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. Julie Gets Naughtier ch. 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    The next day Julie took four hours to shop for the right outfit for the Saturday barbecue. She bought a long print dress with a sultry, eye catching brown and red flower pattern that had a long slit up the right side, all the way to her hips. She bought brown spike heel shoes. She bought a snug-fitting sleeveless red top that showed off her beautifully tanned arms and left her midriff bare. It covered the inside half of each of her shoulders. The top had a thin collar and its neckline opened enticingly, offered a mouth-watering view of the upper inside quarter of each of her huge tits. The decolletage was incredible, inches and inches. She loved the fact that when she leaned forward there was a hell of a lot more. What held all that gorgeous titflesh together, and the epicenter of all that weight was just a little zipper, to be left half open for the party.

    She made sure the girls went on a sleepover with three other girls. She became so anxious about this event she couldn't sleep. Luke and his father were both coming into this house? Good God! On Saturday morning Ron told her over breakfast about the others that were coming. "I'm sorry, you won't much care for Jack's buddies. They're younger, jock types, and crude. They have given us the green light on major purchases for the next two years, but there's a trade off. Because they're handsome studs who are used to having it their own way they know how to squeeze us and they think they can squeeze the behind of all the young women. They make Jack look like Fred Astaire in the manners department."

    He laughed: "These guys and Jack have one thing in common. They are obsessed with busty women. It's pathetic. Since you're no slouch in that department, be prepared for stares. I know you're not a show off but even with the way you hide them these losers will zoom in and stare. I don't want you to be self-conscious."

    "Thanks for the warning. I can handle it," she smiled. By the afternoon she was a nervous wreck. She felt remorse about her sexual escapades of the last two weeks. She felt sad that she and Ron's lives were diverging so radically. She felt silly and ashamed looking her daughters in the eye after balling total strangers in a public park. But most of all she was dizzy with anticipation over seeing these men walk in the front door and look at her pop-eyed. She wanted to turn them inside out with her body. She wanted to flirt hard with them in front of Ron.

    She got dressed in the daring things she bought and spent extra time making up her face - her eyes were particularly stunning with the highlights she went heavier than usual on - and she put on double the normal amount of cologne. She wore her hair up and settled on long loop gold earrings. She dispensed with a brassiere and stared approvingly when a last minute look in the mirror confirmed how easy it was to make out the shapes of her oversized nipples under the thin material of the top. Underpants were also out, and she skipped the hose. The dress fitted skin-tight around her hips and her invitingly voluptuous butt. The prominent cheeks were clearly visible and she practiced pulling at them where they met her thighs, shaking the ass-flesh so that these guys could see it quiver and shiver under the thin fabric. Lucifer was in town this evening in the personage of a woman, with the intent to leave men in the street for dead.

    "Honey, they're parking out front. Are you about ready?" Ron called up the stairs. "Be right down," she responded. She waited to hear the knock and the sounds of arriving guests ("Hey Ron, where's the Scotch?"), the exchange of greetings, the new masculine voices laughing in the vestibule, then she began descending the stairs.

    "Hi," she smiled. They turned and all voices were stilled. Ron was flabbergasted at the vision of this total celebration of female charms slinking down the steps. His wife had always dressed modestly and had never even suggested that this was the way she wanted to look. She had always worn long loose shirts or jackets over her upper frame to hide, tone down, underplay her massive tits. But tonight they were spectacularly on exhibition, jiggling enticingly, their weight and fullness pressing against the brief top. Her tummy looked so toned. Her hips swayed as her body glided wonderfully down to the bottom of the stairs - on those naughty high heels. She looked at Ron with a big smile and noticed he was in shock. At first he wanted to laugh, but this was hardly funny. This was full-scale sex. She spotted Jack, two younger, very cute men, and her young boyfriend Luke, grinning sheepishly, uncertain about his presence but showing that fresh mannishness that turned her on.

    Jack, a tall, striking dark-haired man in his early forties, had on shorts and a polo shirt. He was in awe at her and mentioned something confidentially to his son. Then he stepped forward and threw his arms around her. "You should be arrested for looking so sexy! Hello stranger!" he laughed. He lunged for her lips for a kiss and, to Ron's chagrin, she offered them rather than her cheek as in the past, and for a few seconds. In kissing etiquette a smooch between a man and another man's wife on the lips is daring but one for more than a second is almost sinful. They gazed at each other after the kiss and said something Ron couldn't hear.

    Rather than Ron making the introductions Jack took the lead. "This screwball," he said, still looking at her "is Felix Rivera," putting his hand on the brawny shoulder of a tall, well built man with very Latin features. "Felix, it is my great honor to introduce you to the most attractive woman in the universe -- Julie Steele." Felix smiled and shook her hand. He had penetrating eyes. They made her blush.

    "And this clown," he said, pointing to a somewhat heavy-set, strawberry blond man with big brown eyes, "is Kurt Spyder." While looking intently at her, shaking her hand slowly, Kurt said: "Ron, I had no idea. Luke said your wife was a knockout. What an understatement!"

    Then she broke away from these adoring men and held out her hand to Luke. "Hi Luke! How's my favorite lawn guy?" They shook hands and he whispered to her: "You're so beautiful." Ron looked on as these four guys openly looked her over. It was discomfiting to stand next to his wife, in his home, and watch guys he had just met, two feet from him and her, and gazing brazenly at her breasts. As they stood there chatting for a few minutes - about her - it became obvious to Ron that the expected reaction his wife would have - embarrassment and probably irritation - was utterly absent. Julie, he was shocked to see, seemed to be bathing in this aggressive staring. The men were talking to her and each other, laughing as they tried to take her body all in, and she just smiled and posed, her voice lower, quieter, almost unknown to her husband.

    They followed her toward the family room, eyes glued to the fat ass cheeks that rolled so amazingly. Why was her sweet rump so round and big, yet her waist and thighs were proportioned so nicely? And was she wearing anything underneath? Her buns were right there - no layers - a bounciness and jello-like quality to them that underpants usually obscured. Ron and Kurt landed on the big couch facing a big screen television. Luke and his father plopped down on a smaller couch to the right, at a right angle to it. Felix sat on a chair opposite to them.

    Julie stood behind the big couch, right behind Ron, and put her hands on his neck, leaning over his head. "What can I get you handsome men?" she said. They all just stared at the wonderful flesh half spilling out of her top. Meanwhile Ron was baffled at her choice of clothes and damn puzzled over the flirtatious way she was acting.

    "Beer?" Jack said. "I'm thirsty - and Luke's getting old enough. Luke, can I buy you a beer?" His son smiled: "Sure!" Felix and Kurt looked at her and nodded, just gawking.

    She kissed Ron and leaned forward against the back of the couch, and this pushed her generous tits out for the thrill of the guests. "How about you, stud?" she said to her husband. "I'll have a beer too," he said.

    She returned with the beers loaded on a tray, leaning over in front of each man. Her return ended their chatting about sports. The room was silent as she sat down on the arm of the couch to Ron's left. Her butt hung wonderfully over the edge. She pulled her dress up and stretched her left leg over Ron's lap. He was unsure of the situation, to say the least, but put his hand on her calf.

    Jack looked at Ron. "Well Ron I hope you appreciate what a lucky man you are. Did you buy this incredible outfit Julie has on this evening?"

    "No," Ron laughed, "it was quite a surprise to see it, frankly." He looked up at her. She was looking at Luke intently, smiling.

    "We know each other well enough," Jack went on, "so Ron, you'll be flattered by this. I am going to guess a number and a letter here. Ron, you're the authority. I think Felix and Kurt have their own number and letter in mind. Mine is 42 DD. Felix, how about you?"

    Ron stepped in. "Wait a second. What are you referring to? Is this something about my wife --- ?"

    Felix interrupted him, grinned at Julie and said: "44 E."

    Ron persisted: "What's going on --"

    Kurt leaned over and looked past Ron, staring openly at her big tits. "42 E."

    "All right, you guys. This is my wife you're talking about. This is in bad taste - " Jack cut him off: "Luke hasn't weighed in. Luke?" "Geez, I don't know. 44F?"

    "I assume you're all talking about my wife's measurements. And I don't think ---" Julie wouldn't let him finish.

    "44FF." She said, smiling. She stretched her arms behind her head, burying her fingers in her hair. "They keep Ron REAL busy. Don't they, babe?" She giggled and stood up, her back to everyone. She looked back at Jack coyly, "I've got a nice ass too you know!" She lifted her cheeks and let them fall, getting the jelly effect as the shapely flesh bounced and vibrated under her fingers. Then she knelt on the couch, back at Ron's side. "But this guy's a breast man," she said sweetly, and pulled his face into her bosom. Her arms wrapped around his head and for an instant she and he left the torrid zones they were in. He so loved the feel of her arms enclosing him, and she held him tight, surprised at how much feeling there was to embrace him.

    But other impulses returned. "Well, I guess I better get the meat ready for the grill," Ron said, shaking his head, an enormous anxiety, embarrassment and a strange kind of erotic seismic fluttering inside of him. It was all lost in a concealing smile. He rose from the couch, looking at the other guys and gesturing encouragingly toward the deck.

    Julie rocked her bare leg and looked suggestively at Kurt. "I'm always ready for your meat," she said. He left the room and she looked unsmiling but alluringly at the lecherous faces of Ron's boss, his son, and Ron's company's customer reps.

    Kurt joined Ron on the deck, which was right outside a sliding door from the kitchen, and engaged him in conversation while the others followed Julie into the kitchen. Ron was pouting. Kurt suddenly became apologetic about the bust size guessing game and Ron was struck by how chatty Kurt was. As they went through beers quickly Ron noticed that Kurt was energetic about talking, asking questions about their back yard, and getting Ron to walk him around the property to talk about the most detailed features of the Steele home.

    Felix, Jack and Luke sat around the kitchen table while Julie threw together dips and other appetizers. The atmosphere was so tense her voice was shaking. The three guys stared at her body as it jiggled around the kitchen. The table was close to a counter she was working around and as she passed by to get things from the pantry her spectacular butt was within inches of Jack. Then she sat down at the table.

    "Have you been working out? Looks like you have some muscle" he asked her softly. She still didn't know what Luke had ever told him.

    She got up off her chair and knelt on it so that her back was to them. She was facing the door to the deck. Ron's and Kurt's voices were close by, just around the corner.

    "I haven't been, but I want to go. I think I'm a fat cow! Look at how big my butt is!" She placed one hand on the back of the chair. She grabbed her ass with her other hand and leaned forward, emphasizing her buttocks. Her beautifully painted fingers roamed around on her ass, making her admiring guests completely aroused. "What do you think, Jack? Should I work on my butt?" He laughed. "I think you're sexier than hell. I always have. You know I'm in love with your incredible body." He was the closest to her and scooted his chair immediately next to hers. He was mesmerized.

    She wiggled, and looked over her shoulder at Felix, who was sitting next to Jack. "How about you? Don't you think my ass is kind of porky?" Felix could not take his eyes off her hand grabbing her rump. She then put her other hand to work on the area under discussion, fingers kneading each buttock. "Absolutely not," he said, confidently jutting his head forward toward the delicious flesh.

    "Luke tells me that your ass is even more amazing when it's bare," Jack said nonchalantly. "He has very much appreciated your hospitality and Felix and I would like to get what he's gotten."

    She froze, and stared coldly at Jack. He went on: "So why don't you show us your ass? We're dying for it, really dying." She did nothing, then slowly pulled the dress up and up and up, and her head looking out to the deck, heard Ron laughing with Kurt, just around the corner. Behind her she heard gasps and cursing. She closed her eyes and felt hands caressing her naked, fleshy butt, exploring its crack, running over and sometimes in her asshole, squeezing, fondling. She was practically dripping from the wetness that overtook her pussy when these men arrived in her home.

    "Luke tells me you're one hell of a cocksucker," Jack whispered, as he stood next to her and experienced what had been only a dream. He was reaching into her top and grabbing a beautifully soft and full tit. His other hand rubbing her back and her neck. Luke and Felix were taking turns working her ass. "Why don't we move so you can suck our cocks while Kurt keeps Ron company?"

    She delighted in all the caresses, and practically came when he spoke to her this way. She then got up, one of her huge tits out and jiggling, and sat down in Jack's chair backwards, her dress up over her thighs, the tit in her hand, her ass hanging out delectably. She turned slightly and laughed as Luke opened his zipper and hauled out his stiff cock, and balls, for her. He stuck himself in her face, rubbing against her cheeks and nose and eyes. She sighed. Without another word she took him in her hungry mouth. Jack stood between them and the deck door. Felix moved next to Luke and offered her his big cock, thick as a catsup bottle. Satisfied that Ron and Kurt were lost in conversation in the middle of the garden at the end of the yard Jack joined them, standing at the other side of the chair, his pecker already dripping.

    She sucked on one, jacked the other off, and the third endeavored to fuck her from behind. They rushed back and forth, bumping into each other, chuckling lustily. Then she said: "I want you guys to come in here," between gulps and fondling she reaching behind to the kitchen table and clumsily dragged a large mixing bowl toward her. She turned in the chair and guided the three so that their dicks were half in her face and half pointing into the bowl. She took her top off hastily. The men were ready to shoot all over her at the sight of her massive, pendulous jugs. She set the large bowl underneath one of her tits - they were so big and round they both would not fit. She held the bowl with one hand and fondled pricks with the other, sucking on pricks back and forth. "Come on. Shoot it on my tits and in the bowl," she whispered frantically. First Luke delivered his cum, half hitting her gorgeous face and the other half into the bowl. Jack, then Felix shot, on her tits or into requested target. Strings of cum were on her face and she pulled it off slowly and flung it into the bowl. She spat the jizz around her mouth into it. She shook each of their rods into it, milking the last drops. As they stood panting, they saw great gobs of semen splatted into the bowl, and she moved cum off of her tits into the bowl. It was amazing, watching her lick the cream off of her tit and spit it into the mixing bowl.

    "Ron loves my onion dip," she said, slyly grinning at their cocks. "Thank you for adding to tonight's special recipe." They all laughed and she put her top back on, then made the dip as the guys had more beer and just stared at her. She took chips and the onion dip out to the deck, then came in again. Kurt and Felix switched - and then Luke joined them. Felix did the same thing as Kurt, suddenly acting like Ron's best friend, talking his ear off and distracting him as much as possible.

    Five minutes later Ron said: "Hey this dip is fabulous! A little saltier than usual. It's got something new in it and hold on to that recipe! I won't have any appetite for dinner if I keep eating this stuff!"

    Meanwhile Julie was kneeling on a chair, leaning over the kitchen table, yelling to her husband about when to bring out the steaks and other details. This was a rather mundane exchange but for the fact that she was bending over Jack's face and he was greedily sucking on her right tit. He could not get enough of the massive breast - when she let him smash it into his cheek half his face disappeared.

    He came up for air, briefly. "In about one minute the phone is going to ring for Ron," Jack told her through his glazed eyes, his hand under her dress and fingering her very wet clit. "This will be a corporate officer who owes me and will tie Ron up for twenty minutes. Take us on a tour of your house."

    "Should I bring out steak sauce honey?" she asked, pulling Jack's seemingly-famished lips closer to her erect nipple. Kurt was standing sentry at the deck door.

    "No, that's OK. Why don't you and Jack come out here and join us?" he said, a trace of irritation in his voice.

    "Actually I was going to give the guys a ten cent tour of the house, is that all right?" Just then the phone rang. It was Ted Clark, the corporate controller, who Jack had asked to raise various financial questions with Ron. "I'm sorry to bother you Mrs. Steele," he said, "I have to talk to Ron right away. We've got some problems and I'm at the office. Is he there?" Jack had given Clark an agenda, a script, and Clark owed him big time so he did it. It was a fake but Clark was going to handle it like it was real, and with no questions asked.

    Julie zipped up her top, straightened herself out, and walked out to the deck. "It's for you," she handed the cordless to a frowning Ron. She put the steaks on the deck table and went inside.

    Jack gestured to Luke and Felix. Almost immediately they came in, leaving Ron on the phone with a mock serious business discussion and the cooking responsibilities.

    "Follow me," she giggled, swaying out of the kitchen. Silently they trooped through the house, into the family room, then into the living room. "This is the living room," she said seductively, pulling her heavy tits out of her top. She pulled on her nipples. "We decided to paint it a light blue and put in the track lighting. We're thinking of taking the carpet off and going with the oak undeneath. What do you think of the living room?" She pushed her tits together, then licked one of the nipples, and walked to the stairway leading to the second floor. "Let me show you the second floor," she said. She was getting their motors hot again real fast. Halfway up Kurt could not stand it anymore and stopped her, grabbing her tits and pushing his hard cock against her ass. She turned sideways and leaned on the banister, bending over. He lay on the stairs facing her chest and she bent down further and shook her tits in his face, reaching to his crotch. Luke licked her thigh and fo her ass and pussy.

    "Let's start with the master bedroom," she laughed, breaking away. They wanted to fuck her so bad it hurt. They entered the bedroom and she knelt on a small divan near the window over the deck. They could hear Ron in intense conversation below, and she saw him looking into the kitchen about every twenty seconds.

    "This is very comfortable," she purred, stroking the divan as she leaned over it, her left knee bent and resting on it. "I ordered it from Denmark. What's so nice about it is that I can kneel on it and one of you can get in front of me and one of you can stand behind me. And when Ron's done talking and cooking we can have dinner. Now who wants to fuck me?" Felix walked to the window, undid his trousers, pulling them to his knees, and got his hard cock out. Julie got on all fours on the divan and eagerly began stroking his monster dick and licking its big fat head. Jack got behind her and, swearing in disbelief at the awesome ass he was rubbing against, grabbed each side and entered her, no subtlety, no foreplay. Kurt placed himself under her hanging melons, lying half on the divan and half on the floor, and resumed his stay in mammary paradise, squeezing, sucking, licking. These were the biggest, most beautiful tits he had ever had. Luke was in the hall watching out.

    "Fuck, Jack," Kurt said, "she's out of this world." He sucked hard on a nipple as her tits shook more and more with the hard fucking.

    "You really came through, man," Felix panted. "No shit!"

    Jack tried to hurry himself and came quickly, muffling his cries. Felix took his place and Luke stood before Julie now, his head back and rocking as she blew him. Felix stuffed her so full she told him to back off a little, it was hurting her a little. He went to moving all the way of her and then in again, and this drove them both out of their minds. He played with her tits lovingly, pulling them to the side. He marveled at how much tit meat pushed out, almost behind her, and how big and stiff her nipples were. She was crazed from this attention and pleasure and struggled to keep her voice down. The sight of her getting fucked this hard made Luke drain his nuts into her throat. After Felix emptied himself into her with intense strokes she lowered herself onto Kurt, who lay on his back with his dick pointed to her invitingly. "You guys better go downstairs," she mumbled to the others, relishing the feeling of sitting on Kurt's hot dickmeat. As she leaned over him and bou with glee on his cock she found herself getting even more stimulated at the sound of Ron's voice, right outside.

    They all sat down to dinner. She missed some semen that was in her hair and on her neck. She decided to leave it. Ron had too much to drink but became loud and confrontational. He challenged Jack and almost got into a brawl out on the deck. There was no room for more sex in this situation, even after Ron calmed down. Jack and his guys were happy to bide their time, knowing they would see more of Julie Steele, housewife.

    One week later Ron received a videotape at the office with a handwritten label: "Medical Information. View at once". Something told him this was a sinister. After a few days he went to the audio-visual center at work early in the morning before anyone was around. He decided to see what this tape was.

    The narrator's voice came on, the screen black. It was a masculine voice that was being masked, almost comically. He almost recognized it. "Medical examination. Patient: Mrs. Ron Steele," the voice said. Ron's heart sank. Then came a morning view of the front of their house, the narrator ringing the doorbell with the camera running. Julie jiggled to the door. "Doctor?" she smiled. She had on a white blouse tied in a bow above her bare waist. She had on a snug, short plaid skirt and high heels. She was all made up. She was ravishing. The camera did a close up of her chest.

    She opened the door, and the camera stayed on her tits. "I really appreciate the house call," Julie's voice could be heard . "Oh my, you aren't alone," she said, and the camera panned from her chest to two lower male torsos. "These are special residents from the hospital I called in to assist me," the voice said. "Doctor Red and Doctor Black," the voice said. "Pleased to meet you," she purred to Doctor Red. The camera showed her get to her knees and unzip his shorts, revealing a half-erect dick. She stretched her tongue adoringly over its head. The camera moved around to the back of Doctor Red, between his legs at ground level, and while sucking his cock Julie pulled one of her large breasts out. The effect of only one breast out on its own can be stunning and it sure as hell was this morning.

    Then she wrapped her fingers around that cock and her voice called in mock formality: "Doctor Black, I am so glad to meet you too," and he unzipped his shorts and produced an aroused tool for her swallowing. She now had both tits out and the video camera again at floor level shot the scene of her tits swaying so luciously while she enthusiastically devoured the second dick. The camera did a close up of Julie wrapping her mams around Dr. Black's rigid cock, then rubbing slowly. The camera took its time with her mouth grabbing the dick, then the tits smothering it, back and forth. Then she did the same for the first cock.

    The narrator said: "Why don't we begin the examination?" "Is my bedroom OK?" she said, standing, the camera panning on her fingers packing the titflesh back into her blouse. "That will be fine, Mrs. Steele. As we walk there could you tell us what prompted you to call?". Ron watched in disbelief. What the fuck was THIS?

    The camera zoomed in on her ass rolling back and forth in her tight skirt as they mounted the stairs. "I think I need a physical exam. And I have itches I can't explain." She stopped near the top of the stairs. Ron heard whispers coming from the males. She raised her skirt slowly, the camera catching it perfectly, once at butt level then a second time around as the camera viewed her from below. "We see that you have nothing on under that skirt, Mrs. Steele. Thank you for doing this - it facilitates our examination. Your buttocks appears to be in absolutely fantastic physical condition." The camera viewed Doctors Black and Red's hands all over her ass as she stood and spread her plump, curvy cheeks as hard as she could.

    There was an interruption in the tape and in the next scene she was standing in the bedroom, facing Ron's and her bed. No others were on camera. "We have to ask you to disrobe, if you don't mind," the voice said. Then the view shifted to her blouse. "Have you been getting enough rest?" the narrator asked. "Yeah," she was purring now, and there was a close-up on her hands playing with her tits. Slowly she untied and unbuttoned the blouse, the camera filling the screen with her amazingly full chest. She pointed a nipple at her lips and licked it lustily. "Have you experienced any dizziness, headaches, loss of appetite?" "No," she said, the camera feasting on the sight of her boobs being mauled by four male hands.

    "Dr. Black, would you be so kind as to take over?" the voice said. Clumsily the camera was passed off to another person. For at least a half hour the three "doctors" played with her big tits, sucking and squeezing them, and it was in this sequence that Ron made out Jack's and Felix's faces. He simply could not believe what he was seeing.

    "So tell us what the itches are? Where are you feeling them?" She turned and knelt on the bed and raised her skirt. "In my rectal area," she said seductively, looking back at the camera and rubbing her ass slowly, sometimes spreading the cheek to show her anus.

    "Mrs. Steele, you can use whatever terms you find easy to express. We doctors hear everything. Would you feel more comfortable using the term 'asshole'?" The camera was doing a close-up of her fingers playing with her ass. "Oh yeah," she moaned. "As long as you doctors use it too."

    Nothing was said as she continued to play with herself. The camera exploited the view of her knockers hanging down, nipples protruding sinfully, as the eye traveled beyond her buttocks to her lovely face and her chest, and Ron recognized that the third "doctor", now lying on the bed and sucking wildly on her tits, was Kurt. She took her hand away from her butt and enjoyed the feeling of rubbing her boobs back and forth on his face. Other hands played with her tits from the side, and the camera caught her tits slapping against each other as hands pulled them apart, then let them fall to each other. Kurt was fingering her clit, making her whimper with approval.

    "So are you going to examine my asshole?" she said, licking her lips, her butt swaying. "Yes, we would love to help you solve the mystery of these itches. Oh, Mrs. Steele, you have a very beautiful asshole. We're going to examine you very closely." Ron saw hands all over his wife's appetizing rump, and then each "doctor" took turns eating her ass, rimming her asshole while her cheeks were spread. She was moaning constantly now, hungry for fucking. Each "doctor" finger fucked her, until two fingers fucked her at the same time, then two well lubricated fingers from one eager doctor's hand and one or two from another were stretching her hole that was dying to be filled. The camera was passed around sloppily now, but once it was passed the views were graphic and caught the huge pleasure she was deriving from this wicked examination of her behind.

    "I love this!" she screamed. "Will you be using larger instruments to examine me?" "Have you ever been examined with larger instruments?" the voice asked. The camera shifted to her standing at the bed, all of her clothes off, her right knee resting on a quilt. She was rubbing each buttock forcefully and working her fingers in and out of her asshole. "No but I want you to. Do you want to really get inside to find out what the problem is? Do you want to get inside me, doctors?"

    She knelt down again and Doctor Red stood behind her, the camera zooming in on his hand stroking his fat cock. "Oh yeah, we're going to get inside. You want all of us in you?" The view was a hard dick rubbing against her asshole. "Ummmmmm," she laughed. The dick pushed slowly, patiently, and the camera watched as the head pushed toward her rectum. She cried out that it hurt. "Should we interrupt the examination?" the voice said. "Fuck no!" she yelled. Doctor Red was steadily working his way in and she continued to yell. It sounded to Ron like she was bleeding to death. But the stroking back and forth, very slowly, not too deeply, began, and Ron was aghast to hear: "Oh YES! Fuck me!".

    Each "doctor" did this preliminary fucking. "Does this help, you Mrs. Steele?" the voice asked. "Oh yeah" she moaned, wiggling her bottom appreciatively, impatiently. Then she lay down, on her side, so that her right leg was stretched out in front of her left and her knee bent, wickedly showing her asshole and her cunt. "Fuck me some more. I want to fuck you guys all morning," she said, staring lewdly into the camera and rubbing her clit and one of her tits. Each doctor fucked her more vigorously in her ass, while she sucked cock.

    Kurt exploded all over her buttocks, cum everywhere. Jack came inside her rectum, and it dripped down to her pussy, mixing with Kurt's juices. The camera highlighted the cum dripping all over her slutty ass and her labia. Felix had the most staying power, alternating between her cunt and her ass. She was able to sit on him, straddling carefully, and shrieked in ecstasy as he stroked his big dick deep inside her ass. Ron was in a trance by this time, numbed at the sight of his wife fingering her clit like a maniac while Felix finally shot his wad inside her.

    By the time Felix had come the others were ready again, and they rocked Julie with a nasty, morning long roller coaster ride in her butt that left her sore, but glowing with satisfaction.

    Ron went back to his office feeling as if he had dropped some bad acid. Then he found himself returning to the AV center and he borrowed a VCR, locked himself in his office, and watched the video again and again. He was angry beyond words with his wife and these men, but he found, to his extreme chagrin, that a sexual arousal that accompanied this anger had given him feelings he had never known possible. He wound up masturbating three times in his office, his painfully swollen erection refusing to simmer down.
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