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. Journal of a Journey - Book Twenty Two

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 22

    This is it. Ray will be here in time for the 4pm Giants game. Suzanna is so nervous about this now but I’ve pointed out that we've socialized before so she shouldn’t be worried.

    I called him on Friday night and he sounded scared or something not knowing why I'd call him. He sounded hesitant when he answered and heard my voice and I guess he thought I might be about to lay into him but I gave a friendly ‘Hey Ray’. He reacted positively and quickly sounded less guarded as I told him that we were talking about him and wondering how he was doing and about his Thanksgiving andsuch. Once he heard me go in that direction he really relaxed thinking I didn't know anything because he got really talkative. I had to cut him off when I suggested that he should come over today and tell us in-person while we watch some football. I added that Suzanna was going out with our daughter once the game got going so we could drink some beer and be as loud as we wanted.

    I put down the phone and smiled at Suzanna and told her that our plan was on.

    We talked it through last night and had set out what we were going to do. The more we talked, the better the basket of laundry approach sounded. She's going to leave some of her sexy-er undies in the basket. She asked if she should put out what she wore on Thursday in it. I told her that it'd make more sense to let him think this is just normal laundry and if she'd worn it, then it'd probably be in the wash. She giggled and said she wished she could see his face.

    I asked her again if I could show him the nude pictures of her. At first she agreed but then made me take out some of the more ‘slutty looking’ ones. She's now running around cleaning up.


    Suzanna’s dropping our daughter off at a friend’s house after shopping since there's a surprise girl-scout meeting tonight that'll be going on through till 9:30pm. We talked last night and we touched on whether things might go well enough that she and Ray might hook up again tonight somehow. She giggled and told me I was getting ahead of myself and reminded me that this needs to look like something new for them and not like the experienced couple they really are.


    This past Thursday morning she asked me if she could come home later. How could I say no with her standing there in just panties as she put on her makeup? Just how casually she asked, like it was a normal thing was such a turn-on.

    I had dinner with our daughter and after her homework was done she started watching a movie and was engrossed when Suzanna came home.

    She was really casual and teased me at first that maybe I should wait till Friday. It was one of the first times in a while when I was really in the mood for her. I fought down the urge to try to talk her into it; she knew I was really horny, there was no doubt. Despite how much I wanted her I waited for her decision. At first I felt annoyed that she would consider making me wait but as we closed the door to the bedroom, in just those few seconds, I'd decided that if she wanted to wait, that I would wait too.

    It was only 9:30 or so and she said she was tired but she said it in a way that only meant one thing.

    I followed her to the bedroom and lay on the bed staring at her as she undressed, listening to hints of things she said about how horny Ray had seemed, stuff like that. She came over and stood next to the bed in just those same lacy blue panties she had on in the morning and said, "do you want to take them off me?”

    Wow. I almost asked her if she wanted to wait (yes, it would have been a turn-on to wait) but then thought again that her freshly fucked pussy was waiting for me and that thought was just too much.

    She was concerned that she was quite ‘messy’ (as she put it) when I moved to have her lay back on the bed and she saw that I wanted to go down on her. I don't know why, but even after all this time, she still feels the need to warn me or be concerned that I'm going to find her pussy full of cum, but when she saw my desire, she lay back and let me enjoy her.

    I know it was Ray’s cum dribbling out of her but, damn, it didn't matter to me in the least. If anything, knowing he'd spurted it in her just a little while earlier made me even hornier. The first taste is always acrid and pungent, but the eroticness of knowing he'd fucked it into her outweighed any hesitance I had.

    As always, the undisputable proof of her adultery drove me to be rock hard and a few moments later I began to fuck the heck out of her. She winced that I was being too rough with her but she never said for me to stop or slow down. All I know is that feeling her slickness inside her pussy drove me wild. She pulled her knees back for me and let me go at her till I exploded a few minutes later.


    As planned, on Sunday Ray did show up a little before 4pm. It was quite funny to see how nervous and anxious Suzanna was before he got here. Between making sure the house was all cleaned up to her making herself look ‘normal’ as she'd normally be on a Sunday afternoon, I found it all quite funny. Several times she took me aside and told me how wonderful I was for doing all of this and also to tell me that she hoped it would all go well.

    Unexpected but appreciated, Ray brought over 2 six-packs of beer. I didn't know how he'd act or what to expect but he came in, shook my hand and gave me a warm greeting. Suzanna was busy upstairs and she came down a few minutes later. She played innocent and gave him a hug as a greeting and then told us to go get settled and, as planned, that she and our daughter would be leaving to go shopping shortly.


    We went off to the den and cracked open some beer and toasted the hopeful Giants win. After a few minutes, I guess when he realized that I wasn't going to kick the crap out of him, he seemed to relax and we got back to how we'd gotten along in the past - relaxed. We opened a 2nd beer when the game started and talked about all sorts of stuff in general. I'm more of a Jets fan than Giants and when I revealed that we got a bit of rivalry going with me touting the Jets and him the Giants. We agreed that how the games went would tell the tale.

    We were well into our 3rd beer and seemed to be at a good place with being comfortable with each other. He asked about our Thanksgiving and I filled him in and I asked about his. He hesitated for a moment but then kept it neutral and said that he'd gone to his brother's and I asked how that was.

    It was all just a nice, normal conversation like any two guys. In between yelling about this play or that play in the game, he told me about his family and he was also pretty open about this being his first ‘family holiday’ without his family. I commiserated with him and said that it must have been difficult; we even toasted to surviving it. When I asked him about Christmas, he seemed equally sombre (and I kept thinking whether Suzanna would be cheering him up!).

    Despite my wanting to simply bring it up, I wasn't as comfortable as I thought I would be. We got to half-time and we went into the kitchen as Suzanna had left us a bunch of food including some fried-chicken and such, so we each got a plate and returned to the den and munched out and continued our drinking.

    As planned there was the laundry basket sitting on the floor at the end of the couch and, as discussed, Suzanna had the lacy blue bra and panties on top folded along with the rest of the laundry. Through the 3rd quarter it seemed like they were calling out to me.

    We got into the 4th quarter and by now, we were done with drinking his beer and were now into my stash of Rolling Rock and we were feeling little pain.

    Finally I got my courage up and I started to fish around in the laundry and I commented that Suzanna had left this lying here. I saw that he looked at the basket and he stared for a second at the stuff on top. I took that as my opportunity and I picked up the bra and laughed and joked with him and said, "ahhh, - her favourites" and I held it up and said in a joking fashion with a little slur to my voice (added by me to kind of make me seem drunker than I was), "she looks sexy in these". Before he could say anything I just kept with it as if I was on a roll or whatever and I picked up the panties that were very sheer and lacy (as he well knew) and laughed and sort of smacked his knee, "you should see her in these!”

    Talk about ‘a deer in the headlights’. He was silent for a moment until I said, "what's the matter, cat-got-your-tongue?” and then it just came out unplanned, spontaneous and I asked him, "thinking about her in them?"

    He snapped out of it and sputtered stuff like, "no man ... I mean, no, she's your wife...." and other stuff.

    Blame it on the alcohol but I sensed the opening and I just went for it. I told him, "it's okay" and then I said that, "she might be cool about it one day".

    He was all ‘no way, that's crazy’ kind of response but it just seemed like the moment so I went for it and told him that I couldn't be sure but that it was something that Suzanna and me had talked about. I immediately followed that he'd, "better keep this quiet or she'll kill me".

    He bought it.

    He said that I needn't worry and that he'd surely keep it quiet and then asked me if I was okay with it, to tell him more. He then said that I was lucky, that he'd never have been able to even talk about something like that with Joanne. I laughed and said that I didn't think so either! He seemed empowered and asked me to tell him more about what Suzanna and I talk about. Mind you, like me, he was pretty buzzed, and the words just seemed to flow out of him.

    So I told him. Half joking as the beer would induce, I told him that we'd had a lot of pillow-talk that really got her worked up. I even joked that the crotch in those blue-panties has taken on a dark-color when she's really wet. He seemed to be on the edge of the sofa listening to me. When I told him how turned on she'd get at times, he asked me, "yeah, she must be beautiful".

    What a lead-in. I put the lingerie down and slid over to him and whispered to him that, "I shouldn't do this, she'll kill me...." He was all ears as I made believe to look around over my shoulders and then said "do you want to see some nudie pics of her?”

    I have to say, he's quite a good actor. He hemmed and hawed and then said that if I was serious, that yeah, he'd definitely want to check them out. So we ‘snuck’ off to our office where I'd stashed them in with my work stuff. I made a big deal about showing them to him and started with the more tame ones. I pulled out the first one to show her topless and I made a big deal about hesitating to show him. He ‘promised’ he'd never say a word.

    I loved his response, even though it was all made up, I think he was as caught up in the moment as I was and he asked to hold the picture and he took a good look at it. He looked up at me and I joked, "I guess you want to see the others?"

    "Yeah, for sure" was his reply. Over the next few minutes we'd spread the ones I was going to show him all over the desk and he was asking me all about taking them of her and how he'd never even dreamed of ever asking Joanne for any such pictures.

    I told him about some of the pics and the situation surrounding them. I told him about some of how we would play slave/master back then. He seemed totally consumed by that thought and he asked me all about it. By now it was all ‘guy talk’ as we were both sounding pretty brash about it; how wet her cunt was; how she sucks cock.

    I honestly think he seemed to be as turned on as I'd expect someone who hadn't been fucking her to be! With his enthusiastic response to my telling him about her being my slave sometimes I told him there was one more picture I could show him and I pulled out the one of her spread-eagle naked with her arms and legs tied up. I swear I thought he was going to cum in his pants at how he looked at that picture and I thought to myself whether I was giving him crazy ideas about Suzanna or not but it was done before I had thought about it.

    He asked if I’d fucked her while she was tied up and he seemed very turned on when I told him I did. I nearly pulled out the other pic of her tied up with cum dripping out of her but I thought I should keep some modesty for her!

    I gathered up the pictures and he realized he should give the last one to me. As he handed it to me I looked at him and said, "you are the first guy I feel comfortable to show these to" and he professed that he felt honored to see them.

    As we got up to go back to the game that was already over now, I turned back to him in the hallway and said, "You know...." and he said, "what".

    I said, “mmm, never-mind” and then went into the kitchen to get some more food.

    When he followed me into the kitchen I turned around to him and it was as awkward as it would be any other way. I looked at him and said, "you know, we've talked about having a 3rd person sometimes.... I thought you might be okay.... I mean, you know, if she's into it and if I can bring it up with her at the right time...."

    I continued to make excuses about bringing it up and he was all smiles but immediately replied that he'd never want to mess up our marriage like his was. I told him that as long as Suzanna was okay with it that I would be okay with it too but making it sound to him like I was concerned about her reaction. We went back and forth for a while until we sort of agreed that if she was into it, that he would go for it, "if it felt right".

    There. I had done it. I felt a whole weight lifted off me. I'd asked another guy to have sex with my wife!

    We didn't talk much more about it other than I'd feel her out about it and we'd now missed the end of the game!! (Surprise that the Giants lost in the last few seconds). As we caught the post-game catch-up he kept on saying, "you know, only if you guys are sure about this ..." –

    I saw the obvious grin on his face. I don't think he suspected a thing.


    20 minutes later Suzanna came in, alone as planned and she grinned at us and how buzzed we seemed. We made idle talk with her and things seemed even more awkward between them now as Ray seemed to be very confused at how to respond to the situation. As it was getting kinda late by now, Ray said that he was going to have a bit more to eat and then probably get going. Suzanna made sure to ask if he was okay to drive and he assured her that he would be okay. She made a big deal out of picking up the laundry basket saying, "Oh my, my undies are sitting out here." She smiled at me as she walked by while Ray just stared at her.

    Sure enough, when he finished what he was eating, Ray said that he'd intruded on us enough and that he was going to be going. He hugged Suzanna and gave her a brief kiss on her cheek and continued to thank her for her hospitality. He then heartily shook my hand and said he hoped he'd hear back from me on that stuff we'd discussed! Suzanna was gone by then so I told him that I'd let him know.

    And that was that. He left and Suzanna was as horny as can be and peppered me with all sorts of questions. Questions that I told her I'd answer upstairs in bed as we had time before our daughter was due home!


    It was a unique feeling to have spent time with the guy that's fucking my wife. It was easier than I thought it would be but I suppose that's partly due to Ray seeming like a nice guy, someone I now consider a friend. There were times that I had to be very careful about what I said though.

    We talked about how we should move forward. I reminded her that she had to figure out what she was going to say to Ray and that I thought it might be better if she sounded surprised at what I'd told him. She wanted to hear me out on this as she hadn't considered that.

    It was at that moment I had a great thought; I told her that she should sound surprised by what I'd said to him and then ask Ray what he thinks they should do. She giggled and accused me of passing all the work over to Ray to figure out but I quickly reminded her that I'd gotten it started. She replied, "you just want to see him fucking me, don't you?"

    My reply was the smile on my face. She knows I've wanted to somehow be more involved.


    They've swapped some text messages today and he's just said he has something ‘big’ to talk to her about. So far she's played along and told him she's excited to hear it. So here goes. I've pushed the proverbial snowball down the hill again.


    I joked with Suzanna last night and this morning that maybe we ought to have a quickie or something so that she could tell Ray about it. She laughed back and said that for now, that, "we are sticking to how things are going, I like it this way". She told me that she's swapped text messages with him and, as we discussed, she hinted that I had told her some things that she too needed to discuss with him. I laughed when she said that he seemed very eager to see her!

    Her decision is to let Ray believe that I'm planning things. I told her that she knows him better than I do and she said she'd see what felt right tonight. I laughed at her pun.

    It's crazy but I have begun to actually enjoy this time with her when I know she's off limits to me. It is incredibly arousing to think of her that way. I find myself staring at her at times just daydreaming.

    She's going shopping after work and then going to his place so I won't see her again until later tonight.


    As expected, using the excuse of shopping makes it so easy for our daughter to accept her absences right now, Suzanna didn't get home until close to 10pm last night. She'd texted me that she'd be later than usual and asked if I minded. She added that she was ‘talking to Ray’ which I knew it meant they were discussing the situation.

    From what she shared with me, Ray bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker. She said he first made sure she was okay hearing about what had gone on and then he told her. She told me that he even told her about the more explicit picture(s) I'd showed him; he told her he wanted copies of them when she said no to him taking some of his own of her. Suzanna played her part perfectly; she said that I had again mentioned during sex that I thought it'd be hot if we could maybe try a three-some with another guy. She even played up the whole part about wondering if I wanted that as an excuse to be with another woman and Ray defended me! In the end, she told Ray that he would have to talk and deal with me on it and that she would pretend" to go along with it.

    I got a call from Ray on my cell earlier this afternoon inviting me over his place for football this Sunday. He also said he hoped he could discuss that ‘other matter’ that we'd talked about last weekend. I replied to him that I thought I'd gotten a favorable response from Sue. From how he sounded on the phone, it certainly seems that he believes he's now guiding this forward.


    Back to last night and I knew she'd probably had quite a bit of fun with Ray given the time but she surprised me and seemed to genuinely want to have a bit more fun with me. I certainly didn't turn her down. She told me how Ray had asked if she'd been with me but that he didn't seem disappointed or anything when she said no, that it'd been a few days.

    Needless to say we were quickly upstairs in our bed. She hesitated at first when I wanted to go down on her but she said later that she'd remembered that Ray had said he thought it was hot that she wasn't clean and she relented and let me. I really feel normal about licking another guy's cum from her (Ray’s) in this case and I actually find it extremely erotic to share it with her in this way knowing how it got into her in the first place. She giggled at my eagerness and soon pulled me up and told me to take my turn before she got ‘too sore’ for me.

    What an intense thought. The entire evening and the thing with Ray had me already turned on but feeling her body respond as I licked her just made me want her even more. We both knew and had no expectation that she would cum with me but she genuinely wanted to feel me in her and so she did.

    I needed to merely think about her with him earlier and for me that was it. One of my quicker 'bouts with her but we did lie together afterwards and share some very intimate moments.


    I genuinely was nervous going over Ray’s. Not sure why but there it was. It was my turn to bring the beer and we watched the end of the Jets game (go Jets!!!!) and then got started watching the Giants game.

    It was a little odd being there and I admit to looking around his place as he gave me a quick tour with a curiosity of where he and Suzanna had been. I confess to being wicked turned on sitting on his couch knowing he'd fucked Suzanna many times right where I was sitting. (I didn’t tell him at that point that I had a USB stick with me that had the nudie pics of Suzanna but I had a feeling that once the conversation moved to Suzanna that he'd want to see some of the pics again.)

    We watched the game and started drinking. He'd brought in some food, sandwiches and other stuff, and over the next hour or so we got comfortable with each other again. I know it sounds crazy but the more time I spend with him, the more comfortable I feel about him. He's just an easy guy to be with; no wonder Suzanna feels as comfortable with him as she does. Whether it was sports, politics or the weather, he was just a nice guy to hang with. I'm sure that him wanting things to go well for the 3 of us is partly the reason for his behavior but underneath it, he's a nice guy.

    We were probably into our 4th beer when he finally came out and asked me if I'd talked to Suzanna at all. Now I knew what Suzanna had told him so I just needed to keep up my part of the story and said it had been mentioned it. I had to be careful that I kept things straight but it was easy as I merely needed to say something and he took it from there. I told him that when we were fucking that I'd mentioned about us having a 3rd person with us and that Suzanna had gotten turned on by it. With the beer talking, he asked all the typical ‘guy questions’ and I told him just what he'd wanted to hear.

    It was a bit more of the same conversations we'd had the week before and then I took the usb stick from my pocket. He was thrilled that I'd brought over some of the pics again even to the point of bringing out his laptop so we could look at them again and not miss the game (I made sure to not leave any copies there at least not without Suzanna approval).

    I put my part of the plan into play just as Suzanna had and I asked him what he thought and how we might move forward.

    He was a bit hesitant at first but I told him to, “spit it out; it’s just us guys here". He asked me how often we had sex together and I told him that it was pretty much just on the weekends mainly and that usually Suzanna ‘wasn't in the mood’ for it during the week. That is, not until Fridays and then how she'd want it all weekend.

    I made it seem like I wasn't looking at him but I knew he was smiling at that. So he asked what I thought if I could bring it up again this weekend and if it felt right, to maybe bring up his name. I told him that it might work and I mentioned casually that Suzanna thought he was a really nice guy from last weekend.

    I was hoping he'd do as he'd done with Suzanna and would sort of take the lead in ‘managing’ things. As we had another beer or two, he started talking to me and asking me more questions. It was funny answering him knowing that he wasn’t aware that I knew. He asked me if he could ask me some personal questions. I took a big gulp of beer and told him, “Sure, ask away”.

    His first question was whether I was really going to let him fuck her. With the beer talking for both of us I told him that I thought he was a nice guy and in a joking manner, told him that of all the guys I could think of that I thought he'd be okay to be with her.

    I told him that when we'd fantasized about it, that Suzanna wasn't sure if she could do it if I was there and I made it sound like I wasn’t sure whether I'd want to watch the first time if she wasn't going to be comfortable about it.

    He seemed to almost say that it would be okay but then he seemed to ‘remember’ that he had to play this carefully and he backtracked and said that, “ ... it could be weird for her first time maybe?”

    I did tell him that if it happened I wanted to be there though; I played it up by saying it seemed the right thing to do to be with her.

    He then said something about it maybe being awkward and I agreed but said that I was sure there would need to be some alcohol involved the first time which seemed to relax him again.

    It was kind of weird, both of us pretending and him not knowing that I knew. He asked me other relevant details like her preferred positions and other things she likes. I admit I got a bit of bravado going and told him of some of what we do together. I told him how I liked to go down on her and how when she's in the right mood, how she'll cum as I lick her. I even told him how she likes her clit licked even though I know she's already trained him well in that area.

    I mentioned how she has had an IUD for years now and how she's probably past being able to get pregnant. He commented that he's healthy but would use a condom if it was what we wanted. I joked with him that one of the things that Suzanna enjoyed now was not using condoms. I told him that I was sure that if he was healthy and things went as hoped, that she wouldn't want him to use that kind of protection. He smiled and said how long it's been since he'd not had to use one (and he kept a straight face!).

    He played up his general concern when I told him how she accused me of wanting to sleep with other women and he seemed to like hearing how I had to explain myself that I'm a bit of a voyeur .... but, all-in-all, like I said, if I had to pick a guy to fuck her, he'd probably be the one.

    We talked and drank a bit more and he joked with me about Suzanna helping him out of ‘his slump’. I told him that I wasn't sure how it may all play out, whether this would be a one-time thing or not. He was all ears at what I was indicating especially when I said that we'd have to play things by ear on what Suzanna wanted too.

    he joked with me at one point that he would love to have Suzanna be something like a ‘friend-with-benefits’ and wanted to know what I thought about that. I told him that I wasn't sure how Suzanna was going to feel and played up on her being a ‘good girl’ and this being quite a change for her. He seemed to change his tune a bit but went with the flow and said, "Yeah, I guess we'll have to see".

    Time had gone by quickly and we tuned back into the Giants game just in time to see the last few plays and watch the Giants, luckily, pull off a win.

    I called Suzanna from his place before I left to say that I was coming home and to let him hear my conversation. I mentioned to Suzanna just before hanging up that we ought to have Ray over for the holidays. After I hung up I played up on Suzanna saying how nice it was to have him over last week which clearly put a smile on his face!

    I gave him my email address and told him that I'd send him an email if things went any further. As I went to leave, I joked with him that maybe we'd have him over for New Year’s Eve and celebrate together. He grinned and said to definitely let him know as he was looking to figure out his plans and his brother had already made an invite.


    When I came home Suzanna was all over me with questions and when I told her how things had gone, she seemed genuinely pleased. Once our daughter was off in bed we went up the stairs and in an instant off came the clothes and Suzanna and I proceeded, not to fuck, but instead, have quite a passionate love-making session. She didn't tease me about anything. Matter of fact, Ray's name never even came up.


    I think it's quite amusing today to think at all of this; quite funny to see Ray trying to lead this along without being too pushy or giving things away. However, you only see what you want to see and I'm sure Ray is only seeing what he wants to here.


    Ray sent me an Email yesterday thanking me for coming over and that he hoped things were going okay with Suzanna and, as he put it, "with what we discussed". I wrote him back that I hadn't found the right moment yet but thought that maybe over the weekend.

    Suzanna laughed at his way of beating around the bush (and I joked back with her that she doesn't have a bush!). She also thanked me for my answer as it made it easier for her tomorrow to simply be able to say, "no, he hasn't said anything yet" when the obvious question comes up.

    I had showed Ray a picture of Suzanna. It was a very odd experience to show him that picture knowing he's seen her like that in person many times now. Thing is, it's a total turn-on to know that he's done so and more!! Now, every time I look at these pics, it's a turn-on all over again thinking that he's seen it all for real. Very cool feeling - awesome actually - knowing your wife is such a sexual being now.

    I guess this is what a lot of the more experienced cucks must feel, a strange satisfaction at knowing she's out fucking another guy and enjoying it.


    Last night by the time I got home from work and we finished dinner there was little time to talk but she took me aside and asked if I'd be okay waiting till Friday because now she wanted ‘to go out shopping’.

    I wanted to tell her no, but how could I when she looked at me with those big brown eyes. She reached down and cupped my hardening cock (I admit it, I started getting hard when I heard her ask me to wait) and said, "well, maybe later, but no guarantees, I'm pretty tired ... " and she smiled, kissed me and then said, " ... You’ll be okay waiting, right?"

    She continued to tease me and then just before she went out I heard her mutter something under her breath. I looked over to see she was heading towards the stairs towards our bedroom. I followed her and found her at her dresser where she looked up at me and said, "if you have to know, I need to change my panties, okay?" With that she took a new pair and went into the bathroom to change.

    I just stood there and from behind the door she said, "you don't get me till tomorrow, remember?” She came out a minute later buttoning her jeans and came over to me and just reached out and felt that I was now fully hard. She smiled, "Just think how much you'll want me tomorrow" and with that she kissed me and left me.


    I fought off the urge to masturbate all night long and now, today, I'm waiting for her to get home so I can fuck the heck out of her! She knew it would make me even hornier and she kept her panties on going to bed and kept up the teasing this morning.


    In some of the times we've talked, we both seem to feel that we want to see how this goes with Ray and it being more out in the open. She's admitted that she wishes she'd let him know the truth earlier and that I knew what was going on as she's not all that comfortable with this whole thing. At the same time, she readily admits that Ray seems almost blinded by wanting to not have to feel like he's sneaking around.


    I had some thoughts of how it was spending time with Ray and all. I think that once you get used to your wife fucking another guy a lot of the discomfort and awkwardness seems to ease up. It actually makes me remember a lot of how I felt when we'd first started dating and I used to work and hang out with guys that I knew had fucked her. It's a tremendous rush to know these guys (and now Peter and Dan and Ray) have all known and had all of her.

    I did want at times to spill the beans and somehow talk about it or share the excitement with Ray but for as awkward as it was for me, I can only imagine how he must have felt.

    I loved the way he looked at her pictures.


    I asked her if she thought it'd be easier for her to have sex with another guy now than it was that first time in Boston. She answered that she didn't think she'd become ‘easy’ or anything like that. She said very seriously that she didn't just sleep around with just anyone although she admitted she had been pretty promiscuous when I met her! I liked her answer and was already onto the next thought when she added, "But if I did, I would surely enjoy it a lot more!"

    I smiled at her and told her how I loved hearing her say that. It was a nice moment between us.


    Friday night was interesting. Our daughter was picked up about 7:30pm to go to a play at the school and then off out afterwards. As soon as she left, we moved to the bedroom where she began straightaway to tease me, somewhat mercilessly at times. She told me about how horny I must be as she walked around in just panties. She told me how Ray had taken them off her the night before and she asked me if I liked knowing that. I eagerly told her yes.

    She sat next to me at one point and showed me where Ray had gotten away while he was sucking at her breasts and left a small mark (a mini hickey) under the left one. While I stared at it and ran my finger over it she told me he'd done it while she was up on top of him. She giggled as she stroked my cock as she said that to me.

    She lay back on the bed and I took my opportunity to pull her panties off. I love that moment of seeing all of her and knowing Ray has shared it many times too is a huge turn-on. Watching her pull her knees up and seeing her pussy lips spread apart, thinking about his cum in her, I swear my cock grew even more as I knelt there. I so wanted to plunge into her but I also knew that she wasn't ready just yet and as she pulled her knees back, I knew what she wanted and I didn’t disappoint her as I lowered my head. Even though she'd showered and everything, I swear she still tasted of Ray and the thought that his cum was still in her turned me on incredibly.

    I was in heaven as I lapped but then I felt her hands on the back of my head encouraging me to move on and to move up. If that wasn't enough, as I positioned my rigid cock over the cunt now made even wetter by my saliva, she also handed me the lubricant and asked me to use some as she was ‘a little tender’.

    She squealed loudly as I pushed into her slippery pussy and as I bottomed out she shook under me and then as I pulled out and started to fuck her she thrashed back and forth. She said later that feeling me just push into her, "just did something" to her.

    She lay back and with the lubricant, and at a certain angle her pussy feels like heaven. It's like it gets a little tighter but there's almost no resistance pushing all the way in. Then, pulling back, it feels a little tighter sending this chill up your spine only to be surpassed by pushing back into her. Feeling how open she is and how she pushes up at me as I plunge into her, well, that's just all I can take and cum I did.

    Between the lube, her juices and mine, there was a huge wet-spot under her! Damn, it'd been a while since I'd cum like that. She said she hadn't cum that intensely in a while and as she saw me looking quizzically at her she smiled, giggled a bit and said, "no, not with Ray, not like that".


    About Ray before I turn in. She told him that I'd come out and asked her, "what about Ray?” She said she teased him that his wish about the Penthouse Stories might come true and she asked him how he's going to be if I want to be there. Apparently he's shows less bravado around her on this than he when he was with me. He didn’t say much other than he ‘hoped’ he'd be okay.


    It all seemed to fall into place. Again, Ray is seeming to be the one guiding things. He asked Suzanna to suggest to me that maybe I shouldn't be with them the first time or to suggest to me that maybe not in the room with them the first time. I had to laugh; he is making it so easy.

    I knew he wasn't around this weekend so I sent him an Email on Saturday and in it I told him that I'd made the suggestion to Suzanna and she seemed receptive to it. I added that she also thought that maybe the first time I shouldn't be there as she might feel awkward.

    His reply to me and the text message he sent to Sue's phone left no doubt that he thinks he's orchestrating things. He sent back to me how, "that's a good thought on her part, after all....." and he proceeded to give me a whole song and dance about how considerate that would be for her. At the same time he texted Suzanna that, "he went for it".

    Quite funny. I looked at Suzanna and just said, "Blinded by sex" and she giggled.


    When things do finally happen, that it'll most likely be at Ray’s place given our son now being home and our daughter off from school for the winter-break. We haven't quite figured out how this part will work out just yet.


    We have now started talking about just how the three of us will get together to discuss this out in the open. After all of this build-up, she tells me she's nervous about it. I had to laugh and reminded her that Ray seems so focused on it that he's almost oblivious to everything else.

    After sex last night she told me that she thinks I should suggest to Ray that we go over his place, maybe Friday night, to 'swap presents'. While we were shopping over the weekend we saw this tool-organizer thing at Home Depot that we both thought would be nice for Ray.

    Today I'm sending him an Email with that idea and now it's my turn to be nervous about just what to say in my email. This is a first for me, to be playing this ‘matchmaker’ role even though it's all for show.


    Suzanna teased me last night before sex saying, "Last time for you till we talk to Ray about it" which made me realize I'm again going to be waiting until Friday for sex again with her.

    She joked with me that Thursday when she's there she'll have to be sure that there's nothing left behind that might be hers that I might see on Friday. I asked her if she thought it would happen on Friday and she said, "No silly, I need to play a little hard to get!" so at least that's not upon me just yet.


    For as much as she's fucked around over the past few years now and despite all the stuff we've done and I've experienced, this is something different. We've never had swinger-friends or anything like that but I've been in position to ‘hear’ but not really see her albeit in some ways both with Peter and Dan that did happened. Whether I could take it and walk out of the room or whether I was asked to wait.

    That's not the part that I'm anxious about. This is something far different; it is more the openness that we are contemplating here.

    In passing Sue's described wanting Ray as more of a friend-with-benefits and has said she hopes I will be okay with that openness and freedom with him. In my heart I do want to try it out but in my head I envisage all sorts of possibilities and the butterflies in my stomach also tell the truth of my anxieties about it all.

    Suffice to say, despite all that's gone on, I am still a bit on edge.


    Last night, she said she'd ‘rather not’ and gave me a playful squeeze and told me to wait. I am desperately waiting until later tonight.


    I'd sent Ray an Email on Wednesday re-confirming tonight and I let him know that I hoped to have the circumstances feel right to get to open up the subject of sex with Sue. When she came home last night she told me that he's quite nervous and anxious. She giggled at how he coached her on how to act and what to say and she told him that she would try.

    He wrote me back that he hoped it would all work out and was looking forward to it.

    We're taking a housewarming gift of sorts to him, a nice house-plant (he commented on some of ours and Suzanna remembered that) and a bottle of wine. We're going over after dinner for dessert and coffee that he is going to provide.

    I'm nervous about how to open up ‘the subject’ and still make it sound truthful but Suzanna keeps saying that he's seem oblivious to anything other than having this all work out.


    We’ve talked a lot in the past week or so about their whole relationship. She said he's truly just a friend and that she doesn't want anything more with him. She says he's expressed the same things, that he doesn't want a relationship with anyone including her. I asked if it was the whole boyfriend thing like she had with Dan and she corrected me that it was Dan who treated her like a girlfriend and, in reality, she never considered him a boyfriend.

    What she wants is this idyllic friends-with-benefits relationship with Ray and she hopes, if I'm okay with it, that it can be spontaneous and unplanned; she also hopes it’s something that she doesn't have to check in with me ahead of time about.

    She says she understands why I enjoy hanging out with him as I do, that he's just a nice guy (who she happens to have sex with...). I gave her a conditional okay and we agreed that we'd be honest with each other if it wasn't feeling right.

    I will also share a part of our conversation that got me very horny. When she said she'd like to be able to be spontaneous, a little bit later, I asked her whether that went for Ray too. She was confused until I said, "what if it's Ray who wants it?”

    Hearing her say, "It’d probably be okay" and then immediately adding, "If it's okay with you, that is" was a wicked turn-on. She smiled when I said the same answer, that we can try it. I think she understands that I do want to see her sexual desires come out. She seemed so calm and nonchalant about how she answered that.


    How do you ask another guy to have sex with your wife? The answer is ;very awkwardly;. I will say it's definitely a first in my book.

    Between my/our anxiety over it all and her seeing him on Thursday and then her asking me to wait till Friday - AFTER our get together with Ray - I was all over the place . I would even say that the anxiety I felt about Friday kind of overshadowed my horniness in a way.

    Anyway, a week later, let me recap what happened and where we are.

    It was, as I suspected it would be, awkward. I was definitely horny and it wasn’t helped by her teasing me before we went over. In contrast we were actually quiet on the way over his place. We brought him the tool organizer, a bottle of champagne and Suzanna had picked up this really neat house-plant so, bearing gifts, I knew that would ease us into conversation.

    We got there about 8:30pm and every time I looked around I got horny thinking about whether they've fucked in this chair or on that couch. Suzanna whispered to me that he'd cleaned up a bit as the night before, there was all sorts of ‘guy-stuff’ all over (she's joked with me that we're much alike in that way).

    Ray had laid on some wine (I didn't ask how he knew what kind Suzanna liked; didn't want to do anything to derail the train) and beer as well as some appetizer kinds of snacks. There was a little tension in the air and at one point when Suzanna went to use the bathroom Ray asked me what was going to happen. I told him that I would bring ‘it’ up when I thought the time was right. He assured me he'd play right along with whatever happened.. At another point when I was out of the room I snuck back and peeked in and saw the two of them talking together so I suspected they were doing the same as he and I had done; preparing themselves.

    It soon became very easy with the 3 of us together and the conversations and the alcohol flowed effortlessly. At one point Ray asked us if we wanted to smoke some pot which, naturally, led to a discussion of where he'd gotten it (one of his clients had offered it to him) and the whole thing about whether it should be legal for adults or not. It was a good conversation as it let us open up a bit about something unconventional. We went out on his deck where we smoked some of it. Turned out it was pretty good and it definitely relaxed our conversation afterwards.

    We bantered about all sorts of things including me joking with Ray about seeing a Penthouse magazine in the magazine rack which left us all laughing when he said he ‘liked the articles’ in it. It was a great conversation starter and after we all got another round of drinks I found the courage to open up the real subject/reason for our getting together. In our enlightened mood, the banter went to how much his right hand enjoyed the magazine.

    Suzanna didn't understand the reference right away but soon got it and turned red and giggled which made us all laugh out loud. The talk went to how Ray was doing dating-wise and when he said he was in a slump, and although it sounded crazy I just came out and said that, "maybe Suzanna could help you out?”

    There was silence for a second and then I casually said to Suzanna that it was something we'd talked about. I looked at Ray, who was white-faced at what I'd just said, and I said something that I thought it would be exciting. I told him that we'd been talking about doing something like this ‘to spice things up’ and then I said, "Unless you're not interested, that is?" Then I looked at Suzanna and said something like, "I guess I should make sure you're okay?”

    She smiled and played the part up in saying that she wasn't totally sure but thought Ray was a nice guy and then played up a concern over making a fantasy become a reality.

    None of what happened was what any of us expected. Ray asked what the fantasy was about and Suzanna owned up to thinking about him when we'd had sex. She just made it up as we went along but I kept my eyes on Ray gauging his reaction. He was listening to everything she was saying but kept looking at me, I guess, as if to ask me if this is something I coached her into saying. He wa like a deer in the headlights, he seemed frozen listening to her. I don't think he knew what to say or how to answer until I said to him that I thought he was a great guy and I said that if I was going to have to pick a guy for her to have fun with, that I'd be comfortable with him.

    And that was it; it was out in the open. He asked how it would work and once he did so Suzanna and I felt we were all in sync, it seemed almost too easy to discuss. The conversations I'd had with Ray made it easier for me to feel comfortable talking to him and Suzanna played her part perfectly. The conversation just seemed to happen and it all seemed totally innocent and spontaneous, not what either of us had discussed with each other or with Ray.

    We'd been talking almost non-stop and by then, it was kind of late already in that it was almost 11pm. Over 2 hours had gone by effortlessly and now, we'd hit a high-point. Suzanna and I were sensitive to this from some of our earliest experiences, that it's better to end on a high-note than to push an evening further along.

    We told him that through other discussions we'd shared Suzanna had been very clear that she'd wanted to fulfil her fantasy before she got too old. My take was that I thought the idea of a hot-wife was arousing. We both shared with him some of the role-playing fun we'd had and how we wanted to go to the next step. I also shared that I thought I'd be okay with Suzanna playing without me but that I hoped that it could also be the 3 of us at times. I told Ray that was also one of Sue's long-time-fantasies, 2 guys at once.

    I know it sounds like we were all crazy or something for how open and easy the conversation flowed, but as I've said, he IS an easy guy to talk to; there’s, something about him that is just so disarming.

    I digress. At some point we all raised our glasses and made a toast to ‘fantasies’. As I said, Suzanna and I were keen to end the night on a good point and I made mention of the time and Suzanna, right on cue, said we should be going.

    This was the point where I made a careful decision. I stood up and shook Ray’s hand and said, “thanks, it’s been a fun evening.” As he and Suzanna both stood up I added that I hoped we'd be seeing each other again soon. Before Suzanna could say anything I said that I was going to go out and get the car started and warmed up and I said to the two of them, "you two can say goodbye and talk for a minute while the car warms up.”

    I felt like I was walking on Cloud 9 as I walked out and yelled back for Suzanna to get his phone numbers and Email addresses.

    Suzanna came out about 10 minutes later and kissed me and I could smell and taste a bit that she'd just given Ray a blow-job! She said he was elated and they agreed to now openly swap Emails with him to plan their/our next meeting.

    Needless to say, when we got home that night it was quite intense. Our daughter said something to Suzanna the next day about hearing ‘noises’ in the middle of the night.


    Sorry to burst any bubbles, they/we are not getting together until next week at the earliest. Turned out that after his last round of holiday depression, that he'd made plans to go to his brother's house for New Years.

    Suzanna turned down seeing him this past Thursday. We both had 1/2 days at work and with both kids at home she felt it wouldn't be right to not be here with all of us. Plus, as she shared with me, she wants to be horny for ME tonight.


    With us having the house to ourselves last night - lets just say that my nuts are totally drained today. I can't count the number of times I felt her pussy spasm in orgasm last night. I just know that I mustered up 3 times for myself (okay, granted, just a little dribble the last time) which even surprised Suzanna.

    She was quite the compliant wife last night including when she let me restrain her hands and arms above her and doing whatever I liked to the rest of her. She made a pretence of being reluctant to let me go down on her at first and she teased me that she'd been naughty. At another point, several different toys came out and Jim (her favourite silicone dildo) brought her to a rousing orgasm several times. By the time I mounted her for my first one her pussy felt well fucked and ready for my turn. With both of the kids out for the night she had no reason to hold back on her screams of pleasure. It is always a turn on to hear her throaty moan as I push into her. It is even more arousing to think that Ray also gets to experience her passion too.


    It took some control for Suzanna (and I) to leave after seeing Ray but I later found that they'd agreed to that and that Ray suggested it so I wouldn't get suspicious if they just jumped into bed. I had to laugh at how much thought had gone into it all on his part. With Christmas and Ray's plans for New Years, Suzanna said she felt it special that she just be with me and we deliberately abstained from sex for a few days so last night would be that much more explosive with me.


    We swapped email with Ray last week and we've all agreed that we'll go over his place this Thursday (how coincidental!) and ‘see what happens’. It was my suggestion (from Ray by way of Suzanna) that if things looked like they were going to get started, that I would run to the store or find some other reason to give them some time alone. We agreed that we'd maybe talk on the phone (if the kids aren't around) or that we'd swap Email this week to discuss more.

    Suzanna is seemingly on fire about all of this. She says that she hasn't felt this excited and sexually aroused since back when she was first getting comfortable with Peter, when SHE wanted to finally let herself go and felt the desires. It is so intense seeing her like this. I can walk up to her in the kitchen, pull her hair aside and nibble on her neck and she tells me she is instantly horny and has had me feel how wet her pussy is.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday to go okay. This is a first for us, to have it happen like this (or seem to at least).


    Suzanna is still ‘on the boil’ sexually. She's holding nothing back and with our son still away and our daughter out for a while today we fucked up a storm this morning including her teasing me at how much sex we've had in the past few days and how I'd better enjoy today as I'll be waiting again.

    We both swapped Email with Ray (both of us making him think we don't know what the other is doing for a few of them). I told him that I thought it might work out if we both go over his place Thursday night after dinner and I echoed what I knew Suzanna was also suggesting, that if things felt right that I'd make myself scarce.

    She let me know that Ray is worried that I'll somehow know it's not their first time and she tried to calm him down a bit by telling him of what I am supposed to be talking her into and convincing her to reinforce that I want this to happen.

    I would love to leave them alone on Thursday and then come back maybe a little early. After all this time, I'd like to secretly see how passionate they are together when they think I'm not there. However, I am a bit anxious about just how Ray and I are going to be. He's asked several times if I'm really sure about this and I replied to him with all sorts of degrees of explicitness from ‘I want you to make her feel good’ to at other times telling him he should ‘fuck the crap out of her’ and at other times ‘to leave her full and wet for me’. He should have no misconception that I really do want it to happen.

    After Suzanna coaxing a second load out of me this morning (well actually it wasn't so much coaxing, more of her just lying there and telling me to ‘enjoy myself’ as she'd already cum more than enough times) she teased me that, "this is how I'm going to feel on Thursday" as I pushed my cock into her wet and now, well-used pussy. She'd had her toys out and had cum earlier with Jim in her and now wanted me for ‘seconds’.

    I do love how she feels after she's cum with a cock buried in her. There's this deep openness that is just so intense. After our New Years Eve and our earlier fuck this morning, this second time took a while for me and when it came, damn, it was intense. It felt like an explosion from deep inside and it felt scalding hot, hot enough that even Suzanna opened her eyes wide as I spurted in her. I knew it was the last of my juices I'd have for another day or so now and it was intense dumping it in her waiting pussy like that.


    We’ve talked about maybe taking two cars there allowing me to leave and not come back. She’s just ran out to pick up our daughter so we're still thinking about this but will, probably, leave it up to whatever feels right tomorrow.

    Part of the reason is also, and we've agreed on this, that we do need to keep the rouse going a bit longer. If this is truly the ‘first time’ for me/her/us, would I really stay there with her or would it seem more appropriate for me to leave? Seeing as we want it to feel okay for Ray in terms of going from clandestine to out in the open, we're thinking still better for me to give them some time alone.

    However, I will admit that I do have butterflies in my stomach thinking about watching them together. I think knowing the intimacy they've shared already, that I'd like it to feel more natural for me to stay which, in my mind, is when Ray is more comfortable with my knowing about it.

    At the moment I’m thinking that we’ll both go over there tomorrow after dinner. We’ve told the kids that Ray's a contractor and as we're looking at expanding our den (which is true) we're using the excuse that Ray is working on plans and such with us.

    My actual plan thus far is that we go there, have a bit to drink and hopefully he still has some stuff left to smoke. In emails we've swapped where we've kept the rouse up the idea is that I'll stay but once they are ‘comfortable’ that I'd leave and wait for a text message or phone call to come back.

    Ray seemed comfortable with this as a general plan both in the private notes we've swapped as well as the ones the three of us have forwarded/replied to each other on (I know this sounds crazy but it's let each of us take a little time to think about our responses).

    Suzanna's all excited about it, that's for sure. In the meanwhile, she's shared with me some of her thoughts on things SHE would like to try if this becomes more comfortable and open with Ray. I'll share them when I have more time to write.


    Suzanna often teases me when we are having sex; it is a real turn on for me. What she teases me about during sex (kind of obvious when she repeats things several times over several different days). I suppose most of her teasing stems from her seeming acceptance that it's her that wants this and not just (or mainly) Ray.

    One thing she told me is that she wants to see him before work one day for a ‘quickie’ and then go to work afterwards.

    I asked her how that's different than when she used to do it at lunchtime and then go back to work. That's when she said, in so many words, that it was her that wanted it this time.

    I do remember, when we were first dating and even when we were first married, that she would occasionally go off to work filled with my cum and that it turned her on. I think it's hot that she wants to feel that with Ray.

    I'm sure if I said I wanted to, that she'd still do it with me. It's hearing and knowing she wants to do it with Ray that turns me on.

    She's also shared that she hopes that if we can all be truly comfortable with each other, that she can sneak off with him sometimes when we're all together and have a quickie and then come back. The one scene she says she's fantasized about is the two of them slipping off and then both coming back out to join me lying out by the pool. She says it turns her on to think about lying like that afterwards.

    I was going to ask what was different about that than when we've done it but then I thought about my question and realized the obvious answer, it turns her on that she's been with him.

    There's been no mistaking my positive response to some of this stuff but not everything has been okay with me. For example, she said at one point that she could see herself going away with Ray, as in a weekend or vacation. It wasn't that explicit or clear but the implication was clear. I told her that I wasn't sure I was ready for that. It wasn't a big deal, like I said, some of this was just kind of daydreaming out loud or similar and she was cool with my response and the conversation just moved on (but I won’t forget, that’s for sure!).

    About the only thing that she's been very clear about is that she would like them to be able to somehow be at our house. Lots of reasons, her not always having to leave is one and she also said that it'd be better for her and me.

    I reminded her that I still wasn't thrilled with the whole idea of our bedroom and she was cool with that and giggled that our office room is what she'd had in mind anyway. However, the point I think was that she wants me to be okay with her and Ray being more out in the open.


    I'll give you an example of the last thing, about freedom in our house. She's teased several times (several as in multiple times in terms of during sex AND different days) about ‘how would you like Ray to come out to you and tell you it's your turn with me’ and how she would be waiting for me in the office or in the den or out on the deck; I think that explains it. She's felt the answer to this question by the throbbing of my cock she can feel when she's teased me with it during sex.


    Well, it went as well as I suppose it could have.

    We went over there about 8pm and the three of us were all feeling awkward and, believe it or not, a bit nervous albeit I suspect different reasons for each of us. We had some wine which took the edge off and I think we were all looking for how to get the evening started. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Ray offered up the last of the stuff he had to smoke.

    It was again one of those moments where I made a decision on the fly. As we got motivated to go out on his deck to smoke a little, my decision was to tell them both that I was going to run over to Home Depot before they closed and then run some other errands. I told Ray, "it's cool, have some fun, seriously, I'm good with it" but, like I said, awkward.

    He was kind of speechless that I'd taken the leap at that moment but Suzanna was all smiles. (As she later told me, very thankful that she didn't have to be the one to get things started). I hugged her and said loudly, "show him a good time and tell me about it later" and I kissed her pretty face passionately.

    She looked at me with this look of contentment on her face and smiled. As I let go of her I said, "text me when you want me to come back" and then I play-punched Ray in the shoulder and told him, "enjoy; seriously" and then I left.

    I had done it; steeled up my courage and desires and come out and said it.

    I closed the door behind and got in my car. As I let it warm up I glanced back and could see a wisp of smoke over the corner of his building so I knew they were still out there as I pulled away. I really felt good about it, I didn't feel the anxiety that I thought I would as I had with Dan and Peter. I can say that I genuinely wanted him to fuck her.

    I killed time almost up until Home Depot closed at 10pm and left to find a gas station to fill the car. I then took a ride up to a local overlook spot and took in the night time view and was about to head by the 24-hour grocery store when I got the text message from her.

    It was 11:09pm which meant I'd left almost 2 hours earlier. Earlier we'd agreed that she could text me to just pick her up if it wasn't a good scene but I could tell from her text that she/they wanted me to come in.

    However, as I was driving there I got a call from her and she said she had to tell Ray that she'd been with another guy before and that I had been okay with it. She said he wouldn't stop talking/asking how I could just leave her there like that and how he felt differently with me knowing about it now. That made me a bit more anxious than I'd anticipated until I thought about it and thought that if it worked, that it was her turn to have made an awesome decision; that if he was okay, it would make my return there all that much easier, so I knocked not knowing what to expect.

    Suzanna answered the door and kissed me and then walked back into the living room with me. Ray was standing nervously looking at me as I came into the room. She said to him, "See, he's fine with it ...” and turning to me, “... aren't you sweetie?”

    At that moment it felt totally natural to say to him as I shook his hand, "did you enjoy?" and then we all sat down; her and me on the couch and him on the chair. He seemed REALLY uncomfortable so instead I asked Suzanna openly, "so, how does he rate?”

    She giggled and said that he ‘rated a 10 given how uncomfortable he seemed’. (Later she told me that once he got past his initial apprehension that he showed no concern at all about me. She said she was even surprised by how unconcerned he seemed to be). After we got comfortable on the sofa she turned to me gave me a kiss then got up saying she wanted to use the bathroom and give, "you guys time to talk".

    Ray actually started the conversation; he came out and said, "you're cool with this?” I nodded and he said, "She said this happened before and you were okay but I didn't believe her".

    Over the next 5 minutes or so I was able to get him to be a bit more relaxed about it. I had to say to him at one point, "look, I know you guys fucked while I was gone; its okay".

    He slowly shook his head but he did finally seem to get his head around and sort of accept what I was saying. At first he was all concerned about breaking up our marriage if this went on (I had to laugh inside at his sudden concern for what he's been enjoying for a while now without me knowing it!) saying he'd never forgive himself, etc.

    After a bit more his agonising he did come out and ask me to confirm that I was okay if he/she/they wanted to do it again.

    In one of the truest cuck moments for me, I told him that for now, they were free to do as they wanted. I think I said something like, "you guys can do whatever works for you, it's okay with me ..." and then I added, "... I'll let you know if it's not".

    I don't think he knew how to respond. I'm sure Suzanna having returned from the bathroom may have tongue-tied him. He started with thanking me and then Suzanna and I had to tell him that it's okay if he kissed her. They kissed briefly and hugged and then he looked at me again and said that I was crazy to do this but then looked at Suzanna and said, "... but, if you insist" and he

    broke out a smile. Suzanna giggled at his reply.

    I started to get up to leave with Suzanna as it was now pushing 11:30 but Ray said to wait. With that he poured wine in each of our glasses, picked his up and raised it to toast us saying, "to friendship". Suzanna giggled and added, "... with benefits". I closed with "here here" as we clinked glasses.

    I figured they might want a moment so I said that I was going to go get the car started and that Suzanna should come out when she was ready. I shook Ray’s hand and, like I said, he seemed more relaxed but still a bit awkward when talking directly or only to me. I told him that I'd meant what I'd said.

    Suzanna came out a few minutes later. It was my turn to laugh at her and joked, "What, no blowjob?"

    She giggled back, "He’s too worn out...." and we both laughed at that.


    There's more to tell but that will have to wait, probably till Sunday night or Monday as we are leaving after work today to go up to New York State skiing for the weekend.

    So, that's it; it's out in the open and it feels good. Suzanna and I talked a lot (after other activities!) and she said that she's very comfortable with all of this for now and that she's told Ray she wants to ‘start slowly’ to ease me into it which is what made our ski-trip seem to fit so well.


    Also it’s a good time to start a new book.

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