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. Kathy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Craver, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. Craver

    Craver Member Author!

    Kathy by Craver

    I think I must be married to the greatest guy in the world. I mean, how many other husbands would let their wives fuck other men and not be insanely jealous over it? Yet that's exactly what Andrew allows me to do. In fact, he encourages it!

    How did we get where we are today? It all began when Andrew and I used to share our fantasies with each other while making love. Sometimes Andrew would ask me to pretend he was another man, and whenever I did, calling him other guy's names and shit like that, his fucking cock would get so much harder I knew it was turning him on. Sometimes we'd pretend we were having a threesome, and I'd suck one of Andrew's fingers while he fucked me, telling him the finger was another guy's cock, or we'd do it the other way around. I'd pretend he was another guy fucking me while I sucked his finger pretending it was Andrew's cock.

    I think the thing that really got us going, though, was when I'd make Andrew suck my finger, telling him I wanted to see him sucking another guy's cock, too, while yet a third "stranger" fucked me. The first time we tried that, Andrew came instantly, shooting so much cum up inside my pussy that afterward it ran out of me like a small river, all over my cunt and asshole. Amazingly, Andrew was still hard, even though he'd just shot around what seemed like a pint of cum up my pussy.

    Suddenly I got an idea. "Suck me, Andrew," I said. "Suck Jim's cum out of my sloppy pussy. Go on. DO IT!" I yelled at him, grabbing him by the hair, pulling him toward my wet, dripping cunt.

    "Oh God," Andrew moaned, his cock twitching, rock hard again.

    "Go on, Andrew. You know you want to do it, baby. Eat his cum. Eat my nice hot, freshly fucked pussy. Taste that nasty man's cum while it drips out of my naughty, slut wife cunt," I teased, pulling him closer and closer to my dirty, messy cunt.

    "Oh Goddddd!" Andrew moaned, just before he dove into my slippery thighs. And then he was doing it... he was eating his cum out of my pussy, licking my ass, probing my cum-drenched asshole with his tongue. God I loved it. It made me feel so fucking nasty and slutty to know my sweet husband actually would consider eating another man's cum from my pussy. I made a mental note to remember how much this turned Andrew on, and then I lay back and just wallowed in the depravity of such a hot, exciting moment.

    The next day Andrew and I had a serious talk about what we'd done. At breakfast, I asked Andrew if he really would like me to let other men fuck me. He stared at me with an expression of intense love, and said, "Kathy, I'd love it. I really would."

    "Why, baby?" I asked, feeling a tingling of excitement in my dampening pussy.

    "I don't know why. I just know it would turn me on, especially if I came home and found you still dirty from their fucking. It would be like I had my very own porno star or something. I love you, baby, but this is just something I really would like you to do for me."

    "If you're really sincere about this, and think our marriage is strong enough to handle it, I'll do it," I said, wanting desperately to touch my cunt, I was so fucking hot just thinking about it.

    "I am, Kathy. Do it. Please. Fuck another man. Or better yet, let a group of guys fuck you. Then come home to me all dirty, covered in cum, with cum dripping out of your pussy and maybe even your ass," Andrew said.

    "Oh God, Andrew, you're making me so fucking hot, baby. If it's what you want, I'll do it. I really will, Andrew. But once I start, you know me... there will be no turning back. I'll probably become a complete slut."

    "Good. I hope you do," Andrew said, as his cock suddenly poked out through the hole on his boxer shorts. I walked over to him, kissed him, then dropped to my knees in front of him and licked his dick.

    "Hmm, I like your cock, Ron," I breathed, using the name of a guy we both knew. "I always wanted to suck you off. Can you come in my mouth, Ron? We don't have much time before Andrew gets home from work. Okay, Ron? Can you come in my mouth, or all over my face, baby?"

    "Oh God!" Andrew moaned. Droplets of pre-cum were oozing out the end of his dick, and when I licked them and began squeezing his balls with one hand while I jerked him off with the other, sucking and licking his cock for him, he suddenly groaned and said, "I'm COMINGGGGGG!"

    I took his cock out of my mouth and let it spray my face with hot cum, feeling it splashing all over my cheeks and forehead and lips and nose and chin, thrilled beyond belief as I pretended Andrew's cock really was Ron's, knowing I was going to be able to do something like that very soon with another man. Without even touching my pussy, I came, so hard I almost passed out, the sensations were so intense.

    That Monday Andrew had to go out of town. When he kissed my goodbye, he made me promise to do what we'd discussed.

    "I really want you to do it, Kathy," he said, touching my cheek softly. "Fuck someone... anyone... and save your panties for me. I want to smell the cum in them. Or better yet, do it just before I get home on Friday so I can see it still dripping out of your cunt. Okay, baby? Will you do that for me?" he asked.

    "Yes!" I grinned. "I will. I promise I will," I said, meaning it.

    Andrew smiled back at me, then said, "I better go. My cock is getting hard just thinking about coming home on Friday and finding you naked, on the bed, with your pussy full of some other guy's cum."

    He kissed me again, felt my tits, and was gone.

    I went into the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee, vowing to go through with this. "If he wants his wife to become a slut, that's exactly what I'm going to do," I said to myself, reaching down to stroke my pussy, not surprised to find my lingerie moist and warm. My cunt was all dewy, and I couldn't wait to feel the first strange cock entering me there.

    That afternoon I decided to go shopping. I wore a short skirt, sandals, to show off my ruby red toenails, and on impulse decided to skip wearing panties. For a top I selected one of Andrew's tank top style ribbed undershirts, and also didn't wear a bra. I knew anyone would be able to see my tits through the thin undershirt, and even more through the wide cut-out arm holes. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I almost felt like I couldn't leave the house dressed so slutty, but somehow I managed to do it, deciding to go to a mall way over on the other side of town so no one we knew would run into me.

    Driving to the mall I played with myself, feeling the hot juices from my cunt running out of it, making a wet spot on the leather car seat. When I arrived at the mall for a long time I just sat there in the parking lot, trying to convince myself to walk inside. Finally, after a deep breath, I worked up enough courage to get out of the car and go inside. As I was walking toward the entrance to the mall, I noticed how all the men looked at me, smiling at me, a couple even whistling at me. My nipples got rock hard, and I could feel them brushing against the front of Andrew's thin undershirt. Suddenly I began to love the sensations my exhibitionism was creating in me, and I started smiling back at some of the men.

    Inside the mall, in the cool air, my nipples seemed to grow even larger than before. I looked at my reflection in one of the store windows, and was stunned to see a very hot looking sexy slut staring back at me. Smiling, I went inside a shoe store and sat down in one of the chairs. A handsome young clerk came over and grinned at me, pulling up one of those stools they sit on to help you try on shoes.

    "What can I get for you, ma'am?" he asked.

    "Hmmm..." I said, crossing my legs, forcing my skirt to climb higher on my thighs, "let's try a pair of those black pumps, in size 7 medium."

    He stared quickly at my exposed ass, then looked back up at my face. I grinned at him seductively, letting him know I'd seen where he'd been looking, and his face immediately turned crimson.

    "I... I'll be right back," he stammered, leaving quickly. I noticed a couple of the other clerks staring at me, and I smiled at them, too, stretching my arms above my head, accentuating my hard nipples and firm breasts.

    The young man returned, and sat down in front of me again. I uncrossed my legs, and slowly raised my foot for him, letting him see my naked pussy. For an instant he forget what he was supposed to be doing, and just stared at my cunt. Then he seemed to snap out of the trance he was in, and took my foot in his hand, helping me slip on the shoe. When it was on my foot, I held my leg straight out in front of me, lifting it high enough so the men across the room could see my naked cunt as well as the young man waiting on me.

    "Hmmm... I don't know," I said, staring at him out of the corner of my eye, noticing his gaze riveted to my naked, and now very wet cunt. "How do you think it looks?" I asked, then adding impishly, "the shoe, I mean... not my pussy."

    His head jerked up and he turned beet red again. "What-I... I... oh God, I'm... I'm sorry, ma'am... I...."

    "It's okay," I said. "Look all you want. I don't mind. Why do you think I came in here without wearing panties anyway?"

    "Jesus, really?" he said, stunned. "You... you don't care if I look at your... your-"

    "Cunt? Is that the word you're looking for?" I smiled. "go ahead. Look at it all you want," I said, spreading my legs wider apart for him, noting the silent stares of lust on his face and the faces of his co-workers across the room.

    "God you're beautiful," he said, his eyes glassy, as I noticed the lump in his trousers growing larger.

    "Touch it," I whispered. "Go ahead. Put your finger in me," I instructed, scooting lower on the chair in front of him, spreading my legs wider apart as my skirt climbed higher on my thighs, almost to my cunt now.

    "Really?" he gasped.

    "Yes really. Do it. Finger fuck me. Right here, in front of your horny friends over there," I smiled.

    He looked around and saw the two men grinning at him. For a moment he seemed undecided as to what to do, but then his entire body seemed to tremble slightly, and he reached out with his fingers and touched me, touched my wet pussy.

    I moaned, loudly, as I felt his finger sliding inside me, fucking me. Through half-open eyes I stared at the men across the room, smiling at them, blowing them a kiss before licking my lips seductively as their young friend continued to finger-fuck me right there in the store. Fortunately I was the only customer in the store at the moment, so after looking around, I quickly reached down and pulled my top up over my tits, exposing them for the men watching me, letting them see my naked breasts as well as my pussy.

    One of the men came over and said, "Hey Billy. Need any help with this customer?"

    The kid jumped and quickly pulled his finger out of my cunt, but I remained as I was, with my legs spread, my top up over my naked tits, and my legs spread wide enough so the men could all still see my pussy.

    "I think I'd like to use your ladies room. Can you show me where it is?" I asked.

    "We don't have a public bathroom, but I think it will be okay if you use ours this one time. Follow me," the man grinned. I pulled my top down, then got up and started to follow him. Billy remained where he was, and I turned to him and said, "Come with us, Billy. After all, you're the one who got me started. You deserve to go first."

    "Go first?" he repeated, puzzled.

    "God I love young men," I grinned. "Yes, Billy. Go first. You get to fuck me first, before your friends do," I teased, holding out my hand. "Now are you coming or not?"

    He jumped up and took my hand, as the other two men, Billy, and I all walked toward the back of the shop.

    "In here," the first man said, opening the door to a washroom. I walked in and pulled up my skirt in front of them, then sat down on the toilet. The men remained where they were, standing with the washroom door open, watching me.

    "Why don't you all come inside and help me," I said.

    "Help you with what?" the more brazen man asked.

    "With this," I said, rubbing my pussy, spreading my cunt lips apart, showing the men the naked, pink flesh on the inside of my pussy.

    The man I'd been speaking with unzipped his trousers and took out a nice sized cock, walking toward me, his erect penis dripping already.

    "Billy first," I said, holding out my hand to Billy. "Come here, baby. Give Kathy your nice young hard cock, then tell me what you want to do to me with it.

    "Oh God," Billy moaned, walking closer to me, the lump in his trousers so hot and hard now it was making a wet spot where it touched the thin material of his pants.

    Billy stood in front of me and I took off the undershirt and threw it on the floor nearby. Then I unzipped him and took out his cock, touching it, feeling the searing heat emanating from its smooth velvety skin.

    "Oh God," Billy moaned, as I took him into my mouth. "Oh God, I'm..."

    "Do it, Billy. Give it to me. Give me your nice hot creamy cum," I moaned, feeling a gush of cum suddenly flooding into my mouth. I giggled at how fast he had come, then took the cock out of my mouth and let it spray my face, letting the men watch as Billy unloaded spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my face, some shooting up across my forehead and into my hair.

    "Jesus what a hot slut!" the other man said, jerking off his cock, close to coming, too, I could tell.

    Finally Billy stopped shooting cum all over my face. I stood and turned to the other man who had his cock out.

    "In my pussy," I moaned. "Fuck me and come in my pussy," I instructed.

    "Shit yeah, no problem," the man said, as I leaned against the sink, letting him take me from behind. This was it! I was finally going to feel another man's cock sliding into me, into my hot, waiting pussy. I was close to coming myself, just from thinking about what I was doing, and when I felt the crown of his dick touching my cunt lips, I exploded, moaning so loudly I thought the entire mall could probably hear me.

    Then I felt him, his cock, sliding in me, in my pussy, fucking me. I moaned again, turning around to look at the man as he fucked me. He was smirking at me, knowing how badly I wanted it, needed it, his cock, as he fucked me, roughly pushing into me, over and over until he, too, was coming, inside me, inside my pussy, forcing his cock deeper inside me as it exploded jets of hot, sticky cum way up inside my slut body.

    I came so hard I almost fainted, and when he pulled out with a "plop" sound, the third man moved behind me and slid his dick inside me so quickly I didn't even realize he was about to do it to me.

    "Oh God yeahhhhh," I moaned, closing my eyes, smiling, letting my brain and my body absorb the sensations of pure lust that were washing over me as the man, this stranger, fucked me.

    In a little while I heard him grunting, and then felt his sperm shooting into my pussy on top of the last man's cum. I felt a series of small orgasm shooting through my body with each spurt of hot cum he gushed into me, and when he pulled out I felt another river of cum running out of my cunt and down my thighs. Finally they were finished. Or so I thought.

    "Can... can I fuck you, too, ma'am?" Billy begged. I turned and looked at his puppy-dog sad, hopeful eyes, and almost had to laugh, his hunger was so evident.

    "Of course you can, Billy," I said. "Go on. Do it. Fuck me."

    "Oh God," Billy moaned, and I realized 'Oh God' had to be his favorite expression. His cock seemed to throb as it approached my pussy, and when he pressed it against my cunt, pushing gently into me until he was buried inside me, I almost laughed again at his youthful eagerness. All I had to do was squeeze my cunt muscles once and he was coming again, filling me with the third drenching of cum I'd received that morning.

    "Ohhhh... ohhhh myyyy Goddddd!" Billy gasped, falling against my body, crushing me against the sink as his exhausted frame pinned me down beneath him.

    "Billy... you're... hurting... me!" I gasped.

    "Oh my God! I'm... I'm sorry," he panted, raising up, allowing me to breath again. He was still implanted inside my body, and when he started to pull out I stopped him.

    "No don't! Wait. Stay inside me. I think you can do it again," I smiled, kissing him, taking his hands and putting them on my tits as he leaned over me. Just as I suspected, I felt his cock getting hard again already.

    "See what I mean, Billy. You can do it, honey. You're young. Have you ever been with a woman, Billy? Ever fucked a woman before me?"

    "No," he said softly.

    "Then make the most of it, baby. Fuck me again. Come on, Billy. Let me milk that sweet young cock of yours with my cunt muscles. Like this," I said, clenching my pussy muscles, feeling them grasping his cock, milking it.

    "Oh my God!" he moaned again, and I laughed silently. Then he was getting hard again, rock hard.

    "Now, Billy. Fuck me. Pull out a little, then push it back inside me again. Yeahhh... like that... just like that, Billy. See. I told you you could do it again. Oh God, Billy... that feels nice... real nice," I moaned, meaning it. The kid had a great cock on him, and now that he was using it, I loved it.

    Billy fucked me for several minutes before he was finally ready to come again.

    "Oh my God" I heard for about the millionth time. And then he was shooting more cum into me, hosing me with his cock, bringing me off as he came and came and came inside my sopping pussy. It was great, better than I'd ever imagined it would be with another man, and I knew I'd never go back to just fucking Andrew again.

    Afterward Billy and the other men left me alone to clean up. Suddenly I realized I didn't have any panties to wear to catch the cum from dripping down all over me, so I sat on the toilet and peed, letting as much of the cum drip out of me as I could, but knowing I'd probably be leaking cum all day as I walked around the mall. After I'd peed and wiped my pussy as best I could, I got up and looked at my face in the mirror. I was caked with cum. Smiling, I splashed some water on my face, wiped myself off, and left the gob of cum in my hair alone without touching it. It looked a little like a streak of gray hair, but when you looked closer you could tell it was either cum or some kind of gooey paste. Smiling to myself over what people would say when they saw it, I turned and left the bathroom, walked out into the store, thanked my appreciative adult lovers, then walked over to where Billy was waiting on a new customer.

    "I loved your cock, Billy," I said, in front of the stunned customer and mortified Billy. "You're the greatest fuck I've ever had. Here's my phone number," I said, handing Billy a card. "If you or some of your young friends ever want to fuck me again, call me. Byeee," I said, kissing him in front of the customer, squeezing his cock, before turning and walking away. Behind me I heard the customer sputtering something about how there should be a law against tramps like me walking around in front of decent people, and without turning around I gave her the finger, laughed again, and walked out into the mall.

    The next store I visited was a Frederick's of Hollywood outlet shop. I went in and walked up to a sexy looking older woman clerk. "Hi," I smiled.

    "Hi yourself," she smiled back, staring at my hair, at what I knew must have been the gob of cum I'd left there.

    "I need a pair of panties. My pussy is leaking cum like crazy. I just got fucked by three guys in that shoe store and I need something to stop all that fucking cum from running down my legs," I said.

    The clerk looked at me and her eyes seemed to glaze over with lust.

    "Jesus, really?" she asked.

    "See for yourself," I said, brazenly lifting my skirt as I spread my legs, letting her see the white cum seeping from my naked pussy. "Got any panties in this store?" I teased.

    "Oh yeah," she said, pouting as I lowered the skirt to hide my naked pussy again. "What color, style, etc."

    "Something a slut like me would wear," I said, smirking at her reddening face. She was older than me, around 40 or so, and almost too heavy, but not quite. She was just... soft... around the edges, but with big tits and a nice ass, the kind of woman I knew Andrew would love to fuck.

    "How about these?" she asked, holding up a pair of red bikini satin panties trimmed in black lace.

    "Perfect," I said, taking them from her. "Where can I go to put them on?" I asked.

    "Follow me," she said, leading me to where the dressing rooms were located in the back. Interestingly, she led me past all of the empty cubicles to the last one. Opening it, she turned, grinned at me, and said, "Perhaps I'd better help you try them on."

    Now I'd never been with a woman before, but I figured if I was going to be a true slut I'd better learn to try everything, so I just smiled at her and entered the dressing room with her. She pulled the door closed behind her and then turned and immediately kissed me, her full, lush body pressing into mine as our tongues met and slithered all over.

    Then she sank to the floor in front of me, raised my skirt, and immediately began eating me.

    "Oh God, I can taste it. You're so fucking full of hot cum. God, I love it... love it!" she moaned, sticking her tongue up into my pussy, licking and sucking me until I was coming again, my moans so loud I knew anyone else in the store would be able to hear me, but I couldn't help it. This was so hot, so fucking hot, to have just been fucked by three strange men, and now to be eaten by this hot looking older woman... God I loved being a slut, and I knew Andrew would love hearing about all of this when I talked to him on the phone that night.

    After I'd come about what seemed like a dozen times, the woman got up off the floor and kissed me again. I could taste the cum from my cunt mingled with my pussy juices on her face, and while loved the taste, what I really loved what how her face smelled. Jesus it was rank smelling, but oh so fucking sexy.

    I pulled the panties on and we left the dressing area together. "How much for the panties?" I asked her.

    "No charge, lover. You've already paid me more than enough for them," she smiled sweetly. I thanked her, and left the mall, walking back to my car feeling happier than I could ever remember feeling. All this after Andrew being away for only one morning. I wondered what the remainder of the week would bring, and couldn't wait to fine out....
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