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. Making It Easy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Throne, May 19, 2016.

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  1. Throne

    Throne Well-Known Member Author!

    by Throne

    "B... but, honey, please. I thought you were done with all that... that..."

    Milton stood there in his jockey shorts. He had thought he was going to have sex with his tall zaftig wife Greta. After all, when he got home she was wearing nothing but a very short belted robe, her long plump legs on display, her full bust half exposed by the top of the garment that wasn't quite pulled closed. Instead, she had given him a big and unwelcome surprise. He clenched his small hands together prayerfully and looked at her with imploring eyes. She smirked at him, at his short slender physique and bland face.

    "Who ever said I was done with my hobby? Hmmm?"

    "It's just that we're married now and... and... I thought..."

    "You thought what, dumbo? That I would suddenly lose my love of big cocks? That I would all-at-once fall in love with that tiny thing between your legs?" She glared critically at the undersized bump in the front of his snug white undershorts.

    "Well... it's only... I love you and everything."

    "And I love you. But not for sex. I love you more like a pet. My wimpy pet husband." She laughed nastily. "And now I've gotten back in touch with one of my old lovers and he's coming over for a visit. So too bad for you."

    "Greta. You can't."

    "I most certainly can. It's Ralph. You remember him. How I had so many dances with him at our wedding reception."

    The upset man stared at his wife, at her full figure and long hair. "But now that we're wed..."

    "Now that we're wed you can shut up and obey me and not get in my way when I'm going to have some fun. The same as it was before we got married." She put her hands on her hips and planted her feet well apart. "Right?"

    "I... I can't... can't let you..."

    She let out a loud theatrical sigh. "That's it."

    Greta grabbed Milton's skinny upper arm and dragged him into the hallway, slammed him up against the wall, and held him there with one hand in the middle of his narrow chest. She opened the closet with her other hand and took something out. He saw it was a duffle bag. Was she going to make him pack up some clothes and leave? She couldn't. But no, she used her foot to sweep his feet out from under him, so that he fell awkwardly to the floor. Then she unzipped the bag and pulled it up over his lower legs. Greta continued like that, bringing it above his waist. With her superior strength she stuffed him down into the rough canvas bag and zipped it up to his neck. There was a simple lock on it and she fastened that, so that only his head protruded and he was helpless to free himself.

    "There," she said triumphantly. "I'm making it easy for you. When I get into bed with Ralph, there won't be anything you can do about it. See? So it won't be like you're letting me get away with anything. You don't have a choice."

    He started to protest again and she took hold of the bottom of the bag and easily hauled him back along the hallway and into their bedroom. There she stood him up in the corner, facing outward. He was scrunched down uncomfortably and could only squat there, leaning backward, as she sneered down at him. When he opened his mouth to speak she silenced him with a hard stare.

    Then she crossed over to the hamper in the corner, opened it, dug around, and came up with a pair of her voluminous panties, the ones she had been wearing the day before. Greta went to her husband and pinched his nose. After a few seconds his lips popped open. She stuffed the panties deep into his mouth, so that he couldn't expell them. He tasted her pussy flavor on them as he breathed through his nose.

    She told him, "If I didn't do that, you'd just start babbling again, sooner or later. This way is better. Now you don't even have to say anything. I'll expect you to thank me later... for making this all so easy for you." She ruffled his short brown hair and patted him atop the head. As Greta strolled away he couldn't stop gazing at her and the way her bottom swayed under the brief robe.

    Milton tried to shift around inside the bag to ease his discomfort, but it was useless. He was trying to think what else he could do when he heard a loud knock on the front door, his bride opening it, and a deep male voice saying her name. There was a moment of silence and then some soft moans and a throaty chuckle, the former from his spouse and the latter from her past lover, now returned. He listened closely and heard them moving, then the refrigerator door opening and closing, and two pull tabs being yanked on beer cans. They were sharing a drink while he suffered in his confinement.

    All too soon they arrived in the bedroom. Greta pointed out her trapped mate and explained what had happened. Ralph laughed and said she had done the right thing.

    He went on, "I remember him back in school. Always yakking. And in the locker room, he had the smallest dick of anyone." The tall imposing man went to Milton and squatted before him. "Remember how I used to torment you, weakling? How I used to do THIS?"

    He caught Milton's nose between his bent first two fingers and squeezed hard, at the same time twisting from side to side. Milton's cries were muffled by the panty gag. His eyes teared up and he blinked repeatedly. When Ralph released his hold, Milton's nose was bright red and very sore. Tears ran down his flushed cheeks. He looked ridiculous, just a head sticking out of a bag, so pitiable. But instead of pity he got their scornful laughter.

    They embraced and kissed deeply, while Milton looked on with a mixture of horror and shame. The woman he loved was cheating on him while he watched, unable to do anything to stop it. She had dated Ralph several times back in school, even while she was going out with Milton. She would sexually tease 'Milty', getting him all worked up and then leaving him with an aching case of blue balls. Between goodnight kisses, she would casually mention Ralph, and how she always seemed to end her nights with him by sucking his giant cock. Milton had always been humiliated at those times -- being told that the mouth on his had delighted Ralph that way -- but his burning ardor had kept him going back to her. So many times he told himself that she would eventually settle down and be his alone. And now this.

    The aroused couple undressed each other. Well, Ralph tore off Greta's robe and pawed her all over. She eagerly got him out of his clothes and invited him into her bed. The place where she slept with Milton. Not that she had much sex with her husband. She still liked to get him excited, but the most he could hope for was a handjob, in exchange for which he was expected to use his mouth on her pussy as often and for as long as she demanded.

    She used her hand on Ralph, but it was to add to his pleasure, not just to get him off in a hurry. She stroked him and rubbed herself up against him. He fondled her chubby tits and reached around to squeeze her round ass. They got onto the bed and she immediatly lay on her back, legs spread wide, and held her arms out to him. He happily climbed on top and sucked her nipples, at the same time positioning his impressive hard cock for entry. Milton wanted to scream. This couldn't be happening. He shuddered inside the duffle bag as his old rival penetrated Greta, feeding inch after thick inch between her parted pussy lips.

    When he was buried in her up to his heavy balls, he paused to ask her if she wanted him to pump her. She told him yes and wrapped her legs around him. He still hesitated, asking her again. She urged him to do it. Ralph kept up his questioning and made her beg for it, to Milton's dismay. Ralph even made Greta promise that she wouldn't betray him by letting her husband put his little dick where Ralph's manly tool was at that moment. Panting, she agreed at once, and the man on top began to slam into her.

    Milton made sad mewling sounds as the totally involved pair copulated like a couple of animals. They kept going for over a half hour while Greta was thrilled by two noisy orgasms. Finally, another five minutes later, they both climaxed together, him bellowing and her screaming, and Milton knew he could never have performed so well or elicited such a reaction. With his immature penis and inability to kept from ejaculating for more than a minute or two, he would never be able to compete with a real man like Ralph. Milton was beaten.

    Inside the scratchy bag he hugged himself and felt the now soggy panties pressing down on his tongue. He sniffled. The lovers snuggled and were so relaxed that they even napped for a bit. At last they got up and hugged. Greta went to her husband and, with a hearty laugh, rubbed her creamed pussy all over the top of his head, smearing his hair with cum. He cringed and tried to escape the added humiliation, but she gripped his ears and kept going until she was satisfied that most of the mess had been transferred from her body to his scalp.

    Ralph cupped Milton's chin in one wide hand and tilted up his head, so he had to look at the bully. "There's a nice little Milty. Just like back in school, with me taking Greta from you. And now I'll be coming around to do it all the time. If you behave, maybe after this she won't have to put you in there like a bunch of dirty laundry. Maybe we can find a milking stool for you to sit on, all naked, while you watch us screw like crazy. It'll be the best seat in the house."

    He laughed raucously while Milton began to weep again. Ralph let go of his chin and went back to Greta, making a show of running his hands up and down over her generous contours, kissing her wetly, and then putting an arm over her shoulder to walk her away. Milton watched her bottom-halves rolling against each other, mournfully thinking that he would never again be allowed to stroke them, which he desired so much to do. And then they were gone.

    Milton was left in the bag for the rest of the evening. Hours later he heard the front door open and close. Greta appeared. She said she guessed his bladder must be full by then, so she unlocked and released him.

    "But keep my panties in your mouth and don't dare to wash off what I rubbed all over your stupid head. I like having you marked with Ralph's scent."

    He went to the bathroom and relived himself. When he got back she was already under the covers. He tried to join her but she snapped at him and reminded him he still owed her thanks because she had 'made it all so easy' for him. What she wanted was for him to take the panties from his mouth and kiss her feet, even to lick between her toes. He did it, feeling miserable, but at the same time excited to have any contact at all with her body. After plenty of that she ordered Milton to replace her underwear in his mouth and curl up on the carpet. Her robe was still on the bed so she tossed it to him as a cover. It was all he had to keep warm with for the rest of the night.

    After being in the bag for hours and then sleeping like that, he awoke sore and dispirited, still smelling like Ralph's spunk, the panties hanging halfway out of his dry mouth. He stuffed them back in, fearful that his wife would think he was disobeying. He knew that this was going to be his life from then on, worse than when they had dated, awful beyond what he could endure, and yet he knew he would stay. He was under her spell, addicted to her voluptuous body and streaming hair, her dark eyes and full lips. And she would never let him escape.
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