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. Julie’s Son Jamel, Part 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Robert Williams, Apr 11, 2019.

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  1. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    Julie’s Son Jamel, Part 2

    Julie was impaled on Jamel’s cock and she was about to orgasm one more time. She could hardly believer the last week since she had discovered Jamel masturbating to the pictures her husband Gene had taken of her. She laughed to herself that he certainly didn’t need that photo album to jack off to any more; his cock was always in her! And even though she still knew it was so wrong there was no way she was going to stop!

    Just then, she felt Jamel’s cock jerk inside of her and he groaned as he pumped yet another load of hot cum deep inside her womb. That was the fourth one that day and the day wasn’t half over yet! She used her vaginal muscles to milk his hard cock which brought another moan from her loving son as he lay there smiling.

    “Mom, I better go now, I need to get some things done but I will be back later this afternoon and I am planning on bringing friends with me then. “ Jamel told Julie.

    “Jamel, don’t you forget what we are doing here is wrong and if the word gets out we could be arrested for doing this! We have to keep this a secret.”

    “HA HA HA” Jamel laughed. “The friends I am bringing home won’t tell, not if you treat them right.”

    “Jamel, I don’t want any other men but you and your dad. And your dad is satisfied with blow jobs so far which is fine with me. Who are you bringing home and what should I expect?”

    “Don’t worry Mom, you will handle them I have no doubt. Why don’t you wear your Hot Pants outfit for them?”

    The Hot Pants outfit! That was a pair of silk shorts that were very tight and very short! In fact, what ran under Julie’s crotch barely covered her pussy and more than half of her ass was out for all to see. But Jamel had requested it so she was anxious to wear it for who ever was coming by.

    Jamel left and Julie went to take a shower. It was useless trying to get all the cum out of her dripping cunt and she knew who ever was coming home with Jamel would likely be adding more to what was already there, she could hardly wait!

    Jamel approached the group of other Black boys and playfully hit one of them on the shoulder, surprising the boy and getting the attention of all of them.

    “Hey Jam (they must have called Jamel that for short), what’s happening? What’s going down this afternoon? You said you was going to have some action but I’m not seeing it. You busting our balls again with your bull shit?” the one Dominate leader of the group blurted out.

    “No, I’m not shitting you bros, I got a hottie at my house right now. She is expecting us in about 30 minutes.” Jamel responded.

    “At your house? What the fuck? We’ll probably get there and your folks will come home and catch us all fuckin the bitch and get us all in trouble! You get us in like that and I’m gonna make you pay you bastard.”

    “Guaranteed no one is coming home to catch us! Mom and dad are both out of town for the day. In fact I have it setup to use my parents bed to fuck the bitch.”

    “Ok, this better be as you said, and this was for fifty dollars apiece? We get married white pussy and what about ass?”

    “Mouth and ass this time. This is a married prostitute and she is just starting in the business so don’t ask questions and don’t tell her anything including anything about money. She is going to act like a slut so just go in and use her like you want to and then get out. With 6 of us it is going to take long enough the way it is. If you like her let me know later and I’ll arrange for her again.”

    The group all began digging in their pockets and handing Jamel the cash. “She better be good for this!”, a couple of them grumbled and Jamel assured them she would be! “Let’s go, I’m getting fucking horny for some white pussy.” Another one chipped in. After pocketing the money Jamel led them off down the street.

    About a block from home Jamel grabbed his phone and texted Julie that they would be there shortly and that her name was going to be “Angel” so the guys wouldn’t suspect anything.

    Julie was watching them come up the street and hoped the neighbors wouldn’t notice too much. With her son being Black there were always other Black boys around but this was a group of 7 including Jamel and that might draw attention. 7 young Black men all coming to see her! Julie pussy was dripping cum from before but even if it hadn’t have been she would be dripping from being so turned on thinking about those Hard Black cocks.

    When Jamel began to open the door it surprised Julie as she was still off in her dream land and she immediately stepped forward to greet this group of horny young men.

    “Angel, here is the group I was telling you about. They want you, ALL of You!” Jamel said as a form of introduction.

    “All of me? I am theirs as long as they don’t hurt me. And I can’t imagine any of these Nice Black young men hurting me, but making me feel oh so good maybe?” Julie said as she stepped into the middle of the group as the door closed behind them.

    The words were no more than just out of her mouth as it seemed every hand in the place was all over her. Hands were mauling her breasts and squeezing her ass cheeks, she was in heaven. She leaned her head back onto the shoulder of one of the guys behind she enjoyed the attention of all those Black young men. She felt a hand between her legs feeling her cunt and then another opening and then exploring down to her dripping pussy. She still had cum leaking out of her from her and Jamel earlier combined with her own juices and the guys thought it was all about them!

    “This bitch is super fucking hot! She is dripping all over. We need to fuck her now!” one of the group said.

    Hearing this Julie said just above a whisper, “Yes, Please Fuck ME, I need it!” Even though it was said so quietly everyone heard her and the leader of the group turned to Jamel and asked where the bedroom was?

    Jamel directed them down the hall and which door and the group almost picked Julie (or Angel as they called her) up and carried her to the bedroom. Once there, all those hands set about one task and that was stripping Julie naked followed by removing all their own clothes.

    Julie lay on the bed and looked around at all the hard Black Cocks that were suddenly crowding around her and she opened her legs and grabbed two of the closest ones with her hands. The one of the group who happened to be between her legs when she opened them wasn’t about to lose the opportunity and he immediately moved forward placing his hard cock to her shiny pussy lips and pushed it in!

    Julie laid back and moaned with approval and encouragement as the young man buried his cock all the way in her on his second stroke and then began pounding her deep. She was enjoying this as much as anyone could and in the back of her mind she wondered if she would recognize Jamel when he took his turn to fuck her? She wrapped her legs around the young man fucking her as another black cock flopped in her face and she opened her mouth to take it in.

    Jamel had taken more time to remove his clothes as he watched the rest of the group having their way with his mother. But he was right there naked with the rest of them as he watched his mom enjoy her first orgasm as the man fucking her slammed in deep and emptied his load into her. This is so fucking hot, he thought as he took it all in. All this sex and money to boot, how could it get any better?

    For the next hour and a half the young men kept at Julie. She enjoyed orgasm after orgasm and she made sure every one of the group came deep inside of her including Jamel when it was his turn. And her pussy wasn’t the only place the group was making sure to use, several filled her mouth with loads of cum also.

    When they were done Julie laid there in a pool of cum on the sheets as more poured out of her soaking the bed even further. The group of young men dressed and made sure Julie heard how good she had been and they all voiced their desire to come back and do this again. Needless to say, Julie extended the invitation to all of them and then added that they would have to arrange it through Jamel so she could make sure her husband wouldn’t find out.

    After Jamel and the group left, Julie slowly crawled out of bed and got into the shower to clean up. She was sore from all the activity and there was a river of cum flowing down her legs for several minutes but she loved the way she felt and she knew she couldn’t wait until the next time. As the hot water cascaded over her, she remembered all of their faces and the expressions on them when they had emptied their cum into her. This brought a smile to her face again and couldn’t wait for Jamel to get home so she could hear what they had said about her after leaving. Then she wanted a nice slow easy fuck with her son. What better way to end the perfect day?
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