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. Lost in a World of Lust

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    I will try and describe myseIf. I'm 5'6" tall. I have a figure best described as cuddly, 37D-26-37. I'm quite attractive, with curly shoulder length auburn hair. I like, and often wear, provocative clothes to work, as I enjoy the lustful looks and whistles I get. I've enjoyed being a prick-teaser but I never let the men get too close. I've remained faithful to Phil, my husband.

    It was at a New Years Eve party when I dropped myself right in it. He knows I always do my best to carry out the resolutions I make. I ended up making a five part resolution and a bet. The bet being that if I completed all five parts before 6 months was up, he would hand over the money he had for his new car. He changes it every year SO it's between $1500 and $1800, not a bad sum. But if I failed on any part, I have to pay the difference. Not so good. Well. I'm pleased to say that at the moment I'm doing very well. I'm 8O% of the way there, but it's his last condition that could prove to be my downfall. I think now's the time to let you know about the bet. As I've said, it's in five parts. Here they are:

    No 1. I had to pull a black guy and get him to make love to me.

    No 2. I'd talk the guy into letting Phil watch. That was a bit difficult but being a resourceful girl, I managed it.

    No 3. That I'd got my lover at some time to fuck me doggy style and get Phil to lay under me and lick my clit as I was screwed from behind.

    No 4. That I could get Phil to lick my pussy clean after my lover had finished, then make me come. That was easy, all I did was have it off doggy-style then sit back on Phil's face. He didn't stand a chance, he had to lick.

    No 5. Once I'd completed the first four parts I had to write it down and post it on the net.

    Those first parts were quite easy as Phil is a real wimp, but I've found myself a man who makes me feel all woman. I've even surprised myself about how quickly I've become a woman of easy virtue. I knew that if I carried out the bet, it meant going back on the pill, but that was no hardship as I'd onIy come off it in November. Phil had a vasectomy in August. I only hope I didn't start taking it too late as it was after having sex with Mike at work that I took it.

    After the hoIiday, when I got back to work, I decided I'd try out my allure on a coloured man. We have lots in the factory. There was one in particular called Mike, he was always after the girls, groping and touching them up. He'd even tried it on with me once when he had me cornered. I told him to bugger off, but not before he had grabbed a handful of tit and bum, but he left me alone after that.

    I'd overheard another girl in the office talking about him and it seemed he had a really big cock and that he'd used it on several of them to good effect. I suppose, really, that's one reason I made the resolution, so I could find out for myself if it was true about him. Deep down, I found young Mike attractive, as he is very handsome and very strong. I decided I'd tease him first.

    As it turned out, it took me less than a week to get going. I began playing up to Mike and letting him think I might just be interested. I took a letter down and the cheeky bugger made a grab for me. One hand went up my skirt while the other grabbed my breasts. By the time I'd broken away I was feeling great, I had enjoyed it and I had also felt the size of his cock.

    That weekend, I went shopping and bought a suspender belt, matching black, half cup bra, a pair of black patent leather 4" heel court shoes and black stockings. That Monday I wore it all and went into work feeling like a tart. I had my black suit on with the very short skirt, which shows a lot of leg, especially when I sit and cross my legs. I wasn't expecting anything to happen that day, I was just out to tease and flirt, and I didn't think Mike would try it on at work.

    When I went down to the workshop I realIy gave him the come on. As I wiggled towards him, he grabbed me and pulled me to him. His arm snaked around my waist and he rubbed his groin against my bottom. I could feel he was really big and hard. I just couldn't help groaning. His mates were whistling, hooting, and calling out, "It's your lucky day, Sharon." I broke away after I had promised to meet him at lunch time.

    We met in the stock room. He was on to me like a shot. He had me pushed backwards over a table with my skirt rucked up over my hips. He was kissing me and saying how beautiful I was, and how much he fancied me. He had his hand in my blouse rolling my hard erect nipples between his fingers. My nipples were burning and felt on fire. I was on heat and I needed love.

    Mike ran his hands up my legs, obviously liking the feel of sheer nylon and the warm flesh above. Then his hand was between my thighs and his hot fingers were slipping under the elastic of my wet knickers and into my juicy cunt. I parted my legs for him so he could rub at my clitoris. It was lovely and I lifted my hips. I couldn't stop myself moaning. I just clung to him, my tongue seeking out his. He ripped off my flimsy briefs and I opened my legs wide as, again, his thick fingers invaded my sopping wet pussy.

    Oh my God, how I sighed and heaved up at him. I was almost willing him to get out his cock and fuck me with it. I could feel my pussy leaking all over his hand, so I lifted my hips trying to get his fingers deeper. I was lost in a world of lust.

    I didn't realise be had undone his overalls and that he was naked underneath. The first I knew was when I felt his fat, warm, wet crown rubbing up and down my slit. He took aim and was pushing his unsheathed cock into my pussy. As I felt his thick maleness go deep inside me, I came off to a tremendous orgasm. I lay like a bitch on heat and pushed my cunt up to meet his powerful thrusts.

    Mike's cock was so long and so thick, I could feel it forcing my cunt wider. It felt as if it was in my womb. Mike felt so much bigger than Phil in every way, I felt so full of cock, it was pure bliss. My tummy knotted up as I felt another orgasm coming. Two in one fuck, what was going on!? Waves of pleasure swept through me and I wound my legs tight around his back. He wasn't getting away. He had me writhing and as I looked at him, he was leering down at me. "You can't get enough can you?" I could only groan and I whimpered at him. "Keep fucking me, please don't stop now." I had forgotten all about the pill and my husband. I wanted that wonderful man to fulfill me as a woman. I wanted him.

    Mike stared down at me, his eyes were bulging, and he grunted. "I love you, bitch." I felt his heavy cock begin its dance of love and I knew he was about to come. I heard myself begging him to give me a baby, and as I realised he was spunking in my womb. I had a terrific orgasm.

    He'd never had any intention of pulling out and I didn't care. I pulled his head down and our mouths met in the lovliest kiss I'd ever known, and as we kissed I could still feel his powerful spunky spurts going in like red hot spears. That kiss lasted forever.

    As he pulled out, I looked down at the wonderous thing that had given me so much pleasure. Now it was limp and sticky, his wet crown slowly shrinking back into the foreskin, and there was a thin ribbon of white spunk hanging from it. It still looked enormous and twice the size of Phil's. I guessed that it was at least 9" long when fully erect. I wasn't far out. It's 8.5" long and nearly as thick as my wrist. It was no wonder I was feeling so fucked. I tried standing but my legs gave way and I felt all weak and wobbly. I lurched against Mike, he held me and asked if I was alright, then the cheeky sod said, "I guess you enjoyed that Sharon, I bet your old man isn't even half as good." He was so right, there was no way Phil could have made me feel as I did then.

    I went back to my office, my mate was grinning at me, she knew I'd been fucked. I went down to Mike later, the way his pals looked at me, I knew he had told them how he'd fucked me silly. I told him I'd like to see him in my office after work. He was all smiles and said, "You want more cock, don't you?'. I weakly said, "Yes."

    He came up after work. I was waiting eagerly for him to arrive. That next time he had me bent over my desk with me wriggling and thrusting myself back at him as he fucked me hard from behind. I lost count of my orgasms, I was in heaven. When he came, he flooded my womb with even more of his thick spunk.

    When I got home to Phil, I must have looked a mess and I'm sure he guessed what I'd done, but he only knew the half. He did ask and I told him I'd been fucked twice that day. He was like a little kid and wanked his puny prick as I told him all about it. He came all over my foot, messing up my new shoes.

    I hurried to the bedroom and took a pill. It was a bit late I know, but I had to try. The next day, Mike fucked me twice and I took him home that night. I told him Phil wanted to watch and he finally agreed. It turned out that he loved performing before Phil. He loved seeing Phil wanking off as he fucked that big black cock up me. I felt like a queen as I lay back afterwards with Mike's thick juicy spunk leaking from my gaping cunt.

    Phil was beside himself when he saw we hadn't used a condom but his busy hand proved he didn't really care. From the way he was licking his lips, I knew he wanted to go down on me and suck Mike's thick sperm from me. I told him I was on the pill again.

    It was the next night I got Phil licking my pussy. I'd talked him into laying beneath us as we fucked and told him to lick at my clit. Mike gave it his all, knowing what Phil was up to down below. I knew that Phil would be getting a real eyeful and that Mike's massive balls would be banging against his face. I'm looking forward to seeing Phil licking Mike's big cock clean of my juices. Its only a matter of time before I make him.

    As for me, I can't tell you how good it felt being fucked and sucked like that. It was fantastic. I had the best orgasm ever. Mike withdrew, and I lowered myself onto Phil's face. It only took a minute before his tongue was slurping in my gash, he ended up making a right pig of himself, his face covered in Mike's thick cream.

    I don't know what I will do if Mike's knocked me up. It's early days but I am overdue. I guess I will have to wait and see.
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