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. Le Belle Donne Ch.01

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Eeric Stories, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. Eeric Stories

    Eeric Stories Active Member Member

    Le Belle Donne

    (This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.)

    Chapter 1

    Just outside San Casciano dei Bagni, on a picturesque vineyard, a beautiful Italian woman in her early forties picked another drove of drapes from one of the many bushes and put it down in her basket.

    Grazie Dio… Corrina Martaci exhaled lightly as she took off her straw hat and wiped some sweat from her forehead. The warm weather she was used to, but today it was especially humid.

    Though suddenly she lit up with a smile when she felt a sudden gust of wind come in from the north and touch her face. Unbuttoning her already partly open dress, she leaned towards the breeze and felt the heavenly air flow in through her dress and caress her naked breasts.

    Though as soon as it had arrived the wind faded.

    Oh… Corrina hadn't expected the wind to last, but she wished it could have stayed a little bit longer. Luckily her basket of drapes was almost full so she could get some shade when she took it over to the cellar.

    With her straw hat back on, she took down a few more droves until the basket was full.

    Finito… She smiled and was about to pick up the heavy basket.

    Behind Corrina, Lorenzo had just finished pruning the southernmost vines and had gone to sharpen the rake when he had caught the sight of his stunning wife. Her shapely behind, even though her dress was something a goddess would be envious of. Lorenzo felt his penis stiffening just imagining feeling her buttocks. A smile grew on his lips when he thought back to the African tourist that had spent the night at their bed and breakfast. Lorenzo had been knelt down beside his wife, who had been on all fours, and he had spread her butt cheeks and intently watched as the black man slowly eased his cock into Corrina’s tight butthole.

    “Oii!” If Corrina hadn’t attempted to lift her heavy basket full of drapes, Lorenzo would have probably spurted in his work trousers.

    “Ehi.” Instead, Lorenzo called out to his wife and got her attention before she picked up the basket.

    “Let me get that for you.” Lorenzo hurried over to Corrina and picked up the basket.

    “Grazie, amore mio.” Corrina leaned over and gave her sweet husband a small peck on his cheek.

    “Prego.” Lorenzo smiled feeling grateful to be able to help his wife.

    “I wonder if this heat will ever end?” Corrina lightly whisked on the front of her dress, back and forth, to create some cooler air.

    "I… wonder…" Lorenzo paused when he got a glimpse of Corrina's amazing chest. Her breasts looked even more spectacular, if that was even possible, from the shine of her sweat. Lorenzo found himself lightly licking his lips as he watched a single drop of his wife's perspiration run down the fullness of her soft breast.

    Hehe… Corrina pretended not to notice her husband’s gaze and continued to tease him by whisking on her dress, letting him get an eyeful. Even though it was so warm outside, she couldn’t help but get a bit horny from her husband’s attention.

    “Well, we should maybe get those drapes inside.” Corrina looked at the heavy basket Lorenzo was carrying and smiled. Though her husband was somewhat scrawny, she knew that he could carry the basket. He had worked on farms his entire life so he had that farmer’s strength, but she kind of wanted him to put the basket away so they fool around for a bit.

    “Uhm, yes of course.” Lorenzo had to try and adjust his trousers as he walked. His erection, though small as it was, was still pushing hard against the insides and made it harder to walk.

    “Oh, did you tell Alberto and Isabella to prepare the guestrooms for the start of the bathing season?” Corinna remembered as walked along the dirt path between the vines, towards the storage cellar where they kept the drapes cool after harvesting them.

    The bathing season had become a celebrated part of the year in San Casciano dei Bagni, where a lot of tourists visited the valley to enjoy its many hot springs. More visited than the hot springs were the famous bathhouses. A few of which, even date back to 500 BC where they were first built by the Etruscan King Porsena. Legend says that he built them so that his wife Semni and the wives of the nobles of the Royal court could enjoy the company of Nubian men whilst also bathing in the nourishing water.

    “Actually, Isabella just came by before. She was on her way to meet up with Adriana down by the lake, and that Alberto was just finishing up the guestrooms.” Lorenzo told his wife.

    "Well, I guess we'll have some time for ourselves then." Corrina looked at her husband and smiled. She knew how much her son was in love with Adriana, the girl from the nearby vineyard, and that he would probably sneak down to the lake.

    Lorenzo recognized the lustful look in his wife’s eyes which only made his erection push even harder against the insides of his trousers.

    To the south, between the vineyards of the Martacis and their neighbors the Abruzzos, laid the beautiful and peaceful Venci Lake. Near its northern shore, in the warm yet cooling water, Isabella Martaci and Adriana Abruzzo were skinny dipping.

    “Hah.” Isabella smiled and laughed as she ran her hands through the water and splashed her closest friend Adriana. As she continued, her long black hair, now drenched by the lake’s water, flowed down her back and side to side with each wave of her arms. The tall eighteen-year-old girl had been blessed with her mother’s beauty, a slender physique like that of Milan’s models, and perky breasts that seemed to defy gravity.

    “Hah, I’ll get you back.” Adriana smiled and began to splash her friend back. Adriana, who was a year older than Isabella, had wavy dark brown hair and a slender yet curvaceous body. Though her curves were mostly centered on her sizable chest, and to say that her breasts were big would be a gross understatement. Her amazingly huge breasts ran in the family, her sixty-year-old grandmother Ornella most likely had the largest breasts in the valley.

    “Hah.” Each time Adriana ran her hands through the water and splashed her friend, her massive breasts would softly bounce into each other and make fleshy waves of their own.

    Whilst they doused each other with the soothing water, Isabella noticed how Adriana kept glancing over at the shore.

    “You know, I think he’ll be here.” Isabella eased up on the playful water throwing for a moment.

    “What? I’m not looking for anyone.” Adriana looked over at her friend, pretending not to know what she meant.

    “Oh don’t give me that, it’s pretty obvious that you’re looking for my brother.” Isabella had seen how her friend looked at her brother. It was pretty clear that she had warm feelings for him. And with Alberto, it was even easier to know that he was in love with Adriana. Not only, from the way, he fawned over her, but from his art.

    Her brother was, in fact, something of an artist. Whenever he had some spare time from his chores or the work on the vineyard, he often, or more than often even, sketched in his notebook. Isabella often teased him a little about it, but in all honesty, she found her brother to be a very talented painter. She was even sure that one day his art would be on the walls of the galleries in Florence, Milan or even in Rome.

    And the reason Isabella knew that her brother was in love with Adriana, was because most of his art was of her.

    Over at the Martacis, the warm air swirled its way in through the large open windows of the barn’s loft, where Alberto inspected his work. Just a few weeks earlier he and his father had replaced the loft’s doors with windows and finished converting it into the third guestroom. It had been quite a bit of work, but they had both been quite proud of the outcome.

    Though he was eager to get down to the lake, Alberto went through the room with a fine tooth comb. He really wanted to make sure that everything was just right, especially since a few of their guests each summer were black. The bed, which of course was the cornerstone of the room, was an Excelsior, one of Italy’s top brands. Having brushed off the cool and soft bamboo sheets, Alberto looked over the furniture, which consisted of a small oak table with two matching chairs. A shelf, also made of beautiful oak, that held a couple of noteworthy books.

    One being Franco Pugliese’s autobiography, A Beautiful Journey, where Franco and his wife Berenice, after having spent their honeymoon in the cape of South Africa, take a wonderful nine months long trip through Africa, at the end of which, Berenice gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy.

    Along with the books, there were also several art pieces from Italian artists on the shelf. One of the creations, L'abbraccio, featured an inner set of ten small spheres of different colored wood, surrounded by a circle carved in Ebony. The Embrace, which was its English translation, had been a gift to Alberto from Valeria Trevisan, a local artist, who was one of the few people Alberto had shown his own art.

    Valeria had been quite taken by Alberto’s talented illustrations and had even asked him to do a nude portrait of her. At first, Alberto had, of course, blushed at the thought of seeing the beautiful twenty-five-year-old woman naked. Though he had in fact seen her partially nude before.

    Once when he had stopped by her small shop in the comune of San Casciano dei Bagni, to show her some of his illustrations, he had caught a glimpse of her in her work studio. Not only had she been topless, but she had been sucking a black man’s big manhood. Alberto had tried not to peek at them, but Valeria’s full naked breasts and the way she was making love with the man’s black cock with her lips made it impossible.

    The only thing, in Alberto’s mind, that could have possibly been more beautiful, would have been if it had been Adriana in there.

    The aroma that embroiled Valeria’s persona when she came out with the black man from the back was a fragrance that Alberto will never forget. It was a mixture of the delightful oil that she bathed in, and the musky smell of the man’s cum.

    Alberto had watched when the black man had come all over Valeria’s breasts. Streams of hot cum splashing against her amazing breasts. After which she had smeared her breasts with it, covering them completely.

    The last part was something Alberto knew was quite common amongst women. When he was younger, he overheard his mother talking to some other women in town about how they loved to smear the black man’s juice all over their chests. Not only could they enjoy the delicious scent, but it also made their husbands horny, knowing that they had been with a black man.

    Even though Alberto had become quite flustered when Valeria had asked him to paint a nude portrait of her, he had eventually agreed. When she had slipped out of her dress, Alberto had gasped at her naked beauty. Her long, slender and shapely body was a sight to behold. Her wavy and flowing brown hair added to her pretty face in such a way that he could not find words to express its wonder.

    During the painting, he found himself having to excuse himself several times to go to the bathroom.

    Naturally, Valeria knew the reason why he had to go, and it wasn’t to pee. Instead of going, she had told him that she didn’t mind if he spurted in his pants when he painted her. Though at first, he had been a bit embarrassed at the thought of doing so. It wasn’t that he hadn’t come in his shorts before, he had done so on many occasions, especially when he had found himself looking at Adriana. But he had never done so in front of a woman who knew that he was looking at her, and coming. At least that was what he told himself. If he had to be completely honest with himself however he was pretty sure that Adriana had caught him a few times, especially with the way she had looked over and smiled at him.

    When Alberto had finished the portrait, Valeria had been so moved by how it turned out, that she had given him, L'abbraccio which was Valeria’s representation of the black man’s love for all women, of all ethnicities.

    Up in the barn, next to the shelf, Alberto had put up a copy of the latest rendition of the classic Italian Benvenuto in Italia poster, which featured the Italian president, Ilaria Pisano, posing nude in the middle of two naked black men. Alberto felt his small penis rise when he looked at the naked and cheerful forty-two-year-old woman, who along with the hung black men, who both were a foot taller than her, waved and welcomed everyone to Italy with bright smiles.

    The Welcome to Italy poster had been a presidential tradition since 1952 when Italian president Giacomo Tocci got the idea for the advertisement. In the poster, where he posed nude, his penis hanging limply between his meager balls, Giacomo is seen with a welcoming smile whilst handing over his eager and joyful wife Benedetta to a big and naked black man. This also became the way male Presidents posed for the poster, whilst female Presidents, like Ilaria, posed in their manner.

    When released, Giacomo’s poster became an instant success and sparked an epidemic amongst married couples who all wanted to pose for a similar photograph. A type of framed photograph which grew into a prominent and highly adored feature in the Italian home.

    Alberto’s parents had their framed picture next to the dinner table.

    Mm… For a split second, Alberto could see himself handing off Adriana to two big black men, which made his feeble penis push against the fabric of his shorts.

    “Well, I guess that should be about it.” Alberto brushed off the sofa which they had been able to add to the somewhat larger guestroom in the barn. Though it was a decorative sofa, it was mostly there to offer a comfortable place for a man to sleep whenever his wife spent the night in the bed with a black man. Something, mostly due to space, that his parents hadn’t been able to offer in their other guest rooms.

    Early on, when his parents, Lorenzo and Corrina had just opened up their home as a small bed and breakfast to guests of their beautiful valley, they had found that whenever a couple had invited a black man over, or when a black man had rented the room and invited a married woman and her husband over, that the husband would always spend the night on the floor.

    Lorenzo and Corrina had felt so bad when they realized that since there wasn’t any room for a sofa or a second bed, that, of course, the husbands would have to sleep on the floor after having performed la resa.

    La resa was a cherished and very romantic Italian tradition amongst married couples, where the husband, just before his wife was about to go to bed with a black man, announced to the black man that his bed and his wife are now his. Usually with the words; Il mio letto e mia moglie sono tuoi.

    Tradiontainlly, La resa, had been a custom that men did after they got married, and not before. However, in a recent feature article in the Corriele del mezzogior, a popular Italian newspaper, a journalist had asked the question; Should young unmarried couples also be able to use the popular tradition? The article, which made it clear that there was a huge desire amongst younger and unmarried Italians, sparked a national debate on Rai, Italy’s largest public TV channel.

    The debate, hosted by beloved news anchorwoman Giulia Ferri, became one of the most watched debates in recent times Italy…

    “Bentornati, I’m Giulia Ferri, and we are in our final hour of the national La Resa debate.” The greeting and bright smile of the busty thirty-nine-year-old woman were met by applauds from the studio audience. As always she looked utterly stunning. Her golden brown hair rested on the shoulders of her white silk blouse. A blouse that unveiled the soft and tanned skin of her majestic breasts through a cleavage that one could almost drown in. The way that her sizable breasts moved when she walked, jiggling slightly with each step, revealed the fact that she was braless. During the debate, her jugs had even fallen out when she had leaned forward to interview the many black men who had given their invaluable opinions.

    Other than her blouse, Giulia wore a short and matching skirt that snuggly wrapped around her round and shapely bottom. A bottom that was pushed up and accentuated even more by her glamorous high heels. The short nature of her skirt also showed off her long, beautiful and smooth legs.

    “Before we get started, I would just like to once again thank the ambassadors of the proud African nations of Kenya, Namibia, and Congo, Mr. Jaali Omond, Mr. Quinton Mbumba, and Mr. Muteba Lunda, for having taken the time to join us this afternoon.” Giulia paused for a moment as the audience applauded.

    “Like with all important votes, I know that we have all asked the black men in our lives what their thoughts are on the matter, and how they are going to vote.” The audience members all nodded.

    Paulo Bianco, a young man in the audience, who had driven all the way from Lecce with his fiancé Carlotta clapped proudly, whilst he tried to focus on what Giulia was saying. His attention, however, was drawn towards his beautiful fiancé Carlotta, and the handsome black man who sat between him and Carlotta. Precum flowed from the tip of his small penis as he glanced over at them. The black man had his hand down Carlotta’s skirt and was fingering her sweet pussy. Paulo could tell that she was holding back the urge to moan since she didn’t want to disturb the debate. Occasionally the man would lean over and passionately kiss Carlotta, whilst his hand slid across her chest, fondling her soft breasts.

    “And with the wise words from Mr. Omond, echoed by his fellow ambassadors, I think we have a clear indication in which way the vote is going to go. But, before we reveal the result, we have a couple more guests to hear from.” Giulia turned and walked over to a young man who sat in one of the five studio chairs. On her way over, the camera captured her curvaceous behind and the way she sensually swayed her hips.

    “Buongiorno, Pietro.” Giulia greeted the shy nineteen-year-old that she had met for a couple of minutes during the break, along with his girlfriend Mia.

    “Buongiorno.” Pietro nodded politely. The young man tried his best to keep eye contact, but his eyes did drift down and get lost for a second in Giulia’s deep and soft cleavage.

    “So, Pietro...” The young man’s awkward and shy gaze reminded Giulia of her husband Salvatore. He had been like that when they had met, and even now after ten years of marriage, she still found him looking at her in that same shy manner. Of course, it was also because he absolutely loved her breasts. Giulia loved how Salvatore’s eyes would light up after a black man had splashed her breasts full of cum, and Salvator got to lick and suck them clean. Having seen how lovingly Pietro looked at his girlfriend Mia, and the way he, from time to time, glanced down at the snug top that hugged her perky breasts, Giulia could tell that Pietro was probably just like Salvatore.

    “You would like to be able to perform La resa before you are married?” Giulia could tell that she had to coax him for a little bit until his shyness faded.

    “Yes… I...” Though still nervous about being on camera, Pietro managed to gather himself after having listened to Giulia’s soft and comforting voice.

    “I… just feel that La resa is so much more than just a tradition. It is a way for us to truly express our esteem for the black man. And whenever a handsome black man takes my beautiful girlfriend…” Pietro looked past the camera and out to the front row where his girlfriend Mia sat.

    “...to bed, I can’t help but feel that I haven’t been proper enough. I mean, he’s allowing me to watch my girlfriend in his arms. A moment where she experiences so much pleasure that her beauty radiates in a way I can’t even begin to describe.” The camera zoomed in on Mia who looked up at her boyfriend in such a loving manner.

    “Before, he might have been with a married woman whose husband performed La resa, and here I am not being able to show him the same esteem. Which I feel every black man deserves.” Pietro expressed his sincerest and most honest feelings which made the audience clap.

    “I think you just captured the essence of this debate and how most young men feel, Pietro. And from where I am standing you seem to be a very proper young man, or wouldn’t you say so, Professor Antonelli?” Giulia turned and walked over to the handsome black professor of African and Italian culture. The man in his early fifties had short black hair with a streak of gray, a feature that only made him look more distinguished.

    In her usual manner when she interviewed black men, Guilia leaned over and held out her microphone. The microphone he, of course, didn’t need since he had already been given a lapel mic. The only reason she had leaned over was to give him a much better view of her breasts, and in doing so, the thing she had hoped would happen, happened. One of her breasts fell out, giving Professor Antonelli a perfect look at her big, natural and naked breast. And since the man on the right of the Professor, historian Mauro Zampa was also black, Guilia had hoped that when she bent over that her short skirt would ride up her butt and expose her firm and fleshy ass to him. However, since her skirt didn’t do what she wanted it to do, with her free hand she reached back and pulled it up and over her butt, giving the black man an eyeful of her bare pussy and ass.

    “Yes, I would say so.” Professor Antonelli gave Pietro an approving nod, which in turn made Pietro swell up with pride. The professor also took a moment to enjoy the sight of the hostess' breast that had fallen out from her blouse, which made the outline of his thick cock grow even bigger in his pants.

    “And the question of La resa is one I have gotten quite a few times from my students. And the reply I give is always the same, and similar to the one that Ambassador Omond gave earlier. And that is, just ask my fellow black man, and I can almost guarantee that he will let you know that it is okay. Personally, I feel that La resa is something that all men should embrace, not just married men.” The professor ended to an audience who clapped in approval.

    “Thank you for your inspiring insight Professor Antonelli.” Guilia stayed bent over for a moment longer before standing up when she noticed that the professor was still admiring her breast.

    “I think many insecurities, men’s and women’s, and not only in this matter but on many issues, can be relieved by simply following Professor Antonelli’s advice to ask the black man.” Guilia faced the camera, still with her breast hanging out and her skirt pulled up. In the audience, there were a lot of heads nodding.

    “However, in the matter of La resa, we have received the votes from around the country and…” Guilia reached out with her hand and pointed towards the huge screen behind her where a large message came up.

    La Resa per tutti ha vinto con il 98% dei voti, In English, the message read: La Resa for all has won with 98% of the votes.

    The audience all stood up and cheered whilst party confetti were released from the ceiling of the studio. Up on stage, a celebrating Guilia had gone over to Professor Antonelli and Mr. Zampa, where she was embraced by the two older black men. Professor Antonelli, kissing her, whilst Mr. Zampa had pressed his impressive crotch up between her naked buttcheeks and was caressing her breasts from behind...

    In the Martaci’s barn, having given the loft one more glance, Alberto was now sure that it was ready for guests. And after a nod to himself, and with a smile on his face, he eagerly headed down the stairs, skipping every other step with small jumps. His mind and heart filled with excitement, knowing that he was going to see the girl he was so in love with, Adriana. Under his work pants, he felt his small penis push against the fabric when he thought of the bathing suit that Adriana might be wearing.

    Maybe the sky blue one… She looks so beautiful in that one... Alberto remembered the first time he had seen her in that bathing suit. Words couldn’t even describe how mesmerizing she had been. Her bathing suit had clung to her curvy figure like nothing he had seen before. Her smile and the way her heavy breasts poured out of her cleavage had made Alberto instantly spurt in his shorts. He had, of course, felt rather embarrassed afterward, but the only thing he was met by when he opened his eyes was Adriana’s sparkling eyes and soft smile.

    Being in the hurry that he was, Alberto immediately took a right when he jogged out from the barn, and completely forgot to head inside the house and pick up his bathing shorts.

    Inside the warm and inviting Martaci household, a house mostly built from stone, Lorenzo caught a glimpse of his son heading off towards the lake when he turned his head and called out his wife’s name.

    "Ohh, Corrina." Lorenzo moaned whilst Corrina had the entirety of his penis in her mouth, slowly sucking the entire length. Even though she had only gotten down on her knees a moment ago, Lorenzo was already close to coming.

    “Mmm.” Corrina lovingly ran her hand across her husband’s stomach while she sucking him. She loved having his soft erection in her mouth. It was such a different feeling from the hard and throbbing cock of a black man.

    “Ohh Corrinahh.” Lorenzo grunted as he came in his wife’s mouth.

    “Mmmm…” Corrina smiled when she felt the warm droplets of cum that flowed from Lorenzo’s tip and pooled on her tongue. At the same time, she glanced up and enjoyed his orgasmic expression.

    “Ohh wow.” With a smile on his face, Lorenzo exhaled heavily. The way his wife made love to his penis with her sweet lips had always been such an experience. And the feeling of looking down afterward and being met by the smile of the ethereal beauty that was the love of his life was something out of this world.

    With her eyes fixed on her husbands, Corrina slowly stood up savoring his cum in her mouth. Her gaze gleamed with love as she softly pressed her lips against Lorenzo’s.

    “Mmm.” They kissed deeply, sharing Lorenzo’s slimy cum with their tongues.

    “Mm.” Lorenzo loved the intimacy of the cum kisses they shared after he had climaxed. Of course, the kisses they sometimes shared after a black man had come in her mouth was an even greater experience. Her mouth would be so full of semen that when she pressed her lips against his, his mouth would be absolutely flooded with cum.

    “Oh, you are so amazing.” Lorenzo let out a soft gasp as he tenderly looked into Corrina’s eyes. On their warm breaths, there still lingered a hint of cum.

    “So are you, amore mio.” Corrina gave her husband another sweet kiss, and when she leaned back, she caught Lorenzo glancing down, and she knew that their lovemaking wasn’t over.

    “Il turno mio,” Lorenzo kissed his wife neck on his way down to her sweet spot. Once he reached her amazing C-cups, he remained and gently caressed them whilst licking and sucking on her sensitive nipples.

    “Oh yess.” Corrina ran her hand through her husband’s hair and moaned to his tender touch and kisses.

    Though he could spend an eternity kissing her breasts, Lorenzo was on a mission, a mission for her…

    "Ohhh, Lorenzo." Corrina lightly bit her lips when she felt her husband's tongue run up along her slit.

    “Mghmm.” Lorenzo was in heaven. With his face pressed up between her thighs, he took in the wonderful taste and aroma of her pussy. He loved eating her so much. The sensation of running his tongue along her labia, flicking her gentle bead, it was just… overwhelming in every way.

    “Ohh.” With her hands on her husband’s head, her fingers through his hair, Corrina opened her eyes to the incredible feeling of Lorenzo’s tongue rubbing against her clit. At the same time, as she let out another moan, her gaze fell upon the framed photograph on the shelf in front of her, which made her smile even more. The photograph showed Lorenzo handing her off to two very handsome and sexy black men.

    “Ohhh…” The sound of Corrina’s approaching orgasm went out through the partially open window and almost reached Alberto where he eagerly hurried through the dirt covered path that led down to the lake.

    “Hahhh! I won!” Twenty meters out in the water Isabella almost jumped after beating her friend in another backstroke race.

    In front of the gleeful young woman, Adriana swam towards her on her back. Her huge breasts floating just under the surface, with the occasional jiggly bounce above the water line.

    “Phew, I almost had you that time.” Adriana smiled as she swam up to Isabella.

    Around the joyful girls, the refreshing water sparkled like diamonds. Not only did the ever so present sun make the water a stunning sight, but it also made the girls’ wet bodies glisten like the beautiful gems that they were.

    “Hah, I’ll get you this time.” The always so good and proper Adriana splashed some water at her surprised friend and swam away.

    “Oh, you sneak.” Isabella smiled as she dried her eyes and went after Adriana.

    Over on the half sandy, half rocky beach, a young man came through the opening between the bushes that went along the shore of the lake. Alberto let out a few huffs and puffs since he had run most of the way. As he took his shirt off, he looked out at the lake expecting to see Adriana and his sister, but at first, he didn't.

    “Hmm, maybe they’re…” Then something dawned on him when he pulled down his work pants.

    Oh no… He had forgotten his swimming trunks.

    Suddenly as he stood there awkward and naked with his pants around his ankles, thinking that he might have to run back and get his swimming shorts, his eyes caught something that instantly made his jaw drop.

    Out in the lake, Adriana jumped out of the water, and she wasn’t wearing a bathing suit. She wasn’t wearing anything at all.

    Alberto was completely flabbergasted when he saw her huge and voluptuous, and very naked breasts emerge from the lake. As Adriana dropped back down to the surface, so did her breasts in the most wonderful and jiggly fashion.

    “Hey, you cheated.” Isabella came up next to her friend whom she saw had just noticed something or someone on the shore.

    "Hi, Alberto." Adriana waved cheerfully, her right boob splashing softly against and through the water as she did. She was so happy that he had made it. Even though she had acted like she didn't know what Isabella had meant before when Isabella had teased her, she really was waiting for Alberto. She had been in love with him for some time now.

    Having wiped her eyes a little, Isabella could see her brother standing there.

    Hehe… Isabella smiled to herself. It wasn’t very hard to tell what her brother was looking at.

    “Maybe you should swim over and say hi,” Isabella suggested to her friend since her awkward brother still hadn’t said anything. Though she often teased and made fun of how awkward he could be around Adriana, Isabella did love her brother very much and wanted nothing but good things for him. Which is why she had tried for some time now, in her own way, to get him together with Adriana.

    “Yeah.” Adriana smiled. She didn’t really need much of a bump to swim over to him.

    Oh… Alberto could feel a drop of nervous sweat run down his forehead when he saw Adriana swimming over to him. Even knowing that she was on her way over, he could still not make himself move. His penis now stood straight up.

    As if he wasn’t already completely stunned by her beauty, when Adriana made her way out of the water, Alberto believed that he had died and gone to heaven. There just couldn’t be another explanation for the vision that was Adriana.

    Before she even raised herself out of the water, he was met by a warm smile that somehow made her pretty face even more radiant. Her long flowing hair, which always smelled like spring flowers, dripped down her back as she slowly rose out of the water like a goddess.

    It reminded Alberto of the famous painting Dea del Lago by Davide Endrizzi, in which his renowned actress wife, Sophia Gelli came out of the water in the nude. Behind her, there were three naked black men in various degrees of emergence from the lake.

    Though he held the painting in such high regard, it’s beauty completely paled in comparison to the angel that was Adriana.

    For a split second when Adriana rose out of the water, Alberto's eyes widened even more, when her heavy and captivating breasts once again came into sight. They were so big, so full, so perfect. And if her being topless hadn’t been heavenly enough, she now stood completely naked in front of him. Her body was just out of this world. Again, Alberto was lost for words. He knew that he was ogling her body, but he just couldn’t help himself. For a moment he glanced down at the magical place that was her slit. Her clean shaved pussy.

    Adriana had of course not been able to keep herself from taking a peek at Alberto’s small erection. She had often wondered how it would feel between her fingers. She had seen her sister Rafaella stroking her husband Mattia’s penis whilst she had sucked a black man’s big cock. It had looked so sweet the way her hand engulfed his penis, not to mention how romantic it must have been to stroke her husband whilst pleasuring a black man.

    Now, Adriana, of course, knew that the sensation of Alberto’s penis would be completely different than that of a black man’s cock. But she had already decided in her mind that it would be wonderful.

    “Hi, Alberto.” Adriana slowly walked towards the boy she was so in love with. She wanted to look so sexy for him that she was more focused on how she walked than where she was stepping.

    “Oh!” She hadn’t noticed the small dip in the sand which made her lose her balance and fall forward.

    Adriana’s stumble was the thing that snapped Alberto out of his trance. He wasn’t about to let Adriana fall on her face. In quick response, he jumped forward, a bit haphazardly since his pants were still around his ankles, but he managed to catch her in his arms.

    “Oh.” Though she felt clumsy, it was a feeling that quickly faded when Adriana looked up and realized that she was in Alberto’s arms and her lips were next to his. She wanted him to kiss her, but before she had a chance to lean in close, she saw his eyes close.

    “Uhhh.” Alberto let out a soft moan as he spurted right onto Adriana’s, almost flat belly.

    When Alberto had caught Adriana, her massive, soft breasts had been gently mashed up against his chest, and the wondrous feeling had completely overwhelmed his senses.

    A loving smile found its way to Adriana’s lips when she felt Alberto’s warm cum splash against her skin. She wanted to tenderly moan his name to let him know that she had loved it, but since neither of them had expressed their feelings yet, she was too nervous to call out his name in that manner.

    Alberto felt so embarrassed when he opened his eyes. He was still holding onto Adriana, and surprisingly she was still looking at him with the same warmth that she had before. But he was so worried that he might have completely ruined his chances with her.

    “I’m… I’m sorry.” Alberto gently let go of her as he looked down and saw the wetness of his gooey cum run down her belly. He knew that he should lick it up, but to touch Adriana’s skin with his tongue like that. He was just too nervous to ask.

    “It’s okay.” Adriana could tell that Alberto was rather nervous. In her heart she wanted him to know that it was more than okay, but she herself was too nervous to say something like that.

    “Thank you for catching me. I’m sure I looked like such a fool.” Adriana instead made her best attempt to sidestep their little incident.

    “Oh, no, you could never look like that, Adriana, you’re...” Alberto interjected quickly. He wasn’t about to let her think that she was a fool. In such a hurry was he that he almost let out that he thought that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

    “I’m… what?” Adriana looked tenderly at Alberto, hoping that he might let his feelings out.

    “So what are you two lovebirds talking about?” Behind them, out from the lake, sprung Isabella. Her small perky breasts bounced slightly as she made her way up to her towel. She had intended to give them some more time, but her skin was starting to get a bit wrinkly. Also, she was a bit bored.

    “Ehm, we’re not…” Both Alberto and Adriana looked at each and blushed.

    “Uh huh.” Isabella smiled to herself whilst she wiped her hair with her towel. With how limp her brother’s penis looked, she could tell that he had climaxed.

    “Ehm, let me get that for you.” Alberto saw that Adriana was going over to pick up her towel, and hurried to pick it up for her. In doing so he almost stumbled over his pants that were still around his ankles, but he managed to stop himself and pulled them up.

    “È molto gentile da parte tua.” Adriana smiled and thanked Alberto for the kind gesture. When she did, their eyes met and the two shared a sweet moment of affection that could have lasted for hours.

    “Figurati,” Alberto said you’re welcome. He loved doing little things for Adriana.

    “Just helping Adriana then?” Isabella teased her brother whilst looking over at her dress.

    “Ehm, of course not.” Alberto blushed a little as he picked up his sister’s dress. He wondered if Adriana could tell that he was in love with her by those little things he did for her.

    “Thank you, big brother.” Isabella just couldn’t help herself. She enjoyed teasing her brother like that, though of course, it was all in good fun. Having been handed her white flowery dress, she stepped inside with her long smooth shaved leg and slid the dress up her slender body. With how unbuttoned she left it in her chest area, a person could easily see her naked and pointy breasts inside the dress from either side.

    Having put her dress on, Isabella turned and where a smirk immediately found its way to her lips. Adriana had leaned over to dry off her hair, and in doing so her overdeveloped breasts hung down like two huge raindrops. A sight Alberto awkwardly tried not to stare at.

    “Careful, you might squirt again.” Isabella leaned in and whispered to her brother.

    “Ehm… I… wasn’t.” Alberto looked away feeling a tad embarrassed.


    After she had dried her hair as best as she could, Adriana stood up with her dress in hand. Glancing over at the two siblings, she saw Isabella giggling whilst Alberto looked a bit reddish in the face. As she stepped inside and slid her dress up her curvaceous body, she guessed that Isabella had once again had some fun with her brother.

    Adriana’s dress was of the looser kind, airy, not one that clung to her figure. Like Isabella, she wore nothing underneath, and also in similar fashion she had it unbuttoned at the top, which, due to the size of her breasts, created one of the deepest and most revealing cleavages ever.

    Hmm… While she swirled her wet towel and rinsed off the water, Adriana found herself looking over at Alberto once more. Somehow he was even cuter when he blushed like he just did.

    “Guess we should be heading back then?” Adriana said having dried the towel as best as she could.

    “Yea...h…” Alberto gulped when he turned around and saw Adriana in her summer dress.

    How… He thought to himself. How was it possible that she could look so beautiful. He had just seen her completely naked, a sight he knew that he would cherish for all time, and still somehow, her beauty had grown in a matter of minutes.

    There was a glow to Adriana when she saw how Alberto looked at her. Though she had just said that they should go, she wanted to stand there and enjoy the way Alberto was looking at her.

    Isabella, who had taken a few steps towards the dirt path up between the bushes, turned and looked back.

    Oh, Santo Cielo! Isabella saw her friend and brother looking at each other again. Mostly it was her brother who was being a tad awkward, but she could tell that Adriana enjoyed his attention.

    “Are you two coming?” Isabella thought about leaving them and heading home by herself, to give them some time alone, but she and her brother had to go into town and buy some supplies before dark.

    “Oh.” Alberto blushed when he realized that he had been staring at Adriana.

    “Yeah.” He gave Adriana a small and awkward smile. At the same time, he wondered if he should maybe apologize.

    “Yeah, we’re coming.” Adriana gave the young man next door a smile and headed up to Isabella.

    The three of them followed the small footpath up to the trail that went along the Martacis and Abruzzo’s vineyards. On the way, something occurred to Adriana.

    “Oh Alberto, you didn’t get to swim in the lake.” Adriana felt a bit bad for Alberto, especially since it had been scorching hot since morning.

    “That’s okay, I don’t mind.” Of course, a cooling swim would have been nice, but it hadn’t really been the reason he had gone to the lake. The reason had simply been to spend some time with the girl next door.

    “Well, maybe we can go swimming tomorrow?” Adriana couldn’t believe that she had just been so forward. Alberto was sure to see right through her now. Though at the same time she really hoped that he would say yes.

    “Really? Sure…” Alberto felt his heart skip a beat when Adriana asked if he wanted to go swimming.

    “Great.” Adriana looked down a little and smiled as the three of them came up to the trail. To the west laid the Martaci’s vineyard and to the east the Abruzzo’s.

    “Well, we’ll see you later then Adriana.” Isabella gave her friend a hug.

    “See you, Isabella.” Adriana glanced over at Alberto after having hugged Isabella. She had hoped to spend some more time with him, but Isabella had mentioned that she and her brother had some errands to run in town.

    “Bye Al…” “Ehm Ad…” Adriana and Alberto spoke out at the same time, which made the two of them chuckle.

    “Sorry.” Alberto smiled.

    “No, I’m sorry.” Adriana returned his smile.

    “Ehm… I was just going to ask if I… could walk you home?” With a bit of nervousness in his voice, Alberto took a chance to ask her before she could say goodbye.

    “I’d… really like that.” She hadn’t been able to hide how happy it made her when he asked if he could walk her home, and immediately she blushed a little by how obvious she must have seemed. Though at the same time she really wanted to be more obvious with Alberto.

    “Okay.” Alberto lit up like the sun above him when he heard that she wanted him to walk her home.

    “Don’t stay too long though Alberto, we have some errands to run in town.” Isabella could tell that she needed to remind her brother. She wouldn’t have minded going into town by herself, but she needed her brother’s help to carry some of the stuff.

    “Oh right.” Alberto had completely forgotten about town.

    “I’ll hurry home afterward.” Alberto looked over at his sister who nodded.

    “Well, have fun the two of you.” Isabella made sure to tease the two of them before she waved bye and headed down the trail towards her family’s vineyard.

    After waving goodbye, Alberto and Adriana walked quietly along the trail for a bit before saying anything. They were both a bit nervous about being alone together.

    “Ehm, so… how was the lake?” Alberto looked over at the girl he was so in love with and asked. He so wished that he had the courage to tell her how he felt.

    “Oh, it was so refreshing.” Adriana could still feel a bit of the cooling water on her skin. She was so thankful that they had the lake nearby, otherwise, the heat would almost be unbearable.

    Suddenly Alberto stopped along the dirt road.

    “Oh, sorry, you didn’t get to…” Adriana realized that Alberto hadn’t had a chance to jump in, and felt a bit bad for telling him how refreshing it was.

    “Adriana…” Alberto looked down. His heart raced. He had decided to tell her.

    “You’re… the most beautiful girl in the world… and I… I love you.” Alberto was much too shy to look at her whilst he said it.

    Even in the scorching heat, Adriana felt herself get even warmer inside. She had hoped that Alberto felt the way she did, and now she had her answer. An answer that made her happier than she even though possible. And with nervous steps, she walked over to him.

    “Alberto.” She said as Alberto slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her.

    “I love you too.” Adriana leaned in and pressed her lips against his, softly kissing him.

    “Mhm.” Alberto had never actually kissed a girl before. He had dreamt and imagined kissing Adriana so many time, but it paled in comparison to the real thing.

    Not only was it more amazing than he could have ever imagined. Her sweet lips, her warm breath and the feeling of her soft breasts gently pressed against his chest made the crotch of his trousers damp with cum.

    Leaning back for just a moment, seeing the dreamy look on Alberto’s face, Adriana could tell that he was coming in his pants and it filled her with such joy and happiness, knowing that he was climaxing because of her.

    “W… wow… that was… amazing.” Alberto was filled with tenderness when he opened his eyes and was met by Adriana’s loving gaze.

    “Mhm, it was.” Adriana smiled and gave him another soft kiss.

    “And… you… love me?” Alberto had been so nervous that he wasn’t really sure if he had heard her. Though he so hoped that he had.

    “I do. I love you, Alberto.” Adriana felt so relieved and joyful finally being able to say it out loud.

    “I really hope I’m not dreaming.” Alberto looked at the girl he had just confessed his love to, and that he hoped had confessed her love to him.

    “Does this feel like a dream.” Adriana leaned in and gave him another kiss.

    “Better.” Alberto smiled.

    “So… what… do we do now?” Alberto had rarely gotten this far when he had imagined what would happen when he proclaimed his love for Adriana.

    “Well… we should… hold hands.” Adriana looked at Alberto whilst she reached over and lightly slide her fingers along his palm before taking his hand.

    Wow… Everything she did was amazing to Alberto. Just holding Adriana’s hand was beyond words.

    “And we should tell our parents that we are a couple now.” Adriana had always believed in being good and proper, which was one of the reasons why she had fallen for Alberto. She had always found him to be so proper… and cute.

    “Oh, should I have… asked your father before I… told you how I felt?” Alberto hadn’t dared to think that far ahead.

    “Well… I think that’s something you do when you… ask for my… hand… you know in…” Adriana blushed. She was a bit too shy to mention marriage. And though she didn’t expect Alberto to ask her for her hand right now, she knew in her heart that one day she would be his wife.

    “Oh, right.” Alberto blushed as well. His mind, however, immediately traveled to that one time he had imagined their wedding, which he had also turned into an illustration.

    He fondly recalled the picture in his notebook, where he had drawn himself inside the chapel, naked. It was an old Italian tradition that the groom always wore little or no clothes. Alberto had of course picture himself wearing no clothes in front of everyone, with his limp penis hanging down between his meager balls. Next, to him, he had imagined Adriana in a beautiful white cupless wedding dress, which exposed her large and amazing breasts. The cupless wedding dress had recently become very popular amongst Italian brides. On the other side of Adriana, Alberto had of course drawn the two black men Adriana would spend most of their wedding night with. Alberto had even imagined that he had performed il dovere di uno sposo leading up to their wedding.

    Il dovere di uno sposo, which loosely translated into the duty of the groom, was a treasured old Italian tradition where a groom would seek out a handsome black man, preferably a black man neither he nor his future wife had met before, and ask him if he would do the honor of bedding his bride on their wedding night.

    Being so in love with Adriana that he was, Alberto had felt that he would have probably asked more than one black man.

    “Well, I feel that maybe I should ask anyway?” Alberto said, though more in the manner of a question, since he knew how old fashioned Adriana and her family was, much like himself and his family.

    “You’re so sweet.” Adriana appreciated Alberto’s gesture so much that she just had to lean over and him, who she loved and that had just been so brave and told her how he felt, a kiss on his cheek.

    Alberto had no words to describe the warmth he felt inside hearing Adriana’s words and feeling her kiss on his cheek. He had never felt such a strong feeling of joy as the one he was experiencing walking down the dirt path hand in hand with the girl he loved so much. Though the sun still scorched overhead, the warmth he felt didn’t seem to come from the sun, instead, it felt like it came from his heart, from the feeling he had for Adriana.

    A few hundred meters in front of the young and in love couple laid the Abruzzo household. The white stone and brown wooden featured of the house gave it a very traditional and homey feeling where it laid surrounded by, a large garden, a grove of fruit trees rich with lemons, quince and figs, and of course starting a bit in front of the house, rows upon rows of grape vines.

    Near the beautiful garden, a line of clothes hung between the house and a lone tree. Next to the drying clothes, with her hands soaked in a tub of water, sat a joyful woman, humming whilst she washed her family’s clothes. The plunging neckline of the woman’s dress had become so drenched that her large breasts had fallen out and had become equally wet.

    “Mh mhhh mh mhh hh.” Eleonora Abruzzo hummed the chorus of one of her favorite folk songs, serate meravigliose. In the song, a housewife prepares supper for her husband who returns home with a dinner guest, a very handsome black dinner guest. In the chorus, the kitchen table shakes whilst the husband tries to eat. In front of him, his wife is on her back and the black man is on top of her. Eleonora, a proud Italian mother of two daughters and wife to a wonderful husband, had always enjoyed the lyrics of Domenico Golino’s folk songs, which usually had a housewife theme that she could really relate to.

    With the sun slightly towards the western horizon, Eleonora reached up from the washboard to fold one of her dark brown locks behind her ear, when she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.


    Having covered her eyes, to protect them from the sun, she glanced up towards the trail that led to the lake, and there, after her eyes and adjusted, she saw her daughter and Alberto, and if she wasn’t mistaken.

    Bravisima… Eleonora felt so happy for her daughter when she saw the two holding hands. And with the smile on Adriana’s face, there was no doubt in her mind that her daughter and Alberto had expressed their feeling for each other. Of course, it came as no surprise to Eleonora, since both she and Corrina had obviously noticed how much their children cared for each other.

    Up, on the road, Alberto gulped when he saw Adriana’s topless mother.

    At the age of forty-three, Eleonora Abruzzo was still as beautiful and curvaceous as that of her younger self. Of course, In her husband, Alessio’s eyes, she had only become even more beautiful with age. And like all the women in her family throughout history, she had been blessed with huge breasts that drove men crazy. Even now, after having had two wonderful daughters, her breasts were still very full.

    “Sento l'amore nell'aria.” Eleonora could feel the love in the air when her daughter and Alberto came up to her.

    “Oh, Mamma, Alberto and I are in love.” Adriana went over and embraced her mother.

    Alberto blushed when Adriana told her mother so openly and with such happiness.

    “I’m so happy for you, for the two of you.” Eleonora looked over at Alberto and gave him a loving smile as well.

    “I hope that it is okay with you and…” Alberto looked around to see if he could see Adriana’s father.

    “Mr. Abruzzo that Adriana and I are seeing each other,” Alberto said politely, trying not to glance down too much at Adriana’s mother’s naked breasts.

    “Of course it is Alberto, and I insist that you call me Eleonora. We’re practically family now.” Eleonora smiled. There was no doubt in her mind that Alberto was her future son in law.

    “Thank you, Mrs… I mean… Eleonora.” Alberto was over the moon when he heard such joy in Adriana’s mother’s voice. For a young Italian man like Alberto, it was very important to get the blessing of Adriana’s parents.

    “Oh, give me a hug you.” Eleonora was so happy for her daughter and Alberto that she could go without giving him a loving embrace.

    “Oh…” Alberto wasn’t sure where to put his hands when Adriana’s mother hugged him and he felt her large and tremendous breasts press against his chest. The way they softly mashed against him made his small penis rise up against the damp spot inside his pants where he had recently come.

    “Oh Mamma, you’re embarrassing Alberto.” Adriana smiled when she noticed Alberto glance over at her with an awkward but sweet look. It was a look she had seen before when Alberto had come in his pants, and she could tell that her mother’s breastful hug was edging him closer to another ejaculation. Though she wouldn’t have minded seeing that dreamy and cute look on Alberto’s face again, she also didn’t him to feel embarrassed.

    “Oh, don’t be silly Adriana.” Eleonora didn’t think she was being too embarrassing as she leaned back. At the same time, she glanced down since she wasn’t oblivious to what her bust often did to men.

    “Oh.” She could see a small bulge in Alberto’s crotch, along with a small damp spot. When she saw it, she found herself smiling to herself, thinking she might have just made the young man come in his pants.

    “No, Mamma...” Adriana could tell that her mother thought that she had just made him come.

    “Alberto came in his pants before when we kissed. It was so romantic.” Adriana looked over at Alberto with such love.

    “Oh, that’s so sweet.” Eleonora tenderly glanced back at Alberto. It was so clear that he was in love with her daughter.

    Alberto could feel himself blushing slightly. It was quite overwhelming to hear such loving words from Adriana, as well as those from her mother.

    “You know, my Alessio still does the same thing.” Eleonora smiled and thought about her loving husband.

    With the mention of Mr. Abruzzo again, Alberto felt that he should ask him for his blessing to see his daughter as well.

    “Is Papá around? I know Alberto really wanted to tell him about us as well.” Adriana remembered that Alberto wanted to ask her father if it was okay for him to see her.

    “Oh, such a proper young man.” Eleonora looked over at and smiled at Alberto. She wasn’t surprised though, she knew that Alberto was a good and considerate young man.

    “Well, last I saw him he was by the barn.” Having pondered for a second, Eleonora recalled seeing her husband mending some grape baskets by the barn.

    “Grazie Mrs… Eleonora.” Alberto thanked Adriana’s mother and had to once again remember to call her by her first name.

    "Ehm, would it be okay if I maybe, stopped by later, and said good night to Adriana?" Alberto glanced over at Adriana before asking Eleonora.

    “Oh, you’re leaving already?” Eleonora had hoped that Alberto would have stayed for some coffee. The inquisitive part of her wanted to talk some more with the young man who had finally revealed his feeling for her daughter.

    “Perdonami, but I and Isabella have some errands to run in town.” Alberto apologized for not being able to stay very long.

    “Ah. I was hoping that you would have joined us for some coffee, but there will be more occasions for that. And of course, you can come by and say goodnight to Adriana.” Eleonora smiled as did Adriana.

    “Grazie.” Alberto thanked Eleonora again before looking back over at Adriana.

    “Well…arrivederci.” Alberto wanted to give her a goodbye kiss on her cheek but felt a bit too nervous to do so in front of Eleonora.

    “Arrivederci Alberto.” Adriana wanted to lean over and give her boyfriend a kiss goodbye but could tell that he was a bit nervous.

    “Now that’s not how two people who are in love say goodbye. A kiss is much more appropriate.” Being the romantic that she was, Eleonora wanted to see a kiss.

    “Oh.” Alberto felt more than a little nervous as he looked back at Adriana. Though the way she looked at him made him relax.

    “Ehm.” He leaned over to give her a kiss on her cheek when suddenly Adriana slightly turned her head and his lips pressed against hers.

    For a moment Alberto was lost in the wonderful feeling of Adriana’s soft and amazing lips.

    Aww… Eleonora put her hands up to her chest when she saw the two of them kiss. The love between them was so beautiful.

    “Ar… arrivederci.” Alberto stood there for a moment with his eyes closed even after Adriana had leaned back. Finally, he managed to mumble out a goodbye. His penis was pushing so hard against the inside of his pants, that if she had kissed him any longer he would probably have spurted in his pants once more.

    “Such a sweet boy.” Eleonora smiled and told her daughter as Alberto had headed off towards the barn.

    “Mhm.” Adriana felt such happiness that she and Alberto were finally together.

    Over at the barn, Alessio Abruzzo and Mattia Tocci were in the process of wiring the top of a couple of grape baskets that had started to fall apart.

    “Grazie ancora, Mattia.” Alessio put down another basket by the others and thanked his son in law for helping out.

    "Figurati," Mattia replied that it was no big deal in Italian, as he was more than happy to help his father in law.

    “Is Rafaella here with you?” Alessio wondered if his daughter might have been with him, but gone to see her mother first.

    His daughter Rafaella, who was four years older than her sister Adriana, had gotten married to Mattia just last summer. It had been such a beautiful wedding, and Alessio had even found himself with a few tears when he saw Rafaella in her mother's wedding dress. The way her sepia brown skin contrasted with the white dress had made her look absolutely breathtaking.

    Even to this day, Alessio found it hard to believe that the black baby girl he used to hold in his arms, was not only grown up but also married.

    “I’m afraid not. Nonna Ornella was by yesterday with a recipe for her pecan pie, and today Rafaella had set her mind on baking them.” Mattia mentioned Rafaella’s grandmother Ornella, on her mother’s side.

    "Oh, you're in for a treat, Ornella's pies are something out of this world," Alessio remembered when he first started seeing Eleonora and got to taste one of her mother's pecan pies. They were truly amazing.

    “Hopefully there are some left when I get back.” Mattia smiled and thought of the two black men who were most likely at his house.

    “Oh, I don’t think Rafaella could eat that many slices, they’re quite filling.” Alession smiled.

    “Oh, I wasn’t really thinking of Rafaella.” Mattia once again smiled.

    “You see, on the way here, I met these two black men, Jacopo and Doriano. They were brothers, very kind, and they had just come from Rome. They asked if I knew of somewhere that they could stay. Now, of course, I told them about the various bed and breakfasts around here, including yours.” Mattia smiled. Like many families in the valley, his father and mother in law had a small bed and breakfast business during the summer.

    “But I felt that I should offer them some room myself, so I told them that they would be more than welcome to stay with me and my wife during their stay here, or at least until they could find somewhere more spacious.” Mattia had of course planned on letting them have the bed with Rafaella whilst he spent the night on the sofa.

    “And I’m sure Rafaella has offered them some pie, amongst other things.” Mattia’s penis had been standing straight up in his pants since he mentioned inviting the two black brothers into his home.

    “You know Mattia, I am so glad that my daughter fell in love with some a good and proper man.” Alessio was proud to have Mattia as a son in law.

    Two kilometers from the Abruzzo vineyard, inside the bedroom of a small house surrounded by grapes and beautiful landscapes, a supremely chesty woman with flowing black hair and skin like a bronze sunset was sandwiched between two good looking men with athletic and umber toned bodies.

    “Si, Continua, Non Fermarti!!” Rafaella’s big volumes breasts bounced as she begged the big black men not to stop fucking her. She was in absolute orgasmic heaven.

    “Ti piace cosi?!" Whilst on top of Rafaella, pounding her tight pussy with his throbbing twelve-inch black cock, Jacopo gasped out, asking her if she liked it, though already knowing the answer from her heavy moans.

    "Oh, she loves it, brother!" Doriano grunted out from underneath Rafaella, his equally as big and thick cock stuffed deep in her ass. On his back, he reached up and around her, cupping her huge breasts, his fingers melting into her softness. Though even with his large hands, he was unable to fully engulf the size of her juggs.

    “Si, cosi lo voglio!” Rafaella moaned out that she loved it. She loved having the big cocks in her pussy and ass at the same time. And the way the brothers rhythmically took turns being deep inside of her kept sending her over the edge.

    “Mmm.” For a brisk moment, Jacopo leaned down and locked lips with the stunning woman who had opened the door with flour in her hair when they got to the inviting home of the younger man that they had met on the road.

    After the beautiful ebony woman had invited them inside and offered them something to drink, she excused herself for but a moment to go and check on her pies that she had just put into the oven. When she returned with the glasses, she had also slipped the straps of her dress down her arms, revealing her incredibly chunky breasts. And whilst they drank the refreshing water that the women had offered them, their hungry eyes were on her tits. Tits that they both took turns sucking and fondling, after having put down their glasses. After which the gorgeous woman asked if she could pleasure their big cocks with her mouth.

    In the bedroom, having tasted the sweet lips of Rafaella, Jacopo whispered into her ear, whilst still having his fat cock buried deep in her pussy.

    “Let’s turn you over, I want to feel that fine ass.” Jacopo gave his brother a nod at the same time as he leaned back and slid his lengthy cock out of Rafaella’s gushing slit.

    “Oh siii!” Rafaella too her time to enjoy every inch of Doriano’s amazing cock as it slowly slid out of her ass whilst she raised herself up. When the tip popped out of her tight hole, Rafaella just couldn’t wait to have her holes stuffed again.

    “I want the two of you back inside of me again.” Rafaella glanced over at the two black brothers before getting on top of Doriano. They were both so sexy. Just looking at their sweaty naked bodies made her nipples so hard.

    With a sensuous gaze on Doriano, Rafaella leaned down and slowly stepped over him. In doing so, her huge breasts hung down like the perfect juggs that they were and softly ran across his chest.

    “Oh yeah, come here.” Doriano’s mouth was absolutely watering for her tits, so with a lustful embrace, he put his arms around her back and pulled her chest up to face.

    “Mmm.” For a moment he buried his face between her exquisite breasts and enjoyed their softness, before eventually cupping both of them with his hands and going back and forth between her nipples, sucking them hard.

    “Si, sii!” Rafaella leaned her head back. She was in heaven. Having her tits fondled and sucked by a big black man was beyond amazing. The only thing that would have made it even more blissful would have been if her husband Mattia would have been there. With a slight tilt to the left, she looked over at the chair where he usually sat and watched her in bed with black men. In her mind, she could see him sitting there with his sweet smile, panting, his penis hanging limply between his legs dripping cum.

    Behind Rafaella, Jacopo enjoyed the sight of her exceptional ass, whilst his brother relished every second he spent fondling her breasts.

    “Yeahh.” Jacopo’s cock was rock hard when he reached over, placing his hands on her soft buttcheek, feeling them before gradually parting them. Little by little her enticing butthole and pussy came into view.

    “Mm mm.” Her tight hole still gapped quite a bit after his brother had stretched her out. He couldn’t wait to feel the tight squeeze around his cock.

    “Ohh siii!” Rafaella felt her ass being stuffed once more and let out a moan filled with pleasure.

    “Mmm.” Jacopo had grabbed his thick black cock and was slowly easing it into Rafaella’s ass. He absolutely loved the sight of his cock disappearing deeper and deeper inside a woman’s ass. Once he felt that her tight hole had accepted his shaft, he gave her a robust thrust.

    “Ahh.” He slammed with his hips, gently pushing in his cock a few more inches before he began to move his hips back and forth.

    “Ah ah ahhh.” Jacopo held onto her hips as he started pounding her ass.

    “Oh oh oh sí si si!” Rafaella couldn’t remain still anymore. With each of Jacopo’s wonderful thrusts, her breasts flopped across Doriano’s face.

    “Oh yess.” Though Doriano loved having his face lightly beaten by Rafaella’s huge breasts, it was time to feel her wet pussy.

    “Fratello.” Doriano leaned his head to the side and grunted brother.

    “Ahh.” Jacopo let out a small exhale when he heard his brother and looked to the side. Glancing down between Rafaella’s legs, he could see his brother’s thick cock out in the open, jutting against Rafaella’s thigh.

    Knowing what his brother wanted, Jacopo grabbed his own cock and pulled out of Rafaella. Whilst his brother grabbed his cock and guided it in between Rafaella’s labia, Jacopo licked his lips, eager to shove his cock back into her gaping ass.

    “Oh si, you feel so good!” Rafaella gasped when she felt Doriano slide inside of her. Looking down into his hungry eyes, she leaned down, mashing her impressive breasts against his chest and sliding her tongue down his throat.

    “Mmm.” Their wet tongues twirled around when suddenly Rafaella’s eyes opened up. Jacopo had just shoved his big black cock back into her ass. She wanted to moan out how much she loved having the two of them inside of her, but she also wanted to keep kissing Doriano.

    “Uh uh uh uhhh uh uh uh!” Jacopo had a tight grip of her waist whilst he slammed her ass. Back and forth his hips went and with each thrust, he pushed deeper.

    Mmm… Doriano loved kissing. He loved the sweet taste of a woman’s saliva, feeling her tongue, the softness of her lips and her warm breath. And even though his focus was on kissing her, he held his arms around her back and matched his brother’s intense pace to a tee.

    “Oh ohhh aahhhhhhhh!” Rafaella felt an intense orgasm overtake her. She wanted to keep kissing Doriano, but she couldn’t. She had to cry out.

    “Sto venendoooooo!” Rafaella cried out that she was coming hard.

    Not only did the brothers love hearing a woman orgasm, but they also took it as a challenge to keep her climaxing.

    “Ahhh!” Both brothers dug deep and pounded her with everything they had.

    "Ohhh myyy goddddd!" Rafaella almost wasn't able to moan when another orgasm overtook her first one. Her whole body was shaking and still, the two black brothers were fucking her hard.

    “Hngg…” Rafaella could feel herself inches from passing out in heavenly bliss when suddenly she found herself on her back, with her arms resting above her head, feeling thick strings of warm wetness splashing onto her face and breasts.

    Not only could she hear the brothers manly grunts, but the intoxicating scent of cum had reached her nostrils, and even without having to open her eyes she knew that they were coming on her.

    Mmm… With the delicious taste of cum hitting her lips, Rafaella instinctively opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, hoping to catch a lot more of it in her mouth.

    Of course, like any woman, she loved it when a black man came on her face, giving her a lovely facial. However, if he asked where she wanted him to come, she would almost always tell him that she wanted to swallow his cum. It had always felt like it was the proper thing to do.

    Though if she truly had to be honest, she just loved eating black man’s cum. There was nothing quite like it. The intense feeling of having a black man’s thick cockhead between her lips, feeling it erupt and filling her mouth with tasty sperm. Savoring it’s slimy texture in her mouth, whilst swirling her tongue through it. Which led to the sweet culmination. When she got to experience the pleasure of swallowing a black man’s load. Rafaella just couldn’t think of anything that was more womanly than that.

    Now, she knew exactly from whom she had gotten her desire. Her mother Eleonora. She remembered whenever her mother was with black men, she would always say: Vienimi in bocca, voglio assaggiare la tua sborra, which in English meant; Come in my mouth, I want to taste you.

    “Ah ahhh!” Kneeling down next to Rafaella face, Jacopo held his rock hard cock with a light but firm grip whilst pointing it down at her pretty face. With each grunt, several long and thick streams of cum shot out from his cock and splattered onto her face.

    “Ahh ah!” Even during his overwhelming climax, Jacopo noticed Rafaella parting her lips and sticking out her tongue. And with an unnerving feat of control, he managed to lean over her, placing his cockhead right on top of her open mouth and unload the last heavy spurts of semen right into her mouth.

    “Uh uhhh!” On his knees on the other side of Rafaella, Doriano grunted as he squeezed out a few last drops of cum onto her huge and amazingly soft breasts.

    “Uhhhhh…. Mhmmm.” Once his climax subsided a little, and last real drop of cum had fallen down onto her tits, Doriano gently slapped his lengthy cock against the softness of Rafaella’s breasts, making them jiggle in a wonderful manner. A delighted sigh left his lungs when he saw the wet and stringy mess he had made on her amazing tits. He had always enjoyed painting women’s chests with his cum.

    “Mhm.” What Rafaella had hoped would happen when she parted her lips before had happened. She had felt the arousing taste of semen being sprayed into her eagerly awaiting mouth. Having swallowed the sizable load, she had intently licked her lips and had finally opened her eyes to the gorgeous view of Jacopo’s thick black cock hanging straight down to her lips. With no hesitation, she leaned up and took his big cockhead into her mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum out of its tip.

    “Mm, grazie.” Rafaella looked up and thanked Jacopo after he had sat up on to the bed next to her.

    “Il piacere è tutto mio.” Jacopo smiled and told her that it was his pleasure, whilst he admired her pretty and cum splashed face.

    Having glanced down and relished her sperm drenched breasts, Rafaella, with a smile on her face, cupped the undersides of her boobs and looked up at Donario.

    “E grazie Donario.” Behind her expression of gratitude, there was also a request that she didn’t even have to ask. What she wanted was all in her lustful eyes.

    With an anticipating nod from Donario, Rafaella glanced down at all the wads of cum on her chest, and with a smile on her face, she began to smear the juicy semen all over her voluptuous breasts. Not only did she love to smear the handsome black man’s cum across her boobs, but in her mind, she could already see Mattia spurt his load when she pressed his face against her breasts, after telling him that Donario had come all over them.

    To be continued...
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