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. Kathy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Walt, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. Walt

    Walt Member Author!

    KATHY 2 by Walt

    Walt was in a particularly amorous mood when he headed upstairs for bed with Kathy. He had visions of some serious sex with his wife, hoping he could even coax a blow job from her. She gave incredible head, and had learned how much he liked to cum in her mouth and then have her kiss him with his sperm coating her tongue. His cock was getting stiff just thinking about her soft, hot lips wrapped around the shaft, her tongue teasing the head.

    He peeled off his clothes and climbed into the bed, snuggling against her soft round ass. As he reached around to caress her breasts, she pushed his hand down and away. He moved it back and she left it there, but there was no response from her. Usually, her magnificent nipples would swell up like big pink pencil erasers. Now, they remained soft and unresponsive. He kissed her cheek, trying to work his way around to her lips, but she turned away.

    "Can we just snuggle tonight?" she asked in a low voice.

    Irritated, Walt answered, "Sure, no problem." His stiff cock belied his answer, but began to wilt in response to another night without sex. He rolled over and closed his eyes, thoroughly pissed. This was becoming a regular occurrence. He had hoped that her seeing the shrink, Castleman or whatever his name was, would fix things, but he was becoming certain that had become a waste of money. Three visits at a hundred bucks a pop and he still wasn't getting laid! In fact, since the last visit, he wasn't even getting kissed. Walt had made up his mind to go and see this quack himself. He'd scheduled an appointment for the next day.

    Walt showed up at the office having serious doubts as to what he was doing there. He certainly didn't have any problems, and he was wondering what his friends would think if word got out he had come here. He sat in the waiting room, impatiently flipping through an old sports magazine.

    "Mister Burt?" the receptionist called to him. "You may go in now."

    Walt stood, tossing the magazine on the chair and went to the door. Just as he reached out for the knob, the door swung open, and Doctor Cassidy stood there.

    "Come in, please, Walter." Cassidy invited him in.

    Walt moved into the room, still taking the psychiatrist in. Cassidy stood a little over six feet tall, weighed about two hundred and thirty pounds, had a noticeable gut and was beginning to go bald. He guessed his age at about 40. The beard and mustache partially hid a pudgy face, and were the same shade of red as what remaining hair topped his head.

    "Please, have a seat," Cassidy pointed to a comfortable looking chair. Walt sat down, still studying the doctor.

    "I'm not sure why I'm here," Walt began. "It's really my wife's problem that needs to be fixed."

    Cassidy smiled at him understandingly. "You may be right, Walter. Kathy has some serious issues that we are working on."

    Walt felt somewhat relieved that the doctor realized Kathy had the problems. "What kind of work?" he asked.

    "Well, now Walter," Cassidy began, "I can't give you the specifics, professional ethics you know."

    Walt nodded reluctantly.

    "But I can show you the most effective technique we have been using to help her come to grips with things." Walt looked at Cassidy inquisitively. "Let me show you. Come over to the couch and take off your shoes."

    The doctor was amazed how easily Walt went under. He tested twice to make sure he was really asleep before he began to work.

    "Walter, can you hear me?"

    Walt answered "Yes I can."

    "Good, then we can begin to fix the problem between you and Kathy." Cassidy continued.

    "Fix the problem." Walt repeated.

    "You really have a small cock, don't you?" Cassidy asked right away.

    "Not really small," Walt responded. defensively.

    "Your cock is only about five inches long, isn't it?" Cassidy pursued the issue.

    "Yes, it's about five inches long." Walt answered.

    "That is small for a grown man's cock." Cassidy stated forcefully. "Most real men have eight inch cocks or bigger."

    Walt hesitated a moment before answering. "Five inches is smaller than eight inches."

    Cassidy smiled. "That's right, and your cock is only five inches long."

    "My cock is five inches long." Walt repeated.

    "Real men have big cocks." the doctor stated again. "Real men have cocks bigger than five inches."

    Walt responded slowly, "Real men have big cocks."

    "You have a small cock, Walt, don't you?" the doctor was licking his lips in anticipation.

    "My cock is only five inches. Real men have big cocks." Walt's voice droned on. "My cock isn't big."

    Cassidy almost laughed. "You have a little boy cock, Walt. You aren't a real man."

    "Little boy, small cock, not real man," Walt sounded confused.

    "You aren't a real man, are you Walt?" Cassidy asked.

    Walt replied meekly, "I have a small cock. Real men have big cocks. I'm not really a man."

    Cassidy had a wicked thought. "But you like big cocks, don't you? You like to see big cocks on real men, don't you."

    "Yes!" Walt answered immediately. "I like to see really big cocks."

    "You would like to suck a really big cock, wouldn't you Walt?" Cassidy unzipped his pants.

    "Yes, I would" Walt answered.

    Cassidy stood and moved by Walt, brushing his face with his prick. "Suck my man sized cock, Walt. Make me even bigger."

    Walt opened his mouth and began to suck at the head of Cassidy's stiffening prick. He flicked his tongue into the slit, licking the pre-cum, and then grasped the shaft with his hand.

    "You've done this before, haven't you?" the doctor asked.

    Removing the cock from his mouth, Walt answered, "Yes, I have sucked cock before."

    "And you love being a cocksucker, don't you?"

    Walt just nodded as he continued sucking Cassidy's engorged prick.

    "You would rather suck my cock than make love to Kathy." Cassidy said.

    Walt didn't respond except to continue sucking.

    "You don't like fucking your wife as much as you like sucking my man sized prick, do you?"

    Walt let the cock slide from his lips. "I like sucking your cock." he stated flatly.

    "You like sucking my cock better than fucking Kathy!" Cassidy's voice rose.

    "I like your cock better than my wife," Walt finally repeated.

    "From now on, whenever you see your wife naked, you will think of sucking my cock." Cassidy programmed.

    "You will think of my cock and how you love my cock, not your wife. Your entire sex drive is focused on my cock. You worship my cock and will do anything so you can suck it."

    "Love your cock better than Kathy." Walt repeated with conviction.

    "If you try to make love to Kathy, you will think of my cock and lose your own erection. You will go soft with your little boy cock, thinking of my man cock." Cassidy's voice was insistent. "You will never want to fuck Kathy again, only to suck my cock."

    "Suck your cock, not fuck Kathy." Walt took the cock back into his mouth with a vengeance.

    "But Kathy needs to be fucked." Cassidy continued. "Kathy needs a real man."

    Walt paused in his cocksucking. "Kathy needs a real man. Needs to be fucked by a real man"

    "And you aren't a real man, are you Walt?"

    "No, I have a little cock. Real men have big cocks." Walt intoned again.

    "You want me to fuck Kathy for you, Walt" Cassidy almost laughed. "You want Kathy to be fucked by a real man like me."

    "You fuck Kathy." Walt said. "You are a real man with a big cock."

    "Tell me how much you want me to fuck your wife." Cassidy was radiant.

    "I want you to fuck my wife."

    "Beg me to fuck her."

    "Please, fuck my wife with your big cock. Please fuck her." Walt pleaded.

    "Tell me that she is my bitch." Cassidy was enjoying this.

    "Kathy is your bitch. Please fuck Kathy, please!"

    Cassidy stuck his cock back in Walt's mouth and jerked himself off until he came in great white, sticky gobs. Walt swallowed it all, licking his cock clean.

    "When you awaken, you will remember nothing that happened here, except you have a constant craving for my cock, and you want your wife to fuck me all the time. You will not be able to get an erection around your wife any more. You know she is my bitch to use whenever I want, and you are comfortable with that. You will encourage her to see me often, and dress in sexy outfits."

    Walt nodded in agreement.

    "When I count to three, you will wake up. One, two, three."

    "Well, like I figured, that didn't work." Walt sat up. "Sorry to waste your time doc.

    Walt got up to go, but Cassidy couldn't help but notice he kept staring at his crotch. "Any time you need me, just call, Walt." he said.

    Walt licked his lips unconsciously. "I'll do that."

    "And give my best to Kathy, for me." Cassidy added.

    "I'll tell her you were thinking of her." Walt said sincerely. "She really needs you."

    Cassidy smiled as Walt went out the door. "I know."
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