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. Jonah's Babies

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    It was always about Jonah's babies. My big brother Paul, well, he knew that the game was up. I think that he knew that the game was up from the time that Jenny started going to that bar where the black guys hung out. It was the kinda place where 80% of the clientele was black and the 20% were usually white women in tow. At first Paul insisted, they went to that kinda bar because of the smooth Afro-caribbean music on tap. They went for a smoke of something herbal may be? But I knew, and really, Paul did too, they went because Jenny was Jonah's. She adored the very amiable, the very suave black businessman who used to commission most of the graphic design work that Paul did. To be frank, Paul was dependent on Jonah. Professionally he was, because Jonah's business was so successful. And then, then I suppose that Jenny noticed the guy. She noticed how good he looked in navy slacks and the open necked white shirt. She noticed his easy smile and the way his hands moved on the steering wheel of that Porsche. She noticed him.

    Did I fancy Jonah too. Of course I did. Yes, I did. Even though back then I wasn't aware of have a special affection for black guys, a man like Jonah makes your heart race. So I watched him seduce my sister in law and then start to fuck her regularly. What started as discreet evenings out, driven to some bar, that bar, in his Porsche became evenings in when Paul was prompted to join the local amateur dramatics group. You can spend a long time out of an evening rehearsing. Then the Porsche would draw up next door, and easy as you please Jonah would step into the house where Jenny waited. Jenny dressed sassy for him, you know, the tight short skirt, the provocative high heeled boots that emphasised the lovely curvature of her legs. She wore expensive perfume for him and then she started to wear the rolex that he gave her, openly. Some evenings i heard him fucking her. Jonah made her scream. There were the husky, urgent notes of a woman cramping and grinding her body against what he used, and then the screams as he blasted his load into her. Jenny never swore. She never ever swore…..but she did on Jonah. She swore that he was an animal, her lord, her master, she begged him to fucking well give it to her. Then came the gasps and the whimpering. Then came his snarling grunts as he loaded her.

    By the time that Paul started taking Jenny down to that bar the game was truly up. He knew that Jonah was fucking her. He knew that she made the inevitable comparisons. Cliches they may be, but they were raw and stark and they were pretty public too. One time in front of mutual friends she said of Paul, 'oh, he is fine with his tongue, you know, but not with his cock'. Paul came back with the drinks, the ignorant oaf. Jenny glanced across the room at Jonah and our friends knew. They knew that the real man in her life had a ebony skin and an equally black, suave motor. Paul was a cuck, a fool. They wondered whether to ask him, whether he watched Jonah take his wife? They pondered whether to enquire as to whether he sucked black dick yet? That was what got done wasn't it, once the big black alpha had taken over, once he was lord of the house as well as the lady? So Paul took Jenny down to that bar, to spend time with Jonah. He took her there so that Jonah could show off his bitch to brothers. That got me. It got me till I was wet between my legs. It made me admire Jonah so much, that he would do that to the weaker guy, just so that he could enjoy the woman he wanted.

    The first time that Paul and I talked about any of this was when he admitted that Jenny was going to have a baby. It was of course Jonah's and this wasn't exactly a surprise. A small circle of us had read the less than subtle signs. The fact that Jenny came alive when Jonah was around, the way she dressed for him, the way that she talked about my brother like he was a shadow husband. She looked so right with Jonah and she was in his thrall in a way that white women become when a black male takes charge. Paul blushed, admitted that it was Jonah's and said that may be I had guessed? I nodded. Of course, he knew, i knew, there was no need to confirm it. I asked whether Paul needed a short term place to stay, whether Jenny was kicking him out? When a black guy takes over, i imagined that the shame for the husband would be immense. He would slink away right? But Paul said he would stay. He had 'made peace' with Jonah and he would help raise the baby. I shot my brother the quizzical look. Made peace? Intimate, I know, too intimate, but the thought excited me. What did that really mean? I really liked the idea of one man dominating another, so that the woman could nest and nurture in the most supported way. It was so sexy. 'Jonah is the boss' Paul said sheepishly, his neck and then his face colouring a bright red. I whispered, 'it's for the best, Jenny is in love with him'. He nodded and gulped down his breathes. 'She's being kind letting you stay' i offered. He nodded again. 'Do you accept this, forever?' I taunted. Sometimes instinct creates cruelty. I thought Paul dirt then, a useless effort of a male. 'I admire them' he admitted his voice cracking. I looked at him. My eyes asked how? I wanted to know. 'You don't fight him….or resist?' I prompted at last. Paul shook his head, then, with great difficulty he said, 'I kneel, I suck cock'. The thrill that gave me. Oh wow, the thrill that caused! My body shivered. I pictured Jenny watching my brother suck her lover's cock. I pictured him sucking it and then Jonah using it on her. 'It's for the best..' I whispered in response, 'don't pretend to be Jenny's man, she wants only one man'. Paul murmured, 'yes'. There were tears in Paul's eyes. They hadn't escaped yet but they were there. I said to him, 'you're not the first, you won't be the last, times are changing. Girls want black guys'. It didn't console…it didn't.

    Over the next months Jenny's belly swelled big and she looked absolutely radiant. I had never seen her look so replete. My role was to help Paul fess up to his new lot. I was ruthless. The new baby wasn't going to come into an ambiguous situation. If Paul was to be the serf of the house, then he had better commit to that and help others understand. One time I said in front of Paul, in front of Jonah, and to a friend, 'oh Paul is the home help now, roles have changed'. Jonah really liked that. He liked the absolute certainty in my voice. He liked that i had decided that Paul would submit now and forever. He liked the way I ruthlessly disparaged my brother.

    'You for the cause babe?' he asked me privately afterwards, his eyes twinkling.

    'The cause?' I asked back, guessing, but teasing too.

    'Black man breeding. The righteousness of it all, white chicks having black babies?'

    I smiled. It was so raunchy hearing him say it so direct.

    'Yes' I said and felt the need to look away from his lovely hazel brown eyes. I couldn't. I couldn't!!

    'Why?' he interrogated.

    I stumbled through my thoughts. I couldn't explain. It felt so sexy, so right. But I couldn't say that could I? Instead I said, 'because it makes Jenny blissful, because it makes her so content. I imagine….I imagine…all women feel that way about a black guy.'

    I blushed then, but it didn't seem to disturb Jonah. His eyes never left mine.

    'Women want babies, ' he said easily, 'they want sex to be about that, about getting them pregnant. They want a kid on the nipple'.

    My body thrilled. It was like an electric current running through me.

    I nodded.

    'You want a baby too?'

    I stared at him. The starkness of his question.

    'You want me to put a baby inside you?'

    My mouth opened. I gasped. Audacious. So audacious!

    'It a simple question woman, you got an answer. You got an answer sure!'

    'Yes' I whispered, almost inaudibly. I didn't want the conversation to move on. I didn't want him to assume that I was just a tease.

    He smiled.

    'My baby?'

    I blushed again.

    So then Jonah took me to a quiet place, away from the throng. The music played downstairs and the hubbub of talk receded. He kissed me and i let him. I let him slide his glib tongue into my mouth. I felt his hands cup my buttocks and then, oh then, I couldn't pretend. i unzipped his fly.

    'You will move in with us….you will bitch little white boy too' he breathed.

    It shocked me. It shocked me but my body was trembling against his. I felt his huge phallus. I felt it move against my hand. I wanted him. I had always wanted him.

    'I'm going fuck you into the same state bitch. I gonna give you a kid just like Jenny' he breathed huskily. I felt his hands push up beneath my pleated mini skirt. I felt his hands his explore me, his fingers pushing inside me. My heart pounded, and I struggled for breath.

    'Don't lie bitch, you think him dirt too. You ready for this. You ready for black dick. You a lady of the cause.'

    Jonah stuck me. He stuck me with his quivering cock and he pushed upwards into me with a brutal thrust.

    'God!' I gasped. He was huge! He was so hard and my whole body jolted on him.

    'You fucking clenching on it bitch, you clenching good. Fucking need it eh, fucking need it hard?!'

    I clung to him. It was all I could do. i hung on his big neck, my hands grasping, holding as best I could whilst he took me.

    'Beg for it bitch!' he snapped.

    'Please Jonah, please Jonah' I moaned.

    'Beg for a black baby!' he snarled, his voice rumbling like gravel in a tidal surge.

    'Please God…..oh Jonah…..please…..give me a baby….'

    'Yeah….that nice, that real nice' he crowed.

    I climaxed.

    I climaxed and thought that I might break in two, down the middle.

    Then the squirt, squirt, squirt of his semen. I kissed him greedily.

    'OK, OK, ' he breathed huskily, pumping me, 'you have some too, there plenty for both you chicks.'

    I threw back my head, my body shuddering. He kissed my throat, up and down, up and down.

    'You move in, bro Paul he raise all the babies, he the home help' he sneered as his cock belched inside me.

    God I needed Jonah, I couldn't have enough of him. I was siphoning him, pulling on his cock no matter how torn I felt.

    'I'll do anything you say' I whimpered.

    'Good, ' he soothed, 'that right. So you treat bro Paul like shit too, like a good little bitch?'


    'He just a white guy huh?'


    'He just for chores, chores we direct?'


    When Jonah pulled out of me, it was as if I deflated completely. My whole body softened, and I was incapable of moving. I was almost incapable of standing. Jonah held me, he kissed me. I felt his slimy thick cock against my leg. i glanced down and wondered how I had managed that! Jonah cuddled me, kissing my head. I glanced up at him, not daring to believe that this was real! So strong, so handsome, so big, so decisive.

    'My rules bitch, Jenny she know I gonna take you. She know I gonna teach you to manage that husband too.'

    I nod. My mouth begged for a kiss. I needed him to kiss me, as long and as slow as possible.
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