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. Linda's very black favor

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Black Pine Diaries, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    It is a crucial time in young, La'Damian's life. With racial inequalities and little sign of social justice, his mother sees one, last chance to readjust him. She asks a favor of her neighbors, a white married couple, to help her son understand his rightful place in the world. Maybe, her neighbors will understand their place as well. However, she fears it may be too late because of white racism. Will the couple do the right thing?

    This is somewhat inspired by an instructional porn video. It has been altered to fit the story.


    Set in Black Pine Gardens, it is the largest trailer park found in the city. It is a place where the lower and lower-middle class find refuge. It was at one time, predominantly white and occupied by the underemployed before the shuttering of the mill and layoffs from the slaughterhouse. The park's population of trailers grew after Black Pine's integration efforts, much mandated by the courts. Welcoming a large influx of minorities from the inner city, many of them resettled in Black Pine Gardens and quickly represented half of the tenants. It was considered a major policy victory for Mayor Jordyn Sweet who subsidized new minority residents with tax funds. There was even talk to expand the integration policy to African immigrants. If there wasn't enough room in the trailer park, the city would find and pay rent for rooms in more affluent areas of Black Pine; the spare rooms in homes owned by white people.

    Mac and Linda, a white couple in their early 30's lived in one of the trailers at "The Gardens". Mac was an underemployed, white-collar worker who had lost his position due to offshore competition. Living off of food stamps, he worked short-term contractual jobs in the city. It required a long commute in their 15-year old Toyota sedan on his sub standard pay. He had hoped he could have done better for Linda.

    Linda was an attractive, but quiet redhead. She was slender, modest, and credited her church for maintaining her faith and inner strength. Linda believed in being a supportive and faithful spouse. She believed sex was special between a wife and her husband and monogamy was essential. It was important to Linda to please her husband sexually, however never falling into the moral abyss. She deplored acts that made her feel like a slut or whore. Monogamy gave her the confidence to do certain lustful things, only in the bedroom, that she thought were indecent and obscene.

    It wasn't difficult for the white couple to notice the police vehicle pull in front of their neighbor. Two white officers escorted a young, black man to his home. The young, persecuted teen was La'Damian. He lived next door, was 18, and out of school. While he still sported an athletic body, he was out of school, unemployed, and his family had no money to continue his education. If he had worked hard, he could have been awarded a scholarship even from a community college. But his biggest problem was his frustrations and rage. He needed a strong man in his life to help him become one. But La'Damian was running out of time. Having reached legal age, the dark clouds of oppression were forming over him.

    La'Damian's trailer door opened when his mom, Aggie, heard the vehicle approach. Mac and Linda eavesdropped on their conversation but could only make out that the police had given him a warning and he should stay out of trouble. While only a glimpse of Aggie could be seen, she was not a stranger to the couple. Aggie, was a black woman nearly 40. La'Damian was conceived when she was 30, nearly the same age as Linda. Aggie was as tall as a model and kept very good care of herself. In her youth, Aggie was a topless dancer, model, and had brief stints in pornography. But after La'Damian, she took jobs as a hostess from club to club for years before settling as a part time secretary and office assistant for the Black Power Movement. When the BPM opened an office in Black Pine, she finally had steady pay again. Albeit, it was low.

    Aggie was always on friendly terms with her white neighbors. She even shared cups of tea with Linda talking about anything but race. While many white people moved out of the trailer park when minorities moved in, Mac and Linda stayed. They haven't yet found had their white advantage to get up and out. All Linda knew about Aggie's work is that she helped an organization that advocated social justice for black peoples. Linda seemed cordial to that.


    Later in the afternoon, Mac and Linda had a conversation with Aggie between their trailers. Mac had just took Linda out on a dinner date of fast food burgers. Aggie felt she needed to explain to them what the drama was about earlier in the day.

    "It's nothing to fuss about." said Linda. a white person, who's idea of police escorting a handcuffed young, black man as 'normal'.

    But Aggie explained how it had been difficult for La'Damian adjusting to the move from the inner city to Black Pine. They had hoped that the idea of integration would open new opportunities. Aggie went on that she was encouraging her son into the activities of the BPM. They would help him grow into a strong, male role model. Something that was badly missing from La'Damian's life.

    "If there's anything we can do ..." offered Linda in a voice typical of a Christian, white woman.

    Relieved at the gesture, and almost surprised, Aggie responded, "Can I speak to your husband alone? I need to ask advice from a man helping to raise my boy. It's a little embarrassing!"

    Linda grabbed the bag of left over fries and told Mac she would be waiting inside.

    "Your wife is very attractive!" Aggie complimented as Linda walked away. A little red-faced, Mac wanted to change the subject, "What can I help with La'Damian?"

    "Mac, my young man needs direction. He has so much potential but I want him focused. He needs to be taught, almost spoon-fed, what he's capable of. I'm afraid if I wait much longer he'll only experience oppression."

    "Of course, I'll help ... today, if necessary. As a man, I can show him ..." Mac started to offer.

    "I don't need your help as a father figure but rather as a white husband.", Aggie explained. "I'm afraid sharing my experiences from the Black Power Movement have radicalized my dear La'Damian!" Aggie began to shed tears. She wanted more from her son than a prison term.

    Mac spoke calmly and confidently, "What do you need me to do, as a white husband?"

    Aggie cleared her throat, "I need you to ask your wife, Linda, to come over and spend time alone with La'Damian. Get to understand him ... experience sex with him."

    Stunned, Mac could only open his mouth and say, "Uhhhh..."

    "I want, no I need Linda to spread her legs for him. It would lift his spirits so much and keep him out of trouble. La'Damian needs to strike back at the white race and nothing would restore his faith in racial relations than scoring a married, white woman. Especially one as attractive and wholesome as Linda. I'm sure she won't regret it either."

    "I don't know about this idea ..." Mac stammered.

    "I understand ..., you're white ... defensive of your privilege and may not even share my request with Linda." rebutted Aggie

    "It's not that we're white ..." Mac defended himself.

    "La'Damian's father is rarely part of his life being in and out of prison. He needs to be a strong, black man without him. And a black man has sex, frequently. So I want you and Linda to consider an open, 'cuckolding' lifestyle. I would feel relieved if I knew La'Damian was spending time in your bedroom or she is welcome to spend her days and nights here. Help him stay out of trouble and turn him into an alpha male."

    "Aggie, you're not asking for a one-time thing with Linda? You're asking for ..." Mac wondered.

    "A lifestyle change." Aggie clarified. "Let's be honest. Linda is hot and approachable. She's more than capable of pleasing him. After La'Damian vents his frustrations with her, he'll want more a few hours later. I'm sure you'll want this to be a one-time thing, but not La'Damian or Linda."

    Mac was quiet, quietly aroused and he felt ashamed but vulnerable to manipulation.

    Aggie took a step closer and used her black, feminine charm by whispering into Mac's ears, 'Will you promise me you'll ask Linda?"

    "I can." conceded Mac. Although excited at the topic, he knew Linda would be curious anyway and he needed to tell her. Why not this truth? "But I don't know when or even if she'll give an answer you're looking for." he added.

    "I expect she'll be shocked, maybe even angry for a while. It's okay. Building trust, sacrifice, and racial justice are difficult for white people to embrace. At least, that's what they teach us at The Movement." said Aggie.

    "We're not all that bad!" Mac said and Aggie laughed breaking the growing racial tension. But not the sexual.

    "Just mention how important it is to La'Damian and to me. This is a special favor, I know. Take the time needed ... a couple days, a week. But please not too long. I don't want to pool money for a prostitute."

    Mac gulped, would she really do that for her son! This was culturally unusual for him. But he sympathized her son's need for pussy. Aggie made she shared phone numbers and asked Mac to text her updates on the progress. "I'll ask." said Mac, "But I can't promise anything."

    "That's all I ask." said Aggie but quickly added, "And an answer of 'yes' from Linda."

    When Mac and Aggie turned their separate ways towards their doors, Mac spun around and had to ask, "Does La'Damian think Linda's attractive?"

    Aggie grinned, "He's mentioned once or twice positions he would like to have her in. So, yes."

    Mac's dick hardened. He hoped the bulge would subside before he walked into his trailer.


    Linda had been peering through the living room windows, innocently curious. She wondered what they could be talking about so long. It seemed very personal and emotional. Linda was waiting near the front door when her husband returned.

    "So? So? What's up with that?" she asked.

    With a bulge between his legs he felt he needed to keep a physical distance away from his wife. He didn't want to show his arousal at the thought of a black man taking his wife.

    The thoughts were going off like flashbulbs in his head. Linda on her knees sucking a black cock, talking dirty, and licking his balls. La'Damian on his small, twin bed, taking his wife doggie-style and impaling her. Linda moaning, screaming in delight and promising her body for present and future.

    "Is there something wrong?" wondered Linda. Mac was stuck in a daze. Mac retreated to the couch, sat down, covering his lap with this arms. "We need to talk." he said.

    Mac waited for Linda to sit and she chose to sit beside him holding his arms. "What is it! Is there something wrong. Don't tell me it has something to do with race." Linda wondered.

    "It kinda is ... Aggie said that La'Damian has a crush on you .... very lustful crush and its causing problems with him." Mac said.

    At first, Linda was flattered. Then she thought again about the gravity of the situation. A black teenage boy in lust with her, a happily married white woman. "What does this have to do with the police and race relations. What kind of advice did you give her?" she wondered.

    "She says La'Damian needs focus staying out of trouble. Apparently when he's not getting arrested he's having sexual thoughts about you. Aggie feels helpless about it." Mac answered.

    Very curious, Linda wanted to hear more, "Go on ..."

    "La'Damian is losing hope that racial justice will come to Black Pine. Aggie asked if you could spend time with him in his trailer ... get to understand him ... maybe give in to his needs." explained Mac.

    "I was more than willing to do those things until you said 'needs'. What kind of needs?" asked a very naive Linda.

    "Make sure he becomes an alpha male ... and lay down with .... your legs open ..." Mac couldn't utter the words like 'sex' or 'fuck', he had to beat around the bushes.

    "What the fucking, gawd-damnation, hell!" said Linda. Those vulgar words streaming out of a quiet, demure church-going woman surprised Mac. He was both scared but a little turned on at his wife becoming a dirty talking hot-wife. "She wants me to FUCK La'Damian! A black, 18-year old! What advice did you give her!" she screamed.

    Mac wanted wanted to calm her down. He was paranoid this conversation turned argument could be heard across the park. He answered, "I said very little. I didn't even want to bring this up to you. But I figured she would. Besides, you wanted to know the truth what we talked about."

    Linda calmed down, "Okay, but what did you say? What will we do?"

    Mac explained, "I just said, I would pass her request to you. Nothing else. In fact, I don't think she expects us to go through with it. She just wants to see her son less frustrated. Maybe, she's just more open-minded than most mothers."

    "I won't be able to look at her or her son in the eyes again!" Linda thought. "I want to move!"

    "We can't move today and we have nowhere to go." Mac explained. But Linda was panicking to save her reputation of being a good wife. "We can move to the city, get a small apartment ...".

    But Mac popped all her balloons. They had no money for deposit or moving expenses. They planted their stakes into the trailer park until fortune paved their way.

    "Damn, black people!" uttered Linda, "So preoccupied about sex and getting our white pussies!"

    Those words troubled Mac. Linda never showed any hints of racism or prejudice throughout their marriage. "We can't raise a family here."

    "There's no where to go. Let's wait for this to blow over. I bet Aggie will forget about the idea in a couple of days." Mac said.

    "Yep ..." Linda joked, "as soon as her son gets arrested again."


    It was Friday night and time for Mac and Linda's usual routine. Mac was unusually worked up but realized the inspiration for his heightened drive. He hoped to use his awareness for good use. Linda walked in from the hall bath into the bedroom wearing only a towel. With a most serious look on her face, she stepped in neglecting to turn off the lights as usual - as routine demands. Linda dropped the towel and crawled into bed starting at the foot of the bed. With a carnal look, she crawled on her hands and knees over Mac's body.

    So hoping for a blow job, he was slightly disappointed when Linda ignored his hard, 4-inch penis, and began kissing his belly and chest. She than worked her way to his chin before they locked lips. Mac grabbed what he could. A nice feel of her tiny ass. Another nice feels of her small tittles, each fitting into his hands nicely. Their tongues met. Had the lights been off, Mac would have wondered who took his wife's place. When their lips parted, Linda locked eyes on Mac's. She gave an evil grin and crawled back down until her face was over his groin.

    Linda grabbed his dick with her right hand and lowered her head. Mac moaned at the blessing of receiving a rare blow job from his wife. She thought this was 'dirty' and beneath a married woman's dignity. Linda thought oral sex was an occasional mating ritual before marriage but impractical afterwards. She only performed it when she felt very, very aroused. Besides, she hated cum in her mouth. Little turned her off more.

    This was a new woman, Mac felt. Linda was quicker, louder, and wetter with her technique. She even used her tongue to flick his balls, once. And only once. She even slapped her tongue and kept his cock there on her tongue for a long moment before letting go. "No more." she thought to herself. She done more than enough as a wife. She owed herself several prayers to make up this night acting like a whore. She climbed back up and grabbed her husband's (small) penis and mounted him. Sliding it into her pussy, she felt that usual feeling. Not very filled but an obvious visit by a male organ.

    Sliding up and down, Linda was rejoicing marital sex; obligatory, routine, relief. It was duty for a woman of faith. However, she did something unusual. In their first 5 seconds of intercourse, she began squeezing one of her breasts tight, dreaming about being lusted over. Someone else in the world wanted to show her what can be done with a strange cock.

    Linda looked up into the ceiling, her euphoric husband was below, "I can't believe I was asked to give up this pussy to a young, black man. Can you imagine that? Me, getting black cock everyday!"

    Mac popped. Barely ten seconds into penetration with a hot, frustrated wife on top, he disappointed her with his shot of semen. Linda was startled before realizing what happened. She pulled up and Mac's flaccid member plopped out. A steam of cum, good volume for him, showered his penis.

    "I can't believe it! You came after I talked about ... La'Damian's black cock! You pervert!" she screamed. Linda jumped off the bed, covered her face and retreated to the bathroom. He could hear cry over the running water.

    Mac could not believed what had just happened. An angry wife but a great pop! He stared at his dick, covered with sticky fluid that once screamed to be free. His pride overlooked it only took 10 seconds. He got on his feet and banged on the bathroom door. "Please, Linda. I'm sorry. I really got into you." he pleaded.

    The door opened and Linda, obviously distressed, looked right at him, "Obviously, you want a black cock into me!"

    Mac begged otherwise. He told her how much he loved her and that he really enjoyed what she did in the bed him. Linda wanted to make up. "We have a problem either way." she said. "If you're not thinking about whoring your wife you can only last 5 seconds in the bedroom! I need more than that!" she demanded.

    Outside it was closer to 10 seconds, Mac thought to himself, he really needed to make up. "If you come to bed with me, I'll lick you, down there." he suggested.

    Linda marched to the bedroom, "C'mon, let's do it!"


    Mac noticed a text message from Aggie's number in the morning. It was simple and clear to understand.

    "????" she texted.

    Mac, didn't realize his cuckold side was answering for him, "She's considering it. Please wait a couple days." he replied. He thought his polite answer gave him a few days peace. He didn't figure he was lifting her expectations without a definitive 'no'.

    Linda, meanwhile, was walking around in "honeymoon" underwear. Small, tight panties that he hadn't seen her in a long time. Only during their anniversaries would she wear something so sexy and revealing. She wore her red bra, something he thought she threw out because it made her look like a cheap porn model. Never mind that porn models were often topless these days.

    Mac walked up to Linda in the kitchen. From behind, he attempted to hold her waist and get a good grab of ass as she leaned over the sink. Linda slapped his hands away. "Behave, husband. I'm still upset at your 'performance' last night. This is to remind you what you could have if you'd hadn't had your 'accident'."

    "What about the time, later?" he asked. He asked about his time licking her pussy.

    "Oh, that!" Linda mocked. "Sufficient for a cuckold, maybe. A real man would have had a stiff dick and taken my pussy without asking." Linda walked away, avoiding physical contact with her husband.

    "You're still mad?" Mac asked.

    Linda stopped, looked at Mac over her shoulder. She gently pulled her panties down and bent over, exposing her ass. Mac noticed her pussy had been trimmed a lot!

    "You're not getting this tonight." she then pulled her panties up, "And that's the last look you'll get in a while. You're in time out!"

    "That's not fair!" argued Mac, "You're my wife and you have to ..."

    "No!" yelled Linda. "I'm not a toy you can mistreat or take for granted." she started to undue her bra freeing her titties. "And I'll walk around like this all day just to tease you. Maybe, you'll act more like a husband in bed with his wife. Or would you like me to walk over to our neighbor right now and say 'hello'?"

    Mac didn't have a hard dick. It was soft and scared. "No, I don't want that." he meekly answered.

    "Good. At least there's still hope you're a strong husband defending his wife's honor and reputation."

    Linda was true to her word. She walked around in her panties and nothing else but heels. She even done herself up in make up spending a lot of time staring at herself. They didn't speak two words to each other. They ate separately and stayed in different rooms. Mac considered stepping out but saw La'Damian hanging out in front of their trailer. He was too intimidated and stayed in the living room hoping it would keep Linda thinking about stepping out.


    Mac had taken his side of the bed well past midnight. By then Linda was fast asleep in her panties. Strange, she slept with her high heels on. When he woke up, he heard the shower running. Linda was in her normal, Sunday routine preparing for church. His phone pinged. Aggie asked again if Linda had considered an answer.

    "Any chance she says yes today?" texted Aggie.
    Mac thought long and hard, he gave a terse, "no" and hit 'Send'. He wondered if that was enough. Would she take it as "No, not today." or "No, never."

    But Aggie replied, "Too bad." Could that be the end of it? Mac really hoped so. He was over his brief and unfortunate fantasy about Linda with La'Damian.

    Linda stepped out of the bathroom in her church clothes; modest with flat soled shoes, she wore a little more make up that usual. But she looked good in her large-brimmed hat. "I'm going to service. I'll be back as usual." Mac was relieved she was speaking to him. But he followed her with his eyes looking through the bedroom blinds. La'Damian wasn't around, but there was Aggie! Mac's heart dropped, but he saw nothing else but the two women exchanging waves. When he heard the Toyota drive away, Mac did all he could from laying on the bed and masturbating.

    When Mac heard another vehicle approach the trailer he looked to see if it was Linda. Maybe, she changed her mind and wanted to skip service for the week. That would have made him feel very bad. Linda does not miss church. It was a ride-share vehicle, and a blonde woman stepped out. She was wearing anything but "Sunday" clothes. She wore heels, a tight skirt but a loose blouse and carried a tiny purse. Her hair was up in a bun that she let down in front of Aggie. They shook hands. He barely made out their voices.

    "I'm Sonja. Are you Aggie?" the blonde, asked.
    "Yes," said Aggie, "La'Damian is in his room. Please, come inside." Aggie welcomed the strange, blonde visitor to her home.

    He supposed Aggie got her son a prostitute after all.

    Mac spent his time waiting for Linda on the Internet. He browsed on his phone. Mac browsed porn sites. He watched videos, first girl-on-girl but found they were too slow and sensual. He searched straight intercourse but found himself choosing "BBC". He snapped himself out and thought it was too dangerous. Mac tried watching teacher-student, massage therapy, but descended to cuckold videos. It was always the black man conquering a white woman. A white husband stuck in a corner and forced to watch just as Mac was watching. Mac's mouth was drooling and his cock aching with precum. He stopped and tried to peel himself away from his phone. He had to have one last search, "white whore black cock". He hit the magnifying glass icon and had his pick. He chose a video with a young, blonde woman. It started playing with a woman approaching a door, welcomed in by three, black men. Wait! This was a gang-bang video! The men started groping her and she didn't mind. He wanted to see more if it hadn't been the familiar sounds of his Toyota pulling into the driveway. Had he been watching porn this long?

    The timing couldn't be worse. When Linda returned from church services and chats with the ladies there, Sonja was waiting for her ride. As Linda stepped out of her Toyota, Sonja was stepping into the back of hers. Linda's jaw dropped, "What? A whore? Here?" Imagine, so sooner than returning from service preaching about the eternal damnation of sin, she eye-witnessed a whore hired for interracial sex in front of her home.

    Linda stormed into the trailer and made very inappropriate comments. She made her way past Mac in hallway and into the bedroom. She tore off her Sunday best, pulled her panties from the hamper and her heels from under the bed. She felt most comfortable strutting around the home teasing her husband again.

    Mac didn't dare leave her alone but rather not share a room with her. He just stayed in his room, plugged his phone to the charger, and started streaming sports until he fell asleep.

    "Can you believe it? Prostitutes...here...in our trailer park!" Mac awoke to Linda taking to someone on her phone. Obvious, she was in a heated discussion with a friend, "I know the place is going downhill. But Mac says we can't afford to move. ... Yes, we need to make money somehow. I want a baby but I can't have one here."

    Mac felt bad. He knew without doubt that he could not give his wife what she deserved.

    "What am I doing?" Linda repeated a question from her friend, "I'm strutting around the house naked hoping my husband will notice. It's hard to be a supportive wife when .... I have these urges!" Linda lowered her voice figuring she was saying too much or too loud. "I'm beginning to understand why people do immoral things. The church keeps telling us its wrong. But I'm thinking it's very wrong not to do them."

    There was a long pause of silence while Mac was trying to be quiet himself. He blamed Aggie for this. Better, his son for getting arrested. Or truly, the fault lies in him and his sexual poor performance. It really fucked up Linda's confidence as a woman.

    Linda continued her confidential talk, "Yes, I'll pray extra hard tonight. I'm hoping I can keep being the good wife that I've always been."


    Mac fell asleep early. He had a long day in the city Monday and wanted the rest, pretending there wasn't drama in his home. He didn't notice Linda sneaking in and crawling on the bed like the night before. She peeled off Mac's boxers and rubbed his cock with the palm of her hand. She gave a gentle counter-clockwise motion. The room was dark but she saw enough from the street lamps outside illuminating through the opaque blinds. Large or not, this was her man's cock, she thought to herself. She was going to be good to it. It began to fill with blood and bloat. She cupped his balls and gave them a gentle rub. Groggy, Mac was moaning and haven't quite reach consciousness when Linda began licking his balls. She didn't stop herself like the night before. She gave the best performance a whore-wife could be.

    "Wha, what ... Linda?" Mac woke up, looked down at his wife. Still in nothing but panties and heels, she was servicing him. But Linda didn't respond she just kept helping herself and licked.

    Mac threw his head back on the pillow with a hardened dick. Linda lifted her lips and mouthed his cock. She gave two slow, sloppy bobs, flicked his cock head with her tongue and returned with two more bobs. She then looked at her husband.

    "Hi there." she whispered. "After the day of service, I realized I was mean to you. You're right. I am your wife and I have certain obligations."

    For once, Mac was grateful for the church.

    Linda continued her apologies while stroking his penis, "I want to make it up to you being your very submissive wife. In the bedroom, I'm a whore, okay?"

    Mac nodded his head.

    "Good." replied Linda, "I'm going to suck your dick a very long time. Then you can fuck me anyway you want and call me names."

    "Names?" Mac wondered, like Arlene or Betty?
    "Call me, 'slut' and 'whore'.", demanded Linda, "I want that. I deserve it after acting the way I did."

    With a simple, silent nod, Mac agreed to her terms and she put his cock back for one full mouthful. She pulled out making a sloppy "plop" sound. "After all, it's not your fault that La'Damian is sexually attracted to me and wants to fuck me." Linda put both hands at the base of Mac's cock and gave two quick bobs with verbal gags and pulled her mouth off again. "Can't believe he went with that white slut! I would have done a better job pleasing an aggressive, black man than her, don't you think?" She resumed sucking his cock, enjoying the sexual confidence returning to her and the dirty feelings that came with it.

    Mac clenched his fists. If his cock could stretch to its 5th inch, it would have. "I love sucking cock now. Just don't ever ask me to put La'Damian's black cock in my mouth or in my white pussy." Horny and hungry for cock, she easily swallowed his 4-inches of manhood.

    Mac popped. He filled Linda's mouth with more white cum than the night before. Linda may have learned to love sucking dick, but she hated the taste of cum just the same.

    "YOU! You ... fucker!" Gagging, Linda yelled spat the cum out of her mouth twice on Mac's cock, rubbed her mouth with her arm and ran back into the bathroom. The door slammed and Mac understood she hastily locked the door. Mac was in a state of shock and complete embarrassment. His manhood had hit rock bottom. His wife was crying loudly and balling, "I can't believe it! Oh my gawd! I can't believe it!" she was hysterical! Mac rolled over and covered his head with his pillow hoping to drown out Linda's crying.

    Linda continued to admonish her husband through the bathroom door while cleaning her mouth, face, and arms from unwanted cum. She was better than this. "You couldn't last past foreplay. You couldn't take 5 seconds of cock sucking before getting off! Just the thought of me fucking a black man makes you useless! You need help, Mac. I think I need help in the bedroom!"

    Depleted of physical and emotional energy, Mac mercifully fell asleep. He pretended the sounds from the shower was a nice, spring rain.


    Mac woke early Monday morning preparing for his work. Linda never returned to bed that night. Rather, she took to the couch in the living room. She never bothered to dress. She simply flung off her high heel shoes to the floor. She was sleeping on her back, still topless. Her panties were half way down her thighs. He speculated she had masturbated herself to sleep. Linda looked so beautiful. Naked and vulnerable, she had kissable breasts and stomach. She had nice legs with smooth skin. Her legs were made to grab and spread. Mac regretted he could not man up the night before. Taking a deep breath, he stepped outside and made his way to the big city.

    It was a long, two hour commute. Monday mornings often were. When he pulled into the parking lot of the skyscraper made from glass, his phone pinged. He hoped it was from his wife forgiving him.

    "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" the text message read. But it wasn't from Linda but Aggie.

    Mac wondered what she meant by it. Maybe it was sent to him by mistake. Tempted to text back, Mac realized he was late and needed to get to work.

    Mac was distracted all day and made several mistakes. He couldn't get his head of his ass, his employer barked. Mac kept thinking about his wife and Aggie's cryptic message. Mac skipped lunch to recover his morning errors. Younger interns, who work for half his pay, were doing circles around him. He wanted to leave early, instead he left an hour late. Fortunately, the extra hour made an easier commute home. He felt comfortable with the sights of Black Pine, even in the mobile home park. He pulled his Toyota into his small driveway and quickly walked to his door.

    Opening the door slowly, he heard Linda humming with herself in the kitchen. She was cooking. Pots and pans on the stove, mixing bowls on the counter. Linda was dressed like a modest housewife. Not just in her panties and heels again. She turned and ran to her husband, giving him a hug and kiss. "Hi, sweetie! Welcome home. I'm cooking dinner for you. Have a seat on the couch. I bought a pack of beer for you. Have one." Mac noticed she smelled freshly showered.

    Sitting on the couch, Mac wondered if Linda was hit on the head and had amnesia. Linda handed Mac his can of his favorite beer and held his hand. "Hubby, let's have a talk."

    "Linda, I'm so sorry from last night. I don't know what came over me." he begged.
    "Honey, there is nothing to be sorry about. I've thought this since last night." Linda explained, "I know you love me and you'll do anything to see me happy, right?"

    Mac never felt better and nodded in absolute agreement.

    "I want to see you happy too. I'm just as willing to do anything. So, if letting La'Damian fuck me makes you happy, then I'll be happy to fuck him ... or any other black man for that matter."

    "What, no!" Mac responded, "I really don't want this."

    Linda grinned from ear to ear and grabbed his crotch through his pants, "I think what you really think is right here. Oh my! You're so hard again at the idea of me getting big, black cock!" Again, his penis betrayed him.

    "I'm really glad I invited Aggie to our home for a woman to woman talk this morning. You know, between our two races." she added. "Didn't you read a text message from her earlier in the morning?" Linda asked. Mac conceded he had but didn't understand its meaning, thank him for what?

    Linda chuckled, "Oh, she had good reason to thank you. Did you know she provided La'Damian that whore yesterday? She really cares about her son's emotional and sexual well being. So, I scrambled up some money to help pay. I hope you don't mind, it was a $100 out of our emergency shoe box. "

    Mac hoped, "So that's why she thanked me? For the money?"

    Linda cracked a laugh again, "Oh no! Gawd, you're so cute if not innocent. And I thought I was the naive church girl. You should try for a spot in our choir." Mac was waiting for Linda to continue her story, "I told Aggie that I was more than willing to get to know La'Damian close and personal by having sex with him. As you suggested, make sure La'Damian is a strong, aggressive, alpha male!"

    "Oh no. Please, Linda. Let's ..." Mac resorted to desperate pleads and begging.

    "I also asked for Aggie's forgiveness for appearing racist by not agreeing to this sooner. I think the right thing we should have done is beg La'Damian to find time for me that first evening. And all this drama between us could have been avoided." Linda told, "I could have had a good, stiff cock."

    Mac tried one more time to set his marriage right, but Linda cut him off, "It's done, sweetheart."

    "What, what do you mean?" asked her husband.

    "With Aggie here on this couch, I invited La'Damian to come into our home. La'Damian led me by the hand to our bedroom and fucked me right there." Linda pointed down the hall towards their marriage bed. "No." Mac whispered. Linda laughed and gently kissed Mac on his cuckolded lips. "Yes. And he was a fantastic fuck! He was so much in charge. La'Damian likes to slap his bitches around across the ass and tits if they don't get in position soon enough. Boy, did I learn that!"

    Mac was stunned and speechless.

    "We fucked for the entire morning. I think Aggie texted you when we started and I had his dick in my mouth. He called me all the names I wanted you to call me. It didn't matter at the time who called me his slut, but I'm more glad it was La'Damian. Oh, did I mention he had a big, beautiful cock? I didn't, did I?"

    "I see you liked hearing this." Linda said, grabbing his crotch again. "Your SMALL dick really likes hearing this. I'm so happy I'm making you hard. I say you have a SMALL dick because I've now had a real, LARGE one. La'Damian is a true man. And he fucked me! Did you hear me, La'Damian fucked me in so many positions! Unlike with his prostitute, we didn't use condoms." Linda proudly giggled, "So, in some ways I'm more dirty than that slut. I told you I would be a whore in the bedroom."

    "No condoms? Where, where did he cum?" Mac asked.

    Without hesitation, Linda whispered in his ear, "In my unprotected pussy, twice. And once in my mouth. Surprised? I even swallowed it. Any man with a cock that huge is welcome to cum in my mouth." She pulled back and pondered something to herself, "Interesting, black cum just tastes ... better. I guess that's why they're superior, physically and sexually."

    Mac looked down, ashamed where his masculinity had taken him. "Don't look sad, cuckold." Linda reassured, "You got what you want. I finally got the sexual satisfaction I needed. And most importantly we helped La'Damian get on the path to becoming a strong, male role model."

    "Oh, I smell something burning. I better go back to the kitchen." Linda said, leaving her husband alone on the couch with his beer.

    While they shared the bed later that night, Mac noticed Linda leaving the room well past midnight. He peered through the blinds and saw her head to Aggie's trailer. He pretended he was just dreaming.


    On the surface, it seemed everything was back to normal. Linda was no longer a dirty talking slut. There was no mention of La'Damian, Aggie, race, or sex. Mac went to work as usual. She cooked dinner. They slept together in bed. She was dressed in modest pajamas and never again sported her panties and high heels. But Mac was too afraid to approach her for sex. He knew she would talk about her experience with La'Damian again, making him pop, and giving her reason to run to La'Damian with open arms and legs.

    One day, mid week, Mac noticed a dog collar and a small bracelet in the kitchen. Funny, they had no dog and he didn't recognize the jewelry. The bracelet had one female symbol but two male. There was also a black spade. He left the bracelet alone pretending he never saw them in the first place.

    After a sexless week, Mac woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of the bathroom shower. Saturday was just an uneventful as he took naps and Linda left the home to walk around the mobile park for hours at a time. But for a Sunday, it was earlier than normal but he figured she was going for the first service or attend Bible studies. Linda stepped out, wearing not her Sunday best, but a short skirt and tight blouse. Her flat sole shoes were replaced with her high heels she teased him with. Wearing more make up than usual, she turned to him, "I'm going to worship. I may not be back until the afternoon."

    Mac listened to her high heels click the floor to the front door. He could hear her steps on the concrete. But he didn't hear the Toyota's engine start. He laid there alone and thought about tugging on his penis. He felt he was long overdue for release. Mac did play with himself on and off for about 20 minutes before he sat up on his bed. He didn't imagine it. Linda did not take the car to church. He scrambled to put on some pants and shirt before finding a pair of flip-flops and headed across the lawn to Aggie's place. Aggie's car was gone but he rapped on their door anyway. Impatient, he quietly opened the door and let himself in.

    "Hello?" he asked an empty living room. But he could hear heavy breathing down the hall. It was certainly Linda's voice. She was whimpering, "Please, fuck me! Oh gawd, yes! I love you. I love your black god cock!"

    Mac looked into the bedroom. La'Damian was on his feet as Linda had her ass on the bed and her legs over his shoulders. La'Damian clearly had a firm grip on her hips and giving her several, confident thrusts. Mac noticed the jewelry on her ankle. It was an anklet. And she was wearing the dog collar around her neck.

    "Do you like this, slut? Tell me you're a black cock loving whore!" La'Damian demanded.
    "Yes! I'm a black cock loving whore. You own this pussy!" she proudly said before she started laughing, "Fuck me, La'Damian, like you fucked me yesterday and the day before that and the day before that!"

    "I'm going to put you and all white girls in their place!" La'Damian warned.
    Linda held La'Damian's cheek, "I'm in my place, baby! Please cum inside me. I want you to make me pregnant with your black baby. I want to give you one black baby after another!"

    LaDamian pushed Linda flat on the bed and slapped her titties. "Yes! La'Damian knock me up. I want wide hips and large breasts full of milk."

    "I'm going to be your pimp, Linda. Make me a lot of money." said the black teen.

    Linda nodded her head, "I can do both. Be a mother and a whore!" she screamed in orgasm and her bull soon followed. La'Damian held his cock deep in her womb before pulling out. Mac was aghast at the massive size of La'Damian's manhood. Streams of cum poured out of Linda's swollen pussy. His wife went to her knees and began sucking La'Damian's sticky, half hard cock, cleaning it. Mac was both disgusted but aroused at the filthy act. Linda would never have done anything like that with him, even if he begged.

    Linda gave La'Damian an aggressive blow job that went above and beyond what she showed Mac a week earlier. She clearly loved his cock and what it did for her. No doubt she needed a good fuck as much as black men. Linda looked up and worshiped La'Damian. "I can't believe I've turned into such a slut for your black cock." she said.

    The teen, quickly becoming a confident man, held her chin, "You had no other choice." She agreed, "I had no choice."

    They stared at each other for a long time. Mac too was frozen in silence. "I think I'm pregnant now." said Linda rubbing her sore, shaved pussy. La'Damian smiled. It was good to impregnate his first white girl. First of many. "I hope so, too."

    Linda's smiled evaporated. On her knees, she sported a more humble and sincere look. She had never been so serious in her life when she said, "I love black cock."

    To learn more about the city of Black Pine and its characters, please read my other stories.
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