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. Just Trish

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Trish, May 29, 2018.

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  1. Trish

    Trish Well-Known Member Member

    I had known Trish for several months. The day was nearly here. Tomorrow Trish and I were to get married. I was in heaven. Trish was a 4'11" beauty with beautiful blue eyes that set off her long blonde mane of hair. Her B cup breasts fit perfectly on her small but tight and muscular frame.

    What she lacked in cleavage she made up for in stunning beauty and a dynamite curvaceous ass. How did I end up with this woman, you ask? Simple, she came from a strict Catholic family and her personal policy was that she didn't go beyond second base until she had a ring on her finger. True to her word she was an 18-year-old virgin with a lot to offer this 23-year-old man.

    Trish was offered a party by some of her old college friends. Reluctantly, Trish agreed to go and promised to behave and that she wouldn't be out all night. I laughed at the thought of 'Miss perfect' Trish doing something wrong. She gave me a kiss and went on her way. Her mother called for her about an hour later.

    "Trish went to Carol's house for the party." I told her.

    "Carol's house!" her mother shot back. "I know that girl. Carol is wild. You best be careful!"

    I chuckled loudly. "Don't worry. Trish is a good girl." I reassured her mother as I hung up. I went back to watching television but those words kept ringing in my head. Trish did say that alcohol was being served and she is only 110 pounds roughly. The alcohol would hit her hard.

    I decided to drive the 10 miles to Carol's house and see exactly what was going on. First, I called Trish on her cell phone. I asked her how everything was. She seemed happy but insisted she hadn't touched a drink. I hung up and considered turning back and going home.

    I remembered Trish's mother's words and continued towards Carol's house. I parked around back and sneaked up to the windows. I heard a lot of laughing and giggling from the girls as a car pulled up. Carol opened the door and let the guest in. She then ordered the ladies to gather around. I peered in the window to see what was up.

    Carol bellowed, "Ladies, it is time for the highlight of the night. While I don't practice witchcraft I would like to introduce you to our new friend from the Heartthrob male escort service. Say hello to Black Magic!"

    The ladies screamed in delight as a very muscular 6- foot tall black man danced in front of them. He gyrated and thrust himself against several of the ladies who seemed to love it. Trish had her back to me so I couldn't see her face.

    This muscle bound dude drew cheers from the ladies when her ripped his shirt off to reveal the most defined abdominal muscles I have ever seen. Seconds later, he yanked off his pull away pants to more screams of delights from the ladies. He now only wore shoes and a thong with a considerably large bulge in it. He stopped dancing and turned to Carol.

    "Tell me young lady?" He asked, "Which one of you is getting married?"

    Everyone pointed to Trish.

    The dancer, with biceps and thighs as big around as a telephone pole, danced his way to Trish.

    "Ha, Trish won't stand for this. She gets upset when people wear skimpy clothing on TV. Apparently Black Magic never met a strict Catholic," I laughed.

    I was stunned to see Trish smiling and red faced as Mr. Magic grabbed her hand and ran it over his muscles and thrust his sizeable package into her face. Trish was getting hot. "Spare room!" one of the girls yelled. They grabbed Trish and forced her into a spare room. Black Magic followed right behind.

    I heard the last girl out. "We're locking you in with him and you can't come out until you've had a good time," she said as she slammed the door shut. All the girls gathered around the door and gestured for each other to remain silent while they listened at the door.

    I ran around the house to look in the spare room window to see what was going on. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw they were just talking. "Sorry about this Mr. Magic," Trish said.

    "Hey, It's cool. Call me Ted."

    "Ok, Ted," Trish smiled. "You certainly are in great shape."

    "Thank you. I get paid to be every woman's fantasy man," he said.

    "You certainly were for those ladies," she responded.

    "What about you Trish" Am I your fantasy"

    Trish didn't say anything she just smiled.

    Why not make your fantasy a reality?" Ted said. "When you pay for Black Magic's services you get everything including the wand," he said as he exposed his huge cock to her. It had to be at least 8 inches long and a couple of inches thick.

    I waited for Trish to slap his face but she just sat there in silence looking at his baseball bat sized dick.

    "Go ahead, touch it," Ted urged.

    To my shock Trish reached out and grasped it. Then she started stroking his massive tool. I couldn't believe my eyes. Trish had never even touched my dick!

    She continued stroking as Ted moaned softly, "Baby, I'm yours."

    I stood and stared as my Trish dropped to her knees in front of him. "It's the biggest I have ever seen," she whispered as she licked the head.

    For the next few seconds Trish stroked his massive rod with her left hand while she took his wide mushroom cap into her mouth. Ted put his right hand on the back of her head for leverage. I couldn't believe my wife to be, a virgin and a teenager who always sat in the front pew at church, had a stripper's 9-inch black cock down her throat and she was loving it.

    I watched as Trish popped it out of her mouth and licked his prick from the base of his balls to the head of his cock. She continued to stare at its length in amazement as she continued stroking it. She then stunned me further by saying a sentence I thought I was going to be the first to hear. On her knees she looked Ted in the eyes and begged, "I want you in me."

    Ted wasted no time, he picked her up and placed her on the bed. Trish all too willingly laid back and removed her underwear from underneath her black skirt to reveal a small bush that concealed her never before touched pussy which was dripping with excitement. Ted remained standing and slapped his fat kielbasa repeatedly on Trish's ready pussy.

    After a few warm-up passes Ted grabbed his head and inserted it in her slowly. Trish moaned softly as Ted claimed her maidenhead. "Baby, I didn't know you were a virgin," he said. "No wonder you're so tight." He continued slowly thrusting while Trish squealed in pleasure as she tried to accommodate his titanic meat pole.

    I stared on in awe that my 4 foot 11 fiance' was taking first 5 then 6 then 7 then 8 then all 9 inches of Black Magic's 'wand'.

    Soon Ted's dick was buried deep into Trish and his big black balls were slapping her ass as his rhythm built. Trish, for her part, only laid back and was breathing heavily with an occasional grunting while Ted took enjoyed himself.

    "Damn, No virgin's ever taken that much of my wand the first time. I'm gonna bust my nut soon baby."

    "No!" Trish yelled.

    Was she finally coming to her senses I wondered?!

    "I want you to cum in my mouth," she begged, as she slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of Ted.

    "Then you'll have to work it baby."

    Trish grabbed the base with her right hand and began stroking rapidly. She again placed her mouth over the head and rapidly began blowing Ted's wand. Ted put his hands on her head and began forcefully thrusting his pole down Trish's throat. His egg-sized testicles were bouncing heartily off Trish's chin.
    My angle faced petite fianc'e grabbed Ted's ass and pulled more of his cock into her mouth. She now had fully half of his 9 inches in her mouth on the forward stroke.

    "Open wide baby! Here comes the magic dust!" Ted threw his head back in orgasm as Trish never missed a stroke. She didn't waste a drop.

    "Damn baby. I must've blown a quart down your throat. No one has been able to handle my wand like that before."

    Trish prepared to stand when she saw my face in the window. Before Ted could turn around I was gone.
    Trish returned home and grabbed a few belongings, from what I gather, and was never seen in that town again. People asked why Trish didn't show up for the wedding and I haven't told a single soul the truth... Until now.
  2. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    HOT story! I think most the women I know would allow themselves to enjoy a fantasy - if they thought nobody would find out!
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