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. King Dong

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

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    I have to go away on business about one week in every eight, and I would not dream of being unfaithful to Jenny while I'm away and usually I just stay in my hotel room watching TV.

    Recently though, on my return from one trip, we were just about to go to bed when Jenny asked me if I wanked during my times away. I told her that I did, and, she admitted that she did every night when I wasn't there. I'd never seen her wanking and I asked if I could watch her do it, exactly as she did while I was away. She agreed on condition that I would do the same. It was a lovely experience, watching her get carried away as she fingered her clit and squeezed her tits at the same time. She seemed to be in a trance as she reached her orgasm and the sight was so wonderful I soon shot my spunk.

    The next day we discussed our wanking and I asked her if she thought about me when she wanked during my absence. After some persuasion she admitted that she didn't always think of me. I was intrigued and wanted to know who else she fantasised about. She revealed that it was nobody in particular, just some fella with a large prick making love to her. To my surprise -and to hers too - this turned me on and I encouraged her to tell me more while I undressed her on the carpet in our lounge. Soon, we were fucking madly as she spoke of her fantasy lover.

    It turned out to be our best fuck ever and the next time I was away, she wrote me a very sexy letter about how she imagined being fucked by two well-hung young men. You can imagine how excited I was as I wankedoff while reading it. By coincidence, when I returned home at the weekend, there was a letter from an old school friend, Steve who I hadn't seen for years. He'd been in the USA for some time but he was in Derby the following week and he said he would ring up and arrange a visit. When he did so, we invited him round for dinner one evening. We all had a very nice meal one day the following week, and afterwards we just sat and talked, getting very merry and relaxed. Jenny put on some music and Steve asked her if I would mind them dancing. I let them carry on while I popped out to get some more drinks. When I came back they were very close together. I asked Steve what he thought of Jenny and he said she was lovely. I turned to Jenny then with a grin on my face. "Do you know what they used to call Steve at school? Donkey Dick! Even at sixteen he had a good eight inches between his legs!" I then told Steve that Jenny a thing about big pricks, but she'd only ever seen my modest 6" "Why don't you give her a treat," I goaded him. "Go on - drop your pants for her." Without any hesitation at all Steve did just that. Out sprang his cock, already hard from his dancing close to Jenny. Jenny gasped when she saw it. I told her to have a closer look, to touch it or stroke it if she wanted to. She didn't need much persuasion and she was on her knees stroking it and kissing it. Steve really stiffened up and Jenny took him in her mouth as well. Five minutes later she was lying back on the carpet with her legs wide open. Steve lowered himself on top of her, and I saw her cunt stretch wide as he slid insided her, filling her up. They fucked together frantically for few minutes before Steve came with a loud moan. And I'd counted at least four climaxes from Jenny.

    Steve stayed with us that night, and every other night till he had to return to the States. We had some great nights of sex together and Steve left Jenny and I with some great memories to reflect on and to use as inspiration for fantastic fucking session.

    Now, of course, Jenny wants to try someone else and I must admit I would love to see her taking another big one!
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