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Karen's jelousy led to her being gangraped in the projects. Part 1

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    Jealousy is a powerful and destructive emotion. It can lead to people not thinking through what they do. It can lead to dangerous choices and can be very dangerous. The story is true and tells just what happened one warm night, in the fall of 2003.

    My girlfriend, Karen, who is now my wife, was very jealous when we first met. It sometimes causes problems for us. I never knew what she would do when she got that way.

    I knew how her previous husband had forced her to allow his friends to use her to settle his gambling bets numerous times. She had sworn that she would never again be forced to have sex.

    A few months earlier, Karen had agreed to be gangbanged by nine black bikers to get one of their vests. It ended up with her fucking a total of twelve men. It was her first since her ex-forced her just before she divorced him. It was an enjoyable day for all of us who participated. She enjoys being the center of attraction and loves having multiple men cum deep inside her womb.

    After the gangbang with the bikers, we agreed that she could do it again, but only when we both decided to it and I was with her and one of the participants.

    One night while we were out for a lovely evening, an old girlfriend showed up and started flirting with me. I informed her that I was with Karen now and did not appreciate her advances. Karen saw what was going on and got very jealous and told me she wanted to go home. I was not happy that our evening was being cut short because of this woman.

    Our long drive home takes us through a rough part of town, past a housing project that takes up some sixteen square blocks. The buildings are run down and need repair.

    Karen kept arguing with me about the woman that flirted with me. I kept telling her I was with her and wanted nothing to do with any other woman. She knew that I had dated this woman before I met her. Her part in the argument intensified.

    Karen at the time was forty-nine years old but looked better than other women half her age. She was 5'5” tall, 130 pounds and had beautiful 38D breasts.

    As we were passing the projects, she insisted that I pull over and park. I parked under a street light. Karen got out of the car and told me she wanted nothing more to do with me or anything that would remind her of me or that night. She remover her blouse and skirt and threw them into the car.

    Karen now stood there illuminated by the street light, warring just her bra, panties, and high heeled boots. She then removed her bra and panties, telling me that “She did not want them because I had bought them for her.” Karen was now standing there totally naked.

    I tried to talk her into getting back into the car. I asked her how she planned on getting home. She told me that “She would have no problem finding someone to drive her home. She could take care of herself and do not need my protection anymore. Being naked would get her the attention she needed to get someone to drive her home”.

    Karen, wearing only her high heeled boots, started to walk into the projects. I followed her still trying to change her mind and get her back into the car. I knew that if she continued to walk that nothing good would happen. She headed towards one of the many courtyards that were between the buildings. I could see a group of young black men gathered near some tables. It looked like they were playing a pickup game of basketball.

    Karen walked into the courtyard and realized that this was a bad idea. Before she could turn around and head back to the car, they surrounded her. She stood naked in the middle of the circle.

    Without saying a word, one guy grabbed Karen as the others caught me. One of the guys pulled a roll of duct tape out of his gym bag. They taped me to a pole that supported a basketball goal. They gagged me, so I could not say anything. I could only stand there and watch what they were going to do to Karen.

    There were at least eight young black men now surrounding Karen. One guy tried to kiss her. He roughly grabbed her tits as she pulled away from him as others groped her. They toyed with her like a cat playing with a mouse. They told her that her sexy white ass was theirs and they would give her a night she would never forget.

    She struggled to get free as they gagged her and placed her on the table in front of me. They again used the duct tape to secure her to the table with her butt cheeks at the edge of the table. They spread her legs wide, forcing them over her head. They taped her hands to the back of her knees. I could see her pussy and ass were fully exposed, and she was vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do to her. They would have total access to her. Karen's jealous streak had just set her up to be gang-raped by multiple black men.

    Karen had participated in gangbang earlier in the year, but she was OK with that and got some enjoyment from it. Now, it was a different situation; she was about to be gang-raped. She was helpless and had no control over how many men would fuck her, or how they would do it.

    I could see people at their windows and on their decks watch what they were doing to Karen. No one wanted to help, and no one called security. Some shouted to the young men, cheering them on. I had a front row seat to watch whatever they were going to do to her.
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