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Karen and the black bikers, part 2

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    We road for about fifteen minutes until we came to a gravel road that led into a wooded area. We turned up it and road to a clearing that had some picnic tables. We parked the bikes, and as we got off, I could see that Karen was excited at what was about to happen to her.

    They took Karen over to one of the tables and had her stand on top of it. They then told her to strip naked, so everyone could get a closer look at what Karen was offering.

    Karen had a big smile on her face as she started to perform a slow strip tease for us all to enjoy. She first removed her vest, then her skirt, throwing them into the group of men. The men cheered as she stood there warring only her panties, and boots. The only thing that was not exposed now was her pussy.

    The men again cheered as Karen slowly turned around, bent over and shimmied for them. She finally remover her panties and stood there warring only her boots. She then leaned over again, spread her legs wide, exposing her always inviting pussy for all to see.

    One of the men grabbed Karen’s hand and helped her down from the table top. She now stood naked in the middle of the circle of men. I could hardly see her for all the hands that covered her nicely tanned body.

    Karen then told then that “She was ready to start her initiation so that she could earn her vest.”

    Karen walked over to the end of the table. She spread her legs wide as she bent and grabbed hold of the table to brace herself. She was now offering herself to all the men.

    Karen laughed as she told the men that “It’s breading time, who wants to be the first to plant their seed deep inside this white bitch’s womb.”

    They circled Karen, so everyone could get a good look at what was happening to her as the first guy rammed his sizeable black dick deep inside her pussy. After a couple of lunges, her pussy devoured the whole thing as he fucked her. He grabbed her by her large breast that dangled so sexily from her chest, holding her close, as he continued to ram his dick in and out of her. He commented on how tight and enjoyable her pussy was as the others cheered him on.

    After a few minutes, he lunged forward, jamming his dick as deep as he could inside Karen and started to plant the first of many seeds deep inside her womb. He then pumped a few more times before he pulled out of her. His cum now started to trickle from her pussy.

    The next guy then mounted her and her now well-lubed pussy immediately devoured it. He also held her by her tits as he continually rammed his dick deep inside her until he too planted his seed deep inside her womb. As he pulled out of her, cum now gushed from her pussy. As each new guy mounted Karen, cum squeezed out around their dicks.

    This went on until all eight of the club members had fucked Karen. Eight different black men had now bred her.

    Not to be left out of the fun, I took my turn fucking Karen. There was a significant puddle of cum that had formed under her that increased in size as each man fucked her. Cum continued to gush from her pussy and run down the insides of her legs.

    Karen walked over to some bushes, squatted down and urinated, washing most of the leftover cum from her pussy. She then asked for her clothes.

    They told her that “she would get her clothes when she finished her initiation at the clubhouse. They were enjoying seeing her naked and going to keep her that way.” Karen was not happy to hear that but smiled and said that we should ride to their clubhouse.

    We now knew that Karen would be riding naked on the back of my bike. She was standing naked in the middle of the field, covered in sweat and cum.

    That changed when told she had to ride on the back of one of their choppers. They were going to parade her naked for all to see.

    I asked Karen if “she still wanted to go through with this at their clubhouse, that she still had time to back out.” The eight men had already fucked her, and I was not sure what they still had planned for her. The men had been taking pictures of Karen fucking them, and I feared that they had called ahead, and we would find many more men waiting to fuck her.

    Karen told me that “she had already passed the point of no return and was not about to back out now.” I should not worry because she was up for whatever else they would have her do.

    We now knew that they had no set plan, having found a toy. Karen was that toy, and they were going to make the most of it, and they would show her off to everybody. The thought of what would happen next still excited her.

    Karen climbed onto the back of the chopper. She had to spread her legs to put her feet on the high pegs. Karen leaned back on the sissy bar. She looked sexy, fully exposed for everyone to see. Karen asked how far it was to the clubhouse and they said it was about a twenty-minute ride. She should lean back and enjoy the ride. Karen looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and had a look on her face as if to say, “What next.”

    Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.
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