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. Journal of a Journey - Book Ten

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, May 27, 2018.

. Journal of a Journey - Book Ten 4.7 5 3votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 10

    Did I mean what I said? Yes, but obviously I am well aware of the risks. I also know that it would be such a turn-on if she did even think that way on her own.

    Submissive, I don’t know that it's submissive if it's something that I would want to experience and not it being forced on me but there-in lays the rub. It scares the heck out of me to think beyond that inasmuch I understand the risks if she were to truly want that for herself, that she may not ever come back.

    It may sound strange to say it but it was a turn-on when she wanted two nights without sex before seeing Dan. She never really forced that on me, it just sort of happened and I have to say that it was an incredible turn-on. She gave in last night but tonight I found myself very turned on by knowing she meant it tonight, that she wanted to be horny for him tomorrow.

    I'm scared as hell about tomorrow night. I couldn't fall asleep and even took a pill to knock me out. The idea of them coming here is one thing but that she wants to do it in our bed, hearing her say that was just incredible to me. I love that she finally seems to want this for herself and not just for me and when I lay there next to her a little while ago it was all I could think about. The crazy part is that the thought turns me on incredibly. I can't explain it but it seems to feed this desire I have and the thought that she's going to have sex with him in our bed is just blowing my mind. I know it's crazy but it feels so right to let it happen.

    Maybe I've ‘telegraphed’ this stuff to her somehow; maybe she's so in tune with me that she's likewise enjoying exploring the stuff that turns me on. I don’t know, it seems almost too good to be true. Another part of me wonders if she has always had these desires and is now coming to terms with them and letting them out .... but not too much.

    I don’t think I could ever stay with her if she were totally off-limits. If I let my fantasies go wild I might be okay with it for a short period but beyond that wouldn't work. I honestly don’t see her ever saying such a thing as despite her enjoyment of what we are doing I believe that she doesn't want to do anything to hurt me. Otherwise, I'm finally comfortable with myself in saying that I do want to have more of the cuckold experience and to feel more aspects of it. There is just something intoxicating about seeing the woman you love take control of her desires.

    That said, she did enjoy teasing me a bit before bed. Wearing just her long t-shirt she gave me plenty of views of her pussy each time telling me that I, "just have to wait". Seeing the smile on her face as she said that is the look that makes it all worthwhile.


    The day has just begun. Suzanna just left for work and I'm going to follow soon.

    She dressed nicely for work but also took a small bag of other clothes with her. Nothing too exotic but she said she wanted to look smart when she meets Dan after work.

    I didn't say anything to her this morning other than supportive stuff about looking forward to later and that I hoped she has a nice evening but I'll admit to myself that I am very nervous about all of this now it's going to become a reality.

    I have so many thoughts going through my head. Maybe I'll have a chance to write later but right now I'm trying to ignore a hard-on so I can get off to work myself.

    A part of me is tied in knots about it, and yet another part of me wants to savour every moment of whatever happens later. It is incredibly exciting....


    She just texted me saying she expects to be ‘home’ by maybe 8:30-9pm.

    That was all she said. I am trying to keep my mind on work as much as possible. Thankfully no one will be home till they get there tonight.


    I am wicked turned on by the idea of them doing it in our bed. I am very happy that this will happen and I think it will regarded as being a symbolic moment or whatever. I genuinely do want to feel in the future that she has shared our bed with him.

    I hope to be right there with them. Not participating per se but to be there and not hiding in a closet (which would be the next best thing). I am confident that I'll be okay watching but I am concerned that both of them will also feel comfortable.

    However this thing goes tonight we cannot have Dan staying at our home. Although our son says he'll be staying over a friend’s house tonight there is always the risk us of somehow oversleeping in the morning and him coming home and finding us. Plus, I do not get the feeling from Suzanna that she is ready for that step with Dan just yet. It took a while for her to get to that point with Peter.

    Of course I get to have her afterwards although there is no creampie as right now. We do not know or trust Dan enough to let him go bare in Suzanna yet so he will be using condoms for now. We did trust Peter though and I always loved how she felt afterwards.

    It is taking a lot of effort to hide my excitement as I do genuinely want to see them together in our bed tonight.


    I have watched Suzanna several times already when she was with Peter. The first time was somewhat traumatic and I left before they got serious but the last two times I did stay and it was an incredible experience to see, feel and hear her as she experienced another man bring her to orgasm several times before he finally did so himself. Her eyes were mostly closed but it was obvious how she was feeling. I felt both extreme excitements as if I might cum without any stimulation and at the same time I also felt close to puking. Still, after the first few moments it was incredibly exciting to be there and watch. Peter didn't use condoms with Suzanna and it was very intense watching his orgasm getting closer. Finally watching his body tense up as I knew he was cumming in Suzanna was just almost surreal in how I felt.

    Peter knew I would readily go down on Suzanna when she would get home after being out with him but I did not do so when we were all together, more because I didn't want him to feel weird not so much how I felt.

    With Dan using condoms I don’t know that I would say no to going down on her but the lubricants either on the condoms or the Astroglide Suzanna loves doesn't taste the best.

    I know that Suzanna said Peter made her cum a lot but that she felt that I, "knew her better" and could perhaps be more satisfying. With Dan I am not so sure that I am ‘better’ as he has a bigger cock than me and I suspect he may give Suzanna a more intense climax but Suzanna has also long said that she feels more fulfilled in an emotional relationship so perhaps, they are not at that point just yet. In general, I would love it if Dan could really take her places....

    She did come home several times after Peter when she was just too ‘fucked out’ to get into it that much with me but she never denied me letting me have my time with her. I do love how her pussy feels after she's been with another guy so even if she were to just lie there afterwards, I know I won't need much to get off tonight.

    I can't wait.... but I have to resist surfing the internet when I get home later as the urge to masturbate may be too much for me and I surely want to save myself for her later tonight.


    Well. It's almost 8:30 and they're not here yet. I am on pins and needles waiting for them. I feel very nervous and anxious but also wickedly horny.


    From the minute they got here, it was clear that this was going to be very different from how she was with Peter. I have to say that I was actually a bit more at ease with her with Dan than Peter where she felt she needed/wanted to be naked with him. That always unnerved me that from the minute she was with Peter that she wanted to be naked with him.

    They got here about 9:15 on Friday night and I was kind of annoyed that Suzanna had driven herself home with him following her as they'd both had a bit to drink already. However, I suppose that them being a bit drunk made it easier for them. The first thing she did was kiss me very passionately but as she finished she whispered, "I don’t have any panties on!” As Dan came through the door she went and kissed him and he just pulled up her skirt and held her butt cheeks as he kissed her.

    We opened a bottle of wine and had some idle conversation and then Suzanna took him on a tour of the house. I didn't follow as they went downstairs but I did stay behind them as they went upstairs to the bedrooms. They kissed in each room and as they did so Dan ran his hands up under her skirt. When they reached our bedroom he pushed her against a wall and kissed her even more and she responded by spreading her legs so he could get his fingers into her pussy. I stayed in the doorway and watched as she slid down a bit and let him have more of her. She looked at me and then just closed her eyes and let him do whatever he wanted.

    I felt like a 3rd wheel staring at them so I went back to the living room and had some more wine. I wasn't sure if they were going to get right to it in the bedroom but a second later they followed down to the living room. Dan said we had a nice house and added, “... and a nice bedroom." I just said, "yeah, it's comfortable for us".

    They started kissing, ‘making out’, on the couch and I was just sitting there across from them. From how Dan was acting he didn't seem to have a problem with me being there. Within a few minutes Suzanna's jean skirt was up around her waist and he was pushing her legs apart. It was just the way he did it that left me cold though, it wasn't passion, it was just horny sex.

    At one point Suzanna looked at me with glassy eyes and smiled as she pulled her legs back and let Dan probe her pussy more. My cock was throbbing and I didn't really know what to do with myself as it sort of felt like I was in the audience and they were putting on a show for me.

    What totally got me going was when Suzanna slipped down to her knees in front of him and undid his pants. That was the moment I was anxious about, seeing his cock that she'd raved so much about. She pulled his pants down and, my god, he was huge! No wonder she was so into fucking him and not caring about much else.

    It was also the first point where I would say I felt a touch of humiliation. I'd never felt it before but at that moment, seeing her holding this huge cock in her hands and knowing what she'd be doing with him, left me with the most intense feelings. As she started sucking him all I could feel was this intense passion and desire for her, not for me to have sex with her, but a passion and desire to see her USE that cock! Yes, it freaked me out a bit that he was both thicker and longer than my cock is but seeing her with her mouth and hands on it was like pushing an ‘on switch’ for me.

    At that moment I knew I was truly a cuckold, that I wanted to see her getting fucked by him, but I wasn't ready for what she and they did next. A second later as my thoughts settled Suzanna just climbed up onto him and started to rub his cock against her pussy! I couldn't see everything until she leaned further forward and then with me sitting maybe 8 feet across from them I could see her rubbing this big thick cock against her pussy. Back and forth and it was obvious she was turned on from how wet she looked.

    Maybe she did it because I was there or maybe it was just what she did all the time but seeing her like that, leaning forward with her pussy now on display for me, set me off. I didn't pull my own cock out if I did, I’d have cum all over. Instead I just sat and stared and stayed quiet.

    She rubbed him up and down her wet slit and it was just so intense to watch her get wetter and wetter. At one point she rubbed him in almost a circular motion right around where her vagina was and when she pulled him away I could see that she was now open! I felt a lump in the pit in my stomach seeing my own wife's body responding like that but, there it was, she was wet and now very open for him.

    It felt like hours went by but really, just a moment later, she rubbed him again against her vagina and this time she pushed him into her! It was like watching the most erotic porn movie ever. Just the tip went into her and although I both felt like cumming and vomiting at once I could not turn away. I just stayed totally silent; I didn't want to distract them as this was just so intense.

    Then, with the tip in her like that, she sat up more and from behind I could see that she was rubbing her clit and starting to bounce up and down on his cock. As she slid down I realized with a shock she was taking him BARE. I was worried about the whole health thing as we'd discussed condoms but now I just froze and I let it happen, hoping she'd stop before it was too late.

    I now know what it is like to be humiliated; it happened as she sat there just riding him right in front of me. Dan didn't do a thing except let her; he just lay back and she did it all. She slid down him till just his balls were nestled up against her and then she'd pull herself all the way up till he almost slipped out of her (she did tell me later on purpose because she knew I was there and it was what I wanted). She was right, at that moment, I wanted her to do it all. Despite my concerns I can honestly say that I would have loved her to ride him like that till he came squirting inside her. I wanted to see it all. I knew she was his for the night and I just went with it.

    I knew she was close herself from how she sounded and how she was moving and, sure enough, a minute or two later she let out a scream that left me no doubt she'd cum on his cock. She stopped moving and slumped against him whilst he stayed hard and deep in her.

    Even now, that moment touched me deeply, seeing her lying against him, catching her breath with his hard cock still buried in her. Knowing he felt her cum like that just made me feel so incredible. I don’t have the words but I just felt so good about it. I didn't cum or anything but I felt a lot of the same post-orgasm satisfaction I usually felt after fucking her.

    A moment later she pulled herself off him oh so slowly. It seemed like his cock would never end as it slid out of her and as she still lay forward all I could see was this huge cock come out of her pussy! They lay together for a moment longer and her pussy stayed wide open with her legs straddling his.

    I could have sat there all night and had I touched my cock I’m sure it would have exploded. Seeing her like that, so visibly satisfied was just such a turn-on.

    Maybe a minute or two went by when I heard Suzanna say out loud, "let’s go up to the bedroom....". With that she slid back to the floor and pulled his pants off altogether. She held his cock like a leash and pulled him up the stairs. She said to me as she turned her head back, "how about you give us a few minutes before coming up." and then they just went up the stairs.


    After they left the room I just sat there. It wasn't painful or depressing or anything, it was instead a moment where I felt very content and even happy. Watching them go up the stairs and then into our bedroom I actually WANTED to wait a few minutes. I stared at Dan's clothes still sitting on the floor across from me and I could hear them upstairs and I just sat there. If I’m honest, it was perhaps one of the most deeply touching moments. I loved everything I was feeling as a cuckold at that moment. From what I'd just seen to what I knew was happening upstairs, I loved it.

    Hearing things going further upstairs, movements and soft groans, I forced myself a few minutes later to go up and watch where I stood uncertainly out on the landing looking through the open doorway.

    They were both naked already and Suzanna was on her back on her side of the bed just as she is when it's us having sex. Dan had his face buried between her legs and she had her hands on the back of his head. As he knelt there, from the doorway I could see her breasts bouncing around gently and closer to me, I could also see Dan's huge cock dangling there as if it were waiting for its meal. In that position he looked absolutely HUGE. I had a moment of fear of, "how can he possibly get that inside Suzanna" but I knew I'd just seen her take it all so I knew it was my mind going wild on me.

    Then it all happened so quickly (and he gave me pause to think that he was a bit of a jerk for despite him getting her ready by licking and sucking away at her pussy, he obviously wasn’t focusing on her pleasure the way Peter (and I) normally did) he just knelt up on the bed between her spread legs and put a condom on. He gave her butt cheek a slap and said something like, "come on; pull them back for me". He took Suzanna's bottle of Astroglide and lubed up the condom and then he just pushed his wet fingers right into her pussy. She did as he said and held her legs apart for him and in the few seconds before he entered her I could see once again that her vagina was totally open for him.

    Despite it being just a few seconds, seeing her lying there so open and waiting for him was totally intense for me. It was as if her pussy was saying, "come and fill me"; as if it were speaking directly to him. She was no longer my wife, no longer was it my pussy, she was his at that moment. She didn't even look at me in the doorway; she just pulled her legs back for him.

    He rubbed himself up and down that cleft, teasing her clit with his lubricated cock and then rubbing it in circles around her vaginal opening. Finally he just rested the tip in her and pushed it gently into her. She screamed at him finally entering her and a little part of me inside felt like it died and I needed to puke. She held her own legs at her knees and pulled back more for him. There is something about watching your wife give herself like that to her lover that will stay with me forever.

    He was talking to her by now, all sorts of trashy talk of how he's going to fuck her now; how he's going to fill her up; how he's going to stretch her out. All she could do was moan and push herself upwards at him to try to get more of him into her.

    It seemed like it took forever but it was surely only a few moments until he was all the way in her. Again he pushed into her and then just stayed still buried as deeply in her as she would allow and that moment nearly made me cum, knowing how deep he was in her and knowing she could feel him that way. I let my mind think about what she was sharing with him at that moment, she was all his.

    They started fucking before I came out of that trance. It was fucking this time, not making love as she'd done with Peter. He was taking her, savagely at times too, thrusting into her with all his weight and then slowly pulling out as she'd moan out loud that she wanted him back in her and how empty she felt before he'd push back in.

    Either he was very good or Suzanna was just wickedly horny but she was cumming a lot. It seemed like each time he'd push in she'd feel yet another wave or orgasm. All I did was stand there in the doorway watching. It was so surreal, like it was a movie instead of reality. My cock throbbed but I couldn't move, I didn't want to make a sound.

    I could hear their bodies slapping together. I didn't mind, it wasn't freaking me out at all, I was actually totally into it hoping I'd see her driven to a huge orgasm and hoping I'd see him take her as his. That was all I wanted at that moment, to see her, feel and even smell their sex as she got closer and closer and he was doing it. I remember my mind going in a million directions all at once, wondering how far inside her he was and imagining just how her pussy must have felt to him at that point.

    He was fucking her so hard that the bed was moving around and she was letting out this squeal each time. Each time he'd push into her, her whole body would respond with her legs moving back and apart each time, opening her up for him each time. I wanted to undo my own pants to masturbate but I was just frozen watching.

    Strangely, it was easier on me watching this physical fuck going on compared to the passion and intimacy I'd seen with her and Peter and that made it easier to let myself just go with it.

    They rocked back and forth, getting louder and louder each time until I just knew the time was near. I took a few steps into the room but I could go no further to hold her hand as I had hoped to in my mind earlier in the evening. She was just too involved in pulling her own legs back for him to notice I was there. Instead I just stood at the foot of the bed and stayed silent as I watched.

    A minute later it happened. Suzanna started that familiar moan and Dan must have felt it because at the same time he seemed to start getting more and more frantic. As I watched, my wife reached her peak and began to orgasm over and over and over her head thrashing back and forth and her body pushing up at Dan as if she were trying to draw him in even deeper. He responded a second later with his whole body arching backwards and making a loud, really loud, moan as he took my wife as his.

    I had forgotten about the condom that still separated them and at that moment I had what I can only call a ‘dry orgasm’ as I just felt such passion and pleasure at them. He held himself deeply in her as his body tensed several times and all I could think of was her pussy drawing the cum out of his stiff cock. A second later he started moving again and for the next minute or two he seemed to almost violently fuck her through the end of their orgasms. She squealed but lay there like a rag doll as he almost seemed to rape her during the last few thrusts.

    Then, just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. They lay there in our bed, kissing, hugging and rolling around. His cock was still in her as they rolled to one side and back again. I wanted to go to her but she hadn't even looked my way.

    A moment later he pulled himself out of her. What an erotic sight!! She was so wet and SOOOO open. He was still big but softening as he slid out and then he just rolled onto his back on my side of the bed. The condom stayed on and even in the dim light in the bedroom I could see how full the tip of it was. All I could think at that second was, "wow, that would have made a mess inside Suzanna".

    She rolled towards him and started to kiss him. Right there in our bed and I suddenly felt like I was intruding so I backed out into the doorway and just watched them cuddle. She had one leg over his and I don’t know if it was intentional but from the doorway I could see her pussy was still open as if she wanted him again right away. She played with his cock until it softened up a bit more and she pulled the condom off. I don't think she even knew I was there as she teased Dan about how much he'd cum. He said something like she knew how to get him off good as she went down and licked him clean. I don't remember all of what they said as I was just too tied up in watching it all play out. As they started to kiss again I moved further back into the hallway and it just seemed like I should leave them alone so I went back down to the living room to have some more wine.

    I don't know how long I sat there, could have been a few minutes, it could have been an hour. I thought about them still there in our bed, the same bed we'd made our 2 kids in. That thought was something that made me stop for a moment. The idea that she'd just passionately given herself to him in the same bed that we'd conceived our kids in was a very powerful thought for me and the more I let myself think it, the better it felt. How crazy is that?

    I hadn't even noticed but she came downstairs at that moment, still naked, and put her arms around me and hugged me. She smelled like him and when I kissed her I tasted his cum on her lips. She had a frown and asked, "Are you okay; I was worried when you weren't there?”

    That touched me; despite her being naked she'd obviously been concerned about me. "Did you stay and watch?"

    I nodded and she asked if I was okay again and I just said "yeah". She reached down and held my hard cock and just said, "Good, you didn't cum yet. Give us a little more time and then I promise you can have your turn" was all she said before she took the wine bottle and their 2 glasses back to the room.


    I don't know how he got hard again so quickly but by the time I mustered up enough courage to go back up he was fully hard again and she was eagerly sucking on him as he was playing with her pussy. Again, either they didn't see me or they ignored me as they were totally into each other.

    It wasn't like with Peter where she stayed naked and wanted him to see all of her - no, they were horny again and were obviously heading for a second round. Suzanna put the condom on him this time and said something about having to make sure he's safe in the future so they wouldn't need them.

    I don't remember all of what went on because by now I was incredibly horny and was doing all I could to keep from cumming till it was my turn. By this time Dan was all over her saying lots of trashy stuff about how he was going to fill her pussy, how he was going to stretch her out and she was loving it. Finally he turned her over on her knees and he got into her from behind.

    There is something so erotic about seeing your own wife just present her pussy to her lover for him to fuck. On her knees she reached back and rubbed and spread herself open for him to take again.

    They changed positions lots of times this time around and Dan just kept saying teenager stuff lots of, "you are such a good fuck" things like that not the kind, passionate caring stuff that Peter had said

    When he got her on her back again he started saying things that really got to me, stuff about how he liked fucking her in ‘her own bed’ and he said several things about how this being where she'd gotten knocked up twice. She squealed away at all of this clearly telling him and me she was enjoying it.

    She'd cum several times and I knew from my own experiences with her that I didn't think she was going to have another really explosive orgasm again. Instead she just lay there and told him over and over to fuck me good and that's what he did.

    He was so forceful that they had to reposition themselves several times. At the end though they just lay there, as she said, very ‘fucked out’. I think she's just wasn’t used to how big he was. Finally, it had to be well after 11pm by now, Dan reared up and let go one more time and she just lay there with her legs wrapped around him and pulled him in as he came a second time.

    Again he pulled out and rolled over onto my side of the bed. His cock softened up more quickly this time and Suzanna giggled as she pulled the condom off again and played with the cum in the tip of it. Again I felt like I was intruding so I slipped back into the hallway and as they kissed and hugged I left and went back downstairs.

    I had so many thoughts in my mind at that time, too much to think about really, but then I heard the water running in the bathroom and wondered if they'd shower together or anything but it went off a few minutes later.

    They came downstairs after that, Dan with just his shirt on and Suzanna, stark naked in all her glory! I was in the kitchen by then and I just left them in the living room as it just didn't feel right to intrude on their last few moments together. She stood there proudly naked as he slid on his pants and finished getting dressed. They were kissing as I walked into the room, Dan saw me and finally addressed me and just said, "Thanks, she's an incredible woman".

    Suzanna smiled at him and just said, "talk to you over the weekend” then kissed him passionately before walking him to the front door.

    Seeing her kissing him again and seeing him out naked like that really struck me. I knew that that I loved her and loved what she'd done.

    A second later she was back in the living room saying, "well, are you ready now?” I was behind her in a flash on the steps up to the bedroom. There were wet spots all over the bed and there were 2 knotted condoms lying on the floor. She giggled and just said, "now you see why I love fucking him; can you believe his cock?”

    I kissed her and ran my hands over her body including down to her pussy where I felt she was very open. Wet inside from the lubricant but oh so open! She lay back on the bed and said, "your turn".

    I know it was all in my mind but she felt so open inside, all the way inside too. I know it's all in my mind but I let myself think of how she used to be tight up inside, even when we'd fuck a lot her pussy lips and inner slit get pretty open, but up inside her would still be still snug and tight. Not this time, her pussy felt cavernous inside. She giggled at me and teased me of how Dan had fucked her and how, maybe, he'd ruined her for me! That did it after almost 3 hours of being on the edge; her teasing me a bit more and I lost it. Even the lack of friction inside and all and I started to cum and cum inside her. Finally I collapsed against her. It happened so fast I didn't even get to wallow in the feelings I'd had about them in our bed or anything like that.

    I pulled out of her and she even commented on how much it felt like I'd cum and I reminded her that it was 2 days of waiting and she smiled and all she said was, "thank you".

    So that was it. I got up and got her a wash cloth and we cleaned up a bit but we really didn't talk about a lot afterwards. Like I said, there was so much on my mind that it just seemed nicer to lie there and cuddle and to not talk, to just feel each other and feel close. She asked me several times if I was alright and each time I just caressed her and said, "Yes, I am fine".

    There's more that we talked about yesterday and much more for us to talk about today but that's for later. I wanted to get all of the stuff about Friday night out of my head and onto ‘paper’ before it got any more blurred into incredible memories.

    What can I say? I love being a cuckold!


    The following day and evening went by in a blur. We had a surprise visit from her sister and family which was fine and after a full day of ‘entertaining’ Suzanna finally said ‘good night’ and told me to finish watching TV downstairs so here I am.

    We have talked about a LOT of stuff between yesterday night and tonight. She must have felt something was bothering me because after everyone left last night (Saturday) she kept asking me if I was okay and she kept apologizing for her family barging in on us like they did. I told her it was okay. It was a beautiful afternoon and we spent it outdoors swimming and having a nice time. So she just asked if I was okay about Friday night.

    I guess after the whole day had gone by and I hadn't had time to sort my feelings out yet I was still all over the place. It was good that I waited till this morning to write things in the diary or there might have been a different slant to it all.

    I told her I wasn't sure that I liked how he treated her what with the slap on her butt and the way he seemed to want to order her around at times. She said she he was sort of nervous around me and that's not really how he is. I wasn't sure if she was just saying that to keep on fucking him but I didn't ask either.

    We took turns at one point asking each other questions about the night and she asked, "were you okay with us being in our bed?” I wasn't really ready for that and I told her so but I tried to find the words I was looking for.

    As I struggled to find the right thing to say she asked, "did you enjoy it or not?”

    I just looked at her and said that it scared the heck out of me to have shared that place and that moment with him but that, yes, I had enjoyed it a LOT. I just told her that I still hadn't really understood everything I felt about it yet, that what I did feel felt right and that as long as she and I were okay then I would be okay.

    The sex we had Saturday night left me no doubt that it is still our bed.

    I guess it seemed to me that like she was being violated, especially that second time. I told her that and she giggled and said that, yes, it did surprised her the first time they'd been together so she knew how I must have felt. All she could say was how good he was so I guess it's something only she would really have known.

    At one point I asked her what she would have done if he would have cum in her that first time in the living room. She just said, "I'm surprised he didn't." and then added, "I was so horny and kind of drunk at the time that I would have probably let him." Then she told me that they'd talked beforehand and he said he would ‘respect her wishes’ and then she told me that he is getting STD testing done this week. Apparently you can just walk into Planned Parenthood and they use a swab of your spit.

    I saw the 2 condoms in the trash in the bathroom on Saturday morning and it made me remember what it was like being younger and able to cum a lot.

    We talked more and I told her that I had thought I might have had a more active role with them instead of just watching from the doorway. Apparently though, I did exactly what Dan had been hoping for the first time with another guy, her husband, nearby. Maybe this was the reason he was so short with her if he was nervous although it sure didn't seem like his nervousness affected his cock!

    I’m thinking that it was better for me when she was with Peter when I compare the two of them. That rougher approach of Dan’s, all I can say is that I don’t miss the closeness she had with Peter.

    She asked me again tonight if I was happy we'd done what we did. I kissed her and told her that as long as she and I are lying in bed together as we were tonight, that I am very happy. She said I am a strange guy but that she loves me. It is the moments like that when I just feel this connection between the two of us, just the feel of her hand against mine, the gentle snuggle up on the pillow next to you, the contented sigh that cannot be faked, when I feel those moments, it lets me know that we are okay.


    I thought a lot about my change in attitude today and I guess the only thing I can say is that I do not feel that Dan is a threat at all to our relationship. Even if Suzanna were to go to the extremes that have been suggested, I just do not see her fitting with him and I am convinced of that. I do now realize that I was concerned all along about that closeness with Peter from how they were together and therefore he was to me much more of a threat.

    The other thing I thought, right or wrong, is that I do trust Suzanna to care about us. I did let her do and experience a lot with Peter. She did not hurt me, instead, she and I opened up much more to each other and I believe as a consequence we do feel closer to each other in many ways.

    I do still feel that Suzanna is doing this for me in many ways. I have loved what she's done so far and for as much as it does sometimes trouble me I do love that she even wanted to ask for two nights of no-sex before she sees Dan. To me, that is just such an intense turn-on.

    Does it mean she wants him more than me; does it hurt to think that it could be ‘yes’? Of course that part hurts but I also know that he does not ‘make love’ to her. Even compared to Peter, it is not the same. I know she just wants him to fuck her but I also know that when we are together that it is very different. It's not just physical, it's mental and emotional. As long as I have those parts, I think I'm okay.

    I did share with her that my fantasies were a bit beyond what she had been doing in the past with Peter. She knows that I get turned on when she teases me and tells me to wait on Wednesday nights. Even if we weren't going to be having sex anyway, she will tease me.

    It's also why I didn't resist anything she/they wanted to do. The fact that she wanted to somehow let me have what I had said I wanted (to be there) just made me feel as if no matter what happened, it was still something she did for me.

    I feel such a range of emotions when I'm lying in our bed now. Sometimes I am so horny; other times it disturbs me that we shared such a personal and private space with him but when I see Suzanna lying there next to me, all I can feel is love for her. It's as if she took what was so hot and beautiful between us and as if we added yet another spice to it. I asked her how she felt about it and she said that she was pretty drunk at the time but that now she thinks it as being kind of sexy (not how she said it, but it's close enough).

    I asked her what she wanted out of Dan, where she saw things going and what she thought she wanted to happen. She wasn't sure at all other than that she did want him to get his STD tests finished. I didn't need to ask anything else as from that response it is clear that she wants him to cum in her! She's already said it several times including as part of teasing me before sex and she's commented several times on ‘how full those condoms were’. Beyond that though she said she just wanted to have fun with him, that she feels very free with him and that despite his jerky attitude and how he treats her, that he is still a fun guy to be with.

    What's different is that I'm not scared to tell her that she is turning me on. She still looks at me for reassurance though and that is perhaps the best feeling in the world.

    I did tell her that she couldn't have this as an ‘every Friday’ thing as it's just not feasible with the kids and such. She said she knew that and it was one of the things she wasn't sure about.

    Anyway, she figures she'll have her period by tomorrow night so it's going to be a quiet week other than what I am still sorting out in my own head.


    I just measured my own cock - just over 7 1/2 inches from the base to the tip. Suzanna says she can feel it grow a bit when we're really into it.

    Circumference? Well, I can just about touch my thumb to my middle finger when I'm jerking off so that'd put the circumference at about 8 inches. So diameter is probably about 2 1/2 inches. From geometry = circumference = 2 x PI x R - or - PI x D (diameter). So - 8 inches divided by 3.1416 = about 2 1/2 inches.

    Now, I haven't measured Dan (nor has Suzanna to my knowledge) so from what I saw, I'd say he was probably over 8 inches long and probably a bit thicker, maybe 2 3/4 thick. Enough that Suzanna says she can feel the difference.

    From what I've seen Dan certainly can bring Suzanna to satisfying climaxes (yes, in the right setting she can be quite multi-orgasmic) so yes, I do know that he does certainly fuck her quite well. I do love to see her as she cums and it was hot to see her close her eyes and just give in to the pleasure with Peter and it's even more so with Dan as it is so much more physical. I guess it is a bit humiliating to see her lose control like that on his cock but it is such an incredible turn on. Even now, if I just let my mind wander in that direction, my cock goes rock hard.

    I should clarify one thing, I only cum ‘right away’ when it is after she's been with Dan (or Peter). It's the whole thing, how she feels inside, how she looks, where my mind goes thinking of how she got that way, is when I just can't hold back for long and I usually cum within maybe a minute or 2. However, when we are together and she hasn't been with another guy, we still make the magic together and I can fuck her for a long long time in multiple positions, etc. She always giggles when I cum quickly after she's been elsewhere that, as I said, it is hard to hide the reason for my excitement and arousal.

    I know it sounds crazy but I feel good about her and Dan. As I said, it's different than Peter, I don’t fear losing her heart to him. Her pussy maybe, but not her heart. The more confident I feel in that, the more willing and even eager I am to experience more of the cuckold experience.


    Last night she started talking to me saying ‘it's Wednesday’ and asking me if I want some time alone which is her way of asking me if I want some time to masturbate (she knows I do on Wednesday nights). I told her, "maybe later".

    Later on she asked me again and then began to ask me questions about what I fantasize about. I hesitated a bit until she prodded, "come on what sort of perverted things do you think of me".

    I didn't just open up but she started rubbing me and saying stuff so I started to tell her. She wasn't that surprised when I told her that I let my mind go and think of her with Dan or whoever. She pushed more and I eventually told her that I like to let my mind go and think of how she looks and feels as the guy cums in her.

    She wasn't surprised when I told her that I like to watch the free-streaming videos (she knows what a creampie is) but she was surprised when I told her that sometimes I will masturbate 2 or 3 times on Wednesdays but that last time is just a dribble most of the time.

    She loved hearing all about it and other stuff enough that she asked me to ‘show her’.

    I can't believe I took her in our office and showed her some of the creampie videos on the internet. She then said again ‘show me’ and then I realized she wanted to watch me jerk off.

    I brought up one of my favourites, a ‘collection’ of creampies and she stood by me making comments about ‘would you like that to be me?’ and she encouraged me saying she wanted to see how I keep busy when she is ‘unavailable’.

    So, I did it, I stripped down and got in position and let her watch. She squealed and giggled when I started spurting away after a while and she continued with her continued teasing comments....

    I don’t mind masturbating in front of her but this was definitely something new, her egging me on as she commented on the videos showing different women being filled with cum.

    It was actually quite fun once we got started and she loved seeing me cum so much the first time. I did it a second time a little while later but I had to beg off a 3rd time as I was pretty drained and my cock actually ached.

    I told her that I didn't usually masturbate again on Thursdays so I would be ready and raring to go on Friday when she gets home. She smiled and said that was sweet.

    I felt a little weird later on sharing so much of my ‘private time’ but she seemed fine.


    My loving other guys fucking her and telling her is something very special which usually leads to she and I having just an incredible fuck-fest. She just kept getting wetter and wetter as we kept on going. I do love sex with her when she just finishes her period as it is usually quite intense and to say I made her cum a lot is an understatement. I finished with one huge gusher of my own in her pussy and, as we usually do, I went down on her right afterwards. Her teasing me about being Dan's ‘dessert’ on Friday night surely helped both of us along.

    After waiting 5 days to have her until her period was over, it would have driven me nuts if I had to wait longer. I already know she'll ask for Wednesday and Thursday to be no-sex nights and after our conversations last week, I think she'll probably always ask for it now. I’ll probably willingly go along with it since I know now that if I really wanted to have sex with her that she would say okay but since it is only Monday night, I am sure that either later tonight or tomorrow night she will be once again horny and be ready for me to scratch her itch.

    I've long gone down on her and enjoyed MANY creampies, both my own and many from Peter as she never made him use a condom (she knew it turned me on).

    I asked her what happened to my being a part of what she and Dan did together and she giggled and said, "you can't be there every time" and then said something about wanting to enjoy a real date, something that Peter was never able to do with her. She joked again with me about being his ‘dessert’. She saw my cock swell when she said that the other day too...


    Despite being a bit tired, we were both still kind of keyed up and it seemed that Suzanna wanted to talk about something so, when the time was right, sure enough, it came out.

    She asked me again if I was really going to be okay about her spending the night with Dan. I told her that I was and that while I was sure I would find the night quite long without her here that if it was really what she wanted, that I would be okay. She said she kind of wanted to say it was a Christmas present to Dan and then she added, "From us". That kind of struck me for a moment. It was true; it was also a present from me to Dan. As I thought about it and was going to say something she said, "he wants to give you a present too" which caught me off guard and I said something like, "what do you mean".

    She stunned me by saying that Dan wanted to know if, as his present to me, whether I wanted to join them one night and she said, "he promised he'd relax about the whole thing with you and me having sex".

    I said, "maybe he'd like it better if we were all in a hotel or something?”

    Wow, that was like hitting one out of the park. She got this look on her face and this HUGE smile and she literally bounded across the bed and pushed me down and kissed me and laughed and said, "that's a great idea; I KNOW he will be okay with that!!!!". After I said it, it seemed so obvious; I was sort of surprised that it hadn't come up between them.

    It seemed the surprise and her reaction shook the cobwebs out and a moment later she was sucking me to hardness. She pushed my shoulders down to the bed and she climbed on top and she looked like a wanton woman as she rubbed my cock between her pussy lips before she slid down on it of her own desire.

    She crouched down against me, her boobs rubbing on my chest and her knees bent all the way. I reached behind her and grabbed her butt and held her tightly against me and yet pulling her apart and open. I love how her pussy will open up in this position and let me thrust up into her as hard and as deep as I want.

    "Dan likes this too," she whispered in my ear and, "maybe you'll get to watch". I was totally into it. We went back and forth until our passions were out of control. I told her how I wanted to hear and see her cum and she squealed back at me how she was going to let him have her.

    Sometimes I can't seem to cum when she's on top but not last night. I was close and she knew it (she always knows it) and I said something like, "I'll have my turn finally" and she lifted her head and looked at me so sexily at that moment and it seemed like she just took control of the moment. She straightened her arms and lifted her body away from mine, pushing herself down harder on my throbbing cock. She'd cum so many times already that she smiled and had this look in her eyes. She knew I was so close and she just looked at me with this look in her eyes and just said, "you can have your turn after he's finished".

    I swear she knew what she was doing. The way she said it; the way she moved her body; the way she squeezed my cock with her pussy; the way she rubbed her nipples against me as she lifted up; the way she lifted her body just a bit and then pushed down deeply against me, oh she knew it, she knew when she said that, that I would cum immediately. I didn't disappoint her. As she felt me release in her she arched her back and pulled herself up and then back down as she closed her eyes and enjoyed one last orgasm herself.

    She leaned down against me and kissed my face and neck. I felt my cock soften and then this wetness spread between us and she started giggling out loud and then rolled off me.

    We BOTH slept wonderfully last night and this morning, I can honestly say we are both kind of fucked out. Despite how horny part of me may be, there are other parts of me that have had enough!

    So, now we have 2 nights we need to figure out how we'll work into our schedules. She said she'd be swapping Email with Dan this week and she'd share the hotel idea and said again, what a great idea it is.

    More as it happens. Nice to feel like the Christmas spirit is everywhere ... even in bed!


    We’ve both been down with the Flu for the past few days but I knew she was feeling better last night when she said she wished she wasn't so tired as she was horny and then this morning she felt well enough to shower and go into work.

    I'd wanted to see if Suzanna would say anything about the 3 of us getting together. So far she hasn't said anything more but I think I'd probably flip out if she did! It's not something I'll suggest at the moment though, seeing her in the shower and drying off got me going enough for the day already.

    The original plan was for the 3 of us to get together this Friday night. We'd already told the kids that we had a Christmas-party to go to and that we could wind up staying overnight but with the Flu thing we haven't discussed it since. I'm still hoping; I'd even give up masturbating on Wednesday night to really be on edge by Friday night.

    She had told me that she didn't think either me or Dan would go for a hotel-room for the night and she was surprised that both of us were really up for it. I'd even told her that I thought it might be hot if she and I were in the room first and we got started and I got her all worked up. She giggled at that idea until I told her that I'd help her dress in something very sexy and that she could go down and have dinner and maybe dance a bit with him. She smiled when I said that I wanted them to come back up and I wanted to watch them before I join in. She said that when she talked to Dan on the phone he sounded as if he liked that plan.

    What'll be even more eerie is that the nice hotel that we'll probably go to is the same place she spent nights with Peter. I don’t remember any of their room numbers but it would be really wild if we got the same room.


    Just after our daughter went to bed Suzanna poked her head in and said, "wanna have some fun?” I followed her back to our bedroom. Our son was at his girlfriends so we had the house to ourselves.

    I had already mentioned Friday night and when I closed the door wasn’t surprised when the first thing she said was, "let’s talk about Friday night". As if I wasn't horny enough already!

    She said that we could still stick with the original plan but she'd spoken to Dan on Tuesday and she had a big favour to ask of me; she said she thought I'd be okay with it but wanted to check. I asked, "what is it?”

    She said that she loved the idea of her and me getting the room and having a little time together and REALLY loved the idea of her then going down and having dinner with Dan.

    She hesitated then and I asked, "what, go on, what...?”

    "Well, Dan was kind of hoping to have some time with me alone first" and a second later she added, "we do have all night after all".

    I asked her what she was asking for exactly and she said, "Maybe you can come back to the room later and then be with us.” I asked how much later and she said, "maybe 10 or 10:30." and added ".... but then I, I mean, we promise you can join in the fun.".

    I was going to say something but she had the most angelic beautiful smile on her face that all I could do was say, "Okay" and then I added, "are you thinking Dan is spending the whole night with us?" I was a bit worried at that as I didn't really want that.

    She said, "no silly, but I thought you'd want him to stick around so the 3 of us can have some fun together finally .... Or did you want him to stay over?”

    I immediately said, "no - I'd like it to just be us two afterwards if that's okay".

    She smiled and giggled and said, "of course it is" and a second later, "now come over here and let’s get naked".

    In bed she really got me going when she told me that I should think about coming back to the room on Friday night and how she'll be, as she put it, "...all wet and warm....". As we got into it she kept going telling me how horny Dan said he was for her after missing her last week. She told me she might have to buy some new lingerie for the occasion and then added that she would probably not be wearing it by the time I come back to the room.

    Needless to say with those images she'd put in my head I didn't last long and she smiled and kissed me and hugged me as we both came down from our fun. I told her that I was looking forward to finally not feeling awkward with Dan around and she said that he felt stupid that he too didn't think about doing it this way either. She said he came out and confessed he just didn't want it happening at his place.

    Anyway, that was last night and today I feel like I'm on cloud 9; I can't wait till Friday. I'm may even forego my fun tonight to be really horny for Friday night.


    We read “Penthouse Letters” silently sometimes, maybe with music on and having a glass of wine or two, to set the mood and get the juices flowing. Other times we would read them out loud to each other, sometimes picking our own story to read; sometimes we'd pick what we wanted the other to read. Many times, if she was reading, I'd be licking her and keeping her just below the boiling-over point. If I knew the story, sometimes I'd make her cum just as she'd be reading the climax of the story. It was always fun to feel her struggle to get the last few words out trying to hold off her orgasm till she couldn't any longer. She'd do the same for me but wouldn't bring me off but she'd get damn close!

    What I found over time was that when I had her read stories about ‘naughty wives’ that she would orgasm almost violently and the sex we'd have together afterwards was nothing short of smoking hot. I pointed out this pattern to her and we were both honest and admitted that it was that topic that turned us both on. Now 10+ years later it has finally happened to us.

    We'd also read them silently to ourselves out on the nude beach. There’s something very intense about being sexually charged from the stories, lying naked and drinking lots of beer or other drinks. I'd have to lie on my stomach since blatant hard-ons are definitely frowned upon but discreet ones are a turn-on for Suzanna so she'd sometimes lie there spread for the world to see just to see what kind of reactions she'd get!


    It’s Friday and I’ve abstained from masturbating since Tuesday night so I am horny as a toad today though.

    I stayed off the computer as much as I could as I knew it would be a lot of temptation. It was made even worse (better?) by my finding Suzanna again wearing panties all the time telling me, "it's for Dan and you'll have to wait". That continued yesterday morning including her getting dressed after her shower behind the closed bathroom door and last night, her coming to bed again in panties!

    Last night she told me she'd stopped at Victoria’s Secret and bought ‘something sexy’ for tonight but that I couldn’t see it or all of her until we get to the hotel. She hugged and kissed me saying she, "can't wait" till later. With that she took a small overnight bag out to the car and kissed me goodbye and went off to work.

    I'll be coming home for a while this afternoon just to check on the kids and such and then I'll be meeting her at her work before taking her up to the hotel. Our tentative plan is to get there together about 5:30-6pm and for her to meet Dan for dinner downstairs by about 7pm. I'll probably pace the room for a while before I go out for the evening. There are a few bars in the area where I'll be able to keep busy. Suzanna said she'd text or call me if there was a change in plans but that I should plan on being back by 10-10:30pm. She asked if I would call her first to be sure and I said okay.

    So that's it; a little over 12 hours from now should mark a new page in our book.


    It finally happened. About the only thing I regret is that it all happened so fast that it seemed almost anti-climactic in some way. Not from the sexual point of view, not at all, but almost as it has left me/us wanting more.

    It was very intense. I mean it just wasn't like most weeks have become. There was now this unspoken tension between us. Her doing the panty-thing again just added to it. I wanted to be really ready so I didn't do my usual Wednesday night fun and Suzanna enjoyed that, telling me how nice it is that I wanted to be horny for her.

    Friday afternoon I got home from work a little early and things were as they should be which didn't help either as there was little to focus on other than the evening. The kids were all set for the night and they said to have fun at our party. I just smiled and said that I was sure we would. My daughter giggled and my son's girlfriend just smiled at us as we left them in charge.

    I picked Suzanna up from work about 5pm and we drove up to the hotel. We were very quiet for most of the ride as it was sort of an awkward moment. She finally asked me what I was going to do later on meaning where was I going to go while she was busy with Dan.

    I smiled and said that there were both some sports-bars nearby as well as one or two ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ nearby. She smiled and said that would really keep me on edge and she hinted that I'd better not do anything other than get even more worked up.

    I checked us in while Suzanna waited in the car; we then parked and walked in together and up to the room. I surprised her with a bottle of champagne and we finally seemed to relax as we drank. She giggled and said that she couldn't believe we were about to do this and I stopped and asked her if she was sure and she said, "absolutely. I would love for you to be a part of this with me". We kissed and got all worked up for a while and it was damn tough keeping it under control.

    She let me undress her and as I got her naked she put her hands over her pussy and told me to go get the new stuff she'd bought. I found it and gave it to her. A pair of very lacy almost thong panties and a snug fitting camisole that was dressy enough to wear as a top but also incredibly sexy as it left no doubt her breasts were bare underneath. She turned back to let me see her after she'd put them both on and my god she looked incredible. If you looked carefully you could see her nipples beneath the flowery embroidery but the panties, if you could call them that, disappeared between her legs with just a single strand coming up the rear. When she spread her legs most of her pussy was on display. If I wasn't horny before, I was then!

    I think my tongue must have been hanging out at the sight and it got no better when she said, "Just think, the next time you see me I'll probably be naked." With that she pulled her skirt back on and then put an open sweater on the top. She looked in the mirror, fixed her make-up then giving me a kiss said, “I’ve got to go and meet my date now.”

    I had to sit there in the room for a few more minutes to let my hard-on calm down. The reality of that moment of watching her go off to see him still sticks with me.

    I knew our agreement so after a little while, I got dressed and got myself together and found something to do. I peeked into the restaurant in the hotel thinking maybe they'd still be in the bar but they weren't there. I had at least 3 hours to kill so I went to this so-called gentleman’s club and had some bar-food and a few drinks. There was also a bookstore that I'd passed earlier so rather than drinking all night I cut it off after a couple of beers and went to the store and browsed books, listened to some CD's at and even bought a few presents. I remember it was just after 10pm as I got on line to pay.

    I had actually managed to forget about things for a while but in the car it came rushing in on me. As I drove I swear I thought I'd lose it as between the images of the dancers at the club and now the thoughts of what was going to be swirled around in my head.

    I got to the parking lot and rather than call her, I texted her and waited. A few minutes went by and I wondered if I was too early or something but she texted that it was okay and I should come up.

    I was wicked nervous going up the elevator to the room. I had the other key so I unlocked the door and opened it a crack and then I just stood there and all I could think was that I was going to kick myself if I didn't open it.

    I took a deep breath and opened the door and went in. It smelled like sex. Even before I got into the main part of the room, it just smelled like sex. It smelled of Suzanna and it surely smelled like Dan. I didn't think about it, I just took off my coat and shoes and walked in. The TV was on and an adult movie was on it with the sound down and the radio on with some soft jazzy music on it. Dan was sitting in the chair in a robe from the bathroom and Suzanna was under the sheet on the bed.

    This part felt like it was slow-motion. I just looked around like it was a special-effects scene from a movie. I saw Dan's clothes in a pile on the other bed and Suzanna's were all over the room. Her new thong and top were on the floor right next to the bed which I instantly knew meant she was naked under the sheet.

    Dan got up and greeted me VERY warmly, shook my hand and said, "thank you" several times for the arrangements and such. I was a bit off guard but said, "You’re welcome" (it felt very weird saying it too). I don’t recall exactly what else he said other than saying they'd had a great time and that Suzanna couldn't wait for me to get back. With that I turned to her and went to her. She sat up and the sheet slipped down and she was naked underneath. Her nipples were still hard and her breasts were red and very warm as she hugged and kissed me.

    She looked at me and out loud said, "its' your turn now baby" and she pulled the sheet off and sat up and started to undress me. She sat there naked with Dan looking on but all I could see was her, naked again finally without those panties on. She stood up in front of me and unbuttoned my shirt and her pussy was right in front of me.

    "Oh" she said out loud, as if she'd rehearsed it or something, "yeah, we had fun before. Go on, have your feel while I get your shirt off".

    My hand was trembling as I reached and felt her wet pussy. It was warm and wet and as I went to push a finger into her she pushed my hand away and said, “Wait a minute.”

    She got me fully undressed and I really forgot about Dan being there. If I had remembered, I don’t know that I would have been as hard as I was at that moment. As she slid my pants down and had me step out of them she said, so nonchalantly, "we only finished a few minutes ago, good thing you weren't earlier!”

    With that she sat back down on the bed, lay back and just crooked her finger at me curling it motioning me to come to her. I knelt on the bed and she got this big smile on her face and she just spread her legs for me.

    Now, we've been fucking for over 25 years now but this felt like the first time in so many ways. There before me was my wife, the love of my life, legs spread and her pussy visibly used and full of Dan's cum. It was right there, she was still open and, oh my, he really had fucked her good.

    I still didn't look over at him. I knew he was there but at that moment the only thing I wanted to focus on was how she was going to feel to me. She pulled her knees back a bit more and did the finger-curl again and that was it.

    I would have liked to have said I went down on her and licked her but I didn't. It just didn't happen; it was like my cock had the controls and it knew what it wanted and the rest of me was being taken along for the ride.

    I've had her soon after she's been with a lover in the past, but this may have been a first that it'd been so recent and she was still on an ‘up’ from it. I slid right into her and I felt her wrap her legs around me and pull me in closer. "Mmmmm, you feel good in me" she started to tell me. I guess she wanted to feel that I was hard because a second later she started to whisper more, "he just came in me a little while ago; do you like that?"

    Oh man, she was really getting me going. I even joked with her that she was going to make me pop soon if she kept it up. She giggled and said, "doesn’t matter, you can have me again later if you want to".

    We went back and forth for a bit like that and I was really getting into it. Somehow thinking that Dan was watching us got me going and at one point I loved knowing he heard me get Suzanna to moan and cum as we fucked. (It wasn't a fake either. If you fuck Suzanna you can tell from how her pussy feels and from how wet she gets all of a sudden. You can't fake that stuff). I was enjoying my moment with her even with Dan being there. I even felt a bit proud that I could get her to orgasm with me as nicely as she did.

    He moved over at one point; maybe to get a better view?! All I know is that I was so horny by this point that I was about to burst when she pulled her legs way back for me and just gently, calmly and out loud asked, "do I feel good with Dan's cum in me?" She didn't flinch at all saying it but my god I did.

    "Don’t I feel good?" was followed by "Come on, it's your turn" and that was it for me. Talk about cumming. There are times when you know when you finally get off that it's going to be intense; this was beyond that.

    It all seemed to happen so fast but it felt incredible to be with her at that moment. I pulled out of her and she just lay there on the bed totally unbothered that the two of us, me and Dan, were looking at her like that.

    He walked over to me and said, "nice job" or something like that to which I responded, "well, you did get her started nicely." He laughed out loud and Suzanna even commented, "Aww, my two guys getting along finally!"

    I was sitting on the bed and she was lying there then Dan said something about getting back into it and he took his robe off and got onto the bed next to Suzanna. With all 3 of us naked I found it a very weird moment. I honestly didn't know how to act or what to think and there was some awkward silence until Dan started to caress her hair and her shoulders and he said something like, "we're not done yet, are we?" and he cupped her chin in his hand, turned her face to him and started to kiss her.

    I was still sort of coming down from my own orgasm and I actually found myself enjoying watching them. I really didn't mind seeing them kissing and his hands go down to her breasts. I had felt uncomfortable about this in the past but this time it felt okay (maybe because I'd had my turn with her or whatever!) As they kissed she lay back and he stretched out next to her. His cock was stiff again; hard for me to miss seeing as it was lying obscenely on her hip but what turned me on the most was seeing her pull her knees back and apart as he ran his hand down between her legs. To me that was almost as intense as fucking her. Seeing him so comfortable with Suzanna's pussy like that, seeing her so comfortable with his hands and fingers. I was speechless and frozen in place as she pulled her knees back and he pushed 2 fingers into her gaping pussy. Cum was dribbling out of her and his fingers pushed more out. He pulled them out and rubbed her spread lips and up to her clit and, my god, her vagina was literally just gaping open. I was too excited to feel anything else other than awe in seeing that she truly let him have all of her like that. I watched her squeeze and could see inside her pussy, see her pussy contract and then open up as he teased her clit.

    I was so busy watching his fingers in Suzanna's pussy that I didn't really notice that they'd moved around and a moment later that he had his cock in her mouth while he was still playing with her pussy with his fingers. She seemed to be loving it though and as I watched she was eagerly sucking him and moaning. I noticed her other hand gesturing, seeming to be calling me, and I realized she must want my cock in her hand too. I went and stood next to the bed on one leg and knelt with the other next to her head and she squealed when she grabbed my cock! She looked like she was totally turned on from how she was moving her hips around and sucking him while she stroked me hard again.

    As second later she pulled her mouth off of him and turned and took me into her mouth. Dan now had 2 or 3 fingers buried in her wet pussy and she was moaning around my cock, barely sucking it while her right hand was frantically stroking his hard cock at the same time.

    I looked at him at that moment, maybe the first time I'd really looked at him the whole time, and he had this broad smile on his face. He saw me looking and that I was equally smiling and he said, "Nice, really nice". A second later he just said, "Do you mind?"

    I didn't know what he meant until he moved and got between her outstretched legs. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and said something like, "Oh yes, I need it" and muttered about hoping I was going to be okay. She pulled her legs back even more and she very tentatively pulled my hand to her left calf and I knew what she was suggesting, that I hold her leg back for him.

    I swear I don’t know why I had freaked out the other times trying this because at that point, I was totally into it. I'd cum once already and she had a second load brewing in me for sure. I even felt honoured to hold her leg like she wanted. It was totally wild, like watching my own private porn movie.

    "Are you ready already baby?" he asked her and she said something like, "oh yeah" but it was really all a blur as it was happening just so fast.

    Just as there are other moments I'll never forget, that moment on late Friday night (or was it already Saturday morning?) the reality of being 2 feet away from her as he held his cock and ran it up and down the cleft of her pussy lips, seeing it come up to her clit all wet and hearing her moan and feeling her body react was just so intense. In some ways it felt like slow-motion and yet, in other ways, the time was flying by.

    He pulled it up and down maybe 2 or 3 times until on the next time he didn't come up all the way and I just knew his cock was sitting right at the entrance to her vagina. I could see the tip just inside her. I looked up at him and he had this huge smile on his face, he'd been watching me watching he must have loved my reaction at that moment. My cock was rock hard in her hand but her attention was totally taken at looking down between her legs as he gently pushed back into her.

    I know a lot of guys have seen their wives fucking but this to me was just so fascinatingly arousing. He pushed forward gently and as he slipped right into her I could feel her hand tighten on my own cock and I could see her eyes flutter as she arched her head back. I think she actually orgasmed on him at that moment as he entered her, her whole body tensed up, her head tilted back and her eyes blinked but were glazed over. I couldn't believe I was feeling her cum like that and, damn, if I wasn't ready to go again.

    It wasn't going to be like the first time. I knew I wasn't going to lose it and would be there for the whole thing. I looked back at her pussy and he was almost all the way in and she was holding her other leg back herself for him.

    I had so many feelings at that moment (I still feel them now if I think back) but one thing above all others is at that moment I think I understood how she felt and why she liked to be naked with him all the time. She looked so beautiful, thrusting her pussy, ‘my pussy’ up at him as she pushed her back and shoulders down into the bed.

    He seemed SO at ease being in her like that, like a well oiled (or more like a well-lubed) machine. At that moment, I swear, I loved her more than ever before, knowing she wanted him at that moment and was holding onto me in what felt like a death grip. Tipping her hips up at him I knew what he was feeling and I wasn't jealous. It was more that I genuinely wanted her to give it all to him. I was actually even mentally rooting for him to ‘take her’ since it was obvious she totally wanted him.

    I let go of her leg as he leaned forward and held them back with his arms. I slid up to near her head and touched her head, face, shoulder and breasts as he thrust into her. I LOVED it and I felt so alive being next to her at that moment. I was so taken with how she looked and how she felt next to me that I wasn't even looking at Dan fucking her, at least not at that moment.

    When I did look back down, my god, what a turn on. He'd push into her and he'd go from being almost all the way out of her and then plunging all the way back in so that he was totally into her and all I could see was his curly pubes up against her spread pussy lips. I could feel my cock throbbing as I realized he was so deep into her. Her hips were tilted up so he was plunging almost straight down into her and as I watched, I could hear how wet and open she was with this sucking squishing sound.

    I guess it's not crazy to say but I was actually really rooting for Dan as they were really getting into it. Suzanna had one or 2 fingers rubbing her clit and it was obvious she was on the verge of another huge orgasm. Her nipples were rock hard under my hands; her eyes were closed and her head was thrashing back and forth as she was pushing her hips up at him each time he thrust into her. Between that and the moaning coming from both of them it was totally intense. My cock was stiff and bobbing away right near her face but she was too much lost into getting fucked to notice it.

    I don’t know for how long this went on. Looking back it could have been 2 minutes or it could have been 20. All I know is that while it was going on I was wishing it would never have end as I literally could have watched forever but it didn't and I could tell that Dan was getting close.

    I just watched and I found myself wishing he'd really go at her even harder or deeper as she had obviously cum several times under him.

    Her pussy was so wet and so open. Her lips clung to his cock as he pulled almost all the way out of her (just like so many videos on the web) and then with his cock all white and creamy between her glistening thighs the lips slipped back in as he pushed back into her.

    I knew he was close and at that moment he looked at me and I looked at him and I guess that was a symbolic moment as I was smiling broadly and he knew I was happy for him. He shifted to give me a better view of him in her and the change of angle into her made her moan even more at that. I had wondered if he was the ‘hugging type’ that he would want to be hugging her and holding her tightly as he came in her but, nope, he seemed VERY content to stay almost upright and let me watch. He smiled back at me but we were silent as I don’t think any of us could have spoken intelligibly at that moment.

    As I said I was even rooting for him at that point and even I knew he was close. Finally it happened so quickly, he thrusted into her deeply and then pulled back just a bit and did it over and over and when I saw his eyes were closed I knew he was cumming in her and I knew he was done when he stopped moving. It was quiet for a second with everyone just breathing very heavily and I actually found myself eagerly waiting to see him pull out of her!

    For those few moments all I could think about was that this guy had just cum inside my wife and he was now enjoying the afterglow of feeling himself still in her and I knew what he was feeling as Suzanna calmed down from her orgasms; I knew he was feeling her pussy spasming as she caught her breath. I don’t know how I didn't explode at that moment. Maybe having cum just a while earlier helped but even so there was no doubt that I was on the edge!

    A moment later we all began to relax. Dan let her legs go and as he did so he began to pull out. Suzanna moaned and wrapped her legs behind him and pulled him in and said quietly, "no, wait just a bit longer...”

    He paused and a moment later I watched his softened cock slip out of her followed by a huge blob of cum. Wow, what a sight! I was so proud of her at that moment, seeing her just lying there like that basking in what was going on. Knowing she'd cum so many times and knowing Dan had just left another huge load in her, it was such a touching moment for me.

    We were all kind of moaning or making some sorts of sounds but nothing intelligible until he said, "Wow, that was great."

    All I could say was, "yeah, it was".

    Suzanna just lay there, totally naked and totally spread for us to see, and all she could do was look at us both and smile.

    I'd love to tell you that I immediately went down on her but I didn't. I did think about it but I couldn't do it, not right in front of Dan, that would have just felt like too much.

    He knelt back like he'd done that last time only this time his cock was softened and just wet from her. He stayed like that for a moment until he got up, leaned down to give Suzanna a kiss and whispered something in her ear and she said, "Okay." With that he looked at me and held his hand out and said, "Thanks, she's an incredible lady".

    I didn't say anything other than nodding acknowledging his thought. And with that he stood up and went to the bathroom.

    I lay down next to Suzanna and kissed her and told her how incredible she was and how I loved what had happened for us. We kissed and she asked me several times if I was okay and all I could do was say, yes, yes, yes, yes over and over.

    She had my cock in her hand and I was hard already. We were kissing when we heard Dan come back out of the bathroom. He'd obviously washed up and lingered to leave us alone for a few minutes. Suzanna had put her legs back together and we both sort of sat up as he started to talk to me/us. Pretty much just idle talk other than saying what a good time he'd had tonight. He thanked me again for arranging everything and he even said something about being sorry that this had taken this long for us all to get to. Suzanna was still quiet so I got out of bed and went to shake his hand as he was getting dressed. We talked for a few more minutes. He said, “We.. shouldn't sleep too late because of the snow...." and we joked with him that we'd be sure to be safe. He even said, "maybe we should do this again" and after a moment he said, "well, not all the time though, I do still like being alone with her." That was directed to me to which Suzanna smiled and said something like, "okay but maybe once in a while we should." We all seemed to agree.

    It was a bit odd with both Suzanna and I still being naked with him now fully dressed but he said, "... I should probably be going..." and with that Suzanna stood up and went to him and proceeded to give him one of the most passionate kisses and embraces I've ever seen. It was quite erotic seeing her naked in his arms like that but she seemed to be so normal about it that it reminded me of how comfortable they are with each other. She even spread her legs a bit and I could see his hand between them and his fingers in her as their kiss ended. She smiled and walked him into the alcove by the door and stood there kissing him again until he left.

    She came back into the room and threw herself at me telling me how wonderful I was and all that sort of stuff. She took my still stiff cock in her hand and teased me, "are you sure you're ready for another time already? I'm pretty worn out but you can surely have your turn if you want".

    She flopped back on the bed and lay there waiting for me. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I leaned in, knelt on the bed and got ready to go down on her. I think she thought I was just going to fuck her because she got up on her elbows and giggled and said something like,, "go ahead, I know you want to even if I'm really messy". How could I resist knowing she had 3 loads of cum in her! I didn't last too long, what I did lick off of her was pretty tart tasting and it only got me harder.

    She wasn't kidding when she said she was worn out, I slipped right into her and could feel how open and wet she was. It was different than how she felt when she gets home on Friday nights, so much wetter and more open. She squealed when she felt me bottom out in her and she teased me over and over about how I seemed to really like how she felt. Frothy cum was all over us as we got into it. It took me quite a while to get all the way there for my second time so soon after the first but she encouraged me on all the way telling me to remember how hot she looked with his cock in her and asking me if I liked watching them together.

    I finally got there. She was so open she just let me fuck her as hard and as deep as I wanted and finally, when I did cum that second time, it was as intense as the first one even if I didn't cum nearly as much. When we were done, I swear my balls and prostate felt like a kitchen sponge that had been wrung dry!

    It was almost 2am by this time and we snuggled in the hotel bed, avoiding the wet spots, and went to sleep.


    We didn't really talk much that night but we sure as hell did sleep really really well. The next morning Suzanna was VERY tender; her pussy was very swollen and engorged and still very wet. She even said it felt weird standing up with her legs together but then she added , "...it feels soooo good too!" She thanked me over and over again for how great the night had gone and she really seemed to want to hear from me that I had liked and enjoyed it.

    Even if I had a complaint (which I didn't) how could I possibly tell her that? I told her honestly that I had loved everything including seeing her let herself go with Dan as much as she could. She turned red, I guess feeling a bit embarrassed at what I'd seen of her, and then she giggled about it and laughed saying, "...I guess I let myself go didn't I?" adding something about, "but it was sooo good....".

    I joked back with her that it seemed like she would have done a whole bunch of guys with how she was and she giggled and said, "yeah, you'd probably love that wouldn't you?!". I told her, "if you wanted it...." She laughed and said, "no - no way - you two were more than enough for me!" and she pointed to her pussy indicating she'd had more than enough activity!

    We showered together and she started to tell me more of what they'd done while I was out of the room and how exciting it was for Dan to see her new lingerie and how they talked about how I'd gotten her ready. (Actually, we're still talking about it all!)

    I thought I'd have enough energy to go for another round Saturday morning but Suzanna backed away and said, "if you want me to be able to walk later, you're going to need to give me a break" That thought hung in my head all day.

    It was nice soaping her up and washing her off and she did the same for me then we dressed and started the journey home by way of her work to pick up her car.

    All is good and, hopefully, this may become a regular thing for us. Dan was certainly nice and civil to me and I think we could both have a good time if we were together the entire time instead of giving them time alone together but all of that is stuff that Suzanna will be discussing with him.

    In a way it was nice that we had that much fun since the next 2 weeks they won't be together and she'll probably have her period for one of them!


    New book time!

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