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Complete Late Night At The Office

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by BBCSlut, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Active Member Member

    Ok... It started about 5 years ago

    I was working late catching up on some invoices.

    It was just me and one on my Supervisors Mike, Mike is a nice looking Black Man (not overly handsome but not bad neither) about 5 or 6 years younger than me.

    As I was busy with the task before me Mike comes over to my desk and standing right next to me say "Can you help me with this"

    as I look up there's this Big Black Cock in my face.

    Without thinking I just turned in my chair and took it in my hands caressing it then bending down to run my tongue up n down it as he moaned and pushed on my head I opened my mouth and let him slide his wonderful cock slowly in

    at about the half way point he didn't hesitate gripping my head in both hands began to fuck my face and driving his cock into my throat.

    I kept licking and Sucking and in just a couple of minutes he was bucking his hips and I could feel his cock throb and expand in my mouth and throat and he started to shoot blast after blast into my stomach.

    I let him holster it in my mouth for awhile longer as I licked his cum from his cock.

    After he pulled out and I regained my composer I ask him how did he know I would do it and not call HR.

    He smiled down at me and says "I knew you were a slut" and that you would be a "good girl" and walked back to his office.

    Thatat was 5 years ago and Mike still uses me from time to time at work.
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