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. Magic Peter

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 3, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!


    By EroticWriter


    "That is the most realistic looking...'dildo' I have ever seen." She shook her head in dis-belief.
    "I went to a 'sex toy' party with some girlfriends about a year ago, and I never saw one that looks like that! And besides that, this one has balls!"

    "It's not a 'dildo,' miss. It is real."

    "You're kidding."

    "No, touch it. Go ahead and feel it."

    Gingerly, and with a little giggle, she reached her right hand forward and touched it with one finger. "It's warm!" she exclaimed in shock!

    "Yes. As I said, it is very real, and living."

    OK good readers. Today you get to read a story totally original by me, not
    taken from any joke I heard, and never placed online anywhere except SlutWives
    before now. I am sure that later this story will be shortened and going around the net
    as a short joke, but I claim credit on 9 Jan 2011. Enjoy.

    Old Mr. Schwartz watched through the windows of his pawn and antique shop as that lovely miss he had admired two or three times in the past parked her blue Nissan 370Z in front of the Starbucks across the street. The area around the shop had deteriorated over the years, and now there was an ongoing community effort to revitalize the neighborhood.

    The Starbucks was a good start, bringing new and oftentimes younger customers into the neighborhood. Mr. Schwartz's shop had seen a slight increase in business in recent weeks. He sighed and thought, 'maybe someday she will take note of my place and come across the street.'

    Mr. Schwartz was to get his wish today. After about 20 minutes Mr. Schwartz watched as she came out of the Starbucks and instead of getting in and driving off, looked both ways and carefully began crossing the street on foot. His heart leaped as she drew closer, because he could see a definite jiggling under her silk blouse, indicating that what she had was real and not enhanced by plastic.

    She was looking absolutely gorgeous with her long black hair, which she was wearing straight with only a curl at the end as it lay across her shoulders. Her breasts had to be at least a 'C' cup under there, and her legs, wow. Not only did her long legs reach all the way to the street, but also they had calves and thighs that would be the dream of any 'leg' man.

    She was stepping carefully in her high heels as she crossed over the rough blacktop in the soon-to-be-repaved street. Mr. Schwartz knew right off that she wouldn't be looking to pawn something, not if she drove a car like the Z. Maybe he could interest her in some antiques, and one in particular. He pretended to notice her for the first time by looking up as she entered and the antique chime above the door went off with a melodious tune.

    "Good morning miss, how may I help you?" Mr. Schwartz gave her his warmest smile, reserved only for the special customers. She smiled and looked about uncertainly. "I'm not looking for anything in particular. I just happened to notice your shop, the antique sign I mean, and wanted to look around."

    "Feel free. Our smaller items you will find over to your right, and the larger items such as picture frames, desks, and the like are more towards the middle and back of the store. The left side of our shop as you face it is for pawned items that have come up for sale. None of those will much qualify as antiques. If you see anything of particular interest, just call me."

    "Thank you. I think I'll start over to the right, with your smaller items."

    She began browsing, and Mr. Schwartz pretended to resume whatever it was he was doing at his counter. But he was very aware of her movements. Fortunately the shop was empty at the moment save for her, and he hoped that it would remain that way.

    When he saw that she was eventually coming his way, he quietly reached under his counter and pulled out a very uniquely carved chest. The chest measured twelve inches long, six inches wide, and six inches high plus the curved lid, which at its highest point made the chest stand about nine inches tall.

    Making sure that she was not looking in his direction, he placed it on the counter where she would be sure to see it.

    A couple of minutes later she was there. Now finally standing close to him, she towered over Mr. Schwartz, who stood just five feet five in height. "Oooh, this is a lovely piece. What is it? It looks like it might really be old by the way the wood is carved and some of that marble or whatever stone it might be is inlaid into the sides."

    She was close enough now for Mr. Schwartz to see more details unaided by glasses. She was wearing a wedding band, and a nice but not overly expensive engagement ring. Her being married might put a crimp into things, but considering how very fine she was looking, he decided to give it a shot.

    "That box is very special and we normally only show it to single women."

    Her look, as expected, was one of complete surprise. "Single women only? But why, what difference could it possibly make?" Then, as she studied the box and its dimensions a little more, her face turned slightly red and as she thought of what it might contain, she said."Ooh."

    "Don't be embarrassed. The box, as you might be thinking, contains something that...let's see, under today's standards you would rate as 'R,' or, thinking more on it, maybe an 'X.'

    Her reaction was what he was hoping for. "May I see inside?" As she spoke, she reached for the lid and saw that it had a small, very intricately designed metal lock on it, which looked confusing to operate. "As the current owner," Mr. Schwartz answered, "I am the only person who can open the box. Through the ages, only the person in personal possession of the box can know and understand its operation."

    She giggled. "You make it sound like those shows I have seen on TV where the old shop owner has a lamp, and if you rub it, a genie pops out and grants three wishes." He looked intently into her eyes, and said, "Yes, something magical like that, exactly."

    He pretended to look around to make sure no one was listening although he knew full well the shop was empty except for the two of them. "It's something that is only available for short rental periods. You could never afford the purchase price, and I will probably hang onto the piece until I pass on."

    He could see the look in her eyes. He had her now. "What...what's inside the box?"

    "As I have stated, we normally only show this to single women. Can you be discreet' I see that you are wearing wedding rings."

    "Yes, please. I really want to know..."

    He paused for effect. "It's a 'magic peter.'

    "A...a *what*?"

    "A magic peter," he repeated, and as she watched, he moved his fingers over the hasp, and magically, the lid opened enough for him to grasp it underneath and lift.

    "Ohhh, wow," she exclaimed, not believing her eyes, for within, complete with testicles and 'lying on its back' you might say such as it would appear on a man with an erection who was so positioned, was a penis, a very real looking penis.

    Lying on a red satin padded surface, it was huge, thick and going almost nine inches long plus testicles and almost totally filling the box end to end. The skin was exact, true in its detail, and almost completely covered the head. In other words, this penis was uncircumcised.

    "Do you like it," Mr. Schwartz asked in a low, confidential tone'

    "That is the most realistic looking...'dildo' I have ever seen. She shook her head in dis-belief. I went to a 'sex toy' party with some girlfriends about a year ago, and I never saw one that looked like that! And besides that, this one has balls!"

    "It's not a 'dildo,' miss. It is real."

    "You're kidding."

    "No, touch it. Go ahead and feel it."

    Gingerly, and with a little giggle, she reached her right hand forward and touched it with one finger. "It's warm," she exclaimed in shock!

    "Yes. As I said, it is very real, and living."

    "But how' I mean'it can't possibly be alive. Stuff like this only happens in movies!" She looked around the store, ensuring herself that no one else was present.

    "It came to me many years ago, and I have treasured and held onto it ever since. Only a few women could afford to rent it, and in order to keep the magic penis happy, I only show it to the finest looking women."

    She stared silently at Mr. Schwartz. Then, finally: "But it's just some kind of dildo. It still has to be held, and manipulated in order for it to, well, in order for it to?"

    She seemed at a loss for words to describe what she was thinking, or, based upon her reddening cheeks, she was too embarrassed to say it. Mr. Schwartz finished for her. "In order for it to feel good?"

    "Yes." Her face was now bright red.

    "It does not have to be held, or manipulated. It does all the movements on its own. Do you mind if I am more descriptive as I tell you how' I don't want to offend you with my language."

    "Yes, please tell me."

    "It will do whatever you tell it to do. If you want it to fuck your pussy, you give the command. The same thing applies wherever you want it to make the fucking movements, back and forth, in and out, all done with gentleness or roughly, however you want it."

    "Roughly' But it's so big?"

    "It knows when to be gentle. My customers through the years have told me. It knows, seems to sense what the woman that it is servicing wants at the time. It will be slow, and gentle. If the woman needs it faster or harder perhaps so that she can reach her orgasm, it senses that and adjusts its movements accordingly. It might look like a penis, but somehow, magically, it has a mind as well."

    She seemed in awe at what he was stating. "It doesn't go too deep?"

    He smiled and looked up into her eyes. "Magic knows just how much, and how far to go in order to please a pussy,"

    "You called it 'Magic,' Is that its name?"

    "Yes, in order to give it the commands, you first address him by his full name, Magic Peter."

    She swallowed, and Mr. Schwartz could tell by her eyes, the color of her cheeks, and the way her breasts were heaving under that silk blouse that she was now thoroughly aroused.

    "How much to rent it?"

    "Like I said, it's very high. One thousand dollars for a 24 hour period." Actually, the rent was five hundred, but Mr. Schwartz had deliberately doubled the price for this woman because she was so fine and he had a plan.

    She sighed in resignation. "I could never afford that. My husband gives me an allowance, and I do have about that much in my current balance, but it would be hard to explain where it went."

    She looked pleadingly at Mr. Schwartz. "Is there any other way'?"

    Excellent! She had come around more quickly than he had expected. She either was a very horny woman or was unhappy with her sex life at home, or maybe both. "Well, there is a way that I could reduce the rent to perhaps, half?"

    "H...How??" She was looking back and forth now between Mr. Schwartz and Magic.

    "I know that I look like an old man, but I still have my needs. My wife passed on several years ago, and I have been alone since then." He waited to see if she would say what he was thinking.

    She sighed. "You want me to let you 'make love' to me, is that it?"

    Mr. Schwartz smiled. Just like a housewife who was not all that experienced, she was referring to the sex act as 'making love', even though if she and he were doing it, it would be an act between two strangers.

    "Yes, that is exactly what I meant. I have a room, with a bed in back, and I could close the shop for an hour or so?"

    She seemed to be thinking it over seriously now. "Still, that other $500 is a lot of money."

    Mr. Schwartz beamed. That was exactly what he wanted to hear, because he had a friend. "I have a friend, about my age. His wife passed recently, and he too has been alone. He is nice looking for his age, better looking than me, and not so short."

    She was quick to assure him. "What is your name?" He told her and she went on. "I'your height wouldn't bother me, nor your age. It's just that I am married, and doing it for real with one or two men would be cheating on my husband."

    Mr. Schwartz laughed, but gently so as not to make fun of her. "It wouldn't matter so much if you were to fuck, excuse me, make love with my friend and me. If or when you 'make love' with Magic Peter, that would be the same as 'cheating' because he is real. Go on, feel him again, this time with more fingers."

    She stared at Mr. Schwartz, then reached down and gingerly felt Magic Peter, first with two fingers, then picking him up slightly and wrapping her hand around him. "It does feel so real, and it's warm all over."

    "You shouldn't refer to him as 'it.' Since Magic Peter is real, call him 'he.'

    "He feels real, and alive. I just don't see how it is possible."

    "To find out, you have to take him home with you, and I can assure you, the experience will be the most 'real' thing you have ever done in your life."

    "O.K., I'll do it. Can we start now' Is your friend close enough?"

    "I'll call him. He can be here in less than ten minutes. It's ten minutes to lunchtime. In the meantime, you can keep looking around the shop, or if you prefer and no one comes in while we are waiting, you can just look at, and if you like, hold Magic in your hands."

    Mr. Schwartz made a quick call, then went to the front door and put up a 'Closed" sign, in which he had little watch hands which he set to show that he would be open again at one-thirty. The tall beauty, whose name he learned after asking her was 'Betty,' was wandering around the shop, but she looked restless, perhaps anxious. Five minutes passed, and then suddenly Betty walked quickly up to Mr. Schwartz.

    "It's some kind of trick! You've managed to create the most realistic dildo of all time, and now you plan to, to do some fucking, you, your buddy and me. Then when I take it home, I'll find out that I will have to do all the work of moving it with my hand. It might be a lovely little piece, but using it isn't worth my cheating with not just one but with two men!"

    He laughed gently. "I can understand your concern and suspicions. Come here and allow me to demonstrate how real Magic is." When she came up next to him, he said, "Place your elbow up on the counter with your hand raised straight up."

    She looked puzzled but did so. "Now make a circle with your thumb and longest finger. Pretend that your hand is your pussy in the doggy position." She did that and he said, put a little space between your fingers, Magic needs more room than that."

    She did, and then he said; "Now you must give the command. I won't say it all at once, using his name because that activates him. I will tell you and then you say it all at once. Ready?"

    Betty nodded nervously, and he went on. "First you say his full name, then the command that you want to give, to have him do, is the same as his name. Any action he takes is referred to by 'Magic Peter' in the front. If you want him to work on your pussy, you say after saying his name, 'Magic Peter my pussy,' and he will do just that. For now you must tell him to do it to your hand. Do you understand''

    She nodded nervously and continued to hold her hand upwards, elbow locked on the desk and fingers in a circle. "M'Magic Peter. Magic Peter my hand'Ooooh!"

    Just that quickly, the Magic Peter had somehow risen out of the box and started fucking the circle her fingers had created. It was moving back and forth slowly, taking about a four-inch stroke, and because the foreskin was allowing him to move without dragging her hand back and forth, Betty's hand remained steady in place. Mouth wide open, she stared in shock, with an expression that gradually changed to one of fascination, and then joy. "Oooh, he's so cute, and knows just what to do."

    Betty watched Magic fucking her fingers for another 20 seconds and noticed that he was dripping slightly from the tip. "He's getting wet! There's stuff, it looks like pre-coital fluid coming out!"

    "Exactly. Like I told you, Magic is real. He will provide you with lubrication when needed, and I have been told by my finer looking ladies that he will sometimes get extra firm, seem to grow a little in size, and ejaculate. And when he does it, the women have told me that they can feel him coming.

    Also, they say that his ejaculate looks, feel, smells, and tastes just like the real thing. I believe that Magic is particular with his women, but if he is fucking a lady that particularly turns him on, he has very real feelings and lets it go."

    "Oh, I bet he will like me. I'll make him come more than once, you can bet on that!" She turned Magic around slightly and took a close look at the area behind his balls, which was sealed up and smooth. "Where do you fill him?"

    Mr. Schwartz laughed. "Magic doesn't need refills. He is a perpetual dick, with a reservoir of balls that never run dry."

    Betty was getting anxious now. "When is your friend'Oh, is that him now?"

    "Yes, that's Rubie, a nickname for his last name, which is Rubenstein." And with that, Mr. Schwartz went to the door and admitted his friend, who, when he entered, Betty greeted with a smile before realizing that she was still holding the fucking Magic in the air in front of her. Her face turned red, and Rubie laughed in greeting. "Schwartz, I see that you have been demonstrating what Magic can do for her."

    "Yes, I needed to prove to her that there were no tricks. What she sees is what she gets."

    With both men staring at her as she held the still pumping penis, she asked, "How can I stop him?"

    "Same way, less words,' Mr. Schwartz responded. Just call him by name once and say, "Stop petering my hand."

    She grinned excitedly and stared at the pumping penis, which now could be seen as having a very wet and shiny tip each time the penis came forward out of the foreskin. "Magic Peter, stop petering my hand!"

    Instantly the penis was lying in its original position in the box, on its back, and the tip now appeared to have somehow dried itself. Betty stared in wonderment. "It works. It really works."

    "Yes," replied Mr. Schwartz, who now had an erection, which he was rubbing with one hand. "Let's go into the back. I need to turn on my alarm first." Mr. Schwartz reached under his counter and pushed two buttons, then raised up and let both his friend Rubie and Betty through a door and into a back room.

    In the center of the room was a doublewide bed, with sheets that looked fresh and clean. Two pillows were at the head.

    "We have an hour. Let's get undressed." As both men pulled off first a shirt, then trousers and underwear, they could not take their eyes off Betty as she slowly stripped down. Under that blue silk blouse and short skirt she was wearing a white almost see-through bra and white panties that were now fitting tightly up into her crack and looked quite damp.

    All three now naked, they looked at one another. Four masculine eyes studying the most lovely body they had ever seen, and two feminine eyes that were seeing two circumcised penises pointing outright and not up because of their age, but still firm and at least average in size if not a little more. At least they might be a little larger than average, since they both had her husband beat in length and width, and the one on Rubie looked to be a little bit thicker than the penis on Schwartz.

    Mr.Schwartz, since he was the owner of Magic the Peter, went first, and after lovingly fondling her breasts, he entered her and fucked Betty slowly and lovingly while she laid wide open on her back and sighed with pleasure. He waited over a minute, and when Betty seemed to be more than turned on, he tentatively placed his lips over hers, and was pleased when she responded, complete with tongue.

    "Enjoying yourself?" Betty opened her eyes, looked up and saw that Rubie was standing beside the bed and watching them while slowly jacking his penis, which was dripping slightly.

    "Yes, she responded, while looking up at Rubie. "He feels good. I didn't know that it would be this nice, cheating, and I'm glad that I came back here now."

    "Yes," Schwartz added, joining in with the conversation, "and you are making two old and lonely men very happy today, and Magic will do his wonders with you when you get home."

    "I will have him for 24 hours' It's almost one and my husband comes home around six so I won't have much time."

    Schwartz giggled slightly and responded both with his voice and his penis as he began fucking her more vigorously. "Yes. Feel *that* Betty while I fuck your delicious pussy. You have Magic for 24 hours so you will need to hide him before your husband gets home, then tomorrow when he leaves for work you can let our mutual friend work his magic on you again."

    She was talking haltingly now, between shoves of the Schwartz penis, surprisingly hard for an old man. "Yes, I'll b'bring him back, I p'promise. But I might hate to do so. What if I get addicted to that big thing' Based on what you tell me, he will be the best fuck of my life." She giggled, 'besides you I mean." She laughed and gripped his ass more tightly as Schwartz fucked her with more vigor after having heard her say that he was a good fuck.

    Schwartz slowed his pumping because he was approaching orgasm. "If you wish to visit with Magic again, after tomorrow, I might be able to arrange one more 'free' session."

    "How? I'd like that?"

    "After you get all rested up and are horny again, probably a day or two later, you can have Magic here on this bed, and Rubie and I will watch."

    She sighed with pleasure but concern. "I don't know if I could 'do' two men plus Magic."

    "No,' Schwartz answered, trying desperately to hold back his orgasm by stopping completely. "You wouldn't have to fuck Rubie and me. We would just sit and watch while Magic does his thing. With no physical body standing between him and us, we would have an unobstructed view of how he is stretching and working your pussy."

    Betty giggled. "And be playing with yourselves?"

    "Of course."

    "I'll do it. Won't make any difference if you see me and Magic together, at least not after today and me making love with both of you."

    "Yes," Rubie interjected as he stroked his dick and stared down at them. "Keep calling it *making love*. That's nice because I think I am already in love with you."

    Betty looked up at Rubie, smiled and said, "He's going to make me come!"

    Just then Schwartz groaned loudly and blasted a surprisingly strong load of ancient sperm into the spot that he had found to be so delightful, his best ever. Betty responded with a moan and a passionate kiss as she climaxed along with him.

    As Betty held him tightly with her arms and now her legs, he rested for over a minute before pulling out. Schwartz knew now. One come and Betty had drained him completely. There would be no second time for him today. "Your turn Rubie, She took it all out of me. Tried to hold back, but she kisses like a real lover and her pussy is so nice."

    "Do you want me to clean up a little first?" Betty was still breathing hard. Her body looked shiny with sweat as she looked up at Rubie after Schwartz had weakly climbed off her and the bed. She was lying unashamedly, legs spread wide and with some juice oozing slowly out of her shiny pussy.

    "You have to go back into the main store to get to the bathroom, so just use this clean towel." Schwartz almost staggered over to where the towel was stored on a shelf, grasped it, returned to the bed, and instead of handing it to Betty, bent over and gently began wiping her pussy lips on the outside until they appeared to be dry.

    "Leave her wet on the inside. I like it good and wet." Rubie climbed onto the bed and walked on his knees up between her welcoming legs. He placed the tip of his thickish penis against her entrance and while still up on his knees, fondled her breasts. "Oi vay these tits are nice. Really fine tits to go along with the prettiest face I have seen in a long time, not since my departed wife was young."

    Betty looked up at Rubie, whom she had decided that she liked, very much. He seemed to be a fine man, like Mr. Schwartz, and he was touching her at the crack with a penis that was making her tingle. "I am sorry for your loss, Rubie, and let me see if I can help you to forget, for a little while."

    Rubie was only the third man ever to enter her, but so far the thickest. She sighed, then gasped as his thick, not huge but thicker than two previous penises began to enter her, stretching her lips and sliding inside on a slippery cushion of Schwartz cum.

    "Ooh Rubie. You feel good, just like Mr. Schwartz." Actually, Rubie felt better since Betty was now completely aroused and the feel of a thicker dick was stretching her. She needed thicker now because she was so wet inside.

    Rubie lasted a little longer than Schwartz had. He fucked her slow, then fast, then slow. He turned her over and did her doggy for a little while, relishing the view as he and Schwartz looked down and saw how her lips were being tugged in and out by his fat penis.

    When Schwartz pointed to his watch, Rubie turned Betty over onto her back, climbed on and began kissing her passionately. Betty groaned and climaxed before Rubie had even really began pumping again. Rubie was a minute behind her, and bathed Betty with her largest load ever.

    It was over too quickly for Schwartz and Rubie, and yes, for Betty. "That was nice," said Betty, as she stretched her body on the bed just before Rubie this time began wiping her pussy lovingly with a different and dry section of the towel. "I came with both of you. I never dreamed, in a million years that two strangers, two nice older men could affect me this way."

    Rubie laughed. "Maybe thinking of having a little 'Magic' in your life got you turned on."

    Betty responded with a laugh of her own. "Probably. Magic was, is the reason I came back here, but I'm glad I did, really I am!"

    "You have made two old men very happy today, and in a couple of days you can do it again when you make let Magic make love to you on this very bed while we watch." Schwartz was using the towel that Rubie had handed him to wipe his now very soft and small-looking penis.

    Betty studied his circumcised penis while pretending to just be watching him wipe. "Geez," she was thinking. "His penis looks so small now. I can't believe it felt so good inside me and made me cum like that." She glanced over at Rubie and watched as he wiped his deflated penis. "It looks pretty small too, bigger than Schwartz does, but not by much. And it made me come really, really good."

    All three were now dressed and back in the front of the store. Schwartz leaned under his counter and flicked the two switches so that his alarm was now de-activated. He went over and removed the closed sign from the window. "We beat my set time by just?" he looked at his watch, "three minutes."

    "Now I get to take Magic home," she asked, almost timidly?"

    "Of course. Let me copy your driver's license so I'll know where he is going." After Betty had handed him her license and he had copied it, he handed it back to her, then removed Magic from his box and stuck him in a brown paper sack. He handed the sack to her. "Have him back by," he checked his watch, by one tomorrow."

    She looked surprised; almost disappointed at being handed Magic in a brown bag. "I can't take him in his box?"

    "No. You see, that box is my security. No matter who takes Magic, no matter where he goes, if he is locked up, stolen, or lost, he ALWAYS returns magically to this box at the end of the 24 hours. This box is my protection."

    "Oh, I see. That's probably a good thing. So I still need to bring him back in person then?"

    "Yes, that is for your credit rating."

    "My credit rating?"

    "Yes, bring him back, and you have proved yourself trustworthy and get to visit with him on the bed in there on another day, two away."

    "I'll bring him back, I promise!" With a big smile, a peck on the lips for both Schwartz and Rubie, she hurried out the door. Both men watched with wonderment at how nice her ass looked under that skirt as she carefully but hurriedly crossed the street, climbed into her Z and drove away. Finally Rubie spoke. "The best fuck ever, bar none."

    Schwartz nodded in agreement. "She was, that's for sure. Made me cum before I really got started. And we have it all on disc!"

    Rube laughed, and Schwartz joined in. "Shall I call Devon and invite him over tonight?"

    "Hell yes. Let him see what he missed today."

    "O.K. Let's make it about seven."

    Betty was driving home hurriedly, but carefully. She did not want to get caught up in an accident with a giant 'living dildo' in her car. She arrived home, grabbed the sack and locking the car behind her, rushed into the house. "I'm not even going to take time to shower!" she thought to herself as she hurried into the bedroom. Stripping down, she removed Magic from the sack, took him to the bed with her, laid down on her back and, after lying Magic onto the mattress, nervously and with a trembling body, said the words.

    "Magic Peter, Magic Peter my pussy. Oooooooh, Oooooh Gawd!"

    Rubie arrived at Schwartz's home at seven sharp. Devon arrived just a minute later. Devon was a young black man, just 25 and handsome, and he had worked for Mr. Schwartz in the shop while going to college.

    Once obtaining his degree in finance, Devon had moved on to a better paying job with a large industrial firm just a mile down the road. He had become a very good friend to Schwartz and Rubie, and today he had lost out because it had been Rubie's turn to be called. Also, Rubie, being retired, had more freedom to respond instantly to a call from Schwartz.

    After greetings and handshakes, a ritual they always observed even if they had seen each other earlier on the same day, the moved into the famous (to them) Schwartz den. Along one side of the room and side-by-side were three large high definition screens, 50 inches in size, and under each one was a DVD player.

    "Smartest thing I ever did, hiding and installing those three cameras in that back room. Now we get to watch Betty getting fucked from three angles, and we won't miss a thing." Repeating himself, for Schwartz had said the same thing before, the other two nodded, their growing excitement showing.

    "Now Devon, you get to see what you missed out on today, but when she comes back for another bout with Magic in a day or so, we plan to have you here. Then we can get you on three DVDs fucking her as well."

    "Do you think she will go for fucking me," Devon asked as he dropped his trousers and laid them on a table beside a large stuffed couch'

    "I'm pretty sure she will." Schwartz responded. She's a hot number, and she sounded like she really wanted to come back here and put on a show for us. She'll be expecting two men that are going to watch her with Magic, but when a third man pops in sporting a big hard on, I think she'll be more than ready."

    "Even though I'm black?"

    Schwartz and Rubie both laughed. "Especially because you're black! And she might like the fact that you have a foreskin too, just like Magic Peter."

    All three now naked on the lower half, a ritual they had performed a few times before, Schwartz said, "Let's hit the buttons." and they all three hit a button on a DVD player at the same time. The show now running in synchronization, they all returned to the couch and grasped their firm erections.

    The videos were in sharp focus and in almost perfect synchronization as the three men slowly stroked their bulging penises and watched the action on screen(s). Two men seeing themselves just a few hours after the event, and another wishing he had been there.

    Twenty minutes later Devon laughed. As usual, none of the men had shot his load yet. They always saved that till near the end. "That sure looks good, Rubie, the way your dick is stretching her snatch there in the doggy!"

    "Yeah," Schwartz replied in response to Devon's comment with a laugh, and you can see that I was right there with my head down and looking right at it."

    "Sheeeeit," Devon said with a grin. "If you had been watching my dick right there up close and personal, you really would have seen that hot white snatch being stretched."

    "We will, soon enough. Tomorrow maybe, more likely the day after, you'll be fucking her good, and we'll be jacking and watching." That was Rubie talking, and he added: "You won't get to fuck her for long, because she'll be there expecting to put on a show with Magic and we don't want to wear her out beforehand."

    "So you're sure she'll fuck me, even though I'm black and it will be a total surprise?"

    "Yes, Schwartz said in answer. We won't tell her about you in advance so she'll be sure to show up. Once she sees your big wang she'll be open to all suggestions and offers. She'll be excited about it, I predict, because after fucking Magic today and maybe tomorrow morning, she'll be having a craving for someone with a big cock to wrap her arms and legs around, and she can't do that with Magic."

    "And I'll have the big meat she's craving, right?" said Devon as he proudly stroked his 8-incher and displayed it to the two men.

    "Yeah," replied Rubie. "Not as big as Magic, but big enough for her to wrap everything around. Her pussy, her arms and her legs."

    They all laughed and continued to watch as Betty came with Rubie. They would re-run the videos, and each one would jack off and come at the spot he personally liked the best. And soon, they would have Betty in front of them once again, and this time getting her on disc taking a fat black one as a warm-up for the big event'with Magic Peter.

    Betty awakened suddenly. "Oh crap, I've dozed off!" She checked the time on the clock beside she and her husband's bed. "Almost five. Maybe time for one more before little dick comes home." Her husband was unaware, but he had been awarded a secret new name by his wife.

    She opened her legs. "Magic Peter, Magic Peter my pussy'.Ooooooh yesssssss!"

    Twenty minutes later Betty had reached still another intense orgasm with Magic, although those two men had kind of used her up beforehand. 'Magic must like me because he got bigger and harder and came in me twice today,' she was thinking as she lay quietly, hugging a king size pillow with her arms while Magic pumped into her slowly and gently.

    It was to be a quiet time, their last for today, and Magic seemed to know just how and at what angle to do it and just how deep to go, just like Mr. Schwartz had promised. *


    'Oh shit. My husband's home early!' There wasn't time to give the command to stop, and her husband would hear in any case. Quickly, in desperation, Betty pulled the sheet over herself and raised both her legs so that her knees were bent under the sheet in the form of a tent. 'Maybe he won't notice.'

    "Betty? I'm home early. What are you doing in bed?" her husband asked as he entered the bedroom

    His forehead wrinkled into a frown, then he asked stupidly because it would have to be a very short midget to fit into such a small space. "And who's that under the sheet with you?"

    Caught! Betty answered nervously. "That...that's my magic peter."

    Planning to grab the sheet and pull it off her, her husband rushed forward with a scowl on his face. "Magic Peter? Magic Peter my ass! Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Ooooohhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaah Uhhh uhhhhh!"

    Betty jumped out of bed. Magic had the power to pass through clothing; anything once the command was given. It took Betty three minutes to calm her terrified husband enough to teach him the command and to say the words that would stop the magic petering, but not before Magic had shot a mighty load into his sore ass.
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