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. Journal of a Journey - Book Eleven

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 11

    How many times do I cum in a week? Suzanna and I religiously fuck every Friday when she gets home from being with Dan. Suzanna has made it clear to me that she values that time on Friday nights as much as I do. So that's 1 time per week.

    Saturday nights we are still both usually horny so between Suzanna's teasing and my recent memories of the night before, Saturdays are usually #2 per week.

    Sunday and/or Monday are hit-or-miss. I recognise that age is catching up with me and if we do go at it, it's one of these, rarely both unless we've done something different, etc. So that’s #3 per week.

    Tuesday is my night and Suzanna, even if she's not really up for it (and it's not a time when she wants to hold off making it special) then that's #4 per week.

    Wednesday is ‘my night’ but in reality, I usually only go once that night, just so I can enjoy my own ‘mental-arousal’ so that's #5 in a week.

    I am long past cumming 2 or 3 times a night, at least not without a LOT of arousal and encouragement. If I do go twice in a night then I'm usually pretty worthless the next night. It'll get hard but if I do manage to cum it's usually just a dribble. Still feels great but not a whole lot of quantity there!

    I know this is one of the things that Suzanna likes about Dan, he's younger and with them seeing each other only once a week he can usually go 2 times and she loves it since he also cum a lot more than I do each time.

    As I get older it's a rare occasion for me to go twice in a night. The nights Suzanna encouraged me to masturbate 2 or 3 times really left me totally drained for a few days. That's quite a change from maybe 10 years ago when that'd be no issue for me.

    Suzanna is, in some ways, moving in the opposite direction. If anything, in the past 10 years, she's wanted more sex so in some ways this is just a natural extension for us. In the past 2 years or so since we started all of this, it's become very enjoyable for me to be able to get a lot of satisfaction from seeing Suzanna's enjoyment.

    The other thing that's changing is that Suzanna is definitely pre-menopausal. While she's still fairly regular period-wise when it starts, she's already said that they're varying in length and ‘intensity’. Some months she's said she barely has her period and others it ends earlier than she'd expected. Similarly, I haven't written it here because it's not terribly sexy but she is definitely getting hot-flushes more and more. She takes supplements like soy protein and other stuff to calm it down but it is inevitable. It's also one of the reasons she uses lubricant now, sometimes a lot of it, and I certainly don't mind as lubing-up makes her feel wonderful. Funny old thing, we don't need it after she comes home Friday nights which is also one of the reasons she (and I) look forward to that time.


    New Years Eve was nice this year. Our son spent the night at a friend’s party and our daughter stayed up with us and watched the ball-drop, what excitement!. Suzanna and I had a bottle and a half of champagne and as soon as our daughter turned in after midnight our fervent fun began. After abstaining since Monday night, we were both horny. We'd been sneaking in some feels and fingering while our daughter was in the other room watching the other TV Once she’d gone off to bed we went to our own bedroom and as soon as the door closed off came the clothes and pumped up from our earlier messing around we were both ready to go.

    We kept it mainly about us that night; she didn't do much in terms of teasing at all. It's sort of our tradition to do the interlocking-arm champagne toast in the nude and this year was no different. It wasn't the knock-em-down, drag-em-out fucking, instead it was very tender making-love for a while that rounded out the evening. Suzanna had said she wanted our tradition to continue and at the end she pulled her legs back for me and just said, "cum in me".

    With being able to sleep late on Friday (it's SOOO nice with the kids getting older) and we were up for it again Friday night and Suzanna started her teasing again mostly telling me (and reminding me) about this coming Friday night!

    Last night I knew was going to be a night off for both of us and it's too early to tell yet about tonight but she's already made it clear that I'd, "better get her early this week" because as she even said it, "I'm all Dan's starting Wednesday" and she added as a tease when she put her panties on this morning, "that includes these" as she snapped the waistband. She's said that she likes how she feels when she's with Dan and she can tell him honestly that I haven't had, or now even seen, her pussy before he does. She says that turns him on a lot to know she does that for them.

    I'm trying to not focus on Friday just yet but it IS always in the back of my mind. We've already told the kids that she's going to see a friend of her’s Friday night and will be spending the night. So, at least we're not lying to them, just not telling them that it's a guy-friend and not a girl-friend!


    She came to me last night while I was messing around with our surround-sound system in the den after the kids went to bed and she said she had something to ask me. With that she opened her robe to show me she had on the same camisole and thong panties and said I should hurry up (and follow her back up to our room).

    Needless to say I dropped everything and almost ran after her. In our room she stopped me before I virtually attacked her and I sensed she was serious for that moment so I just asked, “What's up?”

    She said, "I wanted you tonight because I'm hoping you'll be okay about not having me again until I come home on Saturday?"

    I started to complain but she shushed me and said, "come on baby, I want to be really horny for him on Friday; I'm sure you'll manage just fine" A second later she added, "come on, you KNEW I was going to ask you this, you even hinted around that I was going to want to be horny for him".

    She had me there as I knew that several times over the New Year’s weekend we had joked that she was going to be horny for him (and he for her after so long going without!). As she pulled me in for a kiss she whispered, "come on, let’s make this a good one tonight!". How could I resist her?

    Good it was indeed but I confess that the whole time from when I was down between her legs licking her to when she was on top of me riding through a resounding orgasm, my mind was focused both on not having her the rest of the week and to how Dan will want, and have, her. Maybe it was the knowledge that I'd have to abstain with her the rest of the week but it felt like I left quite a load in her (even for me!) She giggled as I softened up and slipped out of her saying (to my cock) in her quiet post-sex voice, "bye for now, see you on Saturday!”

    Sure enough, this morning she was back to wearing panties as she got herself dressed and did her hair in the bathroom. I swatted her butt and she gave me that giggle and said, “Sorry, it's his now until Saturday." With that she spun around and went back to the bedroom to finish dressing!

    Now I’m waiting till my hard-on goes down before I venture off to work! It's shaping up as a busy week at work so hopefully (but unlikely) my mind will go elsewhere.


    I was so horny last night! It was my usual Wednesday night fun and Suzanna thoroughly encouraged me too. She showed me her panty covered pussy last night and said, “Go and enjoy yourself thinking about what Dan is going to enjoy!”

    I watched some porn and read some sexy stories but, honestly at the end, I had my eyes closed and all I could do was think about and imagine what she'll be doing and when I'll have her next! I was so horny from not having her on Monday or Tuesday...

    It feels so surreal. Am I actually getting used to her whole panty-covered pussy?!

    Tomorrow night is going to be a very long night indeed.


    It’s Thursday night, less than 24 hours till she is Dan’s for the night. She's kept up with her panty-wearing tease. It was all I could think about seeing her washing up in just her night-shirt and panties a while ago. I swear her pussy looked swollen to me under the panties. She saw me looking/staring and just giggled and said, "You’ll just have to wait" followed by, "maybe you should take care of yourself tonight?" which is her way of referring to me masturbating.

    I think she was surprised when I told her, "No, I'm going to wait for you." She smiled at that knowing how I am going to want her on Saturday when she comes home!

    She seems so excited about tomorrow; it almost reminds me of our daughter’s infatuation with some boy in her class. I guess, in quite contrast to the anxiety I felt when she spent her first night with Peter, I actually feel pretty comfortable about her being with Dan tomorrow night. It's quite erotic to think about her having grown to desire the intimacy she'll have with him tomorrow considering she said only a few months ago that she didn't want this. I am genuinely turned on (and she knows it) that she'll be literally sleeping with him all night as well as waking up and getting cleaned up/showering with him. That part of their time together still turns me on just as it did with Peter; there's something about her wanting to share that with him that is just such a turn-on for me.


    I'm sure Dan has a romantic evening planned for Suzanna. She seemed all excited this morning and I have to say it was incredibly arousing watching her pack a small overnight bag. She was all smiles and lovey-dovey. Before she left she hugged and kissed me and told me over and over how much she loved me and how grateful she was that I was okay with her going off with him. When I told her to, "have a good time but not too good..." she giggled, smiled and came up to me and grabbed my cock through my pants and just said, "He’ll have his turn tomorrow, I promise!" (Meaning my cock!). With that she kissed me one last time and left.

    I don't expect to hear from her till she's on her way home tomorrow. She said she wants to feel like she is all his for the night.

    One thing though, I am sure my right hand will be idle tonight even if I have to tie it behind my back. I have waited this long, I can wait another 12 or so hours more (plus I'll have a huge load for her that way!).


    It’s Saturday and I've been up since about 8:30 and other than our daughter asking, "When’s mom getting home" I've been keeping my thoughts pent up in my own head.

    No word from her yet but I do expect her home before noon. After that it's going to start to raise questions here. With the kids downstairs all I can think about is what they were doing last night and now, this morning.

    I'd be lying if I said that the thought of them waking together after a wild night of sex isn't keeping me rock-hard. I know in my mind she's probably been naked with him since they closed the door last night. She hasn't changed in that way and it's been in my mind since she left yesterday morning that she didn't need to take much in clothing because she rarely wears any around him.

    I can almost ‘see’ them in my mind this morning, he probably woke with a hard-on and if he did, I am SURE Suzanna will have fun with him. I can see them waking, having a passionate romp before even getting out of bed, then getting cleaned up. Suzanna knows that it has always turned me on to think of her showering with him and acting like husband/wife with him in that way. Thinking of him doing the same things with her as I do is very much of a turn-on for me. I wonder what positions they may have been in and, yes, wondering how many times he's cum in her in the past 12 hours. I just have so many thoughts and ideas that if I dwell on them for just a moment I find myself getting carried away.

    Anyway, what's done is done , she's spent another night with a lover and other than the anxiety of waiting for her to return home I really am just turned on by it all. As I wrote yesterday, I'm almost strangely quite comfortable with this. I do remember feeling all sorts of ill feelings the last time she did this with Peter but this time I don't have any of them. Maybe the 3 of us being together helped, I’m not sure, but I don't seem to fear Suzanna's reactions as I did last time if that makes any sense.


    She called a few minutes ago saying she should be home a little after noon, so any minute now. I am suddenly on-edge and feel incredibly horny.


    She got home about 12:30pm yesterday afternoon. I had expected her to look tired but in fact, she had a relaxed and refreshed look to her. Talk about a welcome-home kiss! I'm sure it's all in my head but it feels so good holding her tightly when she gets home.

    It was a while later that we had some time alone and she told me of her time away. She said she met him at his place after work and they had a brief celebration. She said she felt odd at first, that it took her a while to realize that they truly had all night and there was no need to rush into things. Then she said what I expected to hear that, "...I couldn't wait to get undressed..." She looked at me when she said that as if she was looking for my response or something. I just smiled and said, "yeah, then what" and I honestly meant it, I mean I knew what she was going to do and she seemed so comfortable and relaxed saying it. When she saw my smile she just continued and said how she'd gone up to his bedroom and put her stuff away and then came back downstairs and had some wine with him.

    She told me how they talked about their day and what they were going to do for dinner. It seemed like she was never going to say it so after a minute or so I had to ask, "...and what was Dan wearing all this time?” She giggled and just said, again so comfortably and relaxed, “oh, he was wearing some khakis and a shirt.” She was walking around naked while he was still dressed!! When she heard my question she just said, "come on honey, you know how I am when I'm with him, I just like it. Besides, he made me feel so sexy looking at me".

    I half-expected Dan to have jumped on her already (I would have) but apparently wine came first. After 2 glasses she said that they were together on the couch and were starting to get amorous. Kissing led to feeling and then more kissing led to more touching and she told me that within a few minutes he was moving from kissing her neck to sucking her breasts and then to spreading her legs and licking her sweet pussy.

    It wasn't good that she was telling me all of this mid-afternoon yesterday when there wasn't time or privacy for anything other than for me just to listen and get hornier and hornier!

    I was amazed when she told me they didn't fuck before going out for dinner; that they agreed they would wait until after they got back!

    Suzanna had ‘promised’ that I could have her yesterday and she kept that promise last night.


    It’s a sure sign of her comfort with Dan that she was able to relax and climax from him going down on her. I remember it used to bother me that Peter would do that to her, his tongue, her pussy, my wife, the whole thing but now hearing that she was able to let herself go for Dan, it was really touching in a way. I mean how she said it to me, as if she was even a bit proud of herself. From the way she was beaming about it, all I could do was smile.

    I think I've really turned the corner on a lot of things recently. I can think back to when that would have bothered me, that she was able to do that, to let herself enjoy like that but now it truly turns me on to hear about it. There’s a softness, a satisfaction. I've put her there many times but it's just so nice to see her like that no matter who put her there.

    I actually like in a way knowing Dan feels the same as I do how her pussy clenches down as she orgasms. Thinking about his tongue there, knowing he's tasting her the way I've tasted her a thousand times but it's him doing it to her and it's her loving it. It just makes me feel good ... and horny.

    They went out to dinner. I was surprised, she'd have to get dressed, and he still hadn't undressed at all! She spent that hour naked with him. What a way to start her night with him. She certainly left him in no doubt of what she wanted and, like I said, it was wonderful for me to to see her so bubbly as she told me about it.

    It was later last night when she told me more. They fucked twice after dinner. She giggled and said that the second time was in his den in front of his TV. She said she just knelt in front of him leaning on his coffee table till he got the idea. If she wanted me hard, she surely got her wish! So nonchalant about it too that is until she told me how she felt and went into exquisite detail about feeling his hands on her ass and the cold table against her arms as she pushed back against him.

    I was rock hard as she was telling me this. It was only topped by her telling me that they got into bed and messed around more and that they actually fell asleep with him still in her (or so she says; does that really happen?).

    There was something about her pushing me on my back and then climbing up on me as she told me how she felt sleeping next to him. So wanton, so slutty and so horny! Watching her slowly descend on my cock was just intense as I wondered how she'd looked with him. I know it sounds crazy but just the thought that his cock was in her where mine was drove me crazy with desire. Even though it was 24 hours later I swore I could still feel her wet from him inside and she definitely felt warm and so so soft. She seemed to take particular fun from being on top and I asked her if she'd done this with Dan. She gave me the wickedest smile and said, "of course, he loves it too". What a fucking turn-on! I swear I could have cum just from thinking of it and I damn near did but I managed to hold off a little longer.

    I was surprised that she was horny for me as I had expected her to be sort of lifeless but apparently she said she slept quite well ‘in his arms’ as she put it. It was when she told me that they'd fucked again in the morning, that was when I too finally came deep in her but it wasn't what they did that pushed me over the edge, it was how they did it.

    He was dressed in a robe in the morning and she came down with just one of his button-down shirts on but not buttoned at all. He was sitting at the table and (apparently she's wanted to do this for a while) she came down and pushed his chair away from the table and sat in his lap. A second later she reached into his robe, guided his cock into her and with that they sat there and had some breakfast. When she said, "he was in me the whole time!” that was it, damn, that was when I squirted off in her and what a blast, enough so that she giggled out loud and said, "he did the same thing too". It took me a moment to realize that she was saying he'd cum just like that too, with her on his lap!

    We lay next to each other in bed last night for what seemed like hours. She was gently stroking my cock but at the same time she told me she was, "done for a while"; at another point she said something like, "a girl’s got to get her rest you know!". I asked her if she'd liked sleeping with him and she was really honest and said it was very sexy and that she felt like a million dollars. She added that it wasn't so much the sleeping part but more that it was that she could finally feel like she didn't have to rush through things to get home or whatever. She said that was the best part, well, in addition to the sex part.

    I had hinted that I wanted to hear more about her night. I was still a bit horny and she was doing such a nice job jerking me off that I was almost hard again. She realized what I was getting at and she giggled and said, "oh you want to hear more?” and then she started to tease me as she stroked. She asked me, "do you want to hear more about dinner out?" and she must have felt me get a bit soft because she then said, "or do you want to hear that I didn't have any panties on?" She surely felt me get harder. She then told me that they went out and he talked her in to not wearing any panties under her skirt, just some thigh-highs! I got harder and harder as she told me he would get a good feel of her at times during dinner (they say next to each other) and that it was a good thing the tablecloths were long so no one could see.

    It was when she started to tell me about her morning I could feel I was close to cumming again. She told me how they'd woken up almost the same time and that she felt very comfortable waking next to him. She said, "I even didn't mind that he saw how messy he'd left me the night before". I was on the edge when she told me how they'd showered together and I finally squirted off in her hands when she told me how they'd washed each other off or, as she said it, something like, "washing away all the remains of our fun!".

    That was it and dare I say that today felt like it was just another day? Dare I say that I seem to be really okay about it all? It seems so strange, sort of anti-climactic in some way, but it feels really good in every other way and I love knowing I did it for her and that she enjoyed it. I have said thank-you more times than I can count. I don't think I feel about or look at her any differently though; she's still my Suzanna, my love.


    The whole bit of Suzanna ‘sitting on Don's lap’ at breakfast actually originated in a Penthouse Letter from several years ago. In that story the wife did that very act with her lover and both of us, Suzanna and I, found it very arousing. It is one of the ‘letters’ we enjoy reading to each other as part of our foreplay. After she first started with Peter, and the times when we'd read it she had said, somewhat jokingly, she'd like to be able to do that one day. So when she told me she had done it with Dan I wasn't all that surprised, actually I was quite turned on by it. Once I got used to her liking to be naked with him, I knew her fantasies would eventually turn into reality.

    I have asked Suzanna what Dan does for ‘relief’ when she isn't around and she has told me that he does see a few other women. Yes, it has raised questions and concerns about health issues but she swears she trusts Dan implicitly and basically shushes my concerns. It is one of the issues we still have but she is unyielding in that she has said she could never go back to using condoms.


    I do not have a good feel from Suzanna on what her hopes are for future times with Dan. Will there be more overnights or more time on the overnights? At present, she hasn't said she wants anything other than the continuation of her weekly night out. I do suspect she'll want to have another overnight for the next ‘special occasion’ such as his birthday or whatever. Depending on the situation at that time and the state of our relationship will determine my response to the request when/if it occurs.

    I know it may sound like I am making light of all of this but I know how our relationship works and I truly still do not see her losing control or desiring more than she already has. Could a longer weekend be in the cards? I suspect that’s a ‘yes’ and honestly, if it isn't something she asks for soon or frequently, I will probably say okay. Like it or not, I am still revelling in what she's done!

    If Dan does move on, there is no longer a doubt in my mind that Suzanna will want to find another guy to fill his shoes (and her) I'm actually okay with that. After 25+ years of monogamy, it's still refreshingly arousing to see her wanting these experiences and also (just as important) for her to share them with me on her return. You can say I am living vicariously through her for sure.

    Tonight we're both busy with our own stuff and we've agreed that we'll be waiting till tomorrow night for some fun.


    They’ve invited me to join them tomorrow night when they go out to the club. I'd have thought maybe they'd take a week off after last weekend but Suzanna said she wanted to ‘have some fun’ again before she figures she'll be getting her period. I told her I'd definitely like to join them and she asked if I was going to come back to Don's place afterwards. I asked her if he'd relaxed any about me joining them or if I was just going to have to sit around and watch adding, "Not that it would be so bad...." She giggled at that!

    She said she wasn't sure and that she'd try to ask him and let me know beforehand as she'd surely be able to get a read on that while we're at the club tomorrow night.

    She went back to her usual request of no-sex last night and also tonight but at least didn't go back to wearing panties, not just yet though! She did see me staring at her last night before I went off to have some of my own time/fun and I suspect she knew it made me horny to see her but not to be able to have her.

    We also talked more about her time with Dan last weekend. I told her she was crazy for what she did at breakfast with him and she just got this wicked smile on her face and said, "I know but it was something I'd always wanted to try!” She also told me more about her morning and how she felt waking up next to him after spending the whole night with him. While I never explicitly told her, I suspect she knows that hearing all of that really turns me on. She told me how she felt so comfortable walking around naked and how he was shaving in the bathroom in the morning as she got herself washed up. Somehow the thought of them both being nude in the bathroom together just arouses the heck out of me!

    Surprisingly I haven't had any misgivings or regrets about giving them their time together like that. Certainly nothing like I felt, and still feel in a way, when they were here and used our bed. For whatever reason, that still sticks with me. Actually, I'm quite comfortable with what went on but, as I said, there's been no lack of affection or emotion between us afterwards so that's really made it easier. I don't feel as if there's something hanging over us, it all feels quite comfortable out in the open.


    I believe we have turned onto a new page in our relationship. The events over the past month or so have resulted in this past Friday night being quite a wild time.

    I did join them on Friday night meeting them just before 9:00pm at this club near his place. Some of his ‘friends’ recognized me as I went in and I spent a few minutes saying ‘hellos’ so it took me a few minutes before I could go and find them hanging in the rear-room of the bar by the pool tables. I stood back for a few minutes and watched them acting so normal as a couple. From his leaning over her to help her with a shot on the pool table; to them holding hands when it was the other teams turn; to them in a deep embrace and kiss when she'd made a good shot.

    After a few moments she noticed me and waved me over. I think she was a little embarrassed at knowing what I'd seen of them together but it felt really good to hold her for a moment and exchange a brief kiss before we both walked over to Dan. He extended a hand and shook mine. It was a warm handshake rather than some of the coldness I'd felt in the past from him.

    I stayed near them but gave them their space and Suzanna appreciated that. At one point she was on his lap and I know I saw his hands all over her ass and, when they thought no one was looking, feeling her breasts outside her top!

    As I said, it was a much friendlier and warm atmosphere between us to the point where Suzanna and I even danced a few songs together when she'd decided to take a break from being with him. During one dance she asked me if I was coming back to his place. I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted me to. I told her I didn't want to feel like a 3rd wheel or interrupt their time but she said that she'd talked to Dan and that she wanted me to be there. I asked how Dan was going to be and she said something like, "...as long as we're not in his room, he said okay...” So she left it up to me.

    When they were getting ready to leave she came over and asked me again if I was going with them. I said that I'd go as long as I didn't just have to stand there or wait for her. She giggled and said she'd find a way to let me enjoy it, so I followed them over to his place.

    After last weekend I had a feeling things were going to be a bit more relaxed and less awkward, at least between them, and I was not surprised or disappointed. We walked in and he went to get drinks while I stayed in the living room with Suzanna. She turned her back to me, held her hair up and said, "would you mind?" I knew she wanted me to undo the top clasp on her blouse.

    She turned back to me and just said, "you know what I like, I hope you're okay" and with that she just stood in front of me and undressed. She turned her back to me again to undo her bra and as she slid it off Dan came back with our drinks. He smiled at her bare breasts and as he put the drinks down she just so nonchalantly dropped her panties, stepped out of them and went to him for a kiss.

    I've heard of CFNM (clothed female, naked male) but this was CMNF for sure and seeing her butt in front of me as she embraced and kissed him gave me an instant hard-on. I thought back to them having spent the night together and I actually felt good about it. She turned to me and said, "we'll be right back down." With that she went upstairs with him to his room.

    A few minutes later they came back down. I could tell they'd been kissing and more, her nipples were hard and her pussy looked a bit swollen up as if he'd been fingering her. She was still naked (he was in a robe) and it turned me on to see how genuinely comfortable she was.

    She came up to me and said she'd talked to Dan and that he was okay as long as we didn't use his bedroom that I could have a turn with her. I smiled and she added something like, "So, when we're done, you can have me". She turned back to him and started kissing him and opening his robe.

    For one of the first and few times as Suzanna started to work her way down his body he spoke to me and said something like, "she was incredible last weekend. As she started sucking on his hard cock he kept going, "she really took care of me and it was great spending the night even if we didn't sleep that much". She pushed him back onto his couch and kept sucking at him.

    I felt a bit out of place but that feeling was nothing compared to how it felt to be there so close to her sucking his cock. She moved to one side and spread her legs and it just seemed so natural for his hand to go there and for his fingers to start to finger-fuck her. I know I'd freaked out at this in the past but not Friday night. Seeing her arch her back towards his hand and hearing her deeply moaning without taking her mouth off his cock was so incredible. I could hear how wet she was already.

    The next 30-40 minutes seemed to happen in both slow-motion but also at the same point seemed to fly by. The lubricant came out and Suzanna stroked his hard cock until she seemed to not be able to resist and she climbed right up onto him. I don't think I'd ever been this close to her fucking and instead of feeling uncomfortable I felt quite the opposite. I actually found myself mentally rooting for them.

    After she had one, two, maybe three orgasms, he turned her over on the couch and he knelt between her spread legs. I almost went over to hold them for him but they seemed to be lost in their own world so I just stayed behind them on a chair watching eagerly. I swear I felt nothing but pride and admiration and joy watching them. Between the lubricant and her own juices she was so wet and open that it made me feel really great that she was so into it. Each time she'd cum it just seemed to take her closer to the next one that was that much more intense. One moment with her legs lewdly spread to the next with them wrapped around him as she shuddered through an orgasm; it was so beautiful. The look of passion on her face was unmistakeable.

    It felt good being there. At times her hand would reach out and she smiled when I moved over and held it one time. It was extremely erotic when I felt her clench mine as she'd ride out another wave of pleasure.

    Yes, I did look at Dan and, yes, I looked at his cock. That was a moment I think I would have actually gone down and sucked him myself, that's how close I felt with them. I finally felt like I was sharing Suzanna more with a good close friend than a competing lover. Seeing her roll her hips for him so she'd be more open inside, seeing him plunge into her till his balls were almost in her, I felt so alive and excited that I almost yelled out encouragement for him to fuck her hard and deep.

    I knew it was coming soon from the few times I've seen them together; I knew the sounds and motions and I wasn't mistaken for he really started to go at her. For a moment I thought it might be too much for her but she held her own legs back at the end and I knew it was what she wanted too. Finally with a grunt and a deep thrust I knew he was cumming in her. For a moment I could see her pussy seem to flood and then he went deep and all I could see was them grinding and spasming against each other.

    By now I'd dropped my pants and from masturbating myself I was so close to cumming. A moment later Suzanna's legs relaxed and went to the floor and Dan pulled his body away. Maybe because I was there or maybe it’s just what they do but he straightened his body up and both of them (and me too) watched as he slid his now softening cock out of her. Nothing came running out of her at first and he turned to me and said calmly, "your turn....".

    Suzanna had this huge smile on her face and pulled her legs back and just said, "Come on."

    She felt like butter inside, so soft, open and wet. As if I wasn't on the edge already seeing what I'd just seen and, now, feeling what I was feeling was so incredible. She put her legs around me and pulled me in welcoming me and I actually had to focus and try to last a little while instead of erupting immediately. I knew Dan was watching and it felt good that I lasted long enough to bring Suzanna to one more climax before I'd cum myself. It may have only taken 5 minutes even with me trying to hold off but in the end I let my mind go to what I'd seen and when I thought of his cock where mine was and his cum where mine would soon be, that was it, I let loose with at least 4 good squirts of my own cum in her. It was met by squeals and then giggles from her as she lay under me with her eyes closed tightly.

    If there was an awkward moment it was right then. I wanted to feel her close to me and enjoy the afterglow but at the same time I/we knew Dan was right there and I suspected he wanted her again.

    I really wanted to hold, hug and kiss her but I knew Dan was still there and in some ways I felt I should give her back to him. Actually, I was surprised as I pulled out of her and saw him still there. From the past experiences, I'd thought he wasn't one to want her after I'd just finished but this time it didn't seem to matter to him. Suzanna and I had just about caught our breath and I just said to her quietly something like, "... I don't think you're done yet!" and I remember her giggling and just saying, "I’m not!"

    I'm not sure how you'd describe the emotions I felt as I straightened up and pulled out of her. Pride was surely one of them as at that moment it felt incredible to leave her like that. No other way to describe it other than ‘freshly fucked’. She seemed totally comfortable being naked with him. Indeed, she seemed to relish in it, not minding at all that her pussy was gaping open and bright red inside where it wasn't covered with our cum. I stood up with my own cock wet and with a drop of cum stretching from it and, sure enough, Dan was right there, gently stroking his own cock, seeming to be ready again. (I would say that at that moment I was VERY envious as I surely wasn't going to be ready for another bout any time soon!)

    I moved out of the way and gestured with my hand as if to say ‘all yours...’ and he smiled and said politely, "thank you." As he knelt between her legs again I felt at that point like I was sort of intruding so I said something about going in the other room. Their only response was moans of "uh huh...” as they were already kissing and running their hands all over each other. I just backed up for a moment and stood and watched. Without sounding too wimpy I admit that I almost felt a tear in my eye, not because I was upset, but more because I could see just how much Suzanna wanted him again. Her spread legs seeming to welcome him back in her.

    I went into the kitchen to get a drink and by the time I returned they weren't fucking, they were truly making love. They'd moved to the floor and it wasn't sex that I saw but it was passion, no doubt about it. It wasn't hard physical sex, it was soft and sensual. His motions were slow and deliberate and even I was excited watching her respond to his actions. It was better than any porn flick. I could hear her quiet gasps and soft moans followed by louder screams as he'd push deeply into her and then soft sighs as he'd pull out.

    Rather than bothering them I stayed in the shadows close towards the kitchen and just listened. I loved hearing her cry out as she'd cum several times and then I could hear her encouraging him ‘come on’ and ‘oh god, in me again’. His short grunts and erratic movement made it obvious when he'd cum the second time in her after which they lay there together kissing and hugging.

    I was lost in thought (and in my hand on my own cock) until I realized he was standing next to me naked while Suzanna lay on the floor with his robe over her. He shook my hand and said thank you several times for what turned out to be a fun evening and he said Suzanna wanted me.

    I went to her lying on the floor under his robe and she pulled me close, kissed me and said she loved me, thank you and then that she wanted to ask me something. I said, "What, anything?"

    She asked how I would feel if I were to leave and that she'd be home later on. I was sort of confused for a second until she said, "I just want a little more time here and also to get cleaned up a bit..... if that's okay that is?".

    She kissed me again and what could I say other than, "okay, if that's what you want". She promised me she'd be home not more than an hour or so behind me. I was going to say something else but I just kept quiet; a part of me immediately figured they wanted to shower up or maybe mess around some more together.

    When I stood up from her Dan was already there. It was so strange to be standing next to him both of us still naked and him with his cock just hanging there. I felt a strange feeling of excitement as I looked down at it and thought about it having been in her twice already. He said, "Well, what do you think?"

    I just said, "It’s been a great evening, I'm going to go now and leave you two for a little longer".

    He took my hand in both of his and shook it with such meaning as he said, "thanks, you're alright..." and "... I appreciate this". Neither of us really needed to say any more. As I sat on the chair and started to dress again he helped her up and he turned to me and said again, "thanks" and, "can you lock the door on your way out?" and with that he escorted her to the stairs. She turned and blew me a kiss as she turned back and went upstairs to his room.

    That was it and I felt great about it all and from the dreamy look on her face, I felt good about leaving her with him. It just seemed appropriate. The drive home was quiet and calm with nothing but good feelings and thoughts in my head. I took a scenic route and stopped for gas. The house was quiet when I got home well after 1am and, surprisingly, Suzanna texted me not more than a few minutes later that she was on her way home too. I stayed up for her till she got in and we talked, kissed, washed up before crawling into our own bed by about 2am.

    We talked a lot yesterday and I'm sure will talk a lot more today but enough to say that I am loving the changes in how things are going and I've told her that more than once already.


    Suzanna has said several things to me today including several times thanking me and complimenting me on how well and smoothly everything went on Friday and especially on how cordial and comfortable things seemed between Dan and me. I had to agree and even tell her that he's an okay guy.

    She then asked me how I was when I left her there. I said that it took a lot for me to say okay to it but that I was also very excited that it was something she wanted too. She smiled and giggled and asked me if I'd remembered her asking to maybe go back to him on some Saturdays after she'd come home on Fridays.

    I did remember that she had said she'd like to go back with him the next day and for me to not have her in between but I gave her a moan of dissatisfaction at the suggestion and told her plainly that I really liked our time together when she gets home. She then said that the little experience on Friday night gave her a taste of what that would be like and she wanted to know if she could plan something like that for next month.

    I stopped for a moment and told her that I would be okay with it if it followed a Friday night like we'd just had, the 3 of us. She grinned and said, "That may just work".

    So, who knows, maybe this will turn into a regular thing. I think I would like that.


    I did ask what they did when they went upstairs after I’d left early Saturday morning. She was coy and quiet but then said that they'd gotten in bed and had started to mess around a bit more but that even with her sucking him, that his two times before was apparently enough. She giggled when she said he did get hard enough to get back in her though and she’d enjoyed herself (her way of saying she had a mild orgasm) before they showered together. She was looking at me carefully when she said that, looking for my response, which was a big smile. Then, she said, they finally got dressed and she came home.

    I asked her if she'd have wanted to have stayed over instead of coming home and she said, "no, I wanted to come home to you" which made me feel great. It just felt sort of natural at that moment so I just said something about it being okay if one day next month she wanted to go back to his place the next day and she smiled and just said, "We’ll talk more then." and gave me a kiss.

    This morning she said she's expecting her period any day now so our fun this month may be coming to an end.

    I'm sure this week my head will be full of all sorts of thoughts on where we're going and based on Suzanna's attitude and that she seems to be in a ‘talkative’ mood this month, maybe we'll get some of this all sorted out a bit more.


    Thinking on the future and once the kids are off at college (4 more years) I would definitely expect overnight visits to be a given. I have already stated my position to Suzanna on longer periods of time that from time to time I would be okay with a weekend or perhaps 3-days or so of her being with her lover. My apprehension about them is easing especially with the outcome of the last few times when I've been there with them.

    I’m thinking that a bit of MMF fun is good for us (both the 3 of us and the 2 of us). I think that the relative success of these times has given me much greater comfort in giving Suzanna more time when she wants it.

    To me it’s the biggest thing, that SHE wants it. I know that I felt great saying ok to her staying with him longer on Friday night as I know that when she did return home that she did so satisfied and eager to take her place by my side again.

    I am expecting things to heat up further between them based on what I've now been observing.

    Regarding her behaviour towards me at the club, I can't say fully but she knows it turns me on to see her being openly sexual with him and, yes, denying me in the process. I know it puts her in the mood of ‘being with him’ instead of me. After all, it is her night out with him plus, as I say, it does turn me on to see her wanting that from him.


    It's almost 10pm now and Suzanna just came into our office and told me, "It's getting late and I'm kind of tired. Are you going to be okay waiting till Friday night?” She had this sad pouty sound to her voice but I also sensed a bit of sarcasm and even a little smile on her face as she knew very well what this was about.

    I could have made a fuss (and I know she would have relented and we'd probably be on our way to the bedroom right now) but I knew that for her to come and ask me that the way also meant that she wanted to wait to be with Dan if I would be okay with it. How could I say no?

    She smiled and said, "I'll leave you alone for a while; come up when you're done" and she turned and left.

    Our daughter is already in bed and our son is over his girlfriend’s house till later so once I finish this entry here, I'm off to find some good porn and keep my right hand busy!

    My cock is rock hard at thinking about all of this and with Suzanna being so calm about it too (she knew that I was wickedly turned on as she left, the smile on her face told me so) that I may even have to go for a second time tonight!


    I was wicked horny last night and thoroughly enjoyed my right-hand.

    She even teased me when I came up to the bedroom and said, "Did you have a good time; will you be okay NOW to wait till Friday?”

    I asked her back if she was enjoying all of this and she just gave me a wicked smile and nodded.

    I wasn't surprised when I slid into bed and reached over and felt that she had panties on. She smacked my hand at that and said, "Not till Friday!" then she immediately reached over and felt that my cock was hard again and giggled.

    I am actually surprised at how calm I was at the reality of not having her for another 2 days since I know I would have been all worked up had she told me this ahead of time. Even today at work I'm turned on thinking about how the events of this week conspired.

    I would love to see them Friday night as I suspect Suzanna will be in frenzy by then. I'll suggest it but I suspect the answer will be no as the wet spot in her panties this morning told me she's horny herself already so by tomorrow...

    You have no idea how hot it is to see her acting this way and the incredible feeling I had (not to mention my hard-on) when she said what I'd been expecting to hear was just incredible.

    Maybe you don't understand me or what turns me on but I believe I could even say that wanted her to tell me that!

    Hearing her tell me she wants him before me this week is what I've wanted to feel and experience all along. I want her to want this - to want sex - for herself without having to put me first. The idea that my wife would want Dan to fuck her before me has me sitting here at work with a raging hard-on just thinking of her panty-covered pussy!

    As far as needing to be invited to join them I know that, just if I had been firm on having sex last night, that if I insisted on being there with them that she would welcome me. I can't speak for Dan but I suspect he wouldn't mind.

    Dare I say that I am finally getting my original wish? It is so incredibly exciting to see her expressing her own sexual desires so freely and openly.


    New events....

    First relates to her ‘goodbye’ to Peter. It turns out that he has already moved his family to Virginia and that he is coming back to check on the sale of his house. From my understanding it is in-contract now and due to close. Fortunately, areas of NJ are somewhat immune to the general housing disaster in other areas of the country and his home actually sold fairly quickly. Suzanna informed me this morning, she didn't really ask, she more just told me, that she will be ‘saying goodbye to Peter’ probably around the last weekend in February. She told me she's checked the calendar and she figures she'll probably (who knows though) have her period the week after we get back from Vermont skiing over Presidents/Valentine’s day weekend.

    I asked her what she was intending and she said that by then Peter's home will be sold and that he will be in a hotel when he is here to finalize things and complete his move. She told me that she plans on spending the whole night with him and pretty much told me that she will be gone overnight with him. While I did know this was coming, I wasn't really thinking it'd be an overnight with him but I could also tell by how Suzanna was discussing this with me that she wasn't really asking me; more telling me what she'd be doing and I didn't really think I could refuse. I know she shared a lot of ‘firsts’ with Peter and now, looking back on it, that it didn't get out of control seems to say a lot of how they got along and understood limitations and such. I thought about it for a few moments before I just said, "okay, tell me when you know more".

    Then I asked the big question, "What does Dan think about this?”

    Now I knew she'd mentioned it to him but I also don't think it was discussed in much detail. So when I asked her that question this morning she said "well, he's not happy with me".

    I asked her what was going on. She said that he's not happy about it being so long that they won't be together. I told her that sounded like nonsense as they've been apart for 2 weeks in the past and it hasn't been an issue. That’s when she said, "yeah, but that was with you and he knows that wasn't really a choice. He's annoyed that I'll be with another guy instead of him!”

    I was floored but I didn't say it as I didn't want to fuel the irritated attitude she had about it but I harked back to when Dan asked Suzanna if she'd have sex with one (or more?) of his friends. She didn’t say anything but I'm thinking that maybe he's not so happy with Suzanna having her own mind and desires for Peter!

    What a turn of events! He's getting to experience some of what I am dealing with. I tried not to smile too much at this whole discussion but deep inside I am laughing at him.

    I just asked Suzanna, "So, what are you going to do?"

    She said, and it sounded honest to me, that she'd talk to him some more this week and hopefully she'd make him see her side of the situation. She even mentioned that she'd give him the argument of what he'd want if he were in Peter’s position.

    All the while I'm thinking that’s something he's not going to go for; I asked her, "what if he is still pissed?"

    She said, "Too bad on him..." and she was quiet for a moment before she said quietly and calmly, "I guess I have more feelings for Peter than I thought..." After yet another pause, "I want the time to say goodbye to Peter" then she looked at me and just said,"thank YOU for being okay with all of this; you know I love you so much".

    I didn't want to push it any further by asking more questions but over this week, I'll see how things go.

    I found out this morning that this whole thing with Dan came up AFTER they'd had their fun last night. I suspected Suzanna wouldn't ruin things by chancing this discussion at the start of their evening so that explained why she got home later than I'd been expecting. She was sort of upset by it all when she got in but she said she didn't want to talk about it and that she literally threw herself at me barely giving me time to talk or ask anything.

    I've described our ‘reunion time’ as a lot of the time feeling like it being a first-date, of not knowing what to expect. Sometimes first-dates need to be carefully wooed but not last night. Looking back I think she wanted to feel and be re-assured by our own passions. She pushed me back on the bed and pulled down my lounge-pants and boxers before she even let me undress her then she sucked and sucked until I had to pull her head off of me or I would have burst. Finally, I managed to pull her clothes off her. The damp crotch of her panties got me wicked hard and seeing how wet and open she was, it was all I could do to get my cock into her after how turned on her sucking had gotten me.

    When I slipped right into her I did ask her, "wow, how many times did you guys go at it?"

    She giggled and said, "a few. I came a lot and he did twice" and a second later she looked up at me and asked, "How is it?" (which sounded strange at the time) and I just smiled and said, "incredible like always." That put a big smile on her face and she wrapped her legs around me, pulled me close and hugged me tightly.

    I was surprised by how close she wanted me to be as usually she tells me she is tired and will more or less just lie there and let me have her rather than participate and really get into it. Last night it seemed she had this need to feel close to me that I didn't understand until we'd had our discussion this morning. However, I just went along with it, hugged her tightly and enjoyed the wet squishy feeling inside her. She tightened her pussy around me and encouraged me over and over. She orgasmed more than once (with at least one big one) while she pulled me close to her. I admit it felt VERY nice to feel her so close emotionally at that moment and not just her lying back on the bed letting me ride her!

    By the time I was ready to cum she was herself ready for one last time too and I think I sensed that she wanted to feel me close to her as I reached my own climax. I hugged her tightly and just kept thrusting deep into her. It WAS effortless as her pussy was so so wet and open that it was much more mental for me than it was from physical friction that I was able to cum in her. I think she was the same as her own final orgasm as she held me certainly couldn't have been from friction or any feeling between her legs as there was virtually no sensation of her body (her pussy) clenching down on me as she came. At the same time, there was absolutely no way that it was faked either! I won't say it felt like emptiness in her but it was far from the tight pussy that I'd enjoyed last week. She later told me that Dan was very physical with her and that she'd known how she felt as she'd literally cum violently under him several times earlier last night.

    When my cock softened up a few minutes later and slipped out of her, a flood of semen dribbled out of her! It was both very erotic as well as beautiful! She no longer slams her legs together in inhibited embarrassment. Instead she just lay there and said ,"oh baby, could you get a washcloth for me?".

    I don’t have the words to fully explain how wonderful it felt to gently clean her up and then cuddle up with her and fall asleep.


    Suzanna and I continued talking about her plans with Peter. She really wants it to be an overnight with him. During our discussions she told me several times that she loved him but always cautioned that it's not the same kind of love she feels for me and it is certainly not what she feels for Dan.

    A few months or a year ago, hearing her say that might have really upset me but now it makes me feel very good to know that she's coming to terms with her own desires and isn't scared to tell me how she feels.

    She made it very clear that she wants to have a long evening with him. She was quiet, even a bit hesitant, but she said it anyway that she wanted to spend the night in his arms again. I told her it was okay, that I wasn't upset and that I'd manage to be alone that night. She hugged me and kissed me which led into on incredible fuck-session (and I do mean incredible even by our standards!) That was last night and today, I'm like a wrung out sponge!

    I asked her more about Dan and she said that he just wasn't happy about her being with Peter much less spending the whole night with him. Like I said, he’s realized he'll be missing two weeks with her. I joked with Suzanna that she'd better be ready for how he'll be when she goes back with him. She also told me that he started in again about him not liking other guys (including me) cumming in her and that he really didn't want to hear about her and Peter. I asked her again about why he's got this hot/cold thing going about being so possessive with her. She said she didn't know but that she'd surely find out. As she put it, "he'll have to explain it before he gets to have me again!”

    After fucking last night we were in the bathroom getting cleaned up and half-way through brushing our teeth she suddenly reached over and grabbed a wad of toilet paper and pulled up her t-shirt to blot her pussy. She giggled, "my god, between you and Dan I'll be leaking for days!” Even though I was totally drained, my cock throbbed at hearing that!

    In a way I’m silently pleased that Peter is moving so far away especially after hearing her planning the overnight she wants with Peter; hearing and seeing her acting like this makes me glad he's moving away. Looking back, I realize that they must have developed some strong emotions for each other. I'm glad they managed to keep it under control as now, seeing it stir up again, I am realizing that we were closer than I'd thought to potential problems in terms of their relationship. I dare say that had circumstances been different (no kids, younger, etc.) that she could well have fallen for him. I don't know that I would have changed anything about what happened though as where we are now and the pleasure we have is somewhat a result of what they did for each other.


    We've continued talking about lots of stuff which led to lots of fun in bed for sure!

    Last night after a spectacular time in bed that left us both sweaty and satisfied she rolled over to me and lovingly told me that she has really come to enjoy what we are doing and that she learning what turns me on, even to the point of teasing me just to tease! I told her that I have never been hornier for her than I am now and that everything she seems to do seems to just crank me up!

    She giggled and said that she loves how I am so eager for her when she comes home from being with Dan and how she loves how much I want her. I told her that feeling her soft, warm and used body (not in those exact words) next to me knowing what she'd been doing is something I start to look forward to on Wednesdays.

    She asked me to tell her honestly how I felt about her wearing panties all the time around me from Wednesday to Friday. I sensed she wanted a real answer from me and not just, "it's hot" so in our post-coital closeness I told her that not being able to see her pussy was hard for me at first but now it is a very intense turn-on. I didn't hold anything back and told her that seeing the outline of her pussy under the panties (she didn't know what a "camel toe" was!) seemed to instantly turn me on. I added that it was even more arousing for me when I'd see a wet-spot in them and to know that she'll be ‘covered’ until after she is with him.

    She smiled and said, "Good, that makes me really horny too" adding that "Dan also thinks it's very hot". (Apparently it came up as part of their own conversation!).

    This morning she came to me after her shower (she'd shaved herself bare again) and said to me, "go on, say, goodbye till Friday" and with that she stepped into a pair of panties and pulled them up.

    She just poked her head around the door of my den/office dressed in her robe. She opened it, flashed her breasts at me and then giggled before pulling her panties aside to flash me her bare pussy pointing to it and saying, "have fun thinking of this. Hmm, I'm feeling really horny." With that she pulled her panties back in place, closed her robe and giggled as she turned and walked out!

    My cock is like a rock right now!


    We’ve had a snowstorm warning and Suzanna was in a sad mood tonight as it seems the weather will conspire against her for tomorrow! Despite my fun last night tonight I abstained and am already quite ready for her whichever way tomorrow goes.

    A part of me was about to suggest she go see him and ‘get stuck’ in the snowstorm and spend the night but without knowing what Saturday will bring, that might not be a good thing. Come tomorrow night if it has snowed and she's has had to stay home, I'll share that thought while we're in bed.


    With the snow on Friday, Suzanna cancelled her plans with Dan. It was a smart move as her getting stuck somewhere would have raised too many questions of ‘why did she go in the first place when there was such a forecast?’ She was disappointed for sure but we shared a bottle of wine and despite her initial decisions of wanting to ‘wait for Don’ once the wine sank in, neither of us could resist getting familiar with each other!

    She teased me by telling me she was ‘cheating on Don’ and that I ‘shouldn't be doing this’ but in the end, it became very passionate between us including some very intense moments with her on top of me and straddling me with her hips. She held me still and fucked me rhythmically and methodically till I felt huge in her. She was literally grinding herself against me each time she pushed down until I felt I could take no more. I turned her over and proceeded to give her the fucking she would have gotten from Dan. I actually recalled of how he did her and I tried the same motions. We both like the same position with her legs held back over my arms and this time I got the motions right and it felt incredible to feel her orgasm under me and feel her pussy spasming around my cock. I held her gently in place and could feel her body pushing against me as she tossed head back and forth and moaned.

    I knew she was done by how soft she felt under me, she pulled her own legs back even further for me and urged me to cum in her. It didn't take long and afterwards we simply lay there together for a while just enjoying the closeness.

    Finally she said quietly, "I'm a mess" and she started to get out of bed but I pulled her back towards me and kissed her and moved on top of her. She resisted at first saying she'd had enough until I kissed my way down her body and she realized what I wanted. I sucked at her nipples and then continued to move down. When I was below her navel I looked up and saw her up on her elbows looking down at me. I smiled and said, "I didn't want to miss this" and I moved down between her legs. She likes to watch me lick her after she's had sex; she says she sometimes feels self-conscious before, but afterwards she says she's learned to relax and enjoy it. It went unsaid that I'd enjoyed this many times before from both my own times with her as well as with Peter and now Dan. Now she's quite used to it and no longer questions it.

    Mine or not mine? There is something so intense tasting her after she's had sex; tasting semen in her, feeling it trickle out, sucking gently and getting more, running my tongue through her warm and swollen hole and knowing there is more in her. She'll sometimes bear down a bit and squeeze a bit more out if she's not too tired. While she may not have a tremendous orgasm, she has always said that she does definitely have something like an orgasm. She says it’s not having an intense muscle clenching event; it’s more like a wave of relaxation that spreads over her. Whatever it is, it feels good to give it to her and to be so close to her pleasure. We still needed a wash-cloth to clean-up and we then made our way to bed having enjoyed our snowed-in sex.


    I was kind of surprised yesterday when we all slept in late. It was early afternoon when I took Suzanna aside and asked her quietly, "I thought for sure you'd have gone over Dan's this afternoon somehow.” I had wondered if maybe because we'd fucked on Friday night that she wasn't going to go see him. She made me laugh when she said back to me, "I thought I'd go by tomorrow?" (meaning today). She didn't understand why I laughed until I said, “Uh, I think he might be too busy.” She still looked confused until I said, "Duh, it's Super Bowl Sunday!"

    The look on her face was so priceless! She ran upstairs and called him and then she came down all dejected and confirmed that he was going to be at the bar with his friends watching the game. Apparently he off-handily said he just figured they'd get together sometime next week. That was when she reminded him that WE were going away skiing next weekend!

    We had plans to go out to dinner with friends last night that we weren't going to cancel so yesterday afternoon she called him back and asked if she could go up there this morning and then come home when the game starts!

    I told her that sounded crazy but she said that she missed seeing him and that she did want some time with him since it's going to be a while before they'll be together again. That was when I remembered what the next few weeks were going to bring; us going away skiing this weekend; her erratic period was probably going to squash the next weekend; the weekend after that is when she is saying goodbye to Peter! Even I felt for Dan that this was going to be his last shot at her for what could be almost a month!

    The only bummer to this plan was that as we were getting dressed before we were leaving to go to dinner last night she came up to me and said, "so, are you going to be okay waiting till Sunday now?".

    It took me a minute to realize what she was asking, that she didn't want to have sex with me. As that dawned on me she reached into my robe and felt my cock get hard as she whispered ,"just think, no one will be home tomorrow during the game and you can have me then..." she giggled "....sort of a half-time treat!"

    How could I possibly say no? As she got dressed herself she opened her robe and showed me her naked body and bare pussy and said, "say goodbye till tomorrow!" and with that she pulled up her panties! My god, she knows just how that is like an on-switch for me (as if I need one!).

    So, no guesses where she is right now! The kids think she's shopping with some friends at the mall. Our son is going over some friends to watch the game and our daughter is going out with a friend to a movie later as she hates football and I'm sitting here watching the clock. Thinking about it is kind of erotic to me knowing that he'll be going to watch the game after having spent the past few hours with Suzanna and that she'll then becoming home to me to do the same!. A horny thought to think of Dan and me both enjoying the game just after having been pleasantly satisfied by the same woman, my wife!


    We do play around when we're alone with some role-playing. Not so much that she's Dan's wife but we do play with her being his girlfriend and at times she will tease me with, as I mentioned, her ‘cheating on him’ with me. Sometimes she'll tease me with, "don't cum in me I don't want Dan to know about us" but it's just in teasing as she always loves to have it in her.

    I don't think our relationship/arrangement with Dan is at the point or the type where it'd be something he'd be aware of or involved with us. She seems to know how to ride the edge of where I'm comfortable and where I'm not.


    She told me that Dan wasn't about to miss the game with his friends at the bar. (Apparently he had some minor money riding on it.) He invited Suzanna to join him and even suggested that they'd have some time at halftime to go back to his place for some more fun but Suzanna said no; that she'd rather be bored at home than sitting around the bar with his friends who would all be drinking and getting loud. I didn't complain about that decision although it did make it sound as if she was going to be bored with me!

    She did say that he was a bit touchy when she got there and she told him that we'd had sex Friday night. I nearly bit my tongue when she said that as they were getting started that he actually spanked her on her butt AND on her pussy for not being ‘clean’ for him even despite her telling him that we hadn't fucked on Saturday.

    I laughed at her when she told me that as I knew he probably meant it but that he also knew, as I did, that the playful spanking would only turn her on even more!

    She didn't get home until after I dropped our daughter off at her friend’s house to go to the movies so it was close to 5pm. I had hoped she'd have gotten home earlier so we'd have had time before the game. She was quite content to wait until after the game was over but after she'd been home maybe 15-20 minutes the thought of her still wet and filled from being with Dan got to me and I just had to have her.

    I don't think I will ever tire of undressing her and seeing her used body. Knowing not more than an hour or two before she was naked in Dan's arms is just so exciting; seeing her bare swollen pussy with just a glistening of liquid between the swollen lips is something of which I will never weary. Nor is the feeling of just slipping right into her and feeling and hearing her gasp slightly as I push all the way in.

    I could picture Dan enjoying her before he would head over to watch the game, just as I was about to. She was doing it for me now though and I knew she wasn't going to cum again; sometimes you can just tell. She pulled her legs back and apart and teased me a little to get me to get off quicker.

    "He came in me twice," was all I really needed to hear to get me to blast off but she kept it up till I was really on the edge.

    "It turned me on when he spanked me," and I suspect she felt me get harder as she told me, "He didn't like that you'd cum in me".

    I said stuff back to her but I can't say it was too coherent but at one point I said something like, "I know he likes you clean."

    She giggled and said, "Not like you ..... You like me all used, don't you?" That was it. I was already on the edge and that just sent me over.


    Last night with the snow coming today we stayed up late both having sex and talking.

    There were lots of things we talked about but the big one was Don's reaction to her saying goodbye and spending the night with Peter.

    Whoa, what a can of worms that she opened there! She said he'd forgotten about it until she mentioned it on Sunday and he was more than a little pissed off when she reminded him. I asked her what the deal is.

    She said that she thought his problem was the whole thing she does with me, that he prefers her ‘clean’ when she's with him. I'm actually okay with that as I've seen him actually relax a bit on that but apparently it's not. No, it's not the sex part at all, she said he doesn't care if she has sex with other guys (including me; how accommodating of him!) but it's that the other guy(s) cum in her that is his issue, indeed, it’s almost a phobia!

    So even with a break of a week between when she'd see Peter and when she'd see Dan again isn't enough for him. She added that he said he has ‘no choice’ about me and he has stopped asking about it and has learned to accept it but he has asked her if she'd maybe ask Peter to use condoms so that his cum doesn’t go in her!

    I told her he had some nerve asking that but she just giggled and said she just told him that some things aren't his business and he shouldn't worry about them so much. Then she told him that she didn't even have to tell him in the first place!

    So it seems he hasn't really dropped his possessive feelings he has for her. He must have been annoyed that we'd had sex on Friday night, barely 36 hours before she saw him on Sunday instead of it being 2 or more days as it has been. No wonder she says he responds the way he does when she goes straight from her period to him!

    I think it's kind of funny to know she wants sex with me and Peter and that Dan will just have to suffer if he wants her!


    New book time!

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