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. Lucien's plantation

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Change comes to all of us, you'd agree with that wouldn't you? I mean, nothing lasts forever. Well, that was how it was on the island. A spec of land on the edge of the Caribbean, a dot in the ocean. I'd inherited the whole island. Sounds grand I know, but it wasn't. The place was maybe four miles square in total. Mainly dense scrub, save for the plantation that my forebears had owned. Sugar, these days it didn't pay so much. At least not unless you had a big plantation and the sales routes were well established. Ours weren't. Ours had dried up like a lot of the creeks on that fucking island. Still, it was now ours, Jenny and mine, and we harboured dreams about making a success of the place. There was still a big house, ramshackle, tired around the edges but a big place nonetheless. There was a courtyard and the old slave accommodation, a series of tiny shacks around the edge of the courtyard. There was even an old retainer called Jessop, a descendent of some white government official who had stayed on to manage the place until someone like me was fool enough to come and make a go of the operation. May be Jessop was forty, but he was haggard beyond his years. The sun had bleached him out. Then, well, there were still six workers. Black boys, the descendants of the original slaves shipped in. They were a rough and unintelligent lot, interested in rum and getting stoned. Jessop wrote me, I'd have to sort this lot of I wanted a successful plantation.

    Jenny and i came out with high hopes and at first some reasonable capital. We paid a lot to sort the house up, to buy a new tractor, to pay the local trading post to get us a better supply chain. It took most of the cash. I was naive, I admit it. Then, of fuck then, the hurricane hit and it wiped out a crop one year. It wiped it out in one an with that crop went the good work that I'd already put in. We'd been disciplining the black boys. Disciplining them I say. They were to stand when we spoke to them. They were to work a long day, this was a new livelihood, though a shit paid one. Jenny was to be addressed as Miss Jenny and i was master Paul. Fuck it, yes, if you insist on asking we were getting off on living the plantation life of old. The black boys, they were slaves again in all but name. I had Jessop set up a little shop, them black boys they were paid in tokens that were only spent on our place. Jessop, he kept prices high and i kept wages low. Jenny watched it. You can make a black guy feel like a slave again. You can make him accept it. Jenny watched me disparage the 'workers'. 'I like it, ' she admitted one day, 'the way you work them. The world has gone to pieces for the sake of lost discipline'. In those early days, before that hurricane, before the fall, we would fuck in that big house, listening to the crickets, knowing that the men listened to us. Fed a little of Jessop's rum, they lay on their sore backs and stared up at the stars whilst listening to master bang mistress, knowing that we were the royalty of this place.

    There came a day though. It came like the inevitability of morning. After the hurricane had near wiped us out we had needed to hire a agricultural man who could re establish the plantation. A bright, artful, powerful black guy called Lucien. Oh fuck, on paper he was the right guy, the right credentials. But in the flesh, oh shit. He was a huge feller, built with the chest to block out the light of a doorway. His arms were thick like power cables, his legs wrapped in muscles that could power him in a fight. Fuck it. He mesmerised us. I was taken in by his authoritative talking, how the plantation was now going to run. Jenny, well, Jenny just stared at him! He slept in the big house with us, took meals with us. Jenny fussed about him. 'Do you approve of the way we handle the workers?' she asked one evening as they stood out on the verandah. May be she was curious, about the way we put the black guys down. He a black guy too. I remember listening, whilst I fiddled beneath the bonnet of our tired pick up truck. Yeah, he approved alright. There could only be one master right? One line of command? He looked at her in a certain way and it was like he passed her a cypher or something. It was like he shared a message without words. Jenny smiled shyly and he said. 'You approve, i know you do. You like to see men sorted out, the weak and the worthy.' Jenny blushed and then nodded. 'It the way' he continued, 'a woman like to see her man put the weaker types down.'

    Over the next months Lucien got me in debt to people. He fucking well got me in debt to people he knew. This was the Caribbean right? This wasn't any nice stable political state. What I'd been doing to these boys was barely legal. If i didn't reach an accommodation with my creditors, well, 'man, they gonna send some brothers over and you gonna have a fishing accident some place'. He paused to let that idea sink in. He paused a long time. He glanced across at Jenny. She was wearing sawn off denim shorts and a flimsy blouse. He looked at her again. The accommodation, well, she featured in that didn't she? She featured in a way that related to the ache in his eyes, the suggestive touching of his hands when he passed by her around the place. There was fear in her eyes and yet too, a terrible look of intrigue. It was like the hurricane had blown something out of her too. A moral compass….you tell me. You tell me what it was. I couldn't rightly describe it.

    'Come here woman' he said calmly.

    Jenny looked at me. So many looks in one. Fear, yes fear, but contempt too. How had i got us to this state?

    I watched her walk hesitantly to him. I watched him reach forward to her and draw her onto his lap. She resisted only a second, only a fraction and was then drawn into his embrace. I watched him kiss her. I watched him kiss her on the lips. It wasn't quick, it wasn't slight, instead it was considered and sensuous. It was as if he as tasting her, assessing her potential. He ran has arm around her. With his other hand he unbuttoned her shorts and eased open the waist band. Jenny had nothing beneath, save her cunt and the curly moist heat hair of her sex.

    'Kiss, bitch' he ordered.

    I watched my wife open her mouth to his. I watched it open and then his mouth lock against her. His tongue exploring, enjoying, using. The more I watched it the more I knew it. Fuck it. She wanted this. She was ready for this. It was like another storm coming, something brutal change that swept you away. I watched him slide his fingers inside her denim shorts, pushing open her legs and then on up to her wet cunt. I watched him run the ball of his thumb on her clit and ease his fingers inside her. She gasped. She gasped and arched against his big hand. There, in her blouse, two rock hard mounds now, two pert nipples. She whimpered as he fingered her, her eyes wide, her sweet soft mouth open. She was shaking against him, on his probing fingers, her body responding instinctively.

    'We gonna do some good business Jenny bitch, we gonna do some FINE business. That little guy Paul, he gonna stay snug and secret out there in the shacks, working in the fields, and you and I bitch, we gonna be the master and the mistress now. '

    I gawped at them. I stared like you might at a car careering towards you. The fucking bastard. He was planning to take my wife. Alert to my agitation he turned and glared at me, Jenny on his lap, his fucking hand between her legs.

    'Shut the fuck up' he snapped as if I had already spoken, 'you shut the fuck up, or else I gonna send the brothers along to collect you.'

    I shook. I literally shook. What anger had fuelled inside me, a tensing of my muscles, my heart racing inside my chest, was robbed by his words. It was as if he deflated me, like a kid's balloon.

    'I have the workers smack you man if you step out of line. They gonna know you the lowest of the low now. They gonna know that.'

    Jenny listened to him. She listened as if in a trance. When he turned to her again she kissed him as his mouth touched hers. She kissed with a desire that stabbed me inside. I watched his fingers work her. i watched them work inside her till she pushed rhythmically back against his hand.

    'Jenny bitch, you go and call those black boys up here. You tell them to come now' he ordered.

    My wife glanced at me. I shook my head. But she ignored me. She fucking well ignored me. I watched her slip off his hand and smelled the arousal she had for the bastard. I smelled her heat for him. She didn't bother to button up her shorts again. Lucien hadn't directed her to. He hadn't directed her to. She walked slowly out of the door and her hips moved that way. The way that they do on a woman who is getting a lot of good sex. They moved like she needed his eyes on her all the time.

    'Where's Jessop?' asked Lucien when the workers were assembled in our living room. We learned that he was drunk again, on the rum and on the weed that he grew as a side line to keep the workers good and pliant. Lucien nodded.

    'You smoke a little weed Paul baby?' asked Lucien.

    I shook my head. Skunk, it was for fucking losers. It was for the types that had nothing to hope for.

    'You gonna start baby, you gonna start, cos all your wages from now on, it going to be in roll ups. Savvy?'

    He sneered at me, Jenny by his side, his muscular arm around her. She was shivering. The shock of it I suppose. I couldn't bear to think that it was the arousal. Please god no, not the arousal of it all.

    'Things changing around here. Things changing good brothers…' began Lucien, his face uplifted as if he was delivering some kind of fucking sermon. 'Paul, this white boy, he a worker now. He a worker for you as well as me. He gonna fetch and carry water for you good men in the field. He gonna clean your clothes. He gonna treat you with respect!' He paused to let that sink in and I watched the men look at each other. Several of them grinned, their perfect white teeth showing as they registered what was happening. 'He call you brother sir, each of you. He call me master, and he call Jenny Miss, just like you do. I taking charge of the place and it gonna grow our kinda crop. It gonna grow us a fine crop of what dat world needs. '

    I shuddered. Fucking skunk. What Jessop had dabbled in was now going to be our ruin. Jenny watched me. She watched me in his arms and waited for the next missive.

    'Find that fucker Jessop and take him to the shop Abraham' he ordered one of the bigger black boys, 'he gonna learn to bend to work like little white boy Paul here. '

    I watched the errand begin. Then Lucien kissed my wife in front of them. He kissed her and she responded. She craned her neck, presenting his face to his and she kissed slowly. The black boys, they nudged one another. Yeah, dat right. Yeah dat proper. Their fucking patois, I imagined it. I imagined just how like some bright new dawn this must have seemed to the fuckers. Lucien, played with Jenny's nipples. Hard against his fingers, he played with them until he said that they could go.

    'Upstairs man, we go up now' Lucien said darkly. I led the way. I was pushed to the master bedroom. I was ordered to the colonial wardrobe and told to dump my fine clothes out of the window and onto the dirt of the courtyard. I was told that I would wear fatigues now. I would wear the rough fatigues that the other slaves wore. Fuck it. I gritted my teeth and spun on him. He caught me square on the jaw with his fist and i crumpled to the floor.

    'You gotta learn man, you gotta learn humility you hear?' he whispered.

    I touched my mouth. My lip was split and the blood ran down my finger. I felt as though I would throw up, the punch had caught me that hard.

    'Take her shorts down man' he ordered.

    Jenny waited. From my position kneeling on the floor, I eased down her shorts. Her cunt hairs, auburn, lush beautiful were eye level in from of me, Lucien closed again and at point black range he showed me what he did with his fingers. He showed me how he opened her up, working her cunt till it gaped, her peaching insides showing, wet and luscious.

    'Smell the bitch' he ordered, 'she needing it man. She needing it alright'.

    I smelled Jenny's cunt. I smelled it and nearly feinted with the strength of her instinct yearning. Her cunt was dripping.

    'Lick it little white boy. You fucking slave now, you hear? '

    I licked my wife's cunt and nearly fell face forward when she moved her body against me. One minute it was there, rubbing and the next a step back. i was meant to grope forward with my mouth just to get a taste of her.

    'Discipline….he a slave too now, you hear that bitch?' he snapped at her.

    'Yes' she quavered.

    'The only way dat little white boy gonna stay alive is if he a good slave' he continued.

    Jenny nodded.

    Then, oh Christ, she said something. She said something to him…

    'Please….I want you Lucien……please'.

    I was ordered to unload him. My hands trembled. His physique down there every bit as aggressive as the rest of him. It was bullet hard. Jenny wanted it. May be she had always wanted it. May be she had always dreamt about it, to be dominated by him. I watched her delicate, artistic fingers touch his member. I watched them explore its girth and proud glans. Again her eyes, the 'please' eyes. Her mouth sought his and he started to rub his cock between her cunt lips. When with a squelch they slipped from back and forth to up and inside her, she gasped on him. I watched her whole body tense with the penetration. She whimpered against him, holding on tight as best she could. He started to fuck her with an easy rocking motion, moving her body on his cock like she was a glove. In and out, deeper and deeper, till she spasmed against him.

    'Good little bitch, dat nice huh? That what you been needing all along?' he sneered.

    She nodded violently, Jenny's neck flushed red with excitement. I watched him start to pump her.

    'She mine now' he said curtly, a triumphant look on his fucking steel face features.

    Jenny moaned.

    'She mine white boy and you gonna live in the shack where the rain comes in'.

    Jenny convulsed against him. Her whole body clenched with the force of her orgasm. It was as if she had been poisoned some way. Poisoned so all she knew was lust for him.

    'You go on down there man, you fix up your cot in that shack, you go and tell Jessop how things gonna be and then you smoke some weed. Three rolls minimum man, then you come back to us all accepting and mellow like. '

    Oh fuck. Oh fucking hell.

    He spunked in her. He spunked in Jenny and I watched her bounce on his cock.

    'Go man, you run along like a good little plantation boy' he sneered, his balls tightening rhythmically as he emptied into her.

    I stumbled down the stairs and staggered over the courtyard. Two of the workers pointed at my clothes on the ground. I would be made to burn them later. Lucien, he was having fine new white duds to wear. Miss Jenny was gonna have tight new jeans and riding boots and a crop cos that was what Lucien liked. I was never gonna be allowed to look at Miss Jenny with desire. I was never to be allowed to look at her with hope. Look down man, look down at her boots.

    Abraham stood at the door of the shack that was now to be my home. Others watched him. The fucker had hatred in his eyes.

    'Boy, fetch me water' he said menacingly.

    I fetched the water from the barrel in the shed. I watched him drink it slow, rivulets running down his pock marked cheeks as he savoured the service. In the shop I could hear Jessop was having 'an accident' of his own. He grunted hard each time the black boys fisted into his gut. There were scores to settle. The world upside now, upside down. Abraham dragged his cock out of the rudimentary pants that i had made them all wear. There was his cock. A big and dirty cock. A cock that had the dust of the plantation all over it. They waited. The little entourage of workers around me whilst I dropped trembling to my knees and cleaned off Abraham's dick for him with my mouth. Upstairs, above us, through the open window of the big house. Upstairs there where the breeze whispered, the bed creaked, master was putting mistress through her paces. I could hear Jenny scream with the brutality of the sex. The black boys grinned.

    One handed me a roll up.

    I shook my head, seething with anger.

    He offered it again.

    I shook my head and heard Jenny begging Lucien to fucking give it her. She was begging him for it…

    The black guy hit me. It was a poke in the face. A bruise for my cheek. Smoke it. You gonna smoke it, then you gonna like it and then you gonna need it till your insides curl.

    'Please, god…please…' Jenny's voice carried on the cool evening air.

    The black guy lit the roll up and i was ordered to take my first pull. The taste of cock and skunk mingled in my mouth. The taste of Jenny's cunt so wet from just his touch. Fuck, please oh fuck.

    'Suck it down man' said Abraham.

    In the shop, Jessop was begging. He was begging for a job just like mine. He would do anything.

    Well……you know…….you do………

    'God, oh God Lucien' upstairs, the cry was squeezed out of my wife as she climaxed again.

    The black boys grinned.

    'You gonna need another roll man, you gonna need several huh. Drag it down man' they said.
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