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. Journal of a Journey - Book Eighteen

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Aug 5, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Book 18

    I can definitely say that our sex-life has tapered down a bit. We are now down to usually just twice a week which is about where we were in the past. It's okay, the sex is still tremendous, but I know that both of us feel a certain level of anxiety because some of the "stimulation" is no longer there.

    She will still tease me wearing panties around and she'll joke that she ‘doesn't want me to forget’. During sex she does still tease but it is in a past/passive sense; she'll say, "remember how wet I was..." and stuff like that.

    We have continued talking and she is becoming more receptive to possibly looking at friends/acquaintances as our next partner. She's interested in changing how things work, especially in terms of not telling the guy that I am aware of what's going on. In talking, we both feel that this might be a more appropriate approach with someone we know and may see from time to time.

    I also joked with her that this time she may want to find some ‘college Jock’. That came up when we talked about maybe going up to our son's school for parents-weekend! It was a joke at the time but it sure did lead to sparks in the bedroom. It seems like suggesting such fantasies is a bonus that brings out her hidden desires.


    Let’s take our neighbour up the block. It's a fictitious example; we’ll call them Jim and Jane. At first Suzanna thought I would maybe have an issue with someone we know fucking her but I told her, and reminded her, that I liked knowing other guys were fucking her and that it didn't bother me that we'd maybe run into them socially. I told her it would give me a kick that at the time he wouldn't know that I knew. She thought maybe I'd feel weird but I told her that it'd actually turn me on to know an acquaintance was getting into her pants.

    No, the issue for her is how she'd feel sitting having a cup of coffee with ‘Jane’. She said she didn't think she'd feel right about deceiving her ‘friend’. She said to me she'd feel uncomfortable knowing they shared her husband but couldn't tell each other. I joked that maybe she could see what Jane had to say after a bottle of wine between them; that maybe she could get her ‘okay’. Suzanna said her mind didn’t work out like that but then she said, "If it happened, that might be okay".

    I'm hoping to throw some seeds out there and see which takes root.

    I can say that yesterday afternoon with our daughter out of the house, wow, although it was a cool cloudy day outside there was an inferno in here. She's finally getting past the blues about Dan and yesterday she damn near rode my cock off of me. She got up on top of me and it's been ages since I've felt her want to get fucked that much grinding down onto me like she did.

    When she rolled over I went to get back into her and she pushed me off and said, "you have to wait your turn". With that she handed me her favourite jelly dildo and the Astroglide and she told me, "Jim goes first". For the next 10-15 minutes or so she came profusely as I plunged Jim into her as far as it would go and with no one home and the windows closed she really seemed to let loose, especially when I pushed one finger up her butt while Jim continued to fuck her pussy.

    Finally when she caught her breath after yet another intense orgasm she looked up at me and said, "Now it's your turn". As I slid into her she said, "I'll bet you've missed this, haven't you?”

    Damn, she was right; I have missed her used pussy. The feeling of pushing all the way into her like that, almost frictionless, just feeling her hot wetness inside. Even more, I loved feeling how stretched and opened her pussy was, as if it was too tired to squeeze down on me.

    She pulled her knees back for me and I remembered this was the position she used to love to let Dan take her in. Her pussy was so open and deep that I could push all the way in and grind against her so that she was spread wide open around the thick base of my cock. All the while she was moaning away as I knew she was building up, just as I was.

    I thought I'd have cum almost immediately but instead, the feelings were just so great and our motions were so in-sync that I just got into this zone of fucking her. We rocked back and forth and I could feel her getting wetter and wetter; we hadn’t needed the Astroglide!

    Finally, I could take it no longer. I looked down and seeing her soaking wet pussy sucking deeply at my cock with each plunge; seeing how wet my cock was as I pulled it out each time and then hearing her squeal wildly when I pushed back in, it was all too much and she knew it. I don't know how she knows but this was one of those times that as I started that last build-up it was as if her pussy suddenly came to life and started to gently squeeze me with each stroke. My god, it was like it was sucking me into her. I could feel her start to shake under me and for an instant the thought that Dan and Peter had surely felt her in this way went through my head and a moment later she knew it was my turn. I plunged in one last time and she instinctively wrapped her legs around me as I let loose in her. She squealed again as we could both feel how hot her pussy was as I came and came in her. At the end I rolled off of her and we both lay there for a moment before we both started laughing about how noisy we must have been!


    It seems that Suzanna is actually becoming hornier the more time goes by without another guy in the picture.

    I would say that I have gotten my wish for all of this as she is now, mid-month, seemingly horny all the time. Just yesterday afternoon when we were in the kitchen with our daughter downstairs she pulled her jeans away from her body and pushed my hand down her pants. What I found was her pussy feeling incredibly wet and open! She said she'd been like this all day and had even had a really sexy dream on Friday night.

    Last night over a bottle of champagne she teased me at first, lying in bed next to me with just a pair of skimpy panties on. I'd lean over to kiss her and suck at her breasts but she'd push my hands away from her pussy claiming that it was for her lover only!. She knew what she was doing because all the while one of her hands was gently stroking my cock. She would tease me that I won't be fucking her until after she finds a new lover who will.

    The way she spoke, it almost sounded like she was serious!

    I got her very worked up. At one point she said "okay, I don't think my lover will mind you rubbing his pussy through my panties ... " then a second later, " ... but you're not getting underneath them!” I played along and honestly at that point I didn't care if she was serious or kidding about it, one way or another I was going to cum either in her or on her.

    I could feel just how wet and open she was under her panties and I knew that they would be coming off soon and I was right but before she'd let me go down on her to taste her sweetness, she reached into the drawer next to the bed and took out Jim, her favourite dildo. She looked at me with this deep look in her eyes and just said, "I told you, Jim is going first." With that she handed me the dildo.

    For the next 15 minutes or so I knelt next to her while she held my cock in a death-grip as I helped ‘Jim’ fuck her. I knew she'd had a huge orgasm after just a few minutes from how firmly she seemed to clench down on the dildo and then how smooth and deep I was able to plunge it into her. She screamed two more times as I rotated the dildo in her pussy.

    After she calmed down she lay back and let me slide Jim out of her. She just said, "now, it's your turn".

    She knew just what turns me on, that's for sure. The feeling entering her at that moment was intense. The lubricant combined with her own juices had her slick and open and again confirmed that I do love to be the one to fuck her second after she's had an intense orgasm or two; her pussy just feels so silky and smooth.

    She pulled her knees back for me and said, "this is Jim's favourite position" and in that moment I slid all the way into her balls deep and she was still gaped open deep inside. ‘Jim’ is at least 3 inches longer than I am and a bit thicker than me and the feeling ‘he’ gave me was incredible.

    She started to moan as I rubbed her clit and a moment later she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in. All that was moving was the tip of my cock deep in her and it was awesome. All I could think about was that both Dan and Peter had surely felt her like this and at that moment the urge took me over too and I let my own cum fill her deeply. She squealed one final time (she says she can always feel the heat when I, or anyone else, cums in her) and that she almost always has one final orgasm at that moment.

    We lay together for a while and as we hugged and kissed she said she wanted to ask me something. I told her to go ahead. She asked if she was ‘careful’ whether she could act impulsively and have sex with someone without having to check with me ahead of time.

    I asked her who she was thinking of but she said there was no one specific in mind but that she was thinking of maybe keeping a condom or two in her purse so that, as she put it, ‘if the urge strikes .. ‘.

    I looked at her and asked, "are you serious?" and she said back, "Yeah" and she explained that for the last week or so she's been VERY horny and ‘ ... had thoughts’.

    I told her that I thought it was very horny that she was thinking this way and that as long as she was careful, that I would be okay.

    She didn't say anything more than that. Again I asked where or who she was thinking or whom she'd seen but she just said that ‘the thought has crossed her mind’ and that she just wanted to be sure of how I would be. She giggled and said, "Not that I already didn't know; I just wanted to be sure!”

    That's all I know for now. The other thing I do know is that she's already hinting that she's horny today too! Maybe it’s the sunny weather, I don't know what’s the reason but I'm surely not complaining.


    It's another Friday and she just went out to the mall. I’m thinking she’s got too much free time and I need to find her another lover so she doesn't spend all of my money! Seriously though, before she left she gave me an intense kiss and whispered in my ear that I should, "be ready for later".

    I reminded her that next week I am going away on business and hinted that maybe she'd use the opportunity when I'm not with her to have some fun. She giggled and said, "hmmm, maybe....”

    For the moment if she has someone in mind, that's about as much of a go-ahead as I can possibly give her.


    We decided that we shall have a night out dining and dancing as we haven't had that much time to go out like that recently. Perhaps this Friday or Saturday might be good as I'll be going away for all of next week, leaving on Sunday and returning late Friday night.

    It might be an opportunity to ‘find’ someone but I don't think Suzanna’s the type to pick up a guy in a bar and we really haven't done the "you go in first/separately and have fun" thing in a long time either.

    I've given her plenty of suggestions that she should go and enjoy next week but I don't get the feeling that she has anyone in her sights just yet. I wish she had a single/divorced friend or someone she could go out to the bars with but that's not the case in our social circles although we did just hear of a couple, Ray and Joanne, whom we're acquainted with who may be splitting up.

    I asked what she thought of Ray and she smiled and said he ‘seemed pretty nice’ but then she added that she didn't want to get involved and be seen as a cause of their breakup. I asked, “what about after they're separated?" and she giggled and then just said, "maybe" with a smile on her face.

    We're not that close with Ray and Joanne; I'm actually friendlier with Ray with guy stuff, football games, etc. For Suzanna, Joanne is really just an acquaintance so we'll just need to play it by ear for a while now but, the more I thought about it, this could be a good answer as Ray isn't really the ‘ladies-man type’ so I’m thinking he'd be safe health-wise.

    From what we've heard, their split-up has been a long-time in the making as their kids are older (in their 20's) and from what I know about Ray, he's an okay guy and I'd be okay if he was fucking Sue. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but we'll have to see how this all plays out, there is a potential here.


    I did run into Ray the other day on the way home from work, in all places, the food-store. I asked him what's up with him and Joanne and that I'd heard they were having problems. He told me they've spoken with a lawyer and that he's just about ready to move out.

    I didn't pry much but it seems to be a pretty friendly split-up thus far. All he said was that they've ‘grown apart’ over the years. I told Suzanna all of this when I got home on Wednesday night.

    In return Suzanna told me she’d had an Email from Dan. She didn't show it to me but apparently he said that after having her as he did for that whole week, that he said he couldn't deal with her still having sex with me and that he felt it all came to a head that Friday night.

    I asked her how she felt about that and she just said to me, "it's over ...” and “... that wasn't going to be what I could do with you" (meaning me). I hugged her and told her that he was a jerk and that he didn't deserve her and she smiled and hugged me back and said I was right.

    I’m not sure if I’m joining dots and maybe seeing a connection here or if it's just my mind running but I’m wondering if anything will happen next week while I’m away.

    I can hope, can't I?


    I guess maybe she might have led Dan on a bit. I'm not quite sure what she may have conveyed to him, etc.; maybe he misread that week away with her as something more than it was.

    I would have been happy to let them have another week like that at some point in the future and, if it stayed under control, I would have been okay with more at times but seeing how things blew-apart at the end, it's probably better that it's not him she's with anymore.

    I asked Suzanna if she'd thought more about Ray and she said that she'd consider it but that she'd feel awkward. She then suggested to me that, "maybe you should invite him over if he's moving out".

    So I'm now thinking if this could work out after all. Maybe I’ll invite him over for dinner after he's moved out and see what happens.

    I'll have this week to think about it and feel out Suzanna on it a bit more. My mind is racing at this idea.

    I wasn't about to push this at all. Ray and I have known each other for as long as we've lived in the area, their son is the same age. I always thought he was older but Suzanna has corrected me as the boys were in Boy-Scouts together for a while long ago. They've grown apart as friends and are at separate colleges now. Scouting was my thing with my son so she never really met him. We did back then share a few beers several times at one scout-related event or another so we do have some camaraderie.

    He goes to the gym that's nearby as well as frequenting all the same local stores and places so we actually have seen each other in passing for a long time. My thought was that if he's moving out that he'll want company and a hot-meal so maybe a friendly barbeque could entice him over. I don't even know if Suzanna will like him when they meet. I’m thinking that if she gets to know him there may be a spark so there's a lot running through my mind at the moment.

    I guess I'm jumping the gun here; he's not even moved out yet!


    Big anti-climax. I was away all week and really busy and in my spare moments all I could think of was what might be happening at home.

    And, nothing happening with Suzanna at home. Apparently while I'm away, some bad-grades surfaced. Actually our daughter probably planned it that way so I'm not there to be annoyed and it all falls on Suzanna.

    Nothing like real life to be a mood killer.

    Maybe I'm glad I was away.


    I know better than to force something as I actually like Ray and his situation is a good opportunity for us to improve our friendship.

    However, I'm not going to push anything. I think it'd be better if he and Suzanna became friendlier as a natural course of things anyway. Certainly I don't think Suzanna is going to be anxious to do anything until Joanne and Ray have their issues sorted out; she wouldn't want to be a catalyst for them breaking up altogether ... but if it happens on its own!


    With the absence of another guy in her life I am seeing a bit of a decline in Suzanna’s sexual desire. We're back to our usual 2-3 times a week whereas we'd been up at 4-5 times in the weeks just after Dan's departure. To be honest, I expected it. The intensity is still there though when we do make love as she will still tell me things to get us both going. Her favourite seems to be to tell me about how 'wet' she would be when she'd come home after being with Dan.

    Regarding Ray, there’s no movement there. I have seen him a few times and I've asked how things are going. His latest reply to me was that he's hoping that it'll be sorted out by Thanksgiving but who really knows. I don't want to do anything to tip my hand...

    Actually, the next few weeks for us are pretty packed already so waiting until after Thanksgiving (or maybe even Christmas or New Years) might actually be better for us.


    I guess I'm happy that we're not normal and are uncommon. Even with having Suzanna usually a couple of times a week, I still find it desirable to masturbate twice a week too. I guess we're both in sync that way. I don't really have much to compare our relationship to as none of the couples or guys in my circles really talk about their sex life too much.

    I do find her to still be very sexy! She's kept her shape over the years and she's back to working out (running mainly) to keep that middle-age spread at bay. Her breasts are the best part though as they are as perky as ever and truly show no sign of sag yet. However she is small, only a 34b/c, so that may help there and she still does the things that turn me on. She knows I love her bald pussy and she keeps it that way for me now (although she used to tease me that it was that Dan liked it that way and that's why she did it).

    We also have moved back into our former routine of scheduling more passionate long evenings such as tomorrow when our daughter will be at a Halloween party from mid-afternoon until 10pm or later. We've already agreed that we’ll ignore the trick-or-treaters (screw them) as we're going to be screwing each other! I'll be picking up 2 bottles of champagne and Suzanna’s even suggested we try out some of that ‘warming lubricant’ that we see advertised on TV.

    Needless to say, I'm abstaining from anything today to get my ire up even more for her tomorrow. She's already teased me that some of her ‘friends’ (meaning her two favourite dildos) will have to come visit. The thicker silicone one she's named ‘Jim’ and the other one she seems to like of late, the more slender that she enjoys in her butt, which she's named ‘Greg’ which I suspect was the name of her boyfriend in college who also used to fuck her ass.


    Over the past few weeks my frequent mentions of someone like Ray as being a potential partner has resulted in her warming up to the idea. Her reaction to my suggestions shouldn’t come as a surprise being we are both of the same mind and going down another route to cuckoldry (or ‘naughty wives’ as Suzanna knows it) has an appeal for both of us.

    She says that now she isn't looking for the regular type of thing that she had before. That's why the Ray idea might be good because it could be less scheduled and more spontaneous. We agreed that perhaps at first she not let him know that I know what's going on.

    I was a bit nervous at some points when we were talking about all of this and I guess it showed. She asked me if I wasn't happy that she was warming to the idea of Ray. I told her that wasn't it at all and then I let it out that I was going to miss some of the demands that ‘he’ (that's as close as I get to mentioning Dan) used to make.

    This was some of the conversation earlier today and this afternoon, once our daughter was out of the house, the topic came up again. We were having a glass of wine and relaxing after doing some yard work and clearly the wine had loosened her up and she sidled up to me on the couch. We kissed and such and she started to tease me. It didn’t take too long before she came out and said that she didn't need ‘him’ to make demands on her to have her make demands on me. Then she said, "you know, I did sort of like making you wait sometimes....”

    Personally, I did like the experience during that week when I knew she was with Dan and not me. The emotions I felt that week still feels so strong to me that even now it gives me the most erotic thrill thinking about it and she knows that it turned me on and is okay with that but she's made it abundantly clear that she doesn't want that sort of relationship next time. By implication she's also made clear that there WILL be a next time.

    She's admitted that she does miss having sex with someone else. She was so emotional and serious when she said that to me as if it was going to bother me. That's what led to what I'd already mentioned about her making the demands.

    The idea of someone local that we felt okay about seems to be the direction we're both thinking might be a good one to try. It might give us what we want and, dare say, I foresee a bit of a sexually-demanding side coming out of Sue!

    What a total turn on to see this happening; her wanting it, her wanting it again.


    Yesterday we did as planned. Champagne is like an aphrodisiac for Suzanna at times, the bubbles seem to get to her and yesterday was no different. With our daughter out and our son off at school we were finally enjoying being empty-nesters. Our evening started with Suzanna dressing in some very sexy lingerie. A very lacy teddy with snaps in the crotch (my favourite) and a pair of very long silky black ‘lounge’ pants. Through the lacy top I could just see her hard nipples and I knew what was waiting beneath the rest of it.

    We started out slowly which is a change that has come about over the past few years. Now, when we're alone and have time, it seems we are both much more in the mood to seduce each other than to simply jump each other’s bones.

    I loved getting behind her as she sat on the bed and pulling her hair to one side and then gently nibbling on her neck, especially behind and below her ear. I remember when we were kids that we always used to think it was hot to blow in someone's ear but now I know that gently nibbling behind/below it works so much better.

    It didn't take long before I was able to drop one shoulder of her teddy downward and again, still from behind, reach around to cup under her now exposed breast and to gently squeeze and play with her nipple as all the while I continued to nibble and kiss her neck and now bare shoulder. I could tell from how hard and erect her nipples got that I was having the desired effect.

    She turned to me and we kissed and lay back against the bed. She moved upward and her breast still free was soon in my mouth. Hearing her moan as I sucked at it continued to tell me I was having the desired effect.

    She reached down for my pants as I reached into hers and unsnapped her teddy while still leaving her pants on. She grabbed my cock just as I let my fingers graze across her now swollen and wet pussy lips. I could feel the heat coming out of her.

    Between breaks for more champagne she let me remove her teddy but she still left her pants on. She looked so sexy lying on the bed, naked from the waist up with the only thing separating us just these soft sexy silk pants on below. She took my shirt off and slid my jeans off and she giggled as my cock hung through the fly in my boxers.

    I knelt with one knee on the bed and stood on the other leg. She reached up and pulled my cock out and sucked greedily at the tip and then took most of me in her mouth. Felt so good to feel her tongue run up the full length and then to feel her suck at the tip and I knew from how she moaned that she'd gotten a good taste of pre-cum and wanted more.

    I guess she's gotten better at sucking cock over the past few years and I really noticed it yesterday in how willingly she let me hold the back of her head and encouraged me to literally fuck her mouth for a bit. I almost let myself get lost in that feeling but then I looked back down at her and I needed her naked. She giggled at how almost forcibly I pushed her pants down revealing her swollen bare pussy.

    All I needed to do was wet my middle finger and rub near her clit and she willingly spread her legs lewdly as far apart as they'd go. She was so wet from all the kissing and foreplay (as well as giggling and tipsy from the champagne) that she encouraged me to ‘go for it’, her open pussy was just begging for my fingers or tongue.

    I didn't make her wait for long, at least not to start. I ran my fingers all around her love button (it sticks out when she's really turned on) but I resisted putting my fingers into her open vagina. Well, for at least for as long as I could! I watched as I rubbed around her clit and could see her pussy spasming, closing and then opening wide and then closing tightly again as if it was begging to be filled. Each time she'd relax and let it open, I started to run my finger just around the edge of her open pussy which caused her to squeal and push her whole crotch upwards, trying to force my fingers into her. Each time I resisted I was rewarded to see her grow more open and so much wetter each time. Finally she could take no more of my teasing and she reached down with her own hand and forced my fingers into her.

    Her pussy was wonderfully hot inside and as soon as my fingers entered her and arched up to tease at her g-spot she let loose with an intense orgasm. Her body shook under me and her pussy clenched on my fingers for a moment after which an incredible calmness just seemed to wash across her. Most erotic was her deep sigh as the wave of orgasm flushed over her. What a turn-on it was to feel her cum on my fingers like that.

    She had pulled off my boxers by now and I don't even know if she knew what she was doing but she had my cock rock hard in her hand.

    I lay down next to her on the bed in an almost 69 position and she resumed her gentle sucking only this time my cock seemed to be huge in her mouth such that she could only suck at the end of it.

    I had already planned things and ‘Jim’ was within easy reach as was the regular good old Astroglide. I leaned forward and went down on her to get her really wet and open and I don't know if she'd totally remembered at that point but a moment later as I applied some lubricant to the dildo I leaned up and said, "are you ready to have some fun with Jim now?”

    She let out the sexiest moan and I swear, I was up so close to her pussy when I said it that her pussy literally just opened up like a flower blooming. I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and saw how open she was inside and as she moaned away I put Jim up against her and gently pushed him into her.

    I love it when she is so worked up. As soon as I pushed it into her she squealed out loud and, again, clenched down on the dildo. The lube did its job and I was able to fuck her with the dildo through her orgasm which only made it that much more intense. I knew she'd let go totally when it went from being quite tight in her pussy to it being an open gaping hole as she let herself experience yet another orgasm.

    I knew she'd cum also by how she seemed to lose all focus on my cock but despite her loss of attention, there was no loss of arousal for me. I love watching her cum, I never get tired of it.

    As she calmed down I slid around and knelt between her legs. Jim was still deep in her pussy and as I got into position she pulled her knees back and told me it was my turn. My cock was at the ready and as soon as she pulled Jim out I pushed in my own cock and took his place.

    The sensations were incredible, almost like true sloppy-seconds. I slid all the way into her on the first thrust and she let out the same guttural moan as she does when I am entering her for proper sloppy-seconds. She has this way of holding her legs back and after Jim (or Dan or whoever) has made her cum she feels so intense inside. Feeling her swollen pussy lips surrounding the base of my cock with my balls nestled against her and totally filling her, it is just heavenly.

    I know some guys like their women to be tight. Not me, I mean I don't want her to just be all open and gaping but Suzanna feels ‘just right’ after she's had a good orgasm or two (or 3 or 4....) with another cock in her. It doesn’t matter if it was a real cock or Jim, there's something about how her pussy feels deep inside after she's cum when it's been full.

    Last night was no different. I hooked her legs around my arms and she arched her back so I could have her as deep as I wanted. I thought about bringing ‘Greg’ out and slipping him in her back-door but at that moment my only desire was to plunge my cock back into her even deeper than I was.

    I saw her looking up at me with half-way glazed eyes. I saw her move one hand down and rub her own clit as I hammered into her.

    She knows how I feel and she knew I was close and that's when she started to say stuff to me. She looked up at me and mid-fuck told me, “I miss another guy fucking me”. I didn't know if she was saying it to tease me and bring me off quicker or if she was serious but she continued. She told me how she loved to feel another guy cum in her and she had to know I was right on the edge as she looked up at me and said, "you miss it too don't you, knowing another guy is cumming in me?”

    She had her answer a second later as it felt like a volcano erupting in her. My cum felt like lava spewing out and she squealed as the moment got to me and I kept cumming for a while. Usually I'll shoot off with a huge spurt but this time it was definitely 5 or 6 distinctive deep squirts; one of my own best orgasms in ages. With each one she seemed to ride the crest of her own orgasm until, at the very end of mine, I sped up for just a moment in her and felt her tighten around me. A second later she let out a shriek loud enough for the neighbors to hear as she too came explosively herself.

    I slipped out of her quickly and by the time we both caught our breath, there was a large wet-spot on the bed. She giggled as we hugged and kissed and that was when I asked her if she was serious. She was quiet for a second and then nodded her head.

    I held her tightly and told her it was totally okay by me that she wanted another guy and I pulled back from her so that I could look her in the eye as I told her that it really turned me on that she wanted to have another guy to fuck. She looked at me for a moment and I started to think I'd said the wrong thing. Then she started to smile and pulled me close to her and told me she loved me as she hugged me tightly.

    One of us needed to get cleaned up to go pick our daughter up but before making a move we lay there together for a while and started to talk. She seemed to be a bit hesitant about admitting that she wanted another guy to fuck so I told her that it really turned me on that she wants sex this much.

    Then she said to me, "it wasn't just that I want more sex ... " and after she paused, she looked at me and then away as she said, ".... it's that I guess I miss the variety.... you know .... with another guy sometimes...."

    I held her close and told her that I loved hearing her say that and that it turned me on to know she wants that. She looked at me again and said, "You are crazy" and then hugged and kissed me. We lay there together till a little after 10pm when the phone rang and brought us back to reality.


    At 49, Suzanna is still one heck of a fuck and one heck of a lot of fun in bed. It's really in how she approaches sex, not as something to be feared but something to be embraced. It’s what attracted me to her in the first place all those years ago. I always loved that she truly wanted sex back then and now I think what I love about all that we've done is that it's had this effect of bring back her desires.

    It’s out in the open; she misses having another guy. I don't know that it's that she needs more than one cock or that it's more that she wants the excitement and variety and spontaneity that another guy can give her. Either way I'm good with it, I believe this is what I've wanted from the beginning and, hopefully, be getting it again in the future.

    We are both on the same page for clearly she is not looking for another ‘significant other’ in the way that Dan and Peter became so regular. I suspect though, that we'll be waiting until January before anything else will happen as our calendar is full from now through to the New Year.


    In looking back at things, it wasn't so much Dan or his knowing that I knew what was going on, or even the times in the bar with them, etc., that got me really turned on, it was, in fact, what went on between Suzanna and me (or rather, what didn't go on).

    Actually, I'm thinking that at the beginning, maybe it'd be better if her lover didn't know that I was okay with things, etc.

    What I don't know is if that will change how Suzanna feels about things. I think that Dan knowing what was going on and agreeing to go along with it may have let Suzanna go with it more easily too. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, but another way of saying it is that if her next lover doesn't ‘make demands’ I'm not sure whether she'll feel the same desire in cuckolding me.

    Even though he was a jerk, the experience I had with Suzanna while she was seeing Dan was just incredible. In retrospect I think I appreciate it even more. I know that even now if I merely think about their week together it still turns me on instantly; she knows it too and has continued to tease me about it ever since.

    For the last few weeks, she's been really horny. Maybe it’s the onset of colder weather but she's really been into using ‘Jim’ first to fuck her and then teasing me about taking ‘my turn’. I love it, I love how she feels being wet and open and she takes every opportunity to remind me of it. From how she feels, how she asks and demands that I pound into her, I know she's super-horny.

    I think she's/we've sort of taken our sights off of Ray for the moment. ‘The grapevine’ (according to Sue) says that they're staying together for Thanksgiving and that they're trying to work things out. I think Suzanna was a little disappointed sharing that with me as I think she'd genuinely warmed to the idea of him.


    Sex has been great between Suzanna and I since we both put the whole thing with Dan behind us. To keep it fresh and in our mind and excited about it we've continued to use her toys and she's continued to tease me about ‘enjoying going second’ and my having to ‘watch Jim and her have fun’.

    This was good but if you know someone for as long as I've known Sue, you can tell when there's more that's being held back and this past weekend we got it out in the open.

    She was actually worried about how I was going to feel that she held it back until I pushed her a bit and she confessed that she ‘really really’ misses having another guy to have sex with. I asked her why she was concerned about that and she said that in the past she'd been doing it for me and now, with the absence of Dan or whoever, that she was concerned that I wouldn't still want her to want it for herself.

    Like I said, we were lying in bed after just having had some really great sex and I laughed at her for even being worried about it and then I laughed again and told her we needed to talk.

    I told her what I'd been planning in my head; that I’d been thinking to take her out sometime over the next 2 weeks, put some condoms in her purse and tell her to go find herself a guy and have a one-night stand. I didn't tell her in those specific words but I had already bought some condoms and I even showed them to her. I told her that I had thought of maybe me going to the bar and finding someone and setting things in motion, or of letting her go alone and letting her do the choosing.

    The suggestion sparked her interest and she was curious about where we'd go. I told her that there was this bar in a local hotel that I thought would be like the bar in the hotel she was at in Boston when she had her first time with Bill. I asked her if she thought she'd be more relaxed this time and might enjoy it more. She smiled and said that she hadn't really been thinking this way, especially not since I'd suggested the ‘Ray or someone else’ that might work out as a ‘regular’ type of thing.

    We talked some more and by the end of the conversation she said that she'd think about it and would let me know in the next few days. I joked that she could share some holiday cheer and give some guy a surprise Christmas present! She laughed but didn’t say anything; she didn’t have to, her smile said it all.

    So, that's the plan for now. We're all off from work this Friday, Christmas Eve, and I suggested to her that maybe Thursday night we go out and have some fun. She gave me that giggle and said, "We’ll see, okay?" Then she kissed me and said, "let me think about it a bit".

    Separately, on the Ray and Joanne situation, my other buddy shared the rumour that they are staying together ‘for the holidays’ but that they were still going to separate in January. I filed that info away and will have to wait and see.


    She said yes to it tonight. I got the whole ‘it's not like me to do this’ speech but when I put the condoms (‘my gift’) on the bed next to her and told her to take them she stopped resisting and with a giggle put them in her bag. We goofed around about it for a while longer and I said that the guys had better get themselves ready. She played along and calmly said, “I’m hoping to find a nice one”.

    Wow, it's been so long now hearing her talk like that and I found it quite a turn-on but she needs to be up early tomorrow morning so I left her to fall asleep.

    I guess she likes the gift.


    We DID go out last night and we left the house with Suzanna having every intention of ‘scratching her itch’. However, nothing materialized. I guess with it being just before Christmas, there wasn't much of a crowd in the bar. Some guys did hit on her and several bought her a drink or two but none seemed to truly turn her on. She confessed to me before the evening was over that she ‘didn't have the guts’ to simply take someone up on their offer to go up to his room for a while.

    She did, however, get incredibly turned on by the whole evening such that she was eager to get home and take her frustrations out on me.

    So I guess she's just not that kind of a girl (any more) that in the cold light of the day today, she says she just can't jump into bed with just anyone (any more) and that if anything, the fun we've/she's had in the past few years now has convinced her that she needs to feel a bit more for the guy to really get herself comfortable with sex with him.

    Later in the evening she admitted that, "maybe Ray wouldn't be such a bad choice after all.”


    We are still on the back-burner with finding another lover for Suzanna.

    It's been quite good for us though for our sex-life since Dan disappeared has only gotten better. The frequency hasn't gone up, still 2-3 times a week like clockwork but, my gosh, the intensity has taken off like a rocket ship. It's something we both no longer keep inside, she knows it's what I think about and I know it's what she thinks about and it is just crazy how horny two people can get. I honestly wouldn't have thought it possible. She'll tease me mid-stroke into her about how wet she wants to feel again and I tease her back by telling her how I want the same.

    We've also started to masturbate in front of each other more often too which is a huge change. She'll sometimes say she's too tired for a big 'bout of sex and will pull the covers down and tell me to, "just watch tonight". It’s a totally a beautiful sight watching her; I love how she just knows her own body especially when she'll pull a toy out. After she's spent she'll lie next to me and watch me finish myself off. Sometimes she'll lean down at the last minute and suck me to completion, other times she seems intent on just watching and then playing with the cum afterwards.

    On the Ray front, rumour is that he's moving out this month but I haven't seen him recently so this is only what Suzanna’s heard and shared with me. She did say that Joanne was a 'bitch' and that Ray would be better off without her so she obviously has a warm-spot for him which may be our next best hope. If not that, then I don't see much happening till it gets a bit warmer out and the longer days ease up what always seems like a rushed time of year.


    Well, patience pays off sometimes, it was Sunday morning and I was up getting bagels and there was Ray, on line ahead of me. We talked a bit as we waited and he said he had moved out for a few weeks and is no longer living with his ‘witch of a wife’. I suggested he stop by for dinner one night and he seemed very interested in that; his comment was ‘real cooking, I'm there’

    Suzanna's response when I got home and told her was VERY favourable. As she put it, "I'd love to take care of him." The smile on her face left me no doubt that she's interested in where this may go.

    Last night she snuggled up next to me in bed and teased a bit and asked me, "so how do you think he is in bed?”

    I answered her that he'd had 2 kids with Joanne so he must have been okay. She giggled, reached over and felt my hard cock and giggled even more, "You’ve missed me having fun, haven't you?"

    I answered, "tell me you haven't?!?!”

    So, that's it. The proverbial ball is in motion. Just thinking about it starting up again has me aroused.

    More as it happens, but best if we don't push things too much and simply let them happen.


    I'm getting so excited. I've missed the ‘edge’ that Suzanna’s cucking me added to our sex-life. No secret that she's missed it too.

    However, this isn't something that she's pushing like the last time so it's not something she can rush into. We’ve agreed to try to do something maybe this Friday night or over the weekend where I could invite Ray over to dinner and explore the chemistry.

    I don’t know if it’s a sign but there's the first sign of a thaw in the winter-freeze.


    Last night before bed she'd said several times that I should invite Ray over to a barbeque this weekend. With the spring-like weather, she thought that would be a better idea than her slaving away in the kitchen.

    Then last night IN bed it was obvious that she's getting horny about it. She teased me over and over about how she hopes things work out and at one point she came out and said, "I can't wait to see how he is in bed!” When we started foreplay in earnest as I'd played with her pussy and had 2 or 3 fingers in her she teased me and with her hand on my cock said, "are you ready to feel Ray’s' cum in me?” She giggled when I didn't say anything in response but she felt my cock start to throb.

    As got between her legs she giggled, "do you think he'll like me all bare?”

    What a turn-on, to know she's already thinking about how things will be with Ray and to know she's imagining herself lying there with him.

    I think we still have a long way to go but it's exciting knowing she's getting aroused at the possibilities.


    Ray accepted the invitation and will be coming over tomorrow. I’m hoping the weather will be warmer than it seems to be today. Last night when we got in bed she actually came out and casually asked me what I wanted to happen with Ray, just asked it like that.

    I told her that I thought it might be nice if she would ‘satisfy’ him (and her) from time to time. She asked me if I wanted to keep it a secret as if she was cheating on me or whether I wanted her to tell him what was going on.

    I told her what we'd already discussed a few months ago and that I'd want it to see as if she were cheating on me at first and let’s see how that goes. She smiled and said that she, "just wanted to be sure".

    I asked her if she was already thinking about being in bed with him and she giggled and said, "well, he is kind of a hunk" but quickly added that this wasn't something she was going to rush into either; that she wanted to see how tomorrow goes.

    Later on as we were messing around during foreplay she did ask me if I wanted her to, "start saying no" to me again. I told her in a mid-moan as she was sucking on me that it did turn me on and as she sucked and stroked me she started teasing me more than she has in months. She'd suck me deep down and then tease me by saying that, "maybe this is all you'll get" (meaning her sucking me) and how, "maybe I'll just let Ray have my pussy".

    I didn't need to say anything as the swollen throb she felt in my cock was answer enough.

    When we got ready to really get into some intense fucking she stopped me for a moment and handed me some lubricant and said, "Might as well start getting used to be being really wet again".

    The next 15 or so minutes were one continuous intense deep pounding fuck. No other way to describe how her pussy opened up under me. It was the wettest and the most open I've felt her in months.


    Last night went very well. While nothing happened, it was a nice evening. Ray showed up about 6:30pm with a nice bottle of red wine and that plus one of ours led to a very mellow evening. The 3 of us had a nice time before dinner was ready. Fortunately our daughter was out for the evening and our son was with his girlfriend for the entire evening.

    Despite the change in weather we did barbeque and Ray split his time between chatting with me as I tended to the steaks and with Suzanna in the kitchen as she made up some salad and other stuff.

    Nothing went on between them at all, just polite conversation. After dinner we adjourned to the den where we watched some sitcoms on TV. Again, it was just pleasant conversation at the start but as the wine sank in, Ray became VERY complimentary about Sue. What a nice house, how nice dinner was, how nice she is, etc.

    I left them alone for a little bit of time when I went off to check on some work stuff. Nothing happened but Suzanna shared with me afterwards that they'd talked about Ray and his split up with Joanne and how they'd grown apart over time. Suzanna did say that Ray came out and said that he hadn't had sex in months (with Joanne or anyone else) and Suzanna actually came out and said that she was sure his ‘dry spell’ would be ending once the warm weather came along.

    Ray left about 10:30pm and after shaking my hand Suzanna gave him a goodbye kiss on the lips that lingered perhaps a moment extra.

    In bed last night I asked he what she thought of Ray and she simply looked at me and just came out and said, "I could definitely sleep with him if that's what you want to know", just like that. She added that she had no idea how to get, as she said, from ‘point A to point B’. I told her to leave that part to me and that I'd find a way to get "’us’ all closer together and that I thought the night had gone great.

    I asked her about that kiss at the end and she said, "it just happened" and that she felt guilty about it afterwards in that she thought it might have made Ray feel uncomfortable but I told her that, just as we said, to blame it on the wine.

    I wasn't totally sure how our night was going to end until she locked the bedroom door and stripped naked and said, "I need to get laid". This was Suzanna saying this! She admitted as we started messing around that she was turned on about the possibility with Ray and she even said how much ‘easier’ this would be if it worked out with him.

    As we started to fuck I teased her that it was really her who was going to be ‘easy’. She giggled and just said, "You started all of this but, yes, I DO want him".


    It’s not a done-deal yet. I mean although I'm sure Ray won't pass on a chance with her but there's still a long way from it being a "done deal" plus earlier tonight I got the whole, "I don't want people to be talking about me" thing from Suzanna. She also said that she shouldn't have pushed it with the whole goodnight kiss but I calmed her down about that and in talking about it we agreed that this isn't something we want to be rushing into.

    Nonetheless, she was smokin' hot in bed last night so I'm really happy!


    We discussed inviting him over again maybe this coming weekend to dinner again but much will depend on how the week goes and the weather.

    Despite being a crappy week at work for both of us, the sexual intensity between us has continued to increase as well as Suzanna’s own desires too. I've found her favourite dildo ‘Jim’ and the lubricant out several times and she's told me quite openly that she's been masturbating while thinking about being with Ray.

    This past Wednesday night I'd gone out over a buddy's place for a while. When I got home she told me that while I was out that she'd had her fun with Jim and when I was horny before bed she told me that I should masturbate and remember that I'll be doing more of that if she starts to have sex with Ray in the future. I was a bit reluctant at first until she pulled the covers down and then slid my boxers down.

    I lay there and she started teasing me to encourage me. She would say things like, "look how big and hard you are thinking about me and Ray" and she went on telling me to, "think about how big Ray’s cock will be ... mmm, I can't wait to feel him...." She started to tell me how she wanted to be his, "first woman after Joanne" and how, "backed up he must be" and, “ how much he's going to cum in me”, well, it didn't take me long to get to the edge. It was when she told me that I may have to start masturbating (jerking off as she put it) when she's ‘with Ray’ that did it. I proudly let loose all over my stomach and chest and fingers. She giggled as I stroked the last few dribbles out and then, very erotically, scooped some of it up on her fingers and put them in my mouth and then kissed me right away. She moaned loudly when she tasted it on my lips.

    We did have sex together after that, several times, and each time it was incredible with her continuing to tease me. Saturday night she took the teasing to an extreme with her telling me, as I knelt between her spread legs looking at her wet and waiting pussy that I will, "just have to wait" and with that out came ‘Jim’. I knelt between her legs stroking myself to stay hard (as if I'd need to!) while she furiously masturbated with her dildo and lots of lubricant, all the while telling me that she wanted me to feel how she'll feel after she's been with Ray.

    It was incredible watching her bring herself to climax and then pulling the dildo out and then saying, "Okay, now it's your turn". She'd used a LOT of lubricant and told me again as I slid into her, to ‘imagine how she's going to be when Ray cums in her!’

    My cock is rock hard just typing this as I re-live it in my head but I have to remind myself not to push this one and to let it happen of its own accord ... with a bit of Suzanna’s gentle encouragement.


    I’m a bit surprised myself at how much she ‘wants’ this with Ray. I know she's admitted that she did truly enjoy not just the sex with Dan and Peter before that but that she's admitted to enjoying what it did for and between us.

    When she's turned on as she is, it just seems to happen and it's only after we have sex that I look back and realize just how sexual she is at times. At the moment, it's just an incredible turn-on and she knows it. I mean it's pretty obvious at how stiff my cock will get when she starts in.

    All I know is that I wouldn't change a thing. I’m not sure if I/we could ever go back to a plain ‘vanilla’ relationship. Not since we've both seen and experienced the types of passion and feelings we've had.


    Unfortunately, there's no progress on the Ray-front just yet. I mean, in the bedroom, Suzanna is still quite enamoured with the idea of him as her next lover and in many ways she talks as if it's a ‘done deal’ already but we had some of my family visiting from out of state this past weekend so things were a bit subdued.

    However, Suzanna was very horny on Saturday night. She's usually more reserved when we have company staying over but not this time and I am SURE that my sister heard us quite loud and clear.

    I was still horny last night and when I suggested we have some fun, Suzanna replied that she was tired and ‘still satisfied’ from the night before but she seized the moment and told me that just because she was tired didn't mean that I couldn't have some fun.

    She slid off her pyjama-bottoms and spread her legs and told me to masturbate while she would get me ‘turned on’. She lay back in bed and spread her pussy open for me and encouraged me to ‘jerk off’ and the whole while she teased me over and over. Just snippets of sentences but enough to get me really going, saying things like, “just think of when you'll see Ray’s cum in me ... do you think Ray will like me all bare like this? ... I can't wait to feel him in me ... you'll have to wait your turn ...”

    I came once and spurted all over my hands and the bed. She suggested I lick it off my fingers and giggled as I did so but she still lay there gently rubbing herself and as I squeezed the last dribbles out of my cock she teased me and said, "can you go again?”

    I told her that I'd need a little while and then that, if I did, that I'd probably wind up so drained that it'll be at least Tuesday before I’d be horny again. She giggled and said that she'd love to see me do that and, sure enough, I waited maybe 30 minutes (till another TV show ended) and she slid the blankets down again and said, "come on, I want to see how much you can cum".

    I took that as a bit of a challenge so I slid my boxers down and again she put on quite the show for me. I was going to say that I ‘thought she wasn't in the mood’ but seeing her gently rubbing herself was enough to set the tone such that I went along with her wishes and again I lay back and started to jerk-off.

    She asked me whether I was going to cum a lot again and I said that I was sure this second time wouldn't be nearly as much. Sure enough, with her explicit teasing including watching her plunging her fingers into her open pussy and saying how wet and open she was, it didn't take me all that long to get to the edge again. She kept me going saying she wanted to, "see it again". A few minutes later I let loose with what I could. I knew it wasn't going to be a lot not with how her pussy had drained my cock on Saturday night but it was enough for a spurt of two to go flying and the rest to dribble out again down my fingers and hand. Again she smiled and I didn't even think about it as I licked my fingers clean again. She seems to love watching that and she leaned forward and scooped up some of what was on my stomach and put her fingers in my mouth and she giggled when I licked them clean.

    I thought we were done and my cock was a bit tender but maybe 15 or so minutes later as we watched something on TV, she rolled over to me and sort of whispered, "can you do it again?” I groaned that I probably could but that she'd surely better not be horny on Monday (tonight). She giggled and said, "oh that's okay - come on, I want to see if you can go a 3rd time - will you do it for me?”

    Once again, she slid the blanket down and this time she reached in and held my cock and despite the mellow ache I felt, damn, if her hand didn't feel good. She stroked me a few times and when she felt it getting hard she slid my boxers down and spread her legs apart for me and teased me by saying that if I ‘... was too tired tomorrow (Monday) that maybe she'd just have to go out and find Ray...’

    Well, that got me going but this third time she seemed to have changed how she was teasing me. She kept encouraging me, telling me, "come on, I want to see all that sticky stuff from you" and stuff like that and then as I started to get into it her direction changed a bit. She started to tease me and say tha,t "maybe I'll have to keep you well drained like this". She must have known that I'd need more encouragement this third time (my cock was aching as I was stroking away) and she started to say stuff like, "if you can't get it up, I'll definitely have to start seeing Ray".

    Damn, that did it. Whatever mood or thoughts at that point were in my head her talking like that was like throwing gasoline on a fire. She kept going saying, "I'm sure Ray will want me if you can't get it up". With a bit more teasing from her, sure enough, the third time was a charm and I don't know where my body found it but I swear the 3rd time I came even more than the 2nd. It felt like my balls, cock and prostate had been wrung out like a wet towel. When I squeezed the last dribble out, my cock was totally limp.

    Suzanna leaned down and sucked me entirely into her mouth and giggled, “look how little it is". I told, seriously, that if she was going to want sex tomorrow (tonight) that she WILL have to find someone else. She giggled and said, "Don’t be silly ... " but then she added that, " ... maybe we'll do this again in the future".

    So, the point of all of this is that this morning when we were showering and getting ready for work she came over and held my cock and said, "you were serious weren't you" as she stroked me a bit but there was like zero reaction.

    I nodded my head and said, "Yeah, 3 times last night is going to keep me drained till at least tomorrow".

    She smiled and again leaned down and sucked me all the way into her mouth and then she giggled and said something like, "maybe we'll have to do this again when I am finally seeing Ray to keep you a little calmer?”

    I smiled and laughed at her and told her, "let’s get this thing going with Ray and then we'll see." She giggled, smiled, kissed me and then went back to getting dressed....


    The weekend and last night was all a bit rushed and it's only now that I'm also seeing what may be an indication of what Suzanna may be thinking. She knows that in the past I would do just that, masturbate several times in an evening, to take the edge off her keeping herself ready for Dan. I know she thought it was cute and that she liked knowing I was enjoying myself and I'm now seeing with greater clarity that she may want this for us in the future. I'm guessing here but maybe her knowing I'll be ‘drained’ and the associated decreased desire might make it easier for her, mentally maybe, to want to be with Ray.


    When we were getting ready for bed Monday night Suzanna came up to me in the bathroom in just her robe, opened it and rubbed up against me. She reached into my boxers and gave my cock a few tugs and smiled when I barely responded. She made with the same old giggle saying something about, "you were right, you really are used up".

    Last night, well before bed, she cornered me in the bedroom and amidst kisses and such, she reached into my pants and grabbed hold. She smiled and said, "That’s more like it" when she felt my cock getting hard like it usually does.

    Going to bed last night she smiled and said that she thought it was kind of sexy that after I'd jerked off 3+ times for her that I was so satisfied. She asked me how it felt and I told her that it felt nice, much the same as I do after an intense day or two of sex with her. She commented that it, "must be good for your prostate too" but that was all we really said about it.


    Despite the rain, Suzanna came home quite happy from work. As she unpacked some groceries she had picked up on the way home and once our daughter went back to homework or whatever, Suzanna excitedly told me that she ran into Ray in the food-store!

    He was looking at the vegetables. She said she saw him and went over and asked if he needed some help knowing what was fresh. I smiled at her as she started to tell me this and she stopped and said, "What? What are you smiling at?”

    I just said, "you know darn well....".

    So, long story short, they shopped together, walked the aisles for a bit and talked the while. He only needed a few things so he left her to finish but before he left he invited us to his place this weekend. According to her, he said, "I owe you guys".

    I asked her what she said and she smiled and said she laughed and said,"better watch out if you're a good cook, you'll have company a lot!”

    With a ‘see you Saturday’ he left.

    I'm checking on a few things at work before turning but earlier I did ask her whether she was planning anything for Saturday. She looked at me and looked puzzled until I said, "you know, you and him?” She giggled and said, "No silly, I mean I don't want to rush this ... at least not yet".


    After finishing a report for work I did shut the PC off and went up to our bedroom. Before I went in though I heard it! A faint buzzing sound from inside the room and Suzanna’s low but passionate moaning. That was enough to tell me she was knee-deep (or is that knee's-up?) in some furious masturbation. I listened at the door for maybe a few minutes until I heard what had to be an intense orgasm for her. I waited a few more moments in the darkened hallway and heard her in the bathroom at the sink no doubt washing off ‘Jim’.

    I went back downstairs quietly and this time, made some noise in the hallway as I made my way back to the bedroom. When I entered, the TV was flickering away at a low volume and she greeted me as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I climbed into bed next to her and didn't tell her that her whole body felt warm and damn, or that I could smell the faint odor of her sweetness in the air. She rolled towards me and hugged me and kissed goodnight. She was asleep in no time but I lay there, now suddenly very horny, thinking about her pleasuring herself as she did.


    She was definitely horny on Saturday but, well, actually starting on Friday. I knew she was horny that morning. You just know it after a while. She lingered in the bathroom naked for longer than usual. Through the shower door I could see her taking her time for a little pleasure as she soaped up. And when she came out, well, it just seemed she was hotter than from just the water. She giggled at my hard-on when she got out and I took my turn.

    Come Friday night and I thought surely once our daughter was in bed that Suzanna was going to want a romp in bed but when I started to get us started she kissed me and then asked me if I would be okay waiting till Saturday night. Then she said it, she said that she wanted to be horny when we went over Ray's.

    Just hearing her say that was such a turn-on that I think I nodded okay without even thinking about it. She smiled and kissed me and said she loved me and she pulled the covers up over her. I lay there for a few minutes as she settled in and fell asleep and all I could think of was what she'd done the night before and how she wanted to be horny the next day. For Ray.

    All I'd needed to have done was just reach down and give probably just one stroke and I'd have cum all over but I didn't. I held off and I let myself calm down and finally, I did fall asleep.


    Saturday comes around and with some time alone Suzanna says that she wants to tell me something as she closes the bedroom door. She proceeds to tell me that she ‘hopes’ something develops between her and Ray. Then she gives me the big ‘don't take this the wrong way’ speech and then comes out and says so plainly that she ‘misses having another guy to fuck’.

    She goes on to tell me again that she doesn't want me to be hurt by this (and emphasizes that it is NOT for a lack of pleasure between us) but she just said honestly that she misses having another guy or, more specifically, another cock that she can fuck.

    I asked her if she was sure that she wanted Ray and she replied that she thought she felt some chemistry between them and that, “he seemed like the kind of guy that ‘we’ are looking for,” meaning me and her.

    That made me feel really good about all of this. I mean hearing her say it like that was a bit of a shock. She’s said it before but it's always been in context of us messing around or in the bedroom type of thing. This was more like a normal conversation with no other sexual context. It just struck me the way she said it.

    So I asked her again, how far did she think it was going to go? Later on and she replied that she just wanted to have a little fun and tease him a bit. It was warmer last night around us so she wore this skirt that went a little below her knees and she had this long-sleeve knit thing on top but under it she put thigh-high's on and she teased me and said she was wearing white panties, "so he can see them!” Damn, that thought had me horny all day.

    Dinner was really nice though and it felt really comfortable as I like Ray; this time, all 3 of us are equal in the friendship thing. We had some wine, looked around his 2 bedroom apartment and then stood outside on his balcony while he let his new barbeque warm up. That was nice as it made it a bit warmer on the balcony and we didn't need jackets, etc.

    He was all apologetic about it being a ‘guy’s place’ and lacking some stuff yet so we had chips and stuff to snack on as we each drank a bit more wine. Conversation was easy before, during and after dinner.

    We moved to his living room area and turned on his prize possession, a big-screen TV and sound system and we watched some sort of concert video while we talked. It wasn't until I came back from the bathroom that I realized Ray had moved and was now seated such that he had a nice view of Suzanna’s legs and, no doubt, of her white panties. Even I could see them as I walked back into the room but I kept quiet.

    She was very much into teasing him including leaning forward to have some more wine and giving him a view of her matching white bra with the lace top but no skin was showing anywhere so Ray may have just been enjoying the view and possibly not suspecting anything.

    We stayed till maybe 9:30pm at which time it just seemed that it was time to go. We'd had a nice night but I think we all felt it better to end then instead of pushing it. While I took a leak before we left Suzanna helped Ray clean up and as I walked back into the room she gave him a hug that was clearly more than just 'good-bye’. She said to him that if he ever needed anything he should give us a call and then she said, "Next time, it's our turn for dinner." I added that I'd give him a call or send an Email soon.

    She was all giddy on the way out to the car and I teased her about ‘stalking her prey’ and she giggled. After I started the car but before pulling away she took my hand and put it under her skirt and against her panties and I could feel that they were VERY warm and VERY damp. I lifted my hand a bit and I could even see in the dashboard lights that they were even wet in the middle in a darkened grey color. I didn't need to say anything as I knew right then that Ray must have seen that too from where he was sitting.

    We flew home. Our daughter was out for the night (did I mention that?) and it seemed that as soon as we were in the door that clothes were flying. By the time we got to the bedroom I'd had my fingers and cock in her mouth and pussy and she was kneeling on the edge of the bed just waiting for me.

    I love how she feels when she is SO turned on and, damn, did we fuck. With no one home she let out squeals and moans like I haven't heard in ages. It was my turn to tease her and I kept asking her how she was going to like Ray’s ‘big cock’. Such a turn on to feel her cum from what you're saying to her as I just gently fucked her. It was like every time I'd mention, I could feel her pussy spasm and her wetness increase.

    By the time we wound up in the missionary position, both of us were totally on the edge of a huge climax. Her pussy felt just so wonderful, I was plunging in deep and then pulling out almost all the way and each time making her scream and moan.

    Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I just said something about her being so wet and open that she groaned and that was it. I ploughed into her so deep she screamed and it felt I'd let loose with a cupful of cum in her. She screamed (at what she later told me felt incredibly hot as I came in her) and, for a nice change, took her over the edge at the same moment.

    We lay there afterwards, both of us out of breath and she giggled that I’d ‘certainly been horny!’ I laughed at the pot calling the kettle black!.

    So, that's pretty much it. She's certainly leaving no doubt in Ray's mind that she's a playful one but I think it will be a long while before he gets up enough courage to act on what she's putting out there.

    However, it's clear to me that she really does miss having someone else to fuck. Is that a cuckold's dream, or what? Hearing hear her finally say that now, I can't explain it, but it definitely makes me want her even more.

    I love her now more than ever. It’s totally insane.


    Another book filled. Must go to the store and buy some more. I’m thinking this is going to be a long journey.

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