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Karen's jelousy led to her being gangraped in the projects. Part 2

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    40078059635_13f27f1594_o. Karen's jealous streak had set her up to be gang-raped by multiple black men. She was about to be humiliated and degraded. They were putting her on public display, so everybody could see just what they were doing to her.I could see people at their windows and on their decks watch what they were doing to Karen. No one wanted to help, and no one called security. Some shouted to the young men, cheering them on.

    The largest guy in the group removed his pants and turned to me exposing his now rock-hard dick. He was huge. He said that “Karen is a beautiful, sexy, white hoe. She was prime for breading. Her walking up to them naked just showed them what she wanted, and they would give it to her”. They moved the table closer to me and turned it at an angle, so I could get a better view of just what they were going to do to her.

    I watched as he forced his enormous black snake deep inside Karen. After a few thrusts, her pussy devoured the whole thing. He was very rough with her, and I could see Karen was not happy with what was about to happen.

    Some of the other men roughly played and sucked on her tits. They enjoyed seeing Karen fucked. After what seemed to be hours but was only a few minutes, he went balls deep and deposited a full load of his hot seed deep inside her womb. As he pulled out, cum trickled out of her pussy.

    The next guy mounted Karen and smiled as he fucked her. After he came deep inside her, his cum gushed from her now well-used pussy as he pulled out of her.

    Cum ran out around his dick as the third guy started to fuck Karen, he was even rougher with her than the first two men. As he rammed his massive dick in and out of her, he accidentally pulled out of her pussy. As he lunged forward again, he missed her pussy and ramming his dick into her unprotected anus. The only lubrication that was there was cum that ran down over her ass hole as it gushed from her pussy. I could see that this was very uncomfortable for her. He was dry fucking her ass. She did not find it enjoyable at all.

    He continued to ram his dick into her ass till he deposited his full load of cum deep into her bowels. As he pulled out of her, he told the others what a tight ass Karen had and that they should tear this hoe up.

    They untied Karen as one of the men sat down on the edge of the table. They forced her to sit on his lap facing him with his dick in her pussy. As he started to fuck her, another man then started fucking her in the ass. Two men were fucking her at the same time.

    They played leapfrog with her. As the guy with his dick in her pussy would come, the one fucking her in the ass would take over fucking her pussy, and another man would double-team her again.

    I could see that they were getting immense pleasure from this. At times, they turned her around and rammed two dicks into her pussy at one time. They seemed to enjoy stretching her pussy this way.
    It went on for a couple of hours as the eight men made multiple deposits of their hot seed deep inside Karen’s pussy and ass.

    Some of the men scooped up the cum that now gushed from her pussy and rubbed it all over her tits, stomach, face, and in her hair. When they are finally tired of her, Karen lay there covered in sweat and cum. They then figure out a position where they could have one guy fucking her in her ass and two guys fucking her pussy with all three filling her with cum at the same time.

    They tied Karen up again and told us that “That's the way you bread a hoe like her.” Karen lay there utterly exhausted. Still, tied to the table. Cum is now gushing from both her ass and pussy. She was fully exposed for all to see. Easily accessible to anyone that wanted her.

    They told the people that were watching that they would leave her there for anyone else that wanted to fuck her. They had tired of her, and they could have her. They then disappeared into the project.

    I had watched as the eight guys had fucked Karen multiple times. They had to deposit more than sixteen loads of cum deep inside her.

    Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.
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