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. Male Virgin

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, May 15, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Male Virgin

    by RLM

    Halloween Party:

    Over the years, Paula and I attended a lot of erotic, swinging parties. Some of these were boring failures; others were fantastic successes. Of course, the success or failure of a party depended a lot on the host or hostess and the people they invited. But, laying that obvious point aside, Paula and I agreed that, on the average, New Year's Eve parties were the best with Halloween parties a close second. There's something about New Year's Eve that makes people relaxed and uninhibited, which is the prime prerequisite for a party, particularly a swinging party. At Halloween, the anonymity provided by the masks and costumes produces the same effect. We loved Halloween and New Year's Eve parties.

    The occasion was a Halloween party. I had come as Count Dracula, complete with long black cape with black cowl and a blood-red, satin interior, and the obligatory mask with fangs to conceal my identity. Naturally, it was my diabolical plan to seduce and ravish as many of the blood-filled females at the party as possible. Paula was dressed in a full, catwoman body suit and mask along with five-inch stiletto heels. Although there wasn't a tail on her body suit, I doubted that any of the men would notice considering the way the skin-tight body suit molded her 36DD-23-32 body.

    Earlier, when my wife had emerged from our bedroom wearing her costume minus the mask, I had given her an appreciative whistle and a "thumbs up" sign, which immediately produced a huge smile across her face.

    "You look awesome in that body suit. Every guy at the party is going to be wild to get you alone... or they may not even wait to get you alone."

    "That's the plan, Honey... that's the plan," she said with her usual devilish grin.

    "I figured out that much... but you know that suit is going to be a bitch to get it on and off you."

    "I don't think it will be too much of a problem, Darling."

    "Oh no? Tell me... how long did it take you to put it on and get it adjusted just right with all the wrinkles and creases out?"

    "It wasn't easy. I think I worked at it for maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Something like that."

    "See... that's what I mean. You're going to be spending a hell of a lot of time getting out of that suit and then even more time putting it back on."

    "Don't think so, Lover. Don't think so... See."

    With one smooth motion, Paula reached up to her neck and pulled a hidden zipper down the front of the suit to a point just below her big tits. When her hands pulled the suit open, both of her naked tits thrust out.

    "See, Gordon. No fuss or bother... no problem."

    "Well, that's not all the men are going to want to get out, you know."

    My wife grinned, reclined on the couch, and spread her legs. "Are you suggesting that the men at the party are going to want to get at my pussy? Like this?" Reaching down, she unzipped the crotch of the cat woman suit and pulled it open. With her legs elevated, her cunt and ass were on display and fully accessible.

    As my mouth fell open, she laughed and zipped the crotch of her suit closed again. Standing up, she pulled up the front zipper to once more cover her tits even though the suit was so tight they were still perfectly molded. "Seems like you've thought of every thing except for one item."

    "What's that?"

    "The men, like me, won't know those strategic zippers are there."

    "That's were my sexy husband and helpmate comes in."

    "You expect me to tell the men how to get my wife's tits out and how to get at her pussy? That's too embarrassing for words!" I protested.

    "Of course I don't expect that, Honey. Just tell one or two of your close friends. They'll spread the word. Besides, I'm taking a panty and bra set for later in the evening."

    Paula seemed to have thought of everything. But until the zippers were opened…
    she might just as well have worn a chastity belt to the party.

    I enjoyed the party more that I thought possible, not only because of all the women who seemed to harbor secret, hidden desires to be ravished by Dracula, but also because an hour into the party, Paula was wishing she had never laid eyes on her sexy black body suit.

    By the end of an hour, at least a dozen different men had danced with my wife. Every one of them had squeezed her buttocks and her tits through the black latex suit, but not one of them pulled down one of the zippers. After that, many of the men, whom my wife had teased unmercifully many times, had gotten her on one of the couches for a hot make out session during which they stroked the slick, sensuously erotic vinyl covering her tits, belly, ass, and thighs until the had my wife wild with desire. Still, no one pulled down a zipper.

    Eventually, word spread that every one of the men were getting even with Paula for all her teasing over the years. The longer the men kissed and squeezed her through the suit, the hotter and wilder she became. With her body completely encased inside the tight latex suit, she couldn't even get her own fingers onto her pussy to get herself off.

    After an hour and a half, they put my wife on one of the beds where three men steadily worked her to a hot feverish pitch of excitement. One kissed and squeezed her encased boobs; another worked her thighs and legs through the vinyl, and the third worked his hands over her belly and latex-covered cunt. Paula's legs were splayed wide as her ass hunched upward against the stroking hands. When she began to plead with the men to unzip her suit and fuck her, all the women who were watching were loving it.

    "Please... unzip me... I can't stand this... unzip my suit you bastards... oohhhhhhhhh... shit... uunnngghhhhh... open up my suit... please!"

    When the men ignored her, my wife's hands flew to her belly and frantically tried to pull down the zipper that would open up the crotch of her body suit. She had just found the zipper tab when two male hands pulled her hands aside. The hostess came in with a pair of handcuffs and said, "Turn the hot, teasing bitch over."

    As soon as they had my wife on her knees bent over with her ass arched high in the air, the men pulled her wrists behind her back where the hostess cuffed them. They kept her in that position for some time as the men at the party took turns caressing and squeezing the thrusting globes of her ass and pressing their hands into the folds of her wet cunt through the latex suit. It was more than enough to get my wife hotter and hotter, but it wasn't quite enough to get her off.

    Stacy, who had come to the party dressed as a French chamber maid, was watching intently as the men worked on my wife. She moaned with excitement and hissed, "oohhhh god... that's the hottest thing I've ever seen... they've got her so hot, she'd let a mangy dog fuck her now."

    Moving behind Stacy, I pulled her short skirt up the few inches necessary to bare her ass that was covered only by a skimpy black thong. "I think you're almost that hot... hot enough to let Dracula ravish you while you watch."

    Her answer was to thrust her ass back against my rigid cock and groan, "Yesss... fuck me, you hot vampire bastard."

    "Bend over!"

    "Oh god! Fuck me, Gordon."

    "Shit! You recognized me. Now I'll have to kill you."

    "Fuck me first, please," she moaned.

    I moved her beside the bed where my wife was being sensuously tortured and pushed her onto the bed on her knees with her sex hole arched high. "Say goodbye to your panties," I growled in her ear. Slipping both hands into the waistband of her flimsy black thong, I ripped it apart without little difficulty.

    "Aaaaahhhhhhh... yesssss," she hissed spreading her knees even further apart.

    I led my victim to one of the other bedrooms where, like Dracula, I penetrated her body. Of course, I used a somewhat different penetration technique than the one perfected by the famous count.

    Although now out of sight, I could still hear my wife moaning helplessly in the other bedroom. "Please somebody... anybody... fuck me! FUCK ME! oohh shittt... stop teasing me! Fuck me!"

    Beneath me, Stacy was groaning as Dracula ravished her pussy with an 8-inch deep probe. "Harder... oh please, harder," she moaned as her hips thrust upward to meet every one of my strokes.

    Being a considerate vampire, I gave her what she wanted until I felt her vagina contracting in the hard spasms of her orgasm, and her cries changed to incoherent grunts. After giving her a minute or two to finish, I pushed her legs even further back to elevate her ass. When she was in position, I slowly drove my rod into her waiting hole.

    "UUUNNGGGHHHH.... aaaahhhh... my ass... ohhhhh god... he's fucking my asssssssss!!"

    As her sphincter began throbbing around my cock, I could still hear my wife moaning and pleading continuously in the other bedroom. She was still groaning when my cock began to throb in orgasm inside Stacy causing her to scream, "He's cumming! Oohhh fuck! He's shooting my ass full of cum!"

    An hour later, I was still lying on the bed with my wrists cuffed behind my back. The men had finally tired of torturing me and had gone off searching for pussies other than mine to fuck. My cunt was a soaked inferno of hot lust. For the last fifteen minutes, I had been grinding my thighs together trying to get enough friction on my clitoris to climax. I was close and knew that it wouldn't take much more to make me explode.

    Unfortunately, before I could reach a climax, one of the women noticed what I was doing. “Look at that! The hot bitch is trying to masturbate!” That woman and two others quickly surrounded the bed.

    “She’s certainly grinding her thighs together hard enough,” a second woman commented. “Are you really close to cumming, Honey?” she asked.

    “Let’s check it out,” the third woman suggested. “Spread her legs and let’s see if she’s soaked through that cat suit yet.”

    Frantically, I pressed my thighs together trying to get enough friction on my engorged clitoris to climax, but before I could get off, the women pulled my legs apart.

    “NO! DON’T! PLEASE! LET ME CUM,” I heard myself howling. “I’M SO FUCKING HOT. “UNZIP ME… MAKE ME CUM, PLEASE!”

    Not only did the women ignore me. They tied my ankles to the bedposts so there was no way I could press my thighs together. They walked away laughing.

    My clitoris and vagina were pulsing like mad beneath the vinyl suit. My hips were thrusting wildly in fuck motions trying to get enough friction from the suit to let me cum. “Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh gawd… someone… anyone… please fuck me!”

    "Are you all right?" a concerned male voice said interrupting my fantasies of hot cocks sinking into my soaked cunt and forcing me to open my eyes. A young man, maybe a teenager, stood at the foot of the bed listening to me moan as I thrashed about trying desperately to cum.

    "No, I'm not all right," I gasped. "Help me, please!"

    "How? What do you want me to do? I don't have the key to the handcuffs. I can go ask Martha to give it to me though. Want me to do that?"

    "First, I need for you to until my ankles and then unzip the crotch of my body suit."


    "Damn you! Get over her and unzip the crotch of my body suit. I'm going crazy. Unzip me and make me cum... Hurry... damn you... HURRY! I'm on fire."

    The guy got on the bed. After freeing my ankles, he moved closer. I spread my legs wider and arched my hips. "Hurry... please. The zipper starts at my belly. Just take hold of it and pull it all the way down to my crotch and then I'll roll over and you can pull up to the top of my ass."

    The guy looked somewhat clumsy, but he was far from it. In one quick, smooth motion, he had me unzipped from my belly button, through my legs, and up to the top of my ass crack. "Oh my god," he said in an awed, hushed whisper.

    "MMmmmmm... thank you, Honey. You really like what you see?"

    "Oh yes... I've never actually seen a woman's pussy and ass before... just pics or videos. That doesn't compare to the real thing! I'll go get the key from Martha... just take a moment."

    I was so amazed by his statement that I was speechless. Before I found my voice, he had already hurried away to get the key to the handcuffs. He had never seen a live woman's pussy before, and I had never seen a guy his age who hadn't. It was a first for both of us.

    I was writhing again with need before the young man finally returned with the key. "Please! Hurry," I moaned. Take off these damn handcuffs."

    The guy crawled onto the bed as I leaned forward. He got the cuffs off just as quickly as he had unzipped me. I pulled him close and kissed him hard, letting my tongue slide into her mouth during the kiss. As our lips separated, I whispered to him, "Fuck me... please. I really need it!"

    He nodded but shook his head. "I'm really sorry. I'd love to, but it won't work. It never does work. I'm sorry." He seemed about to cry when he got off the bed leaving me with nothing else to do but pleasure myself. I came in less than minute once my hand was on my soaked pussy and throbbing, erect clitoris.

    "UUNNGGHHHH... AAAHHHHHHHHH... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" My cunt and clit both exploded at the same time in several hard orgasms... one coming right on top of the other.

    After my third orgasm on my fingers had abated, and I had calmed down somewhat, I couldn't wait to get out of my constricting body suit and into something more comfortable and revealing. I also wanted to find that young guy who had unzipped me and unlocked my handcuffs.

    After taking the bra and panty set I had brought with me out of my handbag, I stripped off the body suit in one of the bathrooms and put on the bra and panties. They might not have been as erotic and sexy, but they were far more comfortable and my body was now far more accessible. I went in search of my young rescuer.

    Having no luck, I sought out Martha and asked her if she knew who the young guy was and where he might be.

    "You mean Dennis? He's the son of a good friend of mine. A really sweet boy, but very, very shy, particularly around women. I thought it might spring him loose, so to speak, if I invited him to the party. I was surprised that he came, but he did. However, he's been essentially hiding all evening. He's just too nervous to approach any of the women."

    "He approached me. In fact, he unzipped my body suit... between my legs. Didn't seem too shy to me."

    "That's because you were in distress. He was trying to help you, and he did. He certainly would have been too nervous to unzip you so he could fuck you. Anyway, he just told me that he was going to leave. If you hurry, you might catch him. He's driving a Ford Taurus."

    I ran outside in nothing but my panties and bra in the chilly October air. Dennis was just getting into his car when I caught up with him.

    "Why are you leaving so soon, Dennis. I told you I wanted to see you later. Aren't you interested in "seeing" me? All of me?"

    "Oh my god, you're just beautiful. I've never seen anyone like you."

    "Then why are you leaving?"

    "I don't know. Shy, I guess."

    "Come back. Let's get to know each other."

    "I can't. It wouldn't do any good. It never works."

    "What do you mean, 'It never works'? Are you saying that you're impotent? Can't get an erection?"

    "No... no. That's not it. It just never works. I really don't want to talk about it right now. Ok?"

    "Ok, but I want you to call me. As you can see, I don't have anything with me." We both laughed. "Have you got a pen and something I can write on?"

    Dennis handed me a pen and credit card receipt from his pocket. I wrote quickly and handed the pen and receipt back to him. "This is my address and phone number. I want you to call me... soon."

    "Ok. I will. Promise."

    "All right, but I warn you, if you don't call, I'll get your address from Martha, track you down, and rape you. Understand!"

    Dennis laughed. "I understand. I'll call. Really, I will."

    "We'll see. Call me. Soon! Or else!"

    Phone Call from Dennis:

    On Monday of the following week, Gordon and I were getting ready to watch a movie I had rented that afternoon when he asked, "Say, you never did tell me how you managed to get out of the handcuffs at the Halloween party."

    "Somebody got the key from Martha and let me out."

    "Who was it?"

    "I'm not really sure. His first name is Dennis. He's a young guy... 19 or 20. Martha said he's the son of one her close friends."

    "Is he also the one who unzipped your body suit or did you do that yourself after he got you out of the cuffs?"

    "No. Dennis unzipped me... even before he got the key and took my cuffs off."

    "Well, why am I not surprised... was he a good fuck?"

    "I don't know. I didn't have the chance to fuck him."

    "How can that be? He unzipped you and took off your cuffs... seems like the least you could have done for him."

    "Oh, I was ready to repay him, you can bet on that. But when he came back from getting the key from Martha, he just removed the cuffs, said something like 'it never works', and then ran off. I was shocked, let me tell you."

    "That's weird... really weird! But what about later?"

    "I was so hot I had to masturbate... can you imagine that? Naked at a swinging Halloween party, and I had to masturbate!? After I got off a couple of times, I went looking for Dennis. When I found him, he was already out in the parking lot getting in his car to leave. I invited him to come back into the house, but he refused. So I gave him our phone number. He promised he would call."

    "That's one promise I'm sure he'll keep."

    "Maybe. He seems very nervous about something. When I invited him to come back into the house with me, he repeated his previous statement that it wouldn't do any good... that it never works."

    "Never works? Weird comment. Is he gay or impotent?"

    "Judging from the way he was staring at my pussy after he unzipped me, I'm certain he's not gay. I asked him if he had erection problems, and he said no... that that wasn't the problem."

    "Well, what was it?"

    "I don't know. He wouldn't tell me."

    "Interesting. Think he'll call?"

    "If he doesn't, my ego is going to take a terrible beating."

    "Might do you good," I said with a grin.

    "That's mean!"

    "Well, you shouldn't have married such a mean SOB."

    "You can bet I wouldn't have except you have such a juicy, big, hard cock."

    "For ten bucks, I'll let you use it."

    "Ten dollars? Cash?"

    "Yes, cash. Coin of the realm."

    "How many times do I get to use it for that much?"

    "As many times as you want for the rest of this week. Next week, I have to go to Dallas for a site visit to our plant there. By the way, would you like to come with me?"

    "Maybe. I'll let you know. Right now, let's go to the bedroom. I want to use you, Baby."

    "Cash first. Ten dollars."

    Paula went to her handbag and extracted a ten dollar bill. She held it up and walked toward our bedroom with her ass undulating. I followed the ten spot.

    Once we were there, she tore the bill in half and gave me one of the halves. "You get the other half if your performance meets my standards. Now get me naked and let's see how good you are at licking pussy, Stud."

    "Oh Suck Me, you hot Stud! Suck it, Baby. Make me cum!" I hissed at my husband whose face was buried between my thighs. Every time his tongue swiped up the length of my slit and slid across my throbbing, erect clit, I groaned in hot passion. Gordon never ceased to amaze me at how he could make me cum on his tongue and fingers... Now, he was doing it again, and I loved it.

    He's worth every bit of the $10 I'm paying him," I thought, giggling momentarily until my pussy began throbbing again. Instantly, my attention switched to my erupting cunt.

    After my third orgasm, I pleaded with my husband, "Stop, Honey. Get on me. Fuck me!"

    "How do you want it? You're paying me... so how do you want your paid whore to fuck you?"

    "Doggy, you big-cocked whore. Turn me over and fuck it to me doggy!"

    As soon as Gordon's face left my pussy, I flipped over onto my knees and elbows. Gordon rose up on his knees behind me. "Which hole do you want it in, Paula?"

    "My cunt! Fuck my cunt! Hurry!"

    I felt him moving closer as his hands pulled me into position. I arched my ass even higher in hot anticipation.

    The phone rang!

    "Oh shit!"

    "Don't answer it," Gordon said as I felt him adjusting his cock at my hot, wet opening.

    "Just take a moment... besides, remember I'm paying you. I'm in charge."

    I picked up and said "Hello". Immediately, Dennis answered.

    "Is this Paula?"

    "Dennis! You did call. I was afraid you wouldn't the way you were acting at the party."

    "I almost didn't, but I finally got up the nerve."

    "Nerve? Why nerve? I asked you to come back to the party with me. I gave you my phone number and address. Isn't it obvious that I wanted you to call?"

    "Yeah, I guess so, but I've had such bad experiences, I was nervous."

    "What bad experiences?"

    "Oh, just various things. It never works out. Anyway. I did call. What'cha doing now?"

    "I'm in the bed on my hands and knees. My husband is behind me. He was just about to start fucking me when you called. Right now, he's hard and he's dying to stick it in me."

    "Oh fuck... that's hot! Are you naked?"

    "Except for my heels... most men, particularly my husband, like for me to wear heels in bed."

    "Is he still waiting to fuck you?"

    "Oh yes! He's rubbing his cock over my ass right now. I'm paying him $10 so he's my whore and has to wait until I tell him he can start."

    "Oh god!" Dennis moaned.

    "You're jacking off, aren't you?"

    "Yes... so hot. Is that Ok? Do you mind?"

    "Mind? Of course not! I love it. Is it big and hard right now?"

    "Oh hell yes! It's so hard it hurts. Can I listen while your husband fucks you?"

    "I hope you will. I'll put the phone between my thighs so you can hear his cock pumping in and out of my cunt. Jerk it and shoot, Dennis. Imagine you're shooting it all over me. You can, you know. Ok, Baby. Stick it in. Dennis wants to hear you fucking me!"

    "OOOoohhhhhhh.... yes! He's putting it in, Dennis... AAAahhhhh... all the way innnnn! I'm being fucked, Honey... AAHH... AAHH .... AAHH ... AAHH!"

    "Oh my god!" came Dennis' voice over the phone. I could hear him grunting as he stroked his cock. I thought I could even hear the sound his hand was making as it worked up and down on his hard prick.

    "Gordon's got my head pressed against the bed, Honey. My ass is way up and he's fucking the shit out of meeeeeee... uuuuggh.... ooohhh ... oooohhh... I'm getting it, Honey... He's like stone... fucking meeeeeeee!! I'm going to put the phone between my thighs... Listen to his cock pumping me, Dennis."

    For several minutes, sounds filled my ears... the squeaking of the bedsprings in protest as my body was pounded hard ... the male grunts each time my pussy throbbed around Gordon's cock ... my own shrieks of pleasure from the fierce fucking I was getting... Dennis' groans of excitement as he jacked off listening to me being fucked.

    "I'm cumming, Dennis... OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!"

    "Oh Shit... Oh Shit!" Dennis grunted.

    "Take it, you hot slut," my husband shouted, his prick throbbing deep inside my hole.

    I came again. The hard spasms of my pussy were too much for my wildly excited husband. "I can't hold it any longer, Dennis!" he shouted. "I'm gonna shoot her cunt full of cum!"

    "My husband's about to cum inside my cunt, Dennis... I'll cum again when he shoots... Cum with us, Honey. Pump your big load!"




    I felt Gordon's load filling my cunt as my vagina and clit when into spastic contractions. At the same time, I heard Dennis yelling as his load fired out of his cock. I could almost see it... I wished I was there watching him cum... even more... I wished he was shooting it all over my face... or up my cunt.

    Later, as we lay panting on the bed, I informed my sexy husband that I wouldn't be going with him to Dallas next week. He just smiled and said, "Why am I not surprised by that?"

    While Gordon fucked me bringing me to repeated orgasms, I wished I could see Dennis jerking off. When he announced that he was cumming, I imagined that he was shooting his load into my wide open mouth.

    A Visit from Dennis:

    On the Friday before Gordon left on his five-day site visit, I called Martha and got Dennis' phone number. He picked up on the second ring.

    "Hi. This is Paula. Got a moment to chat?"

    "Sure. Is Gordon there? Is he about to fuck you again?" he asked hopefully.

    "Sorry to disappoint you, Dennis, but he's at work. In fact, he's going to be gone all next week on a site visit. How would you like to take a vacation from work and spend the week with me?"

    "Are you serious?" he asked, the amazement obvious in his voice.

    "Very. Interested? It'll be fun. I promise."

    "Gordon will find out. I can't handle an enraged husband after me."

    "He won't find out, Honey. I'll tell him before he leaves. We have an open marriage. He'll probably find a sexy woman to keep him entertained on his site visit, and he'll tell me all about her. So... are you interested?"

    There was a hesitation. I was shocked. It was a first for me... inviting a young man to share my bed twice, and he's still hesitating. This really wasn't doing my ego much good.

    "Come on, Dennis. You're doing a lot of damage to my ego. Don't you think I'm sexy? Hot? I'm really very good in bed."

    "Oh, it's not you. You're gorgeous and hot. It's me. It just won't work."

    "Listen to me. I know you're not gay, and it's obvious from our phone sex session that you're not impotent. So... believe me... it will work. Now... last chance. Are you interested?"

    "Ok. When should I arrive?"

    "I'll look for you Monday around 4 PM. Is that Ok? Gordon's not going to be back until Saturday. And I'm sure he would enjoy a threesome... so you can stay the weekend too, if you like."

    "I'll see you Monday afternoon, but remember, I warned you. It's not going to work."

    That evening at dinner, I told Gordon about inviting Dennis to visit the following week. I also told him that Dennis had again told me that it wasn't going to work. "Are you angry that I invited him? You're going to be working all week, and I'll be playing."

    "Maybe... maybe not. If it doesn't work, you'll be climbing the walls by the time I return," my husband said with a grin.

    "That's true, but I'm sure there won't be a problem. Would you prefer that I call and cancel? Dennis sounded like he would be relieved if I did."

    "Of course not. I was just pulling your chain. Have fun, but remember... you owe me when I return."

    "I know I'll owe you, Darling. And you know that I always pay my debts promptly and in full."

    When I opened the door for Dennis Monday afternoon, I was wearing a full length robe. The only sexy thing that was showing was my 5-inch fuck-me heels. Dennis was dressed in a open-necked shirt, loose-fitting slacks, and polished black shoes. He looked nice, but not particularly sexy. However, with his handsome face and well-built body, I knew that could be easily fixed.

    "Come in, Honey. I've been waiting for you. In fact, I've been fantasizing about getting you alone ever since that Halloween party."

    "I like hearing that, Paula, but, like I've told you, you're gonna be disappointed."

    "Let's get that stuff out of the way right now, so we can fully enjoy the rest of the week. Is your cock hard?"

    "Sort of... I've been halfway hard all day thinking about this visit. It's about half hard now."

    Sitting down on the couch, I grinned and said, "Come over here, Honey. I can't wait to see what you have for me."

    Again, I could see Dennis hesitating. "Come on. There's hardly any reason to be shy. Besides, you saw my ass and cunt when you unzipped me at the party. Now it's my turn. Come over here."

    He nodded and walked over. Take off your shirt while I get your pants off. We finished at almost the same time. Dennis was wearing briefs, and before I pulled them down, I could already see that they were packed with a big dick. Even so, when I pulled his briefs down, I couldn't suppress my gasp.

    "My god! OH DENNIS! YOU ARE HUNG!" His cock was cut so that the big bloated head was exposed. As thick as his shaft was, the head was even larger. That thing was going to stretch me. I felt my vagina contracting in excitement, fluids seeping out wetting my panties. Even semi-hard, it was already at least seven inches in length, and that monster pussy pleaser hung well over halfway down his thigh. In its semi-hard state, I could get my hand around it, but just barely.

    "How big is it hard?" I asked in an awed whisper, not able to tear my eyes away from the now growing cock.

    "Ten inches... slightly over 7" around."

    "Oh fuck. It's gorgeous! Come on... let's get it fully hard, Honey."

    Standing up, I dropped my robe to the floor and stood there dressed in nothing but a bra, garter belt, hose, and a tiny, thong... plus the heels. "Like what you see, Dennis? I hope so... you're going to be on me and in me a lot this week."

    "Of course I like. You're drop-dead sexy. Besides, look." He pointed toward his cock that was now rapidly growing. "Show me your big tits."

    I dropped my bra to the floor and gasped again when I saw Dennis' huge sex spike lurch and grow larger.

    "Oh fuck! Your tits are just fantastic. Lower your panties and let me see your pussy and ass," he ordered. With that powerful phallus pointing toward me and growing by the second, there was no way I was going to refuse. I yanked my panties down around my thighs in one quick motion. As I jerked them down, his cock jerked up.

    "Turn around Paula. Show me your ass."

    As I quickly turned away to let him see my ass, I realized that I was allowing this young, 20-year old guy to order me around like a sex slave, but as his cock got still larger, I got even closer to being his slave.

    "Oh shit... every single part of you is hot as fire and gorgeous. Squat down and open your legs so I can see your entire cunt."

    My eyes never left his cock. It was now engorged, standing rigid, pulsing, and looked to be as hard as a rock. Precum was seeping... no running... out of it's open tip. I squatted and spread wide open for Dennis. I could see his cock flex and throb as he stared right at my wet pussy.

    "Turn over," he ordered again. "Show it to me from the rear."

    Flipping over onto my knees, I lowered my head to the floor and hiked my ass high. At the same time, I spread my knees far apart. I heard Dennis groan at the sight. When I looked back, I was greeted by a fully hard, 10", thick, pussy stretcher that I was wild to try out.

    "Your turn. Lie down on the couch!" He followed my orders just as I had followed his... unable to tear his eyes away from my hot, wet pussy.

    When Dennis was lying flat on his back, I grasped his rigid organ. Now fully hard, my hand wouldn't span its girth. My pussy throbbed when I saw that if I had had three hands, they wouldn't have been enough to span the full length of his shaft. It jerked and pulsed in my hand like a large, powerful snake.

    I pushed the head into my mouth and sucked him. The cock expanded even more. His balls pulled up hard and tight as I pushed more of the cock into my mouth... then even more when the head entered my throat. When seven inches were in, I felt so full, so stuffed with male meat, I had to pull back to allow my lungs to gain some air.

    "God! What a fantastic cock! Why in the hell do you say that it won't work?"

    "Because, I'm a virgin. I've never been inside a woman's pussy," he moaned.

    If I was hot for Dennis before, I was now panting in hot, female lust for this young, hung stud. "Why not? Have you tried?" I asked in an awed, passion-filled voice.

    "Many times. I dated a lot of girls in high school. Every single time they saw how big my cock was, they were too scared to have sex with me. Like I said, it never works."

    "That's because you were dating young girls. Now you're with a woman, and I can't wait to feel you inside my cunt, Dennis! But first, I'm going to suck it. You can shoot off in my mouth anytime you feel like it."

    "None of the girls would suck me off either. They all said I was too big."

    "You mean they wouldn't suck you like this?" I pushed the cock back into my mouth and sucked 7 or 8 inches while I worked my hand up and down the remaining two or three inches. Dennis' hands went to my head and pulled me down on his throbbing prick.

    He lasted longer than I expected. Since it was his first time, I thought he would explode within a minute, but he really had a lot of control. He must have fucked my mouth for over five minutes before he gave me fair warning.

    "I'm going to cum, Paula. Want me to pull out?"

    I shook my head vigorously, took a deep breath, and drove all 10 inches down my throat. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked and fucked my mouth up and down his shaft. I felt him getting even bigger as his load surged up from his balls and seminal vesicles and shot with force into my mouth filling it with his thick load. The force of his ejaculation caused several spurts to blow out the corners of my mouth and run down my chin.

    Finally, I had to breathe. Pulling back, my chest heaved as I sucked air into my lungs. At the same time, the big head throbbed against my tongue and ejaculated two more big jets of semen. Some of the load shot into my mouth, the rest ran over my tongue, down my chin, and fell onto my heaving tits.

    Slowly, I licked the throbbing head, scooping up all the droplets of sperm and semen that coated his shaft. Next, I slipped the organ back into my mouth, tightened my lips around the shaft and cleaned it thoroughly. Finally, I used my fingers to transfer the load covering my tits into my mouth.

    When I had cleaned up the big mess we had made, I slipped him back inside my mouth and slowly sucked while his fingers caressed my swollen and throbbing clitoris. I was about to cum on his fingers when I realized with a shock that Dennis was almost fully hard again. It had taken him less than five minutes to recover.

    "Take me into the bedroom, Dennis. I need this big thing up my cunt. Hurry."

    After giving Dennis an erotic strip show, I had his monster cock rock hard and ready. When I managed to suck his shaft into my throat, he exploded a huge load down my throat and then creamed my face and tits.

    When I got Dennis into the master bedroom, I quickly stripped him completely. "Get on the bed, Lover, and enjoy the view while I get naked for you."

    He did as I had instructed and watched as I slowly removed my clothes. When I pulled my panties down my thighs, slowly and sensuously, his cock throbbed causing the big head to expand even further. It was a pussy-pleasing sight for a woman.

    Walking to the side of the bed, I put my right heel up on the bed and opened my thighs. Dennis' cock became absolutely rigid as he stared into my sex saddle at my wet, open pussy. "Like what you see, Dennis? See how wet and slick it is. That's because it loves the sight of your big cock."

    "It's fantastic," he said almost in a moan. "The blow job you gave me was awesome. I loved it, but this isn't going to work. I'm too big. It just won't fit in your pussy. Every girl I've been with has told me that. That's why I'm still a virgin."

    "Every girl has told you that, Dennis, but no women. You just keep that big fuck stick hard and ready, and let me worry about getting it into my cunt." His cock jerked again when I said "cunt".

    "I like that word...'cunt'. It's so hot and sexy."

    "Every man likes that word, Honey. The only word they like better is 'fuck', which is what we're gonna do right now, Baby."

    Opening the drawer of my bedside table, I removed the bottle of astroglide. "Lie back on the bed, Stud." He followed instructions, and my pussy gushed at the sight of his throbbing manhood, hard and rigid, pointing right at his belly button... 10 inches of iron-hard man meat just waiting to be ravished for the first time.

    Leaning over his body so my tits hung right in his face, I squeezed the lube over his prick and then used my hand to coat its entire surface. When I did it a second time, he groaned and thrust his hips upward. "Please... jack me off, Paula," he moaned.

    "Like hell I'm going to jack this gorgeous thing off. You're big load's going up my cunt, Honey, not all over your chest."

    "But it won't fit," he moaned.

    "Shut up and get ready, Darling. Your virgin days are about to end. Just be quiet and resign yourself to the loss of your precious virginity."

    Swinging one of my legs over his hips, I leaned forward and smiled at him, my tits dangling right in his face.

    "Aren't I supposed to be the one on top?"

    "Later, Stud, later. After I get my pussy stretched and used to your size, then you can fuck me anyway you like, as much as you like, and whenever you like."

    Reaching back between my thighs, I grasped his iron-hard dick and aligned the big pulsing head just outside my opening. Slowly, I settled back onto his big sex stake. The mushroom head pressed against my cunt. Dennis' body began to shake... actually tremble... as he felt his cock pressing against pussy for the first time in his life.

    "Like the way my pussy feels on your cock, Honey?"

    "Ohhhh god YES! It's wonderful. Unbelievable!"

    "This is just the start... the best is yet to come, Lover. Enjoy and remember your first hot cunt."

    I worked the big cock head up and down the length of my gushing slit causing Dennis to howl with masculine pleasure. If I hadn't just sucked him off in the den, he would have shot off like a cannon. By emptying his balls first, he had a lot more staying power, all of which he was going to need.

    The combination of my flowing secretions, his precum, and the astroglide quickly did their job and the big head stretched open my labia exposing the hot, throbbing hole of my vagina. I felt my pussy opening and closing spastically in hot anticipation of his entry.

    "Are you ready to lose your virginity, Dennis?"

    "Oh PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" he moaned, wild with male desire to fuck me.

    As I pressed my hips downward, his shaft remained rock hard and unyielding. I loved it! My body was now trembling with excitement and anticipation. We trembled together as his cock began to enter my vagina.


    “No you’re not, Lover. You’re inside my cunt… my hot, wet, throbbing cunt hole.”


    Once the big head was inside me, the rest was easy, I just let my weight fall on the big shaft causing the head to surge up my hot, throbbing channel and open me up for his cock. When seven inches were firmly socked into my cunt, the head hit my womb and came to a stop. Dennis was moaning in hot rapture. "Your male hymen is gone, Lover," I hissed in his ear.

    "Oooohhh god... oh god... oh god.... it's fantastic! Can I start fucking now, Paula?"

    "Not yet. Let me do the work until my cunt is fully prepared for you."

    Grinding my hips down on his shaft, my womb was forced up and back allowing another inch of cock to enter me. I had never felt so stuffed full of prick before. I wished I could see the opening of my cunt. I knew Dennis' cock had to be stretching it into a huge round circle.

    Again, I lowered my hips forcing the thick organ to surge up my now stretched channel to once again thud into my womb. It moved back another quarter of an inch. I slowly speeded up the thrusting of my hips. The sixth time the cock entered me, I felt his pubic bone bump into my engorged and erect clit. I howled in female heat as my clit rapturously throbbed in response.

    Dennis was no longer able to keep his hips still. He began thrusting upward every time my ass descended on his spike. We were both discovering something new: Dennis was discovering that cunt was the best thing on the planet; I was discovering how much friction a cock as thick and as long as Dennis' could put on my G-spot and on my clit.

    Before I had gotten his cock into me, I was certain that Dennis would cum before I did, and that I would have to be content to wait until he recovered before I could get off. Wrong! The intense friction coupled with the incredible high of deflowering this sexy male had my cunt convulsing in orgasm in just minutes.

    "Oh fuck... I can feel your cunt throbbing like crazy, Paula. Am I hurting you?"


    He learned fast. Grabbing my hips with his hands, he began fucking me like a jack hammer. One hard stroke after another pounding into me... my orgasm peaked... then ebbed... then I peaked again. It ebbed a second time, and once more Dennis speared me hard and drove me over the edge to a third. This time, the hard contractions of my cunt and the excitement triggered his orgasm.

    "I'm about to cum! Should I pull out?" he screamed.

    His first pussy and he's willing to pull out! I was amazed. I was also cumming hard. "Don't you dare pull that that big cock out of me! Fuck me hard! Cum in my cunt... that's where your load's supposed to go. SHOOT IT IN, BABY. FLOOD ME!"

    He did. Oh shit, did he ever! We were both shaking in orgasm as my juices spurted and his cum load filled me. It was awesome!

    It took Dennis less than five minutes to recover his erection. Twenty-year old men have an incredibly short recovery time, and 20-year old male virgins with a monster cock recover even faster.

    "Can I mount you now?"

    "You can fuck me anyway you want... anytime, Lover," I hissed as I rolled onto my knees, put my head on the bed, and used my fingers to expose my wet, cum-filled hole that was still slowly throbbing. The hot stud mounted me.

    "OH FUCK IT INNNNNNNNN!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The big head was sinking into my cunt... stretching me open as it plunged inward.

    "OH SHIT... IT FEELS WONDERFUL! SO DAMN TIGHT... WET... HOT," Dennis howled as he drove his sex spear deeper and deeper into my hot box. When the cock head thudded against my womb, he grabbed my hips and jerked me back hard against his cock. The big shaft slugged inward pushing my womb up and back to allow two more inches of cock to enter my eager channel.

    Once he had his cock in all the way to the balls, he began fucking me like a randy stallion on an in-heat mare. Since mine was the first pussy he had fucked, Dennis couldn't fuck me hard enough or fast enough. I came repeatedly as he drove himself in and out of me in a hot fuck frenzy.

    In the middle of one of his powerful thrusts, I felt his cock flex and jerk. He howled as the load pumped into my vagina, filling it, and spurting in still more. The load ran out of my hole, formed a long cum rope from my clit and then fell to the bed.

    Dennis didn't even pause. If anything, he fucked me even faster as his prick throbbed and jerked inside my cunt. After just a few minutes, he was hard again and still screwing me.

    With effort, I found my voice and groaned. "You're killing me with that thing, Dennis. Roll me over and fuck it to me missionary. Shove my legs up and get all of it inside me. Hurry... please. I'm about to cum again."

    He pulled out, turned me over, and instantly slammed his cock back inside my waiting, wide open hole. Now he could see my big tits bouncing as he fucked me. That excited him still further. I locked my legs around his thrusting hips and held on for dear life. Another load blew into my cum-filled vagina, spurted out of my tightly plugged hole, and soaked the bed covers. I moaned as my pussy convulsed around his organ in another orgasm, this one so intense my juices spurted in several heavy streams that soaked our merged organs as well as the bed covers.

    He felt it, shoved his hand beneath my ass, thrust two fingers into my butt, and ground his cock deep inside my hole. His pubic bone thrust hard against my clit... rapidly working it causing repeated spasms to surge through my vagina and belly.

    Once Dennis’ huge cock had stretched my pussy after I had ridden him, I loved it
    when he mounted me and drove that monster shaft into my erupting cunt.

    We took a shower together, and Dennis played with my tits and rubbed my clitoris the entire time. By the time we got out and dried ourselves, I was panting and he was hard again. I started to slip into a sexy nightie, but Dennis wanted me in bed naked.

    We had just snuggled up together with his hands hefting my big tits while mine were playing with his massive erection, when the phone rang. I rolled over facing away from my young lover and answered.


    "Hi, It's me, your loving sexy husband. Did Dennis arrive?"

    "He did."

    "And did you solve whatever wasn't making it work?"

    "Of course. He's been dating nothing but young high school girls and they were all afraid to have sex with him. His cock is really huge."

    "Is he good or just big?"

    "Mmmmmm... he's both... mmmmm... we're in bed now. He's behind me in spoon position, Darling."


    "And, he's fucking me, Honey... slow and deep."

    "Is it really deep?"

    "You wouldn't believe how deep he is, Gordon. Aaaaahhh... he's also got his hand around my hips and between my legs.... ooooohhhh... his fingers... oohhhh... aaaahhhh."

    "What about his fingers?"

    "They're on my... ooohhhh god... on my clit... shit, he's got good technique."

    "What's he doing?"

    "OOoohhh... he's fucking meeeeeee."

    "I know that. I thought meant he was doing something else."

    "He is... got my clit between two fingers rolling it... uunngghhh... up and down the shaft... I'm soooo hot... my clit is so hard and sensitive.... aaaahhhhhhhhh... and that big cock... god... he's just pumping me... slowly... stretching me wide open every time he pushes it in... aaaahhhhh!"


    "What's happening? Are you Ok?"

    "Aaaahhhh gawd! He started...uunnghh... started fucking really ... aahhhh... aaahhh... uunngghh... really hard... deep... fast... giving it to meeeeeeee... I'M GONNA CUM!! UUGGHHH... AAEEEEIIIEEEEE.... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS... I'M CUMMING!!!"

    "Is he still behind you in spoon position?"

    "Oohhh yesss... but he pulled my top leg up over his to open me up. OOOohhhhh damn... I'm throbbing so hard, Honey. He just whispered that he's getting close... he's going to cum in my cunt, Honey."

    "I'm surprised he has any cum left to shoot into you."

    "Probably not much... uggh... but... ugh ugh ugh ... but whatever he...ah ahh ... ah ahh... whatever he has, he's gonna shoot it into me. He's so big... I’m having almost continuous orgasms."

    "Did he cum?"

    "Not yet... he pumping me harder... squeezing my tits now... short ... hard strokes now, Baby... he's getting ready... yess.. yes... yes... shoot in meeeeeeeee, Dennis."

    "He's cumming in me, Darling... NOW! UGH! AGAIN! UGH! AGAIN! UGH! AGAIN! OOOOHHH FUCK! Filling me... I'm cumming again too, Darling. Cum with us!"

    "I just did, Honey. I just did. Same time as he shot off inside you."

    "MMMmmmmmmmm.... he just finished. He's panting now... holding on to my tits... still pumping in and out of me slowly... finishing up... mmmmmmm..."

    The phone was ringing... it kept ringing until finally I woke up. The lighted dial on the clock beside my bed said it was 3:12 AM. Other than the lighted dial and the small night light by the bathroom door, my hotel room was dark. The phone continued to ring.

    Shaking my head to clear the sleep from my brain, I wondered what could have happened at the plant to make it necessary to call me at 3 AM. It must be serious. Rolling over, I reached for phone and answered.

    "Hello. This is Gordon Baxter speaking."

    At first there was silence on the other end... I thought it much be a prank call. Then I heard some soft sounds.

    "Ah ah ah ah ah uummmmm... oh... oh... oohh... oooohhhh!"


    "OOohhhh, Honey... uuummmmmmmm."

    "What is it?"

    "Dennis... aaaahhhh... ooohhhh shit... he's fucking me again."

    "But it's 3 AM?"

    "My naked ass was rubbing against his cock in my sleep. He got hot... hard... now I'm being fucked.... ooohhhh god... now I'm being fucked again... hard."

    "Spoon position again?"

    "At first... not now... oooohhhhh shit... he's big, Darling... so damn big."

    "What now?"

    "He's pulled me on top... reverse cowgirl... he's making me ... making me .... aaaahhhhhhhhh.... uugghhhh... making me....oooouuuuuuuuuu!"

    "Making you what," I almost shouted into the phone.

    "Making me put his huge cock into my cunt... aaaaahhhhh... it's going innnn!"

    Except for my wife's moans and male grunting, I heard nothing for a couple of minutes. "What's happening now?" I whispered into the phone.

    "He's making me fuck my cunt on his huge cock... can't stop cummingg... just can't... stretching me.... fucking meee... aaaahhhh.... it's doing it again.... aaawwwwwww fuckkkkkkkkkk... I'm cumming again, Darling... ooohhh shit."

    I listened for over twenty minutes to my wife wailing and moaning. Every time her pussy exploded in another orgasm, she hissed with intense pleasure and told me how hard her cunt was throbbing... Even more amazing was the fact that Dennis pumped two more loads into my wife during that twenty minute span.

    Finally, my wife couldn't talk any longer. I just heard the bed springs squeaking and masculine grunts as Dennis fucked her. When he shot off in her, his grunts changed to deep growls. I heard Paula gasping as she came again with him.

    Then, I heard Dennis' voice for the first time. "We're both exhausted Gordon. Talk you to tomorrow." The line went dead. I had to jack off before I could get back to sleep.


    As soon as we awoke the next morning, Dennis wanted to fuck me again, but I put him off this time.

    "But you said I could fuck you any time I wanted," he protested.

    "Women always reserve the right to change their minds, Honey... especially about sex. Get used to it. Women do that to keep men in line. Like you right now. By this evening, you're going to be panting for my pussy... right?" I asked with big smile.

    "Oh hell! That's for sure. I'm already panting for it."

    As we ate breakfast, I told Dennis what we were going to be doing today. "We going to transform you, Honey.

    Our first stop later that day was "The Ladies' Man", and up-scale men's clothing store. Of course, Dennis protested long and loudly ... that is, he did until I made him an offer he couldn't refuse: Either be a good sport and let me pick a new wardrobe for you or you sleep in the guest bedroom until you change your mind.

    As soon as we entered the shop, an attractive blonde who appeared to be late twenties and, judging from her rings, married, asked if she could assist us with anything. Her name tag said her name was Doris.

    "Absolutely, Doris. I'm Paula, and we're looking for a new wardrobe for Dennis."

    "I'm sure we can a wide variety of items he would like. What do you have in mind?"

    "Shirts, pants, jeans all form-fitting and tight, and also a couple of pair of new shoes to match. Can I assume you understand what I have in mind or do I need to be more graphic?"

    "I understand perfectly, Paula. Let's see what we can find for your ... eh... brother? nephew?"

    "Neither, Doris. At least I hope not. Try Lover." Doris smiled knowingly but said nothing.

    At the end of two hours, Dennis had a pair of form-fitting, very tight, leather jeans, and several pairs of equally tight and form-fitting pairs of slacks. He also had several new shirts that showed off his very nice pics and biceps and two pair of shoes that matched his new slacks.

    When he had emerged from the changing room wearing the first pair of tight slacks, Doris couldn't tear her eyes away from the bulge at Dennis' crotch that extended down his left thigh. Later, when he came out wearing one of the shirts that revealed his rippling well-toned pecs and biceps above the same body-hugging slacks, I saw Doris' tongue moving over her top lip.

    "Why don't you try on the leather jeans now, Dennis?" she suggested.

    When Dennis had retreated to the changing room, Doris looked at me and said, "Wow! I just have to ask... is he as good as he looks?"

    "Well, up to yesterday, Dennis was a virgin. Given that and considering the fact that he fucked me seven times yesterday, I would have to say that he's every bit as good as he looks."

    "Is that really the truth? You're the only woman he's ever been with??"

    "True fact, but I can tell you that, judging from the way he looks at you, he certainly would like to make you number two."

    "I'm married," Doris said.

    I had to struggle not to laugh. Instead, I simply replied, "So am I, but so what? I’m not going to tell your husband, you're not going to tell him, and Dennis is certainly not going to say anything. He’s got a 10-inch cock that gets incredibly hard and stays hard. Are you sure you’re not interested?”

    At this point Dennis came out of the changing room in the soft leather jeans. If the tight slacks were erotic, the jeans were blazing hot. Even his cock ridge was perfectly molded by the soft, clinging material. I knew the sight had Doris' pussy flowing.

    "Well, what do you think?" Dennis asked, smiling at Doris when he said it.

    "You're not wearing any shorts, are you?" she blurted.

    "No. Guys often don't wear shorts with jeans. Don't you know that? Well... I'll go change back."

    "Just a moment," I said. "Doris, would you like to have lunch with Dennis and me?"

    I knew she had heard my question, but her eyes were still locked onto Dennis' large bulge, which was clearly getting larger as she stared at it. Stepping closer, I whispered to Doris, "You're getting him hard."

    "I know," she whispered back. Is it really 10 inches when he gets hard?”

    “At least. With you, maybe a little bigger.”

    "Oh my god," she said in a low moan.

    "When do you get off?"

    "Noon... for just an hour."

    "Believe me, Doris... that's more than enough time for Dennis to get you off several times. I'll drive. You can enjoy Dennis in the back seat."

    Dennis was waiting for Doris in the back seat when she came out to the parking lot. As soon as she climbed into the back seat of my van, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the freeway.

    "Wow! Your tits are almost as big as Paula's," I heard Dennis saying. By saying that to Doris, he showed his lack of experience with women, but I loved it anyway.

    "Oh Fuck! They're really firm and hard... Paula's aren't this firm." I didn't like hearing that nearly as much, but listening to Doris moaning softly, I was certain she loved it.

    "Oh... oh... oh... that feels so good. Suck them harder, Honey."

    "Mmmmm... you nipples are just like Paula's... sensitive as all hell. Does it make your pussy throb when I suck them hard? ... Like this?"


    I pulled my skirt up high on my thighs and moved my hand between my thighs to my pulsing pussy. Just listening to Dennis working on Doris had me hot and ready. As I rubbed my throbbing clitoris, I was wishing that I had let Dennis fuck me at breakfast this morning.

    "In the back, Honey, a bra unhooks in the back." I could hear the excitement in Doris' voice as she realized that I had told her the truth. She was going to be only the second woman to get Dennis' large cock.

    "Oh shit. Your tits are fantastic. Lift up, Doris."

    "Mmmmm... you're going to take off my skirt and panties aren't you? Get me naked right here on the freeway... then you're going to fuck me, aren't you?"

    "Oohh god!"

    "Oh fuck... you're just huge. It's my turn. I want you naked, Lover."

    I heard some shuffling around in the back of the van as Doris worked to get the tight leather jeans down Dennis' legs. "Good lord! I don't know if I can take that."

    "Don't worry, Doris. I'll go real slow until you're fully stretched and ready. Paula taught me how to do it last night."

    "I'll just bet she did. Lean back, Honey. I've just got to suck this thing."

    I adjusted the rear view mirror so I could see Doris bending over him, staring at his throbbing cock as she slowly jacked him. Her hand wouldn't go all the way around the shaft any more than mine would. Like me, she did the best she could as her hot, wet tongue circled the big mushroom head. Both Doris and Dennis moaned together.

    After teasing the young stud to the brink of orgasm several times, she allowed her mouth to move over the throbbing head and then, stretching her mouth wide, she took his organ inside. Dennis grunted with the intense pleasure of both her lips and tongue sliding up and down his shaft.

    In the mirror, I saw that Doris now had her mouth stretched as wide as possible to get him inside. Dennis was holding the back of her head, thrusting his hips upward, and driving half of the organ deep into Doris' mouth. She gagged on the immense cock.

    I watched him force her head downward and saw more inches of hard cock disappearing. Then, slowly it was dragged out as her cheeks hollowed, sucking. When it was all out except the big head, the shaft started back in. Four inches..five inches..six inches. Doris' eyes bulged. More cock was pushed inside. She gagged again.

    Dennis now had so much of his cock in her mouth that I could see her throat bulging as the head entered. Again, she gagged. Dennis held her head in place. Her nose flared as she tried to breathe in air around the huge cock. When Dennis had all but one inch of cock inside her mouth and throat, he began to slowly mouth fuck the moaning blonde.

    She gagged repeatedly, "OOMMPPPPFFFFFF... GGHHAAAAAAAA.. OOMMMPPFF".

    Of course, Dennis paid no attention to her. All he was thinking about was blowing his huge load into the Doris' mouth. He held her head firmly in place as his hips drove his weapon in and out of the open mouth hole. Saliva ran down the cock shaft, coating his balls, and dripping onto the floor.

    I was rubbing my clit furiously as I watched his hips thrust upward ramming the last inch of cock into her throat. Finally, Doris' gagging slowed as the organ entered further down her gullet and her throat expanded. She was now taking all of him. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked it harder.

    "Oh fuck! OH FUCK! Suck me... deeper... please. Can I cum in your mouth?"

    Lifting off his cock momentarily, Doris moaned, "I want this monster in my pussy, Honey. Can you get it up again if I let you shoot off in my mouth?"

    At this point, I interrupted. "That's one thing you don't have to worry about, Doris. You'd best worry about how you intend to get him out of your pussy when your lunch hour is over," I said with a knowing laugh.

    The grunts from the back of the van grew in intensity as I reached the lake and pulled the van into a small grove of trees. Once I killed the engine, I turned to watch the scene in the back. With my skirt up around my waist, I thrust my hand into my panties and pushed two fingers into my excited vagina. I was just in time to see Dennis pull his rod out of Doris' throat and shoot the load into her mouth.

    Her throat worked hard to swallow all of it, but without success. I had been teasing him all morning and his balls were just too full. As she attempted to swallow one huge gush of sperm and semen, his cock flexed again pumping still another into her mouth. The thick load spurted out the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin.

    When Dennis finally withdrew his still semi-hard rod from the blonde's mouth, she fell back onto the seat gasping for breath. A second later, her gasps turned to excited, wild shrieks of hot pleasure as Dennis' mouth covered her excited, dripping pussy. I could see his tongue working up and down her gaping sex slit. When it flicked over her erect clit, his hips surged upward as she squealed with delight.

    My pussy erupted at the same time as Doris had her first climax. Her juices squirted, and I knew I would need to get the seats cleaned before Gordon returned. He loved pussy, but not all over the seats of the car.

    Dennis did not let the thrashing woman rest... just the opposite. His lips pulled her exploding clitoris inside his mouth where he sucked it hard, slashing his tongue repeatedly up and down the shaft and over the throbbing, ultrasensitive tip. Doris screeched, half in pleasure... half in pain. Her cunt convulsed again... "OOOOhhhhhh cumminggg.... God damn... you're making me cum again... oohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

    His tongue strokes slowed until her orgasm abated slightly. Then, he attached her clit and vaginal lips again. This time, he entered her vagina with two fingers, finger fucking her heaving blonde as he licked her to the very edge again.

    When her hips were thrusting a foot off the car seat, Dennis pulled away from her contracting cunt, and mounted her. She put up no resistance when he levered her legs back to expose her cunt mouth. Fitting his cock against her opening, he gradually worked it up and down her split bringing wild cries of delight from Doris.

    Dennis pushed... Doris grunted… the cock head stretched her hole wider. She moaned... "Oooohhh god... it's so damn big... easy... ohhhh please... don't hurt me... go easy." Dennis pushed again... more of the head entered, stretching her wider.

    "AAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhh... ooohhh shit... I don't think I can take it.... uunnggghhhh... you need to stop... please..."

    Dennis ignored the moaning female and pushed harder. The big head entered her cunt fully amid wild shrieks from Doris. Snapping his hips forward, six inches of man meat disappeared into Doris' widely stretched sex tunnel.

    "Oooohhh shit... big... so damn big... uughghhhhh..!"

    He pulled four inches out as excited female cries filled the van. Five inches thrust back into her dilated hole. Doris groaned but raised her legs higher and locked her ankles behind Dennis' back. He gave her another inch... She hooted with pleasure...

    When he pulled six inches from her pussy, she screamed: "NO! Please... Don't take it out. Stick it back into me... give it to me... FUCK ME... FUCK ME! DAMN YOU! FUCK IT INTO ME!"

    Dennis rammed all ten inches into her and began fucking the moaning blonde with hard, powerful strokes, each one thudding into the bottom of her throbbing cunt with masculine authority.

    "AAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... I'm cumming... cumming again... don't believe this... shit... I'm cumming! OOOhhh shit… AAHHH! AAHHH! AAHHH! AAHHH! AAHHH! AAHHH! AAHHH!”

    It was 12:45 PM. Leaning over the seat, I yelled at Dennis, "Cum in her, Honey. Or pull out and cream her hot cunt. We need to leave in about five minutes."

    “NO! KEEP FUCKING ME… PLEASE! We don’t have to leave. Just keep fucking meeeeeeeeeee!” Doris shrieked.

    For the next 30 minutes, Dennis never stopped fucking the howling blonde. She squirted again and again as her vagina erupted in hard spasms around the monster cock stretching her cunt. By 1:20 PM, she was babbling incoherently.

    “I’m gonna cum in you again, Doris,” Dennis informed her.

    “Aaahhhh gawd… yes… YES! You can cum in me anytime,” she moaned.

    Dennis began to fuck her harder and faster, which seemed impossible considering how hard he had been screwing her. When Doris began screaming in another orgasm, Dennis shoved a finger into her ass and ejaculated a huge stream of semen into her pussy. After the first gush was in her, he pulled out and fired the rest of his load all over her tits, belly, and her gaping cunt.

    I couldn’t keep from fingering my pussy as I watched Dennis fuck the hot blonde saleslady.
    After she sucked him, he screwed her in multiple positions making her
    shriek and howl every time he filled her cunt with his monster cock.

    A Late Dinner:

    That evening while Dennis was helping me fix dinner, he decided that he had had his fill of my teasing. I was cutting up the lettuce for the salad when he bent me over until my tits were resting on the counter, shoved up my skirt, and with one smooth motion, yanked my panties down to the top of my thighs.

    "I'm fixing dinner, Dennis. Not now."

    He shoved my panties further down my thighs, and I heard his zipper being lowered behind me.

    "I told you, not now!" I said firmly.

    Shoving his powerful leg between my thighs, he said, "Spread your legs wider."

    "Please... we can do it after dinner."

    "I know we can... I'm certainly going to want to fuck you again later on too... now spread wider!"


    SPLATT! A surge of mild pain shot through my naked ass as the red imprint of Dennis' hand appeared on my right buttock. "Spread!"

    "Don't you dare spank me!" I howled at him.

    SPLATT! SPLATT! My ass was now burning in three places as he held me bent over the cabinet. A moment later, I forgot all about my burning ass when two fingers sank into my cunt and two more trapped and stroked my clitoris. "Spread wider!"

    I spread wider and moaned.

    "Arch your ass higher!"

    I did and five minutes later I was howling in orgasm as Dennis plowed my contracting pussy with his thick sex spike. After ten minutes, I had cum a second time just as he filled my pussy with his load.

    "All right," he said as he extracted his still stiff organ from my drenched pussy. "We can have dinner now."

    Still bent over the counter, I turned my head toward him. "To hell with dinner, Lover. Let's go to the bedroom and fuck. We can have dinner later or not at all."

    Another Party:

    The rest of the week was a repeat of the first two days. Dennis was screwing me once or twice a day and several times during the night. On Thursday night, Gordon called again, and we essentially had phone sex while Dennis had me bent over fucking my ass.

    On Friday, Martha called and invited us to another party on Saturday evening. I declined because Gordon was due home Saturday afternoon, and I wanted to spend the time with him, but Dennis was eager to go.

    I had decided that sex with Dennis was going to end after Friday evening because I wanted to be fresh and ready for my randy husband that afternoon. But, it didn't work out that way.

    Dennis fucked me three times after we went to bed Friday evening until we both fell into an exhausted sleep around midnight. I was still sound asleep at 8 AM when I realized that there was a cock buried in my pussy fucking me. Dennis was behind me doing me in spoon position.

    Rolling away from him onto my back, I started to remind him that I had told him no sex in the morning, but before I could get a word out, he was between my thighs pushing his iron-hard cock back into my wet and fully open pussy. Once he had me on my back, his hands beneath my ass keeping me in position, there was no way he was going to stop until he had pumped another load into my cunt.

    Knowing I was going to be fucked regardless, I raised my legs and enjoyed the feeling of his big dick stimulating my clit and moving over my G-spot. I came twice before his load filled me.

    Gordon called around 11 AM to tell me that his flight had been delayed and that he wouldn't be arriving until 4:30 PM. If his plane was on time, he would get home around 5 PM. With six hours remaining before my husband came home, there was no way I was going to be able to keep Dennis out of my pussy for that length of time... not that I really wanted to.

    Shortly after lunch, he had me back in bed where he first fucked me in doggy position. Later, I got it a second time missionary with my legs locked about his thighs pulling him into me until ten inches of cock were pumping my hot pussy.

    Around 3 PM, he had me mounted on his cock while we both worked frantically to drive his throbbing shaft in and out of my soaked pussy until it again filled me with his hot load.

    Gordon arrived home around 5 PM, about an hour after Dennis had left to get ready for Martha's party. All he said was, "Oh god, I missed you!" After that, his mouth was crushed against mine. It stayed there as he carried me to the bedroom where I frantically pulled down his pants and shorts. At the same time, he shoved my skirt up around my waist and ripped off my panties, shredding them.

    With both of us still half dressed, we fell into the bed, my legs jerking up and back. Gordon socked his hips into my sex saddle and drove his rock-hard erection into my eager pussy. It was well over an hour later before his cock left my vagina.

    Moving his head between my gaping thighs, my sexy husband used his tongue to clean his two huge loads out of my pussy. Then, he worked my clit and G-spot to two more screaming orgasms before he moved up in the bed and took me in his arms. After kissing me and letting me taste his cum and my pussy on his lips, he grinned and said, "Hi. How long has it been since I told you what a delicious fuck you are?"

    "Too long."

    "Sorry about that. You are one hot, delicious, wet piece of ass. I love it."

    "I guess you know that dinner is burnt to a crisp."

    "Who gives a shit. Suck me. Get me hard again."

    "Yes, Master," I said seductively as I took his semi-hard prick into my mouth.

    It didn't take very long. Within a couple of minutes, 8 inches of throbbing dick filled my mouth. Slowly, he pushed in and out of my throat as his fingers worked between my thighs on my erect clitoris. My body began to shudder.

    "Don't stop. Oh please, don't stop. I'm about to cum," I hissed in hot passion.

    Gordon brought me off beautifully making my vagina go into hard, spastic contractions. While I was still shaking in orgasm, he said, "Mount it, Honey. Mount it. Make me shoot off in your hot pussy."

    It was sometime after 9 PM before we finally stopped. I was lying cuddled up against my husband's powerful body with my head on his chest, his arm around me, hugging me tightly. "I'm so glad you're home, Darling," I whispered in his ear.

    "Don't miss your 20-year old virgin with the big whang?"

    "His cock is bigger than your 8 inches, but he's a boy. You're a man... my man. You just fucked me for four solid hours and made me cum over a dozen times. Dennis couldn't and didn't match that even though I was wildly hot over the fact he was a virgin and he was a new cock for me. Nobody turns me on like you do."

    "MMmmmm... you know exactly what to say, Paula. I really missed you... a lot!"

    "Were you jealous?"

    "Yes... a lot."

    "Am I going to be punished?"

    "Don't you deserve to be?"

    "Oh yes... punish your naughty wife, Darling."

    "I think I'll keep you naked for the rest of the weekend... So you'll be ready to service me whenever I decide to use you."

    "OOohhhh god... what if someone comes to visit?"

    "I don't think they will object to the sight of your big tits and wet pussy."

    "Please... "

    "Please what?"

    "Do that to me! Fuck me again right now!"

    Early Sunday morning, after Gordon had ravished me twice and cum in my mouth the second time, the phone rang. He answered it, walked into the hallway out of earshot, and talked for a long time. When he finally returned to our bed, I asked, "Who was that that? What did they want?"

    "Oh, that was Martha. She wanted to know what you did this last week to turn Dennis into a raging, uncontrollable, satyr."

    "What did he do?"

    "Martha invited six couples to the party. It seems that Dennis fucked every wife at least once and several a second time. When Art Bronner asked Tracy if she was ready to head home, she told him to go ahead that Dennis was going to screw her again."

    I started laughing. "What did he say?"

    "Martha said he was obviously pissed off, but it was a swinging party so what could he really say."

    "Sounds like Tracy really had fun."

    "She did. In fact, that's why Martha called. Dennis still has her in bed fucking her. She wanted to know if you would come over and get Dennis so Tracy can go home to Art."

    "And what did you tell her?"

    "Just that you were going to be busy for some time taking care of me."

    "Mmmmmmm... love that!" I rolled over onto my knees, lowered my head to the bed, arched my ass and hissed,

    "FUCK ME, STUD!"

    Story written by RLM.

    If you have comments, please send them to [email protected]
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