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Karen and the black bikers, conclusion

Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by utman05, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. utman05

    utman05 Active Member Member

    On the ride to the clubhouse, it was easy for anyone that saw us that Karen was naked. Her breasts bounced with every bump in the road. With the thin seat and the high footpegs, her pussy fully exposed.

    When we arrived at the clubhouse, I again told her that she still had time to back out. She said that she was not a quitter and would see it through until the end.

    Karen smiled as she slowly walked, still totally naked, across the parking lot to the front door. She kept a big smile on her face all the way.

    When Karen reached the front door, she turned facing the lot so that everyone could see her nicely tanned naked body. She waited for someone to unlock the door.

    She stood there and held the door open until everyone was inside before she entered.

    Karen asked, “where the restroom was and told us she wanted to freshen up.” When she returned, she was still totally naked. She asked them if there was anything else that she still needed to do to get her vest.

    They told her that they were waiting for the last member of the club to arrive so that he could enjoy her also. They had called him, and he was on his way. He had told them that he had a special gift for her. Until he got there, they all were going to fucking her for a second time.

    I did not have a good feeling about the gift that they had for Karen and again asked her if she was still okay with this. She told me that she saw it through to the end. She had agreed to fuck all the club members but had not expected to have to do it multiple times.

    Karen walked over to one of the tables and laid down on it. She positioned herself so that her butt cheeks were on the edge of the table. She held her legs up high as she spread them wide, exposing her still cum filled and well-used pussy for all to see. She smiled and said, “Let start round two.”

    Karen lay there smiling as the eight men fucked her for the second time. Again, they deposited their seeds deep inside her womb. She still had so much cum in her that it squirted from her pussy as each new dick rammed into her.

    As Karen lay covered in sweat and cum, we heard more bikes stopping outside. The door opened and in walked four of the most massive black men I had ever seen. It was the other member and the gift he had for Karen. He had brought with him three more, very large black bikers for her to fuck.

    Karen sat up and looked at the four men. I could see by the expression on her face that this was not how she wanted this day to end. Karen had already been fucking many more times than she had agreed too or thought she could ever do.

    Karen told them that she would fuck the four of them, but no one else. Seeing just how massive their dicks were, she was glad that they would be the last as the others had her pussy well lubed and stretched out. She felt that she could now accommodate their enormous size.

    Karen lay back down and spread her legs as wide as she could. She grabbed her pussy and held it open as the first guy forced his enormous dick inside her.

    I could see by the expression on Karen’s face that this was uncomfortable for her. As he rammed his dick in and out of her, we could see him going deeper and deeper inside her with every stroke. Finally, her pussy devoured the whole thing.

    After a while, Karen seemed to relax and enjoy him fucking her. He was now deeper inside her womb than any man had been all day. After a while, he lunged forward and shot his full load deep into her womb. Karen let out a muffled scream as he did this.

    Karen lay there as the other three men used and abused her pussy, each depositing their seed deep in her cum filled pussy.

    When the last guy started to cum, he reached down and picked up Karen. He supported her naked body tight to him. Karen put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around him for support. She was now impaled on his enormous dick as he continued to inject his seed deep inside her. He walked around the clubhouse with her as if she was his trophy. After a brief time, he put her down.

    Karen climbed up on the top of a table. She stood there still naked, covered in cum and sweat. Cum is gushing from her pussy and running down the insides of her legs. Karen told everyone that she had been a good sport by allowing the twelve of them to fuck her, some multiple times. She had performed more than was needed to get her colors. She was tired, and her pussy was very sore, but that she had enjoyed her initiation.

    Karen laughed and told them that she was probably older than their mothers and was ready to leave now. She wanted her vest and clothes.

    The president of the club climbed up on the table with her and gave Karen the vest that she had earned. He told her that he also felt that she was a good sport and they all enjoyed fucking her. She was welcome back anytime, and they would enjoy fucking her again. He had her model her vest as a new member of the club.

    Karen asked for her clothes back again. They told her that they were going to keep them and put them on display, along with some of the pictures they took of her initiation. She would have to ride back to our hotel wearing only their vest as the last requirement for membership.

    Karen did not bother to go to the lady’s room to clean up this time. She told me that she wanted to get out of there before they changed their minds and decided to fuck her again. She was too tired and sore to do that again.

    When we got to our bike, I told Karen that it was probably a bad idea for her, as a white woman, to ride through an area that we were not familiar with, wearing only a black biker club’s colors. She agreed and said she would remove it when we were out of sight of the clubhouse.

    We stopped on the side of the road, and Karen got off the bike. She removed the vest and stood there totally naked as she neatly folded her new garment, placing it in the saddlebags. She lifted her chap’s, the only thing she still had on the bike to wear and put them on.

    Karen stood there on the side of the road, naked to the waist. The chaps only covered her legs. Her bare pussy and ass were still fully exposed.

    I offered her my shirt to wear on the ride back to the hotel. She told me that after all her body had been through today, she was enjoying the feel of the wind on her body, and she would rather stay naked for the ride home.

    On the ride back, Karen snuggled as close to me as she could. When we arrived at our hotel, I dropped her off at the rear entrance and gave her our room key, then parked the bike. It was now early morning, and she was still naked with dried cum all over her body. She hurried through the lobby to the elevator.

    When the elevator doors opened, Karen was greeted by two young men who decided that they needed to escort her to our room. She told them she did not need an escort and I would be along shortly.

    When I got to our room, Karen was in the shower. I knew just how much she needed a long hot shower after the long, cum filled day she had.

    Karen was still naked when she walked into the bedroom. She told me that she was exhausted after the day of meaningless sex that she had endured. She knew twelve different men had fucked her. They had used her womb as a depository for cum twenty separate times. She was glad that it was over and figured she had more than earned her vest.

    Karen then laughed and told me the story about the two young men in the elevator. They had stayed in the elevator with her, thinking they could fuck her. She said to them that she was all fucked out after being gangbanged by twelve huge black men.

    Karen then told them that if they showed her what they had to offer her, she would let them play with her until she got to our floor. She grabbed hold of them by their dicks as she moved to the back of the elevator and allowed them to play with her tits and pussy. When the doors opened on our floor, she left them all hot and bothered with fully erect dicks exposed.

    I asked her, “how she would rate her first black gangbang.” She said, “she had never thought that she was capable of being fucked by that many men or have that much cum deposited so deeply in her womb.” Being the first time, she had to perform to get a vest. She now felt cheap. They had paid for the privilege to fuck her.

    I told her that the vest with everything was worth about sixty dollars. She had sold herself cheap and that it worked out to her being paid three dollars for every load of cum they deposited inside her. Karen then agreed that this was probably not one of her better ideas.

    The vest is the centerpiece of the wall in the den. When anyone asks how she got it, she laughs and tells them she had to lay naked on a table. She was the night’s entertainment as she spent all night fucking every member of a black motorcycle club. She tells them that’s what they call pulling a train.

    Our friends see Karen as the prim and proper College Professor, they do not understand her other side. They laugh, not knowing that she did it

    Footnote; Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.
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  2. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    I think a lot of 'prim and proper' professors go on similar adventures outside of their academic duties. Being so respectable in the public eye can be stressful, and what better way to let lose than with a good gang fuck? Although academia has made progress towards social justice, true racial harmony goes balls deep. You're truly lucky to have a wife who spreads her legs to that.
  3. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    My wife works at a college also, not as a professor but some of the executive office staff. No one would ever guess she loves being a receptacle for Black cum like Karen does. We are also bikers which makes the story even hotter. Maybe some day Jean will earn her vest too!
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