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. Journal of a Journey - Book Twenty Three

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 23

    It was good timing for us to get away for a few days; to have some ‘us’ time before jumping more fully into this thing with Ray. It obviously forced us to take the time to really talk things through and it gave me some new insight into what's going on in Suzanna's mind.

    We discussed in more detail what had happened after I'd left Thursday evening. Apparently Ray was so nervous when I left and he started by saying, “I can't do this". She tried to calm him down and it took her getting undressed to get him to finally relax. She said the sex was ‘just okay’ as all he was thinking about was how it was going to be when I came back. It was Suzanna who wanted me to come back inside when she called me as she felt it was important for me to personally tell Ray it was okay. She said she got a ‘private’ email from him later where he said he was still unsure about things but that my reaction on return from my ‘shopping trip’ definitely had made him feel more relaxed.

    She went on to say that she views him as a true friend and not a competitor to me; how she doesn't feel the romantic love for him that she thinks would be threatening to us. They are not the proverbial smitten lovers. She's actually said that she likes kissing him and such, but that she doesn't feel the need for that level of emotion with him; that they are much more physical together than emotional.

    She said she was worried that I might get upset to see them cuddling and embracing as they do now when they're alone and that I would be okay with them in their ‘post-coital’ time of being that close. I reminded her that I've seen her in those moments already many times as she'd never held back with Dan or Peter. She giggled and said she wanted to make sure of it as that's the moments when she wants and needs that type of closeness. She joked that they'd probably be under the blankets anyway.

    I think the most amazing part in all this is how easily and open Suzanna is in explaining to me how she feels now about the new relationship with Ray and me. It took her a little while to make me okay with it all but the gist of it is that she looks back with a lot of fondness over what she's done and experienced with Peter and Don. Seeing the glow on her face as she now looks back at who she was just a few years ago and who she is now is something that is just so satisfying. I think it's wonderful to see your wife and partner grow over time like this at a point when so many others seem to wither with age.

    She openly admits she put herself in a risky place in both of those relationships. From thanking me for letting her do what she did with Peter; the risks and the level of emotions she felt; to her disbelief over what I tolerated or even encouraged in a way with Dan (by not really ever saying no) she says she now realizes a lot about herself.

    She surprised me when she came out and said clearly that she looks back on her past and that she felt it was the guys that had to lead her or, in Dan's case, tell her they wanted from her. At the time she says she felt sort of powerless to say no.

    I told her that I thought she was enjoying it and she says that she was but, in a way, that she was getting her enjoyment from knowing they were enjoying it. I told her, "yeah, well you sure seemed to enjoy".

    She confused me when she said that it's one thing for a guy to make her cum but it's another thing for her to cum as part of sex. I didn't fully understand what she was saying so she went on to say that she looks back on all of what she'd done with Peter, then Dan and she explained it like this.

    With Peter, she says it was all so new that she really didn't know what she was feeling. She loved that she had so many ‘firsts’ with Peter but now wishes that she'd had the time/experience/maturity she now has to have more fully enjoyed it all. The newness of it all seems to have, as she put it, kept her preoccupied and her constant fear and worry about me at the time also served to keep her from fully enjoying it. I told her that I surely couldn't tell it at the time, that from what I remembered, she would definitely come home sexually satisfied. That's what led to that comment about her doing it more for them and feeling satisfied more for them.

    We talked about Dan too. She is still kind of scared at how she felt with him at times and how sexually possessed she remembers feeling with him. She genuinely says she couldn't say no to him for most things and she confessed that there was a point in time where she had considered giving herself to him exclusively and cutting me off because he'd asked for it.

    I told her that I probably wouldn't have accepted that and that was her turn to giggle at me and she said, "well, you did for a while every now and then". Maybe what I heard in her was remorse in a way as she said that despite what he'd done with and to her sexually, that she feels she did it all for him. It was, as she put it, wonderful at times but she also said that she knows he totally led her to what he'd wanted, not necessarily things that she'd wanted, or at least not at the time.


    All this talk was spread over 3 days and I have put into an order that seems to make more sense instead of how it really took place. That is a bit of chat before bed, another bit while we ate lunch, another while we took a ski-lift, etc.

    In the end, what I am just so totally thrilled to hear her saying is that she looks back on all the stuff she's done and basically saying that knowing what she enjoys is that she now feels that she wants to be the one who's pushing for and wanting this stuff.

    She convinced me of her desires when she gave me one example that made it clear to me. She asked me if I remembered the time with Dan (as if I could forget!) and the week of the ‘experiment’. Specifically she asked if I'd remembered during the week he found a way to be with her every day and sometimes more than once and how he wanted her to not have sex with me. I remembered it well and I told her so. She hesitated a bit before coming out and saying that she wanted to do that again, but this time, she wants it to be HER that is making the demands on her lover and she wants it to be her who decides if I have sex with her.

    It was a good thing we were in the hotel room when she said this as the hard-on that sprouted would have been wickedly uncomfortable in ski-gear! I cannot describe the thrill I had hearing her say that she wants to decide what she will do sexually. I was almost scared to ask her if she was thinking of reliving that experience again from her new perspective. She giggled and simply said, "Definitely ..." and then added, "... of course that is only if you are okay with it".

    I was going to tell her that she shouldn't be concerned but I don't know that she's there just yet and I honestly didn't want to scare her by saying I'm okay. Instead I just answered, "I'm sure I'll be fine".

    I know that she still wants and even needs my reassurances so that's cool but to hear her tell me (in not so many words) that SHE is the one who wants to fuck Ray like that was just such an incredible thing. She is becoming the sexual woman I have always dreamed of, self-confident, in control and finally, not scared to want her own experiences.


    As part of what she'd said about Dan, the whole thing about her denying me came up. She said that it didn't turn her on just to simply deny me sex with her but she admitted openly that if she's going to have sex with someone, or has already had it that it is much more of a turn-on to her. Simply saying ‘no’ isn't it what has become very arousing to her (and she now accepts and openly admits that saying ‘no’ to me either just before or just after she's been with Ray) is that she knows that it turns me on! She says that as long as she knows that it makes me horny at those times if she says no (obviously with me knowing why) that it is incredibly arousing to her.

    I told her it surely did and she giggled and asked me to tell her how it feels and basically to ask me almost what I wanted. It was a little awkward to say to her at first, I mean even though we talk openly about so much, it is still a little hard for me to tell my wife that I want her to deny me sex when she is with her lover but I did relax as she was truly all ears and totally non-judgemental.

    I told her that it turned me on to think of her being exclusively with Ray (or whoever else) sexually for a while. I told her that the feelings I have of knowing she's fucking him and not me, whether it's a day or a week, is just so intense that it makes me want her even more. I confessed openly that the idea of just his cum being in her pussy for so long just makes me want her even more and the thought of and then finally having her again makes it all worthwhile for me. I told her the orgasms I have when I do finally reclaim her afterwards are the most intense and that somehow knowing only ‘he’ has been in her for so long is almost perversely arousing to me.

    Clearly we talked about her spending more alone-time with Ray. The whole denial conversation led to it and it clearly would have come up anyway. I told her that an overnight every now and then would probably be okay as long as we can be sure the kids don't question things.

    That was actually the conversation that led to our discussing how she feels about her relationship with Ray. I asked her basically if she would be spending the whole time ‘making out’ with him. That's when she laughed and said that they don't do it that much, etc. but she openly said that she - yes SHE - wants to feel totally un-rushed when she's with him. I told her I knew that and she continued by saying how she would like to sleep and wake up with him. I asked how that was different than when she was with Peter and spent the night. She again came back by saying she was so new to it all that she now realizes she'd still been more focused on thinking of everyone else rather than herself.

    She asked me again if I would allow her to ever go away with Ray for more than an overnight, I think she knew that all of this talk had worn me down (or warmed me up!). She asked what I was worried about and reminded me that she'd been away that first time in Boston.

    I told her that was different, she was away legitimately on a business trip and that was a whole lot different to me than her simply planning on being away with her lover. She immediately asked, "why?” which stumped me for a moment.

    I told her, “It’s just not the same thing ....” which caused her to look at me with those ‘cow eyes’. That made me acquiesced a bit so I qualified by saying, “ ... at least at the moment I’m not up for that but maybe if things go okay then, maybe ...”


    Now this last conversation was yesterday and I think she'd gotten her confidence about it by then and she started to try to convince me into it. So I turned the tables on her and asked her what she was thinking and why?! She said that with how she feels about Ray, that she feels she would be able to handle and enjoy a very sexual weekend with him. She said she wasn't totally comfortable telling me that but it was the truth. She emphasized that she doesn't want to be ‘alone with her lover’, that it isn't the emotional side of things that she's feeling she wants but rather, as she put it, that SHE wants the sex part of it.

    I smiled when she said that and she said, "so you do understand" and all I could do was to nod my head.

    She says that she wants to re-live and re-experience much of what she did with Peter and Dan but this time that she wants to take the lead and with Ray she feels that she finally can.

    She was really wearing me down with all this talk and all I could say was that I would let her know when any of it is too much. Until then, I told her, she has my love and blessing to enjoy it all.


    Suzanna is sound asleep already after a very satisfying romp in bed with me. Strangely we are reversed about this at times, her falling asleep and me oddly awake.

    I lay and thought about how it is still difficult at times to watch Suzanna be seduced and to give herself to another man. I still get the queasies thinking about the first time being there with her and Peter and of the second time and being very conscious that I didn't want to react in an inappropriate way. My feeling from knowing Ray as I do is that he would have suspected something if I was all ‘Mr. Relaxed’ and ‘let’s do a 3-some’ on his supposed first time with her and my first time to be there.

    I think that I've acquiesced something here by giving them their ‘first time’ together alone, I guess we'll see what happens. The ‘plan’ that we have is that she is going to see him this Thursday evening again. Ray has more than once stated in his Email that I am welcome to stay. My honest reply that I copied Suzanna in on was that I want them to have this Thursday to give them time to get in sync with each other and that I would likely join them the next time. We've talked about possibly over the long holiday weekend, possibly Monday but Ray was unable to commit

    As far as me joining them, that too has been left to ‘whatever feels right’ at the time with all of us agreeing that this would be hard to script or plan out for a first-time.

    Whatever happens, I want this to be what Suzanna wants. There is a tangible change in how Suzanna and I seem to be with each other and I think it's more on her part that she's able to look at desires more objectively.

    Our kids including our son who's home from college (but virtually living at his girlfriend's until she goes back to her school next week) are spooked by how much we are in sync with each other at times. Suzanna and I will often finish each other’s sentences but the spooky part for our kids is that Suzanna and I will ask the exact same things and have the exact same conversations with them totally independent of each other. It feels almost magical at times to be able to be this open and close with another person.


    I will say that Ray is one of these guys you just feel at home with, someone you can be yourself with and have a great time. I can't explain it but it feels right that he should fuck her. Where I was sort of reluctant with Peter and disappointed with Dan, it just feels right that she and Ray should have sex together. Not sure how I can describe it other than just good friends.

    The thing that totally turns me on is that this is Sue's doing. The more I've thought about things, the more I realize that this is what it is. It is her acceptance and embracing of her rekindled sexual desires that is just so rewarding. How better to feel about your wife and partner than to be thrilled about her rediscovery of sexual desires and pleasures. Even better to be here to reap the benefits.

    While we may be unconventional at times, when it is our time to be together the sexual openness translates into intensely satisfying sex for both of us, without a doubt. Knowing that we will always be there together at the end there's probably little she could truly want that I would say no to in reality.

    That thought both excites me as well as scares me but with that thought in mind I'm going to bed to spoon up behind her.


    Ray and I swapping Emails where we confirmed that the three of us will ‘get together’ on Monday to enjoy the holiday.

    He's now said thank-you to me so many times that I have to tell him it's enough already and he also played his part by saying that he appreciated having one more time with Suzanna before we all get together. He must laugh with Suzanna at the appearance of my so-called apprehension and concern just as I laugh with Suzanna about the appearance he puts out to me. It will be nice when that part eases up.


    My desire for her to be with Ray is not for it to always be a 3-some for us. Of course I want that some of the time but I also want her to feel she has the freedom to do and pursue what she wants to experience and to then share that with me.

    This morning after getting up I was pleased AND aroused to see that she'd gone back to her pantie routine. She giggled at me as I stared at her with the towel around her waist and teased me by saying, "you'll just have to wait again!" but the smile on my face and the tent in the blanket said it all.

    Later as she finished dressing and I was getting out of the shower I walked by her naked with my cock semi-erect and said, "You know, he did say he liked it" and she knew I meant that Ray liked it when she wasn't quite so clean.

    She giggled again and said, "Maybe Monday".

    She's thinks I'm doing stuff for work and she just yelled for me to come up to bed, so......


    We, Suzanna and I (and Ray) are very aware of kids and their awareness of things going on. However, our daughter often seems to be in her own world glued to Facebook at times to the point that if we didn't pull her away, she'd probably miss meals and skip sleeping.

    Sexually, she's a throwback to when Suzanna and I were younger and quite innocent in that she is a very late-bloomer. Sue's had open conversations with her and it's our belief that she hasn't even French-kissed with a boy yet much less anything further so her ability to see her mom's sexuality is quite limited. Still, caution is the watchword for sure.


    Suzanna asked me this morning if I'd want to stop by Ray’s while she's there this afternoon. I told her that I didn't want to intrude or to give Ray any cause for concern by surprising him/them but I did remind her to be sure to set the stage for Monday and to get Ray ready for it to be the 3 of us and for me to at least be there to 'watch' if not actually participate.

    That said, it's now almost 3pm and I am quite sure that if she's not there already that she'll arrive at his place shortly. She said that she still enjoys being naked when she's there but that they've talked (privately obviously) and agreed that on Monday she’ll hold back and gradually work into it and for her possibly remain naked after we have had our fun. Just talking to her and now repeating it here has me hard again.

    Our daughter is staying late at school to help out with some sort of school presentation and our son is off with his girlfriend for the evening so we are sure to be able to have time together when Suzanna gets home and not have to wait until after dinner!


    The kids were out doing their own thing while Suzanna was over at Ray’s. She called me about 6pm knowing I was home alone and asked if I wanted to come over to Ray’s so the 3 of us could have dinner. I was a little hesitant but soon said okay. I asked her if Ray was okay with it all and she said, "He will be".

    I dropped everything and drove over and she greeted me at his door wearing just one of his button-up dress-shirts and nothing else. Talk about making me horny! Ray was very uneasy about her being so casual but Suzanna said she had no intention of getting dressed and that, "we all need to get used to it".

    It was definitely a flashback to the times when she was with Dan to see her cavorting around Ray like that. Ray had thrown on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt whilst she just sat next to him on the couch with the shirt having risen up showing almost everything!


    It was a bit weird at first being with the two of them who obviously had only recently had sex together. Ray was initially just as uncomfortable as he'd been the last time we had been together but as he saw my calm reaction to Suzanna's dress (or lack of) and her calmness, he seemed to calm himself a little bit.

    He offered me a drink and I chose to share some of the wine that Suzanna had been enjoying. I followed him into the kitchen and uneasy is the only word to describe how he was acting. He fumbled with the wine bottle and as he had his back to me, I calmly said something like ,"so, how was she? She seems quite content!”

    He stood up and turned around and it took him a moment to say, "ahhh, she was good ..." and I guess as he saw that I had no obvious reaction he continued and said "... really good....". A second later he said, "Man, this is so weird that you're okay with it".

    I just looked at him and said again that it doesn't bother me and that as long as he was making Suzanna happy, that I was okay. He still seemed to be kind of speechless so I just said, "Look, I'm cool that you're fucking her; I honestly don't mind it as long as it's just that". I told him that we're all adults and that Suzanna and I have been talking about this for a long time and that so far, it's been a lot of fun for us.

    At that point Suzanna came into the kitchen and said, "are you guys talking about me?" that seemed to break the ice and her remark made us both laugh. We didn't talk about sex just then but we did talk about other stuff and after a few more minutes as we went back out to the living room. Other than Suzanna's attire and the knowledge that we all had of what had gone on, things seemed just about normal.

    I was horny as hell but I was concentrating on making sure this went smoothly. Still, seeing Suzanna sitting, now on the chair with her legs tucked under her, it made me even hornier as I could see just the top of her pussy peeking out and when she leaned over, her breasts were totally visible under his shirt. We talked about a bunch of stuff for a bit until we got to thinking about dinner and we agreed to have a pizza and antipasto delivered.

    Once that was done, and after another round of drinks it was Suzanna who opened up the discussion to sex. I can't remember exactly what she'd said but it was something, "I'm getting a nice buzz" and then she looked at both of us and said, “I hope we can have some more fun after dinner".

    I joked with Ray and said, "Are you up for another round 'old man'?"

    He boasted, "Who are you calling old?" which brought a round of laughter from us.

    Suzanna later shared with me that she sensed that she was going to have to lead the conversation if we were going to get past the awkwardness so she chimed in that Ray had been wonderful and that they'd made quite a mess of his bed. I hadn't noticed but at some point she'd shifted her position and now her pussy was very clearly visible. I smiled when I saw it and knew at that moment that before we left, that the 3 of us were going to have our first time together.

    Her pussy lips looked swollen and a darkened pink colour to them and, no doubt, there was a bit of ‘moisture’ between. (She told me later that she'd cleaned up as much as she could but that Ray had cum a lot in her and, anyway, she knew what she was doing as she sat there). I caught Ray looking over at her and then he looked back at me and I just said, "She’s sexy isn't she?"

    He smiled and said "definitely!”

    I think we probably would have gone for it right then and there had we not heard the doorbell announce the arrival of the food. At first I thought Suzanna was going to prance out there almost naked with Ray but instead she held back while he went to the door. As he left the room she came up to me and hugged and kissed me again and as we heard Ray settling up with the delivery guy Suzanna took my hand and placed it between her legs. Her pussy was so hot and as I slipped my middle finger between her lips I could feel Ray’s cum still in her. She giggled and said, "thank you for everything" and hugged and kissed me again.

    Ray walked back in on our embrace and he saw my fingers in her pussy. As we pulled apart I said to him, "feels like you enjoyed yourself dude ..." and then I added, "... hope I get my turn after dinner!”

    Suzanna giggled and said, "Hey, I get a say in that!" and she laughed as she pulled herself away from me and we moved to the kitchen table to eat.

    I wondered if she'd do anything erotic like sitting with or on Ray as she'd done in the past but I then realized she didn't want to do anything that might spook Ray and so the 3 of us sat and focussed on pizza and salad. Not sure why but we all ate a bit faster than normal!

    We made idle talk including my commenting on it being good that Ray kept his place warm given Sue's attire! He laughed and said that he'd told her to get dressed but that she'd insisted that she was more comfortable that way. (I didn’t mention I knew that already). Our conversation was all kept above-board and clean; we all alluded to the obvious fact that they'd fucked but never came out and said it openly. He commented that she'd, "worn him out" earlier and I joked that, "when she wants it, she wants it" which made us all laugh. That’s when she said in a sexy voice that she, "wanted it again too!”

    We didn't eat everything and it seemed that the conversation had returned back to horniness and that only added to mine. As we backed away from the table it was Suzanna who suggested to Ray that if he and I were okay with it that they would go into the bedroom and ‘get started’ and then I should come in and join them in a few minutes. She added, "It’ll be easier on us all, I think". She told me later that she'd remembered how I'd been the first times I'd seen her with Peter or Dan and that she wanted to make that moment easier on me.

    Ray looked again like a deer in the headlights, I guess, not believing that this was actually going to happen or how he should act. I said, "That sounds good."

    She took his hand and said, "Come on".

    I waited 5 minutes or so, put some stuff away and got myself another beer and then I slowly walked down the hallway to his bedroom.

    Despite knowing what was happening and having seen it before it was still something that I had to steel my nerves up for. I came to the doorway and I could hear the soft moans and movements. I put my head around the corner and there they were, Suzanna lying naked on his bed on her back, him naked on his side next to her as they were kissing. I don't think they either saw or heard me at the doorway because neither looked up at me. As I stood and watched them kiss and as his hand went from her neck to her breasts I got that same ill feeling that I can so remember from the first times with Peter when I saw them.

    I took a deep but quiet breath and I forced myself to stand there and watch. I also was VERY aware that my cock was throbbing. Between being horny already from all that had gone on in the living room with Suzanna's pussy playing peek-a-boo and now this, damn, there was nothing that was going to drive me away no matter how nauseous I felt. Sure enough, as they kissed and his hand moved from her breasts down her stomach, I swear I felt my cock throb as she bent and raised her knees and spread her legs apart as his hand approached her pussy.

    I remembered how I felt that first time when I saw Peter put his fingers in her and I felt some of that same angst at that moment but hearing her moaning and purring made me feel better. He rubbed her pussy and clit like he was incredibly familiar with her and I admit that I eagerly watched from the doorway as he pushed one and then 2 fingers into her. It was so erotic seeing her bring her knees back and apart as he began to finger-fuck her; I loved seeing the passion overtake her. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts seemed to stand up firmly and proudly as she breathed deeply.

    I stood frozen, wanting to watch for as long as I could stand it. I saw her body respond to his penetration as she pushed her pussy upwards and it was truly another defining cuckold moment for me as I actually felt that I wanted to watch her cum under his attention. At that moment of seeing her pleasure was like the ultimate fulfilment for me.

    As I watched their passions rising my eyes went to his cock. It hadn't been visible to be before but now as he'd moved to pleasure her more, there it was. It was much as she'd said, not much if at all bigger than me, certainly not thicker than me but it turned me on incredibly to see him fully hard and erect as he went at her with his hands moving down her body, kissing her neck and then sucking at her breasts.

    I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience in a way with me quietly watching the two of them. I confess, it turned me on incredibly to see him hard and waiting for her. It wasn't so much his cock that turned me on but the knowledge that it has been in Suzanna so much and knowing that the swollen head on it had squirted so much cum inside her.

    In the past where I'd felt some maybe jealousy or envy or uncertainty with Peter or Dan I felt none of that with Ray. I can honestly say that at that moment, I WANTED him to fuck her, that I wanted to see her take his cock into her pussy. Perhaps, even more so, I did want to see her cum while he fucked her. I know that she'd been working on that with him, that they'd cum together at times, and now seeing them together I almost wanted to stay just where I was and watch them till they were done!

    I must have been daydreaming about all of that because it seemed that when I looked and regained my focus, that Ray had kissed his way down to her pussy and was now on his knees leaning down to go down on Suzanna. She had her hands pulling her knees back and apart and before his head was in the way, I could see her pussy gaping open in anticipation. Again, I thought just how beautiful they looked together. Ray’s cock was still hard pointing straight down and then going out of view as he plunged his tongue into her pussy.

    As I saw her put her hand on the back of his head and guide him all of the ill feelings, the queasy memories, all were instantly gone. He licked her and she moaned her head leaned back and turned towards me and that was when she saw me standing there. She later said that I had this huge smile on my face and an expression that made her feel totally relaxed and great that she knew I was okay with it. She smiled and turned her head back and closed her eyes and thrust her pussy up to his mouth. The idea that Ray was so intimately tasting and licking every nook and cranny of her pussy was incredibly arousing. I watched her begin to moan and squirm under his attention and I realized (and she later confirmed) that she wanted to cum and she wanted me to see her do so.

    The thought that Ray’s tongue was in her and was going to feel her pussy contract and that he was going to feel her orgasm so intimately did it for me. I quietly began to unbutton my shirt and undress but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I thought I was making so much noise but neither of them seemed to notice as her moans got louder and louder. Hearing her moaning and then, "oh yeah, oh yeah....". I could hear the wet sounds from between her legs but Ray’s head was blocking my view but that didn't matter. A moment later she let out a squeal and a loud "ooooh" that lasted for what seemed like minutes and I knew she'd cum under his oral assault.

    I stood there in just my boxers with my cock bulging out and wasn't sure what to do. As Suzanna calmed down a bit, it seemed so natural as I watched. Ray pulled his head away from her pussy and for the moment I could see that she was now totally open. It seemed just so natural that Ray licked his fingers and got them wet, reached down and slicked up the head of his cock. Again, he'd never looked up at me, but he just moved up the bed and as I watched from the doorway he effortlessly and so smoothly just guided his cock into her pussy! It was as he pushed into her that he looked up and saw me standing there.

    He froze for a moment and Suzanna reached behind him and gently pulled him into her. He was looking right at me as she did so and he stayed looking at me until he was fully in her. I don't know if he realized the look on my face was one of total horniness but he did a moment later when Suzanna reached her arm out towards me and motioned with her fingers for me to come closer. He was still motionless buried in her pussy but when she reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock through the fly and he saw just how hard and horny I was he began to fuck her.

    He went slowly at first as if he was still hesitant but when he pulled back and then pushed into her again and he saw the smile on my face and saw her jerking me off as he did so, he seemed to relax and just give into the moment. As he pulled out of her he pulled his body away from her and it was incredibly erotic to see his thick cock come out of her pussy slick with her juices.

    I walked up to the bed and Suzanna slid over towards me and began to suck me as she jerked me off. That seemed to break the ice and I started to moan as she really went at me. A part of me wanted to start saying things, maybe tell Ray to fuck her or whatever, but instead it seemed that silence was more of what felt right. I knelt with one knee on the bed as she positioned her head right at the edge of the bed so she could suck me deeper.

    What an incredible turn-on, I could feel her body move and my cock go deeper in her throat each time Ray would push into her. I was surprised that Suzanna could suck me so deeply.

    Ray seemed to be incredibly turned on as he saw me eagerly fucking Suzanna's mouth. Our moans of satisfaction must have finally registered with him because he seemed to become more forceful and more open with what he was doing with her. He put her knees around his arms and tipped her pelvis upwards. It was totally awesome to be less than 3 feet from him plunging into her. His cock seemed huge as he'd pull it out completely from her on some strokes and it was totally erotic to see her pussy gaping open waiting for him to fill her again.

    I finally started to say encouraging things to him and he started to really get into it. It was obvious from how he was going at her he was becoming very physical. I was a little surprised but remembered that Suzanna had said at times, especially for the 2nd time around, that’s how he was. I could hear him slamming into her and her responses only got louder and louder when she heard me encouraging him.

    I may have cringed at this at other times but not this time. I knew he was getting close; I could just tell as he was fucking her like I do. He'd push into her deep and stay there for a second or two and then there would be a bunch of rapid thrusts and then another deep one. I had almost forgotten about her holding my cock I was so focused on him in her.

    I said, "go for it ... " and then said, without thinking, "... fill her up - fuck her". I may have cringed at this in the past but this time I felt nothing but lust and arousal as he plunged into her one last time and let out a sound that I can only describe as a grunt. Her legs were spread as far as they could go as he pushed into her and held himself there with just his waist jerking just a little bit and I knew he was cumming in her for a second time. I knew each gentle push must have been a spurt of cum in her and all I can say is that I LOVED IT. Her hand grabbed and held my cock firmly as she let him fill her over and over. I don't know how I didn't cum at that moment but I didn't. He finally stopped moving but her body kept moving a bit and I knew that she was milking the last few drops out of him.

    He slouched down against her for a moment and then I guess he remembered I was there. He looked up at me and I managed to croak out, "my turn" and that was perhaps the most erotic moment of the night.

    He pushed himself back up and we all watched as he slid his cock back out of her! Just as I'd seen with Dan that time, it turned me on incredibly to see a thick drop of cum at the tip of his cock and knowing the rest was in her. He took a deep breath and then just , "wow" and he moved away from her.

    It was my turn and Suzanna never moved a bit, she lay there with her legs obscenely spread and her pussy open and waiting for me. I moved to where Peter had been and I could see the splatter of their juices on the sheets. Even more erotic, I could see a thick pool of his cum in her open pussy which as she took a deep breath almost overflowed but before it could I pushed my cock into her!

    Oh my god, an understatement to say it felt awesome!

    She hadn't stopped shaking from being fucked by Ray as I pushed effortlessly into her. He had moved up to her side and she sucked at his cock for a second until I bottomed out in her and then it seemed all her attention was back on me. She held Ray’s softening cock but her eyes were glued on her pussy where my cock was now pistoning in and out of her.

    I have always loved how she feels spread and stretched open and even though she hadn't cum while Ray fucked her she still felt incredible. It turned me on that Ray’s cum was all frothy and made her so slick and open inside.

    She looked up at me and the look in her eyes was total lust. I don't know how she did it but she put her arms around her legs in such a way that she opened up even more inside and when I felt that, wow, it was a moment that I don't think either of us will ever forget. I could feel she was on the verge of a huge orgasm and a moment later I saw her eyes roll back in her head and I could feel her pussy trembling along with her whole body. That was all I needed, I too started that same deep-thrusting followed by several short ones and each time her pussy seemed to open wider and deeper.

    A moment later as I plunged deep into her one last time, Wow, did I ever cum! I felt the first huge spurt seem to flood out of me and as I ground into her she squealed so loudly that I worried about the neighbours. Her pussy clutched at my cock as I continued to cum for what seemed like minutes. She thrashed back and forth and both of us totally forgot Ray was even there!

    A few moments later I collapsed against her. She let her knees down and hugged me deeply and whispered between catching her breath that she loved me so much.

    I knelt back on my knees and she just lay there lying between her 2 spent lovers and she looked just so confident and so incredibly sexy. I think I felt what she's been telling me about how she feels with Ray or whoever and I understood how she liked to be naked with him and now me too. Cum dribbled out of her pussy with each breath she took (I know Ray was watching too and she knew it) and all I could think was to back just a few years back when she would have run off to the bathroom much less have had the lights on the whole time.

    She pulled up onto her elbows but never pulled her legs together and seemed to, if anything, push her breasts out a little higher. She looked at us and giggled and said something to the effect of, "I think I’ve worn you out".

    All I could think at the time, and even now, was that she'd taken control of the night from the very start and it had turned out great. Looking back now I can see that neither of us, Ray nor I, had any thoughts otherwise.

    As Suzanna made her comment I looked up at Ray and caught a grin on his face as he looked at Suzanna. The grin said to me that he'd loved fucking her as he did. I leaned over and kind of pushed at his shoulder and just said, "See, I told you, I'm okay with it".

    He laughed and pushed me back a bit and joked, "so you are....".

    The three of us lay there for a few minutes. There wasn't any kissing or hugging, just us lying making idle talk. After a minute or two, Suzanna reached over and held my hand as we lay there and it felt just so relaxed and very natural. We talked about what had just happened and again, Suzanna seemed to guide the conversation a bit.

    I have to say to hear her talking so openly with us it was just, no other word, just beautiful. She said we'd really made her feel great and giggled about making a mess on Ray’s bed. He laughed said he'd manage to find a dry spot to sleep in. I joked that Suzanna usually sleeps more to my side as her side is where the action is. Ray laughed at my attempt of humor and as we laughed Suzanna joked and said that maybe he'll find out for himself one day.

    When I heard her say that I knew that I was going to have to say something, especially after Ray said he'd love to find out. I don't know if Suzanna planned this moment or not but there it was, without any warning I had to deal with my issue I have about them in our bed.

    You know how some moments seem to move in slow motion, this was one of them. I seemed to have a million thoughts in my head all at once. I looked up at Suzanna lying there, still dribbling cum on Ray’s bed with Ray lying next to her naked like I was and I thought that what had just happened was really nice and how cool it would be in our own bed.

    I liked the idea of seeing Ray there; liked knowing what he'd shared with her; liked how I felt too and so, in what really took like a second or two, I added, "yeah, that'd be hot ..." and then I without even thinking about it "... whenever you guys want." As I said it, I looked up at Ray and felt totally comfortable saying, "whatever she wants" and I kind of elbowed Sue.

    She giggled and said something like, "... this is going to be fun....".

    Ray got up and asked if we wanted a washcloth from the bathroom. As he walked it didn't surprise me at all when Suzanna jumped up after him and said, "I'll join you in there". I stayed on the bed and yelled for her to bring me back a towel. I heard them giggling in there and as I lay there, it turned me on that they were in there together and at just how comfortable and open Suzanna really was with him.

    Thing was, it felt great. I knew that they weren't in there kissing and hugging the whole time; it truly felt like they were just friends. She came bounding out of the bathroom with the look on her face like she'd won the lottery and as I lay there cleaning up with the washcloth she went around the room picking up her clothes from earlier in the day. Ray stood in the bathroom doorway still just like I was watching Suzanna step into her panties and pull them up. She turned to me and him and shook her breasts at each of us and then said, "Say goodbye boys" as she pulled her bra into place.

    That sort of broke the moment and I got off the bed as Ray found and pulled on his sweatpants. We were quiet but I think we all knew we were good with what had happened. They went back in his living room as I finished getting dressed and thinking that maybe Ray was now at ease, finally.

    They were sitting on the couch as I walked in and she was pushing at him and finally she said, "Then I'll ask for you". She looked up at me and said, "Tell Ray that you are okay if we get together".

    I laughed and said, "isn't it a little late to ask?”

    She caught my joke and said, "you know what I mean; that we can get together again ..." and she giggled and said "... and again and again; you know what I mean....”

    I did know what she meant and I smiled, looked at them and just said, "Have fun".

    Ray seemed calm when he said, "wow, you guys are great" and a second later he looked up at me and said, "This is crazy but as long as you're good with it, thanks." I was now standing next to the couch, he stood up and at first shook my hand but that turned into him pulling me into a hug and saying, "Thanks man, this is really cool".

    I was about to say we could have another drink but then saw it was now after 9pm so I said that I was going to get going but said that Suzanna could stay if she'd wanted. She stood up and she said that we really ought to both be going.

    Ray again shook my hand and I told him something like, "you're a good guy, it's good" and he turned to Suzanna and pulled her close into a hug and I said, "see you home" (she had her car there too) and I left.

    She hadn't come out when I pulled out but 5 minutes after I got home Suzanna came in and simply said that, "Ray is really looking forward to Monday".

    And so am I.


    Monday was a blast and it made me realize something that I have since shared with Suzanna. I may have said it in other ways in the past but it really hit me on Monday.

    I have always loved that Suzanna was having these tremendous sexual experiences but what I realized on Monday was that in almost all of the past experiences, I was really only enjoying that Suzanna was having the experience. After Monday's fun with Ray, I can honestly say that I had never enjoyed that it was Peter and Dan who were having sex with her.

    I don't know that I ever separated it all in my head before but now after experiencing the kind of dare I say, friendship and camaraderie with Ray, I can now look back and separate Suzanna from her partner and can say as I did above, that I have always loved Suzanna being on the receiving end. Now, I can clearly say that I did not share an enjoyment of it being Peter or Dan doing the fucking. Does that make any sense?

    There were points on Monday that I honestly WANTED to move out of the way and give Ray his time and turn with Suzanna; it was all so much easier and more natural. I did still wait in the other room while they got started and, for whatever reason, those first few moments of intimacy between them still gave me the queasies but then hearing their voices change to moans and such from the other room got me horny.

    Walking into his bedroom and seeing him eagerly going down on Suzanna was a beautiful sight. As I said, I really enjoyed seeing them together. From a sexual standpoint, for sure, but also because I wanted to be there as they enjoyed each other ... and I do mean each other. I could only feel great about seeing Ray’s hands pushing her thighs back and apart and hearing him licking away at her sweetness.

    Moments like that made me realize that in the past, it had always turned me on that Suzanna was feeling that but also made me realize that I'd never truly ‘wanted’ Peter or Dan to be the one doing it to her or certainly never felt a desire for their own passion and pleasure but not this time. I could actually totally get into Ray’s enjoyment.

    I’ve re-read some of what I'd written about the times I'd been with her in the past and, thinking about it, my arousal and responses were never from the pleasure that Dan was having but it was from what he was giving Sue. I thought to how I felt seeing him pull out of her after he'd cum in her and it seems so clear to me now that my arousal was totally from Suzanna's side. This time it has been quite the opposite for I found myself getting almost as excited from witnessing Ray's arousal and intensity as I did from seeing Suzanna's response.

    I'm not excited by guys but when Ray pulled himself away from her pussy and seeing him kneeling there between her spread legs and from how his cock looked, he was as turned on as me. I liked that he was horny and that he was going to enjoy himself as well as Suzanna and I think I was just as horny standing there watching them as if it were me kneeling there ready to fuck her!

    That was also the first he'd seen me standing there and I guess when he saw me smiling that was all he needed to be sure it was everything was okay. It wasn't like we needed to talk and I just reached out to caress Suzanna, her shoulder and hair. She looked up at me and smiled and then seemed to close her eyes and relax. Ray pushed her legs back and I helped by holding onto one of her ankles for a moment. It just happened, her foot came back towards me and I just reached out and held it. What a turn on to help hold her open for him!

    I think that was the moment when I felt it, the revelation I'd referred to. Watching Ray lean forward and rub his cock between her wet swollen pussy lips gave me such a thrill; for BOTH of them. A second later he positioned himself and then slowly slipped into her. It seems crazy to say it but it truly felt as good to me to watch them as if I was the one fucking her.

    The next few minutes seemed like a dream, an out of body-experience. The two of them looked beautiful together. Seeing her body respond to him as he leaned down over and onto her was incredible; words weren't necessary as her stiff nipples gave away her excitement. I was totally content to be a bystander. Seeing her pull her own knees back and welcome Ray’s cock was awesome and was only surpassed by seeing their bodies moving as one.

    Maybe it was the positive experience we'd already had or maybe it was us now relaxing about everything but they looked and moved like long-time lovers. From Ray pulling almost all the way out of her at times to him grinding himself against her; from Sue's head thrashing back and forth to her pushing her breasts up at him for him to suck at, it was obvious that they were lost in each other for the moment.

    I found myself again letting my brain run wild, daydreaming in a way, letting the sounds of them get to me. I don't even remember when I took off all of my clothes but as Ray went at her I realized I was standing there jerking off as if I was watching my own private porno movie! I could have climbed onto the bed and joined them and I have no doubt that Suzanna's hand and mouth would have eagerly sought out my cock if I'd presented it to her but, honestly, for the moment I just wanted to watch... and watch I did.

    They moved together like the long-time lovers they are and it seemed just totally natural. She had her legs wrapped around him and they seemed to just roll over so that a second later she was now on top of him. This was probably the other moment that led to my revelation. Watching her on top of him I was equally aroused by both her passion as well as knowing what Ray was feeling.

    They were lost in each other and all I could think of was that I didn't want to miss a thing! Suzanna looked at me and smiled as I moved behind them; she even leaned forward over Ray when she saw what I was doing. I felt that this was the first time that I was being truly welcomed to watch!

    It helped my emotions so much, my feeling that I wanted BOTH of them to enjoy each other and it was immediately obvious that they were! It wasn't the sight of Ray’s cock that turned me on but it was the obvious arousal and passion that it represented. The same for Suzanna, seeing her in control as she was on top of him and seeing her move up and down on his cock was totally intense. (I had to stop jerking myself or I would have spewed my cum all over!) Each time she pulled herself up and to see how wet his cock was and the few times she lifted completely off him and to see her open pussy was just incredible. Added to the moaning and other sounds it was clear just how turned on they both were.

    Back to that revelation, it thrilled me that our good friend had his cock buried in her. I eagerly watched as Suzanna's pace increased. She pulled herself up and then plunged back down seeming to enjoy feeling him deeply and firmly in her. After a few moments it became obvious that Ray was pushing up into her as she was plunging down onto him.

    Suzanna seemed to be riding one orgasm into another (it was easy to tell as she'd let out this grunting sound as each wave overtook her) until she finally lay against his chest and breathed heavily. I guess they'd shared this moment before because Ray then reached around and grabbed at her butt and took control and it was incredibly watching him fuck her in this position.

    I watched for what seemed like seconds until I saw Ray push up into her really forcefully and then pull back, take a few short strokes and then push up into her again deeply and forcefully. After maybe 2 or 3 times doing this he pushed up into her one last time and I watched him cum in her. Knowing the pleasure he must have been feeling I think my eyes glassed over as I was totally lost in the moment. He pulled back and then slowly pushed into her what was obviously his cum coating his cock and her wet pussy lips became visible.

    What an awesome sight! Like I said, it was truly evidence of both of them having orgasmed together that turned me on; not just Sue's pussy being filled but knowing that Ray was equally enjoying it! It took me a few more moments to come back to earth where I could start to make sense out of what my ears were hearing again and then my attention turned to my own cock now standing there throbbing, waiting for its turn.

    It was incredibly erotic to see her pull herself off of his now softening cock and to see how open she was and to see his cum starting to dribble out. She lifted one leg and rolled over next to him and just lay there as she'd done the other day, totally uninhibited about how she looked or what she'd just done. Her eyes were closed and all there was heavy breathing on both their parts. Ray’s cock was now shrivelling up and looked positively boyish at that moment but looking at Suzanna there was no doubting how deep he must have been in her as there still wasn't a lot of cum visible yet. Even without seeing his cum oozing out (which would have really been awesome) the way she looked lying there fulfilled me in so many ways; that she/they had shared the past hour so openly with me was incredible.

    Ray looked up at me and, again, I still don't think he can accept the reality but the smile on my face and my cock bobbing away surely told him that I was happy. As Suzanna lay there, I knelt on the bed between her legs and I started to gently play with her, running my hands up her legs and touching her around the edge of her pussy. I've never had that opportunity to play with her just after she'd been fucked by someone else. I spread her pussy lips apart and pulled her vagina open a little; what a fucking turn on to play with your wife like that!

    Suzanna pulled herself up on her elbows to watch me and said something like, "you like that don't you?” I didn't care that Ray was right there and I told her it was awesome and she looked absolutely beautiful. I kept playing and pushed a finger in her and pulled out a dribble of Ray’s cum and I knew that there was more in there waiting for me.

    Ray saw me and picked up on the moment and the focus between Suzanna and I. Rather than push himself in between us, he rolled over onto his side and with his free hand began to gently trace his fingers around her body focusing on her breasts and neck. She let out this soft sexy moan as he gently teased her nipples and still up on her elbows with her head tilted back as she let herself go with the moment. I could feel her pussy seeming to suck at my fingers and trying to pull me into her and I could wait no longer.

    This moment could have never happened with Dan but with Ray it just felt like it was a natural thing. My cock was throbbing and I placed it right in the opening of her pussy and felt her seeming to suck at my cock. Ray was totally cool with the situation and he simply said, "my turn" and with that he reached out, took Suzanna's ankle in his hand and held her open for me! I think I was shaking as I pushed into her and could feel just how hot and open she felt. The idea and knowledge that Ray had just been in her not more than two minutes earlier was just intense.

    I pulled back a bit and could see just how wet the tip of my cock was; I rubbed it around her labia and then placed it back at her opening. As both Ray and I watched, she hunched herself down the bed a bit and she pushed herself up onto my cock! What an intense feeling at that moment. It was like a hot wet mouth was gently sucking at my cock and then slipping back off of it.

    As she lay back into the bed I moved forward with her and when she was flat on her back I continued pushing into her until I was buried. She squealed in my ear and wiggled her butt under me to pull me in and between my slowly fucking her and Ray still caressing her breasts and body she let herself fall back to the bed off her elbows. As she lay there under both of us an intense orgasm washed over her to the point where each stroke from me brought a moan from her and caused her to shake as she tried to speak.

    It was totally cool sharing the moment with Ray and it felt great that he could openly share in our pleasures, Suzanna's and mine! He didn't touch me or anything like that but it seemed somehow he was coordinating what he was doing with her’s and my rhythm.

    Within just a few strokes, I must have brought out his entire load because she became incredibly slick inside and I found I could fuck her incredibly hard and all she did was moan and babble incoherently. Ray said stuff like, "fuck her good" and so I did.

    It became one of those times with Suzanna when it seemed I could go on fucking for hours and despite my intense arousal it seemed that I was able to control myself and thoroughly enjoyed myself. With her as wet and open as she was, there was no danger of wearing her out or her getting sore. Ray seemed to be very much enjoying, just as I had, actually watching her being fucked up close. I knew that there was no danger of me losing my hard-on so I hooked her legs around my arms and spread her as wide as she would let me while still letting Ray have access to the rest of her and there I stayed for what seemed like forever.

    But all good things must come to an end and I can remember the feelings beginning, my balls tightening up, my cock seeming to be bigger and thicker as I thought about it but mostly, just how deep I was in her and, also, the obvious thought about Ray having been the same way.

    Well, that did it for me. She had denied me sex on Sunday so I knew the longer I could hold off the more intense my own orgasm would be. I was slamming her at this point (she later showed me some bruises on her from me) and just when I thought it couldn't feel any better another orgasm swept over her and that pulled me with her. I plunged into her and feeling that open wetness of cum in her I let loose with my own 2-day load that felt like lava pouring out of me. She squealed and again said she could almost feel how hot it was!

    I collapsed onto her and the two of us lay there breathing heavy with Ray still leaning on his side facing us. It was only then that I began to feel a bit self-conscious but, despite that, I kissed Suzanna passionately pretending Ray wasn't there. As I held her face in my hands, I told her that I loved her and gave her another kiss.

    I rolled off of her and the 3 of us lay there on Ray’s bed. She, again, was so brazen, not caring at all how she looked as she lay there. Over the next few minutes, all 3 of us rose onto our elbows and at first smiled, then giggling and then openly laughing at what we'd just done. We each made open comments on what had just transpired and I think we were all in the same groove.

    Just a final note, Suzanna is NOT seeing Ray tonight.


    Going back to Monday, I did not go down on Suzanna after we'd fucked her. The thought did go through my head, especially when I was playing with her wet pussy both before and after I'd taken my turn but honestly, I did feel weird doing it in front of Ray. I am sure in time I'll rise to the occasion but it didn't feel right just yet.

    Not sure what it is about guys but both Ray and I felt odd at being naked afterwards and we both pulled back on our boxers. Suzanna in contrast remained naked afterwards and made it clear that she was very comfortable doing so! Ray seemed to be surprised at her doing so but I knew better. I had clear recollections of my experience with her nudity with Dan and Peter and it took a few moments for me to reacquaint myself with the feelings of seeing her like that around her lover.

    As we were leaving the sex-room (aka, his bedroom!) Ray gave Suzanna a huge hug and kiss and then turned to me and just said something to the effect of, "thanks, this is a real hoot" (I laughed at his choice of expression) and it was pretty erotic to see her walking butt naked down the hallway.

    We lounged around Ray’s living room with Suzanna sitting between the 2 of us on his couch. At times she was reached for a tissue to blot up whatever was dribbling out of her while we watched something on Ray’s DVR which led to some idle small-talk and such.

    I wasn't totally sure of what else was going to happen until Suzanna again seemed to take the lead. She kissed me and whispered in ear whether I'd mind if she, "got Ray started up again".

    I laughed out loud and told her, "go ahead but I think I'll sit this one out". With that she turned to Ray, kissed him and reached into his boxers and teased to the effect of, "does ‘he’ want to come out and play some more?" and she pulled him out and started to masturbate him.

    He leaned forward around her and looked at me with this dumb grin and just said, "are you okay with this?"

    I just smiled and said, “yeah, if you're up for it again.” Suzanna giggled as she had his answer in her hand.

    She turned to me and said, "you can come and watch if you want" and Ray said something like, "sure, it's okay".

    I did as earlier and stayed in the living room while they got started and walked back maybe 10 or more minutes later to see him just climbing up on top of her again. Only this time, I watched for a few minutes and then decided to give them their privacy and returned back to the other room. A short while later (well, short is relative) I heard their passions rise to a crescendo of moans and squeals punctuated by the now familiar grunt of Ray filling her pussy one more time.

    Their passion was followed by the sound of the shower being turned on and I was thinking they were maybe getting cleaned up together but as I went back to investigate, Suzanna was walking towards me still naked and I understood it was just Ray getting washed up. She giggled when she saw me and turned back to Ray’s room while motioning me to follow her. As she got onto his bed it was the first time I could see all of the wet-spots all over his bed and joked with her that she'd made a mess!

    With the shower still running, she lay back and this time I needed no prompting from her. She spread her legs and, without Ray there to make me to feel self-conscious I knelt next to the bed and eagerly went down on her.

    I've tasted Ray’s cum so much from her that I was quite used to the taste but what I loved this time though was that it'd only been a few minutes and she was still very creamy! Most times by the time she gets home, his cum has liquefied and is pretty much just a tangy clearish liquid that oozes out. Not this time and I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it very much.

    She pulled her legs back for me and at one point as I thought she was approaching orgasm, she seemed to bear down with her muscles and squeeze it all out! I won't say there was a lot but enough that I could feel her pussy contract around my tongue and then could clearly feel and taste it. When I had her cleaned up she said that she thought we should maybe get dressed.

    Ray came out of the bathroom in a long plush robe and showed no surprise that we were dressed. He hugged Suzanna and kissed her passionately and then he turned to me and pulled me in, gave me a bit of a hug too followed by one of those 2-handed hand-shakes. He spouted on and on about how cool we were and how thankful he was. Again, I shook his hand and said something to the effect that he can have her whenever he wanted. With that, I left the 2 of them together and told Suzanna that I'd be out in the car waiting. She came bounding out of his place a few minutes later and I swear she seemed to be floating on air.

    She is not seeing him tonight but has told me that on Saturday she will be dropping our daughter off for a school-play and that she will be spending the afternoon with Ray.


    I had just finished clearing the snow from our driveway about noon when I came back in and heard Suzanna on the phone. She was talking somewhat quietly in the kitchen and I don't think she heard me come in as she didn't come out to the living room. I couldn't make out what she was saying but could hear a giggle every few minutes.

    When I realized she didn't hear me, I stuck my head in and she said, "oh, here he is; you can talk to him and tell him what you want". She handed me the phone and said, "it's Ray". He made some idle talk for a moment asking me how the snow was and how he doesn't have to shovel where he is, etc. Then he said that when Suzanna ‘comes over’ later that he wanted to know if he could borrow my electric sander, that he'd left his at one of his jobsites and if I was okay, whether I could send it over with her.

    I was a bit taken by surprise by how open and calmly he was talking about her coming over and then realized that they must have had quite the conversation before I came back in. It felt kind of odd that it seemed so easy to talk about but I also knew Suzanna wanted it this way, that it would be okay between us out in the open, so I just went with the flow.

    I asked him what he was working on and we talked for a few more minutes. He said thanks but the subject of her going over there never came up. Just as he was starting to hang up I asked him calmly what time he thought Suzanna would be coming home at. I even surprised myself at how calm I was. He seemed equally calm and said that they'd talked about her going over about 2pm and returning about 6pm. I surprised myself even more by saying something like, “okay, talk to you later...” and then I added, "... enjoy". It's something I say at times instead of goodbye but I didn't think about the double-meaning.

    So, that’s it. I waited for her after she took a shower and she teased me by going back to her pantie-routine for fun before she left.

    Our daughter has a friend over and they're busy with some Xbox game so I'm just sitting here waiting for her.

    It feels different waiting this time than the other times and I guess it'll take a little getting used to.

    There’s definitely less anxiety but maybe there’s even more arousal?


    Another book filled.

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