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Karen and the Black Bikers, Part 1

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    This is a true story. It took place on Wednesday, February nineteenth and twentieth, of two thousand and three. Karen was 49 at the time. 5 feet 5 inches tall, 130 pounds, with beautiful 38D breasts that hung so sexily from her chest.

    While on a trip to Las Vegas, Karen and I decided to rent a full-dress Harley like the one we own and ride at home. We called the local Harley dealer and secured a new two thousand and three Harley ultra-classic. We took a cab to the dealer and picked up a bike for a two-day rental.

    On the first day, we did the usually suggested rides to the dam and the Painted Desert. We stopped along the highway at a spot that had a large grove of trees next to the railroad tracks to cool off. This was probably a place where teens gathered at night since there were a fire pit and logs to sit on. Karen had once told me that I should never dare her to do anything I did not want her to do because she would take the dare. She is very competitive, so I decided I wanted to see if she really would.

    I told Karen that I wanted her to get naked and hike in the desert between the highway and the railroad tracks with me. She reminded me that the tracks ran alongside the road and anyone driving down the road could see her or if a train passed. I dared her to do it. She did not say a word but started to take her clothes off. When she had stripped down to just her boots, she stood there totally naked.

    Karen took me by the hand and asked me if this was what I wanted her to do. After telling her “Yes,” she told me, “Let’s do it.” Karen reminded me that if a train came, she would be trapped naked with nowhere to go if anyone stopped on the highway. I told her that was the idea, and she would be allowing herself to be vulnerable.

    She walked between me and the tracks, holding my hand. She turned and waved at truck drivers that honked their approval at us. After about thirty minutes, a long, slow-moving freight train came, and I left her naked and alone to walk back to the bike. When she returned to the bike, I bent her over the back of the bike, and we made love. She dressed, and we rode back to our hotel to enjoy the nightlife.

    The next morning, we had breakfast and headed out the highway for parts unknown. I had told Karen that I was going to keep making the dares more risqué until I found something that she would not do. She told me to bring it on that it would not happen.

    After a few hours, we decided to stop at a small dinner for something to eat. After ordering our food, Karen said that she needed to use the ladies room. Being the only customers, I dared her to remove her halter and return with only her vest. I knew that her vest just had the bottom snap and she would have a tough time keeping her large breasts from continually popping out.

    Karen headed to the restroom. As she did, eight young black men walked in and sat at a large table near the door to the lady’s room. They were all wearing colors.

    After exiting the ladies room, I could see that Karen had accepted my dare and removed her halter top. Her large breasts were almost entirely exposed.

    As Karen stated to walk past the table that the young men were sitting, she stopped and started a conversation with them. I watched as she bent down to talk to them and her large breasts popped out of the top of her vest. Their eyes fixated on her now fully exposed breasts. She stood up quickly and stuffed then back into her vest.

    Karen returned to our table when our food arrived.

    I asked her what she discussed with the men, and she elaborated on what was said.

    Karen told me that she had commented on how much she enjoyed the design of their colors. They had told her they were a small club with only nine members. They invited us to join their ride.

    Karen then told me that she wanted us to ride with their group. She tried to get a vest with their colors but did not know how she would do that.

    Karen had a collection of the vest from other clubs we had been members of, or friends gave her, but none from an all-black bike club.

    I laughed and told Karen that the only way she was going to get one was for her to fuck every member of the club. She felt that she would probably have to do something like that. She knew that she had their attention.

    Karen said that she was good with that and wanted the vest. If it were to happen, this would be the first time in years that a black man fucked her. She reminded me that on our hike, I had told her about one of my fantasies, her being gang banged by a large group of black men. That was also a fantasy of hers, and if that were to happen, we would both get to see her perform one of our fantasies.

    I learned early in our relationship that Karen is very competitive and bull-headed to a fault. She never wants to be outdone. Once she sets her mind on something, she will do whatever it takes until she gets it.

    After we finished our meal, we paid the check and walked over to the table with the eight men. As Karen sat down, her breasts again popped out of her vest. Since we were still the only ones in the restaurant, Karen did not put them back in but unbuttoned the last button of her vest to give them a better show. She sat there, naked to the waist. It did not bother her, as they all had seen her breasts earlier.

    Karen told them that she had a collection of the vest and wanted one of theirs. She said to them that it would be the centerpiece of her collection and wanted to know what she would have to do to get one.

    The men told us that they needed to talk, and they would meet us at the bikes.

    We went out and waited at our bike. Karen sat on our motorcycle, her large breasts still fully exposed, as we waited for their return. I could see that Karen was nerves, but also excited at the chance of getting her vest.

    When they returned, they told us that the only way she could get a vest with their colors as if I joined their club. They had not had an initiation before because the club consisted of nine friends that started the club.

    Since we were there on vacation, they knew that we would probably not ride with them again.

    They had always wanted to participate in an old-style initiation that they had read about in biker magazines as kids. Karen would have to submit to being fucked by all the club members. They felt that if Karen wanted their vest, she would agree to “Pull a Train.”

    Karen told them that she was up for it and said, “This would be her first initiation, so let’s get on with it.”

    The men told us that they knew of a secluded place in the woods not far away. It would be a perfect place to start her initiation. We would then have to go to their clubhouse to finish it as their president was not with them. She would receive her vest with colors there at the end of the initiation.

    I asked Karen if she was OK with this and she told me “Sure, the worst that could happen was that after fucking her they would not give her the vest. Either way, we both would get enjoyment from it”.

    We road for about fifteen minutes until we came to a dirt road that led into a wooded area. We turned up it and road to a clearing that had some picnic tables. We parked the bikes, and as we got off, I could see that Karen was excited at what was about to happen to her.

    They took Karen over to one of the tables and had her stand on top of it. They then told her to strip naked, so everyone could get a closer look at what Karen was offering.

    Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.
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