworker. One night Mandy told me that one of her best office friends claimed this black man had a really big cock and how he could sexually satisfy any white girl that he dated. Over time I began to fantasize about watching her with another man and we talked about black men with large cocks when we made love. Mandy would always say that while it was exciting to fantasize she was a married woman and only wanted me. I continued to talk to her during sex about sharing her with a black man that had a huge cock and this always made our sex great.

    Mandy's family had some friends that owned a condo in Key Marathon and they had decided to sell it. They weren't using it and we were considering the possibility of buying it. They told us we could use it for a week to see if we liked it and if we did we could buy it from them. We began making plans to fly down to Marathon during early April. One night when we were starting to have sex, I whispered to Mandy that this would be the perfect opportunity to explore our fantasy of having sex with another man without anyone knowing. I said we would be in Marathon where no one knows us and it would be exciting to have another man at the condo one night and if she wanted he might be able to have sex with her. Mandy was very hesitant at first, until I mentioned it might even be a black man. The more we talked about it she began to act like it might be possible and finally, she agreed that if I really wanted to see what might happen she would like to do it. I got so excited just thinking about it and I think Mandy was excited to get the chance to possibly experience something bigger!

    The next morning I got on the internet and placed an advertisement in the Personal Section of Craigslist for Marathon Key for the week we would be there. I stated we were seeking a well hung black man to hang out with us at our condo and possibly for my wife's first time with a black man. I took a couple of photos of Mandy without showing her face and included them with the advertisement. Over the next week I must have gotten 50 responses to the advertisement. Mandy told me that I should pick the lucky man and I narrowed my choices down to a three of different black men. All of them stated they were well hung (at least 9 inches or more) and in physical good shape. I contacted each of the men by telephone and asked for face and cock photos to be emailed to me. Finally, I selected one guy and arranged to meet at the Seven Mile Grill in Marathon the day after we were to arrive. I wanted to meet in a public place and if I thought he was the one, then I would invite him back to the condo to meet Mandy. Once at the condo, I planned to introduce him to Mandy and then we could all go out for drinks and dinner. If Mandy was comfortable with him, then after dinner and another round of drinks we would all go back to the condo.

    We flew to Atlanta and then down to Miami where I rented a convertible and we slowly cruised on down to Key Marathon arriving a little past 6 in the afternoon. We had a light supper at the Taki Hut Grill and spent the rest of the evening at the bar in great anticipation of the events to come. Up kind of late the next morning and had a light breakfast of pastries and coffee. Mandy said she was going to work on her tan and went out on the veranda to lay in the sun. Mandy oiled up and began to catch some rays and was looking smoking hot. Mandy was real chatty and I could tell she was very excited and up tight. Not wanting to delay any longer, I called the man I had selected and ask if he was ready to meet at the Seven Mile Grill.

    We met at 1PM and had a beer while we talked about who we were and who he was and I asked for his doctor’s STD report to make sure he was clear and clean. His name was Dan and he was a 36-year-old black gentleman who had retired to Marathon after winning the state lottery in Ohio. Dan said he had made some secure investments with his winnings so that he never had to work another day and intended to live life to the fullest. Dan also owned a small condo in Marathon and had only been in Marathon about 8 months. Dan had not formed any particular female acquaintances and was trying to be very careful about making new friends. I decided that I had found a winner and ask Dan to meet us at the Taki Hut for and early dinner around 4 PM. I left Dan at the bar with the second round of beers and headed back to the condo.

    When I got back to the condo I told Mandy all about our meeting and we had an early dinner reservation at the Taki Hunt Grill at 4 PM. I could tell Mandy was nervous but also excited. We met Dan in the bar and had a drink. I told Mandy his name was Dan and he was a good looking gentleman, a little older than us but I thought she would enjoy meeting him. Mandy took a long shower, shaving her legs and other areas, and put on a very short sundress that highlighted her long slender legs. Mandy looked HOT! We met at the Taki Hut, had dinner and after dinner Dan excused himself and went to the restroom. When Dan left I looked at Mandy and asked "Well what do you think?" Mandy replied "If this is something you really want to happen, I believe it might be fun. Dan is most attractive and as long as you don't get jealous it could be very exciting and enjoyable." I could not have for a more perfect response from my beautiful wife! As Dan arrived back to the table, I got up and asked him if he could follow us back to our condo for an evening drink. Dan said he would be most happy to follow us back to our condo.

    As I drove back to the condo Mandy snuggled up to me and told me she loved very much and just how much she appreciated me being understanding about what was about to happen. As I began to run my hand up her beautiful leg, she parted her legs and I could feel the dampness in the crotch of her panty. Mandy was so turned on and I began to get a hard immediately. When we arrived at the condo we all went inside and I asked if anyone wanted a drink. Mandy declined and excused herself saying she needed to freshen up. Mandy headed off to the master bedroom and I fixed drinks in the great room bar and returned to the living room. Mandy returned a few minutes later, walking into the room wearing high heels, a black lacy bra and black thong. I couldn't believe my eyes. Waling over to in front of Dan, Mandy said "This has been a fantasy of mine for a number of years and my husband has agreed to sit and watch so let's not disappoint him, or me." With that she smiled at me and taking Dan’s hand, pulled him to his feet. Dan stood up and immediately began to slowly kiss Mandy. Mandy responded by thrusting her tongue into Dan’s mouth and continued to kiss him back. Dan began to lightly touch Mandy. He was touching the cheeks of her ass and then he slowly slid his hands go up her back and unhooked her bra. Mandy’s bra dropped to the floor and he started feeling the nipples of Mandy's breasts. Mandy has a set of perfect upturned breasts that only slightly giggle when she walks. Dan began the slow process of caressing and licking Mandy’s breasts, pausing to suckle on the hardening nipples. Mandy’s nipples got rock hard and I knew she was turned on.

    As Dan’s lips left Mandy’s right nipple, Mandy took a small step back and then dropped down to her knees. Mandy began to undo Dan’s belt and then unzip his trousers. As Mandy slid Dans trousers around his ankles, she looked up at Dan and said, “I have been wishing and waiting on this moment for a long time, so please let me enjoy myself.” I saw my wife reach into Dan’s pants and she turned and looked at me and said "Oh my, he's huge!" The look in Mandy’s eyes was one of perfect lust. She pulled his boxers down and then cupped his balls in one hand and started stroking his cock with the other hand until he slowly began to get an erection. When Dan’s erection had reached at least 10 inches, I watched as my bride of nine years take both hands and grasp the huge black cock as she tried to get the entire purplish knob into her mount. Pausing for a moment, Mandy began licking the black cock shaft from his balls to the purplish cock head until Dan’s cock looked rock hard. He pulled her up, Dan stepped out of his trousers and boxers, then picking her up and carried her off to the master bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Dan laid her on the bed and began to remove all of his remaining clothes. Turning back to Mandy, Dan slid her black thong off and tossed it aside. I took a seat in one of the bedroom chairs and sat down in anticipation of seeing my beautiful wife live out her greatest fantasy.

    Bending down, Dan began to slowly kiss and tongue Mandy's pussy which began to drive her into a frenzy. Dan was very skilled at oral sex and very patient with covering every inch of Mandy’s pussy. It was a great demonstration of oral pleasuring to watch him work Mandy into a frenzy. I know when she's about to cum and Dan kept pleasuring her until she had a huge orgasm. Now that Mandy had an orgasm I knew she was good for a long night of sexual energy. Dan continued to orally stimulate her and drive her crazy and then I saw her grab him and pull Dan on top of her. She reached down and grabbed his 10-inch cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Mandy pressed the purplish head between the lips of her pussy and moved her hips upward trying to allow the massive 10-inch cock enter her upturned pussy. At first Mandy’s pussy seemed to be to small and Dan’s 10-inch cock began to bow in the middle. Dan’s ass cheeks twitched, the 10-inch cock quivered and the purplish head began to disappear between the spreading pussy lips. I heard a small popping sound and Dan slowly began to enter her. Mandy let out a small moan and at that point I knew she was hooked. She had always told me how she fantasied about a huge cock that would totally fill her and I could tell that Dan’s cock would reach depths that I never would.

    Mandy wrapped her long beautiful legs around his back and Dan began slowly thrusting his 10-inch cock deeper and deeper. Dan slowly stroked Mandy for about ten minutes as I watched Mandy’s eyes rolled back in her head and her quietly moaning. I had move from my bedroom chair and was now kneeling at the foot of the king-size bed. I was watching my wife cream all over Dan’s big black cock and I was so aroused that I couldn't take my eyes off of them. There no other thrill in this world like watching your wife’s legs tremble and her toes curl while a big black cock is sliding in and out of her foaming pussy. I saw Dan’s balls begin to draw up as he starting to approach his first orgasm and he began to really start to pounding Mandy into submission. I watched him firmly clutch her ass cheeks in both hands and then he began to moan as he exploded deep inside of her. Watching a black man cum inside my wife was a big turn knowing just how deep he had buried his cock in my wife. After Dan exploded, he lay quietly on Mandy for a few minutes and I watched as she stroked his back and squeezed her long beautiful legs around his back. He was kissing her and she was kissing him as she squeezed the last drops of his cum out of him.

    Dan was spent and he rolled off of Mandy. Dan’s big black cock was limp, but it still was huge looking. Mandy looked so sexy, and totally satisfied. He pussy was all pink around the lips and very puffy. A small amount of Dan’s cum and Mandy’s juices began oozing out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. Mandy smiled at me and then she said "This is how I wanted to feel but was this what you hoped to see?" I told her she never looked sexier, never looked hotter, never looked lovelier to me than she did right now. Mandy smiled at me and said she really enjoyed living out a fantasy that she thought was impossible. However, Mandy said, she was not through living out her wildest fantasy and returned to sucking Dan’s limp, but growing big black cock.

    Dan fucked Mandy at least three more times that night and I fell asleep watching that third time even with Mandy wildly moaning and trashing around on the king-size bed. Dan left right around daylight because he had to let his maid in to clean up his condo. As Dan walked out the door, I thanked him for helping Mandy live out her fantasy in such a big fashion. I told "Well Dan, the good news is we are here all week and if you'd like to come back I am sure Mandy would be glad to see you."

    Dan smiled and said he'd be giving me a call after he had a day or two to rest up
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