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. Journal of a Journey - Book Nineteen

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Aug 12, 2018.

. Journal of a Journey - Book Nineteen 3.5 5 2votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 19

    We talked and teased each other about her ‘new man’ and the effects were quite apparent as she commented several times both Saturday and last night, that my cock felt HUGE to her. I joked back that her pussy felt small to me! Again it was near simultaneous orgasms for both of us that my letting loose in her totally set her off. Biting her lip (our daughter was home and in her room) she thrashed her head about but also bucked her hips up at me with each thrust.

    Afterwards as we lay in bed she leaned over and started to talk quietly to me asking me how I'm going to like ‘sharing her’ again and then her telling me how wet I'd made her and how she ‘wonders how much Ray can cum’.

    After this kind of talk, she reached over into my boxers and gave my cock a few tugs and looked up at me and said, "will you do it for me?" and then added, "I want to do myself too!”

    How could I say no? A moment later she'd pulled the blankets back, slid her panties down as I slid my boxers off and we both lay there masturbating together. She told me that she can't get the idea of Ray fucking her out of her mind as I stroked myself. She was clearly hornier than I was as within just a few minutes she pulled her knees back and I could hear her fingers squishing and out of her wet pussy until she let out this intense sexual moan and I felt her body stiffen next to mine.

    A minute later she rolled over on her side next to me and began to whisper stuff in my ear to spur me on. I didn't need much encouragement, just seeing her fingers in her wet pussy was enough for me to be on my way. She told me to imagine all sorts of things and I was just about there when she said that she liked watching me jerk-off. I'm not sure if she knew how close I was but she then said that, "maybe you'll have to do this more often (jerk-off) once I start to see Ray".

    I didn't need to hear any more and a second later I let out a grunt and she giggled as I started to spurt all over my stomach and hands. As I finished she reached down and put her hand on mine for the last few strokes and said as I finished, "that is so hot seeing you cum like that for me".


    I don't think Suzanna would necessarily listen to me if I were to say that I wanted to stop all of this. I think what I'm trying to say more accurately is that she really wants this now and that I think she'd be disappointed (maybe even very disappointed).

    However, I will say clearly here that I DO NOT WANT HER TO STOP. I cannot really describe how thrilled I am that Suzanna actually WANTS sex with someone else and isn't at all hesitant to tell me so. That to me is just incredibly exciting to know that my wife wants another guy. I know this was something that I'd said I'd wished for, to see this in her desire, when this all began.

    It turns me on no end to think that my sweetheart of a wife is now loving thinking about having another cock to fuck. It has totally invigorated our sex life to the point now that friends of ours are calling us ‘newlyweds’.

    The other thing I can say honestly and openly now is that I no longer feel our relationship is threatened or even endangered by any of this. I think during the earlier times when Suzanna was seeing Peter that did feel that we may have been playing with fire and I did have misgivings about how I felt and my concerns. Now, it's become so easy for me to talk to Suzanna about it and vice-versa. I've told her many times that I love knowing she likes fucking other guys and that it is almost intoxicating to know she loves it too. I used to feel reluctant to express that I enjoyed knowing she's sharing her pussy but now, just the brief thought of it turns me on so much.

    A part of me wants to speed all of this up between her and Ray; I feel like I just want to go over his place with her, strip her down and give her to him. The other part of me knows that we both want this to work out as something for the long-term. Something about the chemistry seems very right so actually both of us are going to let this play out as ‘naturally’ as it can.


    Looking back I will admit that I underestimated the potential downsides. Fortunately, Suzanna kept her word and kept her emotions under control despite a lot of temptation. I am definitely lucky in that sense to have had her keep me in her heart no matter what else happened.

    These past few months have been very interesting to look back on. There has been a tremendous increase in communication between us and, of course, there has been a very deep and maybe even profound appreciation for each other emotionally, physically and sexually.

    As for communication, I can recall early on that it was difficult to speak openly and straight-forwardly about what we were doing with Peter. I certainly found it difficult to express my feelings, whatever they were. Maybe it was a fear of ruining what may have been developing but now I don't have those concerns and it's not just about sex. Actually, opening up and being able to talk openly about sex seems to have spilled over everywhere. Even watching the news together, we are both much more spontaneous about saying what we were thinking. That IS a change for sure as I suspect most marriages move in the opposite direction where a staid silence is the norm.

    It's also elsewhere that these past few months have shown changes. There seems to be so much more closeness between us. Walking around the mall we'll hold hands now. We went hiking at a nearby park and took a break to ‘make out’ with her leaning back on a tree and me holding her closely. When we're just at friends or with family they call us ‘newlyweds’ and our kids keep saying ‘get a room’.

    Sexually, wow, I know it's all in my head (and hers) but there is simply no doubt that we are both hot for each other. Slowly undressing her now and enjoying the seduction (as I've seen it played out with her, maybe that's what my subconscious is thinking) is almost as exciting as the sex itself.

    As for the sex, I know how it is for me. Again, it's all in my head, but there is just something SOOOO intoxicating feeling her and knowing she's enjoyed other men just like this. What a turn-on and, holy crap, does it bring out the orgasm in me! I wouldn't be so excited by this if it was just me but it is obvious that she feels the same way! From how wet and open she gets to how eager she is to have me fill her, there is no doubt that she is equally, if not more, horny than I am. To feel her cum, sometimes at the same time, leaves me in no doubt.

    I actually find myself at ease when I think of her and Ray. We talk about it openly and she'll surprise me and tease me at times. Like one time as she was changing she turned to me, shake her chest towards me and say, "Do you think Ray will like these?"

    Other times it'll be me; one time we were in bed and I had my fingers between her legs and I said to her, "I wonder how his fingers will feel?”

    At this point I almost feel sorry for Ray. He's not the type of guy to really go out and just chase women so I'm pretty sure he hasn't had sex since he left Joanne (and probably for weeks before that). I've said this to Suzanna and she's giggled and we've both talked quite openly about it. She told me that's why she was a bit brazen last weekend, so she'll be the one he chases when he's ready. She says she wants to help him along and I told her plainly that I thought it would be nice if she did.


    This morning Suzanna joked with me that she, "may just have to go to the food-store again this evening" on her way home to see if maybe she'll run into Ray again!

    I joked with her that maybe this would become their modus-operandi; that they'd meet in the food-store and plan their rendezvous. She giggled and smiled but didn't say ‘no’ and I commented that maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea as a way to get him more comfortable with her, etc. She smiled again and exchanged a look with me that I interpreted as both ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ combined.


    In bed last night Suzanna was quite animated. I knew she was horny from how she'd been behaving all day and was proved correct last night when she ceremoniously locked our bedroom door and opened her robe to reveal her naked body underneath. She stood in front of me, undressed me, pushed me to the bed and then got on top of me. She lay my cock back against my stomach and then she proceeded to rub her pussy up and down over the length of my cock so I could feel both how hot she was and wet she was.

    When we rolled back over and started to kiss again and began running our hands all over each other she again asked me if I thought Ray was going to like her being all bare. I laughed at her and again told her there was no man in his right mind who wouldn't like her and her bare pussy. I then looked at her and said, "Do you think Joanne would have ever done this for him?"

    She giggled and said based on what we'd heard about their relationship she'd be surprised if they'd even had sex and that I was probably right, that Ray may have never seen or had a bare one!

    That led to yet another fairly explicit conversation between us that included her suggesting that Ray might be trustworthy enough that maybe she wouldn't feel the need to have him use condoms. I smiled and said, "I expect no less from you" and that I was sure she'd use her best judgement. Then I added, "I know what you like!”

    She giggled back at me and reminded me that, "You like it best that way too!”

    I couldn't deny that and as we began to fuck the conversation drifted to her openly admitting again that she missed having another guy to fuck and to have another cock to cum in her. She felt my reaction and encouraged me to tell her what I wanted. I was a bit lost in enjoying the thoughts she'd planted plus I totally loved burying my cock deep in her and feeling her wetness pulling and sucking at me.

    I told her again that I loved to think about her fucking another guy. We were looking right into each other’s eyes. I told her that I loved that she was going to let Ray have her and that, "I hoped he was going to fuck the hell out of her".

    She squealed and I swear she may have orgasmed right then but I was on a roll and I just kept it going and told her that, "I hoped he would cum a lot in her ... " and that, " ... she'd come home to me all wet and used". I felt her feet and legs wrap around me as all she was saying was, "oh yeah" and "I hope so".

    It all became just moans and unintelligible sounds as after a few more moments our passions built. Then she started to really push up at me as I was pounding into her and I changed my motion a tiny bit to rub against her clit more. That was it, she let loose with a scream and I could feel her pussy spasming. A moment later just before she'd stopped cumming, her eyes opened wide as she felt me let loose in her and I guess it was one of those moment as she kept telling me that she could feel me cumming and then how ‘hot’ it felt in her and her saying, "wow, you must have really needed that" from how much of our juices came oozing out afterwards.

    I can still think back to when she would have been all shy about that and would have scurried off to the bathroom. Not now for she, almost proudly, just lay there, one leg straight out flat on the bed and her other bent at the knee leaving her wet and messy pussy clearly on display! She giggled when she saw me look between her legs and she just said, "you made a mess in me!”

    Damn, I do love her.

    We cleaned up together in the bathroom and she giggled again while we waited for the water to warm up in the sink. I looked down at her and a trickle of our cum had started to run down one of her thighs.


    Despite a lack (that I know of) contact with Ray, Suzanna is still quite aroused at the thoughts of all of this. She's enjoying playing the hot-wife role at times, including last night.

    I knew something was up with how she was smiling and very ‘huggy’ with me when I got home from work yesterday. I regretted having to go out for a while last night and not getting back home till about 10pm. I came in and the house was dark (I knew our daughter had gone to bed early as she'd called me and said goodnight) and something told me to be quiet going upstairs.

    Sure enough, even down the hall, I could hear the buzz of her vibrator and as I approached our bedroom I could hear the quiet moans. I thought about bursting in on her but instead I let her have her time alone. I had a wicked hard-on as I heard her moaning louder and then more softly at times. As I walked away and down the stairs I decided that it really turned me on to leave her at that moment and let her enjoy her passion.

    I went back to the car and went and got some gas (damn $3.69 a gallon!!!) and then came back maybe 15 minutes later. This time I made more noise coming in and by the time I came up the stairs, the lights were on in the bedroom.

    I came in and she came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and I could see on her face that she'd only just finished her pleasure maybe a few minutes earlier. I didn't look in the bathroom but I knew she had been washing off her vibrator. As I got changed I turned my head and saw her sneaking the vibrator back into her nightstand.

    A short while later I lay in bed and she came into bed and she took off her robe leaving her just wearing panties and she slid a long-t-shirt over her bare breasts hiding them from me. It was obvious from the lump in my pants that I was turned on and she got in under the covers and I rolled to her and started to kiss her.

    She kissed me briefly but said that she'd, "rather not tonight" and then said that I, "should probably go back to having a night for myself again soon".

    I got up on my elbows and looked at her and she said, "You know, I like getting horny for my dates," and, "I'm hoping that'll start again so I think maybe you should also".

    I told her that I was hoping to have had HER tonight and she giggled and said, "don't be silly, Jim took care of me earlier tonight while you were out!”

    Damn, she must have seen my cock throb as she said that. I told her that only made me want her more and she said, "well, you'll just have to wait" and after a moment she put her hand on mine and she said in this seductively sexy voice, "I think you'll need to take care of it tonight" and she moved my hand to the bulge in my boxers!

    I looked at her and said, "You want to watch?" and she smiled and nodded her head and quietly said, "Yes". She dimmed the lights a bit and when she came back, she pulled the blankets down and again, put my hand now right on my cock. I slid them down and she giggled at how hard and horny I seemed to be. As I started to stroke she snuggled in next to me and said, “how nice it is that you can take care of yourself".

    Between her breathing in my ear and saying stuff, I was really horny and very much getting into a really good rhythm. She started to talk and tease me about saying how she will soon have 3 cocks for her, me, Jim (her dildo) and Ray. That had me really stroking. She then said that she was so satisfied from earlier that she didn't want or need anything else for her so her panties were staying on! Damn, did that get me going and then she said that she thought I might need to be sure I was really satisfied.

    At first I didn't understand what she was saying as I was so focused on all sorts of things once she mentioned keeping her panties on. It wasn't until I was really close to cumming that I realized what she'd meant. She must have known I was close as just about then she leaned in and said, "here, let me help you with this first time." she leaned in, pushed my hand away and gently started to suck me. It only took a moment or so until I started to thrust into her mouth and a moment after that I let loose and started to cum and cum in her mouth. It's always so nice when she will finish me off like that. She giggled as she sucked her mouth off my cock and after I'd stopped trembling she kissed her way up to my mouth and kissed me and on her tongue I could taste my cum.

    I lay there next to her for a while and we talked for a bit about nothing much, she turned the TV on and we watched a new show. About 20 minutes at a commercial she leaned over and started to kiss me again. As she kissed me, one hand went to my cock in my boxers and she pulled back and smiled when she felt me get a little hard for her.

    I knew what she wanted and to be honest, she didn't even need to ask me to do it. I smiled at her and said, "I could go again if that's what you want?"

    She giggled back her answer and said, "Can you? I'd like to watch," and so, in the dim light of the flickering TV, I slid my boxers down one more time and lay back and started to stroke. I knew it'd take longer this time and it did but with her encouragement and teasing about how, "it's good that you can relieve yourself when I won't be here to help you," well, let’s just say that my mind was already in that direction and I really didn't need all that much more stimulation. A few minutes later I told her, "soon...." and she smiled and lay her head on my stomach. Sure enough, a few moments after that I started to cum.

    I think she likes seeing that my second, and then third time (yes, before the end of the show she encouraged me to do it a 3rd time) that when I do cum, how it just dribbles out instead of big spurts. She always giggles at the 3rd time where there's not much more than maybe one or two small spurts and then just a little dribble at the end.

    Not much more was really said last night but this morning she was all giggly as she squeezed my cock as I got out of the shower and she smiled and said, "how little he is when he's all drained out". I smiled and said that I hoped she was going to enjoy Jim again tonight as I was going to be out of commission.

    I love seeing her wanting some of this for herself now; her suggesting, even telling me, that she wants to watch me, etc. What a change in her.


    The past week has been busy so there hasn't been much sex-banter/teasing going on but the spring weather this weekend has definitely had its effect and I'm expecting the logjam with Ray to break loose soon. She's been talking about wanting me to start asking Ray to do some stuff. I wasn't sure what she was suggesting when she said, "you know, ask him to come over and help you out in the yard. I reckon he should have some free time". A moment later she called out, "tell him that I'll cook him dinner ... that should help convince him....."

    Looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me.

    I've already told her that tomorrow evening I'll see if I can say I was, "in the neighborhood" and stop in and see Ray and see if he can give me a hand with a legit project next weekend. I have this huge jungle-gym play thing in our backyard that hasn't been used by any kids in years now. Sounds like a good opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, get help tearing it down (unfortunately, it’s mostly pressure-treated wood so I can't burn it) and see if I can kindle a fire between him and Suzanna.


    It’s almost 9pm and Suzanna has done everything but strip naked in front of me since I got home from work.

    Yes, I did it. I went by Ray’s place on my way home and I saw his car was there so I stopped and knocked on his door. I caught him off guard and he told me to come in while he went back to cooking his dinner (I think I said he was a pretty good cook after all).

    I opened us 2 beers while he got whatever he was cooking into the oven and we talked for a bit. He thanked us for all the hospitality and I returned the compliment that we'd had fun at his place too. Then, as a friend, I asked him if the weather was going to be nice this weekend, if he'd have some time to maybe give me a hand with some stuff and told him about taking down the kids’ old ‘jungle-gym’. Before he could answer I threw in that, "Suzanna says she'll cook dinner". With that he said, "mmm - home cooking - sure".

    We talked about nothing like the basketball game last night (I didn't watch it but I sounded like I did!!) and other stuff while we killed the beers. I told him I needed to get home for my own dinner and then I suggested he maybe bring a change of clothes in case it's tougher than we thought taking apart my construction! He laughed and said he'd bring his sledge hammer. (That struck me as funny at the moment when he said that inasmuch that could become Suzanna’s nickname for his cock if I told her about it; funny at the moment!)

    So, I get home maybe half an hour later than usual and Suzanna corners me in the foyer with, "why are you late?" with this smile on her face. When I told her where I'd been she followed me up to the bedroom and immediately started with, "tell me all about it". (I did NOT tell her the sledge-hammer thought I'd had).

    I told her what I said to him and she smiled when I told her about the change-of-clothes. Not sure what she's thinking about that but it seemed to have been the right thing to say as while I got changed out of my work clothes, she pulled me down to the bed and nearly smothered me with kisses and rubbing herself against me. I joked, "I'll have to invite him to dinner more often!" and that only resulted in even more animation from her.

    After a few minutes she slid off of me and I joked with her and said, "wait till later" and she looked back at me with the most sexy look and just said, "I will, oh don’t you worry, I will".

    She played footsie with me all through dinner and just before as I was sitting at the table reading the newspaper, she came in and had obviously taken her bra off because as she rubbed herself against my back, I could feel her hard nipples.

    I cannot wait for our daughter to go to bed to see just how stoked up her furnace is.

    I still can't figure out what she's thinking for this weekend, after all our daughter will probably be home and I just don't see them jumping into bed yet. Whatever, it's gotten her wicked horny tonight.


    Suzanna isn't looking to have sex with Ray on Saturday, at least that's not the plan as of now. I guess I should explain more but the general plan is to have him come over and give me a hand in the backyard. Suzanna plans on being the ‘model wife’ and bring us drinks and such during the day and she's hoping to sidle up to Ray and give him a little subtle encouragement.

    I'm thinking that our daughter will probably be with us for dinner but she has already said several times that she doesn't want to hang-around with us ‘adults’ so she's already asked if she can go over a friend’s house.


    Last night as part of foreplay we went over various scenarios including me taking our daughter over to her friend’s house and leaving Suzanna here with Ray. So I asked her as we were getting into sex last night, "so are you thinking of having sex with him while I'm out?"

    Her immediate response was, "I wasn't thinking of that" and after a moment's pause she said, "but I'm hoping to get us moving in that direction". I asked her what she was thinking and she said that if I were to go out to drop our daughter off that she ‘hoped’ that maybe her and Ray might finally kiss and she joked that this time maybe it'd lead to a bit more.

    So I guess there's a chance something could happen but from what I'm getting from Suzanna, she wants to enjoy the chase a bit and she wants to put herself out there and give Ray the idea that she IS available if he wanted to pursue it.

    My suggestion of him bringing a change of clothes was made as a way to keep him here longer and have the afternoon run into the evening without him having to run home to shower and change so we won't be quite so sweaty for dinner.

    I think it's going to be too hard to have every possible thing planned for so neither of us is approaching this as really anything more than an opportunity to get things started between them. Suzanna’s hinted that maybe she'd wear something sexy and resume giving Ray a glimpse of her panties or maybe a lacy bra, etc. She joked that maybe if I went out that, if she felt brave enough, that she'd jokingly ask Ray if he was enjoying ‘the sights’....


    Last night in bed I asked Suzanna what her thoughts were exactly for Ray.

    She rolled to her side and turned to me, her head up on one elbow and she started caressing my chest and said that she definitely wants to have sex with Ray. Just the way she said it, so calmly, was already turning me on. But she went further and explained and confirmed what I'd posted earlier - that this time she wants it to be different. She said she wants to tease him and as I'd said - let him know that she would be receptive to him if he wanted her. But she made it clear that she wants him to WANT her.

    I was going to ask something else but she seemed so relaxed talking that I just let her keep going. She told me that she wants to have him ‘chase and seduce’ her but that she will also let him have some hints.

    I didn't need to ask if she'd had fun teasing him the last time when she let him get a glimpse of her panties a few times. She looked up at me and said, "you were right, that can be a lot of fun sometimes" (she had long said she didn't like "flashing" guys but would do it because I liked it - and now she'd apparently understood how fun it can be herself!).

    I asked her (again) if she thought there was a chance that she'd want a quickie with him or something when he's over but she said that she didn't think so. She caught me looking at her questioningly and hesitated and then said that she'd like their first time to be when they aren't rushed adding, "If you know what I mean".

    I understood her perfectly as it reminded me immediately of our conversation where I'd said that the first woman he's with since Joanne is really going to get it good. What a turn-on to think that Suzanna wants it to be her.

    At that point I had a wicked hard-on and she knew it. She giggled when she reached down into my boxers and gave me a firm squeeze. As she started to tug at me she whispered in my ear in this almost child-like tease, "He’s gonna fuck my pussy .... He’s gonna fuck my pussy..... He’s gonna fuck my pussy...."

    I started moaning and meeting her hand with my own thrusts and she stopped for a second and then put my hand on my own cock. I knew she wanted me to do it for a while and sure enough she pulled the covers down and watched.

    This is where it got interesting. Now don't get me wrong, I love jerking off for Suzanna. If we're not going to fuck or she's not going to give me a blow-job then jerking off in front of her is definitely the next best thing. I love knowing she's watching and wanting to see me spew all over.

    I started to get into it. She'd gotten me started up and even after the awesome sex the night before, I was horned up for sure. So, I'm stroking away and she starts to say to me stuff like, "you know, I'll bet Ray would like it better if I'm clean for him .... you know, like Dan did .... are you going to be okay with that .... I kinda like that idea now ...."

    Hearing that, my cock was like a piece of steel as she was talking and she KNEW it. She saw my response in my hand as she kept talking. She said that again using different words, "... you're okay waiting for me, right?" and it didn't take long before I was on the edge.

    She looked up at me and said, "do you want me to?"

    As if she needed to ask. I grunted an enthusiastic "yeah" and she leaned over, took my hand off and took me into her mouth. As soon as she got into motion I pushed gently into her mouth and that was it, I let loose almost immediately and she gently sucked and stroked me until I was done. Fucking incredible!

    She giggled when she pulled off of me and said, "hmmm, I wonder if Ray is going to enjoy it that much too?”

    All I could do was groan in reply.


    It’s happened. As she left for work this morning she made some excuse about having, “to swing by Ray’s” before she came home. From the moment she left the house I was on tenterhooks knowing exactly what her plan was and what was going to be happening when she got there and the thought of her giving herself to Ray kept my cock hard the whole day long.

    It was about 7:30 when I heard her car pull up outside; I leapt to open the front door so eager was I to see her and to find out if my imagination had been correct. She came in with that dreamy look and a slight smile playing on her lips.

    She could see that I was in a state of agitation but she said nothing to answer my unasked questions; she just gave me a kiss on the cheek as she swept by. God, she knew exactly how to play me.

    I followed her to the kitchen and took her in my arms and gave her a hug and a proper kiss; there was no mistaking it; she smelt of sex and of having enjoyed a good fucking. I pulled up her skirt and slid my finger up her legs toward her pussy. Even before I reached her swollen lips I could feel the heat radiating from her and I almost came myself as my hand slipped through the slickness of ‘someone else’s’ cum that was trickling down her thighs. I asked her a stupid question, “Have You?”

    She slapped my hand away and with a giggle said, “you’ll have to wait until later to find out. Right now, I’m too hungry to think of anything else but Dinner”.

    So the games begin and my heart was racing as I contemplated bedtime with my head filled with thoughts that we were clearly back on the road that was signposted “Cuckold”.


    It's interesting, working from home today, I sat out on the deck and had lunch in the gorgeous weather we're having today. While I sat there I thought about the pattern that seems to be repeating itself where Suzanna is now seeing Ray on a pretty regular basis of every Thursday. I'm not sure what it is about Thursdays!

    What I see very clearly now in Suzanna is that she seems to almost ‘need’ this. I mean we were fine after she'd ended thing with Dan but I can say that over time, the sexual inferno that had been burning had faded a bit. The memories were still quite intense and arousing and fuelled our own desires with each other but now that she's back to having someone else on a regular/more frequent basis the changes in her are unmistakeable. Not only is she calmer both with me, work and our kids, but she also seems to have so much more energy despite us not sleeping more (actually less if truth be told). It's also how she responds to us that's so much more alive and in-tune. Not only is sex in the forefront a lot more between us but that excitement and arousal seems to trickle over into every area of our time together.

    Our kids think it's just the spring/summer weather but I see more than they do. I sometimes wonder if it's chemical in nature and not just physical. Even in general (I mean I'm thinking back to when we first got together) like most couples, we fucked like bunnies, everywhere, multiple times. Over the years, that died down and so did a lot of the other interpersonal arousal but once we got started with Peter and then Dan, things between us and between Suzanna and most everyone else also got better.

    I think back to when we've gone on vacations ourselves and after the first day or two she also would perk up and by the end of the vacation, she'd be her bubbly old self. So, is it chemical in, to put it bluntly, how much cum she gets in her; was our old two times a week not enough? Just thinking out loud.


    I have a few more hours till she gets home and hopefully, will have time for a quickie (if not longer) before we have to tend to dinner. I have been thinking about her having dinner with all of us and her pussy still full of Ray’s cum. Damn that is a horny thought.


    I'm now eagerly waiting to get some time with her tonight as she got home too late for any fun before dinner and all she's let me do since is to get a quick feel of her wet pussy. She says she's had to clean things up a bit so it won't be all wet and sticky for me later. Damn if I don't have a hard-on that feels like an iron bar waiting for an opportunity to sink into her furnace.


    It’s a week and a half ago days since I last wrote but I do recall that Thursday though as it was a new feeling to have to wait until later to finally have her. I had to sit opposite her at dinner knowing that she'd cleaned up in anticipation of later and it was very arousing being forced to wait. I mean I've had to wait for her in the past when it'd take her a while to get home after Dan's or even when I was with her still having to wait until later but this was different and it was a turn-on for sure. Needless to say, it wasn't all that much after I'd posted that last update that she came upstairs and let me have her.

    I recall that we were both horny on Friday and that, surprise, her monthly visitor arrived on Saturday night. (I say surprise because in the past few months, she's had times when she's skipped right through without much of anything and like it's down to like 3 days now too. More about this in a bit).

    So that worked out good because by last Tuesday night we were both horny again. Thing was, she'd joked with me that morning that she hoped she'd be ‘done’ by that night or I'd have to wait. I joked back and reminded her that she'd said I could have her on Wednesday if I used a condom. She looked back at me and smiled and said,"yes, I did say that".

    So, when she was horny that night and she said she'd just cleaned up and was ready for some fun. I was all for it because I was surely horny too but I'll confess here that there's a part of me that was maybe hoping I would have had to have waited till Wednesday. Of course, I could have said I'd wanted her again on Wednesday but I like the eagerness that I develop waiting for her on Thursday.

    Before I update about this past Thursday I guess I should get my thoughts straight and say that we talked about a bunch of stuff while she had her period. One of the things we talked about was Thursdays over the summer when the kids are home. It started with the statement from her that she wasn't going to give up her fun with Ray and that the only way it would work for the summer was for her to see him in the afternoons. I wasn't really following at first but then she pretty much came out and asked me how I'll have to wait like I did that past Thursday afternoon. She quickly added that it wouldn't be all the time but that if they (the kids) were going to be home around then, there just wasn't much choice.

    It was interesting because it's one of the first times she's taken a pretty strong stand and it was incredibly intoxicating to hear that coming from her, how incredibly sexy was all I could think, how my little wifey now truly wanting this time with another man. She put her finger under my chin and pulled my attention to her and said she promised that she'll make it up to me afterwards.

    I asked her if I could maybe feel her before she got changed and cleaned up, like she'd let me and she giggled and said, "of course, if that's what you really want"; a quick giggle and then, "you are crazy" in a playful voice.

    At one point I joked with her that it seemed like she was horny all the time and she sort of joking/sort of serious replied that she said that she's felt that way since she started with Ray. I joked back that, "the more you have it, the more you want it". She laughed and agreed.

    I have to say that a part of me is still thinking it's somehow chemical, maybe with her going through menopause, less estrogen and maybe more testosterone with cum in her? Whatever, damn, I never expected her to be this sexual at this age. Maybe that’s what's such a thrill about all of this.


    After we'd had our fun on Tuesday night she let me watch her clean up and I guess she was still a little messy from her period that she asked me to leave the bathroom. She flung the door shut but I looked in through the crack and I watched her douche.

    I've seen her do it before for me but this was a bit of a turn-on when I thought that she's doing it for Ray and it was a turn-on that she was washing out my cum or at least that's the thought that went through my head. Had I not just had sex with her, I'm sure that moment would have been one that turned me on incredibly but it was a bit dulled by the post-orgasm feelings I still had.

    It seemed to feel almost normal for her to pull on a pair of panties and lie back in bed next to me and cuddle up. She didn't need to say anything and I didn't need to ask as I knew why she'd put them on.

    As we lay there, her head on my stomach looking up towards the TV, she knew I was turned on by my semi-hard cock still poking up at her. She grabbed it and gently stroked it and asked me (me looking at the back of her head) whether I was still horny.

    I moaned yes, "uh huh" to her and she stroked me a bit more and asked me in a quiet voice, “Did you watch me in the bathroom after I’d closed the door".

    I moaned another yes to her but she knew the answer from how my cock felt. She didn't say or ask anything more but she did lean down more and gently sucked at me while she stroked me. At first I wasn't sure whether she was going to do it all or, like she'll do sometimes, ask me to help finish it off but when I felt her start to really suck me I knew she was going to.

    Damn, it's been a while since she's sucked me like that and having just cum earlier, it took a while but there was no doubt for either of us that she wanted me to cum again and I knew I was going to. A few minutes later she turned on the bed such that I could see her body, her breasts and her panties. She must have seen me looking because she spread her legs and when I saw the wet-spot in the panties was when I gently held her head and came again.

    There's really nothing more to say. The feeling of her sucking me and how connected we felt to each other that night, there is simply no doubt of how we feel about each other.


    Wednesday seemed to come and go so quickly and this past Thursday was chaos at work so the time passed quickly. Quickly enough that it wasn't until I got her text message about 3:30pm that I realized she was already at Ray’s. I had tried to get online at work but I realized that it's the router there is giving me grief (and that required some time to go reset it and reboot everything).

    She did come home just before dinner. I’d already got myself mentally ready to wait for her till afterwards and sure enough, when she came in I tried to follow her upstairs but she shooed me away and she said she wanted a few minutes. I was annoyed but I did have stuff ready to go onto the grill and the like so I fought my urge to follow her and opened a beer instead. I heard her upstairs but it seemed like she was back very quickly and she came into the kitchen and whispered in my ear, "I'll still be wet for you later, I’ve just put a pad in".

    You cannot imagine how I felt when I heard her say that; instant hard-on. Only the corn-on-the-cob boiling over pulled me out of the daze I was in.


    I can't even remember dinner , all I can remember is urgently waiting for us to get upstairs. It wasn't romantic at all; it was nothing but pure sexual hornyness. She undressed as fast as I did and just stood there in just her panties, looked at me and said, "you can take them off me".

    She stood there and I knelt next to her and pulled them down. It was like opening a birthday present seeing her soft skin, reddened and slightly swollen, glistening in the dim light. I pulled them down further but the next thing that I can say that stands out was the smell from her pussy, the smell of semen and sex suddenly overtook me as I slid her panties down.

    The pad she'd put in the crotch had a distinct wet-spot and her pussy lips were glistening where they came together. I pushed her back onto the bed and she lay at the edge. I didn't have to say anything, we were totally silent, but she lay back and then pulled her knees back. I still knelt on the floor and just moved forward a little and I was ready for her.

    I used both hands to spread her open and took my first lick of her. It was heavenly. She felt so warm and wet. I knew the tang in her sweetness was Ray’s cum but I focused on that I was licking it from HER and that made it all so incredible.

    We both knew I would only be doing it for a moment. The hard-on between my legs needed relief. She slid back on the bed and I climbed up and on top and I slid into her effortlessly. I love how she feels after she's had good sex; the tightness that I sometimes feel in her pussy is totally gone replaced by this incredible sensation of warmth and welcome.

    I looked down and seeing my cock in her I wondered how she looked with Ray in her. I knew she'd spent the afternoon naked with him and that he was as responsible for her arousal at that point as I was. It was, and always is, a turn-on to know he was responsible for how wet and open she was.

    She must have known I'd need a little more stimulation as I started to really enjoy her deeply she started to talk to me finally. She told me how Ray had really enjoyed her and how he'd taken a long time to cum the second time. I got a huge step closer to exploding when I heard her say ‘second time’.

    She told me how Ray loves her walking around naked and she giggled as she told me that he likes how she looks ‘all wet from him’. I was almost there when she started saying other stuff (and I'm not even sure if what she's saying is from just earlier that evening or not) but when she told me how she felt a ‘dribble down her leg when she was leaving’ that was it, damn, I let her have it but good. She was on the edge too and when I started to cum, she joined right in with me as we rocked back and forth together.

    Friday night we had a school presentation to go to so our ardour was put in check until last night.


    Ray works as a self-employed general contractor. That much I know. I'm assuming he goes from jobsite to jobsite checking on how things are going and can arrange his schedule to suit himself. At least that's what Suzanna’s shared with me and from what I know about how gc's work. Seems like they always have spare time!

    Suzanna doesn't tell me exactly when she leaves work but I'm suspecting it's between 2:30 and 3pm. She gets in pretty early, usually by about 8-8:30am, and if she works through lunch, she's really only leaving an hour or an hour and a half early. She also works from home so whatever she doesn't get to during the work-day can be attended to later. We are both fortunate to have that luxury.

    She usually gets home by about 6:30-7:00pm so they have maybe 3 1/2 hours together or so. I can tell by how she's describing their time together that she's reached the point she did with both Dan and Peter where she doesn't really need much seduction from Ray. Ray is closer to our age (probably in his mid-late 40's). Dan was much younger, he was still in his 30's, I believe, and yes, I envied him when I think back to how I was in my 30's and able to go multiple times. I'm sure over the next few years that Ray might slow down too but maybe not if Suzanna keeps at him!

    I enjoy writing. I probably should have been an author or something in that line as even the technical papers I write at work receive compliments from others on content and format. I will also say that I have gone back so many times and re-read what I've written.

    Sometimes it’s just to re-live an experience again or to get my head back into that mind-set but many other times I've gone back and filled an evening with masturbation as I let myself re-experience what's happened. That's what also keeps me writing as when I go back, I can put myself back in time to the moment including the emotions.

    I will say that one of the moments I have jerked-off to so many times was the night we were all at Dan’s and he was fucking her as she tried to suck me. I am so happy I wrote the little details about that night as I've re-lived them so many times, from how it felt to start to cum with just Suzanna holding my cock to how Dan's cock looked as he pulled it out of her.

    Another moment that I have re-read a lot is how I felt the first time I saw Suzanna let Peter have her. Even re-reading that, I get a little of the nauseous feeling that I had that night. Again, I've re-read that so many times because for as ill as it made me feel back then, reading it now it is an awesome turn-on.


    I do agree that it seems a bit incredulous that we are doing all of this but it’s not really that much. I mean, so what, she sees her boyfriend once a week and they fuck once or twice. I think when you put it that way, is it really so odd to think about?

    For me, I can definitely say that over the past 6 months to a year or so, since her real peak with Dan, that I've become very comfortable and VERY okay that she fucks other guys. It is still a huge turn-on to me but the shock and awe of it does seem to have faded a bit. Not that it's gone away. Maybe a better way would be to say that it seems normal now. I mean I've always known and been turned on that Suzanna had always loved guys cumming in her (me included) and I'd enjoyed knowing the guys before me had done so, even the guys I knew at work. It just never bothered me.

    What I do love most of all is that she is so sexual now. It's as though the slutty side of her that would previously only come out when we were on vacation is now out all the time. It is so incredible to see her see to be so alive. If fucking other guys gives this to her, then I'm all for it. Life would suck if I were married to someone like Ray's ex Joanne.


    It is Tuesday evening and I am quite horny both to have some time with Suzanna and, honestly, to see her pull on her panties afterwards and turn and look at me. I do look forward to that moment each week now.


    She is surely at Ray’s now and I surely know what they're doing.

    It is never boring for me. From the moment she pulled on her panties last night after we made love to the moment I'll get to take them back off of her later tonight, if I give myself a moment to think about it, my cock becomes rock hard.

    I think it helps if you truly love your wife. I mean yeah, she's having sex with someone else, sure, but I focus more on the pleasure she is having and what it's done for her and for us to have any misgivings. Yes, she may hold him tight as they share their passion (and I'm sure she's shouted many times that she loves him at the peak of their pleasure) and, yes, all of that does give me that edgy anxiety that I seem to crave. I'm sure others in this situation feel this way when they know their wives/partners are out without them.


    What can I say other than my nuts feel like they've been sucked dry by her pussy last night? She came bounding in seeming so happy about 6:45pm. Our daughter was engrossed in something on TV and she hadn't even noticed that her mom wasn't home yet. Our son vanished for the night after getting out of work yesterday.


    I was so hoping for a quickie before dinner but it wasn't to be. She kissed me deeply and I started talking sweet and such and suggested we head upstairs but she kissed me deeply and asked if we could wait. I was about to say something about me being horny when she said, "I could use a little break and I'm famished".

    I knew if I pushed it, she would have gone along with it but it wouldn't have been as good as it could have been. She kissed me again and said, "Can you wait a little while longer?" and she reached down and held my cock through my pants and giggled at how hard I felt.

    "You can have a quick feel" she said followed by, "I had to clean up a little bit..... sorry". I kissed her as she pulled the front of her skirt up for me and I slipped my hand inside her panties. Her skin felt sticky and damp. As we kissed she spread her legs a bit and squatted down a bit for me and that let me push my fingers up in her and, damn, I nearly came in my pants. She pulled my hand out and said, "it'll still be there for while and I'm sure I'll be horny again too after we eat".

    I can't even remember barbequing the burgers and eating seemed like an equal blur. I know we talked, the 3 of us, but all I could think about was having her and having her soon. We used paper plates so everything went into the trash and our daughter literally ran back to the movie she was so engrossed in. Suzanna giggled that, "it must be that time" and damn if we didn't race up to the bedroom.

    She said she was sorry that she had to clean up a bit and then with that evil smile and sinister giggle in her voice as she stepped out of her panties she said, "Ray really made a mess today".

    She knew it was going to turn me on, she didn't need to say anything more either. Just that one line did it for me and my cock was instantly like a rock. She took it in her hands and started to talk to it (not me, she was looking at my cock) and teasing,"do you want to get inside me; are you going to leave a mess like Ray did too?" Again, she's talking to my cock but she's driving me crazy by not looking up at me and kissing the tip of it as she's teasing me. The pre-cum was drooling out of me as she'd lick and suck gently at my cock.

    Finally she lay back and spread her legs for me for the first time since Tuesday night and I could see from how red and swollen she was, that they'd apparently been more physical together than they had been in a while. I knelt between her legs and teased her with my cock, rubbing it up between her swollen pussy lips and spreading the remaining wetness all around. She'd buck up at me as I teased her pussy opening and it was such a turn on to look down and see her literally gaping open waiting for me. I tried to hold off but once I felt how warm and wet she was, I couldn't resist.


    I think I may have described this before, but when it's just Suzanna and I together, that when we first get started, she's actually still pretty tight inside. I mean it takes a bit of stimulation to get my fingers in her and then, even when we start fucking, it's not until she's cum that the muscles in her pussy seems to finally open and relax. The sensation is incredible to plunge into her when that happens, it’s like a huge mouth swallowing and sucking at every inch of cock in her. To be honest, a lot of times, this is a major reason why I like to use her toys with her (or for her to do so) so she has that first orgasm and then when I get to her, it's all deep and wide and slick. The fucking from that point is just incredible.

    That's how she felt last night. When I pushed into her there was no resistance at all, just a warm welcome. I think that's one of the most erotic thoughts that go through my head as I'm fucking her, of knowing that it was Ray’s earlier time with her that had opened her up like that. Talk about me and us benefitting from it, it seems as though we almost start at the best point and move forward from there. The foreplay and such is already done and once her arousal restarts we pick up from the mid-point and fuck like animals.

    Normally I love the missionary position with her. Something about seeing her below me spread open knowing she'd shared herself like that with Ray is an incredible turn on but last night once we got started, we rolled over and she got on top. It felt like I was in a porn-movie with how wet and squishy and open her pussy was as she ground herself down into me. At some points she dropped what seemed like her whole body weight onto me as she'd impale herself on me.

    The first time she did that she screamed and I had to put my hand over her mouth and remind her that our daughter was just 2 floors below us. She was quieter after that, only letting out this intense moan as she ground herself to orgasm on top of me.

    Then it was my turn and she wilfully gave herself to me. I reached for a little lubricant to add to the sensations and help keep her from getting sore or worn out. She then pulled her legs back for me and just said, "your turn baby".

    A million thoughts went through my mind and it didn't take long for one or all of them to take me over the edge. She'd cum so many times that I wasn't surprised when she just cooed at the end and held me tight as I unloaded in her finally. She did softly moan with each thrust and spurt and that was so nice as I finally finished and we lay there together.

    After a few minutes or so she giggled at me and playfully pushed me off of her saying in a laughing voice, "what is it with you guys and making such a mess tonight!" I looked over at her and saw that she was lying in a big wet-spot and that a trickle of cum was still running out of her.

    She looked up at me and still giggling said, "like what you see?"

    I responded by moaning, "mmmm hmmm" as I kissed her and ran my fingers up through her pussy. I played with the oozing wetness and she giggled quietly and said, "Ray loves to do that; play with me after he's cum" and after a second, "he said he can't believe what he missed out on for so long".

    I got up on one elbow and reminded her to make sure she keeps things with him in control. She looked up at me and said, "you don't have to worry this time baby" and continued to say that she thinks this is working well and that she honestly doesn't think Ray sees this as anything other than a weekly fuck. I told her that it would be good if it stayed that way and I reminded her that she'd said the same about Peter and Dan at first too.

    She smiled, kissed me again and held me close and looked deep into my eyes and told me how much she loved me and how much she loved the moments we just shared. I let it go at that as there was no denying how she felt at that moment, that it was real and honest.


    it is good that we found time for ourselves on Tuesday night because this month her period arrived early yesterday. Needless to say she and Ray were both bummed out about that and today he had to settle for just a blow-job and she was home really early before dinner tonight. She said she'd ‘take care of me’ later tonight but I'm nowhere near as horny as I am when I know she's been fucking him. What's got her annoyed is that her periods used to be so regular and now she's all over the place.

    We actually talked last night after she'd swapped a quick Email with Ray and she said she felt bad for him. She said she'd shared with him some of the fun we had this past weekend (we had time alone on both Saturday and Sunday so Fathers Day weekend was truly a weekend to remember). Anyway, she said that Ray had joked that he was jealous and she'd joked back that she was going to make it up to him tonight. It was actually me who joked with her that she should go over and give him a blow-job this afternoon instead of cancelling their time together. She said she let him feel her but she's not into penetration when she's got her monthly; I know that from 25+ years!


    She's asked me to call Ray and invite him over this weekend. She says I should do it to keep up the appearance of things and to give Ray confidence that he can continue to believe that I don't know what's going on. I told her that I'd think about it but probably would as it'd be nice to sit back and share a few beers with him over the weekend (Sunday?) if it's going to be a nice day. I will say that she can be very insightful about this and she's said she wants to play this carefully.

    I guess that leads into some of what we've also been talking about on and off. I've asked her what she's thinking about all of this into the future. It included me asking if she's getting tired of Ray or all of that sort of stuff.

    It wasn’t a surprise to hear that she's enjoying this a lot. She was hesitant at first but then it seemed to come easier in that she said that if I was okay with it, that she'd like to maybe keep seeing Ray for a long time. I asked her what she meant and she kinda said, "you know, I guess for as long as we're around here together." I immediately took to mean that she doesn't see an end in sight for this.

    At first I was thinking all sorts of things but after we'd talked a bit more, I have to say that it is a nice feeling knowing she's that comfortable and wants this to continue on It's kind of a relief to simply know that the status-quo is likely to remain that way and that I can enjoy what it means to the two of us and not have to worry about something from Ray's side changing things ... at least not for the near future.

    I think that's what may also be at play in my acceptance and desire for her to have Wednesday's as ‘her time’ to get ready for her time with Ray. I don't feel threatened by that at all, if anything, it's awesome to have something as horny and erotic as that to look forward to knowing that it's between her and me what we make of it and me maybe not worrying about what ‘new demand’ Ray will make on her as Dan did.


    I am actually quite content with what's going on right now. Indeed, I’m comfortable knowing what's going on. I'll find out a bit more how I am after this weekend as Ray is coming over on Sunday for a barbeque.

    At Suzanna’s urging I called him just after dinner tonight. I sensed that he was a bit uncomfortable at first when he heard my voice but I think I sounded very relaxed and once I'd gotten to telling him, "have some beers and cook some steaks" he sounded like he'd relaxed a bit. He was still a little hesitant but after we talked about what kind of steak he wanted and about him bringing the beer, I think he calmed down.

    He is a nice guy and it’s reassuring for me that Suzanna picked someone safe this time. Also I think Suzanna is maybe enjoying this even more this time. I can't say what specifically she's said to give me that impression but I think she is enjoying both her time with him and what she is doing for us.

    It's this feeling that I've had since she's been so comfortable with Ray and yet still very forthcoming with me at home. I've told her that she is really turning me on with what she's doing and have continued to tell her that knowing it's her wanting it is what I really enjoy. She seems to have figured it out too.

    Yeah, stuff she did before did turn me on but I think she felt reluctant to want it for herself because she didn't want it to maybe because it was what Dan was pushing.

    At least that's what I'm thinking and understanding. I don't necessarily miss Dan because I think what I'm finding is that Suzanna is now giving me what I've desired. Yes, it was incredible having watched her with Dan and Peter. Things like that you can never forget.


    I had an interesting thought earlier today, a cuckold thought. I was thinking that I think it's something every husband should experience, to see the woman you love be pleasured beyond belief and to see her as she experiences passion with another man. I think it gives an entirely different perspective to a relationship and puts sex in a different place than it normally would be. Even if it's only just once.

    For now what Suzanna shares with me about their passion together and how she shares herself with me afterwards is sufficient. Be it through what she openly tells me or what she'll share through teasing and foreplay, believe me, I have no lack of detail.


    As surprised as she/we were with her period having started early, by Saturday night she was done again! Excellent for me but it did give me pause for thought about what might happen on Sunday.

    We were up quite late Saturday night and it was my turn to go for seconds with her and, my gosh, did she encourage me! She teased me mercilessly that she was going to take Ray aside and fuck him on Sunday. I wasn't sure whether she was serious or not but she kept it up. At one point she teased that she may not even tell me if she did it, that she wanted me to guess if she was all messy or not! Then she changed it to say that maybe she would make sure I knew that she was and asked me which I'd prefer, to know for sure or to be unsure. She actually pushed me away from her and stopped our fuck in mid-stroke and asked me to answer her. I finally told her that I wouldn't want to be sure, that I'd like the suspense of wondering. With that she moved her legs apart and let me continue.

    Needless to say, it didn't take me very long.


    I knew we were both still horny when we finally pulled ourselves apart; I was still pretty hard and I just knew she wanted more. Sure enough, maybe 30 minutes later when I nudged my hardening cock up against her, she was more than ready for a second-round. She hadn't cleaned up and even though it was my cum in her she still felt incredible. We both laughed as we had to navigate around the wet-spots all over the bed where we'd fucked the first time and where we'd lay together watching TV. She knew I'd need a while for seconds and she was more than willing. I teased her back about whether she'd ‘missed Ray’s cock’ in her wet pussy.

    It was actually really nice this second time. At one point I had her knees held back around my arms and we were both watching her pussy as I pushed my cock in and out of her. She got me very turned on when she said that Ray likes to do that too, watch him go in and out of her. I'd like to say I remember more of what we'd said but I don't, it was late by then and it may have been more moans than anything else. All I do know is that it felt awesome to let go in her a second time like that.


    Sunday came all too soon and between getting up late and cleaning up the morning wasn't nearly as relaxed as I'd hoped it would be. However, by the time Ray got here about 2:30pm, we'd gotten everything done and were ready to relax.

    I KNOW Ray again felt a bit awkward. Suzanna gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek but it was clear to see he seemed to be a little uncomfortable at first. I grabbed the beer from him and said it needed to go into the fridge and left the 2 of them to follow me up to the kitchen. They were right behind me but by the time the 3 of us were in the kitchen the tension seemed to have dissipated. Suzanna even had a beer with us before she opted to move to wine-coolers. When Ray confirmed he'd brought his bathing suit, the party moved out to the deck and the pool. Suzanna went upstairs and changed into a nice 2-piece bathing suit that was something normal. As soon as they heard us outside, the kids came out for a bit.

    The afternoon went really well. The 3 of us sat out on the deck and occasionally we'd saunter down to the pool to cool off and then we'd sit on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water like we were kids. By the time we started to think about dinner, we were pleasantly buzzed.

    I have to say that at one point Suzanna lay out on a lounge-chair while Ray and I sat at the table in the shade. I saw him looking at her from time to time and at times, her camel-toe was VERY apparent!! However, what turned me on even more was thinking that there was just these 2 or 3 layers of thin fabric that was covering her pussy from the both of us.

    When I let my thoughts go to wondering if she may have let him fuck her already and that her pussy could be all wet and sticky under there. My imagination took me to thinking, "is that why she jumped in the pool?"

    With the kids home I seriously doubted that they would do anything together but she had certainly planted the seed in my head so it was something that I kept thinking about.

    In reality it really wasn't anything more than 3 friends hanging around together. Ray toed the line and didn't say anything that would reveal anything of their relationship and at times I thought Suzanna may have said something that pushed it a bit. One time I saw Ray give her a look that said it all. Dinner was a blur; beer and barbeques will do that.

    The kids decided they'd go out for ice-cream after dinner. I thought about saying I'd go with them but I didn't.

    I did leave them for a little while when I took my time in the bathroom. Suzanna had mentioned that she liked the toilet-flushing as a signal I was coming back. Sure enough, later she confirmed that they had in fact kissed and she'd let him get his hands into the bottom of her bathing suit for a while but that was the extent of it, at least until later Sunday night.

    I had cum twice on Saturday night so I was not all that horny on Sunday night but the day had gotten me aroused and we both settled into a very deep long very mutually satisfying fuck. Again, it was one of those more loving moments than it was a cuckold moment. There was only a little teasing, mainly me telling her how wet she was and her telling me how horny the day had made her.


    The week of July 4th on short notice I was told by work that needed to go out of town that week for 2 nights. I came home early from work that Tuesday and said that I'd have to travel up to NY State for a few days. A few years ago, that would have annoyed her being trapped home with the kids but now, with our daughter in her own world and with our son both working and virtually living at his girlfriends house, I knew she wasn't going to be upset.

    As I was packing up some clothes I looked at her and asked if she was going to see Ray while I was away. She smiled and said, "Maybe".

    I left to drive up to NY about 8pm that night and got in about 10:30pm up in the Fishkill area. I remember thinking that this would be the first time she might see Ray and I wouldn't be there afterwards.

    When I spoke to her before bed that night she asked me if I was okay if she saw Ray on Wednesday. I remember specifically asking her, "in addition to Thursday?"

    She paused and then said, "yes, if that's okay too?”

    I remember my answer was simply, "yes".


    We did talk during the day on Wednesday and Thursday through phone or via Email and I knew that when I didn't get a reply to my Email to her on Wednesday afternoon, that she'd gone over to see Ray.


    Wednesday night when we talked on the phone all I asked he was whether she'd gone to see him and she said, "yes". I didn't ask any more.

    I knew she would have told me anything I asked but at the time, being 3 hours away in a hotel room, I just left it to my imagination till I got home on Thursday. She later told me she was surprised that I hadn't asked but when I told her that I lay there in bed afterwards and masturbated for like 30 minutes, as I thought about her, until I exploded. She smiled and seemed almost embarrassed that I'd enjoyed thinking of her being so lewd.


    She went to see him on Thursday too. I didn't get home until about 7pm and was surprised to see that neither of our kids was home. Needless to say, she wasn't surprised when I didn't want to have dinner right away.

    Thinking that she'd fucked him 2 nights in a row and had probably went to sleep on Wednesday night with his cum still in her had me so turned on that I was not to be denied. I can't be specific about much else other than kneeling between her legs and looking down at her. Seeing her reddened and swollen pussy, still visibly wet from Ray, is all I can really remember.

    I know that she pulled her knees back for me and said something like, "welcome home..." and I know we were both loud and very messy and that even though I'd jerked off the night before, with how she felt, it wasn't even a thought that I wasn't going to fuck her brains out.


    We took most of last week off and spent the beginning of it (Sunday to Thursday) down at the beach. The kids came down and spent a night with us but it was a vacation for us. Our son tended to the house, his girlfriend and his sister.

    We did talk when I got home and she shared a lot of what she and Ray had done. As I said, sometimes we'll talk about more details and other times, I don't really need to hear about it, I just want to feel her.

    She says that Ray is no longer ‘up tight’ about her being naked when she's with him. Even though I know this is nothing new, still hearing her say that she spends her time naked (or just wearing one of his shirts or something) still turns me on to this day. She says that she likes how she feels letting her lover see all of her. She says she'll glimpse at him and see him staring at her and it turns her on and makes her feel desired.

    I asked her if she is as comfortable with him as she was with Peter and Dan (and me) to let him see her after they've had sex. That was a huge step when she reached that point with both of them.

    She answered me that she's not there all the way just yet but that at times (she said ‘like that Wednesday I was away’) that it feels right. I asked her how Ray felt about that and she says he is still kind of reserved/inhibited by this much open sexuality and that it's more the feeling she gets from him that either makes it feel right or doesn't, or as she put it (some things you don't forget) that, "sometimes he's uncomfortable looking at my pussy after we've had sex".

    At another point she shared with me that she felt very sexy and ‘naughty’ that Wednesday night when she went to bed and could still feel Ray's cum in her. I confessed that was what had consumed my fantasies that night when I was away and she giggled at hearing me tell her how I jerked off thinking of her. I also confessed that I'd missed her panty-teasing while I was away and she giggled at that too.

    While we were alone when we were away she shared more details of their sex together during foreplay and it was incredibly arousing to hear it come from her but I’ll write that up later.

    Fortunately, her period this month waited till we'd gotten home at the end of the week. I'll confess something, if her going through the menopause makes her this way then, bring it on for in little more than 2 days later she was done and horny again!


    New book time ....

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