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Karen's jelousy led to her being gangraped in the projects. Comclusion

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    16431313091_73c9ef79ce_o. After the original eight lefts, I watched as other men walked up to Karen and started to enjoy her. Again, they used both her anus and pussy. It went on for another couple hour. I stopped counting after she had over two dozen loads of cum deposited deep inside her.

    As this next group of guys took turns, raping Karen, a very tall, dark complexioned well-built young woman walked up to me. She was much taller than Karen, and half her age. She told me that her man was having entirely too much fun fucking my woman. She felt left out of the fun, so was going to have some fun with me. She unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her enormous, beautiful breasts to me. Then removed her shorts and stood naked in front of me.

    No one noticed this beautiful, now naked woman standing in front of me. They were all fixated on Karen’s naked body and what they were doing to her.

    Without saying another word, this woman bent over, and undid my pants, exposing my rock-hard dick. She dropped down to her knees and started to suck on my dick. She began to swallow my whole dick as she deep throated it. I could still see what the other men were doing to Karen, but this woman had my attention.

    She stopped sucking on my dick before I could cum and stood up. She turned her back to me and bent over. She pressed her butt cheeks against me, grabbed hold of my dick, and inserted it into her pussy. I arched forward as she gyrated her hips back and forth on me. I was now, “willingly,” being raped by this beautiful woman.

    After a while, she started to moan and begged me to come with her. I could hold back no longer. I exploded with a shower of cum deep inside her, as she pushed back against me forcing me even deeper into her womb. She continued to fuck me until I deposited my full load of cum deep inside her. Then, without saying a word, she picked up her clothes, dressed and disappeared. She left me there, still tied to the basketball post, gaged with my pants around my ankles.

    I continued to watch as the men continued to rape Karen. Then an older gentleman appeared and forced the guys to stop. He told everybody that they had degraded Karen enough and they should leave. Respected by the group. He untied Karen and helped her sit up, then untied me. After he cut me loose, I went over to Karen. She sat there covered in sweat and cum. The only thing she said was that “She just wanted to go home.”

    The gentleman, who had just become her savior, was a huge man. He gently picked Karen up in his arms and carried her to our car. He put her in the front seat, then told her that he was sorry for what the other men had done to her. He then disappeared into the projects.

    On the ride home, Karen was quiet at first. At least fifteen different black men had just gang-raped her. She started to cry, telling me she loved me and knew she had no reason to be jealous and was sorry. She knew that her jealousy and stubbornness had put her in the position to be gang-raped. It would not have happened if she had listened to me and returned to the car.

    Karen was glad that I had followed her and felt it would have been worse if I were not there. She was happy that I did not leave her there naked, in the middle of the projects with no way home”.

    She wanted to know if I knew how many men had fucked her. I told her there were at least fifteen, and that most of them had fucked her twice. I had stopped counting when she had over two dozen loads of cum deposited deep inside her. Karen was surprised. She did not think that she can endure that much abuse.

    When we got home, I helped Karen into the house. She used douche and gave herself an enema to get the remaining cum out of her pussy and rectum. She took a long hot shower, then soaked in the tub. She went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

    I was sitting at the table on the patio around noon when Karen came out of the bedroom and sat across from me, still naked. I asked her how she felt after the abuse she had taken the night before. She said that her ass and pussy were extremely sore and swollen and would be that way for some time. I could see that her beautiful breasts had scratches, bite marks on them and swollen. They were turning black and blue from their abuse. She had never been fucked so brutally or by more than one man at a time.

    Karen wanted to talk about what had happened the night before and our future. I sat there and listened to what she had to say. She reminded me that she had participated in her first and only gangbang, not forced upon her. It was her idea to do it and took place a couple of months earlier while we were on vacation in Vegas. She took on a group of black bikers so that she could get one of their vests for her collection of club colors. It was an initiation for membership into their club. They called it pulling a train.

    As for last night, Karen did not get any pleasure out of it. She was terrified, not knowing what they were going to do to her. There was no excitement this time as she tried not to think about just how many men and how they would violate her.

    She felt nothing but disgust for these men. It sickened her every time one of them rammed their dick into her and became even more nauseated every time one of them deposited another load of their nasty cum in her. To show her disgust to these men, she just lay there trying to relax and tune out what they were doing to her. There was no effort on her part to give any pleasure to these men.

    They seemed to enjoy inflicting as much pain on her as they could. She said the men made her feel like she was a bitch dog in heat and was being torn apart by a pack of alpha males. They had only one thought, impregnating her in any way possible. They humiliated her by putting her on public display. Everyone could see her brutalized and degraded.

    Karen felt that these young men had a lot of pent-up anger in them. She was a white woman who let her jealousy cloud her judgment. Her bull-headedness had gotten her in trouble. By her getting out of the car and walking into the projects naked, she gave the perfect opportunity for these men to release that anger on her. The results, she got herself gang-raped by a large group of black men. The outcome was terrible but could have been much worst. They tried to rip her apart.

    Karen knew that the images of what she had endured that night would always be in the back of her mind. That was the past. She wanted to start the future now. She would never allow her jealousy to put her in a position like that again.

    Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.
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  2. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    I think she learned a good lesson about herself. Actions have consequences, as those strong Black men showed you. I wonder as time goes by whether she avoids the same type of encounter, or if she unconsciously will seek it out.

    Personally I would have begged to drink the cream pie, no matter how humiliating it would be.
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