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. Julie's Son Jamel, The beginning.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Apr 6, 2019.

. Julie's Son Jamel, The beginning. 4.8 5 5votes
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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    Julie’s Son

    Julie walked down the hall collecting laundry as she went. She knew she would find a huge pile in her son’s room as there always was. Why didn’t he keep things picked up better? He was a lot like his father in many ways she thought as she bent to pick up another item from the floor. Julie thought back to Jamel’s father as she continued her collecting of dirty clothes. Jamel’s father was a big brute and what a lover!

    Julie stopped to daydream back to the first time she had been with him. It had been her very first Black man and what began as a chance meeting at a party had turned into a three day fuckfest! She had never had sex like that before or since. Her mind wandered back remembering the orgasms she had enjoyed from his huge Black cock and how he had fucked her over and over again before she had succumbed to exhaustion.

    It was that same three days that Julie had been impregnated with Jamel and it was also the last time she had seen his father. What a vast difference between Jamel’s father and Gene the white man she had eventually married. But Gene had been a good father to Jamel even though he was obviously not his own son. And Gene had been a good provider as Jamel grew up but still he didn’t compare in the sex department!

    Julie tried to put the thought of those three days out of her mind again but that wasn’t easy. Not with that big black cock always resurfacing in her memory. As she thought about that Big Black Cock and how good it had felt inside of her she was shaken back to reality by noises coming from Jamel’s room. She had thought he was gone but someone had to be in there otherwise what was the noise?

    She arrived at Jamel’s door and quietly listened and the sounds were definitely coming from his room. She slowly turned the door knob and pushed the door open slightly so she would peek in. It had been years since she had seen Jamel naked and the sight revealed to her was enough to take her breath away.

    Laying on his bed was Jamel, all 6’ of him naked with muscles that Julie didn’t even remember him ever having. But what caught her eye the most was the cock he was slowly stroking as he looked at something in his other hand. His cock was as big as she remembered his father having and maybe even thicker!

    Julie was dumbstruck. She dropped the clothes she had been carrying and even that slight rustle drew Jamel’s attention to his mother standing in the door way.

    “Jamel, wha… what are you doing?” Julie blurted out even though it was really a stupid question.

    “Just admiring some old pictures I found, Mom. I had no idea you were such a hottie!” Jamel replied.

    It was then that Julie really noticed the album that Jamel was looking at. It was an album of pictures of her that she had posed for when Jamel was very young. She had forgotten that album was around! As she thought about it she remembered there were some really revealing pictures in that album and here was her son jacking off to them!

    “Jamel, you shouldn’t be looking at those, those are of me, your mother! Give me that album right now!”

    Jamel laughed and shook his head no. “No Mom, I like what I see in this book and I want to see more. Your pictures have me all horny and I need relief.”

    Julie crossed the room and tried to grab the album but Jamel flipped the book to the other side of the bed and grabbed Julie’s hand and pulled her over to the bed. Once there he pulled her down till she was sitting next to him and then he guided her hand to his hard Black cock.

    The moment her hand touched Jamel’s cock Julie was lost. Just the touch of it transported her back to those three days with his father. She knew she shouldn’t be doing what she was doing but she also knew she wasn’t going to be able to resist. She bent down and guided Jamel’s cock into her mouth.

    “Oh fuck yes, suck that big black cock, Mom! Jamel exclaimed.

    Julie went down on the cock but she had to back off and try a second time before she could get it all in her mouth and down her throat. This was so much different than with her husband Gene. Gene’s cock was about half as large and she could suck him with just her mouth. And if this had been Gene, she would have been swallowing his cum already.

    Jamel moaned and reached down and grabbed a handful of his mother’s breast and squeezed it. He could feel her hard nipples through her bra and blouse but he wanted them in his hand. He also didn’t feel like unbuttoning anything so he gave a jerk and the buttons flew. Then he grabbed the front of the bra and with another jerk it was open and his mother’s tits were in his hands!

    As he mauled her breasts she moaned with Jamel’s cock still deep in her throat she orgasmed. Jamel knew then she was all his and she wouldn’t be leaving his bed any time soon. He had wanted this for a very long time and he intended to have all of her. The very thought of having all of her was all he could handle at the moment and he pushed her head down till his cock was deep in her throat and he began pumping his cum down her throat.

    It was a tremendous cum and he couldn’t do anything but sit there and enjoy it as load after load went down her throat. The only thing that worried him now was if he would go soft. He didn’t want that to happen as he fully intended to fuck his mother next.

    Julie was returning from her dream land and realized what she had just done. She knew it was wrong but she also secretly hoped she would be made to do it again and again. She tried to stand, to escape, but that wasn’t happening either as Jamel still held her arm with one hand and her breast with the other.

    “Jamel, I should go, this is so wrong and we should end it here, please.” She almost begged.

    “No Mom! We aren’t ending anything yet. Take your clothes off. I want to see you completely naked and then I want to fuck you!”

    “No, Please No, Jamel. I’m your mother. We shouldn’t do that.”

    Jamel bounced off the bed and began removing his mother’s clothes even as she finished saying they shouldn’t. Once her pants were down around her legs she knew she was helpless. She pushed her pants down and stepped out of them. Then Jamel finished removing her blouse and bra and Julie found herself completely naked with her son standing before her with his large hard Black cock pointing right where it wanted to go!

    Julie weakly begged one last time. “Please No.” but Jamel pushed her backwards onto the bed and once she landed on her back she surrendered. She spread her legs but did it in a way to try not to look like she really wanted to be fucked. It was a weak attempt and Jamel saw right through it. He stepped forward and placed the head of his cock to Julie’s outer lips and moved it up and down collecting juices and spreading them all around.

    Julie was beyond denying what she wanted now, she wanted her son to fuck her long and hard and make her cum just like his father had. A moment later Jamel buried his hard cock deep in his mom’s pussy and when it entered her womb she screamed from the intensity of the orgasm it caused. He smiled and then backed up and slammed forward giving her the same treatment again and again.

    For the next 45 minutes Jamel fucked Julie and she came more times than she had in 10 years of marriage to Gene. Jamel didn’t hold anything back and pumped his mother full of cum 3 times. When they were done, Julie was exhausted and fell asleep immediately and Jamel got up and took a shower. When he came back from his shower he sat and watched his naked and well fucked mother sleep as he thought about how fortunate he was.

    He came up with some ideas and he scooped up the photo album and stashed it away where Julie wouldn’t find it and then took his phone and snapped some pictures of her. These were all nasty pictures showing her naked and close-ups with her used cunt still leaking his juices. As hot as she had been for him, he knew she had to have more Black cock and he knew he could cash in on that.

    When Julie woke Jamel was gone. She stretched before realizing she was still naked and that the bed had some very large wet spots on it from her and Jamel. Then she thought about Gene! He would be coming home soon and how would she ever explain what she had just done with her son? She panicked and jumped out of bed and scooping up her clothes from the floor she ran to the shower, the full magnitude of what she had done now weighing on her mind.

    What would she say to Gene? How would she explain why she had given herself to her son? Would he be as angry as she thought he might be and storm out? Was she soon to be divorced? Some of these questions she couldn’t answer herself so how could she ever explain it to Gene? She quickly showered and went to the kitchen to prepare supper.

    She was there when Gene walked in from work.

    “Gene, I have something terrible to confess and I don’t know how to even begin. Julie started with a tremble in her voice.

    “What? What happened? You can tell me! Whatever it was just tell me!” Gene responded.

    “I did something today I don’t know why I did it! I couldn’t help myself I guess. It was almost like when I met Jamel’s dad! Please forgive me!

    At the mention of Jamel’s dad Gene instantly knew where the direction of the conversation was going. He had heard the story more times than he could count and secretly he was turned on by the whole situation. But what had happened this time?

    “Go on.” He said.

    “It was Jamel, I… I walked in on him and before I knew what was happening…. Ohhhh, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. Please forgive me! Please!”

    As fast as he knew the direction before he now knew Julie had had sex with her son! There was No other explanation. He visualized the two of them and his cock as hard in his pants instantly. Jamel was such a built young man and Julie even at middle age was every bit an attractive woman who always turned men’s heads when she wanted to dress seductively.

    “Tell me more. How did it happen? What did you do and how far did it go?

    “I walked in on him looking at your photo album of me and he was hard. I.. I couldn’t help myself. He made me suck him and then he fucked me! I tried to stop but he made me cum and I couldn’t stop! I came and came. I am so sorry! What can I do to make it all right again? I don’t want to do it again but I know if he pushes it I can’t say no and I will, I will do anything he asks!”

    Gene was now off picturing in his mind Julie on Jamel’s bed naked and Jamel on top of her with his cock deep in her pussy! Gene hadn’t seen Jamel’s cock in years but from standing next to him in bathrooms over the years that he knew Jamel was bigger in the cock department than he was.

    “Did you enjoy it?” Gene had to know.

    “Yesss I am so sorry but yes I did. He felt so good inside of me. And he lasted so long. He made me cum so many times when he was done I was exhausted. And he came so much!

    “How long ago was this? Do you still have his cum inside of you? Tell me the truth, do you want to do this again with him? Julie, you are his mother, not his slut or are you really both?”

    Gene’s questions seemed a bit strange to Julie and and she turned to look at him straight on. That was when she noticed something she thought was strange. Gene had an erection, it was obvious.

    “It was a couple hours ago and I showered but yes, I can still feel his cum leaking out of me. Do I want to do this again? To be truthful, if he were to walk in this room at this moment and tell me he wanted fuck me more I am not sure I could say no. I know how terrible that sounds and I know I am his mother but no other man including you has ever made me orgasm like that before. First Jamel’s dad and now Jamel. Yes, I want to fuck my son! Any time he wants me. Oh that is so wrong but it is the truth.” Julie knelt between Gene’s legs as she finished saying what she had said. Her hands rested on his hard cock in his pants. She began opening his pants and his hard cock sprang forth the moment it was no longer restrained.

    Julie smiled at Gene and then swallowed his entire cock which was easier than she had with Jamel earlier. And as the head of Gene’s cock touched the back of Julie’s mouth her mouth began to fill with his cum. He was already cumming and his cock had only been in her mouth for a few seconds. She swallowed and swallowed until the cum was all gone then she popped his cock out of her mouth with a sucking sound.

    She then looked up into Gene’s face and asked again if he forgave her.

    “Yes, I forgive you. And having a wife who wants to fuck her black biological son is fine with me as long as you tell me all about it! I don’t want any secrets and I don’t want me to be left out either. You are his to play with as long as I get mine too. “

    Before she could say a word, Jamel spoke from the door way to the kitchen.

    “That’s great news! Mom, after supper I want you to model all the sexy things Gene has bought you over the years. And plan on spending the night in my bed tonight and every other night unless I tell you otherwise!” Jamel said with a big smile.
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